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When JaySki Goes To The Mall ft. Sister | 2016Oh,Oh,Oh,I think I'm going crazy you said to,leave lat

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

When JaySki Goes To The Mall ft. Sister | 2016

Oh,Oh,Oh,I think I'm going crazy you said to,leave later don't know about you but I,can feel it in this room it's hot a,little deeper I know you're not a keeper,don't know about you but I can feel it,through my god is okay wait this camera,it wasn't even recording guys what we're,at town center kind of Georgia you,already know something look on fire as,hilfiger jacket here's my outfit you,know Stockholm hoodie superstars you,already know with my skinny joggers yeah,but not go along the journey with us you,already know right yeah,Tony and glad gallery so I'm pretty lost,right now I'm always lost in those but,where is she so shocking like hi I'll be,shining my vlogs so she's looking for,something right now she don't know what,she wants she's being indecisive right,now but I music okay I like that that's,pretty pick up whatever you want you,know I gotta give her shopping spoon,like she need boots she needs tennis,shoes time my boobs this girl needs no,more boobs forget boots I think you,should get a room I already ate maroon,let's not read what it's more,I don't know where we're going along but,yeah guys we got a whole bunch of stuff,at H&H like we're just lost here I don't,know freak we're going I don't need you,what I have can you like open up the,shirt so they can see it I have Wi-Fi,isn't a tow flags that's my down,there's Jackie I'm about to cop this do,you see this guy's like I'm literally,about to prize Oh fire you getting back,in hella yes on a shopping spree,today but let's go to ban gai,right here like why I can't leave see,I'm not to exit me out of a building a,fire was happening should be the last,person I follow because she's running,into walls and not knowing who is that,that's calling Amy ok we're leaving them,all now it's like oh my god it's,freezing out here below for you guys,it's like dark you could barely see us,finally tell her mom that I get her,stuff since her mom be saying I don't,get her anything I'm like woman bye cuz,i always get her stuff so it's like what,are you talking about i get her stuff,all the time I just I don't have time,never any satisfaction shut that up, hey I have no idea but yeah so I'll,catch you guys next vlog see ya say bye,mom

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one that's super quiet why why is that,super quiet why the is a super,quiet dude what the what the ,one two three yay,the wind the wind the wind the wind the,wind out there,hi cha cha cha cha chance hi China China,China China China China China China,mustache long mustaches long Oh with the,beard you can't do that you can't do,that thing where you go I proved you,wrong Jay from the past,why is there no title music is that,supposed to be a thing okay anyway,hello everyone hello everyone it's me,JCB Peabody this video ing Joey okay the,mirror is just weird it's like fun house,okay,the hair good and the hair good mm-hmm,yeah it's alright it's good enough,hello everyone it's me chase cabina,welcome to the wind

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Absolute Chaos! -Jayski_OfficialVODS

Absolute Chaos! -Jayski_OfficialVODS

huh,he left,all right i'm gonna be right back i'm,gonna fix the door,and i'll be back,yay,okay i'm back,um,yo new monitor pog,hmm,um,hello hello hello,four viewers,and destiny's in here hello destly,all right,actually,window capture my beloved,when all else stills you have windows,captured,make sure i have windows capture here ew,what the heck,i like two game captures like what is,this,game captured,okay you wanna you wanna turn on your,bit miner on the sidebar,i did not think this through okay,blocking blocking my beloved,it's not oh okay wait,wait why is it doing that,okay hang on,i just set up a new monitor so now,everything's look really weird,do,okay there we go,i think yep there we go,house my beloved,wait,yes,there's a wiki and wiki okay,yes i'm gonna die,wow who knew shaders having shadows,would be this nice,is that monkeys in your background,does it look like,oh,monkey,among us,chicken,oh,i can't hear them,yeah i swear to god,maybe in the future if i get enough,followers i'll have a cat cam,yeah camera that points at my cat,chicken,some ,an apartment i guess it's like this,massive ,building that i couldn't get through my,window,it's so weird as i used to own,chickens,just walking around chickens please shut,up damn,my only friends my friends,are cows,that's why i'm off 900.,yeah hi buddy,oh it's so cute hi,i also have cats what,you have rats,who do have rats i feel people who do,own rats,oh i meant to do that,oh,you didn't see anything,don't look at my steam,that seemed like that was all planned,out,oh no,no i'm not used to these,buttons,i inhaled water and now i'm back,i'm good you didn't see that hi,hi back hi back,you're not funny you're just so funny,jay seems to be like,i,you're laughing now dude,like do you want a cookie,dirty camera oh wait give me a second,wait um,offer them if they want to play vlog,game with you,oh that was a close one,they ignored me,asked i was like do you want to play a,game they were like,like you just ignored me they're,working,what did you expect,literally their name are construction,workers,ranking 90s in minecraft oh my god,yo i'm cracking 90s in the 90s in,minecraft,back in 90s 1990s and 90s in,fort knack,in fortnight yes,i'm crazy let's go,i spent a whole summer fortnight,let's go you know life before tonight,i don't know it got like you're looking,good,stop why did you stop,is this some dmca classic,what was that this song,what song the song that's playing right,now,uh,muted so i had no video,please,those chickens have no respect dude,oh my god imagine a fortnight,can you send me a twitch a twitch,safe spotify playlist,let me steal cooler is that you,did you just follow me on a,on a random account,like a new account like an all account,i love that i love that video so much,wait let me see if i can maybe,was it just to get me to 40.,if i reach my follower goal i will do a,cat cam,let's go what's your follow goal,a hundred by,wait what is it a hundred in 29 days,that's probably that's probably a pretty,big goal but like,it's not like you can just grind twitch,every day,yeah eight hour streams every day,eight hour streams every day no people,do that yeah might,it's called blood awake if you've ever,had one wig,yeah i see him on my eyes it's not human,literally it doesn't sleep been like 48,hours straight,maybe on one of my days off when i don't,have work i'll do a,24-hour stream let's go,i have so many options,if i stream for 24 hours that would have,been canceled three different times,my guy is gonna god he's gonna start,cursing in like 30 other languages that,half of his chat don't understand,i want to do a i want to do a collab,with with uh,with cowlick if i get high enough,that's an account you made a while ago,i'm kind of delayed,i'm kind of delayed on reading my chat,like married,how do you know what kind of jokes are,we taking,what what,oh crystal meth through the rock need to,know,all right just for y'all i'll stream,i'll stream until 5am,your time what time for you,it is 2 27.,i have to at least sleep by five if i,want to be able to go to work and not be,tired,that will be six in the morning for me,so i'll be able to,be online for like two more like barely,another hour,i give my i give my friends anxiety,i give my friends i give my friends,anxiety when i play minecraft because i,don't,like the fact that i don't eat half the,time,wait,there we go,question mark,that you're playing right now,imagine,imagine he's using liquids,i can't tell if i'm color blind or not,is the leaves like red,it's a it's a texture pack,look at that that's cool that's cool,that's cool to me that's very cool to me,i have not been able to use shaders,before now,dude i don't even know how you're able,to take your ground,minecraft that's moving with it too,collision,it's because i got a 15,a 1500 computer 1500 computer,with a 300 monitor,i'm lying i'm kind of pissed at you,why why because you bought a,free bill i did not buy a pre-built,uh it's not a pre-bill i swear to god,the case lo

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and huh oh my god,almost rode the snake that would have,been a little ridiculous hello everyone,it's me,JC beam and welcome back to getting over,it now I'm really nervous it's really,weird I got butterflies in my stomach,because I've been gone for so long is we,I've been off for like a month I haven't,recorded a video or uploaded in like a,month and Here I am doing getting over,it and the last episode of getting over,it I did wasn't that successful but,since then I've gotten a lot more,practice and as you can see I got like,not a new setup really but I got a new,camera I'm like a lots changed and I,hopefully it it's affected the channel,for the better like well we'll find out,but got a lot of practice on this game,and sorry if I drew my hand like this,while I'm playing it's like a rodeo like,if you've watched anybody play this game,it's it's very hard it's it is it's just,like a rodeo you got a self-explanatory,prettier AEG but I've gotten to where,I've gotten over it I've eaten this game,like five times and I'd have a strategy,for like every part that I yeah did I,encounter on on the said game and I even,have like my favorite parts of my least,favorite parts and stuff like that and,I'm not doing too well like compared to,how you usually do probably because,they're new commentary over it usually,I'm like super super focused mode while,I'm playing this game but not today not,today everyone and its really weird,looking at this new camera because it's,way better it looks way better in it's,not as blurry and I can see myself way,easier and becames quiet - I'm so used,to him him talking over everything but,look at me look at me do good I'm doing,good I'm dude that do good in and now,he's talking about sexy hiking it's,really distracting because I see the,subtitles and there's no there's no,words come and now can't turn those off,I'm gonna turn this not believe them on,I believe so,titles on just because I I want you guys,to see what do you what he says and if,you guys want to pause it and read it,you can like just in case you haven't,the only reason I left is voiceover out,is not because it annoys me or anything,but I want to talk I haven't taught you,guys in a long time I've been gone I'm,sure you guys want to hear about,everything so we'll call this one,getting over it video plus an update,video um so I've been gone for about a,month last video uploaded was November,like mid-november maybe oh this is fun,this is called the devils chimney if you,guys didn't know that already and it's,it's one of the it's like the first real,obstacle in the game and I think about,60% of people who play this game don't,get through it and that's according to,the developer like he said that in an,interview and okay there we go okay,easy peasy I got this no problem,so anyway um I've been gone for almost a,month over a month probably and I've,been doing this like this is a big thing,I've been working on oh geez and I've,been working on getting way better at,this game and I've I've been relaxing,like it's been really it is it was,getting really stressful for a while,there I think I was getting really,stressed out and it was a lot going on,outside of YouTube and then the whole I,was getting too mixed up in the numbers,thing and as a small youtuber I can't I,can't do that like that's not that's not,a good thing to to get mixed up in is,the numbers because right now they don't,really mean anything especially when you,twos so messed up and even the larger,youtubers are feeling it I should really,only focus on doing it for fun like that,that should be the thing I shouldn't,even worry about it being like a future,or anything I should do it just for you,guys and do it for like so you guys can,enjoy it and all that good stuff and,obviously so I can use it as an outlet,and this is this is another part that I,taught myself how to do this is a skip,it's called the slide skip so I don't,have to go up and around that whole big,area and you just know not like that,okay,hang on let's try it let's try again and,he's still talking like you know you're,doing,when he talks and he doesn't stop,talking throughout the entire thing,that's not right okay hang on hang on we,got it I may have to cut to when I do,get it because otherwise this is gonna,take a while we haven't really gotten to,any like really hard parts yet I think,the first hard part for me is orange,hell and I'll show that to you in a,minute cuz I'm almost there like we're,almost orange hell and yep,okay okay okay okay this is oh no yeah,see the thing on this part is to push,yourself off the left wall and launch,yourself on those stairs and then you,should be should be golden good to go,this game has taught me how I mean it's,called kidding over it and a lot of,people are like oh he just made a really,hard game so people can rage really hard,at and yeah kind of like I don't feel,like that's what he was trying to do,though I mean you can tell by his voice,over that he's trying to make something,

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hello everyone it's me Jayskibean and,welcome to smartphone a risky phone or,whatever it is I got it on Ichigo it's,made with the Unreal Engine and it's,like a walking with your smartphone,simulator and you have to guess okay so,that's basically it you just have to pay,attention to your phone not run into,anybody and you have to oh it is kind of,confusing because oh and you got to get,those fast you can okay so keep up stop,stop stop,over an end anybody green screen I can,go I can still go green yellow,okay so just pretty self-explanatory you,got a get a get all of them right good,not run into anybody with your,smartphone and still make it to the end,without dying in traffic stop okay now,blue purple blue blue green red blue,purple red mellow great up we're good we,can get out we can go again,alright,for good don't get written over okay,yellow purple red blue no I got one,wrong green green green purple purple,purple red blue blue purple,why is there a million people here hi I,did it I finished it okay so move it I,guess that was it okay peer score 42,left time 27 total score 69 okay so I,guess that's it that's really short okay,it's a really short game I feel like it,was made very quickly but I'm gonna see,if I can chop a hundred I'm gonna try to,top 100 on this thing and see if I can,get it run into anybody green cream,green yellow so every second is a point,blue purple blue purple green green,purple red green blue how come nobody,else was watching we're goin there just,kind of walking purple purple yellow,foot red green yellow agree I know you,guys are probably loving this we just,call it out a bunch of college but it's,really helping me focus it's really it's,really it's a lot harder than it looks,because you you've read the color and,then you see the color that is written,in and throws you off like a lot ah,right into somebody that's not good,sorry guys Emily green yellow purple,blue red red blue yellow purple green,yellow okay,carpal blue,red/green and so much hard it looks look,at its like blue green yellow blue let's,see what I got,did it get over 100 oh no I'm gettin,good 106 off I was six off if I would,have gone in there six seconds earlier,if I woulda got like six more out of,we'll get it we can do this I know this,is so so fun and boring,those are listening the same thing right,so yeah this is it right here don't,tackle Drive no or you get your colors,wrong fuck because I am not good at this,this is so stressful when you're trying,to get a certain Oh green get em away I,got places oh oh oh I'm dead okay well,that that was that was bound to happen,eventually cuz I was talking so I was,distracted and I wasn't looking up from,the phone I need to pay attention red,blue yellow red and help so much if you,say it out loud green red green yellow,good long in front of me you crazy oh,that guy really on it okay we could do,this purple blue purple blue yellow I,don't walk in front of me it's turn off,you a-hole what is wrong with you dude,step walking into me hmm people are,seven eight okay so purple green red,look no no blue yellow red and traffic,is just chillin okay so you have a lot,you have a long time you have like 12,hours to do this so I feel like I could,just totally like milk it out and just,say you know yellow green people are,able to stop seven green yellow green,yellow blue blue red and you can do this,I could do this figure that's a bit of,tip it up to 83 again blue blue green,green yellow purple come on no I first,rocky air I'm right there oh come on,alright it's okay we can get a hundred,can get a score bonded we just got to,focus and not get to know you stupid,like that don't get distracted I think I,missed two there too you know what's,funny is if I want to miss that one I'm,probably would be okay I probably,awesome oh that guy almost got hit you,can do this we do this it's so much,harder than it looks it's way harder,than it looks like it it almost,accurately simulate is texting and,driving not quite good people it,accurately simulates walking and driving,mats or walking and texting that's for,sure,purple red purple blue blue blue purple,blue red blue yellow yellow yellow blue,purple I'm gonna wait oh oh,so crazy because I have to after like a,purple blue blue yellow red purple green,yeah look I just have to stop this,hesitation because I'm hesitating when I,come up to the traffic a complete,hesitation and I'm running into each,other they're not getting crap for it,green blue blue yellow purple no blue,yellow red thank you,we can do this you do this uh yellow,green yellow green red and red yellow uh,no no okay well you know what I can't,hit a hundred I can't do it so I'm going,to go ahead and finish the episode up,here this is some smart phone risky,phone whatever you want to call it this,is the walking and texting simulator I,really wish it was more than just this,one level I was kind of hoping it was,going to be more than just this but it's,pretty cool though it's a pretty fun,game esp

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BET Legends Brandy & Lil Wayne Join Jack Harlow For The Culture | BET Awards '22

BET Legends Brandy & Lil Wayne Join Jack Harlow For The Culture | BET Awards '22

listen to them but you never trust them,entertain them but you never right,you ain't got that wax for nothing,enjoying the attention but don't need a,husband,but maybe someone it's been too many,nights since you had a fun one okay,you got a cover zone you trying to run,from,they call you quiet but they don't know,where you come from,oh you got so much poise in a room full,of people making so much noise,i want to bring you around my boys i,want to listen to your voice i want to,treat you to some things that you'd,enjoy,don't be anxious i got you yeah they,fine but they not you you will catch and,i caught you i want to pull up and,flaunt you and take some pics spaghetti,images i like all your beauty marks and,blemishes,boys and poison poison poison,but a good kind,it's crazy how you on my mind,kind of crazy,i,oh,and i can put you in,i can put you in,uh-huh,i can see the whole city from this,balcony back in 2019 i was outside,freely but now they got it out for me,i don't care what freddie you was in you,came out for me keep dreaming pineapple,juice i give a sweet,sweet sweet i know what they like so i,just keep cheesing hard drive full of,heat seeking,trying to cut the same day as jack,rethinking you don't need chivon she you,need jesus why do y'all sleep on me i,need freezing,i got blacks in the mail peak season,shout out to my ups workers making sure,i receive it you can do it too believe,yeah allow me to reintroduce myself my,name is world famous one of the greatest,living legends did i mention my resume,is amazing the game need a breath of,fresh air and breathtaking went down and,guess i'm still a gold mine shining this,black excellence at its finest don't,call me brandy no more call me honestly,built tougher than my brother rage of,glasses death passion he woke up a beast,now it's madness see the slash rapper,rappers last actress is reaching for the,crown you might get a handful of thorns,that's right,we got this,thank you lil wayne and dj drummond

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Teardown: Ticket Guardian 500 at IMS Raceway

Teardown: Ticket Guardian 500 at IMS Raceway

welcome to episode 4 of the NASCAR,Monster Energy Cup Series is M race way,ticket Guardian 500 again three times,Kevin Harvick has won this season Wow I,can't explain this it's crazy,with all the controversy they went,through with the bracket issue and you,see Kevin Harvick tapping the back of,the window and I was just that was just,savage and at the end of the day Kevin,Harvick is the car to beat and then,doesn't it power the next two will,probably be Kyle Busch and chase Elliott,chase Elliott Kyle Busch they've been,doing pretty well I think those are the,top two you gotta look out for and then,maybe Truex,but anyway Wow,let's get down to the rundown real quick,we'll do a quick top-10 look up first,we got Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch chase,Elliott Denny Hamlin Martin Truex Jr we,got Clinton Boyer,we got aric amirola Suarez Erik Jones,and Kurt Busch so that's basically your,top ten there let's do a little quick,rundown the stage one nothing much,happened we got Larson taking the high,side,yeah Larson taking the high side and,beating Truex going into lap one and,then we got the 72 of coiler joy blowing,an engine this creates the competition,caution at lap 25 so with the leaders,pitting we got after the pit road stops,they got the 18 taking stage one nothing,much really happening they're going into,stage two,on lap 47 of stage 2 for detail carwash,and spins out and causes a caution and,then about what for to go on the stage,to a few people did not pit such as Kurt,Busch with one to go in stage two the 41,wins stage two they take that home and,then going to the State Street was just,a bit more entertaining the eighteen,leaves in the stage three and the four,takes point what 134 to go on lap 21 on,lap 190 one of the 21 car wrecks ends a,day for Paul Menard William Byron the,rookie takes the lead off a pit road,during those caution pit road stops with,118 to go but the 11 takes point with,103 to go and then what 17 years ago the,18 takes the lead and there were 59 to,go while the leaders are cycling through,Newman takes point but with 23 to go the,four takes point and wins the race at,Phoenix so short and sweet to the point,the racing was pretty good,there was a point around stage I'd be,the final stage we have like we had,chase Elliott coming through we got,Denny Hamlin Kyle Busch and Kevin,Harvick battling for that that lead and,that was pretty entertaining we don't,see that as much anymore but it was cool,to see that going to Phoenix is really,fun is M Raceway it's a fun track to go,to it's entertaining I went there last,December it was a good race you know to,the end you can't complain so I asked,some Raceway they know how to put on a,show so or the drivers know I'd wanna,show so at the end the day let's talk,about points we got Kevin Harvick with,those three wins we got Austin Dillon,with that Daytona 500 win,Kyle Busch montrezl jr. Joey Logano Ryan,Blaney Denny Hamlin rocket Lasky Kyle,Larson Clint Boyer aric amirola,Kurt Busch Ryan Newman Paul Menard Erik,Jones and chase Elliott,rounding out your top 16 this race I did,not want Kevin Harvick to win I'm gonna,be straight up would be nice and we saw,someone else wins but you know when you,have a dominate car in the half miles,and flat tracks your bases need a team,to beat super speedways it doesn't,really matter the good thing is we're,all missing the road courses and we'll,see how Kevin Harvick does at Sonoma and,walking's gland and a rovol at charlotte,heading into the playoffs so I think,that's the last test for Kevin Harvick,is those Road races and we'll see if,they're really the team to beat their,short tracks like Martinsville and,Bristol you can kind of put that in the,same boat as Phoenix,what would Bristol with more banking,we're getting a little too ahead of,ourselves we're going to Auto Club,Speedway wouldn't be surprised if Kevin,Harvick makes it four straight don't be,surprised if Jimmy Johnson gets a run I,the reason why I'm saying Jimmy Johnson,this week for for this race and next,week is because I said before that we,shouldn't base Jimmie Johnson on past,stats on a YouTube channel out of the,groove that's a show for Eric on YouTube,I said that in his comment section but,at the end of day you just can't count,on Jimmie Johnson and with the Camaros,you see chase Elliott you see Kyle,Larson adapting to the new body style,well so you can't count out the Chevy's,it's a Hendrick problem with three of,the four cars struggling yes William,Byron did lead a couple laps but I was,just based off a pitch strategy chase,Elliott has been consistent throughout,all the races at Daytona because they,told,is a crapshoot but you gotta trust the,Camaro's in the summer right now,these cards are billed early in the year,and they cannot apply the information,they learn in Phoenix Las Vegas or,Atlanta until next week they gotta do it,during the midsummer because they gotta,use that data and apply it to those cars,because they already got the card cars,build ahead for t

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Our Best NASCAR Paint Schemes of 2022! | The Last Lap

Our Best NASCAR Paint Schemes of 2022! | The Last Lap

hello everyone my name is Jimmy and,welcome to the last lap and in today's,video we have a very special thing we're,going to be doing we're going to be,giving you guys our best paint schemes,of the year before we hop into it just,want to quickly remind you guys hit that,like button and subscribe button you can,also check out our social media channels,which are linked in the description but,let's go ahead and hop into this video,uh Matthew my friend and co-host is,joining me as always and he'll tell you,guys I've been really excited about this,video for a while we have a lot of good,paint schemes on these lists so Matthew,how you feeling before we go ahead and,hop into this video about sharing some,of our favorite paint schemes,well I've been looking forward to,talking about this video I mean about,these these cool paint schemes here from,this past year a lot of great paint,schemes,this was a tough uh a tough list to um,it was very uh tough to decide which one,should be on and which one should and,this is basically all our opinion here,if you don't see a paint scheme that you,think it should be on let us know in the,comments you know what was your favorite,paint schemes this is just our opinion,right here so,you know let me go and see your favorite,paint Scheme on this list don't get,offended but yeah,yeah so,so like,I'm probably gonna miss a few paint,schemes that were really good that I,didn't even see I mean I looked at the,jet ski website and they have like every,paint Scheme I probably missed a few,that were really good that aren't on,this list same with you and we might,have the same few paintscapes of common,between the two of us in between me and,you the viewers at home but so really,quickly I just want to like so at the,start of this year,everybody was throwing a fit because we,last or in 2020 we tried this with with,the number backwards like this I'll show,you too Matthew and then we did this,where we have the number forward now so,everybody was like oh my gosh this is,gonna ruin the paint schemes so bad but,uh I gotta give credit to the teams they,did a really good job with the paint,schemes this year with the whole new,number placement and everything,um but we're gonna hop into it so I,figured we start this off by who gets to,go first with a classic coin flip so I'm,gonna flip it and Matthew I'll let you,call heads or tails so whoever wins gets,to go first so so what are you gonna,call it heads or tails I'm going with,tails,cocktails all right so let me flip it,all right I'm gonna show you you,probably can't see it but in his heads,you cheat on that,I did it on live camera no cuts no,nothing it was uh-huh,so I'm gonna go first,um and I'm gonna go with my honorable,mentions we have five honorable mentions,and then our top 10 paint schemes of the,year so uh The Honorable dimensions are,not in any specific order for me,but I'm gonna start off with rosh,Chastain and his iFly car that he raced,and one with at Coda he also raced at uh,Richmond I believe so I got to see that,one on track I love the black the red,the Chrome number this is one of the,first not the first but one of the first,paint schemes with a chrome number that,looked really good so really like that,one another I will mention that might,make Matthew a little bit upset here it,is the Ty Gibbs Jordan car the Concord,11's car he ran at Richmond that I got,to see in person that's also an,honorable mention up next is it's a,Chris busher car and a lot of people,might not remember this paint Scheme but,it's called the it Savvy car it's orange,got the Chrome 17 number on it and it's,got these white little lines like like,computer lines or whatever on it I,thought it was really cool I thought the,orange really popped and then the white,kind of evened it out a little bit and,the Chrome number,chef's kiss absolutely perfect I love it,uh another audible mention is a Daniel,Suarez paint Scheme is the Aguas,Fresca's car that he raced uh I love all,the different colors on it the blue,background and then the different colors,of the friscus fresh cost whatever those,things are on the hood really cool I,love the vibrant colors the Tiger on the,sides a little bit too much for me but,like just base paint Scheme wise it,looks really cool,um and last one,yes last one is Brad Keselowski is the,Castrol car but not the red and green,one it's the white one with the silver,number on it they erase it Talladega I,really like this it's a simple scheme,but it looks so clean with the Chrome,number on it Castrol logo on the side,Castro look on the hood,the rear quarter panel could use a,little bit more space like stuff could,be put there but other than that I love,the basic White and chrome paint schemes,so those are my honorable mentions,before we hop into the actual ratings so,Matthew which some of your honorable,mentions before we go and hop into our,actual top 10 lists,well that was a press some impressive,honorable mentions that you had right,there I was definitel

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