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Jeff Goodman: ‘Something is seriously wrong with this Kentucky group right now’ | AFTER DARKall righ

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Jeff Goodman: ‘Something is seriously wrong with this Kentucky group right now’ | AFTER DARK

all right let's move to uh another Blue,Blood match up today UCLA and Kentucky,the Bruins come out on top 63 to 53,which begs the question at this point,does Kentucky have any quality wins I,mean you look at it it doesn't really,seem like they do their running out,opportunities I mean they got Michigan,and London but Jeff you just said we,have no idea how good of a win that is,what do you make of this Kentucky team,right now Jeff,I'm disappointed I'm really really,disappointed because when I look at this,Kentucky team I see all the pieces there,I see the big man the dominant hard plan,I mean honestly like,Tyler he's similar to you in a lot of,ways Oscar he just plays his balls off,right he plays so goddamn hard uh and,you've got good pieces around him you,got Shooters the Reeves kid he didn't,make him today but CJ Frederick and,Reeves two of the better Shooters,they've got older dudes they've got some,good freshman case and Wallace's to me,one of the best overall freshmen in the,country,toppings okay what I've always,questioned is that I have enough,shooting do they have enough spacing on,their team because they want to play,severe wheeler and if you play wheeler,with shibway with topping and Reeves and,Frederick aren't making shots you don't,have a lot of good spacing on the court,right now but I think they run Jack's, offensively I really do I watch him,I can't believe how little they run and,to me that's the biggest problem I think,they have the Personnel to be able to to,click offensively I just don't think,they run a damn thing,thank you,yeah I mean you look at the shooting,percentages from the game Jeff today too,they shot 28 for the three-point line,they shot 38 from the foul line like it,it's it and they had 18 turnovers right,right like that's a recipe for disaster,right I want to credit UCLA because you,go on the road you beat Maryland and,then you follow it up by beating,Kentucky in Madison Square Garden where,it sounded like there was a bunch of,UCLA fans in the building but we all,know how well BBM travels trust me there,weren't any UCLA fans I was in Vegas,there were no UCLA there were like 25,UCLA fans in the entire building in,Vegas,but you can't win a game turn the ball,over 18 times and shooting 28 from the,three-point line and 38 from the foul,line like like think about that like,there you have you have no shot so I I,just think offensively they've got to,develop some kind of identity are we,gonna space it out are we gonna just go,completely for round one how are we,gonna get sheet weigh the ball inside,this is what we're gonna run we're gonna,run more pick and rolls we're gonna try,to catch him on the roll maybe get him,some lobs on the back side space it out,that way but it just seems like there,there's no identity on the offensive end,of the floor for Kentucky right now and,you can't shoot those percentages and,turn the ball over at that rate and have,any chance to be the quality opponent no,chance,yeah and and I want to say I think UCLA,is a really good team you saw him last,year uh we went they went to the lead,eight and the year before they had the,playing game and then made the final,four I think uh I think UCLA is a,quality team and even before the season,I thought UCLA might be a team that,could you know be a final four Contender,uh so I think this was going to be a,tough game for Kentucky uh prior but I,also think Kentucky has struggled a,little bit I mean you saw Yale take them,to the wire uh you know a week or so ago,and I would ask the question is is Oscar,healthy first of all uh and you know,it's a great question that's a great,question because he missed the month,leading up to the start of the Season he,barely practices he goes out in that,that first game Champions classic and he,was really good but it's like did he,come back too quickly yeah and you know,that's that's the other thing is like,you know my senior year I set out for a,little bit with the shin injury and you,know the whole when you're that big of,an impact player it could mess up the,chemistry a little bit and the fluidity,of the offense and when I watched them,it kind of seemed like they were,stagnant and looking for isos,offensively and it didn't seem like they,were really pushing the baller or uh,playing as a unit but I do like uh,toshiba's game I think he plays hard he,rebounds hard and I think he's a,competitor but you know I think it's,going to take uh you know some more,practices with the team to really you,know get Kentucky where they want to be,because I'm with you I think they have,athletes I think they have players and I,think they should be much better than,what they are right now so Jeff made the,the quick shibway Psycho T comparison,here I can't believe we just skated by,that by the record for the record uh but,if if we are going to play that comp,game just to be clear,Advantage guard play goes to Tyler's,teams Advantage Wings NBA guys shooting,everywhere right so a little bit of a,different situa

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Jeff Goodman on Illinois hoops, Illini fan base | Illini Inquirer Podcast

Jeff Goodman on Illinois hoops, Illini fan base | Illini Inquirer Podcast

well we got a ton of hardcore college,basketball fans here and uh Jeff Goodman,and his crew at the field of 68 put,together the almanac and 800 page,preview the college basketball season,and if you're a big ten fan if you're a,Missouri Valley fan if you're a meak fan,heck you can get uh all the information,you need uh and Jeff Goodman joined us,now kind enough to give us some time uh,congrats on this Jeff I know you guys,put a ton of work into this and it shows,in the product man yeah we did we did,and it's not you know it's more the,young guys than me,um but uh it's it's really good like I,can say that it's gonna live up to to,the hype that I put out there which will,uh say it's it's the best preseason,publication by far because of the,accuracy and it's hard to be accurate,these days because there's so many,changes right so we went through every,roster projected start obviously some,things are going to change and you know,projected starters aren't etched in,stone anywhere especially with the,Illini right now but any team so we,we've done our best to make it the most,accurate product and again like you said,you got 1300 words on everybody from,Illinois to Illinois State to Texas,Southern,um you've got Anonymous quotes and and,Anonymous polls that I did for every,League best X's and O's Guy best NBA,Prospect breakout you name it best venue,toughest venue to play in so it's got a,little bit of everything for everybody,yeah I I've just sunk my teeth into a,little bit I can't wait to go further,into it so any basketball fans here I,definitely encourage you to get it I,love your preseason top 25 here Jeff,because uh the Big Ten I had to do the,athletic poll and you know Indiana's a,team I like Illinois is a team I like,but that's a team I'd like to put three,or four it's like a surprise Contender,you guys have no Big Ten teams top 19. I,love that because that's how I feel I,feel like it's a bunch of competitive,maybe good good teams I don't feel great,about any of them it should make for a,fun year at least but what do you make,of the big two yeah it's a down year I,mean simply put it's a down year it,looks that way on the Big Ten I mean you,know lost a ton from last year which,opens it up you know when you put an,Indiana team and listen I'm wearing this,for my daughter like for you love how,I'm the only idiot who we're an Illinois,hat and an Indiana sweatshirt but in,full disclosure my daughter's a freshman,at Indiana so it's kind of the only gear,that I wear publicly right now uh is,Indiana because I pay 51 000 a year so I,feel like I need to,um so,you know to me an Indiana team that had,to beat Michigan and Illinois last year,and I was there for that Illinois game,in the Big Ten Tournament they don't win,either of those both of them they have,to win both of them to get in the,tournament in the first four otherwise,they're not even in the NCAA tournament,last year so it just goes to show you,how different one game can make,with with kind of the Mantra and,everything because,everybody's got them at number one,everybody's saying what a great job Mike,Woodson did but if they lose to Illinois,and they don't get in the NCAA,tournament it's a completely different,story going into the season this year,it's a Well can Mike Woodson get it done,right like how good are they now they,got listen Jalen hurt cifino uh is,talented as hell right Tamar Bates could,make a jump,um but I still question uh Indiana and,and their big I question every team in,the Big Ten you know I just went by,Illinois I question Illinois I question,Indiana I certainly questioned Michigan,State and Michigan that's why like you,said there's no team in the top 15 and,barely a team in the top 20 and up,listen some people of Indiana number six,pre-season like what are you smoking,like I get it maybe they end up being,the number six team in the country but,right now to put them at number six in,the country is like whoa,yeah Jeff and I feel like Illinois,at number two I I don't like doing it,there but they're one of the most,talented teams I feel like Illinois is,kind of a team of the moment in that the,transfer portal nil like Illinois has,embraced these things Brad Underwood uh,you know who's 58 years old has really,embraced these things while like,Michigan State Tom izzo's recruiting,well but the transfer portal he's kind,of you know out of step with it feels,like a little bit if that's fair uh,Purdue and Matt Painter nil the kind of,behind even Michigan's trying to catch,up in nil meanwhile you got Brad,Underwood kind of you know embracing all,these things,kind of excelling all these he says he,loves it and that's all you have to do,whether you love it or hate it publicly,just say how much you love it because if,you say you hate it you're not going to,get recruits,it just feels like him and Chris Holtman,are embracing those things well some of,the rest of the league may be catching,up and and that's why I mean Illinois,and Ohio State should be rebuildi

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Jeff Goodman: ‘North Carolina is NOT a tournament team!!’ | AFTER DARK

Jeff Goodman: ‘North Carolina is NOT a tournament team!!’ | AFTER DARK

and that's where we begin tonight,Virginia Tech beats North Carolina now,it does fair noting Mike Young's team is,eight and one on the year the Hokies,look like a good team they look like a,tournament caliber team win native their,first nine games Justin mutts goes off,for 27 points here,the deal though and I'm curious to get,both of your reactions to this North,Carolina against Indiana little to no,resistance North Carolina against,Virginia Tech albeit on the road as well,no resistance no sort of firmness no,sort of Defense no sort of we were,preseason number one and now we're going,to show it,I'm going to tackle this first so,Virginia Tech beat us twice last year,and they beat us an insane I mean the,ACC tournament so I thought I think I,don't care if Carolina was undefeated,this was gonna be a tough game,Blacksburg was one of the tough I mean,I'll never forget my games there it's,one of the toughest environments to play,in why John so why is this so tough it's,just it's the way the crowd is I don't,know if the game the game was crazy I,mean the crowd was into it from the jump,um it's almost like they're on top of,you it's a it's if that crowd gets going,if you don't shut them down fast it's,gonna get tough so,I think Carolina would have had a rough,day at the office no matter what they,happen to be lost three in a row so now,we're you know sitting here last you,know four or four down,I'm just worried again because I think,they think they can maybe flip the,switch here and that that worries me,because I think they caught lightning in,a bottle last year for a month and you,saw four months of of kind of mediocrity,or or ups and downs really peaks in in,valleys I mean they were getting blown,out last year a lot they haven't been,blown out this year that's a good sign I,just wonder if again they caught,lightning in a bottle they were so good,for three or four weeks last year and,now they've come back down not,completely to what they were but but,certainly again there's no shame in,losing in Blacksburg against a really,good Virginia Tech Team uh without,Armando Baker there's no shame in that,one if it were unto itself but it is not,it is coming on the heels,of a awful performance in Portland and,then kind of a lackluster performance in,in Bloomington Indiana against an,Indiana team that just lost it Rutgers,so I don't I don't know I just I kind of,worry about him and for me it starts,with their energy like that's what I,need to see I need to see them when they,were really good last year what were,they doing they looked like they had fun,together they were laughing joking,jumping around like little kids we,haven't seen that Carolina again this,year and Jeff to that point they still,have some non-conference opportunities,with Ohio state with Michigan but how,much does where the ACC sit,impact them overall and and let's talk,about it here I mean we're four weeks,into the season but let's face it it's,it's December and once you get into all,conference play you're into conference,play North Carolina NCAA tournament,thoughts,I will say this,I'm gonna say I'm gonna say it if the,season ended up today which it does not,North Carolina should not be in the NCAA,tournament period period like who have,they beaten they've beaten Charleston,they've beaten James Madison they wanted,Portland they have lost to anybody that,has a chance to be a tournament team,they would not be deserving today as,kind of last March 4th you could have,made a case that there were first 14 on,March 4th right now there's no way in,hell they deserve to be an NCAA,tournament team today,you're right,um uh preseason number one is going to,also work against him as well right we,thought they were going to be a good,team so now it's a little it's flip,right last year like oh my God they're,playing so well now it's kind of like,even if they do go beat a mission team,Ohio State and they go into Cameron and,they run through this HCC schedule and,play well you know that's what they're,supposed to do so,this you know it's crunch time,um you know we used to have this thing,called a gut check this this is a gut,check moment for this team,um I'm sure he has carried on that,tradition of the gut check moment and uh,you know now you're getting to the,Carolina Secrets but you know it's time,for a gut check and then usually when,there is a gut check we play a lot,better I hope Baco gets better as well,um and those guys off the bench you guys,are Carolina you guys are Carolina,recruits we don't know you gotta play,them John like they didn't play Hubert,told me in the preseason the one thing,he said was I think it might have cost,us last year because our guys retired,they were banged up I'm gonna start,playing the bench well he really didn't,until tonight and to me Seth trimble's,talented he could play now Jalen,Washington their other big recruit has,been hurt he hasn't played yet this year,but to me they got enough you know that,they could you know Tyler Nichol played,

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Jeff Goodman: Indiana is a title contender! Does Robbie Hummel agree? | Goodman & Hummel Podcast

Jeff Goodman: Indiana is a title contender! Does Robbie Hummel agree? | Goodman & Hummel Podcast

I I that's not surprising I mean I've,been in that building whether it was as,a recruit or as a player,and even as an announcer at times where,it's like this is as loud of a place as,you will be in I mean it's just it's,ridiculous I think Purdue's right there,with it,um I think there's a couple other venues,fog Allen for one that you would say is,comparable but when there's a big game,at Indiana and I've I visited for the,the Reddick Sheldon Williams Josh,McRoberts big Tennessee challenge game,and I believe that have been 0-5,and I'll never forget uh Marco,Killingsworth who was a good player,trans from Auburn,um to come play for Mike Davis in,Indiana he got a dunk at the under eight,timeout,um and it forced Duke to call timeout to,go to the media timeout and I I was like,in awe of the noise yeah I'll never it,was like the roof was blowing off,Assembly Hall it really was and I was,just amazed at how loud it was in there,for that and then as a player I saw it,um we played in my junior year we were,in the top 10 Indiana was still kind of,rebuilding and Jordan holds made a three,with like six to play to take the lead,and they were they were not good right,that season and it was just like the the,arena was like shaking and it was it was,really unbelievable it that's a that's a,big time college basketball venue as a,fan as a player as a media member I mean,whatever it's just awesome like it's an,awesome place to watch a college,basketball game,um and they're so hungry for it right,now and they want it so bad after the,last 10 years or you know I guess even,20 years you know since they've been to,the final four in two thousand too so I,I'm not surprised it was that type of,environment I'm not surprised that,Indiana played really well,I am surprised that Carolina looks the,way that they do they just look like,they're out there playing pickup at,times and I don't mean that,in like a scheme way or it's just they,don't look like it means it didn't look,like it meant as much to Carolina last,night as it meant to Indiana,okay so I'll push back on you and say,like all right this Carolina team the,reason they're not as interested and,engaged is because they learned what,they could do last year that the regular,season didn't mean that's a,dangerous,game great that's not the way that you,should approach you know that's that's a,good way to lose in the first round of,the NCAA tournament if that's the truth,then we don't know if it is I mean,that's you you can't skate by and and,get an eight seed and be like well we'll,just beat the one seed in the second,game like they did with Baylor last year,that that would be that would be foolish,and I I hope for for Carolina's sake,that's not what they're doing,um I've now seen them twice in person,and watched the game last night,um I mean Caleb love is just so up and,down I texted you after the the first,game in Portland because you had said,like we'll see how he plays and I was,like well he's he's bawling,against Portland not not a great,opponent a solid opponent and then I had,him against Iowa State and I mean he,took a shot that,is one of the worst shots I've ever seen,in that game where he shot this floater,I took a video of it when I went back,and watched the clip in the game,it was like 30 feet in the air the ball,leaves the screen like a rocket taking,off from some launching pad I mean it's,just like the ball is so out of the the,focus of the camera who do you blame,this on who do you blame Caleb loves,Freedom his Au basketball,Persona because that it looks like he's,playing Au ball out there yeah a lot of,times it's been early last night early,last night he actually I feel like he,almost wanted to prove a point like he,banked one in early and then he really,didn't shoot again for a while and I,wonder if he was like proven a point,like you guys can't win without me being,dude I don't know though because against,Portland he played the right way the,entire game he was phenomenal now he,made shots too he was like nine of 11,from the field but he was you know when,when he came off the pick and roll in,that game and he should pass he passed,when he should shoot he's shot,all right,you have to say it's on the coaching,staff I mean they're the ones that are,telling him,what's a good shot what's a bad shot,what do we need from you and I know,Hubert Davis told us the shoot rounds,I've challenged Caleb to lead the ACC,and assists and I I mean that's look,that's going to be a hard bargain with,him he's a scoring guard,I want him Rob I'm not even sure I want,him to leave you need to be who you are,like when you're a scorer and you're,trying to lead the league in assists,which most games I watch him I don't,think that's what he's trying,um but that can be detrimental because,that's not that's not what he's going to,be but of course if you're Caleb love,and you're looking at this you'd think,well if I'm not a combo or a point how,am I going to play in the NBA at the,next level because that's

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A-10 Insider: Jeff Goodman sits down with new Rhode Island head coach Archie Miller

A-10 Insider: Jeff Goodman sits down with new Rhode Island head coach Archie Miller

foreign,hello and welcome to episode 4 of the,Atlantic 10 Insider podcast my name is,Rob dosser I have with me today Jeff,Goodman and we have actual Atlanta 10,basketball games to talk about today,Jeff how fired up were you got to be,Juiced,I am Juiced I mean I'll be even more,juice when uh teams start really playing,people in college basketball but I'm,happy there's actual games that count,right now even though,um the matchups aren't exactly riveting,across the country I I will say this the,Atlantic 10 if we want to talk about,interesting matchups and intriguing,matchups on the first day of the college,basketball season the Atlantic town was,involved in a lot of them right George,Mason playing at uh Auburn we had,um we had St Louis hosting Murray State,which was about as interesting of a game,as you were going to get LaSalle played,at Villanova which was a big five,rivalry game,um so I I will get we have an interview,with Archie Miller coming up here uh,later on in the Pod which was uh fairly,unfortunate timing for that uh that,interview to be end up being aired but,um what was your biggest takeaway from,week one,um or from I guess the the first set of,games Atlantic 10.,I mean I think it was it was St Louis,and you know Murray State has a,completely different team one returning,scholarship player for a new coach or I,don't know not new Old Coach Steve,Chrome with the racers but,um you know St Louis's man they picked,up exactly where we thought they would,right and getting Perkins back and,You Know Travis telling us on on media,day that the biggest you know biggest,thing for him was going to be what,defense and roll allocation and I think,he'll be able to keep people happy as,long as they keep pounding teams like,that they'll be just fine yeah winning,is the best way to keep keep egos in,check right you know if you're not,playing a lot of minutes but you're on a,team that has a chance to win a,conference title maybe make a run of the,tournament uh then I think people are,going to be satisfied and look I I after,watching them play I watched uh most of,the first half of that game and I think,to have a chance to make a run man like,look Yuri Collins 14 assists zero,turnovers you have jamonte Pickett you,have uh I'm sorry Javonte Perkins Javon,Pickett and Gibson Jimerson all can get,you 20 on any given night you have a guy,in Francis okaro that's a uh just a,monster inside,um the the Forester kid played well Fred,thatch is a glue guy keeps everything,together there what what is the ceiling,for this team do you think,I mean listen these days who knows right,I mean with so much movement on so many,teams it's such an advantage for Travis,Ford to know exact and coming out of the,gates it's going to help him so much,because you would think,they're gonna they're gonna do well in,the non-conference where so many other,teams are trying to figure themselves,out,for the most part Travis knows his team,I mean obviously again you got a big,time player coming back after missing a,year but he knows what he has so as long,as they do what they're supposed to in,the non-conference,and then they rolled through the leak,you know along with Dayton which we,think will happen that those two could,separate themselves a little bit you're,talking about a team that could get a,really good seed in the NCAA tournament,and then you know second weekend get to,the second weekend and then anything can,happen,yeah one of the keys to being able to,get a good seat is a good performance in,the non-conference schedule and I think,you can make the argument that things,went fairly well for uh for for the A-10,as a whole,um through the first uh round of games,for everyone they went 12-3 George Mason,lost on Auburn no shame in that LaSalle,lost it Villanova no shame in that those,are not bad losses in fact those are,probably going to be wins that help uh,computer profile numbers because they,didn't look terrible in them uh,Quinnipiac beat Rhode Island at home,which you know it's gonna happen URI is,in a little bit of a rebuilding mode,this season Archie's going to tell us a,little bit about that uh coming up,um Dayton a team that I think he,probably needs to have some big wins,here at some point play the division one,transitional school Lindenwood their,schedule starts to heat up here coming,up soon they have SMU on Friday they are,at Villanova on Tuesday and then they,head they play Wisconsin and I am,blinking on which event that they are in,at the moment but it's one of those uh,those MTV so they'll play Wisconsin next,Thursday which is when things really,kick off for Dayton schedule the other,big story line I thought was Loyola,surviving,a a pretty pretty impressive fairly,Dickinson team at home,um you know they got the buzzer beating,uh they went 94 feet in 1.8 seconds to,force overtime and ended up being fairly,Dickinson in overtime how big is that,for Loyola to get that win,I mean it's just big not to get that,loss you know I guess that that's

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Jerry Stackhouse CALLED OUT Jeff Goodman, Goodman Responds | Best Bets | Field of 68

Jerry Stackhouse CALLED OUT Jeff Goodman, Goodman Responds | Best Bets | Field of 68

by the way did you read that athletic,story,i was waiting for you to bring that up,say say your piece get it out what do,you got to say he kind of bothered you a,little bit,what what's that he kind of body bagged,you a little bit what did he say,he said that the only reason you're,critical of him is because you're best,friends with bryce drew which was,hilarious to me well it's so funny,because like he has no idea,like i i swear i think i've talked to,bryce drew like five times in my life in,person,like i know right like you've been,friends with scott drew yeah,the whole drew family right i mean just,because i,i you know i've talked a lot about scott,drew means,means like the whole family like it's,just it's ridiculous,absolutely ridiculous but yeah the the,writer,uh interviewed me for the story and uh,i'm trying to find because there was a,was that joe rexrode that wrote it it,was it was,he's good he's good he's good but he was,a little too,pro stack in this thing i thought that,is a little bit too pro stack,well you're you might be a little bit,too anti-stacked so no i'm just real on,step,he was a hell of a player he sucks as a,coach how's that so,i i disagree with you in that point um,in terms of like the on-court stuff and,like what he's running and the offenses,that they put in,and the concept but that's i'm not,saying no i know i know what i'm saying,is like the on-court stuff like i,actually think he's he's he's,really good really high level um the,issue with stack is like the,the um the recruiting part of it the,roster building part of it like that,that stuff is something that he probably,needs to work on but when it comes,to actual encore actions that they're,running like they run really good stuff,like,his offense is a really high level like,you talk to coaches in the sec,and and and i think that most of them,would probably agree,all right here's the here's the quote,here's a quote in the story,get through it quick here how am i not,qualified when i play basketball the,highest level and played under some hall,of fame coaches,i don't have the vacuuming to know what,i'm looking for uh,what's the angst and it becomes the,things we see right in front of us man,all i can say is 75 peop million people,voted for trump,that's all i can say you ain't fooling,me i know what it's about,a lot of you hate everything we did when,we came here about the staff the,diversity of the staff,it was this or that i like to think i,know a little something about building,teams,and what organization should look like,i've worked and played for some of the,best organizations,now again the thing that drew the ire of,a lot of vandy fans and i've gotten a,lot of emails and dms here,is the comment that he basically made,saying,uh people are racist against him for,hiring his staff,right his staff mostly black um what i,will say to that is,for me it was it did nothing zero to do,with color or skin with his staff,and more based on the fact that he got,guys that had no experience,in college basketball no experience,recruiting in college basketball,that's his downfall ultimately like you,said,jerry stackhouse downfall is not a lack,of understanding of how to coach,x's and o's his downfall is,that he was a guy who had no experience,in college basketball,uh coaching then he hired a you know one,developmental guy from the g,league that he took with him another guy,that,uh was a memphis high school coach like,what the hell are you doing,you don't hire a memphis high school,coach you're not beating memphis for any,players,and the other part of that was you know,he started hiring david grace,who's been around and he fired him last,year,but david grace even didn't have this,huge uh body of work dealing with,academic kids and that's what david,grace was basically getting the,was it the compton magic kids to right,to ucla macau,right so like you just you put together,a shitty staff,for what you needed i'm not saying each,of these guys individually aren't good,coaches i'm saying,this is not a staff that can win at,vandy in my opinion and now,what's the point that we made about juan,howard in michigan right it was,that we're not like never worried about,the basketball stuff with john howard,um it was the the stuff that you have to,deal with on the day-to-day,college bed like 75 percent of the,you do as a college basketball coach has,nothing to do with basketball,what did you want howard go out and do,he hired a guy that's been a head coach,for like,500 years in phil mortality to basically,say like this is what you need to be,able to do to handle,he took one nba guy howard eisley he,kept sadie washington,like so smart like he didn't try to,outsmart himself,and i think that's what jerry stackhouse,did here instead of saying like,all right let me talk to everybody i,know i've done grassroots basketball,let me talk to the coaches i know and,i'm gonna get,one or two guys that are that have,experience,recruiting academic kids number one high,level aca

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What now for Patriots, Belichick, Kraft, & Mac? | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

What now for Patriots, Belichick, Kraft, & Mac? | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins he's Greg i'm,Nick and thanks to athletic greens your,One-Stop shopping for 75 high quality,vitamins to help you start your day,right uh Greg let's jump right into the,headlines there's a lot to talk about,before we get to this Bills game and our,thoughts on the finishing wraps of the,2022 season the post-season meeting with,Belichick and craft you and I have,talked about this over the last several,weeks it is now time because obviously,the Patriots are not in the playoffs,what have you heard about this meeting,that the timing and what's gonna,actually happen in said meeting okay so,this is now it's um midday on Tuesday,um,because of you know film,responsibilities and stuff like that I,have not had an opportunity to follow up,but as of about 24 hours ago,what I was told uh was that it was,expected that Robert Kraft and Bill,Belichick would meet,um either Monday night or Tuesday,morning it's now Tuesday midday,I don't know if that meeting has,occurred yet,uh both guys are very busy uh it,wouldn't surprise me if it got pushed,off or or delayed at some point but they,are due to meet,at some point and what's interesting,about it this time talking to people,around the team,is that,in years past when Robert and Jonathan,Robert and Jonathan should probably,usually involved but most of the time,it's just Robert,when they meet with when they meet with,Bill,um you know and it's sort of like a sort,of update to ownership type of situation,it's like you know this is our general,feelings about the season,these are some of the things that we,think we need to do to get better and,blah blah blah and that's about it and,really I was a little bit surprised to,learn that,normally bill doesn't offer to Robert,much more than he does to the media and,his sort of season-ending availability,which he had Monday which I'm sure,um we will get to and I was basically,told that,that level of update would not be,sufficient this year,that uh ownership is going into this,meeting they are not happy about where,the team is not at all I think it was,um,it it was it was symbolic it was,certainly an indication that you know,they sent out a,a very unusual email to season ticket,holders uh almost immediately the,morning after the final game normally,those don't come until right before,payments are due sort of uh end of,February beginning of March and they're,really sort of General overview stuff,about like Hey we're gonna do really,neat stuff at Gillette this year we,can't wait to have you back this time it,was all about you know football,operations and you know we're we're,going to be making critical decisions,about our football operations going,forward over the next week weeks blah,blah blah and so look the crafts are not,happy,um they're not just sitting idly by like,just waiting for oh bill you know what,are you gonna do and they want they want,to hear a plan they want to hear,acknowledgment about why things didn't,go well which we didn't get as a media,we got bills sort of lip service about,like you know wasn't good enough uh it,starts with me blah blah blah bullcrap,you know know why okay Bill yeah it,didn't go well why you know why because,of the decisions you made a variety of,them that's what he should have said,he's going to need to do that with,ownership he's going to need to present,some sort of plan about this is how,we're going to get better and he's going,to be held accountable to that plan but,I will say that as far as where both,sides are going into this meeting,um,you know it's believed and Belichick,said this in the press conference that,he wanted to be back for another season,um,that ownership uh would like him to be,back for another season but you know,he's gonna have to do he's gonna have to,give a little bit more than he has in,the past or else you know if he goes in,there and he's very defiant and we've,talked about it before if he's uh very,defensive about,what he's done what he's going to do,um I I don't think ownership reacts well,to that and so you know everyone thinks,this is going to work and go forward but,nobody knows at this point until uh the,meeting concludes,interesting I mean I think it makes,sense I know somebody on Twitter reached,out to me and said you know all craft,needs to drop the hammer I don't think,either of us thought that Kraft was,going to quote unquote drop the hammer,no and just you know released Belichick,and get rid of him and everybody's,starting Anew you know when you look at,this from 30 000 feet they're 18 and 16,over the last two years uh 2020 was not,good with Cam Newton but you also have,to put into all the mitigating,circumstances that year with you know,the fact that you had covid the fact,that you had all of those weird changes,to the games and times in the Kansas,City game and and having to play on,different days I think I think Kraft,looks at 2020 and says okay we'll give,you a mulligan there bill because it was,just weir

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We Finally Know Why Jeff Kaplan Quit Blizzard

We Finally Know Why Jeff Kaplan Quit Blizzard

shocking and appalling news to break,down for you today a cascade of leaks,and a wall street journal article has,started a avalanche of information that,is exposing the truth behind activision,blizzard's lies and it leads all the way,to the top in the mix of all of it we,finally have some clarity on jeff,kaplan's strange resignation letter,where he said the phrase never accept,the world as it appears to be always,dare to see it for what it could be i,hope you do the same what did he mean by,that we've got the exact answer for you,and much much more it's an emotional one,so you might want to sit down for this,all that and more after a quick message,from today's video sponsor today's video,is sponsored by frag pro shooter the,best shooter game in 2021 for mobile,devices frag has over 80 million players,and 1 million every single day and with,our link in the description we've got,free rewards for you to join in on the,fun two things i love about frag is the,cool art style and the intuitive,controls in the game you'll pick five,character cards that you can switch,between out of a hundred characters each,with their own unique play styles and,abilities to win the game you want to,destroy the enemy's towers and then move,on to their bunker during the game,you'll control one character and the,other four will be controlled by a bot,but you can swap between them freely and,if you want to play with a friend,there's a 2v2 mode that you and a buddy,can have a team of six each of you,controlling three heroes alone frag,always has new content piper reese is,the newest to join the roster she's a,hollywood star host and showrunner for,the frag tournament we've got free,rewards for you only thanks to our link,in the description even if you've,already downloaded frag you can get,access to this free loot take our link,in the description to get an x1 golden,chest 5 000 coins and 200 diamonds all,adding up to 10 worth of free value,let's face it overwatch fans this kind,of game is right up your alley and you,get to play it on your cell phone click,our link in the description special,thanks to frag for sponsoring the video,because we're an overwatch channel we're,going to be reorganizing the information,a bit to focus on the points that are,most connected to our perspective but,the toxicity here spans deep and wide,and seems to touch seemingly nearly,everything at activision blizzard except,thankfully what i had hoped all along,was true not at team four it would seem,which is the overwatch tape a recent,wall street journal article breaks down,the actual truth behind the resignation,of jen o'neil who in the midst of the,scandal was put as co-head in front of,blizzard but had her own sexual,discrimination complaints against the,company and felt that her appointment,was completely tokenistic which is to,say bobby coddick's strategy is to deny,deny deny saying he knew nothing about,the frat boy culture and the abuse going,on at the company but further emails in,the wall street journal seemed to,indicate he not only knew he was an,abuser himself and everything he's done,is to try to control the optics and,protect himself without taking,accountability okay that's a fast,forward version of that but because all,of that is coming out the producer of,overwatch went to twitter seemingly fed,up with all the lies and bs the rest of,the company's pulling and dropped some,bombshells of information she says when,the overwatch directors implying jeff,and then choco later resigned they,pointedly made comments about the,company's quote cultural issues in their,goodbye speeches the subtext was that,abk's culture is at odds with our team's,culture and they didn't think they could,fix it within the current leadership so,when jeff kaplan says never accept the,world as it appears to be that's what,he's talking about but that was the,public response i think it was more,explicit in private to the company and,here she's responding to a tweet about,the jen o'neill story and adding on to,that who she as well sent scathing,internal emails saying she didn't think,the leadership could fix the cultural,problems and when you realize well they,stem from a lot of the cultural problems,allowing day drinking at work basically,enabling the entire frat boy culture,because bobby believes that it makes for,blockbuster video games well yeah,nothing's gonna change because he made,the rules luckily blizzard employees,refused to take this lying down and are,demanding bobby cody's resignation which,is exactly what everyone should be doing,another tweet from tracy kennedy where,now she gives some behind-the-scenes,information about that activision,blizzard earnings call that we broke,down recently where they blamed a change,of leadership for the delays in,overwatch 2. tracy kennedy the producer,of overwatch says of note that the,longer the cultural divide exists,the more we will lose extremely top-tier,talent and the more delayed all our,games will be scapegoating overwatch 2'

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