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Sh*tlibs DESPERATE To Downplay Twitter Files As “Nothingburger”they can't take it the the Twitter fi

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Sh*tlibs DESPERATE To Downplay Twitter Files As “Nothingburger”

they can't take it the the Twitter files,the Libs on Twitter cannot take it,the establishment Democrats cannot take,it and so they're doing two things,they're trying to pretend it's not a big,deal that we found out that Twitter's in,bed with the intelligence Community the,government political parties to censor,people,and break their own rules and then lie,about it they're trying to pretend that,that's not a big deal,and they're also trying to uh well here,he says conservatives the reach of our,tweets is being limited by a pro by a,progressive Twitter Workforce Democrats,say that's an insane conspiracy theory,Barry Weiss here are the documents,proving this Democrats everyone knew,this already it's a duh altogether now,it's a nothing Burger so that's what,they're saying that's the new thing we,already knew this we knew that that's,how that we knew that they were um,moderating content we want them to oh,that's what it was mod it don't seem,moderate with how they moderated it do,they,uh,uh death of expertise moment yes it is,Tom Nichols so here's how they say it,Barry Weiss is literally in the middle,of a breathless Twitter files thread,describing Twitter implementing the,exact policy that Elon Musk said he was,going to Institute three weeks ago,wait did you see what that guy just said,before and it's not on this one uh,what's the name Tom Nichols looked at,new Twitter policy is freedom of,speech but not freedom of reach that's,the only thing dumber than nothing,Burger but he says the death of,expertise oh yeah you see that where,where is this big reveal where are you,reading okay yeah that is a classic,death of expertise moment people who,didn't know about something until now,assume not knowing about it means that,it was a huge secret that's the literal,definition of a huge secret it was,oh a bunch of people didn't know about,it and you think that's a huge secret,what do you think a secret is,what an idiot what he's acting like uh,because I don't know how nuclear fusion,works that it's a secret no no that's,not a secret oh is that what he's trying,that's what he's trying to say because,you didn't know about it no people and,he's saying that just because you didn't,know about it didn't mean you couldn't,find out about it yes that we couldn't,find out about it Tom that's why we have,to do Twitter files nobody knew about,this Tom yeah I'd like more of these,death of expertise moments I'd like to,piss on its grave,and that's another one so they're so,that's that's the thing they're trying,to pretend like no it's a here's so this,is my favorite this is someone named,Ashley Feinberg she said so when Barry,Weiss tweeted this out,it's she says a new Twitter files,investigation reveals that teams of,Twitter employees built Blacklist,prevented disfavored tweets from,trending and actively limit the,visibility of entire accounts or even,trending topics all in secret without,informing users,she says this has literally been on,Twitter's help page since 2018. she's,pretending that this explains this and,I'll read this to you,she says this is the this is the Twitter,uh on Twitter's website about their,policy abusive and spammy behavior when,abuse or manipulation of our service is,reported and detected we may take action,to limit the reach of a person's tweets,she's pretending this is this is,not those are not so they're pretending,we already we said we may take action,that might be burning down a house or,whatever we said we may that's just so,they're but but the people that they,banned weren't doing abusive or spammy,behavior like Dr bharachara which we,showed you the guy from Stanford the guy,leading in his field who just wanted to,tell people that covet lockdowns were,going to hurt arm children they banned,him well Jimmy uh online abuse and,spammy experts disagree with you yeah,many experts say that it is abusive so,this is oblige so this is someone named,Ashley Feinberg and she's just lying,right because she's a partisan hack and,she has the doesn't have the ability to,tell the truth unless it lie lines up,with her partisan view this is what's,called gaslighting and lying this isn't,true this is all new information to us,for them to show us how they were Shadow,Banning people,and depressing their results they would,black shadow and there was several,different ways to do it we didn't know,any of this oh I didn't know any of this,I just want to say I want are we all,those Scientology and apology because,they have very moderate responses to,things compared compared to these bags,and more reasonable views,here's what David sack says new,narrative they weren't Shadow batting,political opponents they were just,enforcing the spam policy,that's what they're really trying to say,that's what Ashley Feinberg is really,trying to make you believe,would you ever believe anything Ashley,Feinberg ever tells you again in your, life oh I don't do my research,so I wouldn't know about it,uh this person says hey could you please,point out how

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Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” w/ Matt Taibbi

Why Corporate Media HATES The “Twitter Files” w/ Matt Taibbi

hey everybody it's Jimmy dors show and,I'm here uh with Matt taibi independent,journalist,who writes at and is,author of several books and is the lead,reporter on the Twitter file so Matt as,we wrap up today uh I'm just curious how,this process has been for you how the uh,reporting process goes how do you access,the information that you end up,reporting,well that's actually a complicated,question it's difficult to answer the,the process has changed multiple times,over the course of the month that we've,been doing this uh obviously as you're,probably aware there was a hiccup in the,beginning where we found out that Jim,Baker was reviewing the the material,that we were getting and explain who Jim,Baker is he's the former general counsel,of the FBI and one of the major sources,of the Russia get stuff he ended up,being the uh General Deputy general,counsel of Twitter uh he got fired um in,the middle of this,um Twitter files uh episode,um but it's you know basically we we've,been doing targeted searches,um that have been kind of delivered to,us via company lawyers,um I haven't gotten the sense that,there's been any serious vetting but you,know we've been trying to add,disclaimers to leave open that,possibility,um we have more material than you could,possibly go through in a lifetime at,this point so,um it's been interesting you know for me,personally it's been educational because,I I I think the moderation and,censorship issue was a lot more advanced,than maybe I thought it was,um and and more sophisticated in terms,of how formal it it is so that that's,the main takeaway that I'm that I'm,coming away with so far and what do you,make of the uh hostile response to you,from,your colleagues in establishment media,uh The Washington Post first described,you as a conservative journalist,although they quickly edited that out,but didn't didn't announce a correction,it was a Stealth at it the New York,Times said that your role in this is,controversial uh among most journalists,because you dared question,the theory that Donald Trump colluded,with Russia and there's been a lot of,people who work in media who call,themselves journalists trying to say,that this is all a big nothing Burger,something to see here how do you respond,to all that,well look I I expected that there there,would be a kind of a non-response to,this story initially and,or that there would be outright,hostility and maybe didn't expect it to,be quite so personal but I I understood,why they did it but overall I think this,is going to bleed through this is the,story reached a lot of people though it,certainly had significant spread on the,internet and it's talked about a lot,um and it's it's not a surprising story,I think people when they look at the,particulars of it they'll realize that,this is it fits in with the same history,as you know the the cia's Family Jewels,domestic surveillance program in the 70s,some of the stuff that happened after 9,11. this is just another way that the,government figured out,um you know an angle to have an,influence on the population not only on,surveillance but also in this case,um uh in getting their fingers on what,people couldn't could not say it's a,significant story I think eventually,it'll be recognized but it might take a,little while because the media right now,is in a very bizarre state,and I know there's a lot of material and,a lot of material you probably even had,access to yet but from what you've seen,so far have you seen any evidence of for,example the censorship of,pro-palestinian accounts which is you,know a big issue on the left and we've,seen it happen just Palestinian accounts,getting shut down uh by social media,Giants including Twitter have have you,come across that yet,so I haven't and you know I've written,about that subject many times and and,um I and I know it happens I I looked,um I didn't look there I looked for,assange's page I looked for a number of,other kind of leftist movements but the,problem is it the way you do these,searches,um,what you're really doing is identifying,names of people who are in certain,departments and then hoping that a batch,of emails belonging to them might,contain uh that subject and you know I,have to be honest like just to take an,example for the for the trust and safety,officers Iran searches for both RNC and,DNC expecting that I would see requests,for moderation coming in from both sides,and it really wasn't that way like the,DNC the Democrats are super enthusiastic,about asking to take people down,Republicans mostly are suing Twitter,right,um and so there is a discrepancy you,have to ask yourself what does that mean,does it mean that there are more people,on the right who are who are doing,things that are offensive that might,lead to being taken off Twitter or does,it mean that Republican politicians just,don't think they have a chance of,getting action out of these companies,um but there's definitely a difference,in terms of uh what what kinds of

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PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Matt taibi independent journalist,who writes at and the,lead reporter on the Twitter files so,Matt let's go through this one uh you,write in the Twitter files uh thread you,write remember the 2017 internal,guidance in which Twitter decided to,remove any user identified by the US,intelligence Community as a state,sponsored entity committing cyber,operations by 2020 such identifications,came in bulk so talk to us about what's,Happening Here,so in 2017 and we may talk about that or,not but basically Twitter had a a huge,struggle dealing with the government,back then over the russiagate Scandal,and they eventually came to this,decision that I think was pretty,significant this internal guidance where,they said publicly we're going to say we,only remove content at our sole,discretion that's explicitly what they,say but internally the guidance is any,user identified by the U.S intelligence,committee as a foreign State actor,committing cyber operations will be,removed so there's they're essentially,saying that privately if the if the,intelligence Community fingers an,account and says we want to get rid of,that we're going to do it and that,basically committed them to this endless,cycle of moderation requests,all right so one of them is new a new,case of U.S intelligence officials,trying to censor reporting on anything,critical of the Biden family and their,dealings inside of Ukraine we know from,before this is the well-publicized case,where before the 2020 election the uh,social media giants like Twitter,censored reporting on the hunter Biden,laptop which contained information about,his business dealings on the fake,grounds that it could be Russian,disinformation right so you have a new,uh case here where you say the U.S,intelligence officials,um warn Twitter about publicity,surrounding a book by former Ukraine,prosecutor Victor shulkin who alleged,corruption by the U.S government,specifically by Joe Biden now shokin,as a reminder to people he was the,prosecutor who was investigating barisma,in Ukraine and who was barisma barisma,is the company that shortly after the,2014 U.S Baku which Joe Biden's,government was involved in in Ukraine,brisma hired Hunter Biden uh to their,board making something like eighty,thousand dollars a month and what,choking allege was that basically,barisma hired but uh Biden to help,shield barisma from his own offices,scrutiny and he wrote a book about it,and here is Twitter getting a warning,about that book about how it really,could be some sort of Russian,intelligence operation so let's read,from some of what Twitter was told this,is a U.S intelligence assessment that,was shared with Twitter we assessed with,high confidence that in the summer of,2020 members of a Russian influence,organization which is at least partially,directed by Russian intelligence we're,aware of a production plan associated,with an upcoming book authored by former,Ukrainian prosecutor General Victor,shoken so this is very this is tough to,follow aware so some influence,organization which they don't Define,which is partially connected to Russian,intelligence they're aware of a book,that's about to come out wow big,bombshell but apparently that's the,that's on in their eyes grounds for,censorship so let's go on with this,um we have information that indicates,that the book is intended to reveal,corruption allegedly perpetrated by the,U.S and Ukraine and that the intended,audience includes political institutions,in the U.S Europe and Ukraine versions,of the book could be released in Russian,Ukrainian and English this fall so wow a,book is going to come out and it might,reveal corruption by U.S figures namely,Joe Biden and his family in Ukraine,yeah and and,that's your guidance right so to be,perfectly fair about this like I I was,not able to determine which government,agency this came from I I could tell,that it came through the FBI,um but there were a lot of these,documents that are sort of marked oga or,weren't marked at all and simply came,through uh you know the belly button,through either through teleporter or,through signal to Twitter this was,actually retrieved from the laptop of,one of the senior Executives who left,um but,unquestionably there were so many,um of these reports where they would say,something extremely vague like we have,indications that this is connected to,the in to the you know the IRA the,internet research agency and then they,would send a list of accounts and you,were just supposed to to say well they,assessed it so we might it must be true,um and I guess in this case they didn't,even send a list but it was for their,information like if you if you want to,take action against any tweets that,might have to do with shokun's book,um you know we're sort of encouraging,you to do so which I I think is pretty,Insidious yes and and they do,acknowledge that they actually have no,evidence so this is t

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Twitter “Shadow Banning” Is REAL! – Twitter Files Vol. 2

Twitter “Shadow Banning” Is REAL! – Twitter Files Vol. 2

the Twitter files dropped the second one,I want to remind everybody that this is,just proof and confirmation that the,Democratic party was using their,influence to censor on social media,because here's that Marky Democratic,senator and here's what he says the,problem with censorship is on social,media,the issue is not the companies before us,today are taking too many posts down,the issue is that they're leaving,dangerous posts up okay so that's a very,powerful senator,one of the most powerful uh 50 people in,the world,yeah,um making a passionate Mr Gorbachev,build up this wall,so Barry Weiss was given these set of,leaks so I just want to go through them,really quick and I want to highlight the,stuff that I think is really important,a new Twitter files investigation,reveals that teams of Twitter employees,build blacklists,prevent dis favored tweets from trending,and actively limit the visibility of,entire accounts or even trending topics,all in secret without informing users so,this is about Shadow Banning and then,all this other stuff that goes along,with it and so now I've told you that,whenever I have a popular tweet I'll,notice that likes get taken away from it,so like I have a tweet whenever I'm,trending now I would like to retweet a,video that I put out explaining that I,don't criticize Democrats because I side,with Republicans I criticize Democrats,because they do and so I've noticed that,people,uh not only will my retweet be taken it,won't show up but other people have said,have like this now three times this post,they keep taking my likes away I've seen,a like disappear from my post not of,mine but of someone else of Michael,Tracy's right in front of my eyes I Saw,The Light disappear so there's some,algorithm that that limits your life so,you got one too they all got them that,YouTube's got it too that's right,YouTube uh would well then they just,this flat out started hiding the,dislikes yeah so you couldn't see when,somebody got ratioed yeah,yeah yeah so,um so that's what this is this is all,and so I know my account has been,somehow Shadow banned and it's gotten,some shitty it's just amazing right so,Twitter once had a mission to give,everyone the power to create and share,ideas and information instantly without,barriers along the way barriers,nevertheless were elected erected so,remember this guy we brought him on Dr J,bhattachara he was on with Dr Martin,kuldorf and who were they they were uh,he he was um a signatory one of the,writers of the Barrington declaration,and what was the Barrington declaration,that was a bunch of scientists and,smartypants doctors got together and,they had a different idea on how to take,care of coven different than what big,Pharma and fauci said their ideas was,that Cove that lockdowns had no science,behind them and they would be,detrimental to Children he was proven,right,now why do I pretend that they should,Target uh how they take care of coven by,targeting the elderly and people with,comorbidities and don't do anything to,everyone else let us just get it and,have hurt immunity and will would build,up herd immunity that way everybody,could get this they were saying except,for if you're elderly or sick,turns out he was right,and it did harm children why do I show,you that because they revealed he was,being Shadow banned,it says take for example Stanford so,he's from Stanford and he's one of the,leading guys in the field right,he argued that coveted lockdowns would,harm children Twitter secretly placed,him on a Trends Blacklist,they have a nice button,so this is this is the what what if you,are at Twitter and you're one of the,people in charge of censoring this is,what your screenshot would look like,when you look if you looked at Jay,bhattachara you would get all this stuff,strike count Trends Blacklist recent,abuse strike and then they would give,you who he is and but they would also,let you look at his DMS if you wanted oh,so Twitter,looking at your DMs whenever they feel,like it just so you know your DMs your,direct messages to other people on,Twitter completely uh readable by people,who work for Twitter and they do read,them,uh so that's Dr J balachar A friend of,the show leader in his field so when,they started uh everybody uh genk euger,and Annika spirit and The Young Turks,all assured me uh that it would just be,it would just be for Alex Jones and I,had to inform them about history because,they don't read history they don't know,anything about history they don't know,anything about news and that's what,picked the name of The Young Turks if,they did if they did they probably,wouldn't pick The Young Turks but they,did I had to tell them that no they're,going to use that that's the,that's the Trojan Horse they're now,they're going to get everybody else and,of course until it went from Alex Jones,to went to to the leading scientists and,doctors in their fields to ex-presidents,of the United States to ever know what,to say and so you see where that and so,I was pr

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Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence!

Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence!

hey everybody it's the Jimmy dors show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Matt taibi independent journalist,who writes at lead,reporter on the Twitter file so Matt,let's go through your other new thread,that you've just put out it is called,how Twitter let the intelligence,community in so talk to us about what,you reported here,so basically Twitter thought that that,the Russia gate story was not gonna hit,them they were incredibly confident that,this had nothing to do with them you you,see all these emails saying oh we don't,have a Russia problem there is no,coordinated,um activity this is all the spotlight's,on Facebook,let's keep the spotlight on Facebook and,they were way overconfident about this,and what ended up happening was uh the,Senate intelligence Community uh,committee led by Virginia senator Mark,Warner the ranking Democrat in the,committee,um basically raked them over the coals,and,um you know it it ordered them not,ordered them he sort of asked them to,keep producing material uh which really,translates to finding accounts that were,linked to Russia they eventually got the,hint but they they were unable to find,those links for a long time and this,created a political problem for them yes,I have the clip here let's go to Mark,Warner this is uh I think it's in the,fall of 2017 and Mark Warner is really,pushing this idea and it was by the way,it was invented by Democratic operators,which I'll get to in a second that,Russian social media,um you know manipulated millions of,Americans and brainwashed them into not,voting for Hillary Clinton that was a,theory like every other conspiracy,theory in Russia gate developed by,Democratic party operatives which I'll,get to in a second but here's Mark,Warner complaining that he's gone to,Twitter and Twitter has not found the,Russian Bots where are they so here he,is presentation that the Twitter team,made to the center Intel staff today was,deeply disappointing,the notion,that their work was basically derivative,based upon accounts that Facebook had,identified,showed up enormous lack of understanding,from the Twitter,team of how serious this issue is,the threaded poses,to democratic institutions,and,again begs many more questions,than they offered their response,was frankly inadequate,on almost every level,so that's Mark Werner Matt livid that,Twitter did not give him the Russian,Bots and memes that he wanted,yeah so so the day after this uh this,prester by Warner there one of the,senior Executives got an e-circular like,asking for five dollars or anything you,can spare from the Warner campaign and,there's an email that says hashtag irony,um by by one of the executives but the,the real problem was you know he's he's,basically saying,your number of Russians was frankly,inadequate on every level uh and they,went back and they formed what they,called a Russia task force to look for,more uh Russians and they couldn't find,them and and you see these sequential,reports afterwards saying like we're not,finding coordinated activity and when,they went back to them with that,um you know that turned into a problem,uh but but basically that was that was,the pronouncement from from Warner's,that we want you to find more we want,you to produce more material uh and they,did the same thing with Facebook too let,me read you from a recent article that I,wrote which goes into this it was based,on actually the first round of Twitter,files that you released that had to do,with Hunter Biden's laptop and the,suppression of reporting on that so uh I,wrote this article at my sub stack, the Twitter files,reveal influence of Russia gate,disinformation and what I in this,passage I'm just quoting from The,Washington Post here because the,Washington Post was the first to reveal,the origin of this theory that uh,Russian social media accounts had,manipulated Americans into voting for,Donald Trump and uh defeating Hillary,Clinton so this this is what I write in,a long forgotten episode revealed by The,Washington Post Facebook was,successfully pressured to prop up a,democratic generated claim that Russia,posted deceptive social media posts as,part of a quote far-reaching,disinformation campaign designed to,shape the outcome of the of the US,presidential race in 2016. when Facebook,first came across Pages created by,suspected Russian operatives in late,2016 and early 2017 it found that its,output quote had clear Financial motives,which suggested they weren't working for,a foreign government according to the,post account moreover Facebook's experts,did not find clear evidence of Russian,disinformation or ad purchases by,Russian linked accounts so the same,thing as Twitter when Facebook initially,went looking for anything to do with,Russia after 2016 they didn't find,anything except for just some troll Farm,pages that they that they perceived as,just being uh clickbait trying to make,money by attracting followers but that,wasn't enough for Mark W

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80 Percent Of Twitter Accounts Are Bots!

80 Percent Of Twitter Accounts Are Bots!

guess what eighty percent of Twitter,accounts are probably Bots and I totally,believe that I've always known it in my,heart I the whole time because I just,like,it doesn't make any sense,and by the way the algorithm totally,boosts certain people and totally,suppresses other people I'd be one of,those people that suppresses do you know,how many times people have told me that,their likes to have disappeared from my,tweets really and I've seen likes,disappear right in front of my face,you can take them away can't you,yourself yeah if you want yeah,but people didn't do that and they see a,a tweet of mine so what I do is whenever,I'm trending I'll retweet that video,Matt orphilla made for me where I say I,don't criticize Democrats because I side,with Republicans I criticize Democrats,because they side with the Republicans,and then Matt has that video so whenever,I'm trending I retweet that and people,tell me I've liked this every time,you've retweeted it and it's it's still,not there it doesn't show up so we know,that happens and so we know this is real,and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on,Thursday went after parag Eric the,platform once again how do you say that,aggro wallid platform the parag,agrawalid platform once again after a,top cyber security expert claimed that,as high as 8 to 10 in 10 Twitter,accounts are fake,Dan isn't that ironic that Twitter is in,charge of making sure that what you,tweet is real and not fake even though,they're get it wrong it's not but,they're all fake isn't that funny,they're all things are the ones,that are real people that say is,nonsense I don't even they're they're,not even the sentience of a bot a lot of,them,dad Woods Global head of intelligence at,cyber security company F5,who spent more than 20 years with the,U.S federal law enforcement and,intelligence organizations,he told the Australian that more than 80,percent of Twitter accounts are probably,Bots,that's a massive claim as Twitter says,only five percent of its use of our Bots,according to Woods a former CIA and FBI,cyber security specialist both musk and,Twitter have underestimated the bot,problem on the microblogging platform,musk is now trying to buy more time from,the court to start the Twitter trial set,for October 17th citing the testimony by,whistleblower,Peter Mudge zatko,the former Twitter security head has,alleged that Twitter misled Regulators,about its security practices and actual,numbers of Bot accounts musk has said,that the testimony of Twitter,whistleblower justifies his termination,of the 44 billion dollar deal to buy the,micro blogging platform the Tesla CEO,has to prove to the court that Twitter,violated some aspect of the merger,agreement else he will have to Shell out,one billion dollar fine for canceling,the deal like he gives a like 1,billion oh no,if everything you could ever think of in,your life you wanted to buy,cost less than a billion dollars and you,have a hundred billion dollars what what,does that mean he's gonna peel off a,billion off the top stack of uh so,here's I don't know if you can see any,of this but these are someone put this,together and it's all the same tweets,uh The Bravery of Ukrainian soldiers and,civilians alike is breathtaking The,Bravery of they're all saying the same,thing they're all saying it's the,Mockingbird thing again this is this is,yes looks like the news thing but in,print yes oh my God right wow,breathtaking bravery the breathtaking,every one of these tweets says the exact,same thing,nothing's more important than a child's,birthday you know what I like to say,there's what the breathtaking bravery of,the Russian they're all from different,people there's one from breaking points,with Sagar and Rachel,anyway no that's not making that,some nonsense thing of course I'm sure,they repeated it I do I haven't talked,to that this song in about just message,him I'm done like I want to ask so bad,what like I see you get it on because if,the story's not a thing we already,covered I'll watch and to see what it is,so he's like why'd they get send more,money to you crazy he'll do that story,right but then when the new information,comes out you know like hey they're,going door to door and recruit maybe the,Russians are I don't know but but,they're they still dutifully put out the,initial propaganda and then later,go hey is this a little weird and then,they say their next problem began to I,think it's just being a journalist means,you respect the the uh embargo like,review embargo yeah like please don't,talk about the movie until this date and,you don't respect that embargo you know,that's why you're bad,uh well there it is,80 of Twitter Bots Virginia Beach,Richmond Arlington San Jose Miami West,Palm Beach go to for a link,for all the tickets and become a premium,member while you're there

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JAW-DROPPING: Reporters & White House Agree On Censoring Twitter

JAW-DROPPING: Reporters & White House Agree On Censoring Twitter

this happened at the White House,briefing room and this should scare you,this should scare you that this is this,is these are reporters,and they're acting more like the I,remember that sketch the church lady,that's what these people are acting like,they're afraid of what this country is,founded on and what is this country,founded on freedom,and freedom scares them especially the,First Amendment they really hate the,First Amendment watch this,moment really in terms of ensuring that,Twitter does not become a vector for,misinformation,she's afraid that she says what are you,doing to make sure that Twitter doesn't,become a vector of misinformation,boy these guys really die,uh here we go,moment really in terms of um ensuring,that Twitter does not become a vector,for misinformation I mean are you,concerned about,okay,Elon Musk says there's more and more,subscribers coming online are you,concerned about that and what tools do,you have who is it at the White House,that is really keeping track of this so,oh Mike who is keeping track of the who,people are talking on Twitter,I I are you guys are you aware of this,that right now people are being allowed,to speak freely on a social media,platform what I just don't even know,what to say about the what are you I,they're talking about this like it's a,class 5 hurricane,imagine if these hacks showed the same,concern about possibility of a nuclear,war with Russia and China instead,instead of being sexually aroused by the,possibility,so what's the answer,watch the answer now the woman who's,gonna answer,is an immigrant,she's female she's of color and she's,gay,watch how she handles this question,really in terms of ensuring that Twitter,does not become a vector or,misinformation I mean are you concerned,about,the you know,Elon Musk says there's more and more,subscribers coming online are you,concerned about that and what tools do,you have who is it at the White House,that is really keeping track of this so,look this is something that we're,certainly keeping an eye on and uh hook,um we you know we have always been very,clear,um and that when it comes to social,media platforms it is their,responsibility to make sure that when it,comes to misinformation when we when it,comes to the hate that we're seeing uh,that they they take action that they,continue to take action again we're all,keeping a close eye on this we're all uh,monitoring uh what's what's currently,occurring the White House is keeping a,close eye and monitoring people speaking,freely on Twitter,they're monitoring it by the way the,biggest Liars of misinformation are her,and the government okay her Joe Biden,there remember when Joe Biden uh keeps,saying that his kid died in Iraq Joe,Biden keeps saying said that uh if you,get the vaccine you're not gonna get,coveted so these people,I mean they lie over Joe Biden's the,biggest liar in the world he's a he's a,better and bigger liar than Trump I know,that sounds crazy uh but I have the,receipts I can show it to you anytime,you want,these are the people who are keeping an,eye on Americans talking amongst,themselves we're going to keep an eye,you know that's called big brother,and we're watching you,that's what that is we're watching you,and uh we see you know we see it with,our own eyes of what you all are,reporting and just for for ourselves,what's happening on Twitter we see it we,see people talking and using free speech,and enjoying the protections of the,First Amendment we see it,and It's upsetting,we see people speaking freely in the,United States and it's upsetting,we see it,Isn't it nice to have a woman of color,who's gay and an immigrant be a fascist,and sensorious and and take away your,freedom of speech isn't that fun it's so,much better than having a straight white,guy doing it,it's less offensive,but again social media companies have a,responsibility to prevent their,platforms from being used by any user uh,to incite violence especially violence,uh directed at individual communities,yeah that's already done that's already,being done that's all that's all it's,called,that's already in the law,you don't need Twitter,if somebody is doing something that's,illegal on Twitter don't you think the,law enforcement should get involved,or do you you want some jag off,from Silicon Valley who nobody knows to,take care of it,if somebody's breaking the law don't we,have law enforcement agencies to take,care of that the answer is yes we do,as we have been seeing and the president,has been very clear on calling that out,he'll continue to do that and we're,going to continue to monitor the,situation go ahead,I don't know which one makes me more ill,a journalist asking a question that,almost begs for censorship or that the,government admitting it is keeping an,eye on Twitter especially since it's,going to be investigated for previously,being in cahoots with Twitter to censor,users,the government Apple Amazon and Google,United in controlling the flow of,information the merger betwee

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80 FBI Agents Monitored Jokes On Twitter Full Time!

80 FBI Agents Monitored Jokes On Twitter Full Time!

part six of the Twitter threads ready,between January 2020 and November 2022,there were over 150 emails the FBI and,former Twitter trust and safety cheap,Joel Roth between them we've showed you,Joel Roth before now he's he's afraid,for his life,some are mundane like San Francisco,agent Elvis Chan wishing Roth a happy,New Year along with a reminder to attend,one quarterly call next week others are,requests for information into Twitter,users related to active investigation so,that's more of their friendly,relationship with the FBI and the,higher-ups at Twitter but a surprisingly,High number of requests by the FBI for,Twitter to take action on Election,misinformation even involving joke joke,tweets,from low follower accounts this is kind,of mind-blowing that's that part the FBI,social media I'll show you and we're,going to show you it the FBI social,media focused task force known as ftif,or created in the wake of 2016,elections swelled to 80 so they had 80,agents,monitoring Twitter for jokes they didn't,like you think I'm kidding that 80 FBI,agents they're getting Dental,so they can peruse Twitter all,day,that's what they're doing with your tax,dollars well do you think they have to,show like numbers of because the low,follower account the ones I saw them you,know they show they sent some do you,think they have to like look I got this,many sentences just like a cop writes,parking tickets you mean like that yeah,yeah the quota yeah,uh but much less valuable much less than,that yeah Federal intelligence and law,enforcement reach into Twitter their,reach into Twitter included the,Department of Homeland Security which,partnered with security contractors and,think tanks to pressure Twitter to,moderate content it's no secret that,government analyzes bulk data for all,sorts of purposes everything from,tracking Terror suspects to making,economic forecasts the Twitter file,shows something new,agencies like the FBI and the Department,of Homeland Security regularly,sending social media content to Twitter,through multiple entry points,pre-flagged for moderation so all that,means is the FBI was on the regular,sending to Twitter and saying take,this down censor this and who did the,work the FBI did the work and we're,giving you an order go ahead it's like,you censorship if it's not the,government it was the government it's,been the government the whole time it's,been the government,what stands out is the sheer quantity of,reports from the government some are,aggregated from public hotlines,Sol Harris says election day protocol,for FBI headquarters is to stand up a,national election command post which,provides a centralized location for,assessing election-related threats,status reports and complaints are,tracked have a tip send it in so what,stands out is the sheer quantity of,reports from the government some are,aggregated from public hotlines so they,would just get you could call them you,could call the FBI's hotline and the FBI,would call Twitter and say take,down his things see some censor,something,an unanswered question do agencies like,the FBI and the Department of Homeland,Security do in-house flagging work,themselves or do they Farm it all out,you have to prove to me that inside the,effing government you can do any kind of,massive data or AI search says one,Former Intelligence officer,hello Twitter contacts the master canine,quality of the FBI's relationship with,Twitter comes through so he's calling it,a like like a dog and it's master,that that Twitter was like the dog and,the FBI's the master,uh okay comes through in this November,2022 email in which the FBI San,Francisco is notifying you it wants,action on four accounts,that's from Fred,FBI San Francisco it says FBI San,Francisco is notifying you of the below,accounts which may potentially,constitute violations of Twitter's terms,of service for any action or inaction,deemed appropriate within Twitter policy,and then they give you the four there's,the four accounts,this is what the FBI is doing all day,Personnel in that case went on to look,for reasons to suspend all four of those,accounts so FBI says to suspend these,accounts and then the people at Twitter,go let's find a reason to suspend them,the FBI wants them suspended,and they do,and they from one of the accounts was if,someone called at froma and all those,the tweets were jokes you want to see,the,um,I want to remind Republicans to vote,tomorrow Wednesday November 9th that's,obviously a joke,that's the kind of stuff to look at the,engagement of it 25 years this is the,kind of stuff that the FBI would would,flag uh,just to show the FBI can be hyper,intrusive in both directions they also,asked Twitter to review a blue leaning,account for a different joke,except here it was even more obvious,that Claire Foster PhD who kids a lot,was kidding you want to see it here it,is so here's the thing that says take,this tweet down by this lady and then,here's Dr Foster I'm a ballot counter in,my state if you're not wear

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