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Hear Biden's response to question about Elon Musk and the Twitter acquisitiondefending taijuan.,>> I


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Hear Biden's response to question about Elon Musk and the Twitter acquisition

defending taijuan.,>> I'll have that conversation,with him.,>> I actually have an unrelated,question, too.,Mr. President, do you think Elon,Musk is a threat to U.S.,National security and should the,U.S. And with the tools you have,investigate his joint acre,acquisition with Twitter and,foreign governments like the,Saudis?,>> I think that Elon Musk's,cooperation and/or technical,relationships with other,countries is worthy of being,looked at.,Whether or not he is doing,anything inappropriate, I'm not,suggesting that.,I'm suggesting at worst being,looked at and -- and that's all,I'll say.,>> How?,>> There's a lot of ways.,All right.,Kristen Welker?,>> Thank you so much, Mr.,President.,I appreciate it.,I want to follow up with you on,working with Republicans.,Leader Mccarthy again suggested,that he is not prepared to write,what he says a blank check to,Ukraine and yet, you expressed,optimism that funding for,Ukraine would continue, that the,policies toward Ukraine would,continue.,Why should the people of Ukraine,and this country have confidence,in that given the comments by,leader Mccarthy and just to,follow up with you on your,comments to zeke, you said you,don't need to do anything,differently.,If Republicans control the,house, don't you need to,recalibrate to some extent to,try to work across the aisle,with the Republican led house?,>> Well, let me put it this way.,What I meant is I don't have to,change the policies that have,already passed.,That's what they said they want,to go after.,What I have is a simple,proposition.,I have a pen to veto.,That's what I mean.,I don't have to recalibrate,whether I'm going to continue to,fund -- we're going to continue,to fund the infrastructure bill,or we're going to continue to,fund the environment, et cetera.,We have to -- I hope -- there is,a growing pressure on the part,of the American people expecting,both parties and all elements of,both parties to work out their,substantive differences and not,just -- I'm not going to do that,because it would benefit that,party.,Just make it personal.,So I -- and, you know, it,remains to be seen what the,makeup of the house will be but

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Elon Musk Twitter Files That EXPOSED Joe Biden and His Son!

Elon Musk Twitter Files That EXPOSED Joe Biden and His Son!

Elon Musk JUST EXPOSED Joe Biden and his son?!

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Biden weighs in on Twitter takeover

Biden weighs in on Twitter takeover

well the Twitter takeover is complete,but not everyone's happy about it,including President Biden at a Chicago,area fundraiser yesterday Biden said in,part Elon Musk goes out and buys an,outfit that spews lies all across the,world there's no editors anymore in,America,Monica Crowley former assistant treasury,secretary and host of the Monica Crowley,podcast joins us now with her reaction,uh great to see you good morning as,always thanks for being here so Joe,Biden says there's no more editors uh as,Elon Musk takes over what talk to me,about their freak out isn't that rich I,mean they have just had the luxury of,having big Tech in their pocket the left,cannot function without censorship the,left needs censorship and needs a tight,control over the language and the,narrative in order to shove through down,American throats their radical left-wing,agenda right so now that you have one,out of many social media platforms one,that's actually going to engage with the,First Amendment and allow Americans real,free speech they're absolutely melting,down primarily because Twitter really is,a Public Square Twitter is the main,pillar for these kinds of political,conversations so they can't have that,now you've got the president of of the,United States who was supposed to,represent all Americans complaining that,Twitter now is not going to have any,editors that tells you exactly where the,left is coming from you know during the,Trump years we heard a lot of talk about,collusion right well when it comes to,the left and the Democrats and the,government and big Tech we have actual,collusion so Elon Musk now I realize,this is his first week but he really,should disclose the relationships the,funding the conversations that have,happened between the Democratic party,between his government and Twitter and,expose all of that because it this for,many years has been a form of a coup,right with without all of them working,hand in glove Elon Musk should come out,and expose it all and you know what he's,totally fearless and that's one of the,benefits of having bleep you money and,he's really rich yeah so he can do that,exactly that's what I I mean to me I,don't I mean I'm on Twitter but I don't,care about it what I want is that I want,him to expose the algorithms that have,been you know censoring and and,silencing Twitter users as well as the,documents that show this collusion,between big Tech and um,the government yeah absolutely and,before we lose we won't ask you about,this as well so um John fetterman got a,big endorsement it is Dr Oz's former,employer or investor okay probably and,friend watch listen,I said it was up to the citizens of,Pennsylvania and of course but I will,tell you all this if I lived in,Pennsylvania I would have already cast,my vote for John fetterman for many,reasons so Monica I'm going to ask you,the same questions I rhetorically have,asked to Oprah on social media and,yesterday do you think Oprah would hire,John fetterman to run her business so,let's get this straight let's get this,straight Oprah Winfrey would not hire,John Federman to screw in a light bulb,but she wants or walk her dog or give,her a pedicure but she wants to inflict,him on Pennsylvania and the rest of the,country as a United States senator look,she actually gave rise to Mehmet Oz she,put him on the show she basically,created him as a media personality,delivered him great success and at one,point referred to him as her son so this,in many ways is the ultimate betrayal,and I will say this you know Oprah also,has bleep you money the way Elon Musk,does so I think she felt free to get,political in any anybody in this country,can deliver a political opinion but the,minute that Oprah got political many,years ago she lost her audience her,network started to slide and so on again,she has every right to do it but to get,involved with this race at this point of,time and throw her Protege under the bus,like this tells you exactly how,desperate the Democrats really are it,also tells you just a partisan how ugly,I mean I we I told you Monica and on my,own husband's race we had friends who,were very close Democrat friends who,publicly turned on us and said yeah,they're nice people but don't vote for,them when they could have just quietly,not voted for my husband but I think,exactly he she called him her son they,are friends she's not even from,Pennsylvania she could have just stayed,quiet and given a donation to fetterman,or whatever I think it's really,ugly and I hate when I love politics but,I hate when politics takes over personal,friendships I think it's wrong and I,think it's bad they were friends of,course they're friends anymore you know,the same thing he gave a classy response,though he really did he's a Class Act,but the same thing happens with,President Trump who had a ton of,celebrity friends when he was a real,estate magnet in New York but the second,you come out as a conservative or,republican or America first it's over,and all of these celebri

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Why did Twitter suppress stories about Hunter Biden before the 2020 US election? - BBC Newsnight

Why did Twitter suppress stories about Hunter Biden before the 2020 US election? - BBC Newsnight

remember getting paid some money but I,can't remember what for for opponents of,Joe Biden his son Hunter his business,dealings and troubled personal life have,been repeatedly exploited there's even a,new film telling what the right-wing,Media Company Breitbart says is the true,story of the president's son,in the run-up to the 2020 election the,New York Post ran Astoria accusing,Hunter Biden of using his father's,position for his own business dealings,it also documented the explosive and,sexually explicit contents of Hunter,Biden's laptop,the stories were thought to have been,the result of hacking and so social,media firms including Twitter suppressed,them thank you it's something the,company's founder now accepts was an,error we recognize it as,um a mistake that we made,um both in terms of the intention of the,of the policy and also the enforcement,action of not allowing people to share,it publicly or privately,Twitter's new CEO takes a much less,charitable view of the social Network's,actions yeah Twitter is doing one team's,bidding before an election shutting down,dissenting voices,um on a pivotal election,that is the very definition of lecture,interference frankly Twitter was acting,like an arm of the Democratic National,Committee it was absurd today it was,announced that senior lawyer James Baker,had been in the words of Elon Musk,exited from The Social Network,apparently for his role in vetting and,suppressing the story the world's,richest man also started to release,internal Twitter files something the,White House said was not healthy we see,this as a an interesting or a,coincidence if I may that that he would,so haphazardly Twitter was so,haphazardly pushed this distraction that,is a that is a full of old news while,former president Trump greeted the news,with characteristic understatement,do you throw the presidential election,results of 2020 out and declare the,rightful winner or do you have a new,election he asked on Truth social his,own network a massive fraud of this type,and magnitude allows for the termination,of all rules regulations and articles,even those found in the Constitution a,native history starts right now after,the 2016 elections social media,companies were heavily criticized for,not suppressing fake news something,Democrats blamed for president Trump's,Victory there are serious questions for,Joe Biden this evening when the hunter,Biden stories outlandish and lured as,they were emerged just weeks ahead of,the 2020 poll social networks decided,they were probably false all the result,of hacking and so took decisive action,the problem is they made a mistake one,the Republicans now claimed swung the,election this time towards the Democrats

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Gravitas: Half of Joe Biden's Twitter followers are 'fake'

Gravitas: Half of Joe Biden's Twitter followers are 'fake'

the united states of america loves,to hype itself,their culture their military even their,president they call their president the,leader of the free world you must have,heard about it apparently the free world,also includes robots,i'll explain,joe biden has 22.3 million followers on,twitter,i know it sounds impressive 22.3 million,but turns out half of them are fake,that's right a u.s software company ran,an audit of joe biden's followers,49.3 percent of them were declared fake,a couple of questions here number one,how do you fish out fake accounts do,they audit every single follower the,answer is no only a sample of the latest,followers are audited these accounts,will be checked for bot like features,like common profile pictures,long periods of inactivity,anything that indicates that the account,is fake that's what they're trying to,spot and based on this process half of,biden's followers,were found to be fake,guess who loved this report elon musk,here's what he tweeted in response,interesting so that would be like ten,times more than five percent that's,classic elon musk for you not wasting a,moment to embarrass joe biden,but what about elon musk's own followers,he's got 94 million of them 94 million,followers are all of them real,the same company audited elon musk's,followers too and guess what they found,53 percent of his followers are fake,so clearly this is a wider problem by,some estimates 20 of twitter's accounts,are fake,that's one out of every five accounts,fake and these fake accounts slash bots,could derail twitter's take over you see,the company claims only five percent of,its accounts are fake the rest are all,real human beings elon musk disagrees he,wants proof that only five percent of,the accounts are fake until then he's,put the deal on hold,but we're not concerned about the,business,tonight we're focusing on the attitude,why are bots so common on twitter how,are they created and why do powerful,people use them the first question is,easy bots are a quick and cheap way to,gain followers to give the impression,that you have a massive following the,alternative is hard you must tweet every,day you must engage your followers you,must post interesting stuff all of that,takes time and effort,bots on the other hand are instant,they're basically a software program,with specified jobs like following,certain accounts,liking everything they tweet retweeting,everything they post basically do,everything a follower would except that,it's fake,there is no human being behind these,accounts,question number two how do you get bot,followers well you can find multiple,applications on the market they claim,they're 100 genuine that all the,followers are real,plus,it's cheap,you can get 100 followers for 2.5,500 followers for 14 and a half dollars,and so on the rates will change,depending on which app you use,question number three why do leaders,bother with bots,all over the world politicians have,inflated twitter following 30 of barack,obama's followers are fake 33 of boris,johnson's are fake even in india,politicians have bots following them the,question is why,one reason is to claim popularity not,just domestic popularity global,popularity just think about it in,elections only citizens of one country,vote for you on twitter there are no,borders a u.s citizen can follow the,british prime minister an indian citizen,can follow the german chancellor so the,scope is infinite,the more followers you have the more,popular you seem,basically this is a constant dose of,validation at first glance it does not,make a difference after all twitter,following is not consequential they're,not votes,having more followers does not make you,more powerful,having said that not all bots are,harmless some of them amplify conspiracy,theories some propagate hate crimes so,what followers are more than just,numbers,they do every politician's dirty work,so why doesn't twitter just ban them,because some bots,are also useful,they give weather updates for instance,they archive long twitter threads,these are all services that the company,thrives on so twitter does not ban bots,per se they ban specific uses of bots,like amplifying fake news or spreading,hate,if a bot account does any of this they,will be banned or so says twitter,have you heard celebrities complaining,about their followers disappearing,that's not twitter censoring them that's,a cleanup of bot accounts,now elon musk has promised to banish all,bots from twitter he says only real,humans will remain on the platform,but at this rate real humans could be an,endangered species on twitter,vion is now available in your country,download the app now and get all the,news on the move

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Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

Did 'every conspiracy theory' about Twitter turn out to be... true?

The so-called Twitter files, which,were written by a group of,independent journalists, given,access to internal company,documents, offer a behind the scenes,glimpse at how the federal,government shaped the flow of,information on one of the world's,largest social media platforms.,Whether or not the Twitter files,contain information that was,surprising to those already aware,of the thousands of takedown,requests the company receives every,month from law enforcement agencies,and the courts, or of the immense,challenges of content moderation,is beside the point.,Twitter files have brought important,new information to light.,They show that the company stifled,debate over important policy issues,by shadow banning certain accounts,for no good reason and then,misleading the public about it.,They show that Twitter was routinely,strongarmed by the White House and,the FBI into complying,with frivolous takedown requests,,and they provide evidence,that the intelligence community,likely influenced the decision,to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop,story in the lead up to the 2020,election.,I mean, to be totally frank,,almost every conspiracy theory that,people had about Twitter turned out,to be true.,So,is there a conspiracy theory about,Twitter that didn't turn out to be,true?,Conspiracy theorists are often,sloppy with the facts and exaggerate,what really happened.,But the information brought to light,by the Twitter files should be,alarming to anyone who cares about,free speech and a free society.,Government meddling in similar ways,on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,,and Google Search.,How can we prevent the Internet from,turning into a centralized apparatus,through which state actors can shape,and censor public debate?,Here are three major takeaways,from the Twitter files.,One: twitter distorted,the conversation and misled the,public. Twitter had a system of,white lists and blacklists,that allowed its algorithms and,human moderators to turn,engagement dials up and down,based on their users.,It used this power to limit the,ability of certain groups and,individuals to reach an audience,,including conservative commentator,Dan Bongino, Stanford economist,and medical school professor Jay,Battacharya,,MNRA vaccine critic Alex Berenson,and the Libs of TikTok.,When asked if Twitter Shadow bans,,then co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey,misled Congress.,Social media is being rigged to,censor conservatives.,Is that true of Twitter?,No.,Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent,Republicans.,Bad.,Is that true?,No.,The company sought to cover by tapdancing around,the meaning of the word.,In a 2018 blog post, Twitter's,trust and Safety team wrote,"We do not shadow ban.,We were always able to see the,tweets with no follow.,Although you may have to do more,work to find them, like go,directly to their profile.",Needless to say, making tweets,so hard to find.,Digging through someone's profile is,the only way to unearth them is,what's commonly known as shadow,banning, or as Twitter employees,termed it, with an Orwellian flair,,"visibility filtering." The Twitter,files show the company's staff,became increasingly comfortable,using these tools to manage,the flow of information and,political discourse around the 2020,election. Regularly deploying,filters to limit the visibility of,Trump's tweets and many others,pertaining to election results in,the weeks preceding the January 6,riot and the decision to evict,the president from the platform.,Yes, Twitter is a private company,and it has every right to label the,tweets of Harvard epidemiologist,Martin Kulldorf as misleading,when he tweets. Statements such as,"Thinking that everyone must be,vaccinated is a scientifically,flawed, is thinking that nobody,should." But Twitter is still worthy,of our condemnation,,Dr. Battacharya was shadow banned despite,being a respected epidemiologist,from a prestigious university, and,many of his warnings during the,pandemic turned out to be correct.,And you can acknowledge serious,problems with the work of former,New York Times reporter Alex,Berenson, who, for instance, badly,misinterpreted data to infer a spike,in vaccine caused mortality,while still believing it's,preferable to have a public airing,of controversial and deeply flawed,arguments.,A better way to deal with speech you,disagree with is to respond,to it, as Derek Thompson attempted,to do in the Atlantic when he,called Berenson "The Pandemic's,Wrongness Man." Ironically,,Twitter raised Berenson profile,by allowing him to inhabit the role,of the oppressed truth seeker.,Two: The government is secretly,policing speech.,The most troubling thing about the,Berenson De-platforming isn't,Twitter's decision per say,,but whether it made that decision,freely. Was it done at the behest,of the federal government?,The Twitter files provide,circumstantial evidence that the,White House played a role when the,Biden administration took over.,One of their first meeting requests,with Twitter executives was on,COVID, writes journalist Davi

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Biden to CANCEL Elon's Purchase of Twitter!

Biden to CANCEL Elon's Purchase of Twitter!

hey everyone me Kevin here boy oh boy if,Elon Musk knows how to play 4D chess we,could literally before our eyes be,seeing the unfolding of that 4D chess I,mean this is absolutely remarkable,because now there's talk about,potentially the United States government,the Biden Administration potentially,shutting down the Twitter deal and so,obviously this is leading Twitter shares,to have a little bit of pressure under,their stack uh Twitter shares right now,down only about four percent in,pre-market they were down about 16 so,some of that pain has gone away but it's,another stain in this potential deal,going through and in this video we're,going to talk about how could,potentially the government shut this,deal down but then we'll also talk about,is it possible that Elon Musk coaxed or,invited the government to potentially,shut this deal down because after all he,does a lot of maybe buy AI Twitter and,even though he's coming across as,wanting to buy Twitter and posting,tweets about how he's going to buy,Twitter how could he behind the scenes,actually be making it unappetizing for,the government to allow the steel to go,through maybe dragging this deal out to,April when Elon musk's financing finally,expires he's got about six months to go,before his financing expires and that is,his remaining contingency obviously,borrowing the government just completely,blocking this if this gets delayed until,April and Elon musk's financing,contingency expires the banks will,almost certainly walk away from this,deal for Elon Musk which the deal not,happening that is Elon buying a Twitter,not happening would probably be a good,thing for things like Tesla stock but,folks let's jump into some of the,details here so there is this committee,it's kind of like a secretive committee,called the committee on foreign,investment in the United States this is,a committee that it sometimes operates,under the cover of Darkness that is it's,not a surprise that Joe Biden came out,and the Biden Administration like oh we,had no idea they were potentially,investigating Twitter you know but then,again you know politics is such that on,one hand you're kind of like oh I had no,idea but on the other hand you kind of,ordered it that part doesn't so much,matter but this committee has been,responsible for blocking some of uh,Trump's doings Obama's doings uh,regarding Trump there's been a lot of,involvement regarding this committee and,a trump and China but more importantly,this is a committee that reviews,Acquisitions generally by uh or in the,United States by Foreign buyers to make,sure if they're legally possible and,after all the Twitter deal is,interesting because you've got a lot of,investors in it like binance who's owned,by a Chinese foreign National you've got,uh the PRI or the prince of us one of,the princes of Saudi Arabia I'm gonna,mess this up but I think it's,my best pronunciation attempt and you've,got the uh Sovereign wealth fund of,Qatar so you've got a lot of these,foreign organizations and institutions,and people involved in the Twitter deal,and so it makes sense that the committee,on foreign investment in the United,States would be involved but you wonder,if this committee is potentially being,weaponized to stall the deal,uh for some fear that the sweater deal,will have some form of National Security,risk now is it potentially possible that,this committee wasn't actually worried,about blocking Twitter until Elon the,Twitter deal until Elon Musk started,causing some controversy,over the last few weeks now I talked,about and summarized all of the,controversies going on with Elon Musk,and I'll put a little pin up here,somewhere for the prior video on exactly,this but one of the things to consider,is the summary Elon Musk has kind of,hinted at having talked to Putin now he,previously says that was only about,starlink but then he started running,polls that somewhat made some people,think that Elon Musk was using Putin and,Kremlin talking points which raises the,prospect of wait a minute what if elon's,compromise now I I don't I think a lot,of us don't think he actually is,compromised we don't actually think he's,a comrade but it raises the Specter of,such and Elon as the master 4D chess,player potentially knows hey if I start,getting myself involved on Twitter with,negotiating peace in Ukraine between,Ukraine and Russia,maybe the committee on foreign,investment in the United States will,start wondering oh maybe there is a,national security risk here oh but let's,talk National Security Elon Musk sued,the Department of State for the right,and the U.S Air Force for the right to,compete in the satellite airspace to get,starlink network bands uh you know,rather than only companies like Boeing,and Lockheed having the right to compete,so now starlink is out there and oh what,just happened with starlink oh Elon Musk,suggesting hey the Pentagon should cover,the cost of 20 million dollars per month,for servicing Star Lake in Ukraine now,we made a whol

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Jeff Bezos criticizes Biden for inflation on Twitter

Jeff Bezos criticizes Biden for inflation on Twitter

well jeff bezos once again is taking to,twitter to criticize president biden,over high inflation rates speaking of,inflation bezos saying the,administration tried to inject even more,stimulus in an already overheated,inflationary economy inflation is a,regressive tax that most hurts the least,affluent misdirection does not help the,country this was in response to,president biden talking about the,challenge of inflation here you know,there's so much of this monday morning,quarterbacking that's been going on,right,what would the economy have looked like,what would our pandemic period have,looked like,if the us government didn't do what it,did we have no way of knowing there's no,counterfactual right we don't live in,that alternate universe but it's very,difficult it's difficult for me now to,go back and say well they should would,they they're to blame for inflation they,shouldn't have done it,what should they have done i don't know,and it's at the same time that we,already know many of the billionaires,have been targeted by democrats,especially on,tax policy and so with that in mind,bezos continuing to fire back at the,administration and more broadly at the,party it,raises this larger question of of course,there's hindsight is always 20 20 but,what should we do going forward from,here and i think for a lot of average,americans you look at,what the average ceo is making you look,at what the average billionaire is,paying in taxes or not paying in taxes,and where those funds could come from to,offset,exactly where the money needs to come in,from on a tax revenue basis from the,average person that perhaps doesn't have,the same type of propensity and we,already know doesn't have the same type,of ability to pay nearly the same amount,in taxes or garner as much income that,should go back towards making some of,these policies,and even future goals actionable as well,now this is i think jeff just being,upset,about inflation for numerous reasons one,year to date his net wealth is down 55,billion dollars in large part because of,inflation where is inflation hitting,amazon in the past two quarters alone,amazon has seen a 10 billion hit because,of various supply chain pressures and,various inflation that is in fact,obviously pressured amazon's stock which,he remains a big holder in amazon shares,are still hovering around a 52-week low,and then you have two other factors here,at play you have a greater union push at,the likes of amazon i would suspect uh,because employees feel like they're,being taken for a ride and then recently,in february you had amazon raise more,than double the corporate base pay to,350 thousand dollars a year max from,from 100 and about 150 000 or so before,because of inflation so all this is,coming out of his wallet of course he's,going to speak out,well he's also speaking out because the,president was talking about increasing,taxes on big corporations so that that's,something that of course bezos isn't,going to like especially considering,amazon plays very very little in taxes,year after year after year so,you know well you could argue we do need,that sort of re-look at the tax code,more broadly but,maybe bezos doesn't want that to happen

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