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How Twitter Censorship Promoted Mind Control and BLM AnarchyJason Whitlock is the host of fearless,a

Jason Whitlock

Updated on Jan 14,2023

How Twitter Censorship Promoted Mind Control and BLM Anarchy

Jason Whitlock is the host of fearless,and one of the clearest Minds on topics,like this Jason thanks so much for,coming on so you're watching this unfold,as we are we you know this is coming in,real time but what do you think so far,of what we're seeing,Tucker I gotta start here I just want to,thank you for what you're doing in real,time this is awesome live television,journalism that we're all witnessing I'm,glad to be a part of it I hope that I,can unpack here I've been on this topic,for about seven eight years this is,deeper than censorship this is about,propaganda and mind control and and the,control of the American public Twitter,and these social media apps have been,rigged to control our minds and what we,think and so I I I I want to be careful,because I don't want to unpack too much,it's hard for people to understand but,just think about what Alex Jones has,experienced over Sandy Hook and and the,lawsuits against him and the money,they've taken from him and now I want,you to think about what Twitter has done,to America for the last seven eight,years with black lives matter they,promoted the myth and the anger and the,Animus and the emotion that the the,police were out here randomly killing,black people and everybody should be,outraged everybody should take to the,streets everybody should burn down,cities and communities people should,kill police so if you're the wife of,David Dorne you should be trying to sue,whoever is responsible Twitter the,Democratic party that use this,propaganda machine to stir the emotions,of the American people in Korea create,this myth that the police were out just,randomly indiscriminately killing black,people and what you should do is,overthrow this government go tear down,buildings if your business was destroyed,during these riots these five six year,spans obviously it Crescendo in 2020 but,if you lost a loved one lost your,business you're old a great debt Twitter,this propaganda machine was part of,controlling the American public's mind,and promoting a level of violence and,chaos and Anarchy that hurt everyday,Americans cost people's lives they're,responsible and need to be held,accountable our politicians need to hold,all these people responsible this is,very serious this isn't about Charlie,Kirk or me or anybody that didn't get to,grow our Twitter account it's about the,Mind Control propaganda game they've,been playing on the American public to,overthrow our Constitution and our way,of life and they've been successful and,these people are evil and need to be,held responsible,we can only hope that Elon Musk reveals,in soon the degree to Which Intel,agencies from around the world have been,operating on Twitter and I and I think,it's pretty clear it's extensive so it,is my confirm that's exactly right Jason,Whitlock who's been saying that for six,years on this show great to see you,tonight,thank you,so as we told you repeat this this,information is continuing to come out,and obviously we

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The Real Reason Celebrities Are Mad About Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

The Real Reason Celebrities Are Mad About Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

this is Elton John,a rock singer what does he know about,misinformation what is he talking about,seriously what is he talking about,is he just throwing out the word,misinformation to,disguise his real agenda,how did America's opinion on same-sex,marriage change on a dime,how did it happen so quickly we don't,see public sentiment change that rapidly,we hadn't seen that before in human,history,it was Twitter it's the social media,apps they're in control of our minds,they're they set the agenda for our,cultural norms what we think is,acceptable,and then when you tie those cultural,norms and you uh impose them in a,workplace environment where unless you,adopt these values and these opinions,you're disqualified,from leadership in Corporate America,you adopt these values your leadership,you can Elevate within a corporate more,money money's tied to all of this,your your viability inside a corporate,structure is tied to adopting these,alphabet Mafia,agendas points of views and perspectives,Twitter does that when Executives live,in fear of being roasted over Twitter,that's how Twitter controls things when,people can't get acting jobs unless,their opinions fit the Twitter narrative,when people can't have broadcasting jobs,unless their point of view fits the,Twitter narrative,this is all alphabet Mafia driven,everybody knows it no one wants to talk,about it I want to cite this one example,from today Elton John,announced over Twitter,that he's leaving the platform all my,life I've tried to use music to bring,people together yet it saddens me to see,how misinformation is now being used to,divide our world I've decided to no,longer use Twitter given their recent,change in policy which will allow,misinformation to flourish unchecked,this is Elton John,a rock singer and a good one,what does he know about misinformation,what is he talking about,seriously what is he talking about,is he just throwing out the word,misinformation to,disguise his real agenda,because I've been saying this isn't,brand new for me anybody that's followed,me has been watching me to say this over,social media in writing on television,anywhere I can,Twitter,has been home for the promotion of lgbtq,values,Elton John doesn't have the balls the,honesty the Integrity to say,hey Twitter's no longer going to be the,propaganda hub for lgbtq values I'm out,of here I'm leaving,that's what he's upset about,I don't have a problem with him being,upset about it he's gay,just say it,just admit it,this has been our home this has been our,tool to legitimize and normalize our,lifestyle,say it with your chest out,don't sit oh my God,they're the home for misinformation,where am I going to get my covet,information from that I can trust I,can't get it from Twitter this is the,home for misinformation they're going to,deny election results on Twitter oh my,God this has to stop that's all a,gimmick,Elton John,stick your chest out and say what you,really mean and what you're really upset,about,Twitter isn't going to normalize and,impose My Lifestyle on the rest of,America and I'm mad as hell about it,say that I would respect them

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Two Words You Can’t Say on Twitter | Truth Bomb

Two Words You Can’t Say on Twitter | Truth Bomb

so if you want to grow your social media,account identify as a woman yeah female,privilege yeah,if you don't follow zoobee on social,media and you don't fully understand a,rapper on or whatever but,zooby is,far more than just a rapper,uh you're a public intellectual,and,you've been,uh i think you've been kicked off of or,suspended for twitter for uh,you know saying,the transgender crowd's not a big fan of,yours i said i i got temporarily,suspended for saying okay dude and reply,to somebody that's what i said the tweet,just said okay dude oh you is that you,misgendered somebody's appetite they,were never specific,someone was boasting about the fact that,they,sleep with more women than me and i just,said okay dude and then a week later,um i got an email from twitter saying,that i'd been my account had been locked,for hateful conduct,and i was like wait what what's going on,here initially i thought it was like a,like a phishing like a spam message or,something and then i tried to go on,twitter and yeah i'm locked out of my,account and the offending tweet is,literally okay dude and so i thought it,was some type of mistake i appealed to,twitter and then it got a human review,and they confirmed the following day,that i violated their hateful conduct,policy,so of the hundred thousand plus tweets,i've put out there the one that went,past the line was me saying okay dude so,did you say okay dude before or after,uh you announced you identified as a,female and broke some weightlifting,records yeah uh and that that stuff,didn't get you in trouble no that no,that didn't get me in any trouble at all,that was february 2019. so that was the,flash point so i've been on twitter,since 2009,and it took me 10 years at the beginning,of 2019 i had about 17 18 000 followers,and that viral deadlift tweet,blew up that's how,millions of people across the world,discovered me from that from,the joe rogan to tucker carlson to piers,morgan ben shapiro like people,all over the map in all these different,arenas that video was seen by millions,and millions of people so that was the,flash point where,that was like a tipping point where,i came onto a lot of people's radars and,then through that people discovered my,music and my podcast and my writing and,my general thoughts and commentary and,ever since then,it's just been growing and growing and,growing so if you want to grow your,social media account identify as a woman,yeah female privilege yeah,that will do it for you,wow and so you said in 2019 you had 17,18 000 followers and now how many do you,have on twitter 820 000 yeah across the,board i think about,1.3 million,you

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Joy Reid Embarrasses Herself with Threats To Leave Twitter | @Jason Whitlock

Joy Reid Embarrasses Herself with Threats To Leave Twitter | @Jason Whitlock

you own all of twitter or facebook or,what have you,you don't have to explain yourself you,don't even have to be transparent you,could secretly ban,one party's candidate or all of its,candidates,all of its nominees or you could just,secretly turn down the reach of their,stuff and turn up the reach of something,else and the rest of us might not even,find out about it till after the,election,elon musk says this is all to help,people because he is just a free speech,philosophically clear open-minded helper,that is not a saturday night live parody,this man just said hey they may turn up,some things and turn down others and you,may not find out about it until after,the election,hello ari melber,hunter biden's laptop,hunter biden's laptop,are you really that clueless are people,on the left,really that clueless,that he could go on tv,and talk about oh my god if elon musk,controls twitter he might elevate some,stories elevate some,points of view and might diminish others,you can go on tv and say that and not be,aware that that's what twitter has been,doing since 2012,for a decade,are you kidding me,i,i i think that's a comedy bit i honestly,think,that's ari melber trying to be funny but,it gets better,it gets better because,rachel maddow as i like to call joy reid,rachel maddow uh has,joy reid has a video,i believe from yesterday where she's,engaging,with a,the skinny version of eli mistahl,another,brown dark skinned man,with some kind of funny all-white hair,uh but they're talking about elon musk,and what a threat he is to democracy,let's play this clip people can leave,they can choose to not be in that space,anymore and some people will i can tell,you look if y'all want to follow me okay,on the social i'm at joanne reed okay,i'm gonna throw that out there uh and i,don't know nothing but i'm getting,nothing for saying that i'm just saying,there are other places that people can,go,that's truly read,there was i wanted the full clip do we,have the entire clip where we can get,that man's comments,involved before because i thought what,he had to say,was stupid as well,i i think we have the full minute clip,can we play that one elon musk lives in,a world in which the only kind of free,speech is,white men,feeling free,to say whatever the hell they want and,what he doesn't understand what a lot of,those folks don't understand is,speech is actually freer when everybody,everybody not only has the opportunity,to have an account,and,able to afford a phone to be able to,tweet but can feel safe,can know that they're not going to get,harassed can know that they're not going,to get outed can know that they're going,to get piled on by the astroturf,stands of some very rich man,and this future in which there would,actually be more abundant and equitable,speech terrifies the crap out of people,like elon musk people can leave they can,choose to not be in that space anymore,and some people will i can tell you look,if y'all want to follow me okay on the,social i'm at joanne reed okay i'm gonna,throw that out there uh and i don't know,nothing but i'm getting nothing for,saying that i'm just saying there are,other places that people can go,yeah y'all won't follow me on social,counter social i'm just throwing that,out there you gotta follow me don't hear,me,i mean,this is like,this is supposed to be,professional tv,joy reid is so deep in the black twitter,abyss,that she thinks,going on national tv and using that,national platform,that's the spot for hey i know i went to,harvard university i know,i spent most of my uh,collegiate years and professional career,surrounded by white people,i know but this is the perfect time for,me to get on national tv and show,everybody i'm just a sister girl from,around the way y'all can just follow me,on social counter account of social hey,joe henry,i i,this is what climate change does though,people panic when there is climate,change,and i i'm thinking this twitter climate,change is the climate change that the,left has been predicting is going to,destroy the earth and and elon musk is a,meteor that has crashed into their,twitter,hemisphere atmosphere orbit and ruined,everything uh joy reid's sister girl act,is an epic fail from the terrible weaves,that she wears and listen as a black,woman i understand that it's it's it's,difficult my hair is natural i find it,easier to just wear braids because i can,easily get them together before i have,to come on camera so i understand,but her sister girl act as if she is,just down and so you know hood is an,epic fail i don't understand how they,allow her to spew such racist hatred,every day on msnbc,i don't even understand how those words,get past her neck that looks like a pack,of hot dogs listen if joy was so in tune,to the black community she would know,even trying to push elon musk as a,racist is not gonna go over well you,need to then talk to all the black,rappers who have tesla in their songs,that's all they ride around in town with,you know the drug dealers and

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Dave Portnoy Owns Conservative Shock Jocks On Twitter

Dave Portnoy Owns Conservative Shock Jocks On Twitter

dave portnoy el presidente,is a fraud he has no core values no,defined set of beliefs the blaze is host,jason whitlock has mastered the art of,projection he has no redeeming qualities,other than his wealth,remove his money and he wouldn't have a,friend in this world,if we weren't living in an era,completely hostile to masculinity,portnoy would be broken boston,delivering pizza you know the whole,reason whitlock is going after portnoy,do you know aoc my favorite big booty,latina i love you aoc you're my favorite,you look very beautiful in that dress,you look very sexy look at that booty on,aoc that's my favorite big booty latina,look how sexy she looks in that dress,i love it aoc,hot like a tamale a desperate misogynist,a doofus whose name is alex stein,happens to be employed at the blaze,which makes him a co-worker of jason,whitlocks uh for you today alex stein,prime time 99 always on the grind,it's gonna be in his house cringe,as for stein,very cringe q anon conspiracy troll and,used car salesman alex stein sexually,harassed representative aoc on the steps,of the capitol he comes from a wealthy,part of dallas texas called highland,park where most of stein's high school,classmates found him annoying immature,and you guessed it desperate for,attention the main reason that stein has,become well known is thanks to texas,house bill 2840 which requires,governmental bodies to give time to,public speakers and as a result stein,has exploited this rule to spread,misinformation conspiracy theories and,transphobia and because of those stunts,his videos have gone viral and he has,been welcomed on right-wing shows like,alex jones and tucker carlson which,helped build his platform as a troll,alex stein was also a former contestant,on different reality tv shows dope not,that anyone would even notice since each,of his appearances were very short-lived,in 2012 stein was a contestant on the,reality tv show the glass house at the,end of the day i'm a good guy it should,come as no surprise that stein also,sexually harassed a female contestant,while he was on the show and by the end,of the first episode almost every,contestant voted him off the show it,certainly does seem like jason whitlock,and alex stein are birds of a feather,after all whitlock had this to say,of the goat serena williams with the,reduction in glut,a little less butt and a smidge and more,guts serena williams would easily be as,big as michael jackson dwarf tiger woods,and take a run at rosa parks then he,would wrongfully critique serena further,she'd rather eat half-ass her way,through non-major tournaments and,complain she's not getting the respect,her at the time 11 major championships,demand she complains about being ranked,number two in the world at the time when,she's not bitching on twitter on her,blog about new rules that forbid,wimbledon players from eating in the,locker room seriously how else can,serena fill out her size 16 shorts,without grazing at her stall between,matches he went after maria taylor,saying she owed her standing at espn to,physical beauty then he attacked katie,nolan quote for also benefiting from,physical beauty saying that it,transformed nolan from bartender to,seven figure personality emmy award,winner and the darling of aroused,bloggers and tv critics willing to,ignore her pedestrian humor and,inability to execute live television he,also went after longtime nfl reporter,alex flanagan saying she has no clue,what she just watched nbc knows that,they pay a producer to explain to her,producers should be fired period plus he,added fire alex flanagan's sideline,producer sidelined barbie didn't ask,hasselbeck or carol about the whole team,going downfield to block on hit and run,he also had a video on his facebook that,he and his team titled emotional,entitled women are ruling america,once again i reiterate stein and,whitlock birds of a feather,but with portnoy,here's the story and the beef between,them barstool sports port noise company,put up then deleted a video of stein,trolling localities in vegas,the company had to take it down and,stein claimed they were afraid to keep,my content up so port and i tweeted stfu,we are owned by a gambling company we've,had roughly 9 000 training sessions not,to post stuff like this because,regulators don't like it go back to,whatever hole you crawled out of he then,featured another insane clip of stein,trolling protesters with this tweet this,guy,anybody who does this is a pos i don't,care what side of any issue you're on if,this is how you conduct yourself you're,a pos i already apologize slightly to,stool sales guy for not researching him,before responding so whitlock wrote a,piece to defend his co-worker writing,dave portnoy is a fraud he has no core,values no defined set of beliefs he has,no redeeming qualities other than his,wealth remove his money and he wouldn't,have a friend in this world portnoy,responded with two words that were foul,easily could have come up with something,better,frankly

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Why Aaron Rodgers Is NOT One of the Greatest of All Time

Why Aaron Rodgers Is NOT One of the Greatest of All Time

I don't blame Aaron Rodgers for wanting,to get out of there Aaron come here to,Nashville we will treat you well get rid,of that my rainbow is a great coach God,what,that Rebel's a great coach they got an,absolute pipe dream he's not going to,Nashville,Aaron Rodgers uh is he done with,football,or is he just done with Green Bay they,lose last night to the Lions he throws a,bad interception doesn't play that well,I I still think the guy is tremendous,I'd love to see him go to San Francisco,I'd love to see him come here to,Tennessee and and and you know play,action pass with Derrick Henry getting a,wide receiver or two I'd love to see,Aaron Rodgers here in Tennessee but is,he done with football or is he just done,with Green Bay,remember that famous last iconic scene,of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,when Will Smith is looking around that,empty living room as cousin Phil moved,everything out it's just an empty rug,and he's kind of looking around going,wow it's over so I'm not going to be,here anymore that's what Aaron Rodgers,looked like as he was kind of giving,everyone their greetings and not their,Jersey because this is the last one it,felt like it was over,in Green Bay now here's the difference,with Aaron Rodgers and most football,players he has created options the next,chapter of his life will obviously doing,something in media okay he's made that,very clear I think it's very evident but,it just feels over even with this late,run let's be honest Jason let's say they,would have won the game yesterday they,would have been nine and eight in one of,the last seeds in a pretty significant,Underdog I think going into San,Francisco and some of those throws,yesterday and I was with Coach JB,yesterday and he said to me Steve he,looks like a guy that doesn't even care,anymore I I mean he got bailed out by,the referees I mean him and that young,kid that the lions got Kirby Joseph boy,they had a great chemistry throughout,this whole year and it just didn't look,like he was all in and I've gotten this,sense for about a year or two because,the little things have gotten them beat,in the playoffs I think he wants away,from coach Matt Lafleur,and look he's a difficult temperamental,guy Aaron Rodgers but some of those,things that leflore does as the CEO the,coach like not showing up the Special,Teams which absolutely killed them last,year specifically in that playoff game,at home,um in the way they play the situational,football really bothers Aaron Rodgers,because he's thinking hey guys I can't,do this by myself I've said this to you,numerous times throughout this football,season Jason they have a very good,one-two punch with Dylan and Jones they,should have leaned on that more and time,and time again they get away from it and,they expect Aaron Rodgers to play,Superman and so when people say what,team does he go to I think first and,foremost,he realizes this is a very intelligent,guy,he needs to win another ring or two to,really secure his legacy as an all-time,great right now Jason in my view and I'm,a beginner and Rogers fan but I have to,be honest he's an all-time talent and,all-time armed talent and all-time,passer but if he's just gonna have one,Super Bowl when I don't know if I could,put him on the all-time greats,well give me the all-time grades list,because I'm sure Dan Marino's on that,list and he's got one less Super Bowl,than Aaron Rodgers and Ben Aaron Rodgers,have four MVP trophies,right but I'll also say this Dan Marino,never had as much talent around him,Jason where I ding Aaron Rodgers is that,the last three four years ago those,receivers,right and no defense they had John,operah and a bunch of Jags,and you know the where I really ding,Aaron Rodgers,the last three four years they've lost a,lot of Home playoff games,let's just look at it last couple years,they lost to Tampa in the covert season,at home they lost to San Francisco at,home last year and there have been other,years that one year the year after the,Super Bowl when Aaron Rodgers was,playing at a higher level as I've ever,seen they went 15-1 and I'm thinking gee,they got a dynasty they lost that home,to the Giants who made that Cinderella,run,um when I look at the all-time all-time,greats my Mount Rushmore this is where,me and you agree I gotta put Cool Joe,Montana I still think he has the best,footwork played in the most difficult,era you could hit guys back then,um you know again and I don't I don't,know where you put Otto Graham or Johnny,Unitas that's another era of football,pre-super bowl basically right,um I would put Tom Brady based on the,overall amount of wins and his high,level that he has sustained for 20 years,I don't know who my third and four I,think John Elway in terms of his talent,and the fact he went to five Super Bowls,carrying some very incomplete football,teams I have never held those early,Super Bowl losses against them because,he carried teams that had no running,game were very small on defense and when,they got up against these NF

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Jason Whitlock Embarrasses Himself For Money

Jason Whitlock Embarrasses Himself For Money

tyt sports y'all on this friday,appreciate everybody tuning in jason,whitlock has continued to show,his bliss ignorance in the form of,dollars what exactly do we mean well,we'll jump into that in a moment,j.r jackson is here on this friday as,well as francis maxwell joining us,from a different side of the earth so uh,here is what jason whitlock has done to,catch everybody up he has put out a fake,skit where he tweeted great to have,cap step uh stop by the studio today and,then he also wrote at one point this kid,was about ig models,tats abs building up the brand until the,moment he loses his job,and now he's out here and he's martin,luther cornrow,he's got cornrows he's ai angela davis,i don't buy it and then he went on to,say lebron turned me into a kobe fan,last night,excuse me after the shop premiere,seriously really made me appreciate the,way kobe has carried himself publicly,since colorado,and then just to be the total,asinine hypocrite that he is jason,whitlock,had this to say about lebron james in,the past and now currently take a look,this is where i struggle with lebron,james he has fallen,into the far left trap,of there's value in embracing,your victimhood racism is an,issue in america but,it is primarily an issue,for the poor it's not,lebron james's issue lebron's comment,about,uh no matter how rich you are no matter,how famous you are,it's tough being black in america,that is a lie it's not tough being oprah,winfrey,it's not tough being lebron james it's,not tough being jason whitlock,when i leave here today i'm gonna drive,to wilshire boulevard,get out of my car and throw the keys to,my car to some white or latino man,who's gonna say mr whitlock anything i,can do for you today i'm gonna walk into,my building the concierge,probably black cause mr whitlock i got a,package for you anything i can do for,you today,and then i'm gonna go up to my fourth,floor apartment,and continue to do whatever the hell it,is i wanna do,and i'm not nearly as rich as lebron,james,last night during the debut of the shop,lebron proved me prophetic,with a profane primitive and privileged,look,inside his fantasy shop twitter,absolutely loves seeing lebron,this ratchet and ghetto the shop,is fake news in all my years of,frequenting,black barbershops i've never seen black,men,sipping goblets of red wine i'm as,verbally raw,as they come depending on the setting,but i've never experienced,that level of profanity and ignorance,inside a barber shop,lebron shop was a collection of elite,black millionaires,who are so far removed from reality that,they think the black barbershop,is a menstrual show with a white,choreographer,he's 34 years old and allegedly wants to,be a social activist an educator and a,role model,this is how you portray yourself you,start a,tv show and you instantly become black,trump,lebron you're lost you're confused,you're hypocritical,you're fired someone's spray painting,something on a millionaire's home that's,not a,he's not a victim in that situation hell,no,this man getting spray painted on his,front door,that he never saw his staff cleaned up,it's an inconvenience it's not racism,it's not being denied a job it is racism,he didn't spray paint jerk on his head,he's not some,victim he's not saying he's a victim,he's saying,his life,jealousy is is a very strong strong,emotion in this guy tell me his,everything about him is based on how,much he wishes he was,someone like lebron uh someone with as,much i'm not even nearly as rich as,lebron,uh you walk around and you do this stuff,than comparable to kobe maybe a kobe fan,because he's not doing things the way i,would do them if i was in his position,who i've been going to black barber,shops my entire life,i've never seen him with a goblet of,wine i've never,i've never i won't i see i won't i won't,i can't believe i can't,this is all about himself and his,insecurities,now this is this is exponentially 100,times,bigger than the things i've always said,and been as you disagree with me i'm,bringing up,every time sports writers sports talkers,in general whenever they feel they have,a control over someone's career,they like to take it because i think,there's a bit of jealousy with,a lot of guys that are in the sports,talk and sports writing world,everyone at five to ten years old want,to be a professional athlete that is in,absolutely that is in this world right,and when whatever age you discovered for,him was to,discover that you'll never be an athlete,then,some people go ah did that wrong maybe i,should have done things that way,or i just didn't have the talent others,go i can't believe it,i can't stand the guys who did and i've,seen it in some guys,and he is by far at like,he's the pinnacle that no one's ever,gonna get to level of hater,that this guy is for anyone who's who's,made a life,a very successful life being a,professional athlete francis you agree,uh absolutely when the first statement,that he makes,uh that really rings a bell there when,he's talking abou

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The Future of 'Fearless with Jason Whitlock'

The Future of 'Fearless with Jason Whitlock'

don't put your faith in politicians I,never have I never will,if we want to save this country if we,want to improve this country,it has to be us it has to quit looking,for someone other than yourself to,improve this country,it starts with you,not with Donald Trump not with Joe Biden,not with Nancy Pelosi Mitch McConnell it,Kanye West,it doesn't start with LeBron James it,doesn't whatever billionaire you can,think of it doesn't start with them it,starts with you and it starts with us,and it starts primarily and most,importantly with men,and so the mission the vision for 2023,is to take this show Fearless that we've,been doing for 18 months we built up a,nice following we found the right,contributors I found the right soldiers,I found the right supporters and,subscribers in you but now we have to,move from being,passive viewers of the show that just,watch the show we can't even we have to,move from just being Jason Whitlock host,of this show uh Delano TJ Mo contributor,to the show we have to move beyond that,to trying to raise up,Elevate Inspire men to Bear witness to a,truth that I think many of us believe in,that Jesus Christ was sent here as our,Lord and savior and we have to bear,witness to that and not be silenced by,our sin,bearing Witness,requires courage not perfection,and so my focus and the focus on the,show in 2023 is going to be to start the,movement to take Fearless from a show to,a movement where men and women,supporters but primarily men,we want to gather together,encourage each other learn from each,other,socialize with each other build a,fraternity Among Us and basically I want,to pick up you know I don't want to I'm,very authentic I'm not my ego's not,wrapped up in this I want to pick up,where the promise Keepers and Bill,McCartney the Colorado football coach,the start of the promise here I want to,pick up where they left off they were,very powerful in the 90s,we want to do that we want to connect,fellow Believers fellow people biblical,worldview people we want to give you the,confidence and the tools and the,information and the support you need to,stand on the truth spelled out in the,Bible,and so in come April 15th we're doing,the first Fearless men Summit we're,calling it roll call it will be the,first of many roll calls we're inviting,you to Nashville,to come fellowship with us hear us speak,we're going to break bed we'll listen to,some music myself Anthony Bobby,Harrington,TJ Mo Delano Squires we're going to,speak we'll have some performances,but it's going to be our first Gathering,of calling you into this movement and,asking you to join with us in promoting,men who are willing to embrace a,righteous life not a perfect life but we,have to live more righteously that's the,only way we can combat this culture if,you think oh let me wait until I get,perfect and then I'll join now I need,you to join,us and let God perfect you through the,process that's what Christianity is,it's not well once I get perfect then,I'll go,you know once I quit cheating on my wife,then I'll go,once I get my drinking problem under,control or my weed problem under control,or whatever my advice is under control,then I'll join,the process is bring all of your,problems and devices to God,he will fix them you will improve and,you will get better,we want you imperfect if you right now,are watching this show drunk and or high,you're exactly who I want to come to,Nashville as long as you believe in God,because God will take those vices up off,of you,he will improve you but you have to be,willing just to be courageous not,perfect,I want you to join us April 15th here in,Nashville as we transition from a show,to a movement,and to a tool used to inspire men to be,better,thank you

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