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How Explosive Can Eagles Offense Be? | Jimmy Kempski joins Birds 365 | JAKIBover the last i don't kn

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Updated on Jan 29,2023

How Explosive Can Eagles Offense Be? | Jimmy Kempski joins Birds 365 | JAKIB

over the last i don't know 10 years or,so has been a pretty significant,weakness on this roster and now you,could argue it's a,strength with uh devante smith and aj,brown and if kwez watkins can continue,to improve then they might have,something there and of course dallas,goddard is arguably a top five receiver,so they might actually have something,there he put those guys with arguably,the best offensive line in the nfl and,this offense is set up i mean jalen,hurts has an opportunity to to really do,something with with this offense that's,that's supporting him so we'll see how,that goes but he's a major difference,maker if you have an opportunity to get,a guy like him go do it,along with john mcmillan i'm jody,mcdonald that makes us smack back bird,365 guys we've got another eagle expert,to fall in with us um he probably takes,his standard as uh the,most important thing he does i do the,fact that he's a member of the marlton,mafia and oh by the way it kind of,pushes me to the third most,knowledgeable football guy here in town,baldinger lives here kemsky lives here i,live here damn i'll just keep falling,down that list damon which lives here,too yeah domino lives,did girls basketball before i did girls,basketball how did i forget him i found,in his footsteps i'm all over the place,i'm gonna go randy brown too since he,coaches that's right he's the former,mayor of marlborough,he and randy should have stuck the,football no but we,we kid because we care jimmy kamsky good,to see you buddy how's your off season,going it's uh the draft is over so and,today of course is the schedule yeah,well once you get past today,it's kind of a big gap between you know,well we actually i guess we have otas,yeah we celebrate,what we're gonna do jimmy but but from,from now until,the end of july when training camp,begins this is i mean this is the,this is the best time of year for,i'm kidding of course uh but no that's,this this is when uh we sort of get our,our lull in the action and can actually,enjoy our lives for a little while yeah,breather um but only a little bit of a,breather so you mentioned you're not,gonna be around for otas are the eagles,gonna be around they're not really doing,anything they're going to be out there,but,is that uh,i i thought it was interesting,we go back a couple weeks it was one of,the draft press conferences i think was,zack zack berman who asked them about,the off-season work and,the scale back and,how he kind of,shuttled it off to to nick siriani and,and i was kind of shaking my head and,i'm i don't i i've yet to beat the,football coach i always say jimmy that,doesn't want to practice i don't think,nick is that guy,right um,you think it's a big deal the eagles,have this sort of scale back and and off,season work and really into training,camp in the shorter practices and all,that kind of stuff so what they're going,to highlight is,the fact that they had a very,lucky season last year in terms of,injuries i mean we've seen this team,just get wrecked by injuries in you know,over the last half decade plus um i mean,they've had seasons destroyed because of,major injuries along their offensive,line uh notably also in in their,secondary at cornerback uh safety as,well and uh last year i mean they had,some offensive line injuries but for the,most part they were they were very,healthy team at least relative to other,seasons and that was part of the um,reasoning for them scaling back you know,their their training camp practices and,playing like almost not playing their,starters at all uh in the preseason i,mean not just like in like the last two,games or anything jalen hurts was,entrenched,he was entrenched he didn't take a snap,in the preseason uh at all last year,right yeah so uh uh they placed a heavy,emphasis on trying to do whatever they,can to having all their players,available uh week one so,in that respect it worked they actually,won pretty convincingly week one last,year i mean they were the most penalized,team in the nfl uh early in the season,last year so maybe that's an argument,against uh sort of not uh you know kind,of going a little harder during uh,training camp in the preseason but yeah,it's it's an interesting debate to go,either way i agree with you certainly uh,no head coach is gonna be like yeah okay,let's just stay healthy let's just make,sure we're healthy for for week one and,not maybe practice as hard as we should,but i can i do see merit to both sides,of the argument speaking of the most,penalized team in the nfl leads me right,into my first question um derek barnett,mack for the philadelphia eagles,uh you are the king of the compensatory,drama follow yeah and understand and,explain it better than anybody else i,know,would the eagles have been better just,letting derek barnett walk out the door,would have put him in better,compensatory drift uh peck status would,it not have so if if he had,walked in free agency and signed with,another team and was uh and qualified,fo

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Jimmy Kempski talks Eagles Roster, Trip to Miami, Jalen Hurts Ceiling & more | JAKIB Sports

Jimmy Kempski talks Eagles Roster, Trip to Miami, Jalen Hurts Ceiling & more | JAKIB Sports

i was looking at the right like kind of,ranking the nfc quarterbacks i went,brady rogers stafford kind of a toss-up,prescott cousins kyler murray and then,hertz sound about right am i missing,anybody would you move them up would you,where would you have them,i wouldn't quibble too much with the,with with that i i have no use for kirk,cousins whatsoever personally,look let me let's run this past jimmy,kamsky jimmy does an unbelievable job,boy what a handsome head shot that is,too,like a model unbelievable that xander,found that thing that's from your,modeling days right jimmy that's pro,that's my author that's the picture on,my author page and actually it's on all,my articles too and that's actually when,i was probably about,25 pounds heavier than i am now,right right right okay,so it's skinny jimmy now we're talking,to i like it well that that was more,like fat jimmy right,right now i'm like normal jimmy a big,bone we prefer big bone,you can follow jimmy on twitter at jimmy,kempsky of course and his work at philly,voice uh does an amazing job jim but we,were just kind of just i want to get,your impressions of what you know you,saw this week but real quick,i was looking at the right like kind of,ranking the nfc quarterbacks i went,brady rogers stafford kind of a toss up,prescott cousins kyler murray and then,hertz sound about right am i missing,anybody would you move them up would you,where would you have them,i wouldn't quibble too much with the,with with that i i have no use for kirk,cousins whatsoever personally,he puts up good numbers but ultimately,and you just said really like he doesn't,win big games ever right and,is it uh sort of a function of the,players that are around him he's got,star,you know uh skilled players that have,been around them the last few years in,minnesota with dalvin cook and adam,thielen and justin jefferson and uh,stefan diggs before he was traded to,buffalo so,yeah i don't know that i take him over,hertz necessarily and i'm very skeptical,of kyler mary and what he actually is as,a quarterback uh i don't know that i,wouldn't take jalen hurts over him too i,think kylo murray is certainly more,talented than jalen hurts but i worry,about all the other stuff that's kind of,rumored to be happening behind the,scenes there and of course the the weird,claws that they had in the concrete,homework claws yeah that halter claws,there's been uh it's been sort of pretty,widely i don't know if i'd say reported,necessarily but widely sort of accepted,that he has like a video game addiction,uh so yeah i don't know about kyla,murray but uh i think to your point,the the afc certainly has,much better quarterbacks from top bottom,and much better teams from top to bottom,then certainly the nfc does agreed uh,what would you put what would you put,wince on that list would you put them,before or after uh,after hurts i put them after hurts i,would much rather have jalen hurts than,carson wentz from the intangibles you,know and yes and that's where i am also,you know with the intangibles and and,then also that goes with you know a lot,of the guys on this list like the,intangibles i i really think that hurts,can win you a game,uh,by his intangibles also you know i mean,that's that's where i am i i'm working,too i think is as a big yes mark and,hurts his favor too absolutely,absolutely absolutely all right jim i,want to get your impressions now you're,back right are you you came back from,miami i did i'm a slacker i got out of,there as soon as joint practices were,over i can't cover those in person but i,or excuse me i i can't watch practices,uh on my tv but i can certainly watch,the uh preseason game on tv and uh but i,think that's interesting,well no,jim i don't think that's a reflection of,you or philly voice or anything but it,there's a lot of outlets that have done,that and it shows you,how critical these practices are as,opposed to even the preseason games,frankly the the coaches feel that those,joint practices are more valuable than,the games because they're,and the reason why is because they're,controlled settings,where you're not going to have you're,not going to have as many situations,like you had in the jets game,where the guy just clocked hurts,two three steps out of bounds on a,head-to-head shot at that you're not,gonna have that kind of you know,behavior in joint practices that you,might in a game um so it's a more,controlled setting i think they feel,more comfortable playing in those kinds,of settings than they and that they'll,play their starters pretty much the,entirety of those practices uh you know,the twos and the twos will get some work,and then three's not as much but they'll,get some work but yeah that that's an,environment where they can feel very,comfortable making sure that their,starters get competitive reps against,another team without the fear without as,much fear of guys getting hurt in a game,okay well jimmy well did they have,enough,to go into this season did the starters,ge

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Jimmy Kempski Talks Eagles Expectations, Depth on Roster, Howie Roseman & more | JAKIB Sports

Jimmy Kempski Talks Eagles Expectations, Depth on Roster, Howie Roseman & more | JAKIB Sports

they're stacked on offense and it's all,there,for jalen hurts to to you know make make,us take a step forward in 2022 because i,think that the roster that howie has,surrounded him with uh is is,is i mean you really can't ask for more,from from a quarterback's perspective,than what they've done,oh gunner's doing the wave,he's not afraid to go old school,right now yeah hey rob i had to go check,on my chicken tenders i got in the,microwave,you and i checked on during the break,shoveling another one of these pretzel,sticks into my mouth because i have,nothing all right,i'm about to crack the seal on this bad,boy right yeah you yeah you get you get,paid a lot today derek a lot of people,go down there yeah i didn't go down,there i ate a bag of doritos doritos all,right i'm sure jimmy kempsky's thrilled,that we're laying out our array of food,that we're shoveling in our in our mouth,during our during any breaks in our show,but look look what a trooper he is,he he was down at the no he's down to,that overcare complex and he's so,dedicated to to sports take that he said,you know what i'm gonna hop in the car,it doesn't matter you can't stop me i,need to be a part of the show,jimmy thanks man we appreciate it,brother,yeah i mean the security person just,walked by i'm sitting in my car if an,over care complex security person just,walked by me and they're looking at my,car like,what are you doing in the car by,yourself they didn't say anything but,they're looking at me by the way what is,in a uh payday is that peanuts and uh,caramel gutter,you're right you are sir yep,okay,they're pretty good chocolate it's just,peanuts and caramel right yup they have,a new one coming out they do have a,chocolate payday coming out,payday and all right jim so a lot of,things to hit we haven't talked to you,since the draft but i want to let's,let's start with the present um today,i i found it i don't know if you knew,this but i found it fascinating and it's,kind of scary i'm glad he's okay but the,josh sweat stuff internally,and artery burst,prior to the playoff game and,you know he's fine now thank god but,that sounds pretty serious,yeah somebody asked him uh when he first,came up you know we even talked to you,since the playoff game and i had,forgotten about it so when they asked i,was like well i'm not doing a good job,i've completely forgotten that he had,that history but yeah he missed that,bucks playoff game if you recall um with,a serious issue that he had to go to the,hospital apparently he had he hadn't he,said i had internal he said i had a,little internal bleeding and then he,corrected himself because actually,there's a lot of internal pleading yeah,he had an art he had an artery open up,and um yeah he'd be rushed to the,hospital and he's fine they just grafted,it or whatever and uh he said he would,have probably played the following week,if uh the eagles had advanced past the, years but uh yeah he's he's good,to go now but yeah it was apparently a,pretty serious situation when he when he,missed that game last year,jim was it just random it just happened,or like nothing,spurred it or would it yeah he said he,was just sitting in his house he felt,light-headed he got up he's his stomach,didn't feel right he knew something was,wrong so um,i don't know what he did exactly to to,lead to him getting rushed to the,hospital but he it was he was just at,home and uh he he didn't feel right and,he he did something about it and it's i,guess he's lucky he did yeah,that is crazy man i mean,to go out and and,you know,almost i mean you could die from that,man people get you know aneurysms and,everything else from that you know but,um what have you what have you made of,the difference uh in the game,no i've actually forgotten he made the,pro bowl last year too which i had,awesome he got in he got in as like an,alternate somebody asked him about that,and i was like oh yeah that's right i,guess he did pick the pro bowl i don't,know if i would have made a difference,because the eagles couldn't do anything,on offense against the buccaneers in,that game the obvious the buccaneers,just didn't respect,the eagles passing game in any way and,they couldn't get anything that gave us,what like was that game 31 nothing at,one point it was it was destruction,yeah yeah so i don't know that josh,would have me i like joshua as a player,i don't know what kind of difference you,would have made in that,now game,you know as they go forward you're,looking at um looking at the eagles,defense now looking at their offense now,how far do you think they are away from,um just winning the the nfc east you,believe that major competitor had they,leave for dallas right now i think their,offense is better than dallas offense,and i think their defense is better than,dallas's defense so i think overall i,think they have a better roster,than dallas now we got to see it on the,field they've obviously struggled,against this team um,since they won the super bowl i think,they're abo

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Jimmy Kempski talks Eagles Injuries Adding Up, Malcolm Jenkins to Replace Ceedy Duce & 10-1 Eagles

Jimmy Kempski talks Eagles Injuries Adding Up, Malcolm Jenkins to Replace Ceedy Duce & 10-1 Eagles

oh boy all right joining us right now is,home on Twitter at Jimmy kempske he's,the Eagles writer for the Philly voice,he's been journalizing since 2013 the,one and only Jimmy katzky what's,happening Jim what's up,Jim but Jim we're doing good man,um we got to get a better picture a,better picture you got that pic of what,I was like uh like 2 30 up there yeah,there's a lot of love Jim there's more,to love that dude it looks like a ghost,on that picture man yeah I do yes uh,we're gonna get ripped up Jimmy cabski,like you are in real life the next time,next time around yeah that's right,um so we we got word today and I don't,think anybody's surprised you we just,didn't know exactly what the extent of,this thing looked like with with CJ,Gardner Johnson with the injury and you,know lacerated kidney possible you know,rib issue Jim you're understanding,they're not gonna go IR here uh which I,guess is a positive,I did not know that I I hadn't seen that,um but yeah I mean that if they don't go,IR then obviously that's that's a big,positive because it means they think he,can come back within the next four weeks,if you go online let me be clear Jim,there's no official word for me okay,what's been out there that's okay yeah,so if he doesn't go on IR then he's you,know he he uh they think that he'll be,back within the next four weeks if you,go on IR you have to sit out four games,which for the Eagles would be what the,Titans,Giants,Bears Cowboys I believe yeah that's an,important stretch you know like you know,they beat him for those games and uh or,as many of those of those games that he,can play so yeah if he doesn't go on I,already and that's a that's a great sign,for the Eagles nice uh well let's you,know you're already down Maddox and I,know um you know the kind of the pecking,order here Jordan Davis can come off the,IR this week Maddox is next week in,goddard's the following so Maddox isn't,that far away Assuming he's ready to go,you know when that time comes but,they're pretty short-handed right now,and I know you you put out uh just not,all that long ago maybe some options,here I'll throw the name out there that,everybody's talking about would you,would you revisit Malcolm Jenkins,so I think he's more of he's closer to a,linebacker than he is a safety at this,point in his career but you know what,the this next stretch of games Tennessee,Giants Bears those next three games I,think I think all three of those teams,are in the top five in terms of run pass,ratio B run heavy teams,adding Malcolm Jenkins against those,teams Assuming he's still in football,playing shape I mean we just saw,Linville Joseph and and Dominican Sue,come you know come in and play,immediately after being added to the,team like three or four days prior it's,not so crazy in my opinion that you know,Malcolm could get himself ready in time,to play in some of those games against,very run heavy offenses I don't think,really that's that crazy,um so yeah I mean it would make some,sense for for Howie to lob in a call and,you know see what's up yeah Jimmy um I,agree with everything you're saying but,what you're getting with Malcolm is,number one a phenomenal Talent a very,smart individual but there's that other,side of Malcolm because of his platforms,that makes people a little bit,uncomfortable,and you have a certain culture in that,locker room and I don't know if the,Eagles want to have that kind of,distraction because you know Malcolm is,going to speak his mind on a lot of,platforms and rightfully slow they don't,pertain to football and I believe the,organization wants everybody focused on,football you have think about it you,don't have a real outspoken person like,a Malcolm Jenkins in that locker room,and I think that's by Design the way,they constructed this roster,and you know we've stood in front of,Malcolm's and he has brought brought to,light some very very uh serious timely,topics about things going on in American,society and you know and it makes it,makes people feel some people feel just,a little bit uncomfortable and for as,talented as he is I don't know if the,Eagles are willing to go through that,again,yeah it's a good point like I think uh,making people uncomfortable with you,know you know the things that he has,said over the years is a good thing uh,but they're ten and one and maybe they,don't want that that you know maybe they,don't want anything that could possibly,disrupt that uh for I think that's a I,think that's a fair point,um so yeah I hadn't really considered,that angle but uh but yeah certainly I I,think that does you know his his you,know uh uh you know initiatives outside,of football great as they are I wonder I,wonder you know if they would factor,that in that is I I should have agreed,that's that that's a worthwhile point to,discuss,that's just what that's what uh the gun,does Jimmy you know he wants to bring in,trouble,um,I got trouble I like to present both,sides of the equation sure but yeah let,me ask you this though Ji

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Jimmy Kempski's NFC East Dumpster Fire Series | Eagles & Cowboys Cream of the Crop? | JAKIB Sports

Jimmy Kempski's NFC East Dumpster Fire Series | Eagles & Cowboys Cream of the Crop? | JAKIB Sports

who would be your favorite right now at,least on paper to win the division so i,think the eagles have a better,uh,you know surround i think that the,roster minus quarterback,i think the eagles are better than,dallas,substantially i also do think that jack,prescott is the best quarterback in the,division by a fairly wide margin and,um it's not you know you can't really,understand that,power number three welcome back again,everybody dirk gunn bear bro to rob,ellis we are sports take jacob sports,youtube network every day 12 p to 3 p,eastern all right joining us now,i i keep i i need to be jimmy's agent,i promote these dumpster fire pieces,because i freaking love them but uh,jimmy kemsky from uh philly voice eagles,writer you can follow him on twitter,jimmy kempsky,jim welcome to the show man and i think,what today we're up to the the commies,the commies are today and the and the,giants were yesterday correct right and,the cowboys were uh,cowboys always bat lead off because they,they attract the most attention so uh,that's a given yes and then the eagles,will be tomorrow morning oh you're gonna,do the eagles for sure yeah i do the,eagles every year in fact i try to go,harder on them than the other three,okay,you know you got to keep up your uh,you know your balances that's right,let me let me start with this how much,pushback because we think,you know it used to be,you know if you if you wrote back in the,new real newspaper days you if you wrote,philadelphia it didn't really you know,get around the world in the country like,it used to now everything's you know,national and global and all that how,much pushback do you get from the,opposing fan base when you write one of,these do the cowboys fans lose their,minds i've been doing them for almost 10,years i think now um,originally they got a lot of pushback,when they started getting popular when,the people they started getting a little,bit more widely read i'd get a ton of,pushback in fact at the end of the,series every year i publish,the funniest uh emails that i get from,the series uh in its own article and,those are usually pretty entertaining,but they've been fewer and far between,the last i'd say two three years or,whatever but also this year with the,giants and uh washington in particular,i like i had people just saying yeah,that's pretty much right like,they're fans yeah they're basically just,i agree with everything you said well,yeah so uh those were those were a,little easier,watching was a little difficult but um,the cowboys one wasn't as hard to write,as i come up with 10 you know like legit,things to you know kind of knock them,forward it was easier than i than i,thought it was going to be for them but,to answer your question yeah i don't get,as much of it as i did you know four,five six years ago or whatever but i,still do get plenty of people that don't,like them i got you that's awesome well,all right let's let's start with the,cowboys then just because why not they,are the thing,give us some reasons you know dumpster,fire you know might be a bit of a,stretch but give us some reasons why,they could be down this year uh than,they were the last couple yeah so uh,they got worse this offseason i mean,they had a rough offseason in terms of,the players they lost they trade i mean,they had to dump amer amari cooper's um,they'd done because of his money they're,actually kind of lucky that they found a,trade partner in the browns but you know,for the quality of player that he that,he is and he's the most productive,receiver that they've had since they,traded for him three and a half years,ago um you know they got a fifth round,pick and return for him so they traded,him for essentially 50 cents on the,dollar and now you have left at wide,receiver cd lamb and you have michael,gallup who is coming off an acl terry,probably won't even be ready for the,start of the season and whenever he is,ready probably won't be 100 so um you,looked at last year like going into the,season you look at their wide receiving,core and you go,i don't know how we're going to cover,those three guys lamb gallop and cooper,now they're not anywhere near scary,their offensive line,isn't as good anymore in my opinion,tyrone smith is basically late stage,jason peters at this point where he,missed i think six games last year he,missed 14 games the year before that and,then he missed three games in each of,the four seasons before that so he's,missed 32 games over the last six,seasons and uh you know his his clear,his career is clearly in decline uh zack,martin's still a really really good,player but he's getting up there in h,they lost lyal collins uh they lost,their left guard connor williams they,drafted a guy in the first round at a,tulsa who,is really,talented,raw,but talented and he had a penalty,machine too right 14 penalties i think,it was either 14 or 16 penalties at,tulsa like in the aac and now you know,he's going to be in the nfc east where,he's facing guys like jonathan allen,and

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Jimmy Kempski details Chip Kelly coming face to face with Philly Media

Jimmy Kempski details Chip Kelly coming face to face with Philly Media

let's start I guess with the most recent,news which is the Rueben Randle signing,you know kind of given the eagle some,insurance at wide receiver now here's a,guy that if you just look at the numbers,you would say our this pretty productive,guy a touchdowns second-round pick but,he's a free inconsistent he'll fit right,in on this team because he's got the,dropsies just like everybody else on,this team but did you like was this kind,of a shrewd move by howie yesterday you,didn't get him for a lot so uh oh they,have to pay a lot to get him rather so,sure I mean you look at the receiving,corps and and it's jordan matthews and,it's not an idle are and it's josh huff,and then they just find the me guy and,given to roid and done much in his,career so far and no now you had a guy,in Randall who lady said i only have you,know decent numbers but members,generally you know I've have improved,from his rookie year until now and you,didn't got it coming off his first,contract in the NFL so he's still young,he can still maybe do something with,them you mentioned the drops the bigger,concern for me is his ability to,potentially torpedo a game and by that I,mean what he did in New York a lot of,times he do the run wrong routes or he's,run lazy routes and that's when you see,sort of those you know like the hahaha,interception from like on Twitter you I,man we're like it looks like you I'm,Anna just throw it directly to the other,team but what time is because,recruitment Randall's running strong,route so it is timing based off fence,like they had their wide receiver,running the long route and the,quarterback unleashing the football,expecting refer to do one thing he does,the other and it ends up you know going,the other way so yeah he had some issues,with that in New York and really,frustrated both Eli and number of our,coaches so that's the bigger concern for,me they're gonna post them up and you,know depending on what kind of awesome,people's money that's not as big an,issue in silly as it was in New York but,up as far as defining itself so it's you,know it's a talented players the former,second-round pick he does have some,upside so I think it's a nice move,especially when you when you look at,when they got them you know two weeks in,the free agency,so Jimmy you've got Randall you've also,got chris givens being mentioned tell me,what that means for Josh off ah yes of,course I mean really Josh Huff obviously,he was a guy that Chip Kelly really,likes they draft up in the third round,you know obviously they had that,familiarity together at Oregon's so you,know before they even brought these,waters here as a board you know it's,kind of a kind of wondered what they,would put the new regime would think of,him I really have no idea whether,whether they have big plans for him or,not but in terms of you know them adding,to reviewers I don't think it's really,an indication of you know they don't,think that they think one way or the,other of josh huff because like it,before they made those two signings of,Gibbons and Randall all he had was,Matthew to AG alarm hop oh I think they,hadn't it absolutely zero deaths so,they're going up design told me at some,point during creation key so I don't,really think it's a good indicator of,what they think of pop but uh you know,they did have to kind of fill out that,roster again I really have no idea what,they think of them yeah it sounded like,a small law firm right Matthews a go or,an Huff's oh ah yeah what are they a,lousy hand but not not a good law firm,at that what so then do they still look,at wide receiver in the draft our what,do you think of their draft plans and,wide receiver how does that mix sure I,mean they have nine picks I don't think,they'll go into the dress a and we,absolutely have to get a wide receiver,like they will with the offensive line,where they often find absolutely have to,draft offensive line help I don't think,you have to quote unquote get a wide,receiver but no with nine Tex I,certainly think there's a good camp but,they will add one Jimmy kempski and the,owners meetings it seems like the,highlight of this owners meeting was a,chip kelly spoke and kind of addressed,somewhat his time in Philadelphia Jimmy,did you learn anything from chip who,seems like he doesn't give you much yeah,well he spoke for an hour and I think,they were like I think they're like,eight of us takes Billy reporters when,when he first started speaking and there,were two San Francisco reporters so,pretty much dominated a conversation you,know it is dominated by silly and a,former Philly talk and really the one,big takeaway was just a complete front,office dysfunction that that the Eagles,had last season means chip said that he,didn't talk to Holly at all he said that,at Nana was kind of served as a buffer,between the two wild kind of denied that,it was you know for personal reasons he,said that's a towel was structured I,don't know how much ship was being,completely truthful about everything,th

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Jimmy Kempski Of PhillyVoice Says The New York Giants "DUMPSTER FIRE" in 2022. Why It Makes Me MAD!

Jimmy Kempski Of PhillyVoice Says The New York Giants "DUMPSTER FIRE" in 2022. Why It Makes Me MAD!

what's up everybody it is your boy ben,dog here with another new york giants,video thank you for watching i really do,appreciate it hit that like button helps,out the video,more than you know new york giants,training camp starts here at the end of,july we're getting close,to football make sure you hit that,subscribe unsubscribe to this channel,join me for the 2022 new york giant,season you want to see some real raw,emotion passion and rants well this is,your channel,for that i don't really know if you want,to call this a rant,um but i do want to comment on an,article i read from a guy by the name of,what is his name,jimmy kempsky,from philly voice staff and i don't know,who the hell philly voices now know,who jimmy kempsky is but he's an eagles,fan obviously this comes from the,philadelphia eagles fan base or whatever,the hell you want to call these people,vloggers i i don't know if not vloggers,i guess this would be a blogger because,it's not a video,but i want to go over a lot of the stuff,that he talks about the new york giants,eagle fans eagles they always want to,talk about the giants cowboys fans want,to talk about the giant everybody wants,to talk about the giants all the time,giants been a terrible organization for,five years people still love to talk,about the new york giants,anyway let's go over some of the things,that he talked about in this massive,article this was like a dissertation for,getting a doctor but let's go over some,of these things real quick uh going back,to last year he says the giants are a,laughingstock and their owner doesn't,know what he's doing,well you know then he goes on to say,if you think i'm not going to make fun,of the 2021 giants because they hired a,new head coach and general manager,sorely mistaken,so he just loves making fun of the,giants this is this like i said this,must be ran out of things to talk about,the eagles,ran out of trade rumors and everything,else to talk about with the eagles so,just decided to talk about the giants,week one joe judge sets the tone,for what was to come in the 2021 season,when he challenged a non-challengeable,play,i can't argue with that,right i mean i i went off on joe judge,for that because that's the truth,it's completely not a trash i don't know,what the hell joe judge was doing there,and week two in the prime time game,thursday washington missed the field,goal the end of regulation giving the,giants win but oops dexter lawrence,jumped off sides,you ever remember that one too don't we,giants fans yeah that was,absolutely atrocious,what the hell were they doing,20 21 giants road train wreckers known,at about a week three,after the falcons kicked the,game-winning field goal there was a loud,bang in the hallway the press box,apparently john merrick kicked over a,couple of trash cans which he did,that's the most emotion he's shown in,years,right let's go uh even farther down here,where are we week 14.,uh prior to home game cowboys and the,giants were four nine at the time,announced fans would be treated a friend,of pre fan appreciates day and how are,they treated yeah we all know about the,medium sodas,the medium sodas,for the new york giants,um,yeah except when fans try to get their,medium so they were told that only the,name of the season ticket holder okay so,if a season ticket holder if a name was,on and he had four names on it he got,one coke for four people i hope they,gave him extra straws,uh week 17 there was a loss to the bears,which the giants had minus 10 yards pass,again joe judge came out with ain't some,clown show organization which we all,know he got from me thank you joe thank,you for giving me that shine i,appreciate you and then in week 18 it is,coupe de grasse against washington we,ran back-to-back quarterback sneaks now,pretty much everything that this mike,kemp was his name mike kempsky i'm sorry,i uh you know i'm old i forget but jimmy,kempsky my bad jimmy everything jimmy,says here about 2021 season is true,it was a pretty much a,just an absolute joke,um,but i'm gonna tell you so he's gonna go,on to 2022,and talk about why uh,he also had a little joke here well he,has philadelphia the eagles have a,philly special like they have the play,written up on a tv on a shirt,and uh he said he has an idea,for the giants it says room for the punt,because that's what joe judge said after,running back-to-back sneaks room for the,punt,hard to hard to argue,you know what makes me mad about,this stuff,it's true,it pisses me off that this is true,all that's true,and that pisses me off,so let's go into 2021 and why he says,the giants are going to be,a laughing stock in 2021.,um,i don't know where number one is on here,number two,he says,brian dabel the best coaching candidate,for the job,devos created i would have been credited,with help develop josh allen for uber,talent and elite quarterback prospect,then he shows the bills,uh offense under table 31st 2018 21st,2019 fifth in 2020 and 10th in,2021 as you can see there's tangible

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Jimmy Kempski's Final Eagles Mock Draft, Biggest Needs on Team, Projections & more | Sports Take

Jimmy Kempski's Final Eagles Mock Draft, Biggest Needs on Team, Projections & more | Sports Take

uh the eagles have not shied away from,taking chances on injured players,particularly in the in the second round,it worked out with landon dickerson last,year or so we think so far uh did not,work out with uh sidney jones when they,took that risk you know half decade ago,or whatever it was,yeah welcome back in everybody,rob ellis derek gunn barrack brooks and,we are sports take jacob media youtube,network,joining us now he's an awesome follow on,twitter at jimmy kempsky you can check,out his work philly voice,,there he is what's happening jim what's,going on guys how are you getting the,band back together huh yeah man,where's jillian and uh sarah,remember back in the day when you were,kid there would be a very special,episode of certain tv shows,there's going to be a very special,episode of sports take at some point,we're going to make it happen do i get,to take that show off yeah you're gone,you're right i'm up good yeah enjoy your,day off can you imagine that man that,would be great man you know what i'm,saying jillian jillian was just you know,she's back now going to school and i,think we should do the abc's abc yeah,yeah yeah then you know um,rachel you know she's you know having,her she's had a kid yeah,sarah had a baby and and married and,doesn't even mess with hockey anymore,you know we told a flip of three we gave,her good training for babysitting right,that's for sure right she's doing,amazing though she's doing amazing by,the way pro tip uh when during a,commercial break it's not a good idea to,inhale a peanut butter sandwich like i,just did let's just say,my bed right there sitting right here in,my chest just an fyi just trying to help,people that's all that's what we're here,for all right enough nonsense jimmy good,to see you man first of all i love your,work now i i said it earlier i think,today was the final mock draft that,you're presenting and i think it was,number,4267,my office am i off by one or two,yeah uh,i don't put out as many as some people,out there i think it was like five or,six or something like that yes but who's,counting i mean yeah,but i i found it interesting you had a,couple things a couple little nuggets in,there that i that i thought were really,really interesting one of them being,what the eagles are going to do in the,fifth round in your estimation which,we'll get to we'll get to that but a,couple names that you threw out there,jordan davis at 15 and treylon burke's,uh trailing burks at at number 18. let's,start with davis just what he brings to,the table for maybe people who aren't,familiar with it sure he's six six he's,341 pounds and he runs a 478. so there,aren't like people on the planet that,are capable of doing that other than him,like he's it he's he's the quote-unquote,unicorn of this draft the way that they,talked about kyle pitts,last year who went 4th overall to,atlanta it's just you know a lot of,people aren't really super thrilled,about the idea of taking what they,perceive to be just a run stuffing,defensive tackle uh that high in the,first round but i think when you have a,human being that can just do things that,nobody else can do you don't know,you just kind of take that guy um so i,think there's a decent enough chance,that they could move up uh from 15 to a,spot you know where they could get,either one of those two premium,cornerbacks uh in uh derek stingley or,uh sauce gardener uh maybe an edge,rusher if like a cave on thibodeau falls,a little further than anticipated or,jermaine johnson uh,those two needs are you know,those those four players i think sort of,marry up with um you know where they're,slated to be picked and they're,obviously two huge needs for the eagles,cornerback and defensive end so if they,do move up i would i would assume would,be one of one of for you know for one of,those four players but if they do just,sit there at 15 then i think that uh,jordan davis makes a lot of sense uh or,any one of the five receivers that uh,you know sort of people have going in,the top 20 picks so you really insist on,um receivers being one of the picks on,you know you,you wouldn't be wrong in in thinking,that's that's definitely a need but you,know i just really love the defensive,side of the ball in this draft i think,you can get some great value in the,second half but you're right man you're,right i mean it's only been what was,detroit was the last the last team to,draft three first-round receivers,and matt millen yeah,and but if you can get that unicorn like,they got,you know in drafting you know megatron,then yeah i say yes okay but,i don't know man you know,it's just tough man with with what their,needs are on the defensive side of the,ball and what the you know defensive,coordinator doesn't i don't feel as,though it was aggressive enough,you know i don't know if they do it man,i'll put it like this there are i mean,there's five receivers that i think are,worthy of going,like uh,garrett wilson,chris olave from utah from excuse me,fr

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