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Why Jesse Williams Dislikes When Broadway Audience Reacts to His NUDITYhow insane though this is you

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Why Jesse Williams Dislikes When Broadway Audience Reacts to His NUDITY

how insane though this is your stage,debut and you're like fully,naked i mean that's doubly scary it's,quite insane jessie williams bears it,all and we mean all on stage in the,broadway revival of take me out this has,got to be i would imagine the smartest,play that involves nudity and admits,that he doesn't love it when the,audience chimes in it's still terrifying,but uh once you do it,you know it's time it's a human body the,40 year old actor stopped by watch what,happens live with andy cohen on monday,with his co-star jesse tyler ferguson,and got candid about how the audience,responds when he strips down to his,birthday suit a non-reaction is a really,interesting reaction yeah yeah quiet,right yeah no right it creates a lot of,issues like a reaction do you like a,reaction i don't like any of it i don't,like any of it none of you can't i've,learned in my minutes in theater which,is all the first all at first for me is,don't start trying to read into it okay,because it just creates more insecurity,how how how insane though this is your,stage debut and you're like fully,naked i mean that's doubly scary told,it's quite insane but,it's so it's the first so i've you know,got nothing to compare it to and i'll be,pretty uh i won't be scared of anything,after this not only is it jesse's,broadway debut it's also patrick j adams,too i don't have anything to compare it,to this is the only way i've debuted but,um,it makes it wholly terrifying not just,partially,and yes patrick gets fully nude too you,know we're going uh yeah although,patrick adams,eti caught up with the cast back in,february leading up to the show's,opening and they kept it real about,taking it off there's something it's so,fully integrated into the play that you,know when i first heard about taking out,and i just really naked guys in a play,you sort of make assumptions that maybe,it's sort of gratuitous or not necessary,and with this play it is so fully,integrated into the fabric of really,what it's about and people being,stripped bare and getting down to the,base eggs going,somewhere fishy,uh and so it's it's kind of great in,that way that you feel like you're,servicing such a beautiful play you,should also just say this because i,don't want people to not buy tickets i'm,not nude,so,don't worry you don't have to see it,not something you have to worry about,you know you get the thermostat right,you get things settled,and the whole cast except for again not,me but the rest of the cast is also in,the same boat so it's not like just,you alone on stage as for jesse he's,also making waves for his highly,anticipated return to grey's anatomy for,the upcoming season 18 finale you'll,recall jesse exited the medical drama,last year after 12 seasons as dr jackson,avery i had your back,i know this is a surprise but i'm just,asking you to,do the same for me and while we await,seeing him at graceland memorial once,again the actor teased what fans can,expect when it comes to his character,and april played by sarah drew they are,right exist in some form or fashion you,will see them,on screen possibly on the same screen,and while jesse didn't reveal too much,e.t chatted with the cast last week and,they gave a little more insight into the,big j pro reunion i don't know what i,can say and what i can't say but i can,say this they will be really happy,they're back on the screens that's what,matters and to get jessie back and to,get sarah back,i mean they're a dynamic duo they are,both featured in this episode which is,kind of exciting because we got sarah,back and and jesse and we love them so,much and so having them here like i was,weepy even in the table reads listen in,the in the episode i think there's a lot,of things i'll be really excited about,and really happy about and then other,things that's a little shocking and like,make them cry it's a good mix

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Fallout From Leaked Nude Photos Of Actor Jesse Williams | The View

Fallout From Leaked Nude Photos Of Actor Jesse Williams | The View

you know uh the broadway play,take me out has the strict no cell phone,policy for the audience but it did not,provide a cell phone video,getting leaked of star jesse williams,performing a scene completely naked now,the actors equity association called it,sexual harassment but jesse shrugged it,off saying it's a body once you see it,you realize whatever it's a boy it's a,soul,what it's a body it's a body i thought,it said it's a boy,it's not because it's a boy but since,it's you know you also says the same,thing,uh what and i said it was a matter of,time if you take a gig and you know you,got to take your clothes off you live in,the world where cell phone video is,going to happen as some people have,amazing ways of shooting things as we,all know yeah you got shot on stuff,there it was i mean,i went to see hair back in the day,i saw oh calc i've seen more of naked,bed on stage than my bedroom,but that's by choice,yeah but i mean it's like this is not,any new big deal and it's not it's nice,if it takes something different it looks,like what it is all they look the same,as they've always looked yeah they yeah,unless it has a mustache and a beard,that's a different conversation when,they called it sexual harassment that's,what caught me off guard because i saw,it more as piracy like when you have an,art form and you are choosing to be that,vulnerable that's for the people that,paid for your craft paid to be there now,you've just leaked it without context,without uh kind of violating and,cheapening the performance in itself and,now you've aired it out to everyone so i,that didn't come out right no i know,what you meant though you know there,aren't a lot of good words right now but,uh my point is that you're you're taking,the craft and the art without paying for,it and that bothers me yeah well i will,say this um i you know,uh got a lot of pictures sent to me when,when this happened when when the photo,and the video got leaked on on uh,twitter and i was like oh my is this,jesse williams from,grey's anatomy i i and i did and after i,started reading in i i felt terribly,about it because people were saying well,this is sexual harassment and and you,know the performances apparently you,know um they were supposed to lock their,phones,um but jesse williams looks like a,specimen he looks gorgeous he looks,beautiful his body is beautiful and i,have at least and this is serious 20,friends that have now bought tickets,no this is the best advertisement for,the show as far as i'm concerned yes i,mean you know and um and i i love that,he's saying listen it's it's a body um,and so he doesn't seem to feel like he,has been harassed he doesn't seem to,feel like he has been shamed and that,makes you feel a little better about the,fact that i did stare at the pictures,for a ridiculous sleep but she's gonna,buy a ticket everybody feels forgiven at,this point well i will say you know if,this were women if this was a woman we'd,be pulling our hair out yeah at the,moment well we've seen women on stage,now i know but i'm saying if a woman had,been captured this way yeah it would be,a different conversation because we're,all starting to you know,the body is the body we've seen it nude,on stage it's it has been happening,forever and you know somehow this one he,looks like a god,if you go to florence italy there is the,david and full of blue yeah right there,david and you look yeah beautiful he,does and you look at that statue over,and over again people touch it and isn't,it my best friend's wedding,again,we'll be right back,you

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So Jesse Williams thanks for the first day on Twitter...

So Jesse Williams thanks for the first day on Twitter...

hey guys welcome back to the channel,it's trey and wow my first day,um on twitter and,yeah the trending topic was jesse,williams,wow you know twitter don't hold back do,it,everything is uncensored or whatever,like holy crap,i mean,you know me,um because there were trendy topics of,course it's the same news psycho,nonsense that i don't really care about,but then i saw jesse williams right so,me thinking like oh okay cool they must,be talking about grey's anatomy or,something with his ex-wife because you,know um,him and his ex-wife are going through,like some legal,battle or something like that or,whatever or him returning to grey's,anatomy or going to that um spin-off,series um what um firehouse or house,something i forgot what the name of this,during show was my mom watches it but i,cannot remember the name of it station,station something damn it,well anyway,it doesn't really matter all i know is,um you know i was just looking at the,little training thing because you know,people say that that's what you know,generates buzz on twitter or whatever so,you know of course me trying to learn,ins and outs which you still haven't,learned ins and outs and i'm still of,very forgetful,so um if any of you guys have followed,me or say anything on twitter let me,know because,um i gotta get used to it i gotta get,used to having a twitter,because i'm either on instagram youtube,or just not really on social media like,that so you know forgive me if i've,ignored anything just let me know or,whatever,so,anywho i decided to click on the jesse,williams tablet uh you know tab um and,guess what the first thing i see,is a front noodle,uh video not video but picture,of jesse williams and i'm just like what,the hell is going on then i see all of,these,quotes and talk um,retweets and all kinds of stuff,basically where is everybody's talking,about jesse williams you know his you,know what,right,and apparently you know because i had to,i had to figure out now is this real or,not no it's real,but um,there is basically he's um on broadway,and he's doing a show called um take me,out,and apparently in the,in the stage play i don't know if,there's a scene,or whatever,basically the actors are,butt naked performing and,singing and whatever what and stuff like,that,and somebody,took a video,and showed a performance and pictures,and clips of jesse williams you know,being put naked with other people on the,stage,and apparently it has twitter all up in,a tizzy,and i'm like holy crap,like damn you know normally on a on a,site,like um social media sites usually,that'd be like the first thing they try,to get rid of is like oh no you can't,have it or whatever but man twitter,worked fast,twitter worked real fast i said god damn,but,another thing i want to talk about is,like um,why,do they have broadway plays or stage,plays where a person needs to be naked,for like,i mean,why couldn't they just wear like um new,stockings or something like that you,know something that's close to their,skin complexion that makes it look like,they're naked or something like that if,you need to have a visual moment of them,being naked or the person just being,naked in general because i think uh,daniel radcliffe also had a moment um,had a stage play where he was damn but,naked um you know posing with a horse,and i'm just thinking to myself again,why do you have a broadway play or stage,play that require the actor or the,actress the actress to get butt naked,for the audience like what is that,purpose or whatever you get what i'm,saying,why is that even,something that he is there i mean i,don't know i mean i'm not,that deep into broadway but i mean i,love broadway musicals i like to listen,to um some broadway soundtracks i mean,albums,but,i'm just kind of confused like what is,the purpose of that is that supposed to,be some kind of liberating thing or,whatever like,i don't know because i don't i know if,it was me even if i had the body,jesus jesus will have to take the wheel,for real,because,i don't,know what it was oh,so basically,thanks to this performance um also um,he also got a tony nomination,for,it was a baseball drama too so okay cool,um,hey i mean if that's what you want to do,but i don't know if i ain't got the,i can just tell you ain't got the,the jesus for it,um,but yeah,so,he so basically he was talking about um,how he wanted to do something,challenging and something that was,outside his comfort zone and he prayed,to god for something that would,challenge him but also something that'll,scare him and he took this one and,he the reason why he took this one is,because you know he had to be fully,completely naked for the scene where,you know,they're on,stage in their butt ass naked and i,don't know,again i i think it's i think it's,liberating is probably what what it is,basically but basically he also said,it's a body once you see it you realize,it's whatever is a body um i just have,to make it not a big of a deal,okay,all right,and um,he wanted to do something,um he

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Twitter Jesse Williams Video - Jesse Williams Twitter Photo Has Become A Hot Topic On Social Media

Twitter Jesse Williams Video - Jesse Williams Twitter Photo Has Become A Hot Topic On Social Media

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic let's get,started actor jesse william is the talk,of the internet this week after a,raunchy clip from his new broadway show,went viral on twitter the former grace,anatomy star quit the show in 2021,after playing jackson every for over a,decade and made his thutter debuted in a,revival of the broadway production take,me out,for the role he has to strip down on,stage and a clip of the show,which uh i mean,which started on new york's broadway in,april 2022 he sent fans violent twitter,so jesse williams strips down in uh take,me out,after quitting grey's anatomy the 40,year old revealed that he was set to,take on the lead role in the revival of,this stage show take me out,the production follows the story of a,baseball player called darren laming,played by jesse,who reveals he is a gay and is met with,huge prejudices from his teammates,in one,scene the actor has to get fully um i,mean uh showing body in front of,audience which he revealed was,terrifying in the interview on the allen,degeneres show last july june,speaking to guest host at which he,said,the character does call for a little bit,of,something like that so what he said will,say about that is it's terrifying in all,the way all the right ways,um,so,this week a clip of jesse's,scene in the take me out has leaked on,twitter yes you heard right,filmed by an audience member the short,video shows the actor fully,on stage leaving nothing to the,imagination the videos won't be,interested here for obviously obvious,reasons but it can be found on twitter,if you are into intrigue,but um,i wonder why you want to watch the video,it is not um i mean,not every video is made for everyone so,you can remember one thing that,uh,just watch,that video which can help you out,or which is,something like informative,friends are going crazy over the clip of,the former grace anatomy actor,so,yeah everyone wants to see that broadway,show now,people are dying to see jesse williams a,scene in real life,uh whoever took one of them thank you,good night to jesse williams only um,people said,fans are going wild yeah,if when we uh had this content on grace,um,yeah the internet is never going to get,over this so this is actually the whole,information about,jesse,williams video,uh which has been or i mean which has,been viral these days uh but remember,one thing that the making uh the purpose,of making this video is just to inform,you about that and for nothing else,actually uh it is just an informative,video and for nothing else i do not,force you to do any action to watch or,not watch that video it is just up to,you but i informed you about that video,which people are curious about,in fact i suggest you to do better in,your life and,to do well with other people and with,you also,with your heart right thanks for,watching goodbye

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Actor Jesse Williams has his 🍆 Leaked & Adam is MAD

Actor Jesse Williams has his 🍆 Leaked & Adam is MAD

there's a broadway actor,josh i don't know what you're about to,say you heard about the story oh man i,know you watch there's a broadway actor,and he also can we find his name was it,james williams or something jesse jesse,williams jesse smallett so jesse,and he's also an actor and he was on uh,grey's anatomy which my girl watches so,that's how my girl was,knows of him and was freaking out about,him last night you're on gays i'm,watching youtube right,and she i says her all the time so i,can't be mad at you for saying that but,she uh she starts screaming in bed i'm,like what she's like get in here you've,gotta see this dick,i rushed to the bed,i'm like what the are you doing let,me see let me see that dick now,she shows it to me this is the basic,situation this guy who's famous cause,he's on grey's anatomy and tv or,whatever,he,was on,a play in broadway he had a role in this,play okay and when you show up,to watch this play,you take your phone and you put it in a, locked box so that you can't,access your phone while you're watching,the play so nothing that happens during,the play is supposed to be leaked at all,now there's a nude scene,in the play where i mean when she shows,me it looked like it was kind of like a,shower scene i don't know if it was,supposed to be like a gym or a prison,thing or what but either way he's,playing someone who's in,this sort of like group shower like a,gym or some him and another dude,they're both buff as ,and their dicks are out,and they're like messing with each other,pushing each other and i don't know,what the happening in the play,but either way,somebody,snuck a camera into the play so they,were able to film this and it comes out,and this is the guy right here jesse,williams and now no the dick is not,currently on the screen although i'm,assuming that like tmz is not going to,be putting it out there because it's,kind of,sketchy legal territory like it's not,supposed to be out there but either way,i've seen a lot of dicks this is a porn,level dick this guy could easily be,doing porn he got a thang on him,i don't know if it's natural what is,your fascination what do you mean i,don't know if he got like an injection,or anything like that but this dude got,a baby arm on him,and this person snuck into the ,play and i don't know if they had a,second camera or another phone,they're wearing a gopro in their ,turban or something like that i don't,know why does it have to be a turban,well that'd be a pretty comfortable,place to put it,we would have a hard time fitting a,gopro into your hat,no although it might not be that bad,just kind of wear it up on top that,would actually make the double hat thing,make more sense,either way,they got his wiener,it was posted on twitter do you guys,want to see the wiener or no no not,necessarily i feel like you would,definitely look if he wasn't here,you think how's wrong he's trying to act,straight because you're here i'm trying,to act straight straighter than you,normally would,i just like,if i came across the dick,oh man y'all ,whatever it's fine i'm not but i'm not,necessarily trying to hire did you see,it,the dick,you didn't see did you see your house,you didn't see jesse williams's dick,huge right,she was ready for it she said you know,what about house bones meat,it ain't like that,listen i ain't seen house phones dick,but i guarantee it ain't nothing like,this dude's dick,so,you don't have a mic so let's let's just,you could come over here you want to,talk yeah yeah yeah,if you want to review this yeah yeah,tell us oh she don't wanna oh she got a,boyfriend,what that mean but you're other,dudes in porn,or are you just him,um,we seen you with that one guy with the,with the exit yeah we're gonna,burn you out what would you like to talk,about,your boyfriend doesn't have social media,like that,but so are you shooting porn with other,guys,she said no but she seemed like she was,lying,shout out to her man shout out to her,would you shoot porn with her whatever,she needs please,please stay away from me,i will get on my knees and beg you,please do not stay away what if she let,you go first,then,then you have my blessing,mr 22 you have my blessings,yeah that's what that's how i feel about,you i could her after you without,thinking twice about it but i ain't,gonna eat her out after you just had,your wiener in her,i don't want to know what your dick,tastes like damn it bro,especially if you're not in there,would you nutting her,don't make a baby with her,we're just not ready you have a cute ass,baby she's not ready,you could still abort you still got time,keep it don't abort it,shout out ro shut up wade shout out,planned parenthood shout out wade boggs,broadway,shout out rod wave yeah i would be like,you'll give me a baby baby imagine she,put doubles on everything a baby baby,baby a child child,a chowdy child a kitty kid,like i have a boyfriend boyfriend that,didn't really that one didn't really hit,i have a friendly friend a guy guy,that's such a craz

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Jesse Williams - Starring in “Grey’s Anatomy” & Fighting to Decriminalize Weed | The Daily Show

Jesse Williams - Starring in “Grey’s Anatomy” & Fighting to Decriminalize Weed | The Daily Show

-Welcome back to the show. -Thank you.,-It's good to be here. -Good to have you here.,I feel like every time you come, your eyes get a little greener.,-All right, Trevor. All right. -(cheering, applause),-Talk to me now. -Your face... your face gets,a little more... like, you...,-How's life treating you? -Fatter.,No, I wish it was. There's no fatter anything here.,-I'm doing great. -Yeah, you're enjoying life?,I am. I'm working hard, I'm playing hard, I'm having fun.,Congratulations on another season of Grey's Anatomy.,This show's been going-- how many seasons has it been now?,We just finished 15.,-15 seasons! -15.,-(cheering, applause) -Yeah. Yeah.,And they're, like, the long seasons--,like 25-hour-long-episode seasons.,-Right. -Not these little, like, eight-episode, half-ass seasons.,Like, are you throwing shade,at all the miniseries people out there.,-"We're doing real seasons." -Yeah.,Um, what's really impressive about the show for me is,,like, I loved watching the show when I was in South Africa.,It's huge out there. And then I came to the U.S.,,and it's big, and now there's, like, a resurgence of people,,'cause some people watch it on Netflix...,Yeah, people binge-watch, and we have... I'm told we have,more new, uh, fans than we do existing ones.,People are discovering it anew-- more of them,then there are folks who've been diehards forever.,And it's also generational, right?,It's 15 years-- that means a whole... whole new generation,has been born and turned into a high schooler by now,-watching it. -Yeah, so you get...,Some grandmas, parents,,and then their kids all watching it at once.,-So, uh, please keep watching. -Is that ever...,is that ever, like, weird for you,when you have, like, a generational fan gap?,Do you know what I mean? 'Cause, like, a lot of the time,people have, like, a fan rain.,-Yeah, yeah... -And then, now you're getting, like, a...,-12 to 18, 65. -"I'm-I'm your biggest fan,,-and my mom." -Yeah. "And my grandma.",-Yes. -And, um... -(laughter),and they're aggressive-- grandmas in particular.,-Grandmothers are aggressive. -Don't... don't underestimate,-your elders. -Can I tell you, this...,he's not playing-- grandmothers do not play games.,-They're touchy. -Yes. They're very touchy.,A touchy bunch. They're bad, and they've got a firm grip.,-(laughter) -I had... I had one grandmother,who came up to me at a meet-and-greet,,and then she grabbed my ass and she said to me,,"I don't have much time. Let's do this.",-(laughter) -Amazing.,-I'm serious. -Ama... I believe it.,-Yeah. -It's a very... there's a lot...,and it's... I... I will tell you,,-a lot of times I'll be, like, in their grip, -Yes.,-and there's, like, it's, like, a whole stomach rub, -Uh-huh.,-unnecessary. -Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.,Not part of the photo but just, like, a stomach rub,,and, like, rubbing a little side-boob action,,-there's, uh, side-boob action. -Living their best life.,-Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah, living their best life.,-(laughter) -I like that., Grey's Anatomy has been a show,that-that's had an impact on many people, because--,you know what really intrigued me about the show,when it kicked off was, you have this show,that Shonda Rhimes created where it spoke to so many issues,that were happening in the world, but it didn't, like,,specifically or explicitly call them out.,-Yeah. -So for instance, you had a black doctor,who had grown up in tough circumstances,,but it wasn't, like, "his story.",-Yeah. -It was part of his life.,Um, you know, you had an Asian doctor,who was dealing with her family and her world.,You had a lesbian doctor who was struggling,with how she told people about her sexuality,,but it was never like, "This is the show about wokeness.",In fact, I would even say it...,It's amazing how rarely we ever, if ever, we mentioned anything.,You just happened to have these people in positions of power,and worthy of respect, and they were, you know,,that's why it's such a pioneering show.,Everybody always said you couldn't do that.,-Right. -Nobody would watch it.,Do you think that's why people connected with it?,Because it was just-- it was about human beings,,and they happened to be as diverse as the world is.,Yeah, I think it started with the heart,,it started with the actual humanity,,-and it's not-- that's not an Asian surgeon, -Yes.,-that's Yang, that's somebody you love. -Right. Right.,It's not, it's not the black chief,who's demonstrating that he's black by doing,-or saying something ridiculous, -Yes.,he's just, he's just, uh, Richard Webber.,The way you said it now, I just picture him,like, what is a black surgeon chief?,-Like this, like, this, like... -No, no, no.,-some neck jivin'... -I was just picturing-- Yeah.,-Yeah, that's what I mean. -Yeah. Yeah.,Just be like, "I need a (bleep) cot.",-Exactly. (laughs) -But-but-but-but...,But let's talk a little bit about, like,,-that world that you've created. -That's definitely been done.,-I'm sure. I'm sure. Yeah. -Somewhere. Somewhere.,It sounds like a sketch

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Hard n da Paint "Real Talk" Episode 6- BET Awards and Jesse Williams Speech

Hard n da Paint "Real Talk" Episode 6- BET Awards and Jesse Williams Speech

those fellows toes goes on a pain,cocktail is how you doing welcome to,harden to paint real talk episode six,with my host white boy day Crispin,alibag see it brillo I'm have I guess,closed today ready Freddy so today we're,going to talk about the beach awards and,Jesse Williams speech on you know racism,and diversity in the industry as a whole,whatever the whole Det Awards general,check you know what's easy represents so,forth to I think we should incorporate,that you know which area number own BTW,members only who owns a noun a complete,corporation where light but so so,basically comes down to with any any,show that they make money,and people watch people like to watch I,think violence and just negativity and,all this stuff you know you look at,entourage and you look at something,shows and it incorporates a lot of,negative stuff in stereotypes people,like to watch that stuff me personally I,saw the PT the boards last last year and,then you have the personal Wednesday of,the famous award like Jesse Williams,will award and gives a great speech,talks about racism talks about slave,being slaves to this day for,african-americans and as far as wearing,clothes you don't have the best interest,as far as black people that sit down and,I totally agree with this speech you,know he's been after this for a while,I'm to don't know him on Grey's Anatomy,but he always comes to the front when,someone gets murdered or something,there's a police brutality my thing is,is as soon as that sets that is over,they put a guy on with a bunch of,tattoos he's halfway drunk and I'm,popping pills and it's totally negative,so our young kids see these entertainers,millions of dollars and,how it is,right,some of the acts before is it just about,what sells you know a lot of reality TV,is really popular because it's cheap,programming and they try to make the,drama suspense much as possible to keep,it as interesting as possible,I believe that Hokies have found a way,in the slavery equally,brainwash when i'll really do anything,physically anymore I'm Willie Lynch yeah,pretty I mean willingness but it's also,more than physically this thing weird,but as we also we always wear our,invicta to because we allow ourselves to,be bigger because we will sell our soul,for the jelly rolls I say to have money,like my lord you're movin talking on the,radio today he was talking about how,black folks who the walks around,with a stack of money to the healing as,a phone and takes pictures of it,if you see any white person any,video or anything showing in ,money off like that mean something okay,you got money you got my no need no one,needs disease or even a club see people,to my bottles into a dolla bother,internet on anything we needed and we,wrote me cuz report on to cut Authority,you go to the bar you buy you ,drink have your kids about what I look,like on the side we follow stand up into,the person with the most models that,means they have any detail to me no just,kind of young get to do that but that's,not mom that's not myself upgrade I've,got my four tails that will do what I'm,gonna do I'm gonna be like you're trying,to get it a ,talk to a broad do something like that,or talk to a lady excuse me for those,that take out half way but that's what,I'm gonna be doing not in a corner all,on the table waving my bomb around you,know that's just to me it shows that you,have lack of when you shouldn't we don't,need you cuz I don't like a show nothing,to be something I don't have to wear a,certain type of gear or drive a certain,type of our to be recognized that's why,we are conduct myself,you think a lot of,gravitate toward those individuals that,have all the designer clothes that have,on you know that are popping by idina,Khloe have money he think that's the, hey mom would a mother like,said that I'm doing something what you,doing oceanic our names note on the,Bentley and driving right through his,mom's apartment in the jungles you don't,know saying I made their it mixed up in,center or in their own property and,actually have any money on a,half-million-dollar house which they can,probably say no that's a bingo nothing,moving so that's Athena got this and,that makes me strong when you talk about,this because we talk about save leg,life economics use as an example save,their lives we did we kill our wholesale,we killing us and how many of you want,to pick is for this gang violence how,did you go out picking yes you came by,to me it got down ovary we want to be,mad and no one else that's my thing but,you want to go no his candles on the,street but for another innocent death,for nothing you know I mean I'm very,adamant about these people because this,is for real it serious it's getting,worse and worse day by day you want to,blame what,these girls they never came to hood and,gave us but you spent getting her,off but first two thousand dollars of,this talk about that making him home,he's richer than what they already are,and if a black dude had a company other,than S

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Jesse Williams | Broadway Actor EXPOSED In Leaked Nude Performance | Where Are They Now?

Jesse Williams | Broadway Actor EXPOSED In Leaked Nude Performance | Where Are They Now?

i know you took it i know you took it i,know you took it i didn't take nothing,yeah,how many people were at that party,that's the only party in town all right,everybody jesse williams is a theater,and film actor who is currently on,broadway for the play take me out a,place set in the locker room of a,baseball team as they explore social and,cultural issues in sports also to know,theater has a long history of being,extremely strict on people viewing the,plays outside of the theater itself it's,notoriously difficult to get images of,performances let alone recordings so,when a nude photo of jesse williams was,released from his play take me out the,internet went crazy it also sparked a,larger debate about strengthening,recording rules within performance art,and whether jessie's autonomy was,violated by the image of him nude on,stage being distributed to spaces,outside of the theater today we're,covering jesse williams tomorrow though,you decide let us know in the comments,down below who you think we should cover,on the next few episodes of where they,now lie down that you may as well like,this video if you enjoyed it so we can,keep making more just like it let's get,into it jesse was actually a high school,teacher in philadelphia first before he,became an actor following in his parents,footsteps he taught for six years in the,public school system teaching american,studies african studies and english but,after discovering a passion for the,study of acting he was chosen to,participate in an actor's showcase,presented by abc television since that,random production he's appeared in tons,of series films and theater productions,he began appearing in grey's anatomy in,2009 a year later he was announced as a,series regular so he became a grey's,anatomy actor until as early as 2021 he,and the executives of the show had come,to a mutual agreement that his character,jackson had served his purpose and run,the course of the show and that his,trajectory ultimately helped solidify 11,seasons of story lines but it was time,to move on to something else from there,he went on to make his film debut in the,sequel to sisterhood of the traveling,pants and two years later he was in,brooklyn's finest with john cheadle and,wesley snipes he also signed on to his,first leading role in the horror film,cabin in the woods he was also executive,producer for the documentary film stay,woke the black lives matter movement,documenting the racial discourse in,america and around the world at large,jesse is super active in social issues,being the youngest member of the board,of directors at the advancement project,which is a civil rights think tank and,advocacy group he's also the executive,producer of question bridge a media,project that focuses on the black male,identity through art exhibits and,education with students and teachers it,also looks at the diversity within the,black male demographic whether it be,country of origin or economic background,and how you can still be a black male,but come from all different walks of,life he's also been featured on cnn the,huffington post and been a guest on the,situation room to speak about his work,and activism interestingly though he did,the voice acting and performance capture,for the character of marcus and the 2018,video game detroit become human for the,playstation he also voice acted in,performance captured for duke in nba,2k21 in 2020 however he got officially,divorced from his estranged wife of,eight years for what seemed like,amicable reasons although their custody,battle was super bitter and intense,quote just a few months after calling it,quits the pair began arguing over,custody of their two children with,williams alleging that drake lee his,ex-wife was restricting his access to,them in response his then-estranged wife,filed for sole physical and legal,custody citing williams's unpredictable,work schedule and claiming that she was,the primary parental figure meanwhile,she stated quote jesse would join in,when he was available in home but he,rarely took care of the children without,my or the nanny's help and presence,jesse became distant secretive and was,home less and less traveling for,unexplained reasons while telling the,kids daddy's at work another factor in,their stability is to prevent the,children from seeing a revolving door of,intimate partners seems like it may not,be so amicable after all when,allegations of cheating get thrown,around in addition to fighting about,their kids jessie and his ex-wife,thought about money with her demanding,100 000 a month in child support and,then 200 000 a couple months later but,at the end of the legal proceedings he,was ordered to pay 40 000 which by the,way is more than i make in a year so the,judge also forced the couple to take,parenting classes because the divorce,was so bitter that the judge was,concerned it would harm their kids,mental health like that's how nasty it,got a temporary custody agreement was,reached in february 2022 when a judge,de

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