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We Got Drunk, So She Dominated Me...oh cool alcohol you want one of these no,no I want the alcohol t


Updated on Jan 26,2023

We Got Drunk, So She Dominated Me...

oh cool alcohol you want one of these no,no I want the alcohol the real oh,do you have chocolate this is yeah yes,yeah you guys take over I'll be back in,a couple hours,so we could just click end stream right,now couldn't we we could,tequila dude your clothes are,sick thank you thank you why do you look,like you're like a Retros 90 like Heelys,master who like goes to skate parks and,stuff yeah I kicked out of a grocery,store for wearing Heelys once and you,deserve this you're an really oh,my God that's really too far I just,looked at her whenever I look at you you,scare me you're the most intimidating,woman I've ever met in my life because I,just instantly get a flashback of when,you call said call me Daddy and I,freaked out man call me Daddy,say Daddy, say it Daddy,seriously Daddy Jenna we changed things,for you didn't it why a little brain,things what do you mean little brain,things I don't know it's like rewinding,fetish now maybe yeah I have a fetish,for getting banned I love it it's my,fetishes to get banned on Twitch,you did hit me up you're like Jenna,please come down to Texas again I need,to double my viewership no I did not,okay so my editor ladies my editor,actually has uh control of my Discord,and he sent that to you it's like a cold,call he's like come on yeah that,explains the other messages and you,connect one of those messages,I respect you in your work I would never,say anything back,why'd you give me that look I don't know,stop Hannah where's my tension in,between y'all right now it's been two,years of tension just raw attention I've,never forgiven you for what you did,that's good you literally showed me for,Dave or last time you're right but I,deleted the VOD because there was too,much booba and I got nervous I would say,I'm Multicultural like I would sometimes,have Spanish rice for dinner I feel like,if you say it you're not no so I was,never yeah how would I prove that I was,friends with a bunch of Spanish kids say,something in Spanish Los polos the,chicken the streamer what is that is I,guess so yeah I don't know who that is,he's a hot man and he's a,streamer and he's from New Jersey show,me okay he's handsome I do like Jersey,Boys imagine him saying coffee,or douchebag oh yeah he's handsome huh,look at the job,that's a third strap like this one is he,thirst trapping there do they edit his,eyes closer no I think they made his,forehead smaller oh oh you realize that,this is how every Italian looks like in,Jersey right they all have no neck and,they wear that Saint he was,probably graduating high school right,here and they get laid they still get,laid Yeah they get laid they're doing,good for them no no we got laid for,Jersey Shore and then it's what are the,descriptors for being Jersey Italian,annoying no neck literally looks just,like Los poles right here except for,there's an Ed Hardy shirt all right wait,my friend Dave he's hot as hell and it's,not a really good picture of him it's,not but he's at the gym and he knows,it's not a good picture because he,doesn't need a good picture because he's,perfect hey folks you should subscribe,to Ms Kim's YouTube channel because he,is a great guy and a funny friend and,his YouTube videos are second to none,wait there's second to who I said none,who's none I feel like he's skipping leg,day he's not it's just hard for six,eight people to have ginormous like he's,six eight not the six eight people I,know you okay stand up,this is fun thanks for having us over so,how tall do you think I am if you're,five six five seven but I'm wearing,shoes wait go back to bed put your backs,like together,he's like an inch taller yes which means,statistically if your shoes are,Balenciaga one inch heels I'm five nine,thank you thank you thank you why did,you shave your head like that okay okay,oh oh oh oh okay I can tell you the,reason I didn't know anything okay this,dude looks like he just started like,buying crypto so true are you in a frat,no I would love to have joined one,though but I was not welcomed I don't,know there's just half of you on streams,well I'm gonna honest with you now this,is better like this is what they want,they they don't want me to be there they,want just you two to be sitting there,and then well I mean I think if I got,like a sick fade I could maybe pull it,off Miss give the tits you can't first,of all I had tits and they were bigger,than yours what kind of tits like the,like the chest plate ones or like the,sticky ones well no I had this thing,called gynecomastia you ever heard of,that no you heard of Pastor Courvoisier,you know what that is it's a song,like when you have like a surplus of,like breast tissue and mail yes I had,such big boobs in seventh grade that I,was able to uh stick my whole whole,nipple in my mouth and I you know what I,used to do back then I would stick care,to my ass why,why I I don't know I thought it was like,carrot cake I'm sticking to my ass I'm,just damn sure just like yes I,would Jam's character and I ,loved it

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I'm a Bit Of A Streamer Myself! | Best Of Meowri #1

I'm a Bit Of A Streamer Myself! | Best Of Meowri #1

oh,gotham needs a leader,and i am the one to step up,i will lead gotham but not as a hero,but as a villain,still want the bionicle tahu nitron i,mean if you're offering,to send me,the,tahu then,who am i who am i to say no you might as,well propose at that point god spaghetti,a penis is a penis you're the one that's,making it sexual stop sexualizing the,dragon dildo i see that's what happens,when you stand up for true love you get,left behind,no it's fun,i see,if i die to the dwarves then i guess i,die but we can't access it because it,says it's only accessible from the,inside,oh my jesus christ otherwise it blows up,the gen and will notify the killer of,our location,and that's bad i'm trusting like that,just like that,okay,ooh this back room,maybe the doll's back here and,anytime i like listen to the door so,run run run red for the low price,of 60,you too,can become a butterfree,you know it's like you you you're eating,goldfish and maybe like two three,goldfish get you know they get down that,coochie crevice these are warm,warmed flavor blasted goldfish i'm not,letting these goldfish go to waste i'm,not wasteful,can i like hide in there,it's so sketchy,a whole person fits inside oh my god,why,living life equals eating out,you said it not me chief,i had to pay 12th oh my god,i love it this april looks so good are,you kidding me,it's that way snatched,mia how do you feel about my being,sprout up on top of my head,pikachu recommended did i put a bean,sprout on top of my head,he says it it'll make me a better,pokemon trainer thank you for coming to,my diy um,youtube makeup tutorial channel don't,forget to like and smash that subscribe,button,um here's the final product,okay well this lady is definitely crying,oh my god,fight,give me the out of here bro,what,what,ah yeah yeah yeah that's right i'm,talented,a false ssb,does ssb stand for sus son of a ,what is this stuff i'm educating you,okay this is the that i was raised,on don't make me sign into my neopets,account right now okay y'all say,you want to date me y'all say you're,into me but yeah none of y'all want to,meet me by the giant omelette in neopets,like what the is up,what the is that where did the ,did i go wrong like i'm just trying to,share a slice of the omelette,i'm just trying to share a slice of the, omelette,yeah i have a dog,hi there i have a pepperino wanna be,removing any moisture that's on like,anything you want to crisp because that,water is,gonna deter like the browning process,i know you won some of these ma'am,oh let me go to the desk i wasn't,prepared,get out get out of here oh my god where,are we,oh,no,the titties got me i have been consuming,the mineral water i never really got,into like lacroix i feel like the korea,has like a metallic taste to it but this, tastes good and i swear to god like,you put something in a glass bottle it,tastes so much better give me the beef,oh i'll give you beef i'll give you some,beef,i have big arms like in a fat way,psych,doesn't matter,hope you like big arms,we've been trying to call you and meet,you about your car's extended warranty,brodon,farfish i love that you use the pug,dancimo because imagine like to this,song like uh like going into a club,and seeing like a pug dancing to that,song,that's what i think whenever i see like,rat jam cat jam pug dance,i'm looking out the window oh four,oh i'll give you that,do you like when i pop this oh,i do be squirting,i'm sorry,it was funnier in my,chris i can't get past the gate because,my cheeks are just too dummy thick and,keep alerting the entire village and all,the infected lincolns they all just want,to eat my entire all,what's on the menu,oh,oh the timing of that like i feel like,borderlands 2 like i'm glad they killed,roland off roland rowland if he was a,spice he'd be like flower dude,what no,okay now you got to do the other pause,shake yeah yeah other paw,high five,lay down,yeah she's she's chomping you can't see,her but she's chomping,um,not dealing,with,this,oh,well the difference between snow bunnies,and um saw bunnies is that,you can slob on these nuts,is that it once again,once again,akira,so i bought like a bunch of halloween,decorations i bought this eight foot,tall skeleton and i was like,do i need an eight foot tall skeleton,yes,pro streamer yeah i'm a bit of that,myself,so i've been told aka by my mom,thank you all these compliments are just,going to go straight to my head and my,ego is going to be even bigger,they don't watch do one time do my hand,to literally explode,anyways what's the mask on the wall mean,it means all right are you ready for,this,it means there's a mask,we found like a set of keys behind that,door and i know we have to use a hanger,for some portion of it but we don't have,like,what we're doing go over them,showering's hard yeah showering so hard,without you,sorry,she must be outside,don't you dare,this is,my name mcqueen,oh i've heard of,i've heard of lightning mcqueen he's,very good at spreading the gospel,hello,is it r

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Hot Women Come Into My Room...

Hot Women Come Into My Room...

boy so what's been happening i didn't,tell mainstream this yet we finally,built the ddr machine i asked tips for,another pc to be able to do stepmania,sunday streams in there and i think that,the pc is on the porch so,things are finally in motion,we were waiting for um the people to put,the carpet in the arcade room but,apparently they can't do it for like six,to eight weeks so we were like it,man who cares we're just gonna build it,so it is ready we've been using it i'm,scared to try to like hype it up,but i'm like,kind of cracked at ddr,hi i'm emmy welcome to my channel if,you're watching this you're probably not,subscribed because about 60 of you are,not subscribed that's a lot so i would,love it if you guys could subscribe,so let me let me prove okay you can ask,anyone who was at the party on friday,this so first of all when i said i,wouldn't drink anymore that was a lie,okay when,when a person comes up to me at a party,and is like yo emmy you want to do a,shot with me i'm always like yeah,that sounds fun i can't say no,um,i was like five shots in there were,people playing ddr and then someone was,like guys emmy is cracked at this game,but she's like blasted out of her mind,i don't know if she should play and i,was like,no man,i got this,i played ddr for i think two hours,straight,smiling like an absolute crackhead and,nobody could beat me,nobody,i was doing so good that at one point,alinity accused me of like secretly,changing my difficulty or something,oh my god i'm so excited to do the ddr,streams,i still have a lot of room to improve,undefeated i do aleni and hotshoe are,both,pretty good i think that they could beat,me i feel like they'd be down to do the,stepmania sunday streams,are you gonna do vr content i don't know,if i would be good at vr content,i also have really bad motion sickness,so,so yeah ddr stuff finally happening soon,um and yeah i saw some people asking,about,the cosplay stream with hot shoe,tomorrow i think alidy's coming that too,winston no no winston cosplay,riot asked if we would be interested i,say we because i value your guys's,opinion,if we would be interested in having a,lcs watch party on my stream for finals,they did say i could watch all the,weekend stuff but i think i only want to,do finals,there's too many games,are you 16 18 or 23 i'm confused i'm,actually 64. oh that reminds me i don't,know if people forgot we're still gonna,do that league tournament we got,sponsors and i'm still gonna do the,cosplay contest i'm gonna make sure,people have enough time though i'm still,waiting on graphics i'm gonna do like,chat favorite with a prize like funniest,cutest and then best otk cosplay because,i want to see otk cosplays but i don't,want it to be like limited to that you,know yeah shit's taking longer than i,thought turns out you can't plan things,and have it happen a week later,which has been um,difficult,for me to understand,i'll check out i've got something to,show you that you've never seen before,check out my paint,okay i just broke my controller good one, thanks are we still,doing otk game night yes otk game night,should happen this week um what happened,this previous week was,i was asking a certain person that we,really wanted to participate in otk game,night if they could make it on wednesday,and they kept being like i'll let you,know,i'll let you know when did they let me,know an hour before we were supposed to,start i was like it's too late dude no,one is ready but um okay so this coming,week either mario kart with teams and if,not that if not that we're just going to,play friday the 13th i have plan a and,plan b so surely surely it'll actually,happen this time and then we can try to,continue the routine i got this don't,worry mario kart xqc do you guys really,think xqc wants to hang out with us in,otk,wait let me read you guys my list of,games,that i made so here's some some some,ideas i had um gang beasts friday 13th i,thought we could maybe do for like a,week,otk smp but with some kind of mod like,factions or,something,pico park,uh more among us but maybe like with,different mods,mario kart league in houses uno geo,guesser golf with your friends um it's,hard to come up with games that,more than like four people can play four,or five people,jackpot the problem with jack boxes um i,love jack box drawing games but a lot of,people in otk were like i am not playing,a drawing game i hate drawing games i'm,gonna be so miserable the whole time,and then for like the prompt games like,um,whiplash or whatever,they were like,to be funny i'm gonna be tempted to be,edgy and i was like okay then i guess we,won't do that so,but maybe there's some jackpots games we,can play that everyone's down for push,the button perhaps garcic phone i know,but it's a drawing game no one wants to,play drawing games with me man i love,drawing games,yeah i would love to do jack box but um,i mean i guess no matter what i pick,there's gonna be people that complain,because everyone in this org loves t

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She Likes Getting SHOCKED...

She Likes Getting SHOCKED...

you really want to try this yeah see if,it's on,really i should probably take my metal,necklaces off though okay jenna all,right am i going first yeah yeah sure,you want to go shopping,i feel like you're going to dominate me,i don't i i don't know,i think i only last my war one was when,i was a kid,okay this thing goes up to 99 i've done,enough up to 10 so i'm pretty tough,up to 10. so what's that right now,two well i don't know if i have like a,seizure or something you lost then,oh you have to give me subs okay are you,going to cover like the medical bill or,put it for the weekend,yeah you're such a good girl,okay chad by the way none of you would,want to do my job it's really hard why,don't we start at three,okay ready,i promise you i'm gonna ask you a,question and if i think you're lying,which i i can read you very well you're,gonna zap me yeah i'm gonna zap you guys,we're gonna spend another stream doing,the truth stuff well that's the actual,truth this is just me what i think but,i've watched death note twice oh this,guy,so rather than,well you've actually watched death note,yeah i've watched anime,you wanna watch it a third time no you,wanna watch the live action death note,no i don't wanna throw up,all right is your name jenna yes you,think i'm lying so you feel the shock i,feel it your name's not jenna my name is,jennifer janna lynn,irl why are you no my my name's jenna my,middle name is lynn my last name is not,the same so you lied see right there no,you said what is your name jenna you,didn't say you didn't say the full thing,she already got you that one,all right that was only a pain tolerance,of three did you feel anything it's like,a tingle it should it's just stimulating,muscles okay this is six,dude jenna what the man shut up,no keep going you didn't even ask a,question,i don't even remember what i was doing,what the hell was that hey folks you,should subscribe to ms kip's youtube,channel because he is a great guy and a,funny friend and his youtube videos are,second to none,wait they're second to who i said none,who's none,okay no you didn't even ask a question,what happens when i go to 10. all right,the i all right question number 10. did,you think i was cool on the first night,we hung out,no,she's telling me you're telling the,truth chad,i'm,sorry i didn't know you what i was funny,as hell no you weren't you're just,nagging the whole time,imagine imagine someone comes up to you,and all they do,is just pick on you the whole time,that's literally me streaming for six,hours a day it's different when you know,someone though but like you come in i,don't know any of these guys lovely told,me that i don't know a single one but,this is like a community curator around,you oh my god i touched my eye and i,actually do feel burning,do you like it,again uh do you wanna hang out again yes,you thought i was lying no i just wanted,to do it again okay do it again what is,wrong with you this is 12.,how high does it go 99.,what what's the highest we've ever gone,12.,12's highest you're gone that's pretty,good,you want to go to 15 i mean i guess okay,three,two how are you just letting me do this,non-stop do you ever do you ever put,like the electro it just makes your,muscles spasm yeah,i just did it it doesn't hurt it just,makes your muscles spasm chad this is,what adderall does to you okay no you,don't feel anything it nothing matters,it literally doesn't it literally,doesn't that's what an adderall addict,says there's nothing matters i literally,started taking it maybe like a month ago,it's prescribed bro and even though i,don't okay that means nothing in america,i i anyone can get prescribed that or,anybody to be fair it isn't that,derivative but yeah see how smart she is,dude anyone can get prescribed that role,there's not one come on let's go okay,number 20. do you think i'm cool yeah,you think i'm lying,yeah 100 yeah i'm sitting here shocking,you with the with this on a,penguin shirt what are you you obviously,you don't think i'm cool though it's on,something doesn't hurt just make sure it,just makes your like muscle spasm,you ever you ever get like the ones we,put on your nipples no we gotta hang out,more it's called a tens unit a tens unit,is what it is that's what you use during,physical therapy that's the exact same,thing all right i'm going to 30.,okay wait are you gonna ask me a,question,no that's it that's all it does to you,what the ,i'm at 30. 38's gonna kill,chihuahua are you sure,do i look like a chihuahua do i look,like i weigh 12 pounds,all right what are you doing now i'm not,chat i'm not trolling,can you see what that is,but can you see what the number is it's,38. honestly let's go let's just keep,going,let's do it let's send it and i don't,want you to wear it at 99.,no shot on a buck on the stack am i,wearing it there you're a yup i'm,such a three two one,it just makes your muscles spasm that's,it all right come on let's go come on,oh my god,50.,it literally just makes your muscles,spasm

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Hasanabi watches her Squat

Hasanabi watches her Squat

hashan,do you like popeyes,how do you feel about what he just said,i'm upset,and why does that make you upset i'm,making content for not bought by,celebrity i think chat wants right now,is for him to bicep curls and,we're gonna get you that cooper content,chat chad wants you guys to do bicep,curls well we're waiting on him she's,been having to sit here look at cringe,videos is that how you get laid you,bring women over and show them the,cringe videos,yeah,you heard it so i get laid with your mom,my mom is actually single and a very,nice lady i know,she choose me good,i'm gonna clip this and send this to my,mom she'll be happy to hear you no he's,got a little baby,i have a baby controller and i'm worse,than i've never played this game like i,totally forgot a few moments later,no,no,yes,oh my god,that's crazy wait no we got two more,games no no we can't do one,set of reps,god damn it god damn it i gotta do that,i'm doing the anabolic tuck ladies and,gentlemen this is incredibly important,for working out when you do the anabolic,tug you get a you get a better lift in,wait what am i supposed to how many am i,doing you're oh what did you get second,i got second yeah okay you last second,she got burned,shing for,i thought you were both doing both legs,i mean uh doing both hands both hands,with the weights no,how many you're doing 15. how many times,do i gotta say this yeah y'all are just,but what exercise do you want to do next,um,do push-ups how many are we doing i'm a,woman i can't do that,i'm not even counting she'd just be,lying,chat are you counting why are we even,bothering with mario kart they just want,to watch you feel sweaty i have to do 15,is that what you said,you're like not going down far enough,like slow it down buddy i'm doing both,ways give me a break you're you,don't have man,no it's you need to bring your,you need to bring your leg a little more,forward because your knee is going over,your toes,it needs to be with the look look,knees not going over toes ,forward you're like,that good,no,this,hey if you like this video please,subscribe and hit that bell so you don't,miss out on any future videos

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She Decides to SMASH or PASS the Hottest Male Streamers

She Decides to SMASH or PASS the Hottest Male Streamers

now this is mod made you know the guy,that ran out of the room and gave you,water,i'm sorry oh thank you so much thank you,that guy made this is the ultimate male,performance top male streamer that's all,it is it's about the top males tim the,tatman wilbur i'm pretty sure on twitter,describe himself as a male we decide who,we think is the highest let's see this,is what i'm saying is who would want us,to bank some banks,tim looks like he just shot seven people,and got nine tattoos that's what i'm,saying it's like wolver's cute but i,feel like i vote for him it's like no,i'd vote for wilbur,right now i would go home with that,manager no i'm voting for tim because,he's got tattoos and a bald head what if,wilbur has tattoos and you're well i,just like as cute as he is it's like but,his eyes i'm not into like 18 like you,know when your friends start dating like,18 19 year olds and they're like oh i,just met somebody keemstar how old is he,yeah and they're like,like super chill but it's like robert's,like twenty-five percent,like like wilbur seems chill but not,like what is your pet i think wilbur's a,massive narcissist douchebag so you,would love him i'm sorry,but automatically for the beard that's a,rideable face but wilbur wait you say,wilbur's beard is ridable no,oh i'm going for tim but it's two out of,three on wilbur i'm not this is your,lady you literally said you're ladies i,went with tim you said you're ladies oh,okay all right,peach if you like children if you like,children people he's twenty,looks like the kind of guy who thinks,the b movie like the you know oh,let's read the b movie for the script,thinks he thinks it's funny you know who,honestly would rather hey folks you,should subscribe to ms kip's youtube,channel because he is a great guy and a,funny friend and his youtube videos are,second to none wait they're second to,who i said none who's none,wilbur,he's 25 year old he's got there,is no because,can,that's the reason why i feel like you,choose will berries he wants it in you,want it in for the minecraft youtubers,yes yeah you know what i would just say,okay okay first of all you realize if i,was a girl i'd be if i was a girl i'd be,way more popular than bella porsche i,would be the most famous person in the,world as a girl because i would ,every guy to get popular,i'm a guy suddenly chad if you were a,girl would you not every single,gripe wait i would every guy if i,find a guy to get popular and, around and find out i would do it,all right,rich rich richie rich rich i play,my alcoholic uncle look raffle i know,you're gonna see this no disrespect no,offense but you look like somebody who,plays vr chat no he looks like an,alcoholic uncle the biggest respect to,mia but he's in a sailor moon,like crew neck right now like dude do,you watch say their moon like they ,they click it you like it wait,girls really think rich is hot yes look,at this man's mustache and mullet mia,picked well,awesome,i know train follows me i'm sorry you,can even follow me after this but austin,honestly i like the face i'm,going with train because even though,he's dumb i feel like he her i,feel like he would scream no no train,train listen i'll tell you how he ,listen he puts one leg up,he's got chat one of the shoes called,that he has it uh uh chucks his chuck,taylor's on when he he goes,like that and he puts one leg up it's,called the oiler honestly honestly i,don't think i really either of these,dudes you wouldn't survive i think i,just like dry up but,by all means the dms that i have had,with trane have been very respectful and,he's been very nice to me,train i feel like,physically i'm more attracted to train,but austin i feel like would know more,so about anatomy,like even he knows about ,i know what he knows about feelings,i feel like gay men know how to ,women whether they want to or not,but because i know how respectful train,was to me,i'm going to switch my answer i'm going,to go with train that's true for trump,for train yeah oh so two women trained,you better be giving me 20 grand after,this baby all right train oh no no no no,no no,i don't care about this whoever the ,this is can i i want cannot cannot,connect he already has a kid clearly,this dude is breathable ah,fertile fertile clear nut click on it,does it fertile mean you can't have a,kid no fertile that means oil like,fertilizer soil,soil really,i don't know either of these people,so polk has is an overwatch god he's,insanely like overwatch maine what's his,name genji and one of the best in the,world,no flick it and we're not doing again,today,bruce bruce easy wait bruce sexy as hell,bruce is sexy as hell damn psychonauts,dude slick swap slick come down here,because like come down,i'll be i'm gonna give it a buck i don't,think bruce lick has all the time in the,world to keep you to make you,happy honestly based on my otk,statistics so does bruce honestly,somebody's trying to like go get like,dinner with me for like longest time so,like let's see,he's like

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She Took Control of Me for a Day...

She Took Control of Me for a Day...

dude chat we should do the top 100 with,them it'd be like our new daily ritual,we just listen to the top 100 with,someone and see their criticisms on top,on spotify yes it is so good i love,listening to music on stream it is by,far my favorite thing to do you know why,you know people actually listen to me,for my takes look at this ready not,trying to brag this video look how it,did compared to all my others you know,why it's cause it's music people love,listening to my takes on music the usual,is the gray the blue is the new video,like you'd really really resonate with,um request of the man copied xqc,i want you to get permanent in my chat,and everyone's chat ever around you if,you think i copied xqc reacting to music,dude first of all,look at that,you're telling me i copied i've been,literally the music man i'm the you're,the music man yes i've been with the mfd,wow wow wow look at all those views i,got here,okay don't think you're that first of,all i always get 460 thousands really,wait ready go back,i'll show you look shows how much you oh,what what,oh,what,oh,okay you wanna know why you get that,it's because uh,i'm on top of the world,hey if you're watching this channel,you're probably not subscribed because,about fifty percent of you guys are not,subscribed please subscribe to the,channel,thanks,no look roxy works hard on this it's not,his name is not rossi,he's not a soroc he's rose rose is a,fine glass of wine yeah he's like a fine,glass of wine sorry rosie rose it's,great stuff it's good content look no no,no no no no those are your people,go back to your literally a video just,about me is,yeah which is you know that's when video,started picking up literally a video,just me talking hanging out i really,wish i had finger tats sometimes so i,could just put hoes mad yeah no i get,that all the time look me reacting to,the anime 900k eight months ago,uh,days ago four days ago i'm sorry what's,that wednesday this is four days ago,let's just just like squint and read,that,we got drunk so she dominated me is that,actually true yes,i witnessed it,we didn't even go out one or two hi,who is this,who's this all right that's my uh it's,my sister oh,she's hot,is that really your sister mid af,community,wait wait do you like anime,i have so much stuff to show you if you,do,he doesn't he's about to say he doesn't,i mean there's a reason like we can go,back to the channel like my top video of,all time is me ranking the top hundred,animes of all time did you like konasuba,no i don't know anything about,anime then why did you rank them don't,pause it,these are pretty much giant hate threads,from the communities of people saying i, suck like,i literally had no idea what's going on,who cares if you like anime you like,anime them,they're haters there's only a few animes,that i think are good i've taught the,last airbender elephant lee was really,good that's a classic that was one of,the first ones i ever watched hannah,rexhunner really good loved,watching,see and this is why people are your,favorite the anime community would you,just let me finish answer the question,who's my favorite what from hunter,hunter,oh easily god,did you say gone last time or something,no no,gone is literally named gone because,that's what his father was okay you,don't have to tell him that his okay you,know i'm right that's literally white,his soca is fine as but,oh my god he's a child no he's super,cool i'm not even sexualizing him he's,cool as well he's a good dose and,that's why i think he's a weirdo he's he,go moans every single time he sees them,it's a if he gets turned on by,like a good fight that's weird,that's weird it's like me wrestling a,five-year-old and moaning like what,that's i'm sorry that's you,can't are you being challenged by a,five-year-old like is a five-year-old,putting up a good fight that's just,weird i don't like that they sexualized,that when i saw that and like it was a,season one i think i was like this is, weird i did not like it okay i,like funny clown man sue me i'm ready i,still want to have sex with him i've,seen elephant lead,connor hunter i saw erased by the way,fantastic grace is really great,really really good you made a live,action for that one too i would never,watch that live action's actually good,i've never heard of a live action being,good ever i want to race how do you feel,about samurai champloo i have no idea,what that is you would,have never listened to new jimmy's no,i'm excited for you because you've never,watched it before i would literally i,would love to get like a concussion and,forget i ever watched it and re-watch it,again really it is so good okay but you,know it's the best anime of all time and,this is why i don't watch anime anymore,it's because this was so good that it,went over your top note,was so good i bought the book and i'd,role-play around my house and act like i,was uh killing people i think up until,they replaced it with end,i did not with that in the series,yes but up until th

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How Is My Form?

How Is My Form?

hi i'm emmy and welcome to my channel if,you're new here or you clicked on this,video from your recommended please don't,forget to subscribe it helps my channel,a lot and i really appreciate it thanks,check tech tones logs why,what the ,what did i do man,hello,i thought we were friends techtone i let,you plan my wow account and i i watched,one episode of an anime you recommended,to me,what the tech tone,it's what you didn't do why do my,friends always say that,i'm sorry miss gift told me to do it,okay well that makes sense now ,mees keith i can't can't stand that that,fricker,i can't imagine tech tone actually,hating anybody except for me of course,what are you doing man,she believed,why are you snitching i mean i'm so,sorry,i'm so sorry i mean i'm so sorry i mean,i am so sorry i am so sorry i am so,sorry i am so sorry i am so sorry please,don't be angry man i am so sorry you,don't even have me modded or viped,that's because i've never seen you in my, chat before i mean what do you,want me to do,what do you want me to do i've never,seen you type in here before,what do you want me to do preemptively,do it jesus christ dude i am so sorry,here's the thing here's the thing,yes okay next time i'll do that here's,the thing okay here's the thing i was,just nearly,merely,merely attempting to be a friend,and give you some nice banter to react,beautifully,these you said who banned me,if someone banned emmy i will you,up oh ,i will you up i was merely trying,to give you a little bit of banter to,give you something to react you want you,for fun because you said drama no we,have no drama i mean we have no beef we,have no beef okay so that way he has his,own sassy mode you said that nobody in,otk you say you like everything otk so i,was just merely sausage okay i mean i,apologize,uh you tell me,i'll tell you what i i will i will i'll,make it right hold it i'll make it right,uh um hold up oh my gosh i'm gonna i'm,gonna go i'm gonna make it right i'm,looking right i'll make it right hold up,oh my god why did he sound like he was,talking in 1.5 apologize a thousand man,i apologize 10 10 000 times okay hold up,uh hold on i need to find emmy real,quick and chat uh,user,emiroo okay hold up hold up hold up i am,going to i can't get you sub i was gonna,gift you a year long sub and i,can't emmy i'll tell you what you tell,me how i can uh how i can make up or i,will do it okay what do i do,what do i give you some strawberry,phantom later and some cheez-its,i got you can i just have fun well,listen i don't want no beef okay i can,barely even stand up out of my chair,right now please don't kick my ass thank,you is it too far to ask him to give me,his wife i'm going to hope she's mod i,mean she's on my way even better what do,you want me to do,wait it wasn't posted here,okay hold up here we go hold up there,you go 100 subs,all right three two one,there we go okay one under the bridge,one bridge shirley shirley surely one,under the bridge there it is dude,please there it is there it is there it,is i have to send it back okay go go go,go go no it's too late dude i mean i,mean it's fine because i'm about to do a,sponsored stream okay i'm giving you,okay never mind i'm i'm giving i'm,giving you a cut you dude that's that's,the cut for my guardian tail sponsorship,that i'm doing in like 30 seconds okay,and also dude emmy very cool stream hey,chad make sure to twitch prime and,follow uh i forgive you for saying ,you and blaming it on biscuit wasn't it,what does that say exe is making your,food on stream no way literally,everyone knows that i'm gullible why is,this but now i know i can't trust you,anymore but that's okay we can still be,friends i just won't forget about this,you can trust me i mean that is that is,oh my god,i really did it it wasn't worth it,it wasn't it wasn't worth the bit chat,it wasn't worth the bet,look at this mug,bean is mid i'm gonna need you to take,that back right now you ,rabbits are pretty dumb aren't they,yeah,why is it just sitting there is it not,allowed to,see just not allowed to i don't get it,can you do one push-up,oh my god that can be my arm day workout,one push-up you can't even do a,two-minute plank i literally did one,didn't i,didn't i literally do one okay i was,playing league so i understand why no,one saw it but i did so,a girls collab workout thing see but the,thing is like,canoe's a trainer for like getting,jacked right i just work out to like,feel better,and then also like,that's about it cause i'm already like a,toothpick and i don't really want to,like bulk or anything so,work out with jenner amaranth then bro,they look so good dude jenna's actually,like,i'm not gonna say anything,she looks nice,is that it i actually haven't been,working out so i don't know how that,happened arm shaking what what do you,i can't just make them not shake holy,moly i honestly am more shocked than,chad is,better than your first ever try i mean,i don't know if i ever was able to do,push-ups like even like in high s

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