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Jemele Hill On Her Life-Changing Donald Trump Tweet | The Mehdi Hasan ShowRepublicans like to talk a


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Jemele Hill On Her Life-Changing Donald Trump Tweet | The Mehdi Hasan Show

Republicans like to talk a lot about the,left's attacks on free speech and cancer,culture but remember that time the Trump,White House said a TV host should be,sacked you know canceled because of,something she said that they didn't like,in September 2017 Jamel Hill then a,co-host of ESPN sports center put out a,series of tweets calling Donald Trump a,white supremacist who surrounded himself,with other white supremacists adding,Trump is the most ignorant offensive,president of my lifetime his rise is a,direct result of white supremacy period,five years later that sentiment has,become kind of widespread not that,controversial anymore,at the time though people freaked out,ESPN her employer issued a statement,clarifying that jamelle's views didn't,represent the networks they called it,actions quote inappropriate and then,this is what the White House said about,it,I think that's one of the more,outrageous comments that anyone could,make and certainly something that I,think is a fireable offense by ESPN,a fireable offense for criticizing the,president in a democracy where free,speech is touted as sacred especially by,the right yet Trump himself began,criticizing Jamel Hill a month later he,tweeted with Jamel Hill at the mic it's,no wonder ESPN ratings of tank in fact,tanks so badly it's the talk of the,industry,the event changed Jamal's life as she,said in a recent interview from there,the escalation of hate mail and death,threats to the point that the FBI was,involved and I had to think about,getting security folders full of hate,mail called me every racial slur in the,book,since that moment Hill has only become,more outspoken and more political but,she wants you to understand her,backstory too and she's out with a,memoir that's just come out called,uphill and already the New York Times,has called it one of the best Memoirs to,read this fall Jamal Hill is also a,contributing writer at the Atlantic and,the host of the podcast Jamelle Hill is,unbothered Jamel Hill thanks so much for,joining me on the show,um let's start with that incident with,Trump in 2017 when you call them a white,supremacist and then started getting,called out by the White House itself you,talk about it in the book where were you,when you heard what was happening when,you heard the response for the wild how,did you feel at that moment,uh I was actually at ESPN and when I,heard about Sarah Huckabee Sanders the,then former press secretary saying in a,White House Press briefing that what I,said about the president was a fireable,offense so I was putting together,um me and my co-host who were putting,together our nightly uh edition of,SportsCenter and a friend of mine who,are political reporters who are actually,in the room at the time they started,texting me and saying hey,um you know the White House Press,Secretary just called you out just said,you should be fired and I was just,really flabbergasted because,um you know you just never expect,something to rise to the level of it,being considered to be something to be,brought up in front of a White House,Presbyterian you would think,that they would have more concerning,things or you know more important things,to to respond to but you know as they,say a hit dog will holler,yes indeed and you'd say in the book,Trump tweeting about me you say blew up,my life,what was that like expect a lot of,viewers they see Trump fighting with,people online calling people out they,don't see what happens afterwards the,death threats the intimidation the,craziness what was that like well it,changed my life in a lot of ways because,even though I was on TV every night,doing sports center I was still able to,operate in a bubble of safety uh yes,people recognized me it came up to me,all the time but I never worried about,any of those interactions of course,everyone knows that Donald Trump because,of his Persona because of the language,he uses because of the way and the,bigoted way that he often talks about,people that he inspires and Stokes an,entirely different element of hatred and,that hatred if you criticize him is,directed towards you so you know,numerous death threats I mean I had to,have my voicemail at ESPN just,completely cut off because the messages,are so nasty you know his supporters,were calling and barraging ESPN,switchboards you know asking for me to,be fired it just constant non-stop over,and over and yes I was very concerned,about my public safety and in fact as I,write about in the Memoir the first,place I,went to after this all happened I had to,make sure that I had personal security,because I was going to a Giants,um Detroit Lions game that was in New,York on Monday Night Football,yeah I mean having to pay Fair,insecurity having to organize yours it's,just not something that should happen in,2022 but it is happening all too often,given the threats and the violence you,mentioned the Memoir let's talk about,the Memoir why did you want to write,this Memoir and write it now because,you've become quite a pr

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Jemele Hill On Black Women In Journalism & The Trump Tweets | Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand

Jemele Hill On Black Women In Journalism & The Trump Tweets | Brutally Honest with Jasmine Brand

you know in the book you talk about your,role models were there any black women,in sports journalism,that you looked up to I'm sure like when,I was coming up in college there was a,woman she's in the Baseball Hall of Fame,Claire Smith read her religiously,because think about in the we're talking,like the mid 90s a black woman covering,baseball on a national level how about,that now you're right exactly like I,don't even have to take you back to the,United States so uh Claire was an,exceptional writer uh Donna Brits who in,DC for the Washington Post she was,probably my favorite columnist her and,Michael wilbon,um Sensational writer so even though she,wasn't a sports writer actually she was,a um a city um a city columnist but,nevertheless like there was a lot of,black women who were writing in,different kinds of uh journalism that I,really respected but Claire for sure,when it came to when it came to sports,okay,um you've done I've done a lot of first,I feel like and you know this is a male,well-dominated industry that you're in,and it's a lot it's white yeah oh yeah,no for sure like the white dude's,running it they run a lot of Industries,but they are running yours yes um was,there a First you weren't prepared for,uh well I really wasn't prepared to be I,wasn't the first there's a there is a,distinction a slight one,there I wasn't prepared to be the only,okay first or one thing only yeah that's,something else right and so when I was,the only black female sports columnist,at a daily newspaper in North America,yeah right that was tough yeah and a lot,of people might look at that like oh,that's an accomplishment it shows how,how far you came and you know and that,you're the cream of the crop no that,shows my industry is trifling that's,what that shows yeah because while yes,I'm a a good sports columnist,um I'm better than a lot of folks I'm,not that damn good where I would be the,only one yeah and so unfortunately to me,it said the message that the industry,didn't respect people like us you know,that they didn't see value in our voices,and what we could contribute so I was,really disappointed in the industry and,what's more disappointing is that really,not a lot has changed yeah yeah yeah,yeah so I'm always still when I when,we're writing stories and I'm reading,them and I'm like you know the first,level but I'm like yo,the fact that we never had a black woman,that's been Governor ever,Stacy Evans could be the first like,that's crazy wild and 22 so I understand,what you mean yeah um in the book and in,public you talked about how you felt,like ESPN didn't necessarily have your,back in terms of the Trump situation,first of all do you have any regrets,about those tweets probably not secondly,um how do you wish answered your own,question secondly how do you wish um,ESPN had handled that situation the only,thing I wish they would have handled,differently like I understood the,suspension this is like when you when,you even insinuate about a boycott,especially of a league that they have a,billion dollar deal with there's going,to be some smoke with that,um I did understand that I violated ESPN,social media policy with Trump they,don't want you to uh personally attack,politicians right for sure got it what,you cannot do is that when you have,somebody in that position with that,Authority with that machine of the,government behind them you can't let,them come after a journalist of yours,okay that is to me an egregious sin you,know I come from an old school newspaper,background I think that's an old school,thinking it is an old school year right,and so that's my mentality because I,worked at plenty of papers where they've,had you know aggressive investigative,journalists that have gone after the,politicians in that City because that is,what journalists are supposed to do yeah,you're supposed to hold the people in,Authority positions accountable and,whenever the uh City Government tried to,bring the smoke they had their reporters,back and so when ESPN didn't do anything,after Trump personally attacked me after,Sarah Huckabee Sanders the former press,secretary said what I did was fireable,that's when I knew our relationship was,irretrievably broken so your mother is,conservative what was her reaction to,the tweets that you fired off about a,former president,um It's a combination of being,conservative and being old school like,she is from maybe it's generational but,so I'll just say from the generation,where you respect the office no matter,whoever's in it and so her position was,mostly about that her the thing too is,that you know at that time I have this,very high profile job on sportscentered,I'm making a ton of money yeah right and,she's just like you lose your good job,exactly you know you know the elders you,say you you lose that good government,job like yeah that's how she was sort of,thinking about it very practically and,you know I as I make no bones about it,in the book it's like I didn't like the,response I was li

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Jemele Hill and the story of how one tweet changed her life | DAY ONES

Jemele Hill and the story of how one tweet changed her life | DAY ONES

dear mr. Hill who the do you think,you are to call the President of the,United States the white supremacist,you're a talentless and that's an,exaggerated view of her own importance,on this planet,it wasn't until I decided to participate,in this event that I actually read some,of the hate mail that I'd receive after,I made those comments on Twitter about,the current President of the United,States back in 2017 which is still very,much the effect that those comments,which changed my life forever I had of,course seen some of the things that were,said about me on social media I knew I'd,been the subject of many think pieces I,walked into a restaurant one time and,after I made those comments of course,about the president after they'd gone,viral and I was being discussed on three,different networks at the same time but,for some reason I had avoided reading,this particular stack of mail but now,having some time to reflect I sort of,understand why I did avoid it it was out,of fear I've gotten a glimpse of how,ugly and hateful this country could be,and I didn't want to know the depths of,that hatred and ugliness I'm glad I,waited until now to read these letters,because not only has my life changed but,I've changed as well,I'm often asked if I had any idea what,the fallout would be when I made those,comments about the president the truth,is I had no idea when I tweeted those,times I was,as soon as I tweet this and it here I'll,leave my job at ESPN which I had for 12,years,long as I've been with any company it,was the best job I've ever had as well,and not only would I leave my job I,would move across the country to Los,Angeles get engaged and be scheduled to,be getting married in November of this,year while this level of backlash was,definitely the most intense I faced in,my career it was not the first time that,I'd ever received hate mail in fact I've,been receiving hate mail since I was in,college when I was writing for my,college newspaper the state news in,college I was writing about how reverse,racism was a myth and the appropriation,of black culture you know very light,subjects and during that time someone,decided to single me out and the other,writers of color at our college,newspaper received that was written on,cheap paper towels we were called, and Toto return to Africa,reminded that despite being at this,university someone out there considered,us to be inferior they wanted to be sure,we never forgot that at every job I've,ever had in this industry I have in some,way always been reminded that I wasn't,good enough when I was at the detroit,free press covering college football in,college basketball,I would colleague at a competing,newspaper told me that it was easy for,me to get jobs in sports journalism,because I was a black woman these,reminders whether they came in the form,of written hate mail or in a,conversation with a colleague were,hurtful I knew that no matter what story,I broke how much news I broke no matter,what award,I won I was never going to be looked at,as someone who had earned their way,there I never earned an opportunity I,was given an opportunity I was,essentially chary of course this never,made much sense to me because the,receipt showed that me even becoming a,sports journalist was in an alley when I,was a sports columnist at the Orlando,Sentinel I was the only black female,sports columnist at a daily newspaper in,North America no,I didn't say America I said North,America one out of three hundred and,five newspapers that didn't suggest that,I could get any job I wanted that,suggested that I belonged to an industry,that had no interest in hiring or,developing or recruiting people who,looked like me,here's another love letter that I,received let's look at the facts,you're an affirmative action lowlife,worthless smelly underachieving subhuman,piece of don't like Trump fine just,get the out of our all-caps country,you filthy and choose from,the 21 African shitholes to relocate to,plenty of bananas to eat plenty of,sturdy tree branches to wrap your, tail around and plenty of male,baboons apes gorillas chimpanzees and,orangutans to mate with and hopefully,raise a family with what more could a,dumbass at Jemima like you ask for now,as crazy as it sounds I am grateful for,these letters because all it does is,strengthen my resolve,I'm grateful then I tell the truth about,the president not because it expanded my,platform but because these letters and,the reaction to what I said gave me the,courage I needed to do something that,had all of this not happen I might have,been too scared to do it,I don't know if I leave ESPN when I was,just a year into a multi-year deal if I,hadn't said what I did about Donald,Trump I don't know that I moved to Los,Angeles I do know I would have got that,proposal otherwise me and my,husband-to-be would I had something to,talk about,uh-huh I do know that much I don't know,if I get to narrate the Showtime,documentaries shut up and dribble which,was executive produced by Sp

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Jemele Hill on Controversial Trump Tweet and Why She Left ESPN | Amanpour and Company

Jemele Hill on Controversial Trump Tweet and Why She Left ESPN | Amanpour and Company

now to a woman who is not afraid of,speaking her mind Sports and cultural,journalist Jamal Hill she is no stranger,to the challenges that come with being,opinionated black and female from taking,on President Trump to the NFL she hasn't,shied away from controversy and she,candidly relieves those experiences in a,new Memoir called uphill here she tells,Michelle Martin about her difficult,upbringing and the comments that nearly,ended her career,thanks Christian Jamal Hill thank you so,much for talking with us thank you for,having me I appreciate it you became a,household name at least among people who,follow politics and sports because of,your outspokenness on I guess what will,broadly call politics okay but this,Memoir is very personal you describe,some truly painful episodes not just in,your life but in the lives of the people,closest to you your mother and and your,your dad's years-long struggles with,substance abuse disorder your grandma,and some of the ways in which she,clearly stood up for you in some of the,ways when when she frankly you know,failed your mom and by extension failed,you and so I'm wondering for you like,what was it like to sort of cross that,bridge and decide I'm not just going to,tell it but I'm going to tell it all,I've all always been able to have a,level of vulnerability and honesty in my,writing that frankly it was hard for me,to have in um you know sort of in,speaking to people if you will and so,um you know writing was always this,place that was very safe for me and I,thought it was important especially with,very with certain like very,um serious issues that you take the,layer of Shame off of it as you know,there's a lot of shame in families,especially where sexual abuse has been,pervasive or has occurred in these,families there's a lot of Shame a lot of,hiding a lot of secrecy and as we have,seen that does no one any good it's hard,to heal when you can't even speak to it,or speak about it or speak honestly,about it any of those things and you,know the reason I disclosed that I had,an abortion is not just about the moment,that we're in here in America in this,country when it comes to how we discuss,abortion but because I knew that there,were a lot of women who were like me who,made the decision simply because it was,just best for our lives it wasn't,associated with any trauma it wasn't,associated with a medical emergency made,the decision because this is why that,access is important and this is what,they felt like was best for their lives,and even when it comes to you know,navigating addiction within your own,family or even people who have suffered,from addiction there are people who,um you know really feel as if they have,disappointed themselves their families,that and,um you know really have been unable to,recover psychologically from what this,abuse has done and so my way of talking,about how my mother and father's drug,abuse has impacted me was to talk about,it in such an honest way that those,people who have been through those,situations they can relate to them and,they understand not only just the mental,space that I was in it helps them,understand the space that they're in,whether they're trying to figure out how,to heal whether they're still carrying,resentment and anger and I I just think,it's important important to bring those,issues to the surface because that's the,only way that we can communally heal and,so for me it was just about,um you know showing people where the,transparency and the honesty just that,how it could get you to such a much much,better place than your than your inner,think you're in a lot of people seem to,want to think about sports as this kind,of world unto itself in fact a lot of,people will say look this is my Escape,but your work whether you knowingly,intentionally chose that or not has,always been identified with bringing the,worlds together the things that people,are experiencing in their real lives,become part of their Sporting Life and,similarly Sports in the way Sports is a,commentary on the rest of life was there,a line that you sort of felt you had to,cross yourself to give yourself,permission,or was it just you couldn't think of any,other way to do it I think it,think where you just sort of can't think,of any other way to have the,conversation in sports and you're right,is that people act like sports in the,world are happening in two different,universes and they're in the same,universe and so therefore everything,that's going on in the world impacts,what what has happened in sports or what,does happen in sports and so the more I,saw these collisions between race,politics gender with sports the more I,understood that part of my mission was,to write about these messy intersections,because it was actually a way of getting,people to understand those issues much,differently we are a very segregated,country we do not do a lot of things,together we do not intermix a lot of,times but the one place we do is in,sports because you can have people f

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Jemele Hill Throws Twitter Shade At Trump | The Daily Show

Jemele Hill Throws Twitter Shade At Trump | The Daily Show

let's talk for a minute about the,Twitter it's a wonderful invention but,we have learned that if you ever tweet,something that offends too many people,you could get fired from your job or you,could become president's high risk very,high reward and once again there's a,tweet that's blowing up the news a,controversy about ESPN host Jamel Hill,Jamel Hill went on a Twitter rampage,Jamel Hill came under fire this week,after she tweeted on Monday that,President Donald Trump is a white,supremacist who has largely surrounded,himself with other white supremacists,ESPN responded with a statement the,comments on Twitter from Jamil Hill,regarding the president do not represent,the position of ESPN we have addressed,this with Jamil and she recognizes her,actions were inappropriate Wow,this is the biggest controversy in,sports since the Philly Phanatic sex,tape really really big and now you're,picturing it,for more on Jamal Hill and this,controversy we're joined by Roy Wood jr.,everybody,I I can see why people are upset about,this she called the President of the,United States a white supremacist did,I'm no Trevor Wicca she have gotten that,idea I mean who in their right mind,would oh yeah everybody give in Congress,they just passed a unanimous bipartisan,resolution asking Trump to condemn white,supremacist Trump is the only white dude,I know they had to sign paperwork to,prove he don't like Nazis Nazis are my,friend here we gonna need that in,writing another thing y'all need to get,off Jamel here a man don't get mad about,what she tweeted she's cool people,oh okay I mean I was Nana but I I do,have to ask do you want people to go,easy on Jamel Hill because you know her,Johnny,O'Reilly then who is this on Jamel,shovel be like Waffle House or as I call,it awful house oh yeah I'm from Alabama,I was better himself born in a Waffle,House,the tapes don't pull the tapes out on,her brother look you can't expect me to,remember everybody I have a fight with,about Waffle House anyway this isn't,about Waffle House this is about the,White House this story only blew up,because the White House got involved,because what Jamel Hill said honestly,should have just been another day on,Twitter but then this government lady,went and fanned the flames I think,that's one of the more outrageous,comments that anyone could make and,certainly something that I think is for,fireable offense by ESPN oh that's a,fireable offense you want to see a,fireable offense look around your,administration,everyone has a right to get angry about,tweets it's Twitter that's what you do,you get angry about tweets but this is,the White House official calling out a,private citizen for speaking her mind,that's a step too far,oh now hang on Sarah Sarah was saying,there that um you know I think it's a,fireable offense she said I think maybe,she was just sharing her personal,opinion on the matter and Jamel Hill was,sharing her personal opinion the,difference was that one was on her,Twitter account the other was on a,podium at the White House look at her,she got a flag and a logo that makes it,official,if you stand behind the register at a,jack-in-the-box you like yo my personal,opinion these burgers make you ass bleep,jack-in-the-box hat okay okay you win I,hear you I hear you on that all right,okay but what about what about people,what about people who like like this you,know people who say this isn't about,Trump at all it's about a double,standard if a white anchor at ESPN yeah,had said that President Obama was a,black panther and surrounded himself,with racists that person would be,terminated in 24 hours,imagine if a conservative had said,whatever similar during the Obama years,what do you reaction be imagine look at,John Lennon over here imagining you,don't need to imagine because there was,a conservative TV personality who,tweeted quote Obama is a racist

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Demetra- Jemele Hill Got Checked By Uncle Luke For Trying To Correct Him On Twitter

Demetra- Jemele Hill Got Checked By Uncle Luke For Trying To Correct Him On Twitter

black america while we celebrate,symbolism of having a black woman in the,white house and a black woman in the,supreme court right now as we speak,black women are the most likely to lose,their house black men have the shortest,lives black children have the highest,suicide rate and even though we are,around 15 to 20 of the population we are,over 55,of those living in the streets we are,going to be third class citizens in the,nation we built we better wake up and,vote for rail policy vote for greg,marcel dixon repair black america to fix,america hello everyone it's me dimitra,kay of the demetria k show here on,youtube and a proud contributor of the,african diaspora news channel if you can,please do me a favor and subscribe to,all channels and like this video i would,greatly appreciate it so just recently,uncle luke of the two live crew and,jamelle hill of the unbothered podcast,had a little bit of a back and forth on,his twitter and it started out like this,check it out give me five reasons why,black people should vote in the next,election give me five black promises,that has been fulfilled by politicians,in the last election mayor and president,and then jamel goes on to say serious,question how will not voting help and,then luke says i never said not to vote,i asked a simple question my dear it's a,five and five question so he sounded,like he was a little bit annoyed when he,said my dear right because it's like,you're gonna come on here and challenge,me especially when we see that the,democrats have not done anything for,black people so really what are black,people getting from you know voting and,so she did go on to list five things and,her first one was well basically black,people pay uh taxes so basically we buy,into the right to vote if you will and,her fourth one is the one that really,got me a little heated and it went like,this our elders and ancestors were,killed for this right black people have,turned america into a democracy it's,disrespectful to our history and lineage,to not engage okay let's just dissect,her tweet a little bit now this is how i,really believe she's trying to drag,uncle luke back onto the democratic,plantation because now she's trying to,guilt him and everybody else on the,thread that kind of came for her like,wait a minute or not he's right what are,we getting for right but she says that,we basically created democracy in,america well we might have created,democracy for everybody else but the,democracy is when everybody has a say-so,in how the government is run right and,we know black people has never had any,say so and how anything,is ran especially uh pertaining to us,right never and so that's a lie right,there democracy and black people do not,even go in the same sentence because it,does not exist for us right so that's a,lie the other lie that she told to try,to drag uncle luke back onto the,democratic plantation is that oh our,elders died for our right to vote,actually said they were killed well,some of that is true but a lot of it is,a lie they were not killed,just so they can walk into the booth and,say,okay i did it they were killed and as dr,claude anderson said their lives were,taken from them they didn't volunteer,their lives were taken from them so that,we can get something for the vote,there's a difference then oh they just,died for the vote no they they they died,so that we can actually get something,for it they like we keep telling that,lie and unfortunately we believe that,just going into the vote is exercising,our right to vote it's fighting for,democracy no it's not when you go into,that booth you're supposed to vote your,better interest you're supposed to vote,for tangibles not just for a sticker,that says hey look at me facebook or,instagram i voted the next question,should be well what did you vote for,i don't know i just did it because my,ancestor did it and everybody uh no we,want to know what you went in there and,voted for and so uncle luke is right to,ask what's the point of us voting if,we're just going in there really for,symbolism at this point are we going in,there to actually get something and so,jamel hill you know i'm not going to,call her names but you know i i have one,in mind i ain't going to do that but,she's part of you know the political,or the political gang if you will for,the democrats that try to bully,everybody else into the same thought,process of vote blue no matter who,whatever you do just go vote all down,ballots for all their you know they're,on that and so they're going to start to,come for uncle luke because he didn't,escaped off the plantation and they're,going to make sure that he doesn't use,his platform to influence other black,people or basically wake him up right,because they want us to stay asleep they,want us to believe that we have a say so,democracy is in danger that's what we've,been hearing but we've never even,benefited from democracy to know whether,it's in danger or not so anyway,big up the up uncle luke and jamell

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Journalist Jemele Hill was speaking her mind long before those tweets about Trump | Fresh Air

Journalist Jemele Hill was speaking her mind long before those tweets about Trump | Fresh Air

This is FRESH AIR.,I'm Dave Davies, in for Terry Gross.,Sports host and commentator Jemele Hill was catapulted into a political firestorm in September,of 2017 when she wrote a series of tweets that included the words Donald Trump is a,white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.,Hill, who at the time was a co-host for ESPN's "SportsCenter," went on to tweet that she,thought Trump was a threat to democracy and unfit to be president.,Critics attacked Hill for what they called ESPN's liberal bias, and Trump called for,the sports network to fire her.,But as Hill writes in her new memoir, "Uphill," long before those tweets, she was speaking,her mind as a sportswriter and columnist in ways that both galvanized and polarized her,readers and the public.,Jemele Hill is now a contributing writer for The Atlantic, and she sat down to talk about,her new book with our guest interviewer, Tonya Mosley, host of the podcast Truth Be Told.,TONYA MOSLEY, BYLINE: There's a childhood memory that Jemele Hill often comes back to.,She's 7 years old in the back seat of her mother's car on the way to see the movie "E.T.",when someone crashes into the side of their car.,The impact propelled Jemele out of the back windshield and into the trunk.,And for a few brief moments, Jemele believes she actually died.,Growing up, she'd often ask herself, why did God bring me back to life?,What was my purpose?,One thing she knew, even at 7, is that she wanted to live the life her mother, father,and grandmother dreamed about but were unable to - a life of travel, experiences, success.,That desire set Jemele on a singular path as a sports journalist, for a time, the only,Black woman to have a sports column in a newspaper, an anchor for ESPN and the voice of opinion,on some of the most divisive topics and cultural divides of our time.,Jemele's journey began in the place where she was born, Detroit, Mich., to a teen mother,and a heroin-addicted father.,Hill's escape from her circumstances came through writing and a deep desire to explore,the world.,Her memoir, "Uphill," comes out this week.,And before we get started, I wanted to let the audience know that Jemele and I come from,the same place.,We're two Black women who grew up in Detroit at the same time and the same neighborhoods,raised by single moms and were part of a high school journalism program that had a huge,impact on the trajectory of our lives.,So you're definitely going to be hearing some familiarity in this conversation.,Jemele Hill, welcome to FRESH AIR.,JEMELE HILL: Thank you.,I appreciate you having me and good to reconnect with you.,MOSLEY: Yes.,Well, let's start with your most infamous tweets.,You've said those tweets about former President Donald Trump were probably the most unoriginal,words you've ever written.,And yet that series of tweets are a big part of what you're known for.,Are you proud or resentful of that?,HILL: Well, I'm not sure if either description fits.,I mean, I guess I'm definitely not resentful of it in the sense that I don't regret doing,it.,And even with the negative backlash and the death threats and all those sort of things,that came with it, I'm glad that I said what I said.,But I hate it that I had to say it, and I hated it that it was true.,To imply that I was proud of it also would mean that my perspective on it is like, oh,,I'm glad I was proven right.,No, I wish everything that I said in that tweet were wrong.,But unfortunately, that has proven not to be the case.,And many of the things I expressed in those tweets about the former president have lingered.,MOSLEY: The words you use to describe yourself - unbothered, unbossed - it's the reputation,that you've made for yourself.,But after that tweet storm and that media frenzy around it, you really wanted your mother's,support.,And this memoir starts at that moment.,A few months after the tweets, your life had essentially been blown up, and you had already,decided that your future was not with ESPN.,But your mom did not have the reaction you wanted or needed at the time.,What did she say to you?,HILL: I guess to give it some more context, my mother is old school.,And her perspective is that you should respect the office of the president regardless of,who's in it.,And in fact, that was one of the first things she said to me.,And I believe my response was it's hard to respect an office when the person in it doesn't,respect it.,And so, you know, we had a little bit of a back and forth.,She was very worried about my job security.,But when you see yourself being discussed on every major network and people are making,assumptions about who you are or why you said something and all these other things and you're,just in the national conversation, you're looking for a little refuge and some solace,and some consolation and some support.,And this is not to say that my mother, you know, wasn't supportive.,I mean, she was, but initially, her reaction was not what I needed it to be.

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Natasha Rothwell On Calling Out Donald Trump's Trash Tweets | Jemele Hill is Unbothered

Natasha Rothwell On Calling Out Donald Trump's Trash Tweets | Jemele Hill is Unbothered

but um it's just a pleasure to have you,because i've been a,a fan um of yours and,just uh i mean you're so versatile in,between writing and acting and just all,that producing all the things that you,do,and so you were on my high on my list of,must,get people not to mention um,if you're not already following natasha,on twitter you need to because,she is easily one of the five best,followers on twitter,and just follow it specifically so you,can,see her tweet donald trump every damn,day and tell him that he's trash,every day in a variety of creative ways,how did you start that by the way,well um there's this like small,uneventful,thing the election of 2016 um that,sort of left me um,sort of crying uh fully clothed in my,shower,and so i was just like yeah emotionally,and i wanted to um on a like on a more,serious like note i,never i didn't want to ever accept that,it was normal and i wanted to,every day as like an affirmation remind,myself and the people who follow me,um that we can't just accept like the,current,sort of uh administration as normal and,i i think just,to call him trash every day and to have,sort of a bit of defiance and to remind,people of that,in a small way is important so i started,doing it,uh not just with the word trash i was,doing it with a myriad of creative,insults,and then i was just like nah i think the,word that kind of sums it up,is trash and so um yeah it's been,a lot of years now is this something you,started immediately after,he was elected or did you i took some,time to grieve because i was really sort,of shook i think i,you know i did a lot of things just,trying to figure out how to contribute,and started,working at the downtown women's center,and started figuring out how i could,support other groups that,sort of have you know foot soldiers in,the fight in a more direct way,um and then i think that like twitter as,you know some days it can be,empowering and other days it's just a,cesspool of negativity,um and so i attempted to engage with,other people on twitter and just sort of,to see what was needed,in the conversation and levity to me,felt like it was something that was,needed,where um we and especially as people of,color we use humor,we've always used humor to sort of cope,with the most sort of tragic things,and so i sort of tried to synthesize the,election that way and then the result of,that,and i would have to have someone like,look at,to see when the most consistent trashing,started,but i would say like maybe a couple,months after the election,when the dust settled at least in my,sort of uh,heart i started calling him that every,day,but i love the as you said the the the,creativity,with calling him trash every day it's,like hey it's thursday donald trump did,you know you're trash,like you just like switch it up who's,there you trash,yeah today you're not trash just kidding,you're trash there's a lot of,you have you have made this one word,just so powerful,yes i think there's a i mean it,obviously is,irreverent uh as and so for me,i i don't he doesn't uh get any,deference or respect,um especially because he's incapable of,giving,any of it so um yeah i,take joy in doing it and sometimes like,i don't people are just like well do you,set a schedule every day or whatever,and literally i'll be minding my,business and i'll be like oh,you know what he trashed you know i got,my phone,and i'll just tweet it and then i'll,keep it pushing um,and i'm glad it brings so many people,joy and um,hopefully it reminds them too that it's,not normal yeah um,what would you do if he ever responded i,honestly i i don't know if i would,change a single thing,i think if he responded i might just,respond to that response with your trash,you're still trash it's still trash you,know what i mean like i honestly would,just be like i'm,and to reason with with someone who um,is um incapable of forming an actual,sentence,i don't think i would engage with him in,any sort of like discourse and try to,like you know reach him,i'm like he's he's um beyond,that kind of assistance for me so i,think i would just continue calling him,trump

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