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Why Jesse Williams Dislikes When Broadway Audience Reacts to His NUDITYhow insane though this is you

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

Why Jesse Williams Dislikes When Broadway Audience Reacts to His NUDITY

how insane though this is your stage,debut and you're like fully,naked i mean that's doubly scary it's,quite insane jessie williams bears it,all and we mean all on stage in the,broadway revival of take me out this has,got to be i would imagine the smartest,play that involves nudity and admits,that he doesn't love it when the,audience chimes in it's still terrifying,but uh once you do it,you know it's time it's a human body the,40 year old actor stopped by watch what,happens live with andy cohen on monday,with his co-star jesse tyler ferguson,and got candid about how the audience,responds when he strips down to his,birthday suit a non-reaction is a really,interesting reaction yeah yeah quiet,right yeah no right it creates a lot of,issues like a reaction do you like a,reaction i don't like any of it i don't,like any of it none of you can't i've,learned in my minutes in theater which,is all the first all at first for me is,don't start trying to read into it okay,because it just creates more insecurity,how how how insane though this is your,stage debut and you're like fully,naked i mean that's doubly scary told,it's quite insane but,it's so it's the first so i've you know,got nothing to compare it to and i'll be,pretty uh i won't be scared of anything,after this not only is it jesse's,broadway debut it's also patrick j adams,too i don't have anything to compare it,to this is the only way i've debuted but,um,it makes it wholly terrifying not just,partially,and yes patrick gets fully nude too you,know we're going uh yeah although,patrick adams,eti caught up with the cast back in,february leading up to the show's,opening and they kept it real about,taking it off there's something it's so,fully integrated into the play that you,know when i first heard about taking out,and i just really naked guys in a play,you sort of make assumptions that maybe,it's sort of gratuitous or not necessary,and with this play it is so fully,integrated into the fabric of really,what it's about and people being,stripped bare and getting down to the,base eggs going,somewhere fishy,uh and so it's it's kind of great in,that way that you feel like you're,servicing such a beautiful play you,should also just say this because i,don't want people to not buy tickets i'm,not nude,so,don't worry you don't have to see it,not something you have to worry about,you know you get the thermostat right,you get things settled,and the whole cast except for again not,me but the rest of the cast is also in,the same boat so it's not like just,you alone on stage as for jesse he's,also making waves for his highly,anticipated return to grey's anatomy for,the upcoming season 18 finale you'll,recall jesse exited the medical drama,last year after 12 seasons as dr jackson,avery i had your back,i know this is a surprise but i'm just,asking you to,do the same for me and while we await,seeing him at graceland memorial once,again the actor teased what fans can,expect when it comes to his character,and april played by sarah drew they are,right exist in some form or fashion you,will see them,on screen possibly on the same screen,and while jesse didn't reveal too much,e.t chatted with the cast last week and,they gave a little more insight into the,big j pro reunion i don't know what i,can say and what i can't say but i can,say this they will be really happy,they're back on the screens that's what,matters and to get jessie back and to,get sarah back,i mean they're a dynamic duo they are,both featured in this episode which is,kind of exciting because we got sarah,back and and jesse and we love them so,much and so having them here like i was,weepy even in the table reads listen in,the in the episode i think there's a lot,of things i'll be really excited about,and really happy about and then other,things that's a little shocking and like,make them cry it's a good mix

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So Jesse Williams thanks for the first day on Twitter...

So Jesse Williams thanks for the first day on Twitter...

hey guys welcome back to the channel,it's trey and wow my first day,um on twitter and,yeah the trending topic was jesse,williams,wow you know twitter don't hold back do,it,everything is uncensored or whatever,like holy crap,i mean,you know me,um because there were trendy topics of,course it's the same news psycho,nonsense that i don't really care about,but then i saw jesse williams right so,me thinking like oh okay cool they must,be talking about grey's anatomy or,something with his ex-wife because you,know um,him and his ex-wife are going through,like some legal,battle or something like that or,whatever or him returning to grey's,anatomy or going to that um spin-off,series um what um firehouse or house,something i forgot what the name of this,during show was my mom watches it but i,cannot remember the name of it station,station something damn it,well anyway,it doesn't really matter all i know is,um you know i was just looking at the,little training thing because you know,people say that that's what you know,generates buzz on twitter or whatever so,you know of course me trying to learn,ins and outs which you still haven't,learned ins and outs and i'm still of,very forgetful,so um if any of you guys have followed,me or say anything on twitter let me,know because,um i gotta get used to it i gotta get,used to having a twitter,because i'm either on instagram youtube,or just not really on social media like,that so you know forgive me if i've,ignored anything just let me know or,whatever,so,anywho i decided to click on the jesse,williams tablet uh you know tab um and,guess what the first thing i see,is a front noodle,uh video not video but picture,of jesse williams and i'm just like what,the hell is going on then i see all of,these,quotes and talk um,retweets and all kinds of stuff,basically where is everybody's talking,about jesse williams you know his you,know what,right,and apparently you know because i had to,i had to figure out now is this real or,not no it's real,but um,there is basically he's um on broadway,and he's doing a show called um take me,out,and apparently in the,in the stage play i don't know if,there's a scene,or whatever,basically the actors are,butt naked performing and,singing and whatever what and stuff like,that,and somebody,took a video,and showed a performance and pictures,and clips of jesse williams you know,being put naked with other people on the,stage,and apparently it has twitter all up in,a tizzy,and i'm like holy crap,like damn you know normally on a on a,site,like um social media sites usually,that'd be like the first thing they try,to get rid of is like oh no you can't,have it or whatever but man twitter,worked fast,twitter worked real fast i said god damn,but,another thing i want to talk about is,like um,why,do they have broadway plays or stage,plays where a person needs to be naked,for like,i mean,why couldn't they just wear like um new,stockings or something like that you,know something that's close to their,skin complexion that makes it look like,they're naked or something like that if,you need to have a visual moment of them,being naked or the person just being,naked in general because i think uh,daniel radcliffe also had a moment um,had a stage play where he was damn but,naked um you know posing with a horse,and i'm just thinking to myself again,why do you have a broadway play or stage,play that require the actor or the,actress the actress to get butt naked,for the audience like what is that,purpose or whatever you get what i'm,saying,why is that even,something that he is there i mean i,don't know i mean i'm not,that deep into broadway but i mean i,love broadway musicals i like to listen,to um some broadway soundtracks i mean,albums,but,i'm just kind of confused like what is,the purpose of that is that supposed to,be some kind of liberating thing or,whatever like,i don't know because i don't i know if,it was me even if i had the body,jesus jesus will have to take the wheel,for real,because,i don't,know what it was oh,so basically,thanks to this performance um also um,he also got a tony nomination,for,it was a baseball drama too so okay cool,um,hey i mean if that's what you want to do,but i don't know if i ain't got the,i can just tell you ain't got the,the jesus for it,um,but yeah,so,he so basically he was talking about um,how he wanted to do something,challenging and something that was,outside his comfort zone and he prayed,to god for something that would,challenge him but also something that'll,scare him and he took this one and,he the reason why he took this one is,because you know he had to be fully,completely naked for the scene where,you know,they're on,stage in their butt ass naked and i,don't know,again i i think it's i think it's,liberating is probably what what it is,basically but basically he also said,it's a body once you see it you realize,it's whatever is a body um i just have,to make it not a big of a deal,okay,all right,and um,he wanted to do something,um he

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Jesse Williams Reveals If 'Grey's Anatomy' Will End Soon

Jesse Williams Reveals If 'Grey's Anatomy' Will End Soon

first of all how are you doing how are,you holding up during this,crazy time i keep seeing this crazy time,but it just keeps going,yeah i'm going never ending um i'm doing,i'm doing very well,all things considered i have very very,few complaints um,it's obviously an adjustment but i'm i'm,pretty fortunate so uh,we're plugging away and learning a lot,about ourselves and those around us,love to hear it and you have this new,partnership,with old spice so i think it's safe to,say you're also smelling good you might,be smelling a little better than you,so tell us about this upcoming campaign,this partnership that you guys have,going on,yeah you know i think with smell ready,for anything,uh old spice i think is wisely,noting that folks are you know it's been,a tough year and folks are down and,their confidence especially young people,um losing motivation you get stuck in a,rut you can kind of find yourself on,an autopilot and sometimes i think,especially for,uh folks who identify as as male we're,not so good at being vulnerable,and being honest about our lack of,confidence and sometimes we do need a,pep talk sometimes we do need to be our,own hype man,um and get ourselves motivated and so,having a routine having a morning,routine,boosting our confidence and feeling like,you're,the little things that help you to feel,like when you when you head out of the,house,or or start your day as it were you can,feel good and it's,uh from since i was a teenager i,you know how you smell as a part of that,it can really help or hinder your,basic confidence to even be present for,the rest of what's going on so,um i think um going ahead and talking,about tackling self-doubt and,manifesting,uh what you want for yourself uh,consistently and particularly um,as a guy i think we just want to put out,good examples for that and old spices,is uh is really uh wise to get out ahead,of it,right so you did this pep talk for this,campaign,which i thought was so funny something's,got to change in 2021,this is the year we get it together stop,using my treadmill as a hamburger this,is the year you buy mom in that house,you're gonna stop taking your shirt off,on tv big fella not for a while i mean,we all got to work,so why was it important for you to say,those things to,kind of be vulnerable like you were just,talking about yeah i think you know you,get i guess you know don't want to talk,about it you want to be about it you,want to i i'm,i'm admitting myself i have you know,sometimes you do lose,confidence sometimes i do get down on,myself sometimes i do need to smack,myself in the face and,and remind myself of what can happen and,understand the real power of speaking,things into,existence and being your biggest,cheerleader um,and creating you know i think for a lot,of folks,uh being stuck at home the uncertainty,is this going to last a week a month a,year what is this,um what happened was a lot of for a lot,of us are the structure of the day got,ripped away,so you need to kind of build your own,structure your own,check-in points your own uh routine and,rhythm your own you know,hygiene taking care of yourself um,because you don't think you're gonna see,anybody so you're not wearing any pants,on all the zooms all day so,but maybe it actually might help your,performance and your confidence if you,pull it together and treat it like a,real,a real day right and especially for you,too because,you're back to work you guys went back,to work on grey's anatomy,you filmed episodes you guys are filming,now right yeah luckily very lucky to be,working yes we are,so how has that been for you how has,dealing with this craziness that is 2020,2021,and also going back to work and dealing,with,filming but in a pandemic yeah,it's uh it's very surreal it's been very,surreal first of all you know you're,just,you really um if you weren't already,you're there's gratitude there's a lot,of appreciation for the fact they're,able to,put one foot in front of the other and,there's a job to do,um and to you know you're around people,but you can't really be,and we're in full on graze we happen to,be uh,playing covid so we're in full gear and,pepper and,the whole i got a fanny pack hepa filter,tube going up and do a helmet and it,looks like we're exploring space um and,everything is zoned and and rigorous so,you know you,you ha you get a new appreciation for um,collective space and camaraderie and,being able to just share space with,people,um things like that some people it'd be,invigorating,you know kind of get you get you up and,it's another routine that you kind of,forgot what it feels like,um but uh but yeah it's it's a very,bizarre all of it all of it is a little,a little weird i can only imagine and i,do,like speaking of grays we need to talk,about that cliffhanger,what is meredith going to survive,it's uh it's a tough one i wish i could,tell you this year is crazy they these,writers are,out of their minds i don't know this is,you know a year where you'd think you'd,run out

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Take it from Jesse Williams: 'It's ok to feel good' l GMA

Take it from Jesse Williams: 'It's ok to feel good' l GMA

this is,probably one of my last,episodes on grey's hanging with my dogs,at the time in between surgeries you,know just regular doctor stuff in,between surgeries uh none of that is,sterile anymore i don't know why i even,bother having the gown on,i want to take over the foundation,what i want to reallocate every penny,that we have to equity in medicine no,shows last that long no shows last half,that long they just don't who the hell,can write that much who has that many,ideas who has that many like compelling,characters that people care about that's,a one-of-a-kind thing that just i,certainly couldn't predict shonda could,i'm sure but i couldn't,i auditioned for for grades on my,birthday actually,and uh and and got it but that was only,like a two-episode arc so i just kind of,went episode by episode i think i've,pretty thoroughly examined and defined,that character so i don't necessarily,miss him i have him he's not far away,but the people in the in the process of,making it that that's who i missed,this uh symbolizes gratitude and joy and,rest and kind of like i don't know the,trendy word self-care right now like,stepping aside and just taking a breath,it's okay to feel good which is might,seem simple and easy but not something,has really been really a part of my life,as an adult but it's okay to relax and,feel good which is what i think i'm,starting to do at this stage,so this is,uh me directing a tv show called rebel,so this is in me and my element this,represents this represents real,joy for me i love directing it's not,often that you're like really in a space,that like this is where i belong i'm,doing what i'm supposed to be doing um,and i feel that and i have felt that,directing,i've lost so many jobs and,uh you know in this line of work because,of my activism and people saying i'm too,militant and i'm too controversial this,and that it's all good it doesn't matter,i don't i don't there's other things to,do i've always been active in my,communities,since i'd say high school age all that,really changed for me was,my day job,and that more cameras were around me if,you're not actually interested in,freedom for people then don't,make suggestions to me about how to do,it you're not even interested you're not,even interested in the topic or informed,on the topic you're actually working,against us,so why again are we talking about this,serious conversation and discourse is,for serious people,okay yeah kindergarten graduation,i'm smiling not only for my mischievous,memories of who i was as a kid an older,brother but also looks a lot like my son,you know i grew up in really drastically,under-resourced schools you know we were,poor um and the schools were poor and,everything was neglected my family moved,to the suburbs eventually there was this,huge sea change we had what we needed,and i realized oh this has nothing to do,with me i didn't earn this i'm just in a,different zip code and i when i saw that,subaru was doing something that wasn't,like lip service but actual supplies,actual measurable supplies impacting,over 100 000 kids in almost five,thousand classrooms like oh this is real,but you're connecting directly with,teachers and asking them what they need,and how you can make sure they are,supplied in a way that is sustainable,and ongoing i would wanna tell that,young,kid not only to,trust himself more but not be,so,afraid of being,poor,you know i think i experienced a lot of,kind of like financial trauma as a kid,and humiliation around being poor and um,and it can really impact your life,in a lot of ways that you don't see,coming and and again another reason why,something as simple as this initiative,with adopt the classroom and subaru,stuck to me because,it caused a lot of shame not having the,basic stuff,i know that can impact decision making,kind of puts you in a shell sometimes i,would try to give them some words of,encouragement there it gets better

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Black Twitter Calls Out Justin Timberlake For His Jesse Williams Tweet

Black Twitter Calls Out Justin Timberlake For His Jesse Williams Tweet

welcome to the advised show media of the,common sense approach,so when jesse williams was making his,speech during the bt awards justin,timberlake decides to chime in and when,he chimed in,people start going at him about even,speaking up,during their speech when part of jesse,williams speech describes him to a t but,let's go ahead and look at the tweets,that,justin timberlake decides to put up so,justin timberlake tweeted at jesse,williams,though inspired inspired to do what,what are you going to do because most,people who feel inspired to do something,it's action that follow it what are you,going to go,help some people in the community are,you gonna help you know,fight about education and closing all,these black schools down,and they have to cross gang territories,to get to schools that should have been,right in their own area when they have,to do all that,i mean what are you gonna do you're,going to stand up against police,brutality,i mean what do you feel inspired to do i,mean are you going to,donate to help you know different kids,in the community what do you feel,inspired to do justin timberlake i want,to know,because i hate when people just say,words like that just to sound good,now they had a brother called him out,and he said,so does this mean you're going to stop,appropriating our music and culture,and apologize to janet too because,that's exactly what jesse williams was,talking about now i remember justin,timberlake when he got with nsync,i even remember him back on the disney,channel that long ago,and he wasn't doing none of that stuff,that his brother was talking about,he was doing the pop music boy band,music,that's more so what white people do okay,fine i have no issue with nothing he was,doing before,but he gets out of in sync goes with,timberland,and then he started to do all that kind,of music and i have no issue with,anybody doing that kind of music but,don't sit here and want to grab,that kind of music but you don't want,the struggle either that's the problem,you don't speak up you don't speak out,you don't say a word now i know some of,these idiots will come in and say oh,well,what you're trying to say white people,can't do that kind of music no,not saying that if you're going to take,on the music and say you love it so much,then take on what go along with it like,macklemore,mclemore has spoke out so many times,against,white supremacy and injustice that,happens to black people,so mclemore nobody says a word about him,he even was shocked that he got a grammy,award,over kendrick lamar that year he was,just like he shouldn't even be getting,that award,so nobody said worry about macklemore,it's about your actions,not your color but continuing so justin,timberlake,responds to him in a condescending,manner,oh you sweet soul the more you realize,that we are the same,the more we can have a conversation bye,so listen what he said telling a grown,man you sweet soul,that's so condescending then he gonna,tell him the more you realize that we,are the same,we are not the same in america justin,timberlake you know how i can tell you,we're not the same,look at the criminal justice system for,instance we're not the same there,look at hiring practices if you have a,black sounding name we're not the same,there,look at the way cops relate to black,people versus white people we're not the,same there,look at the way loans work in this,country blacks get a higher interest,rate than whites,we're not the same there should i,continue in the criminal justice system,most of the judges are white most of the,cops are white,we're not the same most people in the,government are white we're not the same,we're not on the equal playing field,sorry so,stop that crap that we are the same what,we may be the same we breathe oxygen,maybe what can we want to eat yeah we,got blood flowing through our body yeah,and else you call them the same outside,of that we're not the same,and they say the more we can have a,conversation see here's the thing,they want the conversation based on,their terms,not what how we feel about the situation,so it goes back to,white supremacists trying to control,everything that we do,control the conversation control our,thought processes control how we speak,when we speak control how we dress,control who our friends are,control who our heroes are see it's all,about control with them,even to the point of the conversation i,don't want to have a conversation with,you justin timberlake for nothing,you're not controlling no conversation,now i'm over conversation with you,i'm all about fixing stuff into action,so he tells him bye,now the brother had mentioned janet,jackson in a previous tweet,look at what he done to her he's a,straight coward,they had a wardrobe malfunction let,janet jackson get thrown to the wolves,and he just stayed quiet didn't say,nothing instead of him being a man and,say you know what it was a wardrobe,malfunction,it happened it wasn't intentional sorry,leave her alone,they had to squash

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Jesse Williams - Confronting Masculinity and Power Dynamics in “Take Me Out” | The Daily Show

Jesse Williams - Confronting Masculinity and Power Dynamics in “Take Me Out” | The Daily Show

jesse williams welcome back to the daily,show thanks for having me again um you,think you're going to do it this time,because the last time i saw you you were,getting ready to go to broadway you're,getting ready to make your debut and i,will never forget it it was around,february 2020 and you're like oh you got,to come to the show you got everyone,made plans yeah world shut down second,time around you feeling good i do i feel,great i mean we were yeah we were three,weeks into rehearsal,it was i was nervous i was terrified all,things i still am today but um we never,got to take it to the next step so now,we're in tech we're open in a few days,um and it's uh thrilling and terrifying,and we're ready to go it's not just your,broadway debut but i mean it's it's a,it's a play that's a revival but it's,it's a powerful story as well because,it's a story of a baseball player of,color who comes out and and i mean along,you know amongst all sports athletes,will tell you look i've got nothing,against anybody who's gay but there's,there's this attitude and this feeling,in changing rooms like just keep it out,of the you know keep it out of the chain,don't tell me about it right the locker,room is a pretty specific space yes,hyper masculine space brings a lot of,baggage in there now richard greenberg,who wrote the play envisioned this in,the early 2000s and he figured it was,imminent that a superstar,not just a player but a superstar top of,his class world-class athlete that was,kind of untouchable yes what would,happen if that person came out um,because you can't trade them you can't,release them this is somebody who's,really the pinnacle of their profession,what would happen there and he thought,it was going to happen in a year from,now it's 20 years have passed still,hasn't happened in any american major,sport right at that level um never and,then add to that him being black um add,to that him being biracial specifically,and what that represents in this country,and doesn't um so it explores a lot of,that and one of the things that's most,fascinating to me is that the character,without giving too much away,doesn't change or shift or do anything,behavioral,to provoke or let men hide behind,behavior oh you know i don't mind that,he's gay but i wish he didn't do this i,don't mind his game she didn't act this,way right right he's not doing anything,this guy is the alpha best player in the,world best player on the team,championship team,he hasn't changed anything but said a,word and look how men contort themselves,in shape they don't know how to behave,around him they don't know how to,present themselves and it takes away you,know an interesting,locker room dynamic where guys are able,to be kind of playful and homoerotic and,maybe intolerant and you know all those,things that get woven into locker room,culture now what do you do when i'm,there when you're in a story like this,you know,one thing i've always loved about,fiction is that it it oftentimes,provides enough sugar for us to delve,into fact you know yeah is that through,stories we get to solve all the puzzles,that we can't seem to solve in in real,life yeah like i i know a lot of guys,out there would be i'm fine with guys,who are gay and then you go like what if,your friends ah now that's not that's,not cool look we got to keep our,distance man we got to keep up distance,but i'm still cool with him and i go,what changed yeah and it's interesting,when you realize that there's still an,idea of what gay is or isn't and how we,react to it yes that's actually,one of the more interesting things that,there's that idea of what that means and,if you but if you don't behave in a,different way it leaves you kind of,flailing for something to grasp at that,makes you what as good as gay mean,without a demonstrable,very much like blackness right like you,know a lot of media blackness has to be,demonstrated it has to be shown in some,really narrow,uh pedantic way um,but with this you know the the,friendships that darren has,they're very different he's got a best,friend that handles it one way there's,religion comes into play,there's a projection of of aggression,there's projection of prying eyes of me,you know,being a predator in some ways when i'm,not even looking at you there's all,types of things that we forecast that is,a kind of a reflection of what women,have to deal with in our society what,black folks have to deal with in our,society it comes with and you know your,presence alone is two strikes out of,three um i like that so it's so you get,to see how um it's really an interesting,examination of relationship and,the damage that talking can do,expressing yourself too much honesty,which feels like a pathway in yes can,sometimes not be the best policy it's,not necessarily and so there's cultural,dynamics we give a bias towards there's,an interesting under current of white,privilege in this story that i think is,really interesting whether uh intended,or not um because darren is n

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Twitter Jesse Williams Video - Jesse Williams Twitter Photo Has Become A Hot Topic On Social Media

Twitter Jesse Williams Video - Jesse Williams Twitter Photo Has Become A Hot Topic On Social Media

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic let's get,started actor jesse william is the talk,of the internet this week after a,raunchy clip from his new broadway show,went viral on twitter the former grace,anatomy star quit the show in 2021,after playing jackson every for over a,decade and made his thutter debuted in a,revival of the broadway production take,me out,for the role he has to strip down on,stage and a clip of the show,which uh i mean,which started on new york's broadway in,april 2022 he sent fans violent twitter,so jesse williams strips down in uh take,me out,after quitting grey's anatomy the 40,year old revealed that he was set to,take on the lead role in the revival of,this stage show take me out,the production follows the story of a,baseball player called darren laming,played by jesse,who reveals he is a gay and is met with,huge prejudices from his teammates,in one,scene the actor has to get fully um i,mean uh showing body in front of,audience which he revealed was,terrifying in the interview on the allen,degeneres show last july june,speaking to guest host at which he,said,the character does call for a little bit,of,something like that so what he said will,say about that is it's terrifying in all,the way all the right ways,um,so,this week a clip of jesse's,scene in the take me out has leaked on,twitter yes you heard right,filmed by an audience member the short,video shows the actor fully,on stage leaving nothing to the,imagination the videos won't be,interested here for obviously obvious,reasons but it can be found on twitter,if you are into intrigue,but um,i wonder why you want to watch the video,it is not um i mean,not every video is made for everyone so,you can remember one thing that,uh,just watch,that video which can help you out,or which is,something like informative,friends are going crazy over the clip of,the former grace anatomy actor,so,yeah everyone wants to see that broadway,show now,people are dying to see jesse williams a,scene in real life,uh whoever took one of them thank you,good night to jesse williams only um,people said,fans are going wild yeah,if when we uh had this content on grace,um,yeah the internet is never going to get,over this so this is actually the whole,information about,jesse,williams video,uh which has been or i mean which has,been viral these days uh but remember,one thing that the making uh the purpose,of making this video is just to inform,you about that and for nothing else,actually uh it is just an informative,video and for nothing else i do not,force you to do any action to watch or,not watch that video it is just up to,you but i informed you about that video,which people are curious about,in fact i suggest you to do better in,your life and,to do well with other people and with,you also,with your heart right thanks for,watching goodbye

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson 'Appalled' By Leak Of Jesse Williams' Nude Scene

Jesse Tyler Ferguson 'Appalled' By Leak Of Jesse Williams' Nude Scene

the broadway theater where jesse,williams bears it all in the current,production of take me out is appalled by,the leak of his full frontal nudity,scene yes so as we detailed yesterday,jesse went viral online after someone in,the audience managed to sneak a video,even though theater goers are required,to lock up their phones ahead of the,performance to prevent this exact thing,from happening the video was captured,during a shower scene where other cast,members including patrick j adams are,also new yeah a second stage theater has,issued a lengthy statement condemning,the leak writing it is deeply,unfortunate that one audience member,chose to disrespect the production their,fellow audience members and most,importantly the cast in this matter,taking naked pictures of anyone without,their consent is highly objection,objectionable and can have severe legal,consequences the statement continued,posting it on the internet is a gross,and unacceptable violation of trust,between the actor and audience forged in,the theater community and second stage,concluded their statement by saying they,are currently trying to scrub the,internet of the images and video while,adding the additional staff will be,enforcing the policy in the theater the,actors equity association also called,the leak both sexual harassment and an,appalling breach of consent meanwhile,jesse's co-star modern family alum jesse,tyler ferguson addressed the incident on,twitter writing i'm appalled by the,disrespect shown to the actors of our,company whose vulnerability on stage,every night is crucial to take me out,anyone who applauds or trivializes this,behavior has no place in the theater,which has always been a safe space for,artists and audience,members sangeeta what do you think about,all this i i you know i agree with them,i think the fact that he was being so,vulnerable on stage and you're told not,to use your video cameras and turn,things off it is disrespectful i mean if,a lot of people do bootlegging when they,go into the theater actually i was in,the theater just recently and i don't,know if you realize it but he was,actually recording the movie and my,neighbor said you need to put your phone,down so it happens yeah but when you're,told and you're in the reason you were,told it's because these actors are being,vulnerable on stage it is wrong to do,that,um and there's been other cases in,broadway where this has happened as well,so first thing i did after i heard about,the story was go to twitter to see what,people had to say so it's interesting to,see the other side is people are like,now i need to go watch the broadway show,ticket sales are gonna go up one way or,another people are now excited about it,so it's that whole thing where you know,the great publicity bad publicity,sometimes they both work hand in hand,and i think this is the case yeah yeah,absolutely you know the theater itself i,believe is going to start doing like,infrared yeah so that they can see,whether or not people actually have,their phones on and i guess,the measure that they're going to have,to take to kind of protect the privacy,of,the and the integrity of the performers,on stage a lot of people are interested,in this story um kenzie j says i'm,trying to find the video,with those eyes that's what i mean like,the first thing you're like what is this,what is people talking about,yeah um bibian says definitely agree,that it should be illegal good luck,scrubbing the internet though and that's,the thing once something gets out there,it just goes and goes and goes and goes,and goes um yeah like you said i agree,with everything that you just said there,it is uh it is an invasion of privacy,and yesterday you know we were on the,show talking about kind of joking about,the idea of being naked on stage and you,do have to be vulnerable and some people,are very good with,like the confident in their bodies and,being out there but if someone is,you know that you don't know is taking,video of you while you're out there,doing that that's that's not good yeah,and i think that i want to see what,jessie has to say about this and i think,you know he did talk about he,acknowledged that you know he didn't,want to be nervous about it but he,wanted to do this it was part of his,acting skills he wanted to make sure,this moment was real and authentic and,to and he thought this was a safe safe,place for him and it wasn't so i hope,the person who did the video does get,caught and get charged for it because i,feel like this is actually uh an example,of what,what needs to stop it happens way too,often where people like picking up their,phone or whatever it is and trying to,get that moment but uh it's wrong,francis makes a good point here saying i,was hoping this play would get more buzz,as the actors have been waiting two,years to do it it's getting some buzz,now yeah well it's also been uh tommy,there's tony nominations,there's a few and that was the day got,leaked too right yeah so that's i mean,it was

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