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Jeremy Allen White's Full Press Room Speech at the Golden Globeshi,hi Anthony,thank you man apprecia


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Jeremy Allen White's Full Press Room Speech at the Golden Globes

hi,hi Anthony,thank you man appreciate it,yeah I don't know you know I got,together with Chris store the creator of,the show and we didn't really discuss,comedy or or drama and all that much I,think you know it's like life there are,moments that are funny there are moments,that are sad moments that are,frustrating,um I think when we got together and,started talking about the show you know,I just wanted to do karmy justice and,and I think we wanted to do kind of the,the kitchen industry and service,industry Justice and and make something,that um that um was honest and true to,those those folks you know,hey thank you so much,thank you,yeah I should keep my mouth shut,yeah yeah we'll we'll see we'll see what,it ends up looking like,um my arms that is I think the movie's,gonna be great uh ironclaw was the a24,movie,um that I did,um and yeah man it's it's amazing Sean,Durkin directed it he wrote it,um he's an amazing director I've known,him since I was like 16.,um I felt really lucky to do it with him,Zach's incredible uh Lily who I think is,here tonight is in it Lily James she's,amazing Harris Dickinson it was just a,good group we got we got lucky we were,all there at the same time and I'm,I hope it comes out and people like it,yeah,hi Michael,when someone commits suicide that their,pain ends and that the people left,behind their pain is just beginning have,you found people who are survivors of,suicide and we,reach in any other way,is also,um,I don't need this to be funny but you,also hear from people in the restaurant,world,um,yes I mean 100 people in the restaurant,world,um I I've heard from it and that was,like like I said before Christopher and,I got together and I think we wanted to,make a show where we could be proud of,it and we can walk into a restaurant and,kind of get like a head nod from from,service workers and line cooks and chefs,um,before before shooting the show,um no I mean I I didn't I didn't,I didn't speak to anybody,um who um who had had a loved one commit,suicide,um a friend of mine had committed,suicide kind of weeks before we started,filming,um,um,um and people have reached out since uh,the show has come out,um you know saying that it it uh it had,resonated with them yeah,uh really and truly I haven't I haven't,read anything I've been bothering Chris,out there all night to give me some,scripts he says January 15th,um but I think we'll open the bear I,mean I I think we'll see the process of,um of you know building a kitchen from,from the ground up yeah thank you,Samira from Finland hi,thank you thank you,has that changed during the show because,you know we are all food lovers but we,don't really see how much it takes to I,I pay I pay more attention,um you know we we have this really,wonderful Chef Maddie Matheson who helps,us with the show and another wonderful,Chef Courtney store uh who's Chris,store's sister who's a really great chef,um and so I go out to eat with them and,I just try to try to watch their,relationship to the food but but not,only the food I I think what I learned,after working on the show and and,working in these restaurants and,visiting all these restaurants is the,food is obviously an incredibly,important and it's such a big uh,Communicator from from the cooks and the,chef to the customers but also the,environment of a um of a restaurant,um was something I'd never really,thought about as someplace you want to,stay some place you want to be house the,service all these things,um I just I started looking at it in a,in a bigger in a bigger way and I had,these wonderful chefs like uh Maddie and,and Coco to kind of guide me through,that yeah,it's beautiful thank you guys

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Jeremy Allen White on The Bear Memes, Shameless, and THAT Denim Jacket | This Guy | InStyle

Jeremy Allen White on The Bear Memes, Shameless, and THAT Denim Jacket | This Guy | InStyle

hello instyle my name is jeremy allen,white and you are watching this guy my,birthday is february 17 1991. i was born,in new york new york i grew up in,brooklyn new york,i'll do like an iced latte in the,summertime in the winter,i prefer just hot black,coffee,i'm a real like meat and potatoes kind,of guy i like a good steak,or like um,like short ribs with like roasted,vegetables like kind of like a,a sundae roast like anything in that,world is kind of my ideal,meal there's only one movie i've ever,gone to see in theaters left the theater,and then bought a ticket to go watch it,again and that is this movie called the,great beauty i was directed by paulo,sorrentino it's an italian movie i,believe it came out in like,maybe 2014 or 15 or something like that,yeah,if i'm in chicago and this isn't just,for the show i will have an italian beef,sandwich dipped hot peppers that's what,i'll do but if i'm in la or new york,it's always like i feel like like a like,a turkey avocado,or like i really like it like a,prosciutto with like a like a fig jam,and like some arugula,but yeah those are some sandwiches,it was it was on our last day of uh it,was our last day of shooting the bear,which wasn't that long ago now um it was,i guess april and i had this really,really big scene on the last day and it,had kind of been in my head so there was,like quite a build up i don't think,anybody was putting any pressure on me,but myself i really felt like i let,everybody down i felt like i i didn't i,didn't do great work and i i was able to,step away from it and we had some more,stuff to shoot but i was kind of like,having a moment alone outside of the,next location and chris store our,creator co-director co-writer,could tell i was i was like a little bit,bothered and he did that thing,which i know you know he was just trying,to be kind and he was being kind but you,know when you're ever like kind of on,the verge you're just very emotional and,somebody kind of starts to like just rub,your back a little bit and then all of a,sudden you're just like off to the races,so he did that he rubbed my back a,little bit,and i started to cry a little bit and,then he very quickly kind of like,removed his hand and got out of the way,um but i think that was the last time,yeah,i don't have twitter um i don't go on,twitter so i think that's kind of,helpful and kind of you know,self-regulating but,yeah i've been made aware of uh of some,of the stuff out there there's like one,in particular um,everybody's decided i uh,i look a lot like gene wilder um which i,agree but i guess somebody called me a,ketamine gene wilder or called carmi,ketamine gene wilder which i thought was,um,weird and funny yeah,i was clueless in a kitchen um truly,truly useless um and now i'm like i'm,okay um i've gotten a lot better but i'm,still,very mediocre i just put a lot of the,time in and that's what it takes you,know um production sent me to culinary,school um i got to work in some amazing,restaurants under some really wonderful,chefs so i learned a lot my knife skills,got pretty good there are a few dishes i,can cook but,i don't know i i think like the,the test of like a real chef a good chef,is like they can kind of walk into,anybody's house,open the fridge open the cabinet and,they can make something but i'm still,i've got like one eye in the cookbook i,need to run out to the grocery store and,get one last thing that's kind of where,i'm at,there's something about his confidence,um,that i really latched on to he was he,was like um,very sure of himself in so many ways um,and that was something i really,admired,i hope so i mean i i know how much it,meant to him and,it was interesting too that was,something we added to the pilot kind of,late,but we were talking to maddie matheson,who's on the show and he's a wonderful,chef and our like producer on the show,was kind of in charge of all things,kitchen on the show along with coco,courtney store chris's sister we he just,thought so many chefs have so many,interests,outside of the kitchen whether it's like,fashion or architecture because if,you're really going to make your own,restaurant like there's so many i mean,it's just like a it's an incredibly like,creative position to be in to like not,only create a menu but create an,environment and what is what do you want,that environment to feel like so maddie,was talking about how these chefs have,all these different interests and,wouldn't have been,cool if if carmi also,had this thing kind of with denim and,fashion i think it kind of got dropped a,little bit because of what we were,talking about before about kind of like,how lonely carmy's life is in the,kitchen that kind of became,more important what a heartbreaking,thing to do,you know i know that that piece of,clothing,made him feel very close to michael and,so yeah to to give that away,um,i know that was incredibly painful yeah,the process in in kind of finding uh,karmi's tattoos was really fun um i,worked with a friend of mine who'

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Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Michelin Star Restaurant to Prepare for The Bear | The Tonight Show

Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Michelin Star Restaurant to Prepare for The Bear | The Tonight Show

-Jeremy Allen White. Jeremy, welcome to the show.,-Thank you. -Thanks for being here.,-Thank you for having me. -Thank you for coming.,You're not the first family member,to be in "The Tonight Show" world.,To be at "The Tonight Show.",-That's right. Yeah.,I think you always want your children to outshine you.,I just didn't know it was gonna happen this early.,My 3-year-old daughter, Ezer, came here, what,,like two months ago, six weeks ago or something like that,and got to hang out with you.,-Dakota Johnson is her godmother?,-Yeah, Dakota's her godmother.,And she's a really big fan of Angel Moon, which is this...,-Chris Martin. -Puppet in Coldplay's new album.,-They have like a muppet band called The Weirdos.,-The Weirdos. Yeah. -And they're all muppets.,-They're all muppets. -And they're from space.,-They were on the show. It wasn't even Chris, really.,-No, they were booked on the show, yeah.,And then this beautiful little baby was walking around,with Dakota, and she was like, "Angel Moon, Angel Moon.",She was, like, so cute. And she was like -- I go, "Oh, my gosh.",Like, no one could stop looking at this kid.,-Yeah. -Somebody took a picture of me,doing our exchange, I want to say.,-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. -Look at that hair.,-I did not know it was your baby.,That's Adam Sandler's Hawaiian shirt.,-Oh, nice. ,Man, she's met Adam Sandler, too.,She's really like -- ,-She had a great -- -Really shining, man.,-She's welcome back whenever. -Cool.,-I'm happy that you're here, because man, oh, man, did I hear,more about this show than anything on Earth.,"The Bear." -"The Bear.",-Everyone -- It's almost like -- I don't know if the Internet was,finding me or thinking that I would be really into it.,But everybody's like, "You got to watch 'The Bear.',It's the must-see show." I'm like, "I get it.,'The Bear.' What is it about? Is it about a bear?,What is going on?",I had no clue what it's about.,It's like, no, it's about a restaurant in Chicago.,-Yes. -I go, "Okay.,I still have nothing to do with Chicago.",I like food. Fine. -Yeah, food.,It sounds like you'll like it. Yeah.,-It doesn't. Why? ,I have no connection.,I love it. -You love it?,-The Internet was right. -Oh, good.,-Everyone who told me was right.,It's like 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.,-It's doing really well, man. -You crush it.,How do we explain it to everyone?,It's very fast. I will say, it moves fast.,You could probably binge this in a weekend.,-Yeah, yeah. It's like 4 1/2 hours.,It's eight episodes.,And I think we were trying to capture, like, the pace,of a kitchen, which is really, really intense.,And the show is about a young chef, Carmen Berzatto,,coming home to Chicago after working in these, like,,really intense kitchen environments all over the world.,And he comes home, and he kind of inherits his family's,sandwich shop after his brother passes away.,So he comes back, and he's -- he's trying to kind of, like,,bring this shop to a different sort of glory.,And he's also dealing with the death of his brother.,-Yeah. People are loving, also,,the attention to detail in this show.,And I will say, that right there -- anyone who -- Yeah.,-That's a deli, is what they call it, right there.,-If you drink out of that plastic deli thing --,That's what chefs drink out of. -You're the real deal.,-Did you do your homework for that?,Like, how did you realize that? -Yeah.,So, we did a lot of work.,I spent a lot of time in kitchens.,The kitchen I spent the most time at was a restaurant,in L.A. called Pasjoli.,It's in Santa Monica. Chef Dave Beran is chef there.,He's really incredible. They have a star --,a Michelin star, which is kind of like,the biggest deal in the restaurant world.,-Did people know who you are at the time,,before "The Bear" came out?,-So, we were all in masks. I was in the kitchen.,It's an open kitchen.,So it was kind of fine.,And I liked that I could be there, you know.,Everybody was like, "This is just some actor.",And they didn't really give it any thought.,The show hadn't come out. They didn't know anything,about the show, so I felt very,,like, you know, safe there.,-Yeah. -But yeah, yeah.,We did all our homework. And we had these wonderful chefs.,Matty Matheson, who's a really incredible chef,,Courtney Storer, who's the showrunner's sister, was a chef,at this place Jon & Vinny's in L.A.,So that authenticity that came from these guys.,-I've had it. -Yeah, that place is great.,-Yeah. So good.,-I went to a place called Mr. Beef,,I want to say, in Chicago.,-Yeah. That's where we shoot.,-I was there. I'm in that place. -Oh, my God.,Is your face up on the wall? -I think my face is on the wall.,-Your face is probably on the wall.,-I think I am on the wall. -Yeah. Yeah, yeah.,-Oh, I hope I don't take you out of character,next time you're doing this. -I know.,I'm just going to make eye contact with you as I'm --,-You're like, "Look, they let any moron in this place.",You throw a drink at the picture and have it splash off me.,But I'd love to make a cameo. -Swe

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Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

Elon Musk Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Pfizer Twitter Files! This Is Massive Corruption!

what is going on everyone Jeremy here,from the corner we've got a Monday,delicacy we've got some koof files,shared by Elon Musk with Alex Berenson,uh well,we knew last week I felt a little,deprived I believe we were promised some,fouchy files and I'm not quite sure we,got them but it seems like maybe the,start of that is now and what's,interesting is,just how Olympic levels the Olympic,levels of I don't know denial that uh,the media seems to be in in terms of the,Twitter files and everything that's been,revealed in them uh I can only hope that,uh while Republican leaders because I,can't count on any Democrats uh some,Republicans are kind of taking notes of,this so Elon tweets out more Twitter,files some conspiracies are actually,true,well it sure seems like it's more than,some but um I appreciate you tuning in,if you enjoyed my Twitter files coverage,and you haven't yet please do click that,subscribe button down below,I know a lot of you just check my,channel,and that's cool but it does help to uh,it helps the channel to also be,subscribed so YouTube sees people,actually want to see my videos,my first Twitter files report,how Scott gottel got gottlie a top,Pfizer board member used the same,Twitter lobbyist as the White House to,suppress debate on the koof Poke,including from a fellow head of the US,FDA,yikes,in August 2021 Gottlieb told Todd,O'Boyle a senior manager in Twitter's,Public Policy Department that a tweet,from Dr,uh Brett,I don't know Greer greyer,claiming correctly that natural immunity,was Superior superior to the Poke was,corrosive and quote might go viral,such a doctor saying a a a a fact a,scientific fact they were worried about,a scientific fact,going live,Twitter got a misleading tag on the,tweet,preventing it from being shared Gottlieb,then went after a tweet about the low,risk to kids from Justin Hart,it follows me follow you bud,Pfizer would soon win the okay for its,shots for the young ones so keeping,parents scared was crucial of course,you know it's funny like uh well let me,continue,this is weird Alex didn't lay it out,perfectly he's got like four kind of,ramshackle tweets here and then a link,to an article which I'll bring up in,October 2022 Scott Gottlieb claimed on,Twitter and CNBC that he was not trying,to suppress debate on these particular,pokes these files proved that Gottlieb a,board member at the company that has,made 70 billion dollars on that,particular injection did just that,on August 27th,Dr Scott Gottlieb a Pfizer director with,over 550 000 Twitter followers saw a,tweet he didn't like,and a tweet that might hurt the sales of,Pfizer's poke by the way uh this is Alex,berenson's Alex Berenson reporting uh I,want to get his at oh it's just at Alex,Berenson uh I was already following him,but uh if you know,you should give them a follow,the Tweet explained correctly that,natural immunity after the cuff,infection was superior to the Poke,protection it called on the White House,to follow the science and exempt people,with natural immunity from upcoming poke,mandates,it came not from an anti-vaxxer like,Robert F Kennedy Jr but Dr Brett Grier,a physician who had briefly followed,Gottlieb as the head of the FDA,further the Tweet actually encouraged,people who did not have natural immunity,to get the Poke,no matter by suggesting that some people,might not some people might not need it,the Tweet could raise questions about,their product,I'm just going to refer to the Poke as,the product now because it seems to me,that that's how this Pfizer guy would,have seen it right,besides being a former FDA commissioner,a CNBC contributor and a prominent voice,on the coof public policy Gottlieb was a,senior board member at Pfizer which,depended on their product for almost,half of its 81 billion dollars in sales,in 2021. Pfizer paid Gottlieb 365,thousand dollars for his work that year,colleague stepped in emailing toddle bro,tato Boyle a top lobbyist in Twitter's,Washington office who was also Twitter's,point of contact with the White House,the post was quote corrosive Gottlieb,wrote he worried that a good quote end,up going viral and driving news coverage,yeah,uh I mean this is a pretty big deal that,they're suppressing this,like this this I would say is the,beginning,of of the fauci files,this is this is the kind of stuff that's,corrosive here he draws a sweeping,conclusion of a single retrospect rep,retrospective study in Israel that,hasn't been peer-reviewed but this tweet,will end up going viral and driving news,coverage whining is essentially,demanding it to be the platform I would,imagine that's my interpretation of it,I found the email in the search records,I ran at Twitter last week part of Elon,musk's Twitter files an effort to raise,the veil on censorship decisions Twitter,made before musk bought the company in,October I went into detail about my,involvement at the Twitter files in a,substack article yesterday I plan more,on reporting on the files in the weeks,to come,through jira a

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About Me! Jeremy White's journey to teaching and Kindergarten Readiness

About Me! Jeremy White's journey to teaching and Kindergarten Readiness

what kind of Suez student will you be,welcome welcome welcome to lift tutoring,to lift tutoring welcome to another,video my lift tutoring love instruction,foundation teacher kindergarten,readiness what kind of super student are,you,welcome to lift to hurry tutoring today,we're gonna talk about something they're,close to me me many of you are wondering,about my background and where I come,from and and what my experiences are and,where I've lived and how I got to this,point in time in 2018 so my name is,Jeremy White and I was born in Memphis,Tennessee and I did not actually grow up,in Memphis I was only in Memphis for,about a year my father's job traveled a,lot he used to play football his name is,Reggie White and so when he originally,started playing for the showboats I was,born in Memphis,the USFL when the USFL folded and the,the NFL had a supplemental draft and he,got drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles,so we moved to a small town right,outside of Philadelphia in New Jersey so,I lived in New Jersey off and on and I,say off and on because we only lived in,New Jersey during the season I lived in,New Jersey until I was about six years,old seven years old yeah seven years old,so after he became a free agent and went,to Green Bay when we moved to Green Bay,and then we started traveling from we,did Green Bay during the season and then,would be in Tim cedar in the offseason,we were living right outside of,Knoxville it was a little town called,Maryville we lived there until I was,about 11 and then we moved to Ohio to be,closer to my mother's family after my,father had left the Packers and lived in,Ohio for a year and then I ended up we,end up moving to right outside and,moving to the Greater Charlotte area and,we moved there in 2000 we contrary to,popular popular belief we actually moved,we're planning to move to Charlotte,before my father even knew that he was,going to play for the Panthers it was,actually at the time looking at possibly,the Redskins of the Titans but we ended,up with one year with the Panthers and,then he retired and I've been living in,Charlotte since 2000 so I did my high,school years in Charlotte and I did my,college years at Elon University where I,got a undergrad in communications and,journalism and I graduated in 2008 that,was in Elon North Carolina EU and which,is right outside of Greensboro for those,of you need a bigger city to have,reference to after Elon University I had,nothing necessarily timely down to North,Carolina I was looking for a job but,that was during the housing crisis right,out like right after that whole thing,happened and and I decided to look up,jobs in Japan I had wanted to actually,go to Japan since I was nine years old,had always been interested in anime and,the video games,that's not Japanese video game but yeah,just for effects sake and I remember,actually my dad had a preseason game,there when I,nine and I told my mother I want to go,to Japan with dad,and she didn't really want me to go and,so she told me well if you learned,Japanese you could go so she got me a,cd-rom I put it in my PC I booted it up,and then you know the hiragana came up,and instead corny to you I and I was,playing I can't do this,it was nine-years-old side reelected,unfortunate to say I didn't get to go to,Japan at night so at 22 I realized there,was an opportunity for me to do it I,didn't have to know Japanese I didn't,have to have lived there before and I,was able to apply ended up applying a,lot to Chicago for the interview there,were 14 of us three of us got called,back for the second interview two of us,got hired and so I was now headed for my,life in Japan the idea was to only stay,there one year do the contract and that,was that was what the idea was so,knowing that I had got hired I actually,started working at a daycare here in in,Huntersville North Carolina communities,right right there in Huntsville and I,worked there for about four months and,that is actually the daycare in which I,started telling the story of Estelle and,Gustave the kids started asking me for a,story and it was right near pickup time,so we're just kind of waiting for the,parents to come pick him up and the kind,of the last thing of the day me and,another teacher were in there and I just,started telling the story I was,listening to at the time I was listening,to the British singer R&B singer Estelle,and,don't know where Gustav came from but we,started I started telling the story it,was fun and it actually got to the point,where the parents started showing up,early to pick up their children and not,actually take their children home,because they wanted to hear how Stella,Gustav ended because their children were,going home saying mr. Jeremy because at,the time I was mr. Jeremy not mr. white,mr. Jeremy told us all about the sound,good stuff so I worked there for four,months back in high school I had worked,at a daycare over the summer,before I started ilan so I had you know,in during my elon years I actually was a,Zeta

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Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Kitchen and Took Culinary Classes to Prepare for The Bear

Jeremy Allen White Worked in a Kitchen and Took Culinary Classes to Prepare for The Bear

-Our next guest is a talented actor,you know from his work on" Shameless.",He stars in FX's "The Bear,",which is streaming exclusively on Hulu.,Let's take a look.,-It's crumbly. The oven's too dry.,You need to fill a baking sheet with water,,put it on the oven floor, throw in another batch, okay?,-Don't tell me how to do my job. -Just do it!,♪♪,Yo! Somebody come try this, cousin!,-Yeah, right!,-How you doing, Chef?,-Chef. What's going on? What do you think?,-It's redundant and white, just like you.,-Heard, heard, heard.,-Salt. Heat. It's tender. -Mmm! Mmm!,-It's nice? We happy? -,-Please welcome to the show Jeremy Allen White, everybody!,♪♪,Welcome to the show! I'm so happy you're here.,-I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for having me.,-I feel like this is the show of the summer.,This is the show I talk to people about the most.,Everybody's enjoying it.,I know you filmed it in Chicago in the winter, so a bit of time.,-Yes. How does it feel, though,,the response? -Man, it's so nice.,Like, we were trying to make a show, I think,,where, like, back-of-house and the kitchen industry,would kind of, like, give us a head nod,,and I hope maybe we'd have, like, a niche audience,that would enjoy it enough that we could keep doing more.,But I'm incredibly overwhelmed by how it's really connected,with so many people, and it feels good.,-You play sort of a renowned chef,who returns to a family business making sandwiches.,It is so -- The kitchen scenes are so chaotic.,And -- But I feel like,one of the reasons people are so energized,by watching it is everybody loves eating food.,And the idea of getting to watch, like, what actually,goes through -- even just to make a beef sandwich.,-Absolutely. Every restaurant now,that I look at is a miracle.,Like, especially in cities like New York, Chicago, L.A.,I had no idea just how much went into it.,And, yeah, it's incredible. I have a lot of respect.,I've spent a lot of time now with chefs, cooks,,and the sacrifice of time, the commitment,,loss of, like, personal life.,It's really -- It's astounding, and it's commendable.,-I know you did some training in working kitchens,while you were preparing. -Oh, yeah.,-Did the chefs appreciate you're an actor,but also hate you a little bit when you were slow?,-Yeah, I walked into every kitchen apologizing,just like, "I'm sorry I'm here, too.,But, like, please be patient with me.",And, yeah, it was really nice.,Like, I think everybody kind of knew the deal, but --,but there was one time I was working at this,restaurant called Pasjoli.,It's in Santa Monica.,If you guys are ever out there, go.,It's excellent.,Chef Dave Beran is chef there.,He was really generous with his time.,Everybody kind of knew the deal.,But one day I was in there, I was prepping,,and there was a new line cook, and I hadn't met her before,,and she was telling me what to do.,She told me to do, like, a three-quarter dice,on some vegetables.,I started cutting. They weren't great.,And I told her, "You know what? I'm an actor.,I'm not a chef.",And she just goes, "No, I know.",She could just tell by how I was cutting.,Like, there's no -- no way.,-I like that it was more likely that an actor,had come in to research a role...,-Than I was actually a chef? Yeah. Yeah, yeah.,-And then you went to --,You took some classes at the Culinary Institute.,-Yeah, yeah. -Do you feel like,,based on how quickly you pick things up,,you would have been good at this?,-No. Honestly. -Thank you for the honesty.,-I mean, I got it.,You know, I got really good at the knife work.,It's all repetition, really. It's just time.,But no. Like, it wasn't --,It wasn't natural for me, I'll say, yeah.,-So, these Italian beef sandwiches --,they look so good on the show. -Yeah.,-I would imagine that you had to eat,your fair share of them.,-I ate a lot of them on set. I'm also a big fan.,I've spent a lot of time in Chicago over the years,,and I love the sandwich.,Like, it is what like the Philly cheesesteak is for Philly.,It's really important to the culture there in Chicago.,And I ate a lot.,A lot of hot dogs, a lot of Italian beefs. Dozens.,-We have a -- We had an intern run out.,There's a place in Brooklyn called Dog Day Afternoon.,-Oh, whoa. -And so these are their --,These are their Italian beef sandwiches.,-Oh, wow. -We've heard good things.,I mostly just want to -- Here's what I really want to do.,'Cause I heard they're good.,I want to take a bite of an Italian beef sandwich,next to you and make the face that the people on the show,make every time they eat one of your sandwiches.,That's my favorite part of the show, is --,-Sure, sure. Here. Cheers.,-Cheers. -Cheers. Here we go.,-This is a Chicago custom. You cheers your sandwich.,-That's what you do.,-Mmm!,Mmm! -Mmm.,And then they never take another bi--,It's like it's so good that they're like, "That's fine.",-"I'm not going to let you have another bite.",I'm gonna take them home with me.,Um, on the show,,your character calls everybody "Chef,",and everybody

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Jeremy White Video Aircheck May 2019

Jeremy White Video Aircheck May 2019

Montreal bring you the beats top seven,at seven with Jeremy white all right,thanks a lot can't call you back,tomorrow the beats sang Cosette what up,its Jeremy white welcome to your,countdown with the chance the,opportunity of a lifetime to go the,Thailand to see Bulo live in concert you,want to qualify I'm getting on that,standby list right now keep track of all,seven songs from the countdown gonna,qualify you when we get to number one,okay trip of a lifetime,write them down this is pink walk me,home get in tonight's top seven that's,seven going she's in it number seven or,something in a way you roll your eyes,Sean Paul Jay Bob and consulate potted,at number six I'm on trails countdown,opportunity go to ball I'm in Thailand,cover will get the number one backing,boys no place number five the beats top,seven that's seven,Amanda Ferris they know way down,Steen Louis be alright in at number four,on Montreal's countdown absolutely,loving this former number one in the,Montreal hit 40 it's why don't we eight,letters,Danette number three tonight based on,your votes he requests on the beats top,seven at seven you know me the best do,you know my boy see me huh but you don't,judge best Lauren dangle you say number,two tonight at Montreal's countdown the,beats top 77 based on your votes in your,class all right to keep track of all,seven songs from the countdown you'll be,going to Thailand to see Bulo live in,concert what you got to do right now is,text your name and where your and,Montreal to 1995 and I could be calling,you back and get Snow White,on the beach 92 5 Wednesday night here,the B 92 5 what up its Jeremy why we're,qualifying all this week on the beach,top 7 at 7 to go to Thailand to see Bulo,live in concert I Leela in the valley,you're on the air how you doing okay hey,you're just thinking about this trip,aren't you yes have you ever gone on,vacation somewhere as far as Thailand,like that far no way so this would be,like the first time all right well,listen give me the top seven seven,tonight I'm gonna qualify Leela you're,officially qualified to go to Thailand,to see blue I hope you're available to,travel on May 14th because that is a day,you're gonna be leaving for Bangkok,absolutely no exceptions okay perfect,you're gonna have to call your boss and,get that week off you've got a bit late,listen boss I just qualified on the beat,95 I need like the time off no problem,then you're gonna be like okay well like,listen are you gonna be taking me and,you're like ah probably not but it's,totally worth it,good luck grand prize draws on Thursday,night Lila hope you get it courtesy of,the beat 92 5 Congrats alright thank you,so much Jamie,classic McDonald anyways did I hear the,beat 92 5s getting ready to perform,tonight on the Billboard Music Awards,apparently she spent five million,dollars on her perform it's gonna have,like all kinds of Holograms and stuff in,it but in other news or importantly the,Jones Brothers announced their first,North American tour in like ten years,no montreal date we're gonna have the,road trip to Toronto sucker on the beat,92 five birds of a feather you and me,peanut at your five tell your in the,West I'm glad I'm going down buck,gym today like thank you know a boom by,day you're doing better than me the only,work and I got today once again let's go,to the fridge,new layers of Lenin's Stella she's not,singing Kumbaya she's singing la-dee-da,on the beat 95 hey you want to go see,Alessia Cara you got your tickets go and,how about a beat 95 exclusive me and,greets hang out with her backstage,before the show as well we got that,tomorrow two hours commercial-free 820,Donna's safe who's gonna be kicking off,your workday with all that commercial,free hit music and then she's gonna be,meeting all I seek are up last days,aren't a couple weeks when she's here,for a big show how about that Jeremy,white here the b92 five Wednesday night,in Montreal got another perfect mix,we're going on 10 hits not stop already,- golf bus the guy that's gonna be,headline into Saturday Osheaga this,summer in Montreal Jay Bhavan gonna be,key to my first cap for that Montreal,hit 40 top five hit on the way Thunder,link just got better mornings with Nicki,salmon Eddie,welcome to Montreal is perfect next,Wednesday night across the phylum Forum,Jeremy white n heads non-stop from,pancan Ed Sheeran renting office Chris a,Vinci Bhavan

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"Prince Harry is BULLYING the Royal Family!" Piers Morgan Reacts to 'Spare' Media Tour

"Prince Harry is BULLYING the Royal Family!" Piers Morgan Reacts to 'Spare' Media Tour

well good ladies Rolanda welcome to,Piers Morgan on censored I took two,weeks off and all hell broke loose but,as usual most of the hell is coming from,Prince Harry's mouth he moved to,California rocking the foundations of,the British Monarchy it was about three,years ago they quit now it seems like,forever doesn't it uh the Clans he's,made this week have detonated a bomb but,this weapons-grade hypocrite has done,nothing more than reduce his own,reputation to rubble and after torching,what's left of the bridges back to his,family he now begins a new personal,Journey we're told one that ends with,ridicule and irrelevance the prince you,fled Britain to protect his family's,privacy has laid bare every tordry,detail of his private life from drug,abuse to intimate conversations with his,father the king even at Prince Philip's,funeral,the daddy fears for the security of his,family apparently has put a Target on,their backs now and on the backs of the,royal family and on his former military,colleagues with his stupid boasts about,killing 25 Taliban was he calls them,chess pieces and the be kind Ambassador,so earnestly invested in women's rights,brags about mocking a disabled matron at,his prep school he names her,she's called Pat he said she was greasy,and too ugly for him to feel horny think,about that woman tonight having to deal,with that in what will be one of the,biggest red books of the year how does,she feel if she's still around I don't,know how to have family feel about that,he also exposes how he lost his,virginity says he mounted some woman,behind a pub and she spanked him on his,ass,he checked that terminology with Meghan,Markle hasn't she just literally done a,podcast series trying to eliminate,sexist terminology from Men,oh dear Harry,the discard his son who just wants,private clear of the air talk to his,family if only he wasn't scared they'd,be leaked has now leaked everything and,I mean everything I read it all today it,is mind-blowing,most outragency of all Harry and Megan,allow claims to swallow about racism in,the royal family for almost two years,they made a six-hour documentary about,it they accepted a human rights award,last month for fighting structural,racism in the royal family all based on,what they told Oprah Winfrey but now,Harry's decided that apparently that's,not what they meant at all,in the Oprah interview you accuse,members of your family of racism you,don't even well of the British press,said that,right I did Megan ever mention the races,she said there were troubling comments,about what she was concern about his,skin color right wouldn't you describe,that as essentially I wasn't not having,lived within that family the way the,British press reacted to that was fairly,typical neither of us believe that that,comment,all that experience,or that opinion was based in racism,I would like to apologize on behalf of,the British press actually because he is,an unbelievable village idiot and I,think it's all our fault honestly it's,not the fact that he was useless at,school and got no qualifications which,is why he's doing all this stupid stuff,it's the British press his foot we're,responsible for everything including his,Ginger hair and I'd like to apologize,for giving him Ginger hair it's awful,you should never have done it,but let me get this straight on a,serious point the racist British press,blamed for six hours straight of that,Netflix bilge for hounding Megan out of,our racist country,driven at the top by a racist royal,family,apparently it's the press That's to,blame,for saying that Meghan markle's claims,of racism were claims of racism,now this had consequences what they said,to Oprah Winfrey I was forced out of my,last job presenting Good Morning Britain,a job I really enjoyed because I said I,didn't believe these claims without firm,evidence,there wasn't any and now we get told it,wasn't racism exactly it's what I,suspected at the time do I get an,apology,to Sharon Osborne one of my guests,tonight does she get restored to her job,at the CBS show the talk because she got,fired for offering support on Twitter,for my right to my opinion because,apparently I'd said racist things it,turned out those racist things were not,believing Meghan markle's racism claims,now they say they didn't mean racism so,does Sharon get her job back,will they give back that award that they,got for the heroic battle against,structural racism in the royal family,now we know there was no racism,structural or otherwise,across three new interviews and 416,whining pages of his book spare me as I,call it Harry lambast the British press,and his family for colluding with the,British press is bitterness and bile for,Camilla the queen consort is shocking,this is the love of his father's life,who he Brands a dangerous villain,how was she dangerous because of the,need for her to rehabilitate her image,that made her dangerous that made her,dangerous because of the connections,that she was forging within the British,pr

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