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Meghan Markle article backlash - what should happen to Jeremy Clarkson?he's built a career on pushin

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Meghan Markle article backlash - what should happen to Jeremy Clarkson?

he's built a career on pushing,boundaries but this time he's gone too,far for even himself today the son said,Jeremy Clarkson had asked them to take,down his column about Meghan Markle that,didn't stop it this afternoon becoming,the Press regulator ipso's most,complained about article in history,I hate her he said not like I hate,Nicholas sturgeon the Scottish first,minister or the serial killer rose West,but he said on a cellular level he added,at night I am unable to sleep as I lie,there grinding my teeth and dreaming of,the day when she's made to parade naked,through the streets of every town in,Britain while the crowds chant shame and,throw lumps of excrement at her,he was drawing from an episode of The,Game of Thrones the actor here played by,a body double because her request to do,it partly clothed was rejected by,producers the scene itself was,criticized for being a violent,misogynistic fantasy,his actions epitomize how the abuse of,and violence against women in Britain,has been normalized it means that if you,can have Meghan Markle a member of one,of the oldest and most powerful families,in Britain be dehumanized and abused,with impunity its sense of Israel,message the rest of us women that we are,not safe particularly ethnic minority,women Clarkson's column came after the,last three episodes of Harry and Megan's,Netflix documentary were released in it,the Duchess of Sussex said tabloid,attacks had led to online death threats,Megan just needs to die,someone needs to kill her maybe it,should be me,and he's just like,okay,that's like what's actually out in the,world,because of people creating hate,this morning more than 40 MPS from,different parties wrote this letter to,the editor of the son asking her to,retract the article and to sanction,Jeremy Clarkson they say we're deeply,concerned about the role modeling being,promoted to young men and boys that it's,okay to use violent language to address,a woman you might disagree with and then,this afternoon John Nicholson from the,SMP who also sits on the select,committee for culture media and Sport,wrote to ITV and Amazon asking them to,take Jeremy Clarkson off screen,yesterday he tweeted to say he'd put his,foot in it that his clumsy reference to,Game of Thrones had gone down badly and,that he was horrified to have caused so,much hurt to be quite Frank I want to,see Jeremy Clarkson come out with an,actual apology not a mealy-mouthed he,understands he's cause hurt there hasn't,been any use of the word sorry I think,there should be an apology from the Sun,to Meghan Markle but also a reassurance,that this isn't going to happen again,when asked did they keep Clarks and,honors Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,host ITV said at the moment we are his,article they said didn't represent their,values the Sun newspaper didn't comment,as questions around his editorial,judgments swirled they're employing,perhaps that old Royal adage never,explain,well just before we came on air I spoke,to Emma dubbery broadcaster and author,of the book don't touch my hair and to,Eleanor Mills the former editorial,director of the Sunday Times I began by,asking Eleanor if Jeremy Clarkson should,be sacked,well it wouldn't have been within my,role to sack him but I would not have,let that column go into the newspaper I,worked for the Sunday Times I should say,not the sun,um as as it was and so the fact that it,did go into the Sun what does that say,about the paper's attitude to race and,to women I would hope that it slipped,through because maybe somebody wasn't as,on it as they should have been it being,the run-up to Christmas if it was,actually passed by the senior Executives,I think that's quite worrying uh because,it shows that they really are stoking up,a culture War I find it really shocking,that any mainstream broadsheet in the,sorry that any mainstream newspaper in,the UK would say it was okay for a woman,to be pelted with excrement and to be,fair to be have shame shelter that are,naked in the street I don't think that,that's okay so as an editor myself I,would have taken that out and over the,years with Jeremy Clarkson I have done,exactly that he's found me columns which,I've thought were went beyond what was,acceptable and I've taken it out and,I've said to him and explained to him,why I was taking it out and in fact we,used to see it as our job to save him,from himself right Emma W should Jeremy,Clarkson be sacked,yes yes I think he should be but it,seems that when he is sacked he just,moves from one Plum position to another,um and I think,um the fact that he's historically,um essentially gotten away with so many,kind of similar moments to this one I,think that demonstrates as well that you,know we talk about cancer culture and I,think cancel culture does exist but I,think it's people who are relatively,powerless who tend to come a proper via,cancel culture and the Mills Jeremy,Clarkson has a loyal fan base he has,lots of people who read his column and,watch his shows,um would any o

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Interview with the Athletic’s Jeremy Rutherford (Episode 165)

Interview with the Athletic’s Jeremy Rutherford (Episode 165)

hey it's Chris Jericho and you're,listening to the Blues hockey podcast go,blues,welcome back at with hockey podcast your,host Jason and I got a special treat for,all blues fans so with the opposite,season on pause right now then kind of,hard to put some stuff together but,luckily I have pointed the first and,foremost blues reporters with me today,Jeremy Rutherford of the athletic is,joining me so thank you for joining me,first and foremost - who else was on,with us you get not another one I hope,no no just you so thank you for joining,me I appreciate it,no any time Jason so as we know we left,off in the Blues,I think surprisingly have done very well,as you're considering your top score 10,games into the year and kind of an maru,armor out of injuries and still have,being number one in the central and near,the top of the west most of the year so,how do you think the Blues afarid in,your opinion compared to kind of go into,this season this is the first short,offseason that the Blues if ever kind of,had having the longest playoff run of,the you know franchise how do you think,they fared this year finished Raleigh's,right not finishing but least four as,right now with 94 points now pretty,incredible I mean if you would have said,you know I know this is a cliche way of,putting it but if you would have said,Stanley Cup hangover would there be one,you're going to lose Tarasenko in the,first month of the season and oh by the,way you know come March the Blues are,going to be in first place from the,Western Conference or say get out of,here yeah we'll take it of course and,it's been incredible but you know it's,blues hockey they bring the lunch pail,they work hard that's what they've done,particularly well under Craig Berube,like Doug Armstrong has said a number of,times we really don't pay people like,they're the best player in the league,but we have a bunch of guys who are paid,very well when you talk about the tears,that goes the O'Reilly's the brain sends,the jayden Schwartz's so I think that,these players took it as a challenge oh,we can't win without Vladimir Tarasenko,oh yeah we'll watch this and so they,played like it all season and there,really wasn't a hangover maybe a little,bit of a lull yeah and Jane,where they weren't winning games but,there are a lot of one-goal games in,there so you know I know we're on pause,now and nobody knows what this season is,going to look like when it resumes but I,think if you just take the first you,know several months of the season in,October to where we are right now it's,been pretty incredible if you're a blues,fan yeah and like a number of things to,miggles working against the blues or,there's a lot of questions going to here,you brought back pretty much the same,team there was really no addition to the,team,just to losing Patton rune and Michael,Del Zotto so into you really lost on the,team and you pretty much bring back the,same team and trying to promote from,within and that's a that worked really,well though I think the big question,mark for something even though he's very,well in the playoffs last year is Jordan,Bennington and how do you think he is,fared uh being called the guy for the,for the first time obviously he's been a,guy on some other teams like in the,minor leagues but he was last year he,wasn't even the guy for the HLC he was a,backup and now he's the guy for the,Stanley Cup defending Tanic of Champions,I think really well I think that you,know he went into the summer needing a,contract it was a restricted free agent,and really could have commanded the big,bucks you know when I say big bucks when,six million per maybe a five or six year,deal that's how well he played last year,but I think you know the Blues wanted to,see more Jordan Bennington wanted the,big contract so you know they did the,two-year deal and I think he was,unbelievable early on in the season like,in October November into December I,think December and January the team just,wasn't playing great defensive hockey,and so I think that the the great a,shots the high danger chances against,increased and I don't think he played as,well probably let in a few squeakers too,and but I think what we've seen from,Jordan Binnington I would say the last,month month and a half has been really,good so I think he looks a lot more now,like he did that goaltender last year so,if I'm a blues fan you know has Jordan,Binnington just put a pall of Fame,numbers like he was on course for last,year yeah,no but I think he'll take what he's,given you for sure yeah he is a,definitely had a little bump after the,all-star game there but the team was not,exactly in the best either but I think,like she said he's handled being the guy,very well and also kudos to take Allen,who has taken the quote-unquote backup,role very well and it has had a,remarkable season for you know having,almost a 93 say percentage and two,shutouts and having ten wins it played,really well when when they had to have,him step in for a couple games t

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"Female Robbery" - The Neighbourhood - 10/28/13 - San Diego, CA - HD

"Female Robbery" - The Neighbourhood - 10/28/13 - San Diego, CA - HD

and i think i found something,i think i found something in my tv,screen,i think i found out,don't,i'm praying to whatever reason heaven,please send me,don't let the police know,anything,or anything,you don't tell them anything,anything please,anything,anything,you don't tell them anything,anything,please,um,i think i can tell,and i think i can't tell them,right beside me then follow me to my,home and i'm sure they figured it out,early on,that i would never run and that they,could shoot but that's no fun cause then,the,you don't tell them anything,anything,you don't tell them anything,anything please,so don't you tell them,don't you tell them,baby don't you tell them anything,so don't you tell them,now don't you tell me,don't you tell them anything

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450SX Highlights: East Rutherford - Monster Energy Supercross

450SX Highlights: East Rutherford - Monster Energy Supercross

drop the game,Johnse is buried in the past but here he,comes through he's writing to one,excited comic Wow battling for burn,junkie and Tomac for the points,championship on the line coming up the,inside first gear comeback tries to get,around the outside you'll have the,inside of the best corner no he won't,it'll be on the outside and judging,takes the spot away from it this is,where Dunn's you really really Drive,what he needs to get right on his tail,see what he's doing,and just tagging along I think it's,going to be a battle to the end down on,what Anderson let's go back in the lead,Dungey is now in third and the way they,run right now six points oh don't back,it down you didn't leave,no matter how many people are going to,go by oh and the points are just,drifting away from Tomac go back as a,clear track he's got it all he's got to,do is go out and handle it and just talk,to the front end goes down trying to,exit to turn that as a mental mistake by,Eli Tomac and it could cost him the,championship mu skin wants to get his,own win but he's got to be very careful,not to take out his teammate and get the,wrath of team manager Roger DeCoster the,five-time world champion well yeah he,don't want to take time Dungey out or,himself but look at right here trying to,get by him,he's not on rail and guess what Tomac,picked up some points to get now can,stop Barcia in front of him also he's,got young got joy and look at that he,has installed it again this is,unbelievable,gives up a position to breathe and live,it as a point but the points back to ten,so mentally Tomac is falling apart here,comes Dungey,can't he get him how much will moose can,wrist,how much will Dungey rest oh yeah,make the mistake 10g flies right by for,three extra points hi huge moment in the,championship right there,ten points the difference now,Ryan Dungey here he come victory number,three away and the white going to Vegas,we got off to a good start we fought,hard out Eli was riding good and we're,ready to kind of push him he made a,mistake and then and here was Marvin,Marvin ride really good too but I was,able to tow him behind him and as the,motor went on the track got really,demanding very physical and the ruts got,deeper so mistakes were more prone but I,was able to kind of keep right on Marvin,threw wheel the whole time and that was,good and kind of I knew that if he,passed me I'd pick up on some of his,lines that he was doing I needed some,help there but overall feels good it's,nice to get a win and open up the points,a little bit as you go in the last round,but still still another race left so,well we'll try to prepare in

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Jordan Peterson's Thoughts on Transgenderism

Jordan Peterson's Thoughts on Transgenderism

this is why i mean it's funny because i,think that you know the issue that you,started to become really politically,prominent on which is the the bill c-16,in ontario and and,canada,the gender issue yeah now that's the,issue where,now the question that's constantly being,so why do you even care why do you even,pay attention and the answer is because,i was asked that earlier today oh really,what did you say,i'm not letting the cat have my tongue,yeah it's like it has nothing to do with,gender as far as i'm concerned or that's,peripheral in some sense so the,accusation why do you care fair enough,it's like,you know in some way people can go to,hell in a handbasket if it if they're,inclined to now i would rather have that,not happen but,people,are,what would you say,doomed to their own autonomy,but i'm not saying words that other,people want me to say and the idea of,compelled speech it's like the bill was,this much about gender right and it was,this much about oh yeah the government's,going to tell me what to say hey but now,they're regulating what therapists can,say therapy sessions this is interesting,because to me the the problem with with,a lot of this is less a free speech,issue even though i'm,on the same page with you uh and to me,it really is a fundamental truth issue,meaning that yeah you're trying to force,me to say something i don't want to say,but to me the the fact that what you're,trying to force me to say is so innately,opposed to the good,is,is the problem like you could you could,try i would have objections to you,forcing me to say that i like a,particular movie right it may not be,true i don't like the particular movie,it would be bad if you tried to force me,to say that but the the level of passion,that i have for issues like this one,really go to the fact that i think the,fundamental good of humanity relies on,basic acknowledgments of biological,truth especially when it comes to gender,and and anybody who's ever dealt with,children i find myself getting,you know i i if i look at my own,political evolution i'd say that when i,when i grew up i grew up in a religious,home so that means that pretty,conservative and then you go to college,and you're living by yourself and you're,not married you have kids you tend to,become a little bit more libertarian,which is like okay you know let,everybody do whatever they're going to,do and it's not going to bother me and,then you have kids and you realize that,there's a pool in which we are all,swimming and that pool is going to,define virginia virginia exactly exactly,like my kid it's going to determine how,my kid lives and i want my community to,reflect some of my values because i,don't want my kid to live in the toxic,sludge that you are that you are,creating for my kid i don't know well,there's doctrinating my kids in,that's what virginia demonstrated like,you can come after me but you come after,my kids and that's a whole different,story it's so fundamentally opposed to,everything true and the fact that,and that's the insistence the insistence,isn't that people be treated humanely or,be treated decently the insistence is,that your vision of yourself be,reflected by me in defiance of baseline,reality and,in order to redefine,how society as a whole well a lot of,it's murky thinking you know if someone,asked me do i believe that there are,gender fluid people,i would say,yes,and i would say,a man who's a young man who's gender,fluid i i know what he's like,temperamental,he's high in agreeableness,he's high in neuroticism so he has a,feminine temperament he's more,interested in people than things,and he's extremely high in openness,and so his temperament is fluid he's,creative and so he's one thing one day,and one thing the next and his,fundamental temperament is tilted,towards the feminine but that doesn't,mean he's not a man exactly so that's,and then so it's murky thinking so,that's exactly right it's certainly the,case that one out of ten women now it,depends on where you put the cut off,but you could say with,reasonable certainty that one in ten,women has a masculine temperament and,one in ten men has a feminine,temperament,and so that's a lot of people and those,people especially if they're also,creative,well they're they're kind of at a loss,in relationship to what to do with their,identity because they're pulled,first of all they have a hard time,catalyzing their identity creative,people have a hard time catalyzing it,it's like the definition of creativity,they're protein,and so they're there have been people,who play at the edges of gender identity,forever and fair enough and sometimes,that's even admirable if it's done in a,sophisticated way and it's charismatic,so you see it in mick jagger you see it,in david bowie,you see it and you see it in people like,madonna as well because madonna had a,hard edge you know that was very,masculine and all the marvel superhero,women have a hard masculine edge and so,we find that charismatic because those,peo

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Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Male Model - How to

Men's Hairstyle Tutorial Male Model - How to

i was always hungry even after eating a,meal i was never satisfied that's when a,friend told me about circle dna it was a,pretty simple process all i had to do,was send over a sample of my dna and,mail it back to them i received reports,and personalized recommendations,straight to my phone i was able to,schedule a free consultation with their,genetics professional where they gave me,actionable steps to getting the results,i wanted my report showed that i had a,lower appetite control were certain,foods based on genetics can lead to,imbalances and hormone levels of leptin,which can cause me to have a low,appetite my results showed me what was,causing it and what to do to change it i,feel good knowing that i have all of the,information about my genetics and how to,implement personalized recommendations,take your circle dna test today

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250SX Highlights: East Rutherford - Monster Energy Supercross

250SX Highlights: East Rutherford - Monster Energy Supercross

here we go from New Jersey,Smith tried to get the holeshot but done,again it is he in Cerullo the quickly,hands the lead over to his point leading,teammate Joey Tamachi McAdoo's up there,in third like four Anna's with a good,start he in Cerullo back up in the,second point and the two months Energy,Pro Circuit riders running one and two,over here Don horn trying to get inside,of Miranda well see the problem is that,this big ball here he goes back again,locks into the side of him and moves,Knox come on out the Fox Wow on board is,on the gas right now man Osborne right,into the back side a scene Cerullo,Osborne as you mentioned Jeff is flowing,out of noses he moves over and here,comes Osborne pushing through he might,go for the win here in cirillo looks,like he takes the spot back even after a,mistake but watch this line interval is,going to check up they play literally in,the cat mouth and that's going to allow,for ramus it's meant the close right up,here comes the Landis different line,through there,she looks over and it looks like another,rider is going to go by here comes on,board inside its Avanti we got a new,leader in New Jersey,well that changes things,if Osborne can hang on for the win here,even if Sivaji finishes second are going,to be Jordan Smith the savant she's,going to have to worry about in Vegas,it's going to be back on board so Monty,with a huge problem stalls the Kawasaki,gets going again,okay rhythm section oh it gets over the,front goes down tries to get the,Kalavati up and going and if you notice,he didn't get back on the track and go,through that turn and come back around,he just got back on the wood he has been,outstanding here tonight big one hand,her over the triple for the fans here at,MetLife unborn competed of course here,in the US then went to Europe brand the,GPS came back and trying to win himself,a championship here this year and the,rock star left him on a rider when did,New Jersey JPD is mechanic lighting up,the point,Estevan she will cross in third I felt,like I got the terrible start like,probably mid pack I barely made it,through that first lane safe and it was,just a struggle I ha the first couple,laps I was really nervous and then I was,able to make the pass there on joy for,the lead and just kind of rat Mountain,race I felt really good my Rox energy,husband affected racing bike was amazing,tonight I can't say enough about the,whole team there they're amazing and uh,yeah - give it up to my trainer Aldon,Baker my wife Brittany fly fly Guarnere,boots dragon goggles bell race goes just,everyone that's behind this team is uh,is getting me here it's not just a solo,effort so I'm really proud of how we've,come along this season and to take four,wins and no matter how the series is,we're going to have the most wins so I'm,happy with that and it's been a big a,big year for me career-wise so I'm happy

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Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle Skills | #5 Players Lounge

Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle Skills | #5 Players Lounge

hello i'm christina ronaldo check out,number five magazines this guy for being,a player I was just asked me if you can,show me some ground moves so crystianna,please I know he's got some I know,you've got a lighting locker,especially out first time,yeah,brilliant brilliant this guy if he,doesn't like it as a pro footballer he,could be a professional freestyle leo,thank you very much a magazine is learn,man thank you very much she's my show,I'm paying him off da payoff not the,cheers thank you conceals and think I,think that guy learned a few things from,you to be honest yeah yeah yeah I come,in today I used to think I was quite,good at tricks I've come here Cristiano,Ronaldo I'm telling you he's got a lot,more tricks than you see on the,television he's got a lot in his locker,that he keeps quiet superb quality make,feeling like three man no you're the man,right we're all done for the day finish,filming with Cristiano Ronaldo he was,absolutely brilliant,my name is Jeremy leash check us out at,five magazine at Rio Ferdinand calm,you,you

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