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Jason Mantzoukas' Absolutely Terrible Failed Prank Show | CONAN on TBSyou started out in New York Ci

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Jason Mantzoukas' Absolutely Terrible Failed Prank Show | CONAN on TBS

you started out in New York City with,Upright Citizens Brigade and and famous,so obviously some loves one person's,like location no they are the iconic,sketch group improv company that when,you when did you first started doing,television you started out doing improv,in the theater yeah how did you get your,first TV gig in New York at the time,this is like the early 2000s there was,like there weren't a lot of TV shows,there so it were doing bits on your old,show which everybody we all did a lot of,which were very fun and exciting and,then like my first big job that was like,I couldn't believe I was so excited was,the heyday of the prank show where right,after Punk'd there was like a million,prank show was called it never went,anywhere because I'm gonna describe to,you what the show as and you'll be like,oh of course that would never succeed it,was called roommate wanted and it was a,bunch of guys in a Tribeca loft,beautiful huge apartment and we were,gonna prank people who needed an,apartment people who are sad broke right,and without a home yeah we were gonna,draw out this prank for weeks we meet so,they come to the thing and we all have,like things in our ears so that they're,like you know telling us to basically,the people would come and with them yeah,you know and make them stay in the,apartment as long as we could and they,would eventually start to kind of lose,their minds because we would get really,there was a bunch of us and some of us,would be nice and then aggressive and,then we would all disappear and leave,the person alone there was this one,person who would one actor who would,just be the angry landlord and it was my,job to be like oh if the landlord comes,by like don't talk to him and then like,we'd leave the person alone and then the,landlord would show up pissed off with a,hammer oh my god this is for television,this is for television and my my role in,it was to be like the Marx friend like,the person's like to make sense of if,Andy acted crazy and you were the guy we,were pranking and he would act crazy and,I'd be like this guy's crazy yeah I'm,good cop,your friend right we're gonna get along,great you're gonna live in there I'm,gonna live upstairs don't you worry,about it and at a certain point the,person would look at me and go like I,gotta get out of here man,let's what's going on right every single,print then they'd be like reveal do the,reveal do the real and I'd be like,alright here we go haha you're on,roommate water there's a camera over,there there's a camera over there,there's camera over there and the person,every single person we did this to burst,into tears like they were in a horror,movie like huh what looks like everybody,started inching their way towards the,door and I'd have to kind of try and,corral them back into where the cameras,work is they instinctively we're like,flight flight I am beat also they're,like I want an apartment every single,Pinet where they say like do I get an,apartment every single one of them said,some version of through tears so wait a,second is this apartment not even for,rent,because I've given up other apartments,and I need a place to live and we were,all like oh no what if we die yeah,you're ruined guys way karmically we all,would at the end of every day we would,be like oh this is so crushing we are,awful everybody involved it was like oh,we're awful people this is like a show,where you play doctors it's called bad,diagnosis yes and you go in and just say,yeah and then you get them all freaked,out but it goes on for three weeks and,they get treatments that are nothing,Wow you're so dumb yeah a person's like,but I really don't feel good yeah yeah,and we're like I don't know we're actors,yeah we injected you with something but,you don't know what it is it was the,blue liquid funnier when it's blue hey,thanks for watching be sure to click,subscribe to see even more great Conan,clips you may now return to your pirated,movies and creepy Japanese pornography

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Maskfishing takes over Punch Up Your Tweets

Maskfishing takes over Punch Up Your Tweets

um,you know i'm all right i'm all right i,mean um,i hate the way i look right now,i hate the way i look i like the blonde,hair on you you were rocking some jonah,hill vibes i mean jonah hill just,released a picture of himself yesterday,with blonde hair,i saw that no i've missed some sort of,it came,it came oddly it came oddly,after mine i'm not saying that,i'm not saying that jonah like saw what,i looked like and was like oh i can i,can pull that off too as if i'm like a,template,for for like you know yeah,i'm not saying that he did that but i'm,saying it's,it's definitely close it's definitely,check,yeah i mean i would love for some people,to check the receipts on this,i mean uh if the audience is gonna help,us out tonight it would be great to find,out like,just when like when i showed my picture,like how,scientifically could jonah have done it,since i when i posted i mean,was it forwarded to a hairdresser,instantly to get that done for the big,result,was i on jonah's mood board,was i on jonah's well he's updating all,the time keyboard,yes that's an app that's an app that we,should all do a digital mood board as,you,see things on twitter and instagram you,could just pop i guess is that pinterest,is that what pinterest is i don't know,i don't know but i know that mine would,just have like 50 pictures of bernie,made off,but i will say this uh you are able to,pull off this look,like when i saw it i was like i don't,know what it's for i don't know if it's,great but you pulled it off i mean it's,for a job you know like obviously yeah,it's not in earnest because i've i have,a life and i,sure which is the problem with walking,around like this is that like,you know i don't know like certain,things are um,you take for granted certain things when,you have like,um um hair that doesn't stand you out,you know or a look like anytime you have,a look that like people gravitate,towards it's a bummer to me yeah,oh dude i had a mustache for season two,of black monday,i remember full-on tom mustache,and that was like i went from hating it,to really embracing it and then to being,sad it was gone,but it was like i felt like i needed to,apologize like the mustache was making,its entrance before everything else,yeah i just like forget like this,morning i i went to drop my daughter off,at school,and they stopped me i don't know it was,like early,and i was like yeah you know and,i was like oh no no no it's i'm mgg's,adam,and they're like oh oh oh you know and i,was like i know i know,like and then like you're already your,day has started and you're already,apologize like that can't be good,psychologically,no you have your day started and you,know what's affecting your kids on some,level like why are you doing this,why have you done this and they may not,be able to articulate it,but,my son has taken to calling me pikachu,um and but it's like fun for him,so he now does it like all the time,since i came home in front of his,friends he gets like a kick out of it,like i picked him up from football the,other day and he was like hey it's my,dad pikachu and i was like,oh no all right like i'm i'm now the,butt of like nine-year-old,joe well my four-year-old my,four-year-old has seen,they're in la no big deal there's been a,couple billboards of black monday and i,have hair on that you know,and you're very very excited to be on a,billboard always you know nice to be up,there and uh,your haters are your haters are having a,horrible month yeah i mean this,is this is you know what i live for uh,but uh,but my son saw it and he doesn't really,know that i,i wear a wig on that show but it's only,proven,to him that like i am like it is like,reinforced that and bald to him,so now i'm bald dad i'm constantly,called bald data because,there's uh you know the pictures of me i,have hair,i'm bald dad acting i must be,psychologically i mean like,look our kids are no way around it,going to be up they are trying,we're trying to,we're trying hard but like there's just,no way that is a given like once you,you know what i mean like once once you,have kids and then you your job becomes,like mostly their trauma,and i feel like looks as strange as it,sounds like,there's a certain element in my,household of vanity,that my job has put forth from that my,kids i notice are,they have now you know what i mean look,i mean we're all,all we're trying to do as parents is,minimize how up we make our kids,i think everybody across the board but,when you're doing these drastic changes,or coming home or being in weird spots,like when my kids,you know wake up for school and i'm,coming home from work it just only opens,up a world of questions,uh that they're trying to reconcile with,oh my god,i mean i've had i've had straight up,discussions about the industry,in depth that are embarrassing like when,i've been with my son and a friend,and he'll ask me how come i'm only in a,little bit of sonic,yeah why not more why not why would you,take that opportunity,yeah and you're like well tha

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The Night Cap - Episode 43: What's up with the Pac 12? Feat. Jason Scheer

The Night Cap - Episode 43: What's up with the Pac 12? Feat. Jason Scheer

so,so,welcome cyclone fans so latest edition,the nightcap i am your host and child,producer aiden wyatt joined by levi,stevenson mattia schwartzkopf guys how's,it going,not too bad about you good just another,uh uneventful wednesday nothing,happening yep nothing happening at all,well speaking of nothing happening we,might bring in our bring in,true thing i've ever seen is that,matthias does eat glue so,there you go anyways continue,anyway,from wildcat authority the arizona 247,site if you didn't know,most popular man on twitter right now,jason shearer,doing well thanks guys,are we gonna label you as more popular,than m haver or or are you gonna,you know he's he seems to be shared,everywhere every single day no matter,what big fan of his,well we'll kind of we'll kind of dive,right into this jason so i mean,obviously as the the rumors are running,rampant there's smoke everywhere all,across twitter in the sports world about,arizona possibly looking to get out of,the big 12 today if they could uh or get,out of the pac-12 and join the big 12,today if they could um so what's the,latest that you could share with us um,and anything that has changed over the i,don't know the course of the week um,that's,maybe iowa state fans just don't know,yet,yeah i don't know if a lot has changed,there's just there's,there's so much that goes on with the,realignment i think people just think,that it's like oh arizona wants to leave,application done but you know there's so,many moving parts you got to if you're,arizona you don't want to do it alone,you know you want other schools to be,involved with it you may not even be,able to do it alone and then you got to,figure out the numbers and the pac-12 is,in a negotiating window that doesn't,even end until uh august 4th and then,from there they could go to other,avenues to try to get funding and all,that so there's just so many moving,parts,that it's such a fluid situation what i,say today could change tomorrow but,my overall thought process hasn't,changed where you know i think if,arizona had its way without outside,factors it would be in the big 12 um but,you know that's that's just not how it,goes there's so much at play that you,know it could it could be shut down,quickly so that's that's kind of where,we're at now,yeah and i think from our standpoint you,know we're kind of hearing the things,that like you know if arizona is going,to move they want to take arizona state,with them or they would have to bring,arizona state with them and then there's,also the the colorado aspect you know i,you know from some of our,higher media people rather than us i,mean the guys have been hearing about,colorado wanting to be out of the pac-12,since the day they joined whether that's,true or not nobody knows but you know,there's a lot of smoke coming out of,boulder that possibly colorado wants to,take a jump to,um and i know the arizona state factor,for arizona there as well but i mean if,if colorado was going to make or arizona,was going to make a jump,do you think they would have to bring,arizona state with them at that current,time or could they make that jump with,colorado and then hopefully maybe,arizona state follows suit because,obviously that's there's probably a lot,of politics to factor in with that um,you know i don't know how likely would,it be that it could just be arizona and,colorado and arizona state stays or is,it possible that it's just arizona,uh i'd be really surprised i think asu,and arizona are kind of tied together,um the board of regents is is they like,to time together,uh it's tough you know it's to me to,imagine now uh people said that with,oklahoma and oklahoma state and you know,we saw how that went but,it would really surprise me if arizona,could make a move without asu what's,interesting with this whole thing is,that like i think colorado and arizona,want to go i think utah and asu are a,little more hesitant i think they're,kind of probably going to piss people,off but i think utah's pissing people,off wow that's a shocker i think they,have unrealistic expectations of who,they are like they're trying to get in,the big ten,it's not gonna happen and so,yeah i don't know what's gonna wake him,up maybe if there's anybody that's,academically qualified to get in the big,ten it's definitely arizona state so,yeah,and kevin warren i think part of it is,kevin warren went to asu so i think asu,thinks that he can like use the,connection there sure but,it's not gonna happen and so maybe the,espn numbers kind of wake them up and i,think that's part of the reason why,things have kind of slowed down a bit if,it was up to arizona and colorado i,think they'd be gone already is arizona,and colorado let's say those two are you,know i don't know how what percentage of,you know this is going to happen we're,at or not but regardless you know if,those two leave is that enough let's say,let's say the asau and asu are not,immediately necessarily immediately tied,together,is is arizona and color

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The Pac 12's Future Depends on How Motivated ESPN is to Keep It Intact | Realignment | Jason Scheer

The Pac 12's Future Depends on How Motivated ESPN is to Keep It Intact | Realignment | Jason Scheer

jason scheer,wildcat authority covers arizona has,been on with us a couple different times,since the usc ucla story popped uh a,little over what it's been about i guess,a month ago jason thanks for your time,how you been man,doing pretty well thanks for having me,guys yeah and and of course this has,been uh something that a lot of people,have wait a minute this is our turf this,is who's better whatever but right now,arizona is practicing as well and i,guess football's on the mind but,what did,at least the story from a couple of,nights ago,involving the big ten what message do,you think that may have sent the pac-12,uh you know it's it's really interesting,because there's multiple ways to look at,it but for me it kind of sent the,message to the fact well that that it's,up next and that you know it basically,it's not coming close to the big pen i,mean that doesn't surprise anyone that,the money isn't going to be anywhere,close to what the dick pen or fcc is,going to make it probably will never get,there um but it's it's a message that uh,they basically like do they need to,figure this out,sooner than later and i'm not saying,that anything's imminent but,you know if you're the pac-12 you want,to get this thing figured out because,the big ten is making so much money and,again you know the big time if they,call any of these schools in the pac-12,they're coming right over and so if,you're the pac-12 you want to try to get,this secured and do the best deal that,you can,do you do you feel there's a disconnect,between what fans want and what the,administration wants,i think in some places there probably,are and,i think the biggest issue is like at the,end of the day you know the admin,looks beyond football for for most of,the tactile schools and there's the,academics there's the,research money and all that and i i,don't think the average fan looks at,that the average fan looks at you know,if washington and oregon leave this,conference it's dead so you know like,arizona fans for the most part are,saying look you don't want to wait,around for other schools um you know,stanford probably feels comfortable in,its future no matter what utah probably,feels pretty good but there's other,schools like an oregon state and a,washington state,that you know they want to stay in the,pac-12 because that's you know that's,basically their only choice and so i,think admin probably looks up more stuff,than the average you know casual sale,what's that,so jason that leads me to to the burning,question i think a lot of people have,right now if the big ten,uh signs this deal gets it all done i,mean they've been teasing it for so long,at this point but if they actually do,get it done here in the next couple,weeks and that is what it is every,team's making however many millions of,dollars and there you have it,and then it is the pac-12s turn,are oregon washington cal arizona i mean,whoever,are they all in with each other or how,does that work out in terms of,not only staying together for the near,term but what does the long term look,like then,yeah it's gonna get real interesting,because once the big pen deal is over,we're assuming you know all the stories,are true and espn is shut out basically,everyone has a decision to make you know,does is espn going to be able to offer,to me the biggest question is is espn,going to be able to offer enough money,to incentivize oregon and washington,signing,a gor and locking themselves into the,conference for you know more than five,years if they do and if oregon and,washington are willing to agree to that,i think the pac-10 stays together all,the schools sign everyone's happy,if espn or whoever it is doesn't offer,enough money and those schools don't,lock themselves into the pac-12 i think,we're back to kind of every man for,himself where if you're in arizona why,are you staying in the conference,knowing that oregon and washington again,could leave you know it may not be,imminent but when when we do this whole,thing you know two years from now with,notre dame and all that and what happens,if oregon and washington want to leave,in two years you may have missed your,opportunity so you know it really lays,in the hands still i think washington,oregon and espn and it's really going to,come down to how motivated espn is,to make a good enough offer to the fact,love,so jason what do you what do you think,the the unity between the schools is now,if you had to give it a,a one to ten,uh you know i i still think you have the,oregon washington problem uh you know,and and i think there is a fracture,within the conference because,the conference is basically not hiding,the fact that it's relying on those two,schools and then you have again you have,the washington state and oregon state,which is cool that's relying on those,two schools because they don't have a,choice you have a cow who doesn't care a,lot about athletics so it could go,either way for them and they probably,won't mind but then you have an arizona,utah et

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Arizona is the Most Active School in Big 12 Expansion Talks | Conference Realignment | Jason Sheer

Arizona is the Most Active School in Big 12 Expansion Talks | Conference Realignment | Jason Sheer

we might as well,although we're not going to pay,put jason shear on our staff he's done a,remarkable job since we found him and,saw some of the things that he has been,doing covering jason shearer again,wildcat authority 247 sports in arizona,joins us sycam365 radio jason thanks for,your time fact 12 media days coming up,on friday should be interesting so uh,after all of whatever was said,have you seen anything at all different,from where we were friday or even mid,last week has there anything changed in,your opinion,not really i i think it's it's it's all,going to come down to the numbers from,what i understand there was,numbers that were given to school,presidents and athletic directors last,week and uh they're pretty far off now,it's it's just a matter of you know what,the process looks like is it far off on,purpose then espn tries to work with it,is it far off because that's the offer,um it's just a situation where it's,gotta kind of play out and and right now,i just think it's headed towards the,window ending and then um the pac-12,going with their television and media,rights to the open market and seeing,what it can get there as well,so if this window ends though is that,bad for the pac-12 trying to stay,together,it definitely doesn't help you know i,don't i don't know if it's the end of,everything but it definitely doesn't,help because what it means is that,basically espn wasn't interested enough,just to pay right off the bat and and,you know it would be the type of,situation where from what i understand,the pac-12 is,they have to get creative so can they,sign a deal with espn and then add a,deal with like cool or amazon or some,kind of streaming to make up the,difference in revenue i think that's,where we're headed is maybe they will,agree to some sort of lower offer but,the pac-12 will kind of find unique ways,to add more money to their pocket so,that the initial deal may not be as big,but they're going to get created with,olympic sports and things like that in,order to match it but you know if it was,up to the pac-12 you know admin and,brass they would have been done already,and and everything would have been,secure but it doesn't look like we're,headed that way jason i don't mean to,put you on the spot but you answered,this last week when i said if arizona,could walk out the door,right now or whenever that timeline,would be you felt like they would do it,um but they would like to know who else,might be walking out the door with them,they still feel that way or even,stronger,yeah i mean i i still think it's it's a,situation where i feel comfortable,saying that the the arizona admin would,like to be in the big 12 right now um,but you know there's there's aspects to,that that at play you know they don't,want to go alone um you know if utah,comes with them that would be probably,the the strongest option is that you,know if utah comes you know we'll go to,the big 12 with you uh that becomes a,situation where i think they probably,both jump at once you know it's it's,arizona,is going to need another school to go,with it i think they're willing to see,if the pac-12 can make it worth it for,them to stay,with a certain financial offer but right,now,let's say the negotiating window closed,and the offers weren't coming in arizona,would be gone i think that they're,probably the most active school from,what i understand what i've heard and,looking towards the day 12 conversations,like that,jason a lot of what i've read and heard,over the last week or so when it comes,to you know putting the the shine on the,pac-12 and why they're in a strong,position has to do with those late,kickoffs which i'm sure you've read,plenty about that at this point how much,is that factoring into the strength or,lack thereof in your eyes when it comes,to the pac-12 a tv deal and and where,they sit right now,yeah i think that basically what it,comes down to is the the general thought,is that espn needs something to put,into that time slot and really the only,conference that's available and worth it,would be the pac-12 and so,people that support the pac-12 basically,think that espn is going to have no,choice but to sign a deal with the,conference and maybe even overpay a,little bit in order to fill that time,slot um it's interesting because most,pac-12 fans hate that time fly because,we're watching games that go to midnight,like it's nothing like every every game,i cover in arizona for the first two,months starts at eight o'clock or even 8,30. it it's brutal from a media,perspective but from a tv perspective,the thought is that you know that could,wind up being what saves the conference,it's the fact that espn's gonna look,wonder how it can fill those time slots,and it'll keep coming back to the pac-12,to the point where it might have to,overpay a little bit or the pac-12 is,gonna have to accept a poor offer the,thing is,the patrol can't accept before offer,because the other schools aren't gonna,go for it so if espn doesn't overpay a

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Jason Mantzoukas Bought a Special Mask to Accommodate His Beard

Jason Mantzoukas Bought a Special Mask to Accommodate His Beard

-Our next guest is a very funny actor you know,from shows such as "Big Mouth," "The League",and "The Good Place.",He stars in season two of "Close Enough,",which is available now on HBO Max.,Let's take a look.,-Isn't it nice to spend some time outdoors,with your closest friends?,[ Keyboards clicking, phones chiming, whooshing ],Ugh!,Whatever happened to human connection?,You'd rather worship your glowing bricks,than engage with a bon vivant like myself?,-It's nice to hang out in the park.,Whoa, bold stance.,-How's this for a big statement?,Phones have ruined society.,That's why I keep it old school.,-Mom, I'm scared.,-Please welcome back to the show our friend Jason Mantzoukas.,How are you, Jason?,Whoo! An entrance! Look at him go!,-That's right. Boom!,I'm walking in.,-That is -- thank you very much --,like a semblance of normality,,to see a guest actually walk into the frame.,Thank you, buddy. -You know what?,I don't think I could have a conversation with you,if I didn't spend some lead-up time walking towards you.,-I agree. -So, boom, here we are.,-It is wonderful to see how animators,,I feel like, capture your essence.,Because you are a very coveted voice actor.,And we pulled together just some of the people you played.,-What do we got? -It does seem like,,across the board --,I mean, this is the least sort of shaggy...,-Yeah. -...version, but again --,-They all seem to be some version,of a shirtless crazy person.,-Right. -You know?,And I love that in "Big Mouth,",too, they have my gray beard in there.,-Yeah. -They really want to show my age.,-Speaking of your beard,,it's really -- it's really something.,-Yeah. Well, I'm going for a full circle.,I'm growing it out.,Listen, Seth, I'm not going to lie to you.,I haven't left my God damn house in a year.,I have lost my mind, okay?,So, I'm going for a full circle of hair and beard.,That's what I'm aiming for.,-That is -- That is a goal to shoot for.,I wonder, though, what happens,mask-wise with a beard like that.,-Oh, such a great question,,'cause I did, like, honestly, have to,,like, think about that, and I made a purchase of a mask,that specifically covers my beard,and, I feel like, gives me both protection,and kind of represents to the outside world,also a little bit of how I feel on the inside.,Hold on. I'll just -- I'm going to grab it and put it on.,It's been great for, like,,when I need to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy.,-,-Is my prescription ready?,Do you have fresh avocados?,Please, cover your mouths.,-Oh, wow.,And now, are you seeing through the nose or the mouth,when you look through that?,-Yes, Seth, I'm looking through the nose.,-Hey, you have some beautiful art behind you.,Are those both paintings on those shelves?,-Oh, yes. -Okay.,-These are paintings. These are --,Like I said, I've been home alone for a year.,so, like, these are the people I spend my time with.,These are the people -- If you're wondering, like,,who have you been talking to for a year, Jason?,Well, I'd love for you to meet my good friend Peggy,,who looks genuinely nervous.,She looks like -- I feel like the look on her face,is like, "Gary, are you painting me again?,I asked you to not. please, Gary, stop painting me.",-Right? So, you're spending some time with her.,-Spending a lot of time with Peggy.,She's very unhappily married.,She's, like, really pissed off all the time.,Oh, come on, such a sweet angel.,Such a sweet angel.,Those eyes, Seth, do you think you'll be able to forget them?,-I mean, when you see them,,do you know right away that you have to have them?,-Oh, yeah.,There's something that happens when I see one,where I'm, like --,'Cause I'll buy a lot of them, like, on, you know, auctions,,eBay, or stuff like that, you know?,Like, one of these I actually won on an auction,,but I'm actually giving it to Tim Meadows after this.,But, yeah, there's something about them that, when I see it,,I'm like -- No matter how weird, it doesn't matter.,When I see it, I'm like, "Ooh, that.",Like, why did I buy this?,Why did I pay money for what is obviously a child's drawing.,It's not of me.,But the little cowboy on the shoulder,really, really spoke to me.,-I'm so happy, though, because the person who drew that...,-Yeah. -...thought when they finished,,"Someone is going to buy this,",which is clearly an insane thought. -Yeah, lunacy.,-And then you, you validated it.,You made that person sane. -Ooh.,There is stuff here that I've been --,that I've had, that I've been collecting for --,there's a -- Here.,This -- This has been in every house.,We've known each other for probably 20 years.,This has been in every apartment I lived in in New York,,every house I've lived in in L.A.,It is just a trophy, right? -Yeah.,-Totally normal.,But the engraving says -- Can you read this?,-"Most meals with dad.",-What -- I ask you,,what are the circumstances that caused that family,to be like, "You know what we got to do?,We're gonna have to make a trophy for him,so that he'll, like, calm down,about

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so Jackson I was thinking right we had I,got you a pumper women audition to be,your new wife The Blob really has made,me famous like how subway means Jared,things yeah they became more famous when,he had the chocolate what are you trying,to say I'm saying you look great you,love sandwiches,let's get you Jerry that's a stump don't,be like yourself Basin is a guy in our,blog he hasn't had the best of luck with,love if you ever wake up in the morning,you think could my life get any worse,ah your wish is granted young lady,because Jason match is very vailable all,right okay a fairy tale yeah a lot of,money Texas federal donut accent ahead a,really good year in 2015,$24,000 uh-huh that's what you owe in,taxes no that's like that that wasn't a,year,Jason why don't you tell her how much,you how many kids you have how are your,kids names um Charlie Charlie,I try my boss is David good and he loves,when you're old if we're going to be,together it will be phone calls in the,middle of the night around here and eat,any faces the center of universe could,you vote for president Trump no good,Jacob's not a lot of vote do you have a,job yeah I ask you job question yes like,I said I've worked for days like me on,fire,Chris videos and so just a quick kiss,for this and why do you think that,you're good fit for Jason you're like a,humor I like this one yeah why did,you're gonna fall in love and get to the,other side Lisa Leslie here,hey Jack you're all so beautiful,unemployment council job and yes okay,you wake up in the middle of night Jason,is screaming what's your first plan of,action probably don't win different,bedrooms Heather this video this is a,big movie guy what's your favorite movie,my hair will be life is beautiful,got some hilarious as a Holocaust not,it's funny but it is beautiful and it,really never I was watching it and I,said I'm going to possibly I wish wanna,be here in order to distract you know,Heidi incident I happiness and popcorn,once I had a girl it I wanted to do that,just cut a hole in the bottom i'll is,down oh my god that's amount probably my,favorite spot downtown has to be 100 100,and escaped shoes she must be pretty,nice huh well that it's my Hallows my,chest and goodbye it's a piece of lovely,with you I know you're Hawaiian yes it's,gotta this TV shows we haven't well you,seem to be so either the hell of,that is my audition why are you here,today okay Aaron okay so how many how is,he gonna be slept with hi 25 different,people yeah well 23 were in orgy,so how many go ah,that was what happening at those be,looking at why don't you I try to have,this moment everything acted be about,you all the time,you already have a failed marriage and,we're differentially a premature aging,time dude they're just hanging out okay,good paper that's fine we got play with,my what's your name I'm Sam,I like her I think Sam is the guy I am,getting in my fall,holy Corinth yeah I actually mean,right home bring in the next one,just in on Jason's wife okay,Moda what why god you're gorgeous,thank you how much money do you have,thirty-eight million dollar that you,love to go downtown,a little one this is the 405 down he is,you don't owe me so we should get,married right away how are you you,looked with my mother they get to choose,another Justine thanks exes emiram,killer you didn't face we can show some,phrases for them I had fun at Kaiser,oh really imported on cousin bourbon,ended and I had an anal skinhead here,every one of those oh yeah yeah there,bummer well the well is good a dollar,any more where that came from,I'm feeling something are you don't look,away don't hide it either oh my god,that's that what yeah it's John Prescott,hop yeah Josh hockey-puck literally,brain simply need to get a job as a,writer on any TV show ever really I,didn't want to I want to live in the,artist life otherwise you selling out,plugging even whoopie pies on ,the set of Drake and Josh,how about that one G to take your mouth, and they Josh likes me silly,oh come on,I respect that you do not older woman,this could be like a lot my new a movie,star,guess what you're in Davis,applause that's where he's gone to the,fireball with me and you know what such,an I'm glad I took you,down with me killing people in the,public polls that's what I did I ,trick you and got you into this lock and,your career is Oh laughs that's,ridiculous and one man's life when,you're for myself,yeah,hey what's up everybody thank you for,watching the video today you can tweet,me at Jason Asha find me on instagram at,jason nash today shout out goes to yaar,Itza Juarez what a beautiful name and,unfortunately she has a disease her face,looks like a dog and she had tears,coming out of her head very sad I see it,a lot these days with some of the,younger people I don't know if their,parents smoked when they were pregnant,get out there in that heat remember,romantic you the neck and we all take,turns trying to get that poison out of,your remember you got to find that,snake yes I

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The Pac 12 Going to Do Everything It Can to Stick Together | Conference Realignment | Jason Scheer

The Pac 12 Going to Do Everything It Can to Stick Together | Conference Realignment | Jason Scheer

38 p.m jason sheer wildcat authority 247,covers arizona,business is picking up,and then a little bit later on when he,was talking about the,amount of accidents from people driving,here and there had a little bit of time,somebody asked jason what conference,will u of a be in in 2026 big 12 if they,don't check it out jason shear joins us,wildcat authority 247 arizona sports on,sickhum365 radio and 365 sports jason,thanks for your time we appreciate it,has anything moved at all since the last,time perhaps we talked with you about,what the pac-12 or teams arizona,specifically have learned,yeah there's a lot of a lot of whispers,going on right now and i can't confirm,the espn numbers,have come back,um but there's been a lot of activity in,the pack 12. um i get to vibe but they,have come back and now it's kind of,decision time and sitting down and,really taking a look at those numbers um,i wish i had the numbers because it,would give me a much better,understanding of what's going on but um,business like i said businesses is back,up meaning like there's just a lot of,whispers behind the scenes of schools,getting ready to act or at least sit,down and take a very serious look at,their situation so jason i think that,most people watching this are pretty in,tune with what's going on in college,athletics and that's why they're,watching this but for those out there,who just kind of loosely keep up with,news because of jobs or families or,whatever uh there's the thought that the,pac-12 months usc and ucla announced,their decision was just going to fizzle,out and fall apart completely or there's,going to be departures to the big 12 or,whatever have you but these negotiations,basically are what is keeping it,together at the moment correct,yeah i mean the the pac-12 is going to,do everything they can,to stick together at uh you know the,commish obviously wants the conference,to stick together schools like,washington state and oregon state,clearly want the the conference to stick,together otherwise they're they're,pretty much left out at nothing in the,mouth and west but um the other schools,you know they're it's a process like you,gotta get numbers from the big 12 or and,look at all your options and decide,which one is more viable which one has,more stability and you know do you give,up a little money if one place has more,stability than the other,it it's not a a simple process i think a,lot of people expected it you know to,happen within days but it's just not,like that there's a lot of discussions,with presidents athletic directors,intermediaries and all that and so,that's what's going on now and if it was,an easy decision or you know if the,numbers weren't so heavily involved that,it would have been done already but this,is something that you know these schools,the future of the athletic programs is,at stake so it's going to be a somewhat,slower process as you know arizona and,arizona state are tied together because,well i mean they're very close,regionality whatever,but are they really on the same page,when it comes to the future you think,you know i i haven't been able to get a,clear answer about that every time i ask,you know it's kind of we're gonna do,what's best for ourselves my gut tells,me that they are tight i i would be,really surprised if um arizona moves,without asu or vice versa you know it,feels like arizona's kind of driving the,train a little bit being a little more,aggressive than asu but i i would be,really surprised that there's a scenario,where they don't move together because,you got to think also you know once a,couple of these schools move in the,pac-12 let's say it's just arizona and,colorado and they decide to move,other schools have to follow they'll,have no choice and even if asu you know,wants to look around or kind of see the,landscape or wait a bit they really,won't have that option and so to me um,these schools are are pretty tied,together i'd be surprised if they broke,up,jason for those that don't live out in,arizona or maybe don't know uh that part,of the country uh all that well and i'm,one of them can you kind of explain the,the fandom out there because there's not,like the school that's based in phoenix,you know when they talk about tv markets,and things like that but there is two,you know big brands in arizona arizona,state what is the fandom like how is it,spread out amongst the state of arizona,in your opinion well it's really,interesting because you know phoenix is,about an hour and a half away from,tucson and it has,professional sports you have the,diamondbacks you have asu you have,hockey etc and it's a big,town in the sense that you know there's,a lot of people from other states and,other areas so while asu is a thing up,there uh it's not the number one option,in tucson it is all about u of a,athletics you know it that's that's what,the coverage is that's what you have on,your television huge deal with asu it's,it's definitely more football but um in,terms of the overall passio

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