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#26 - Joe Bastardi: Expecting perfect weather is crazy. It’s cooling over the tropicswelcome to the

Tom Nelson

Updated on Jan 13,2023

#26 - Joe Bastardi: Expecting perfect weather is crazy. It’s cooling over the tropics

welcome to the Tom Nelson podcast today,I'm very happy to have Joe bastardi here,to talk about weather and maybe some,climate Joe do you want to just tell us,a little bit about yourself to get us,started,yeah uh that brings a bell that's why,the weather,yeah quick I am that was really good,well the chief peterologist at, after being the chief long,range at Hurricane forecaster at,AccuWeather where I work for 33 years,during that 33 years I worked 40 Years,of hours because that I was known as,overtime man I could not get enough of,the weather basically if I did not have,to sleep I wouldn't and uh the great,thing about AccuWeather is uh I mean,people were always calling in sick and,all this other stuff and I just pick up,their overtime and I absolutely loved,what I did,um I do think that what happened later,uh was that there and they always,treated me very well Dr Myers had always,treated me well but I think the company,Mission sort of changed and you can,sense that now when you read a lot of,the stuff coming out of there as,fortuitous that God gave me enough of a,nudge to get out before uh uh you know,they began to worship at the altar of,global warming or it may have made,global warming okay and a lot of that is,because that's where all the money is I,understand that when you run a business,when you run a business you're,responsible for a lot of things I mean,whoa yeah we're back I just had a I just,had an interesting accident right I'm,getting ready to go work out after I get,through talking with Tom so uh maybe,it's fortunate because the drink there's,no caffeine in it but it's a lot of,amino acids and so it gets to be wired,up a little bit more you know I believe,in natural stuff rather than drugs but,uh no but what I was saying was when the,company's Mission uh you know we were,always in a meteorology company,um and then it became a Media company,that was using the weather that's very,different and I sort of was unaware of,the change although I didn't notice uh,you know one of the reasons I I came to,the Forefront there is because,uh is in 2002 I won this huge bug when,the North American bodybuilding,championships were drug free and um I,couldn't figure out how I was that good,in that because I really don't have the,genetics to do that and I wasn't uh you,know no drugs or anything like that and,yet and what God made me to do I wasn't,that good I realized I was worried about,everybody around me worried about what,this guy thought that guy thought the,company you know the whole thing and,there was always this uh attitude that,we always use consensus and listen,consensus with Ellie Davis show Sobel,and Joel Myers uh and you know if I,could get thrown in there that's a good,consensus but we'd have guys uh you know,22 different forecasters and uh half of,them are you know still just out of,college and down the bars all night I,don't I don't really look at that that,way you know and I I started getting,kind of resentful like why should I why,should I pay attention to some guy I,know it's not working as hard as me,don't have my standards uh then again,you know what really attracted to me is,the top people there you know we were I,mean I'll tell you what the the 1980s,and 90s that was the number one place in,the world to work in the weather,people say huh you're exaggerating going,no these guys are really good uh you,know and uh you know Joel had the,foresight to start the company I mean it,was on um it was on to tell the truth,because this is the way he was young he,was like 27 years old doctor PhD out of,Penn State was starting his own Weather,Service uh to compete against the,government and everybody was laughing at,him so it's a great story and uh you,know as as time goes on uh things things,change well I always uh figured that the,weather was all I had you know and uh,next to my Bob and Dad who've passed,away he just passed away,um I've loved the weather longer than,anything I've had a personal,relationship with the weather uh later,in my life I realized that God God gave,me that yeah I used to always look at,the weather but I guess I made the,weather my God and of course when you do,stuff like that if you're climb into,your God guess what you're going to do,anything you can to defend your God and,what you have to do is realize that,these things well what I have to do I'm,not going to tell you what you should do,but what I realized was these things,were given to me as a gift to get closer,to God so consequently pursuit of the,truth trumps everything and constant,fighting of deception if the truth is a,trait of God what is a non-truth what is,hiding the truth okay including from,yourself is you know I've had people,accuse me of uh well you know he he's,doing that to get attention and all this,well let me tell you something if you're,looking at the uh to get popular and,money and all that stuff uh I'm on the,wrong side of that issue if I were to,consider that and me you know the idea,as well uh

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Right Wing Meteorologist Goes Completely Mental on Tucker Carlson

Right Wing Meteorologist Goes Completely Mental on Tucker Carlson

Speaker 1: I'm going to play a video for you  today. It is a video of a right wing meteorologist  ,going completely mental on Tucker Carlson.  I thought I was on hallucinogens. I thought  ,maybe someone slipped acid into my cappuccino or a  flat white. I've been going more in the direction  ,of the flat white lately. Something about that  foam. But that's really for a different day. I  ,thought I was on something when I saw this video  because the video doesn't make any sense. A Fox  ,News propagandist, Tucker Carlson, who does  entertainment. Remember when if when when the  ,rubber hits the road and Tucker gets sued, lawyers  go, oh, this is not news. This is entertainment.  ,Okay. He did a segment, an entertainment segment,  I guess, with a meteorologist named Joe Bastardi.  ,And that's that's really his name. I'm not I know  people will write in and say, David, that's that's  ,rude. You're being rude by calling him bastard.  No, no. His name is Joe Bastardi. This video  ,is so unbelievably unhinged, but it's a great  representation of how the right to a great degree.  ,I was going to say analyzes but there's really  no analysis here. Deals with topics they don't  ,like. The right gets angry that, for example,  people now believe in climate change and climate  ,science and bestaev starts rattling off right  wing talking points interspersed with the word  ,climate change. He throws the word vaccine  and COVID in there as well. I challenge  ,you to figure out what the hell this guy is  talking about. Okay, let's get into it. I want. ,Speaker 3: To know, I've been giving this a lot  of thought today because I had to drive from. ,Speaker 1: Oh, guys, he's  been thinking that can't be. ,Speaker 3: Good. Iowa City all the way to  Pittsburgh. And when I went by South Bend,  ,oddly enough, it hit me. There are  three possibilities here, in my opinion,  ,just looking at this. Okay. First is they've all  got climate vaccines. We don't know about them,  ,but unlike the COVID vaccine, they actually  work. So whatever they do, they're immune  ,from it. Okay. That's a possibility.  That's a long shot is sick. The second  ,talker is that if bad weather stops air travel  and it stops car travel, if you can cause  ,more bad weather right there, guess what? Speaker 1: Even Tucker is having trouble  ,following this or pretending to, because  that's really all he does. At the end of the. ,Speaker 3: Day, everybody can't drive. For  instance, next week and the week after,  ,watch how much bad weather comes into the United  States. It's going to be the coldest, snowiest  ,period around the Christmas time since 2000. Speaker 1: So now I think what he's doing  ,right now is it's going to snow in December. So  climate change couldn't possibly be real. I think  ,that that's what this part of the diatribe is. Speaker 3: We're going to see planes and trains  ,and all these other things shut down. So if you  just dump all. The CO2 in the atmosphere. Your  ,assumption is, hey, CO2 causes bad weather. If  I can cause more bad weather, then guess what? ,Speaker 1: If you're watching, Tucker  isn't frozen. He just looks really  ,confused. He's in like a confused trance. Speaker 3: People won't be able to fly,  ,will have less CO2 emissions. Or the third  possibility, exactly what you said. It's a  ,phony climate war. It's fraudulent. You could  tell. Back when we talked back in in July,  ,we were talking about it's going to get  cold early this year across the United  ,States. That has nothing to do with CO2.  What it has to do is the natural cycles of  ,the weather. And what's happened is these  people have taken advantage of people who  ,fall prey to this. And this is what they're  doing. There's no logical reason for it,  ,except they are trying to establish a caste  system that destroys the greatest experiment. ,Speaker 1: In caste system. Speaker 3: Freedom and individuality, which  ,is this country right here in the United States. Speaker 1: Of course. I mean, if you really. ,Speaker 2: Believe that carbon was a  pollutant, you would be planting pine  ,and spruce and hemlock and evergreens across  the country. But they're cutting them down to  ,make way for highways and dollar stores. Speaker 1: That's a completely unrelated  ,issue. And chucker, not pretending to be a tree  saving environmentalist is really the cherry on  ,top that ran that scrambled mess of what I believe  qualifies as English language words. That's what's  ,going on in the heads of many of these right  wingers when, you know, when our correspondent  ,Luke Beasley, the bee's knees or whoever,  they go to the Trump rallies and they talk to  ,these Trumpists and it's just stuff is coming  out. You hear noise coming out of the mouth,  ,but it doesn't really make any sense. This is  what's going on in their brain. This is what's  ,going on in their brain. It's just saying climate  change every few seconds while throwing another  ,right wing talking points. And this i

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Joe Bastardi on What to Expect this Winter

Joe Bastardi on What to Expect this Winter

meteorologist joe bastardi uh you know,him from and he's the,author of the book the weaponization,of weather in the phony climate war uh,joe welcome to the blaze hi,well it's great to be here and uh great,to talk to you about this matter i,wanted to get out in front,on what is going on behind the scenes,here not only with the threat of a lot,of cold especially in the heartland this,year the northern plains into the great,lakes and you say well it's always cold,there and actually it's not always cold,there but uh,what's going on behind the scenes uh,with the,biden energy policies is that it is,limiting,our ability to respond to these things,in what how are they doing that,well what happens is it's getting,tougher and tougher to produce,fossil fuel based uh energy products oh,yeah and uh and with coal especially and,coal is still uh,and should be a very vital link in our,nation's economic and energy lifeline,and uh what's happening is a lot of,these coal companies are really being,put under pressure,to try to ride this administration out,and,hopefully that someday it goes back the,other way for them they're hard-working,people the call we clean is very,the call we burn is very clean uh if,you're worried about co2,and,so what's happening is,there is not,it's not well neither am i but,guys that's not the problem the problem,is you have an american public a large,enough segment of the american public,that doesn't believe that so you know,you've got to be able to uh try to,counter that kind of thing that's why,it's a phony climate war the the real,agenda is it destroyed the nation's uh,economic base that and of course it,leads to i mean you discuss it all the,time i hear you guys talking about it,all the time good this is straight out,cloud pivot if you create a dependency,on the government whether it's with,energy or with uh you know,any other thing guess what's going to,happen anyway what happens is that,you saw it in texas last year,20 to 25 of your grid,is uh based on renewables and i don't,have anything against renewables as a,matter of fact it's the first derivative,profit center for me by that i mean an,energy company and all our energy,companies have already gotten our winter,forecast,all right uh they,they need a long-range forecast but wind,and solar need it every single day an,oil company doesn't need it every single,day,so here's what happens when you put 20,percent of your grid,on renewables what's going to happen if,that 20 grow goes down,and you have let's say the the demand,spike to twice normal,well you saw what happened and the,craziest thing is,the craziest thing is the circular,firing squad because the natural gas,compressors in texas use electricity to,push the natural gas to the generating,station so what happens is if there's no,electricity they can't do their job and,then aoc steps in and blames fossil,fuels right,and on top of what's the renewable,energies uh while we have 20 or 25,percent of that is uh expected to be,part of our grid but it never produces,that much,so it always under produces what they,claim it's going to produce,but it's a good supplement it's a good,thing to have and it's a good thing to,uh let's say if you get backups,yeah well not even that if you can save,usage in other days where there days,that you can actually use,it's why i think it's so attractive on,businesses and and houses if you can if,you can save 30 electricity costs on,your house and use 30 percent less,electricity someone else gets to use,that but hey okay let me let me say what,what i'm concerned about and i want to,get out in front myself or chris horner,uh over at the american competitive,institute i believe is also talking,about this is,if you get a 10 to 15 day stretch of,extreme cold which we're probably going,to get we do almost every winter and,this winter we may get it even worse in,let's say chicago or minneapolis or or,this this area the midwest you will then,create the situation for blackouts and,cold kills more than heat does and we,saw that last year in texas for instance,you can adapt to the increase of warming,so you will get blackouts i'm we're,calling these potential biden blackouts,in the meantime,the left will then turn around and say,see,there's not enough fossil fuel to do,this it's fossil fuels fall and this is,what they do all the time,it's a hideous practice and it's a,i think it's deceitful and what happens,is the,part of it's our fault because they're,not a lot of watchtower people out there,if you ever read it i believe it's a,ezekiel in the watchtower there's not a,lot of people screaming about it like,you guys are what is happening is,in the mainstream media i can't even,believe i'm 66 i can't believe uh the,media i see today they just simply buy,the story and no one looks underneath,the first line like oh this is the worst,ever in my book what i simply do is,refute every one of their claims with,five six or seven examples of how the,weather was there was

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This Year's Winter Shaping Up to Be Colder, Snowier

This Year's Winter Shaping Up to Be Colder, Snowier

it's time to start stocking up on,cold-weather gear this winter is looking,likely to be even more frigid than last,year's I know that's hard to believe but,what about analytics chief meteorologist,Joe Bastardi is joining us now to,explain the situation Joe this last wind,it was so cold my cat wouldn't get out,of bed that's pretty cold yeah that is,pretty cold I don't know if I want to go,that far what we're telling people is it,has a potential to be worse than last,winter we have a nasty winter forecast,already and again when you start,stacking it against last winter for,instance I think this upcoming winter is,going to be walked worse in Washington,DC Nashville down into the southeastern,part of the United States and last,winter but may not be as bad further,north and west as last winter there,Chicago's the Minneapolis is in places,like that the analogs that we're looking,at most closely so that people can,remember 2009 2010 and 2002 2003 now,both of them were very snowy winters,especially the mid and latter parts of,the winter well I did joke Joe Joe,talking of snow we've got a map here,which has got some percentages on it,explain to us what what this means of,167 percent what what exactly does that,mean that means that you get almost to 2,times your normal snowfall because,snowfall varies I mean folks know that,you can drive one place and the average,snowfall is like for instance New York,City's about 26 inches but you go out to,the Northwest Suburbs in New York it's,more like 35 40 inches if we're saying,it's a hundred and fifty percent it's,the normal snowfall plus another 50,percent of that so if you had a normal,snowfall of let's say 20 inches of snow,we'd be saying well you're going to get,30 what we're trying to do is indicate a,swath where we think snowfall will be,heavier than normal what we do for our,clients is we show them this so they get,ready or they they push themselves a,little bit toward that side so they get,an edge now this forecast has been out,since spring because the atmosphere is,running in a relatively predictable,manner we have a very cold winter we,forecast the,Garden of Eden summer we're also looking,for that activity and we've had some,activity near the East Coast with the,Hurricane Center the hurricane season so,it's flowing along right now into the,type of El Nino situation that is,notorious for given the United States,cold snowy winters especially in the,southern and eastern part of the United,States relative to the averages so that,would be significant because we were,within one power plant last year of,having of the grid overload and snow,fighting this year their cities are,without salt you can't replenish this,stuff overnight so Joe this is this is,certain this is something this is Sonny,Corinthos said to be to blame for the,slow economic growth isn't that gonna,happen again,are we gonna have another stir are we,gonna stop working basically what you're,saying yeah and you know I get this sort,of indignant because it was I said that,November that the winter was going to,have a a economic impact on the US and,this year if you get the kind of winter,we had in 2009 2010 or o2o3 with the,nation's grid on the ropes the way it is,and some of these regulations that I,hear about coming down that postive,close plants on January 1st I hear these,rumors going on and what I know because,we're involved in getting people ready,to fight snow in the cities around the,country this could be a very very big,economic economic impact on the winter,and we're very concerned about that,we've been you know it's is we don't,have the biggest bullhorn at weather,fell because we're a startup company but,we've been saying this stuff is coming,on coming on it's like people are just,oblivious to it it seems well not,anymore because they have been watching,of the new sub now and I know everyone,will be out there doing what they can,I'll be getting some woollen socks a bit,later today thank you very much roba,study of weather belt analytics we,appreciate your time

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WHAT?! Tucker Carlson Guest Delivers BIZARRE & INCOHERENT Rant While Tucker Confusingly Stares!

WHAT?! Tucker Carlson Guest Delivers BIZARRE & INCOHERENT Rant While Tucker Confusingly Stares!

I have for you possibly the strangest,two minutes of television that has,occurred in a very long time,of course it happened on Tucker Carlson,and there's this guy who joins him named,Joe bastardi and Joe bastardi is the,meteorologist who will go,and give kind of the,anti-man-made climate change talking,points meaning he'll use his,meteorologist kind of credibility to,then turn around and deny the science,around climate change and be kind of a,hero to those who really don't want to,accept that humans are playing a part a,very significant part in the climate,change we're experiencing and that's why,we have to change our actions to prevent,certain ramifications of that climate,change well he went on Tucker Carlson's,show,and try to figure out what on Earth he's,even trying to say here,a random tangent about multiple things I,couldn't even really decipher and then,it'll conclude in him just making a,normal kind of anti-science talking,point about climate change and Tucker,Carlson,agrees of course but,they're talking about Pete bootage and,maybe the hypocrisy of him flying on a,private jet whenever he,says that he cares about climate change,and of course private jets are really,bad for the climate and even Tucker,Carlson someone who brings on a lot of,Bonkers people at certain points during,this two-minute club I'm about to show,you seemed deeply confused as you're,about to be take a look well I don't,know I've been giving this a lot of,thought today because I had to drive,from Iowa City all the way to Pittsburgh,and when I went by South Bend oddly,enough it hit me there are three,possibilities here in my opinion just,looking at this okay first is they've,all got climate vaccines we don't know,about them but unlike the covet vaccine,they actually work so whatever they do,they're immune from it so that's a,possibility that's a long time,the second Tucker is that if bad weather,stops air travel,it stops car travel if you can cause,more bad weather right,then guess what everybody can't drive,for instance next week and the week,after,look at Tucker's face what's going on,watch how much bad weather comes into,the United States it's going to be the,coldest snowiest period around the,Christmas time since 2000 so we're going,to see planes and trains and all these,other things we'll continue it but I,know he's probably you know trying to,tell a joke he's saying it could be this,thing or this thing and the first two,will be outrageous and then the third,one is the actual point he wants to make,but number one the examples he's giving,are just incoherent but then also Tucker,is not responding like he gets that it's,a joke and is staring like he's staring,into the face of the devil shut down so,if you just dump all the CO2 in the,atmosphere and your assumption is hey,CO2 causes bad weather if I could cause,more bad weather then guess what other,people won't be able to fly we'll have,less CO2 emissions or the third,possibility exactly what you said it's a,phony climate War it's fraudulent you,could held back when we talked back in,in July we were talking about it's going,to get cold early this year across the,United States that has nothing to do,with CO2 what it has to do is the,natural cycles of the weather and what's,happened is these people have taken,advantage of people who fall prey to,this and this is what they're doing,there's no logic or reason for it except,they are trying to establish a caste,system that destroys the greatest,experiment in freedom and individuality,which is this country right here in the,United States of course I mean if you,really believe that carbon was a,pollutant you would be planting Pine and,Spruce and Hemlock and Evergreens across,the country but they're cutting them,down to make way for highways and dollar,stores so it tells you their frauds,so that's the argument that we were,building to,just denying that CO2,contributes to climate change whenever,we have way too much,um carbon emissions is that really the,argument that we're landing on with that,strange series,of thoughts,are those those strangers very very,weird so here's what's a little bit,off-putting to me I honestly didn't,realize and I cover politics I didn't,realize that people,like Tucker and maybe it's because I,just don't tune into his full show often,enough and I'm just,seeing in particular viral moments is,still denying climate change in this way,I know that they deny it something we,should care about but I thought they,kind of shift and said oh whatever it's,just not that big of a deal and fossil,fuels are too good to give up or,whatever but no they're still just,putting their hand over their eyes and,putting their fingers in their ears and,going blah blah blah blah to all of the,facts and uh science behind,I guess in this case specifically carbon,emissions and that effect on climate,change very very strange I'm,a little bit sad that so many people,very sad tune in I mean Tucker's the,most watched Cable News host,and think tha

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Tom Nelson Podcast, 2022 year-end highlight clips

Tom Nelson Podcast, 2022 year-end highlight clips

welcome to the Tom Nelson podcast this,year I was lucky enough to do 57,podcasts with a lot of very smart,independent thinkers on climate and,energy I had a really good time putting,together clips into a 55-minute clip,show this features Richard lindson will,happer Susan crockford Peter ridd Mark,Morano Tony Heller and many other people,I hope you enjoy listening or watching,as much as I enjoyed putting this,together they go to town with these,crazy crazy policies to get rid of CO2,we're now in the middle of that we're,giving the EPA the right to control CO2,by declaring it a pollutant think about,that for a moment here is a pollutant,let's say some genius comes up with the,method he's going to get rid of a little,bit more than 60 percent of the CO2 and,what will be the wonderful consequence,of that the death of all animals the,plants that died there's no food what,kind of pollutant is it you get rid of,it and you die,great Point,everything has to conform to the idea,that this demon molecule CO2 is about to,destroy the Earth I mean it's the,craziest thing I ever heard because if,you know anything about geological,history you realize CO2 levels have,always fluctuated up and down by huge,amounts what we're seeing now is Trivial,compared to what we've seen in the past,and even day to day what caused the,warming since 1975. I think it's all,natural I think large percentage the 99,is all natural this CO2 sum is a,delusion pure delusion you cannot find,any signature of that the proxy measures,for a period where you've got the proxy,data and the temperature data they don't,match at all there's no reason to think,these proxies are telling you anything,at all about temperatures because you,can plot the two on a chart and one's,going down and one's going up so what,makes you think that the same proxy data,is informative for what happened in the,1400s or the 1200s it's useless today so,why would it be informative back then,well they came up with all kinds of ad,hoc explanations in fact they had to,throw out most of the data should tell,you these proxies aren't very good,quality this is the coral cover and you,can see that at the moment where record,high Coral cover so despite supposedly,massive bleaching events in 2016,2017,2020 and 2022 here we are sitting at,record high Coral cover so basically,blows away any any proposition that,those bleaching events which people,right around the world have been told,about have killed a significant amount,of coral habitat that both seals and,polar bears use is that first year ice,that freezes and melts every year it's,not the really thick ice in the middle,of the arc now but when you have less,ice in the summer there's more sunlight,comes in you get more phytoplankton in,the water that produces more food for,the fish more fish for the seals better,fed that the seals are the more,productive they are they give birth to,healthier pups more pups and healthier,pups which means there's more food for,the Bears and so it really looks like in,those areas of the world say north of,the Bering Sea in the Chuck Cheese sea,and in the Barrett sea particularly that,those are areas that have had a fairly,dramatic decline in summer sea ice but,have also had a really large increase,in this primary productivity and to my,mind that explains why the Bears are,doing so well it means that it's because,in the spring when they do most of their,hunting and feeding there are lots of,seals for them to feed on historical,data is really the key to it like young,people they're being told that we didn't,used to get hurricanes we didn't used to,get tornadoes or floods typhoons they,don't have any way of knowing that that,isn't true because schools won't don't,teach history anymore or they don't,teach any real history when I was in,high school we grape's breath was,mandatory reading the Steinbeck's,accounts of the Dust Bowl they don't do,that anymore if they just read that one,book they would know that this has all,happened in the past so it's very easy,for them to propagandize young people so,the more information we can get to young,people in particular about history I,think that's really the key thing the,interesting thing is that when you see a,the changes in climate over the last 500,million years and then we have periods,where we are in a glacial period we have,periods where it's very warm,and and Israeli physicist profession,yeshiv he actually noticed that this fit,very beautifully with the solar system,passing through spiral arms so when we,are in a spiral arm there's more cosmic,rays because we have most affirmation in,these regions we have more cosmic rays,and it's actually colder on Earth so,there's a beautiful correlation between,this movement around the galactic center,it's also interesting from another,perspective because it's a completely,independent way of checking whether this,mechanism is working because solar,activity has nothing to do with the,supernovas it's just a modulation of the,cosmic rays

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Weather forecaster says this is where Hurricane Ian will head next

Weather forecaster says this is where Hurricane Ian will head next

it here with more on where this,hurricane will be going from here the,founder of our good,friend he's also the official,meteorologist of the Sean Hannity radio,show Joe bastardi is with us uh Joe you,actually about 24 30 36 hours ago said,there's a possibility this this might,come in more south than we think meaning,below Tampa you ended up being right in,your call let's talk about how,go ahead yeah,we actually had that forecast position,from Saturday we held it and you know a,lot of people weren't watching what goes,on I don't expect yeah I'm a weather nut,so there's this concert there's about,three to five million people that are,just weather Fanatics in the country,that were watching what different,forecasts look like so they know what my,company has had out we got a lot of,clients in Florida and we always felt,the landfall would be between Tampa and,Naples uh probably in the middle of it,it wasn't too bad revealed from five,days away making a 30 mile error and,it's not that bad the thing that we had,to be concerned with with Tampa of,course was all the forecasts that were,up to the west of them and that would be,shoving that same kind of situation you,see in Naples like then this happened in,1921 Sean and that was a big fear and it,was a well-founded fear okay I'm not,disagreeing with that that if the storm,went in just north of Tampa then they,would have that 15 20-foot surge up 10,Tampa Bay but you want to know why this,is very very difficult to happen and you,saw it with Charlie because when a storm,is moving parallel to the West Coast of,Florida the vectors around the storm,change and we we see this and there's,actually papers on it done with typhoons,in Taiwan that the frictional effects if,a storm is moving to the right of a,island parallel to it or the right of a,peninsula it will pull it in and once it,gets in guess what it does it goes,looking for the water on the other side,you notice how hurricanes when they're,to the right of Florida tend to stay,offshore Matthew Dorian remember how,they stayed offshore because the same,kind of frictional effect on the East,Coast will keep this offshore so what,you're seeing here is like Charlie,remember Charlie was forecasted up to,Tampa too remember and where did it go,it went in South right here because the,friction pulled it in so what happens is,this is going to get to the Atlantic,coast and it's going to get there I,think tomorrow afternoon it looks like,it's coming quicker a little bit quicker,to me all right once it gets there then,it's all bets off further north the,National Hurricane Center has issued the,hurricane watch from Northeast Florida,to South Carolina remember we were on,last night's say but boy I'm really,concerned about let me get you focused,for one second here if I can all right,so all right it comes in from Naples,then north of Naples pretty much the,ground zero where this landed which is,Fort Myers north of that Sarasota then,Tampa okay so it's coming in from the,West Coast of Florida it then is,slightly turning left headed right up to,Orlando as we mentioned earlier and and,it's going it's picking up steam the,whole time still category uh hurricane,category wins with it so strong winds,still dangerous for people then it makes,us way more Eastward toward towards the,east coast of Florida then it goes into,what Jacksonville Ponte Vedra that area,then where from there then it's going to,go up to Savannah up to Charleston South,Carolina,the center doesn't go in there you know,I can't add to what the outstanding,people before I came on have said about,what it's going to do what will happen,up into the Florida coast what the,concern has been and what we've been,trying to tell people is that,northeasterly wind it's ramming 30 to 40,miles an hour into the Northeast Coast,of Florida already is piling water up,what happens when the system gets,offshore and is a hurricane again and,comes northward then you'll have the the,storm surge from that coming up the,coast in the meantime we have to move on,but I got a quick question north of,Jacksonville because it will go to,Jacksonville after it gets out of,Central Florida then the Savannah have,to worry and what parts of South,Carolina do we have to worry about yes,Savannah Charleston all those places I,think they're going to get hit by a,hurricane and the compounding problem,with the storm surge is the pre-existing,water piling up I'm sorry I'm so,animated about this now I know that,listen for those that don't know Joe is,a storm chaser uh he eats breathes and,sleeps us knows every storm what was the,name of the hurricane the biggest,hurricane in 1920. quick quiz,and I'm not sure 1920 but I know about,the somebody I don't think there was a,big hurricane in 1920s about 1926 one,year there wasn't a big heart,well the 1920s we had a lot through,southern Florida in 1929 the cape Sable,hurricane 19,1947 and that went into Savannah,eventually after hitting South Florida,look at that deja

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US Climate Scientists Blocked by Climate Change Deniers (2010)

US Climate Scientists Blocked by Climate Change Deniers (2010)

3:7 rs30 when you take the script take a,Russell operon Jamis toddy has a,reputation for speaking his mind he's a,former wrestler and a champion,bodybuilder there's a desperation in,wrestling that if you could keep it in,other things and you understand that all,this preparation all these hours and all,come down to one or two minutes is like,the forecast all that preparation comes,down in one forecast except you do it,every single day just every single day,hi a QA comm meteorologist Joe Bastardi,and a lot of laws being made over the,oil spill as a senior meteorologist Ted,AccuWeather one of the world's largest,online forecasters Joba studies where,the predictions are seen by millions,well AccuWeather has 2.7 million,forecast sites that we actually forecast,for so we reach people all over the,world all right,the people to see me on TV or they see,me on the videos that's just the tip of,the iceberg as far as what I do you go,to that blog and you can read this for,you this massive audience gets a daily,dose of Bastad e's outspoken view that,there's no such thing as manmade global,warming the earth is supposed to be,burning up okay how can we dance if the,earth is burning remember that song I,guess it was a bandit did that years ago,don't ask me why that just came into my,mind things coming to my mind they come,out my mouth and sometimes they can't,help it,among he's meteorologists colleagues,this climate change skeptic is not alone,I'm skate by though here,we hear latest European forecast and,let's take a look at what's happening,across the continent according to the,largest survey of US weather forecasters,only half of the men and women paid to,predict the weather believe global,warming is happening,at George Mason University in Virginia,head my back is the director of the,climate center which conducted the,survey fifty-five percent of our,respondents believe in climate change,about twenty five percent don't and,about 20 percent haven't yet made up,their mind so what's more twenty five,percent of those surveyed went so far is,to describe global warming as a scam the,fact that the quarter who don't believe,are almost entirely people with a,conservative political ideology tells me,that this is this has something to do,with the fact that we've allowed this to,become a political issue as opposed to a,science a scientific issue my back says,forecasters play an important role in,influencing opinion about climate change,the second most trusted group of,professionals with regard information,about global warming is television,weather casters and seventy five percent,of Americans watched the local,television news at least a few times a,week and the number one their number-one,motivation their number one reason for,doing so is to learn about the weather,here's where the temperature is gone now,this coincides with what I've been,yelling and screaming about the reversal,that is taking place they say well Joe,here it goes up again there we go like,that well guess what as soon as this PDO,changes completely and it is beginners,change you go see a flattened back off,again and you all know by now where my,projections are over the next twenty or,thirty years but you're not just giving,forecasts you're giving commentary,you're talking to people about the,weather though aren't you it's I mean,well I am because I'm trying to explain,why I put out the forecast I do and I,always encourage people that listen to,me that go look for themselves,I even challenge them don't believe me,simply go look at all sides of the issue,especially with the climate debate,well we have some pretty great weather,coming up but when siding with the,holiday weekend what more can you ask,yeah that's right so we're gonna have a,little thunderstorm activity but it all,ends before the holiday weekend and,Melanie you're right what else could we,ask for but a beautiful weekend to start,the unofficial summer season Joe witty,is aware the forecasting veteran with,more than 30 years experience unlike,many of his colleagues he's no skeptic,about climate change he believes for,science is solid but you also have to,remember that people's beliefs in,religion or politics or whatever,oftentimes to shade their their thinking,and this is a very complicated problem,and so it's not easy to find answers to,and you have to sort of take time to do,that he's concerned about the impact,that we're the forecasters are having on,the debate oh absolutely there's a,flow-through effect because we're in the,communication business and people are,looking for answers for a riot different,things and viewers are looking for,answers about science so we do have an,effect on the population and probably on,some of the decision makers who are,making policy decisions and then of,those policies decisions are very very,hard decisions whilst there is division,amongst weather forecasters there is an,even greater divide between,forecasters and climate scientists why,would anybody ask we

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