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JK Rowling's Anti-Trans Tweets | Trans Guy Reactsthis is not news it's just something,that is becomi


Updated on Jan 14,2023

JK Rowling's Anti-Trans Tweets | Trans Guy Reacts

this is not news it's just something,that is becoming more and more obvious I,literally had a whole other video edited,planned ready to go out today but I am,recording this as a very last-minute,replacement because I feel like it is,more important to talk about I hope you,don't mind,haze buds it's Jamie what's up I hope,you're well thank you so much for,clicking on this video and I hope you're,gonna enjoy it if that's the right thing,I hope you like it I'll like my take on,it,I don't know welcome to the video I'm,just gonna dive straight in and say JK,Rowling and transphobia is not something,that is new to this channel but it's,always something I've taken a more,neutral approach to because to be honest,I've never been completely sure if she's,truly like anti trans or if maybe she's,just been a bit misinformed and,misguided in her approach to some things,on trans matters she supported Maia for,stater,this is something I've also spoken about,in a video and Maia is a lady who is,being transphobic in her place of work,and felt wronged for being fired for,that behavior JK Rowling has also liked,anti-trans tweet in the past but when,there was backlash to this she had a,representative state that she had had a,I'm quoting this clumsy and middle-aged,moment well I'm pretty sure there are no,excuses that can be made by all for her,this time as JK Rowling has directly,written transphobic tweets from her,account it's not just liking it's not,just supporting somebody literally just,full-on anti-trans tweets the cherry on,this transphobic and Robert urfi,hat-trick as yesterday she posted these,tweets just gonna leave them there for a,minute let you maybe read them you could,pause the video if you wanted to read,them fully they'll be back later don't,worry it's like she'd initially been,testing the waters with her anti,transness like a kid pressing the,buttons to see how far they could go,before they got in trouble but nope not,anymore she's just gone full-out this,time no holding back like she's just let,us know her views we are in the middle,of a pandemic we're in the middle of,protesting for black lives matter and it,honestly hurts my soul to see that,despite all of this existing crap that,we have going on in the world at the,minute this is what she decided to use,her platform for this being transphobia,I wanted to talk to you about why what,she tweeted recently was transphobic and,why it's so hurtful to the trans,community the partners of trans people,friends family supporters of the trans,community why is just,hurtful to transness in general so her,first tweet read and I'm gonna read this,so I get it right word for word if sex,isn't real there is no same-sex,attraction if sex isn't real the lived,reality of women globally is erased I,know and love trans people but erasing,the concept of sex removes the ability,of many to meaningfully discuss their,lives it isn't hate to speak the truth,firstly no one is trying to say that sex,isn't real in my opinion this is just a,very weak thing said by anti trans,people to make trans people seem,illogical but sex is not what defines a,person's gender and using this argument,and trying to say that sex is the be-all,and end-all and sex is the same as,gender is very outdated some people,might see me a trans man and say that,due to the likelihood that my,chromosomes are xx not but I know or,anybody else knows that my sex is female,I'm just going to go through some points,quickly about why this rhetoric is,transphobic and quite frankly flawed,chromosomes aren't always xx and XY and,they don't always match up with the,difficult biological sex that you would,expect them to or that many people would,expect them to intersex people are a,very real thing records of legal sex can,be changed just like records of gender,identity my legal sex is male my birth,certificate says male and that's,important and why the hell does it,matter,trans men and trans women are not trying,to say look at me I'm cisgender we're,not trying to hide our journeys we just,want to live our lives as the gender we,know we are so transferred splitting,hairs on this outdated and exclusive,terminology is quite frankly getting,very boring as I said no one is trying,to say that sex isn't real but making,sex the build and endl of experiences,and who people are it raises the lives,and experiences of trans people and that,is invalidating another thing JK Rowling,mentioned is same-sex attraction and,same-sex attraction is a term used by,many anti trans people as another way to,invalidate trans people it's a term used,to describe me a trans man who's in a,relationship with assists women as a,lesbian couple me a my soon-to-be wife,Shaba are clearly not in a lesbian,relationship as I am a man and to say,that we are or implied that we are is,insulting to me as a trans person Shabba,as a part,of a transperson and also quite frankly,two lesbians because again I'm a man,transphobes tried to use sexual,attraction based on sex and not gen

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J.K Rowling just ruined Harry potter

J.K Rowling just ruined Harry potter

''The world has changed.","None of us can go back.","All we can do is our best,","and sometimes, the best we can do...'',''Is to start over.",''I saw all these people die.'',''I keep telling everybody they should move on.'',''Someday...'',''but not us.'',''Whatever it takes!",More like...,Am I right?,*claps sarcastically*,So JK Rowling, the creator and writer of the world-famous,Harry Potter series,Everyone has their favorite installment in the franchise; yours might be the Prisoner of Azkaban.,You are legitimately WRONG!,The correct answer would be ''Harry Potter And The Cursed Child''.,But 👏 now JK has started doing certain,''changes'' to the Harry Potter lore.,(Laughs loudly),And these changes have actually gotten so bad that,TV funny men are talking about it., The latest installment of the fantastic beasts franchise,,''The Crimes Of Grindelwald'' is hitting blu-ray.,And JK Rowling dropped a BOMBshell in the commentary,,That's right!,Dumbledore was a Gryffindor in the streets,,A Slytherin in the sheets.,(Audience laughing),(Fortnite sound effect of clap),I love how these late-night shows just come up the same incubation pause.,"Sorry for the quick thaw Master Chief,",''things are a little hectic right now.'',I-I-I think there's a British one as well, and he- and he did a funny Fortnite dance.,They-they all look the same!, Rowling added,,Which has fans pumped for the next sequel:,(cue laughtrack_4.mp3),👏👏👏👏👏,👏👏👏👏👏 We will right back!!,(Audience ''woooooo's'') 👏👏👏👏👏,You just know that when TV funny man is saying you goofed up, 👏 (laughs) it's serious business!,(Pyro News Intro),I heard some breaking news!,Apparently my sources confirm.,We are only 88 million subscribers behind PewDiePie!!,Subscribe today, guys!!!,To close the gap!!!,My predictions are, ''we will overtake him?'',Never!,Also buy my merch, please! It's really cool! You can t-pose to assert your dominance! I-I-It's so epic!,I love my wife.,OH! What's this, guys? I have even more breaking news!,Apparently,,we're only 1.1 million subs away from overtaking the YouTube channel ''Yo mama''.,What kind of amazing content is Yo Mama making to surpass my channel.,This is the reason article 13 got passed.,But anyway, JK Rowling has been opening up about a lot of our characters,I'm really happy that Dobby's now a half-cyborg-ninja from Tau Volantis!,But at the same time does anyone really care?,So JK will have this logic where she writes a book, finishes it, it gets published,but then she retro actively changes big things within the books.,(Pyro then proceeds to look up),Now there isn't a problem with being more inclusive,but.. if you're not inclusive in the actual source material and just say afterwards to kind of pander to people,,it seems really fake.,And that part of fanbase, to say the least, were not pleased,''My boyfriend cheated...'',''and I'm fucking exposing him!'',And then something terrible happened,quirky brand Twitter started mocking JK Rowling.,(cough),Oh brand Twitter, you are so quirky! (claps),Imagine applying for a job anywhere,,and you put on your resume that you ran a brand Twitter account.,The good thing to do would be to just ?? you.,Now this massive he-said she-said Dobby said,,started in 2007 when JK Rowling admitted that Dumbledore was gay!,And again, this is great.,I love progressiveness in media, but... you added it after the book already came out.,You can't talk about someone's sexual orientation,like it's a DLC to a video game.,It was I N T E N S U A L L Y S E X U A L,but there was no actual sex, not until marriage, only hand-holding.,Cretin.,And yet again, the Potter fan base, they just weren't happy!,''You are going to take someone's eye out.'',''Besides, you're saying wrong,'',''it's LeviOSA, not LivioSA.'',It's obvious she's trying to be more inclusive and appeal to the LGBT community,,by having these characters, but also,she's trying to make her products more mainstream.,By not explicitly saying they're LGBT, which is..,Incredibly two-sided. You can't have it both ways.,(laughs while reading comment),(Claps) It's so great!!,Can I please get a like for bravery?,1 like for bravery.,There can only be one lesbian,,JK Rowling, I give you five days to stand down and surrender all your books and billions of profit to me.,This is so sad guys!,Now, I've seen a lot of people on Twitter comparing JK Rowling to George Lucas.,They both had... a widely, successful franchise, they moved away from it,,and then came back to the franchise that made them popular and tried to tweak it,,you know, add a bit of backstory or retro actively changed things to...,not very good wide appeal.,''I'm--'',Do you remember how they added CGI to the original Star Wars films?,Stop it.,Also talking about bad takes,JK Rowling -- she's had quite a few.,Look JK, you can profit off the masses and then try and be inclusive by saying characters or LGBTQ after it's been published,but... you leave Felix alone, alright??,He's mine.,We are only...,88 million subs beh

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JK Rowling gets "Cancelled" for Tweet deemed transphobic

JK Rowling gets "Cancelled" for Tweet deemed transphobic

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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So JK Rowling Tweeted About Me...

So JK Rowling Tweeted About Me...

so before we get started I just want to,show you look at my uh sweatshirt isn't,it awesome and amazing uh I adore it,also it's snowing in Seattle today that,never happens it's a Christmas miracle,you can even see it out there but,without having been said uh something a,little bit darker to talk about briefly,here if you hadn't heard uh this morning,I woke up to a couple messages from,people telling me that Queen Turf,herself JK Rowling had retweeted me and,um yeah uh that's uh not exactly a very,fun way to start off the day now we've,seen this a bunch of times JK Rowling,will retweet a trans person or someone,supporting trans people because her,Twitter timeline is just all about trans,people at this point and we will,eventually lead to a ton of harassment,and targeted uh attacking of that person,she knows that this is what her audience,will do it's basically how Twitter works,at this point especially since Elon Musk,has made it more and more of a platform,that is okay with transphobia and hatred,um and so sadly that is why what,happened to me I definitely woke up with,to a lot of messages in my inbox from,people that were less kind and even more,so in my mentions,um and people sort of replying to my,tweets and things like that,um and it was not very great also and,this was just a random aside but I,shared a picture of my cat Newt uh,because he's running around here,somewhere uh just to make people smile,in the face of JK Rowling's bigotry and,like there were turfs that like attacked,me for loving cats and attacked my cat,like what miserable people attack cats,that just that's just sad also should be,noted her take was super weird because,my tweet was like probably one of the,kindest tweets that I could have ever,done about JK Rowling I've been very,clear in a lot of my content that JK,Rowling and gender critical ideology uh,is incredibly harmful to trans people,for numerous reasons it spread lies I'll,let you look at the other videos that,I've linked down below that go into that,uh but my tweet wasn't really even,directly about any of that it was quite,literally just saying that because JK,Rowling is so anti-transgender and,because she has used her continued,platform as the head of the Harry Potter,franchise to promote that transphobia,and also the fact that she continues to,use the fact that Harry Potter stays,relevant,um as a justification for her,transphobia in the media quite literally,having said numerous times that like,well people are still buying my stuff so,they must agree with me in my,anti-transgender views,um which is absolutely horrible and is,not actually actually the case many,people sadly don't care about trans,issues enough to like even be aware of,any of that stuff as they continue to,buy Harry Potter merch,um which is sad but it's its own whole,discussion but is not a direct,endorsement of her hateful and bigoted,views but anyway she takes it that way,and uses it and wields it that way and,so my take simply was that uh if you,wish to support trans people you can't,continue to support the Harry Potter,franchise at the very least uh while JK,Rowling is in charge of it maybe if he,gets bought by someone who is actively,trans supportive uh somewhere down the,line then maybe we can sort of uh be,more supportive of ongoing Harry Potter,projects uh but as it stands right now,things like Hogwarts Legacy are any more,fantastic Beast movies that I doubt will,ever get made uh you can't support them,without uh without it being um directly,harmful to trans people and and sending,a message to trans people around you in,your life that um that uh you you care,more about your entertainment than you,do about our rights and it's just sort,of a line of solidarity uh that is,important to draw that was what my tube,was about and then the one she retweeted,was me just saying but I also don't,begrudge anyone who still loves Harry,Potter and still enjoys uh like Harry,Potter stuff that they've already bought,like for me for example like quite,literally I believe it's right over here,uh I don't know where they are my my,shelf of way too many DVDs like,literally right here on my shelf I have,all my Harry Potter DVDs up until the,ninth movie The Ninth Fantastic Beasts,movie because that's right before she,came out as a horrible transphobe,um I have all those DVDs and I have all,the books and I'm saying I don't regret,anyone for having those or for still,caring about those I know it's sometimes,it's hard for me to go back and watch,those or look at them anymore uh because,of JK Rowling but if someone still finds,joy and love and carrying in them I,don't regret them that and don't say,like you're hateful or anti-trans or,anything for having those things,um that that literally was my take like,I don't begrudge anyone for for still,liking Harry Potter uh just you can't,support it going forward with more money,and attention,um if you wish to be supportive of uh,the trans Community uh as a whole that,was my take that was

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Wofür JK Rowling jetzt auf die Fresse bekommt | WALULIS DAILY

Wofür JK Rowling jetzt auf die Fresse bekommt | WALULIS DAILY

jk rowling mit die berühmteste autor in,der welt erfinderin von harry potter,kinderbuchautorin aus england und wege,den fans ja jetzt hat sie in den fetten,beats angezettelt mit der transgender,community der grund eine ganze reihe von,tweets sie findet es nämlich lächerlich,das trans frauen frauen sein wollen denn,frauen sind laut ihr nur menschen die,menstruieren und sonst keiner ergebnis,riesen schied dort aber kennt man von,hier wenn sie am computer twittern hört,sie nebenbei wahrscheinlich so was ja,jetzt gibt's ärger sogar von harry,potter darsteller daniel radcliffe trans,frauen sind frauen jede äußerungen die,dem widerspricht löscht die identität,und würde von trans menschen aus ich bin,lieber louis und heute zeigen wir euch,wie rund um jay kay rowling die fetzen,fliegen und warum sie ausgerechnet wegen,ihrer harry potter bücher eh schon für,viele ein hass objektes,jk rowling dass jay kay steht definitiv,nicht für just kidding menschen auf der,ganzen welt lieben ihre geschichten und,menschen auf der ganzen welt finden sie,selbst gerade berichtete vorsicht,freunde sonst steckt euch ein who's,wiederin und ihr werdet nebencharaktere,das transgender denken ist folgendes es,ist ja eine freie entscheidung welchem,geschlecht mann angehören möchte rowling,deutet jetzt anders sieht,ich finde weit bedrohlich für frauen,wenn das biologische geschlecht nicht,real ist lässt das die realität von,frauen weltweit aus die trans community,fühlt sich dadurch aber diskriminiert,und ausgeschlossen und sagt eine frau,muss eben nicht biologisch 100 frau sein,programm in hamedan ihrer meinung nach,ist geschlecht also eher eine frage der,identität sie sagen jeder mensch soll,das für sich selbst entscheiden dürfen,deshalb finden sie jay carolins aussagen,so viel hält also gerade für rolling,kritik kommt auch von harry potter,hauptdarsteller daniel radcliffe hier zu,sehen bei der verhandlung über die,abgabefrist zu seiner ausarbeitung der,sagte rowling,wir müssen mehr tun um transgender,menschen und non binäre menschen zu,unterstützen und ihre identitäten nicht,für ungültig erklären,die fans feiern ihn dafür denn viele,hatten wegen rowling bereits an ihrer,liebe zu harry potter welt gezweifelt,radcliffe hat die jetzt gerettet daniel,radcliffe holt mit seiner aussage über,transsexuelle alle punkte und gewinn für,gryffindor dem haus pokal ähnlich,scheiße sein,hey ich gute leistung deshalb,stripperinnen sieben bücher nicht,geschafft jetzt fragt man sich,allerdings schon warum ist die kritik so,krass ein möglicher grund jacky rowland,sagt von sich ich betrachte mich als,feministin,tja das denkt da durch sagt sie hey ich,bin eine von den guten und dann schauen,wie guten halt besonders genau hin,und zwar überall auch in ihre,da kommt dann der vorwurf rassistischer,stereotype,ja das ist schon allein die namensgebung,von rowling sie benutzt so lang allein,um klischees zu erzählen,leider stimmt aber ich glaube ich ein,guten grund denn so ein mathe haus wäre,schon sehr straight,nein nein nein die mitternachts formel,die mitternacht spielen,mein gott das ist er in das casting aber,es geht noch weiter so gar,antisemitismus vorwürfe stehen im raum,hier die kobolde die arbeit mit einer,bank gruppe der herren das sind kopf,diese kobolde sind da würde ich die,freundlichsten kreaturen wesen mit,hakennase zwielichtige geschäfte mit,geld kritiker sagen deshalb harry potter,bücher sollen in der schule verboten,werden weil sie negative jüdische serie,enthalten,ja so ein blödsinn also ich finde man,sollte sie verbieten weil die hexerei,enthalten was sich durch die ganzen,vorwürfe durch zieht rollins bücher sind,altmodisch und konservativ doch das,lässt sie nicht durchgehen sie finden,ihre figuren divers beispiel termine in,den filmen sie weiß und rothaarig vor,ein paar jahren ist dann ein harry,potter theaterstück mit einer anderen,hermine aufgeführt worden,die darstellerin ist schwarz und rollen,hat betont wie super sie das findet,laute bücher hat sie braune augen,krauses haar und ist sehr schlau von,weißer haut wenn hier die rede rowling,liebt die schwarze herren ihnen ist,allerdings nicht so sehr dass sie sie,von anfang an der schwarze geschrieben,hätte andere theorie von rowling selbst,aufgestellt der zauberer dumbledore ist,schwul und chemie muss neue big t und,das war noch nicht alles,zwischen dumbledore und der figur,grindelwald gibt es laut,ling eine sexuelle beziehung problemlos,in den büchern steht das nicht deswegen,glauben die kritiker die will das im,nachhinein geraden rücken,sie hatte nicht den mut es damals in der,geschichte zu schreiben obwohl das,vielen jungen leuten die welt bedeutet,hätte sie schreibt ihre eigenen fan,fiction,das ist ein bisschen wie wenn ein film,von der kritik zerrissen wird,und der regisseur dann sagt er das war,absicht dass der film scheiße war sie,sich habe ich das drehbuch selber,geschrieben,der vorwurf ist sie macht reverse white,washing also sie deutet ihre eigenen,figuren um damit kein ärger aufkommt und

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Top 10 Times JK Rowling Pissed Off The Fans

Top 10 Times JK Rowling Pissed Off The Fans

well that's not exactly,magical welcome to watch mojo uk and,today we'll be counting down our picks,for the top 10 times,jk rowling pissed off the fans,before we begin we publish new content,every day so be sure to subscribe to our,channel,and ring the bell to get notified about,our latest videos,for this list we'll be looking at the,instances where this famous author upset,the legions of,followers she has amassed over the years,number 10 wizard poop since the final,harry potter book was released,jk rowling has continued to provide fans,with tidbits of information,about the magical world she has created,some of the facts have been,interesting while others have been,baffling,i must be out of my mind on her website,pottermore she revealed that hogwarts,didn't,initially have bathrooms because wizards,would just,relieve themselves wherever they stood,and then use,magic to clean themselves up i think i'm,gonna be sick,me too the image of the noble hogwarts,founders peeing and,pooping their pants is one that we just,simply did not need,oh harry if you die down there,you're welcome to share my toilet,uh thanks matal number nine,pen name in 2013 a mysterious novel was,released called,the cuckoo's calling written by an,author named,robert galbraith shortly after,publication however,it was revealed that rowling was,actually behind the book and had written,it under a pen name,sales on amazon are reported to have,risen by a staggering 500,thousand percent the reason it turns out,that robert goldbreath is actually,jk rowling fans later thought the choice,of pseudonym was curious however,considering the fact that robert,galbraith heath was,actually an infamous real-life 20th,century psychiatrist,known for pioneering gay conversion,therapy,of course this could just be a total,coincidence,but considering rowling's conflicts with,the lgbtq plus community,it definitely raised some eyebrows jk,rowling today called robert galbraith a,liberating experience which she'd hoped,to keep secret a little longer,so exactly who outed her to journalists,remains a mystery number eight nagini's,casting,when the trailer dropped for fantastic,beasts crimes of grindelwald,many fans were excited but others got,caught up,on one particular detail revealed in the,short clips,nagini voldemort's pet snake was being,portrayed in human form by south korean,actress claudia kim,rowling has been criticized for a lack,of diversity in her novels,more on that later so the fact that a,woman of color was cast in this,subservient role of a slave-like,character,didn't go over well with critics but,look at her,so beautiful yes,so desirable but soon,she will be trapped forever in a very,different body,she attempted to defend the decision,citing indonesian mythology,being the inspiration for the character,which only drew more criticism,because of misplaced appropriation and,not,actually casting an indonesian actor,number seven questionable representation,while some have certainly praised,rowling for including racial diversity,in her harry potter books,more recently others have claimed that,simply having characters of color is not,enough,the character of cho chang has been,deemed,especially problematic beginning with,her stereotypical name,some have also claimed that the,portrayal of the gringotts goblins,draws parallels to the racist depictions,of jews,made by the nazis during the world war,ii period,hagrid what exactly are these things,they're goblins harry clever as they,come,goblins but not the most friendly of,beasts rowling has even been accused of,cultural appropriation,for her attempt to talk about the native,american origins,of north american magic she wrote unlike,their muggle,no-maj counterparts people in the,magical world always knew about,other continents and communities on the,american continent magical persons were,often praised as healers and hunters but,sometimes,feared in case they were possessed by,malevolent spirits,number six that letter in july 2020,harper's magazine published a letter,online titled,a letter on justice and open debates,which addressed questions of free speech,in modern discourse the signatories talk,about the loss of support,popularity or even employment that can,result from expressing opinions,perceived as racist sexist or,transphobic,but many who read it felt it was,actually more of a specific attempt,to address cancer culture the letter was,signed by a large number of prominent,artists and thinkers,from salman rushdie to noam chomsky to,margaret atwood,to of course jk rowling several people,who signed,have been attacked for comments that,have caused offense,that includes harry potter author j.k,rowling who was fiercely criticized this,month for comments about transgender,people,the letter was criticized as an attempt,by prominent figures,to throw their power around and claim,the right to be above rebuke,some of the signatories have since,renounced the message,but rowling has stood behind her,position as you say alex i got

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JK Rowling DESTROYS The Woke Mob | These Freaks Have NO POWER Over Harry Potter Author

JK Rowling DESTROYS The Woke Mob | These Freaks Have NO POWER Over Harry Potter Author

foreign,JK Rowling is the perfect reminder that,even if you agree with 99 of what the,woke leftist Echo chamber believes as,soon as you step one toe out of line,they will try to destroy you they'll try,to cancel you they'll try to ruin you,because you don't agree with one thing,that they think you should agree with,it's absolutely ridiculous and each and,every day whenever JK Rowling does,anything it seems like she's targeted by,these freaks well she has a response,that's entertaining A lot of people,today billionaire JK Rowling delivers,scathing reply to fan who asks how do,you sleep at night and before you even,get into what she put out on Twitter,they went absolutely viral I wanted to,point out somebody who's actually coming,to her defense somebody in the Harry,Potter Universe who's actually saying,nice things about JK Rowling and that is,Tom Felton the actor who played Draco,Malfoy shout out to my slytherins out,there Harry Potter star Tom Felton,supports JK Rowling as author gets,continued criticism from Tran and,activists and we've seen people like,Daniel Radcliffe people like Emma Watson,essentially disowned JK Rowling why all,because she says that women shouldn't be,ignored that maybe women should have,rights and we shouldn't just be catering,to this nonsense never has JK Rowling,said anything anti-trans in any way,shape or form she actually says she,supports and loves trans people she just,believes that there is a thing such as,biological sex that's it that's all she,said and that's what has these people,losing their minds Tom Felton,shared his support for author JK Rowling,is the Harry Potter writer continues to,receive criticism over her beliefs on,biological sex and gender what that they,exist that's crazy the actor opened up,about his admiration in a new interview,I can't speak for what other individuals,have said I'm constantly reminded that,the Potter verse certainly when we were,finishing the films there was an,expectation the Phantom would be,dwindling slowly over the years whereas,most fans that say hello to me shout,Potter or Draco at me weren't even born,with when the books were being made I'm,quick to remind myself and others that,Potter for some reason has brought more,people together across the world in more,Generations than anything else in the,past 20 years and I'm quick to celebrate,that it came from one person and that's,her so I'm very grateful and without,really digging into doing too much,research I'd have to imagine that's,probably true when you look at things we,would say like created in the last 30,years in terms of a phantom that was,born in the last 30 years it's hard to,argue with that when you look at the,success of the movies the books theme,parks at Universal that are completely,based on the Harry Potter world and the,Wizarding World of Harry Potter,absolutely I think I probably would,agree with that but let's get back to,what she said the other day that had,people absolutely laughing their ass off,at the woke mob the billionaire,best-selling author has become a,controversial figure in the Hollywood,Community due to her refusal to accept,the trans agenda that fellow leftist,celebrities readily Embrace that's,gotten her labeled as a Earth if you,don't know what that term means you've,probably heard it before,sorry Matt Walsh gonna pause here well,I'm going to try to stop the the ad for,what is a woman right here and if you,hadn't heard that term before again Turf,what it means is trans exclusionary,radical feminist so someone who's very,Progressive in terms of you know,fighting for women's rights or women's,equality or whatever you want to ,call it whatever you want whatever label,you want to kind of put on that but,don't include trans people as real women,that that's kind of the position that,people are putting on her the turf label,that's kind of what that means when you,hear that many Harry Potter fans feel,conflicted about continuing to support,the Beloved franchise due to Rolling,openly criticizing trans activists,despite the public outcry the novelist,is still doing just fine and take a look,at this Tweet someone says how do you,sleep at night knowing you've lost a,whole audience from buying your books,her response I read my most recent,royalty checks and find the pain goes,away pretty quickly now there's a couple,ways to look at this obviously she's,still doing really well she's still,writing books,um under a different name as well that's,not JK Rowling I don't remember what,that is but I'm sure that those are,doing very well those make the best,sellers list all of that stuff but the,reality is the reason that these royalty,checks are so big is because she hasn't,lost the audience the vast majority of,people completely and wholeheartedly,agree with JK Rowling at least when it,comes to that now I disagree with her,about pretty much everything politically,but the idea that she should be allowed,to say that women are women I don't have,a problem with that the idea t

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JK Rowling Is BANNED From The Harry Potter Reunion.. Here's Why!

JK Rowling Is BANNED From The Harry Potter Reunion.. Here's Why!

jk rowling the famed british author and,billionaire responsible for creating the,harry potter franchise came under fire,in the social media sphere back in june,of 2020 for comments that were deemed,insensitive toward members of the,transgender community so stay tuned and,don't go away because we're gonna talk,about why jk rowling is banned from the,harry potter reunion plus other harry,potter reunion news first up what do we,know about the harry potter reunions so,far let's find out actors daniel,radcliffe rupert grint and emma watson,the trio who brought the hugely,successful harry potter franchise to,life 20 years ago are set to reunite for,a 20th anniversary reunion special the,trio is teaming up with filmmaker chris,columbus and other cast members for the,very first time in an hbo max special,and harry potter fans around the world,are going totally crazy and can barely,contain their excitement the special,titled harry potter 20th anniversary,return to hogwarts is scheduled to,premiere on hbo max on new year's day,january 1st 2022. according to hbo max,the feature will tell an enchanting,making of story through all new in-depth,interviews and cast conversations all,eight of warner brothers original harry,potter films are currently streaming on,hbo max for you to enjoy and the special,will also air on warner media's tbs and,the cartoon network in spring of 2022.,fantastic beasts the secrets of,dumbledore but of course ironically if,you watch the harry potter reunion,special there's one face that'll be,noticeably absent and it's the face of,the one who started it all jk rowling,next up why is jk rowling now become,persona non grata you're about to find,out all the controversy started in june,of 2020 when the famed author read the,headline from an opinion piece published,by dvex a social media platform the,headline read creating a more equal,postcode 19 world for people who,menstruate it's clear that devex was,attempting to be sensitive to the fact,that not all people who consider,themselves women menstruate rowling,responded to the post by tweeting people,who menstruate i'm sure they used to be,a word for those people someone help me,out wumbin wim pund wummud rowling's,comments stirred up a hornet's nest on,social media and angered the lgbtq plus,community and the transgender community,in particular the backlash was as swift,as it was fierce members of the,aforementioned communities were quick to,call out rowling's comments as offensive,and dismissive but it didn't end there,rowling also became the subject of some,seriously hate-filled literal profanity,and she was even on the receiving end of,death threats and threats of violence,rowling however didn't cower or bow down,to the backlash and on the contrary,doubled down on her statement and,responded with a series of tweets,designed to explain away or defend her,initial remarks in a subsequent tweet,rowling fired back with i refuse to bow,down to a movement that i believe is,doing demonstrable harmon seeking to,erode women as a political and,biological class and offering cover to,predators like few before it up next was,rowling's explanation about her comment,satisfactory and enough to appease those,she had offended let's take a look,following the backlash from her,controversial comments rowling attempted,to offer up an explanation and revealed,that she had been a domestic abuse and,sexual assault survivor rowling said i'm,mentioning these things now not an,attempt to garner sympathy but out of,solidarity with the huge number of women,who have histories like mine who have,been slurred as bigots for having,concerns around single-sex spaces many,people fired back though and said that,rowling's history of abuse is irrelevant,to her remarks about transgendered,people and that she was simply trying to,save face by garnering sympathy and,playing the victim to be frank rowling's,attempts at explaining away her bigoted,and insensitive comments were incredibly,lame it's clear that she realized she,stepped in a pile of dog poop with her,comments and was doing everything she,could to get it off her shoe rowling,seems to be confusing two separate,issues sex and gender and it's truly,astonishing that someone such as herself,someone who's brilliantly creative and,obviously intelligent just doesn't get,it according to the canadian institute,of health research sex is based on,biological attributes such as physical,and physiological features including,chromosomes and reproductive organs,while gender refers to the socially,constructed roles behaviors expressions,and identities of girls women boys men,and gender diverse people stay tuned and,don't go away because we're going to be,discussing some of the comments and,reactions to rowling's comments from,people around the world and harry potter,cast members up next what did the,twittersphere have to say about,rowling's comments let's have a look,members of the trans community were,quick to educate rowling on the fact,that peop

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