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Finding the Passion; Joe Imelit's coffee near me I'm Barbara Deeb,we're outside on the patio at Spen


Updated on Jan 22,2023

Finding the Passion; Joe Imel

it's coffee near me I'm Barbara Deeb,we're outside on the patio at Spencer's,coffee house in downtown Bowling Green,and we are joined at the table by Joe Mo,who's the media director at the Bowling,Green Daily News a real renaissance guys,so you know one of the earlier episodes,for coffee near B we talked about your,Twitter following how you've just taken,what you hear every day on the,bowling-green Warren County police,scanner you tweet it out and it just,sort of has shaped the context of this,community the fabric of this community,but you are a photojournalist in your,heart of hearts you know maybe you set,out to be a coach and an art teacher but,guess what the the odds went the other,way it sure did I used to paint and,sculpt and I was accepted to Syracuse a,school of art a long long time ago and I,came down to Western with all my Fort,Knox high school buddies and I was gonna,be an art teacher and a football coach,and unfortunately I partied like a rock,star I was a terrible student and threw,all my trash supplies down are all my,I'm sorry all my art supplies down a,trash chute at Keene Hall went on a nine,day old Milwaukee bender picked up,cameras my dad had brought me a camera,his career military officer got me a,camera from Turkey and I went up had no,idea Western had a great photojournalist,of program I I walked up the hill and I,fell in love that was my passion and,again though I was a poor student uh-huh,you know attending class was a struggle,and doing my assignments at the last,minute you know was kind of a the norm,for me and a fraternity brother of mine,asked me said you want to you want a job,in journalism and I said sure I packed,everything up and I went to Calhoun,Kentucky to work for a small paper on,the banks of the mighty Green River and,and that was 1988 or 89 and never looked,back and I loved it well but you know so,let's say you're using your art you know,you obviously have an eye and a talent,for that but do you think someone can,learn to be a photojournalist or our,certain photojournalist,just born with that gift you know I,think I think people can I think that if,you have passion and drive and are,inquisitive by nature I think that,possibly you could if you had I think,everybody has some sort of innate,creativity you know inside them but and,I think you could learn to be a photo,journalist on some level but I think,also what separates really good photo,journalist is is just a real passion for,it and a drive and an incredible work,ethic I mean you got to be there you got,a sixtieth of a second to to record that,image and and and to really understand,you got to be a student of the human,absolutely so you have studied many,humans in your career you have shot who,you know who are some of the more,interesting people that you've had the,opportunity to take pictures that you,know over the years and the Daily News,has been really good we've always,localized national stories I've,photographed President Clinton President,Obama President Bush President Reagan I,photographed the Pope I've covered the,Superbowl,I photographed Donald Trump when he was,running the Miss USA down in Shreveport,but he spoke with you yes yes he did he,asked me and I think it was how goodness,who was the the Miss USA contestant from,Kentucky from Franklin and he said he,Donald Trump looked over he said are you,her dad I guess I looked a little older,than her so reporter and I were there,hanging out and so yeah it's been really,interesting but but I've also been,really really lucky to photograph so,many things in the community I mean I've,seen people born I'm fortunate I've seen,people die I've been to events in the,community I've photographed people I,still walk in places and I'll have,somebody say you photographed me 25,years ago or I'll walk in and see a,yellow tattered piece of paper I walked,into a hardware store one day and on the,cash register was a photo of a fireman,hugging a dog he had rescued from a,house fire here in Bowling Green and I,said and the lady behind the couch,that's my dad so it's kind of cool,connection yeah kind of cool you know I,interviewed,O'Donnell who is he's gone now but he,credits himself with having taken the,picture of John John Kennedy saluting,his dad he never really got the credit,for that he was a White House,photographer but he had difficulty,picking his favorite photo you don't you,have a favorite photo sure and my,favorite photo is the avatar that I use,of my son Zach and so on my Twitter it's,what I use for everything and it's a,photo of a little three-and-a-half year,old boy with his hat turned backwards a,red shirt on and he's holding a big,camera and that happened one day I had,documented the KKK in Bowling Green in,the early 90s and they had made a,resurgence and I was documenting them,around the region and Zach I took exact,a lot of assignments and and actually,your son and friends of Zach guys has,been with him and but I didn't exact to,those assignments but he would see m

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How a Twitter User Can DESTROY Your Life...Using Another Twitter User

How a Twitter User Can DESTROY Your Life...Using Another Twitter User

here's a good example of being shunned,in a small or midsize city where someone,is familiar someone in power a local,newspaper editor in this case is just,familiar enough with you to know,everything bad and so is allowing is not,really doing anything to call out one of,their followers who is harassing me my,Twitter account this editor of the local,paper spins every day all day long,retweeting what he hears on the local,police scanner he takes it with him,everywhere he goes eats out like two or,three times a day mostly the nicest,local restaurants and he's got quite a,following of local residents so it's,hard to call him out for neglecting to,do the right thing and call out one of,his followers for the stuff he's pulling,for harassing me to death but that's,just the way this guy works here i'm,showing you Joe I Mel's local account,and how he's going to refresh it they're,just seven minutes before he had,retweeted a local liquor store we're,open in the middle of an ice storm so,all the drunks can come out and add to,the local traffic problem and there,Barry's retweet retweeting a local,wealthy wealthy owned online place and,just basically everything else besides,mine you'd least go back 36 minutes so,it's chaos at Western its potential,chaos,I'm going to show you how long ago I had,tweeted to him it was 48 minutes before,begging him to call out this guy for,what he was aware of that guy had been,doing I wanted to show how I waited a,while later about five minutes later and,I guys still basically just ignoring the,hell out of me this is what he does to,people who are not popular or his in,crowd I don't know what it takes but,it's probably money or local popularity,yeah I log back in or just check inside,again then there's he's retreating,quotes from Carl and caddyshack,it's really funny meanwhile ignoring me,here's why it matters that this guy Joe,I know how he figures into it the whole,reason this other guy 10 Paul ever began,harassing me in the first place it was,because we were both following Joe I'm,ill and that happens a lot where one,person's posts or in this case tweets,are seen or accessible by another,because they both are following a,another user's account in this case a,very popular local one owned by the,local newspaper editor Joanna,you

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Meet the Team - David Imel

Meet the Team - David Imel

what's up everybody my name is David and,mal amel imal however you want to say it,I don't really care because I don't,really know how to say it myself,and here Android Authority we like to do,a little thing we call meet the team and,given recent circumstances I figured,this would be a good time for me to do a,little meet the team video myself so I,was born and raised in a little town,called smartville California which is,kind of way up north near Lake Tahoe but,I spent all of my time in that a city in,Grass Valley California where I went to,school did elementary school in high,school there if I could break myself,into three main hobbies I'd probably say,that it is computer hardware technology,jazz and drumming and also writing I've,been really into drumming all of my life,so when I was five I joined this group,called Grass Valley taiko which is these,large drums that you hit with these,giant sticks called bocce and we would,perform all throughout California and I,did that until I was 14 but when I was,in middle school I joined the school,jazz band and have just been playing,jazz and funk music and all that kind of,stuff,all throughout my entire life in high,school actually formed this band called,loose cannon mariachi which is also a,huge part of my life we are not,currently together anymore but it was a,scotch jazz rock Orchestra and we had,drums bass guitars saxophone trumpet,everything,so that was that was definitely the most,musical part of my life and I still,haven't been able to play as much as I,would like where I'm currently at now,but I'm hoping to jump back into that,soon as far as writing is concerned I've,kind of always just been a writer as a,hobby in high school I wrote I know it,sounds really dramatic but I wrote tons,of poetry and that kind of just,eventually translated into writing for,blogs into stuff that I really enjoyed,so that kind of blends itself into the,tech part of my life now as to how I got,into technology I was kind of really,really into Nintendo and Pokemon as a,kid myself kind of am obviously but when,I was five I got my first video game,which was pokemon gold version but we,got a first computer around that same,time too and this whole electronics,thing kind of interests me I would,started tinkering with our computer my,parents had no idea what they were doing,with it so my sister and I would just,kind of mess with it look inside you,know those gold Dell HP compact cases I,get blamed for all the problems which,was probably our fault,yeah when Google search kind of started,blowing up that just like blew my mind,because it was like you could get any,information at any time and to me that,was like the most crazy thing of all,time and even when I was like in middle,school elementary school I was just like,how how is it that we are not utilizing,this to a solar potential so this is,when the technology bubble was bursting,everyone was just freaking out so I,thought that was absolutely amazing I,would just sit on the computer for hours,and be googling things and going on,Yahoo Answers because that's where he,found the information back then when I,was in middle school we had a thing,called Gilmore News Network which was,kind of this thing with we would put on,with the teachers before school we,learned how to use all these cameras and,all this editing software and we had,Apple computers that were donated that,we were working on just kind of learning,Final Cut Pro and all this stuff as like,little kids so that was really cool that,that was amazing because I got to learn,how to use all the computers all the,software all the camera stuff and I just,got really interested in kind of like,media in general so we didn't really,have anything like that at my high,school but I did start the technology,and business club at my high school,which was a very similar thing,but rather it was just we would meet,every week and we would talk about like,what's happening currently in technology,and all the stuff that's going on we had,a senior project that we had to do when,I was graduating high school and what I,chose to do was create an Android app so,it was this little app called turtle,tank which was dumb but you know it's an,app and you were just like this little,turtle with a triangular shell and then,as you level up you get more shapes for,your shell so you get a square and then,Pentagon and hexagon so forth you shoot,pellets it was really dumb I did it for,hackathon but it was really fun and it,kind of like made me really really,really excited about Android so if we,kind of back up a little bit to the,beginning of high school that's when,Android was kind of first starting to,like blow up blow up I was actually able,to convince my mom to let me get a,smartphone because Google Maps came out,and that became a thing and I convinced,her that I can find myself anywhere,anytime I can find my way back to you,which was like a great reason it was a,good convincing text expected but I,remember I just was like

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Tales from the Police Scanner: Sharing the unstories | Coffee Near Me | WKU PBS

Tales from the Police Scanner: Sharing the unstories | Coffee Near Me | WKU PBS

it's coffee near me from Spencer's,coffee house in downtown Bowling Green,I'm Barbara deep Joe Emily's joining me,he's the media director for the Bowling,Green Daily News and okay he's a tweet,Meister we're gonna talk about that we,got lots to talk about sir let's I want,to tell you something so we've worked in,news for a long time right and you know,that the police scanner is a really,important thing to a news person and,sometimes you get the immediacy of,breaking news but sometimes there's a,lot of stuff on there that you can't use,that doesn't make news right so you have,sort of harnessed that interest and your,growing community through your Twitter,handle so explain all of that to us sure,so as you said the police scanner is a,tool of the photojournalist the,journalists and mainly the,photojournalist and for the last 34,years I've used a police scanner to know,where the fires are where the dead,bodies were you know the police job that,the law enforcement job is not to call,us and say hey we have this this and,this they're there to answer our,questions and so to get the jump on it,and our videographer Joshua and I were,talking about getting to the scene,quickly and the scanner did that and so,I listened to a scanner almost in to a,fault probably 16 hours a day and my my,house has multiple scanners in it my,office has multiple scanners and I have,used it as a tool to get to the scene,but a few years ago I just stumbled upon,social media as a way to let people know,what I'm hearing and I had always kind,of did you know did Twitter in a verbal,sense like when our sons were playing,soccer,John John and Zach when they were,playing soccer I was on the sidelines,telling people what I heard you know,about the lady with the baby on her hip,and the ball peen hammer breaking out,her boyfriend's car windows because she,caught him cheating and I did that,verbally years ago,then one day I was sitting in the office,and I heard the fire department knocked,out for a fire fire alarm and so it we,have SCA incontinence they make adult,diapers,yes and so I heard that the scanner go,off in it and they said car one latter,one engine one respond to a fire alarm,at SCA incontinence we have reported,water flow and I just thought oh darn,funny they've got water flow at the,adult diaper place and then I imagined,everybody slogging around what these,depends on not that they wear them there,but right just and so I thought nobody,wants to know Joe Emil's hungry Joe was,gonna eat a doughnut and I thought I,have all this content that's not real,news but it's the fabric that weaves,this community together it's the daily,struggles that we maybe don't hear about,ever that paints a picture of what this,community is all about so as we speak,you have how many Twitter followers so,on the app itself,I think forty eight eight forty eight,thousand eight hundred and then we have,it embedded on the daily news site and,then I get traffic on the website itself,I think the effective reaches about,sixty sixty thousand people in a,community of a city of sixty eight,thousand a county of 120 and obviously I,have people from around sure you know,you know the area but one of the,funniest stories John and Laura Williams,good friends of ours we travel with them,a lot and I guess about four or five,years ago we were in headed to Destin,and we were in Georgiana stopping off to,get gas and to head down to the beach,and it's 3 a.m. and we're off at some,shady gas stop and I'm pumping gas and,from across the other gas pump a man,leans over and he goes you're at Joe,will aren't you I'm in Georgiana Alabama,I'm telling you 3 a.m.,it's happens everyday but you know what,I think this speaks to is the,voyeuristic tendencies of the public you,know it's like when you're coming upon,that wreck and they tell you you know,you just go by you're not supposed to,look but or that little disclaimer that,says some of this content may not be,suitable right you know suddenly your,ears perk up so I think the public likes,that oh definitely and I think you know,these days with the internet and social,media and you know I I run at the Daily,News I run our all of our media,platforms but our website the stories,you know and people say oh we want more,good news we want more good news,balderdash yes they were fire they were,sex they want dogs the tweet you had,last night about the vampire over who,ran out of blood,so uh last night I my wife and I are,watching hockey and we watch TV in my,house with the volume down and the,scanner up doesn't matter what it is she,can read lips now she watches NCIS with,the volume down and she'll just watch it,and we've got the scanner on I'm laying,there most most males will lay on the,couch with the TV remote across their,chest and and I've got the scanner,laying there so I'm on my computer doing,some work for the paper and I'm,listening to the scanner and I just,start giggling and Tracy's like is it a,funny and I said just a second because I,know I know,

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S1E5: Lunch with Tony Rose-Joe Imel

S1E5: Lunch with Tony Rose-Joe Imel

you know him from Twitter with the at,symbol in front of his name with the,famous line don't be a tweet,he's one of Bowling Green's most,recognized social media celebrities and,today we have lunch with the one and,only Joe Emmel,thanks for sitting down and having lunch,with 20 rows today love it I'm excited,to be here I'm a little apprehensive,right don't know what's gonna happen,I've got I'm gonna pull up your Twitter,in a minute make sure everything is good,right we're gonna have a lot of fun,today but we're at wild eggs the first,things first it's time to get,caffeinated love it,hey how are you we have crazy coffees we,have some fresh-squeezed orange juice,our coffee today is a chocolate chip,your call you know what I'm going to go,straight coffee yeah no no decaf that's,the devil's blend I need I need I need,the diesel-fuel coffee black is his soul,no ma'am,all right so thanks for sitting down,with me - I appreciate it this is,interesting you are without a doubt one,of the most fascinating people in this,town that like through through the power,of social media we but I want to know,more about how to start it for you,Photography is where it all started sure,photo journalist where it started when,when did all this like take us back take,us back to the young Jo M sure sure so,you know this is a story that I tell,quite often when I speak to classes and,young professionals and we have no class,that's exactly so my dad was a military,officer and I lived in California,Oklahoma Pennsylvania Texas New York New,Jersey Germany for six years Ohio twice,Kentucky twice and my dad was stationed,at Fort Knox for his last assignment and,he went over to Turkey on a company so I,go to high school at Fort Knox I played,football I wrestled and was voted you,know most artistic oh hey the diesel,fuel yeah it's gonna need coffee it's,gonna take a turn here it's gonna take,it's gonna take a turn,just a lot see this is where I would,have burned my arm off it man smells,great oh yeah oh we need to get a menu I,get it even while days before right,yeah okay okay so you you traveled all,around the world sure,and so ended up at Fort Knox and I used,to sculpt and paint in high school and,sculpt it yeah yeah really yeah really,so like like the nude sculpture well you,know you know so I was gonna be an art,teacher and a football coach really and,I was accepted to Syracuse's School of,Art and I decided not to go but to,follow all my Fort Knox friends down,i-65 to Western Kentucky University,right where I was gonna be in our,teacher and a football coach and Picasso,and blitzes I don't know if that was,going to work you know a great band,though yeah so I was in the art,department had some great people there,Leo Fernandez who recently passed away,and just had a good time but there was a,theme in my life where I really wasn't a,good student cuz I parties like a rock,star in college and so the the whole art,thing lasted a couple semesters and I,threw my art supplies down the trash,chute at Keene Hall I went on a nine day,old Milwaukee binge nice and I picked up,a camera that my dad had brought me from,Turkey and I opened up the course,catalog no computers back then - its,1984 thumbing through the course catalog,I'm like analyst for the CIA teacher,veterinarian I you know I tied with all,this stuff and decided photojournalism I,was yearbook photographer at Fort Knox,high I can do this no idea that Western,Kentucky University had a great photo,journalist in the country and I walked,up the hill to Garrett conference center,with my camera,and started photojournalism she fell in,love with it fell in love with it wasn't,the word but there was a common theme in,my life I continued to party like a rock,star I left I left western to work at a,paper a fraternity brother of mine was,the editor of a small paper in McLean,County I went to Calhoun Kentucky and,moved into an apartment decorated by,Fred Sanford on the banks of the mighty,Green River and I found my passion in,life like literally I was a very,self-conscious guy that wouldn't you,know very introverted and you know and,photojournalism and journalism community,journalism just opened me up,Wow yeah so that's 1984 when it started,mm-hmm so when des so um so you're into,the paper you're 1988 is there you,taking pictures there over your career,you've had a chance to take pictures of,a lot of famous people shirt a lot of,famous events are there couple that,stand out because that's thing about our,worlds you know they're right I mean,we're doing I'm doing radio you're doing,the the print side there the photo,journaling side but we get it we end up,with a very cool ticket to a lot of,events to see things we normally don't,get to see and I know you've had some,experiences probably that stand out,worse a couple that you still think,about today you know the daily news has,been great and I started out as their,only photojournalist back in 1991 and we,would get to cover national events that,had local impact

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The WEIRD phones of MWC 2019!

The WEIRD phones of MWC 2019!

Mobile World Congress is the venue for,some of the biggest smartphone launches,in the world and this year things got a,little weird Samsung and Huawei,headphones that fold in half,LG's flagship sees the blood in your,veins and Nokia brought out a device,with five cameras but things got really,interesting when you look beyond the big,launches here are some of the coolest,and weirdest phones from MWC 2019 the,energizer Power Max P 18 kpop is the,thickest and heaviest Android phone,we've ever seen this bad boy will keep,running for days at an end thanks to its,eighteen thousand milliamp hour battery,for reference that's four to six times,what you would get with a normal Android,phone the obvious downside is you'll,have to carry a brick around which,probably won't be fun the cloud minds,x.i is a bit like a tricorder from Star,Trek you can point it at a drug or other,unknown substance and it will tell you,what it is that's because this phone has,a built-in spectrometer cloud minds also,showed off a phone with a built-in,ultrasound scanner these devices are,designed for scientists and industrial,use but they are actual real Android,phones you could use to browse Instagram,after a long day of science made by a,Chinese company nomu the t18 is ideal,for Preppers if you want to be ready for,anything this phone will take a beating,it's rugged water-resistant and even,hardened against explosions if you find,yourself without cell service you can,use the built-in walkie-talkie to reach,other people this is the phone you'll,want to have when the zombie apocalypse,comes before continue I'd like to give a,quick shout out to digit daily our,sponsor for Mobile World Congress 2019,your tech news direct your Inbox make,sure to check the link in the,description below for more information,the Hisense a6 is pretty tame compared,to some of the other phones on this list,but how often do you see a phone with,two displays an OLED and an eating the,e-ink screen on the back is awesome for,reading ebooks but it can do way more,than that you could even mirror the full,Android interface on it,ian's screens don't consume your battery,when not in use so battery life should,be great,remember QWERTY slider phones a company,called FX Tech wants to bring them back,the first product is the pro one and,we're pretty impressed with it besides,the full hardware keyboard the pro one,has a great-looking OLED display solid,specs and basically everything you may,want in a daily driver,the sliding keyboard makes it a great,choice for productive users whether you,want to type in a novel or just a,facebook status update this next one is,not really a smart phone but that's what,Nubia calls it the Nubia Alpha features,Smart Watch specs with some smartphone,features sprinkled in you can make calls,on it because it supports Isom the Alpha,has a large OLED screen that bends a,built-in camera gesture controls GPS and,fitness tracking it's not the best,looking device out there but we're,impressed with how much tech there is,inside and that pretty much concludes,our list of weird smartphones from MWC,2019 let us know which one is your,favorite down in the comments section,below and as always keep it tuned here,to Android Authority for more and stay,tuned for the rest of our MWC 2019,coverage

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Google Employees Quit Over Military Drone Program - Project Maven

Google Employees Quit Over Military Drone Program - Project Maven

some Google employees have quit in,protest over project maven project maven,is a military drone program and these,Google employees feel that it runs,counter to Google's unofficial motto,don't be evil,back in April about a thousand Google,employees voiced their opposition to the,company's involvement in a drone warfare,program initiated by the Pentagon this,week almost a dozen Google employees,quit their jobs in protest to what has,become known as Project maven although,the exact number of employees who quit,is not known gives motor reports that,the quote mass exodus is about a dozen,employees in direct result of Google's,involvement with Project maven a,military pilot program which aims to use,AI and machine learning to analyze,objects in drone footage the employees,in question believe that the company's,involvement in a government warfare,program violates the ethical nature of,Google's motto which is don't be evil,and also feel that Google's refusal to,adequately address employee concerns,represents a drastic working environment,change the only course of action left,according to the employees was to quit,now before things get too hot and,political let's just go a little bit,deeper although the exact nature of,project maven is under wraps it appears,that the military program could,theoretically be used to give drones the,ability to analyze objects before an,attack for example an algorithm would,help a military drone analyze footage of,an enemy base of operations and,determine whether it was a legitimate,target or not now depending on what's,really important to you you could see,that in very different ways you could,say this is a great thing right because,this ensures that we reduce collateral,damage it reduces the chance that we're,going to hurt innocent people and that's,a good thing or you could say no that's,dangerous and horrible because you're,further removing human decision-making,and human lives from that potential,conflict resulting that the battle from,your side looks more like a video game,because you're not actually risking,American lives,you're just risking the other side's,lives or you could say no that's the,point that's fantastic we are protecting,our interests defending our borders,without having to risk,soldiers lives,that's fantastic but if the history of,previous drone usage is any indication,this technology tends to be used for far,more than it is publicly stated it will,be used for many of you may be surprised,to know that Obama not only embraced but,vastly expanded Bush's drone program he,killed many more terrorists and many,more innocent civilians than Bush did if,you have the power it is very difficult,to restrain yourself from using it for,other things than you originally,intended to do and this is a risk not,just for Google but for anybody who has,awesome power guys I know this is a,seriously hot topic but I really do want,to hear your opinion on it please let me,know in the comments below or on Twitter,and let's keep it civil and intelligent,like me do you like ultra-thin bong,cases if so you just need protection,against everyday wear and tear and our,sponsor has super-thin cases price just,right for all major phones you can go to,minimal case calm use our coupon code,AAA 20 and get 20% off an already sweet,deal,bang-bang

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Best Of MWC 2018!

Best Of MWC 2018!

hey Joshua Vergara what's going on,everybody and we're here to take a look,at the best products at Mobile World,Congress here in Barcelona Spain MWC,2018 was an incredible show and we want,to show you what we thought took top,honors here at Mobile World Congress you,know what we should just start off with,the big one the Samsung Galaxy S 9 yes I,have an S 9 plus in my hand right now,but there are a lot of reasons why this,phone gets one of the top honors it,comes with a dual camera on the s9 plus,along with dual aperture in the main,cameras for either of the phones now,that mechanical iris is an incredible,feature something that we see in DSLRs,but now it's something we see unsmoked,of course it comes with all of the same,enhancements you would expect from a,flagship along with a brand new feature,a R emoji which is a new way for you to,express yourself back at CES we did take,a look at a concept phone from vivo that,put a fingerprint sensor underneath the,screen we took a look at that phone,again here at MWC but it had more tricks,up its sleeve,including a pop up camera that is used,to make the bezel as minimal as possible,but still have a front-facing camera for,your selfies this particular phone is a,wonderful concept and we can't wait to,actually see a put into future phones,especially from vivo the Alcatel One X,the Nokia one and the ZTE tempo go while,we're not really giving an award to any,one of these devices but the whole line,of them in Android go Android go,provides an apparatus of Android or EO,that is incredibly lightweight on phones,that are maybe $100 or less what this,proves is that it's possible to have all,the same security features and all of,the same general features in a cheap,smartphone without having to pay an arm,in the leg and that's why we give,Android go one of our awards you might,not have heard the name Nokia in awhile,but they're definitely back and they're,trying to be a major player in the,Android space with the Nokia 8 Sirocco,they have their best foot forward,all of the major specifications you'll,want are here but also a dual camera,setup with a wide-angle,the glass on glass design looks great,and underneath the surface you get,Android one the most stock like version,of Android you can possibly get we,actually think that the Nokia eight kind,of looks like Nokia's play on the Nexus,program so that's one of the reasons why,it's incredibly exciting for us for any,fans out there of truly wireless earbuds,like myself this one might be incredibly,important for you,Qualcomm has added to their qcc 5100,chipset Qualcomm true Wireless Stereo,technology now typically true wireless,earbuds require one of them to receive,the signal from the phone and then,transmit it over to the other earbud,with some delays happening from time to,time it's probably something you're,familiar with but this time both of the,earbuds will be able to receive,information from the chipset so that,they can share the work and then of,course you have left and right stereo,quality machine learning and AI features,that you might be seeing in phones that,get close to $1,000 in the price don't,necessarily have to be a thing of the,future the Helio p 60 by mediatek is,trying to bring a lot of those features,into phones that would end up being,priced around $500 or less that's an,exciting prospect and if AI is going to,move forward it has to be ubiquitous,this is one way to do this one might,seem like it comes out of left field but,the cat s60 one definitely impressed us,it still has the same thermal camera,from last year along with a number of,other tools for those of you who need to,use it in let's say construction,situations like for example plotting the,distance between two points using lasers,on the phone now there's one thing about,the cat s61 that we have to mention it's,using Android Oreo 8.1 out of the box,even the Samsung Galaxy S 9 can't say,that a seuss is not pulling any punches,or in this case any notches with the,zenfone 5 Z now there is a notch at the,top where all of the front-facing bits,are but this has a 19 by 9 aspect ratio,screen where one of the 19 is used,primarily for notifications that's kind,of cool of kind of clever way of making,a notch for an Android phone but you get,a lot of different specifications on top,of that including the snapdragon 845,great amounts of storage great amounts,of RAM and all of the power that you,would want from a phone that is priced,under $500 and that's really what makes,us so excited about this phone don't,worry about all of the AEI stuff that,they're talking about the fact that this,is a sub 500 euro phone,you want to look at and so there you,have it all of our top honors for Mobile,World Congress 2018 here in Barcelona,Spain thank you so much for watching all,of our coverage remember to stick around,we have a lot of content coming,including ones on this right here the,galaxy s 9 so you can stay tuned for,that once again I was Joshua Vergara and,you can stay tu

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