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Jamison Hensley Tried To Smear Lamar Jacksons' Good Nameit looks like it's time to go after,Lamar Ja

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

Jamison Hensley Tried To Smear Lamar Jacksons' Good Name

it looks like it's time to go after,Lamar Jackson again and this time the,person leading the charges this,individual by the name of Jameson,Hensley who is a staff writer for ESPN,so basically what happened was Lamar,Jackson Who of course y'all know is the,quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens,he responded to a tweet in which he said,a phrase that many people,across the board have used in various,situations where they are instead of,telling someone to shut the f up they,will say,eat my,D you know exactly what that is and I,think all of us have probably used that,a time or two,or have heard it definitely for sure,but this Jameson Hensley took an,opportunity of Lamar Jackson saying that,in a tweet,and turned it into something that it,wasn't supposed to or meant to be by,claiming that Lamar Jackson tweeted an,anti-gay phrase,never in all of my years of existence or,at least in the years that I've heard,that phrase ever equated that to being,anti-gay I'm sure there are even people,in the academy who have said that phrase,before even with it out having meaning,linked to or direct to a sexual innuendo,so he took this and turned it into a,whole nother thing trying to blow it out,of proportion but the joke is on him,because the people went at this man's,head so hard about what he did or him,writing this hit piece that I'm gonna,read that this guy literally had to make,had to lock his tweets up on that,particular thread meaning if for those,of you who are not on Twitter only,certain people can respond to it and,it's usually people that he follows,but by that time it was already too late,because it was out there and he,basically people do that when they don't,get the response that they are looking,for So to avoid getting trolled by,people they do that in order to keep the,trolling down to a minimum or cut it out,altogether but with that being said I'm,gonna go ahead and read his little hit,piece from ESPN that was posted on,November 28 2022 Baltimore Ravens,quarterback Lamar Jackson responded to a,social media Post Sunday that criticized,his performance with a profanity lace,tweet that included an anti-gay phrase,about a half hour after the Ravens 28-27,loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars a,Twitter user tag Jackson and a tweet,that read someone asking for over 250,million dollars guaranteed like Jackson,games like this should not come down to,kicker Justin Tucker the fan added let,Lamar walk and spend that money on a,well-rounded team Jackson snapped back,shortly after it with the profane reply,saying among other things that the fan,never smelt the football field Jackson,tweet was deleted after three and a half,hours,the Ravens in the NFL did not respond to,email seeking comment on Jackson's tweet,Ravens coach John Harbaugh will speak to,reporters at 2 30 P.M,Monday which I'm sure has already,happened and will likely be asked about,Jackson's social media exchange see how,they literally take things and blow it,out of proportion when it's a black,person doing it that's the same thing,they did with Kyrie Irving with that,tweet of with that link so now they're,coming after,Lamar Jackson for a phrase that wasn't,even anti-academy,but this person right here blew it out,of proportion,and that's why he's getting dragged on,social media right now even to this time,of me recording this video because this,is hours after I saw the initial video I,just couldn't record it at the time,because I was busy but they're still,going in on them,Jackson was visibly frustrated after the,game which was the Ravens third loss,this season after leading multiple,scores in the fourth quarter that ties,the most in the season in NFL history,according to research about ESPN stats,and information I don't like losing,Jackson said nobody likes losing Jackson,acknowledged it would have been a,different game if Baltimore hadn't,struggled finishing off drives early the,Ravens finished 205 in the Red Zone,setting for three short field goals I,don't know what to tell you I don't know,what to tell you Jackson said when asked,about the Red Zone difficulties you see,it I'm seeing it but I'm out here trying,to make it happen the Ravens fell,record-wise seven and four into a tie,with the Cincinnati Bengals atop the AFC,North,so like I said this guy right here this,is the Jameson Hensley he's the one that,wrote that tweet talking about how,he posted something that was deemed to,be quote-unquote anti-gay and it wasn't,it really wasn't like I said it's almost,the equivalent of telling someone shut,the f up that's really what it,equivalent equates out to but he took it,upon himself to actually make it into,saying oh is anti-gay in other words,he's trying to throw the homophobic,uh title or label onto Lamar Jackson and,of course Lamar Jackson being a black,man and the quarterback of the of the,Ravens literally they ever since Lamar,Jackson became the quarterback of the,Ravens they've literally tried their,best to try to taint or darken this,man's reputation and image with

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Jamison Hensley and ESPN are trying to ruin Lamar Jackson... The Wunderkind Show #80!!!

Jamison Hensley and ESPN are trying to ruin Lamar Jackson... The Wunderkind Show #80!!!

foreign,you're tuning in to another episode of,the Wonder can show,and today's topic is a little more,serious uh a little more heartfelt,because I am literally going full metal,jacket on not only this,um front office but also ESPN and,Jameson Hensley,um last night,after that horrific went uh loss that,the the Ravens the putrid defensive,effort that the Ravens put forth,yesterday after that loss uh fan came,out and pretty much you know abraded,um Lamar Jackson,um,about his contract saying that you're,not worth the 250. and,um,and not only you're not worth the 250,we'd be super to sign you and Lamar,Jackson responds and uh,a profanity Laden,um Tweet now mind you you know me I'm,not gonna curse that's not the way that,I am I don't swear but um,the Tweet was profanity laced do I wish,he would have done that no,but do I understand the frustration yes,so then,Baltimore beat writer for ESPN you know,I'm saying Baltimore you know covering,for the ESPN Jameson Hensley,then takes those tweets,and then goes in,to literally a,article about how they are anti-gay,and that the NFL and the Ravens could,not be reached,for questioning I'll read this part of,it the Ravens and the NFL did not,respond to emails seeking comment on,Jackson's tweet Raven's coach John,Harbaugh will speak to reporters at 2 30,Eastern time Monday and will likely be,asked about Jackson's social media,Exchange,I'm gonna be very thorough in everything,that I say in this video and if I offend,some of you I'm very sorry for that but,at the same time I'm one of those people,that believes in saying what needs to be,said,um regardless of how it offends somebody,um,Jameson Hensley,was actively is actively trying to turn,this into a Kyrie level event,a Kyrie level event Lamar Jackson is not,only being used,absolutely uh used by his front office,by this coaching staff but also by the,reporters and writers for the Baltimore,Ravens,it's one of the most sickening things I,have ever seen,watching a team and here's what I mean,when I say by that,the coaches right are all comfortable in,their positions,they refuse,and have actively,shush the way potential free agents,because their egos are fragile,and and they are willing to place all of,it at the feet of Lamar Jackson there,was a part where John Harbaugh said well,you know we're going to play a certain,way and if you don't like it well you,don't got to come here we'll enjoy,lining up against you,does that sound like a coach,wide receivers would want to play for no,it doesn't okay,then we have a front office that gives,away his best friend,right okay it doesn't replace the,offensive production,okay,and then go so far to add even more,defensive prospects High Caliber,expensive defensive prospects on the,defensive side of the ball are making no,adjustments on offense,none,and if actively said they are happy with,the guys that they've had,okay oh wow,all while having him on his rookie,contract and refusing to pay him,comparable,to what the QB Market is right now I'm,not even going to go into the argument,with most people saying oh he wants,guaranteed,they didn't even,offer him what Russell Wilson got,remember the year before they were,saying they didn't want to pay him with,Josh Allen got,so they want,they want Kirk Cousins Josh Allen,Patrick Mahomes,uh Russell Wilson who else is up there,uh Aaron Rodgers that Prescott he they,expect him to be under all of them,while taking on the most responsibility,and doing the most work,that's how he's being used by the front,office so he's being used by the by the,by the coaching staff by allowing them,to keep their jobs because regardless of,what they say he continues he continues,to win,okay,front office,they want to use them up hopefully they,don't got to pay him QB money,so they're willing to try to put them on,um a franchise tag make him play out his,entire rookie contract while not giving,him the weapons and then now here's the,Crocs you have a reporter that covers,the team,that tries to turn him into a hot button,topic,also he could get a little bit of pats,on his back,trying to use Lamar as a stepping stone,in his own career to elevate himself by,any means possible it's not only,sickening this isn't this isn't rat,Behavior,this is beyond rap Behavior this is,this is Despicable this is evil almost,because you know why,it's premeditated,Lamar Jackson has been and I'm not and,you can call me whatever you want with,the Lamar stuff he has been one of the,most honest,forthright,good people to the media that has ever,graced the QB Market,no matter how much you guys have bashed,him no matter how much you guys have,criticized them wrongfully I might add,no matter how many times you've walked,back comments and remarks on him about,his mother about his intelligence,yes sir,no sir,I hope you have a great day,God bless,it is a beautiful day,that's how he's been responding to them,I say that to literally say this,um,I don't think you should respond to,anything Jefferson Hensley says anym

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Lamar Jackson CALLS OUT reporter: 'This is Defamation of my character'

Lamar Jackson CALLS OUT reporter: 'This is Defamation of my character'

well a lot has certainly transpired for,Lamar Jackson since his team's lost to,the Jacksonville Jaguars and the latest,has to do with his response to an ESPN,article that was posted after his,post-game tweet that's what I have,coming up in this episode welcome to the,channel I'm Bobby trossett and as always,this is where I bring you Baltimore,Sports and Beyond before I dive in if,you're interested in supporting me,during my first full football season as,a full-time content creator you can do,so by checking out what I'm offering on,patreon the link is in the description,of this video below and I thank you in,advance all right before we move forward,let's rewind to Sunday night when Lamar,had this Twitter exchange with a random,follower of his castle will kill who,tweeted the following when someone's,asking for over 250 mil guaranteed like,Lamar games like this should not come,down to Justin Tucker let Lamar walk and,spend that money on a well-rounded team,and you see his response very,uncharacteristic if you know Lamar,Jackson if you've covered Lamar Jackson,you know this is far far from his normal,behavior this is never never how he,speaks never how he acts whether it's,with the media whether it's with his,online presence so again an outlier but,he did tweet the following in response,boy STFU shut the f up you all be,capping too much on this app mother,effort never smelt a football field,never did but eat dick I'm sorry to,say that out loud but just in case,you're listening with the audio only,version there you have it now as you,would expect there was an ESPN article,that came out in direct response to this,my former colleague matter of fact when,I was in radio here locally in Baltimore,Jamison Hensley of ESPN wrote it but,this was the push notification that went,along with the the post itself right,Jackson deletes vulgar tweet was the,title but underneath that the subtitle,reads Lamar Jackson responds to social,media post that criticized his,performance with tweet that included,anti-gay phrase,that to me is a step too far look let's,go back to what he actually said,okay,technically could that be seen as,anti-gay by the book yes,but that's reaching that's not what,Lamar stands for that's not the type of,human being that Lamar Jackson is he's,not a homophobic he's not a homophobe I,should say that to me and again,sometimes and again I need to reach out,to Jameson to to figure this out,specifically which I have not done yet,but sometimes when you are an ESPN,writer this is a huge company right and,so sometimes you file stories and then,people on the assignment desk kind of,dress it all up put it in a shell and,then for release right so sometimes,the writers themselves aren't,responsible for this for this portion of,the push notification the,post-production is what is what we what,we call it when I was actually working,with with NBC Sports Washington I,learned a lot of this this back end,stuff,um pre-pre-production post-production,all that good stuff but nonetheless I,think we can probably all agree that,anti-gay is not fair that's a little bit,of a low blow again not technically,false based on this,not very technically speaking but again,that's not what Lamar was getting at and,I just that's I find that to be unfair,now here's the actual beginning of the,column put together by Jameson Baltimore,Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson,responded to a social media Post Sunday,that criticized his performance with a,profanity laced tweet that included an,anti-gay phrase now look it was,certainly profanity laced and I'm I,don't even remotely,um,want to yeah look I'm condemning Lamar,for this type of language this type of,response this is totally,uncharacteristic of him right and it was,the wrong thing to do and and bottom,line is you are held to a higher,standard I I would argue that more so,than any other NFL player Lamar has to,deal with trolls online now is this guy,will Castle will or whatever his handle,was is that he qualify as a troll that's,probably Up For Debate but being that he,tagged him because look he will have,Wills,um,his opinion he's entitled to his opinion,but to me I I see him as a troll because,he went as far,to tag Lamar right he actually tagged,Lamar so that to me constitutes a troll,but what he's actually talking about is,a topic for another conversation and,it's one that can be certainly,compelling based on Lamar's play this,season so again here here's the the the,piece and down here is LaMar's response,to the piece he went to tag Jameson on,Twitter and wrote this is defamation of,my character because not once have I,ever mentioned or disrespected anyone's,sexuality sexual orientation gender,religion or race you're reaching,uh look to me this is um,this is getting ugly,what this should be about right this,week's news cycle,should be about how the Ravens and how,this offense,can get back to not being a shell of,itself right can figure out the clock,mismanagement can figure out the lack of,a deep pa

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odafe always play in 2022 has certainly,been a source of frustration a,conversation Point uh things that,something that Ravens fans have had a,lot to say about you know um and,certainly there is a lot to say he's,been inconsistent I offer to you that he,was he was inconsistent in 2021 as a,rookie as well we're going to watch some,of the film here I really I have like 30,plays fired up the first play that I'm,going to show and then the last play is,the one that has gotten a lot of,attention on social media and I,understand it you know he gets ko'd or,knocked down on a third and sixth Run,play that really catches our entire,defense uh by surprise,and it certainly is not a good look for,adape or we're not going to try to pass,it off as a good play by him at all in,fact I think it's you know quite poor,recognition by him uh matabike and both,of our inside linebackers Queen and,roquan Smith but having said that,there's breakdowns that occur there's,multiple breakdowns that occur on that,play and I only see people really,talking about him getting ko'd it's,almost like certain Ravens fans are,giddy or pleased when certain guys fail,and I don't know what that Dynamic is I,don't maybe maybe there's just a lot of,people out there that are just losers,I'm not sure but they seem to be pleased,when a young guy like adafe away,struggles uh maybe because they wanted,someone else's drafted at that position,I'm not sure look he hasn't played a ton,of football odafe away he has not he,played two games as a freshman in 2019,at Penn State he did have two sacks,played in 10 or 11 games as a sophomore,five sacks so pretty good production,there and then 2020 was a crazy season,for Penn State I think they lost their,first four games,and then one their next four oh we only,played in seven of them and didn't,register a sack so you're talking about,a guy who played 20 games total in three,seasons at Pence at Penn State played 15,games last year for the Ravens he's now,in his 15th game this year and the,production is certainly not the same,you know he's only got one force fumble,one fumble recovered two and a half,sacks versus five last year 15,quarterback hits last year and only,eight this season so yes there is reason,to expect more and reason to want more I,do again find it really interesting and,quizzical that certain people kind of,celebrate these guys uh in these,situations kind of share it on social,media in a way that's you know pretty,disrespectful,um especially because there's other,mistakes being made on this play and,I'll talk about you know these two guys,here the next time I show this play and,we're going to go through some of the,film of adafe away in 2022. look some of,the differences that I think I see from,his rookie year he looks a little less,explosive to me and I'm not sure why,that is you know perhaps related to what,he was being asked to do earlier in the,season in 2022 when we didn't have,Bowser before we signed jpp uh being,asked to zone drop Dropout and pass more,often I would say that strength looks,like a little bit of an issue dealing,with some of these tackles as well his,hand swipes his moves that make contact,with some of the offensive tackles arms,and hands and wrists do not seem to have,as much impact as other guys now that's,there's a timing aspect there as well,but he looks he doesn't look as,explosive and his Pad level to me looks,maybe a little bit higher than his,rookie year but I'm really going off of,uh just memory there I think he you know,looks inconsistent at times he was,definitely more physical with his hands,I thought as a rookie and more,consistently on balance he does you know,he has made a number of plays,particularly against the run and you'll,see some of them here his best game if I,remember correct was against Buffalo and,we will have you know significant film,of that one,I'm in here Zone dropped a whole lot,less as a rookie how much did that,impact his play through I don't know how,much I mean how should should plays,where he's not Zone dropping,it should he be impacted because he's,Zone dropping more consistently I guess,it's there's a volume aspect in terms of,if you only get six true pass rush,opportunities in a given game it's,harder to take advantage of three of,them than if you maybe get 10 or 12. I,understand that you know from a volume,standpoint but but I don't feel like,that it really explains everything to be,honest with you is it the two-point,stance versus the three-point stance I'm,not sure I really don't know I feel like,me personally my personal thought would,be to have him in a three-point stance,more often personally I would not want,him Zone dropping out like you saw on,that play there I don't think he's been,very successful at it I don't think it's,been very beneficial for our defense for,real I would like to see him have more,opportunities in a three-point stance,and be able to attack more but even even,here you have him in a three-point,stance and he's attacki

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Lamar Jackson: 'We're Just Not Clicking in the Red Zone' | Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson: 'We're Just Not Clicking in the Red Zone' | Baltimore Ravens

some more um this is kind of like some,of the other games where you know at the,end does it feel like the other other,losses yeah,what can you guys do to to stop that,that that kind of that Trend a little,bit shoot let's try to score more points,try to score more points,early if anything try not to miss them,opportunities there's a few,opportunities out there,that's it,the more if you had to put your finger,on why you guys aren't cashing as much,as you know that you can and the,original,I don't know look good in practice,you'll get in the game,like I said we had opportunities,sometimes we just didn't hit you know we,hit one late in the game it went up but,still I feel like we scored early,game look different you know the team,won't have confidence you know they got,confidence they shout out to Trevor,Lawrence because he played his butt off,you know he went off and that's just,what it was,do you remember the last time you played,in the stadium yeah and he told me in,college and I lost again,just what is what is that what emotions,do you think about when you think about,that and how does that make you feel how,would you feel if you lose yeah,don't nobody should like losing you know,but it is what it is just got to move on,get ready for next week that's all I,can't dwell on the door,obviously you know,you love this defense you trust this,defense so when you guys score with,about two minutes left and you see them,come onto the field for the you know,face the fourth and seven or whatever it,was and how you feeling right then,no I really didn't want to leave that,minute um that much time on the clock,but like you said you know I got fit in,our defense you know it was just their,day you know they made plays you know,his NFL team they should have made plays,they made plays they came out with a dog,you talk about what you saw on the long,touchdown but not touchdown long,completion did DeSean Jackson you know,he went quarters or no temperature I'm,sorry top of two,um I was just trying to hold that back,so I saved it down with d Rob and D Jack,just did the rest,from our is it frustrating to see you,know potential touchdowns potential big,plays just skirt off someone's hands or,something like that yeah and it's it,happens you know it wasn't just out,there at the office,you're gonna get back in the lab and,we're gonna regroup and we're gonna be,where we want to be at you know,it happens,you think,you don't want to lose you don't want to,learn your lessons after a loss but,if you think this team was kind of,headed for some kind of harsh reality,like this after Alex is a struggle at,times say that again like what team were,you talking about us or them I mean just,how would be obviously kind of struggle,like,think that,that needs no you know I'm like I said,in practice everything looked good you,know we look Christmas practice and,stuff like that,um we just missed opportunities and you,know when you're playing the game like,this uh you know a tough environment,you can't miss those we need those,everything catches throws we need,everything you know put points on the,board separate have our defense you know,keep their momentum going,so,um because I mean typically in your,years here the Red Zone you guys pretty,much click a little bit yeah I mean it's,a different feeling you know they have,it because this is something that has,not happened very often with you guys,foreign,trying to make it happen,you're just not clicking in the Red Zone,you know that's just that,and after one of these votes I mean the,Lisa shows that you're able to brush it,off and you've done this before where,you've had these tough difficult losses,can you rely on that a little bit are,you really not trying to brush off,nothing you know we're really not trying,to lose at all we don't want to have no,close games,we,need to do what we do,what do we do so I guess,of course yeah,we should have lost man good

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Matthew Mahrer Threatened To Attack Synagogue

Matthew Mahrer Threatened To Attack Synagogue

while they were constantly coming at,Kyrie Irving this was going on in the,background,this individual's name is Matthew Marr,now this story is very interesting,because,of the pretty much um the little details,surrounding it so this person's name is,Matthew Marr and he threatened,to,commit a massive attack on a New York,City synagogue and I think a couple of,them not just one but a few of them now,get this,this man is a part of that Community,he's one of them folks,and,he is a descendant of a holocaust,Survivor,someone who was still alive from the,Holocaust he is related to now you gotta,really really really think about this,for a second this is a person who is a,part of them folks that community,he tried to attack their place of,worship because that's where they go to,that's where they go to pray and to,worship is that a synagogue and he is,descendant of a holocaust Survivor,like when you think and you put all,those three together would that be uh,self-hate or would that be them folks on,them folks crime because I have,questions,I have several questions that need,answering and I haven't even gotten to,the article yet so just based off of,that which we know so far I can only,imagine what the little uh well not even,a little but the other major details are,going to be but we're going to find out,now this is posted on the New York Post,November 20th 2022.,one of two men so there's another one,accused of plotting to attack New York,City synagogues is part of that is is,part of that community,and the grandson of a holocaust Survivor,his attorney claimed in court Saturday,Matthew Marr age 22 again look at these,age ranges these 18 to 22 I'm like I,keep telling y'all we noticing a pattern,was ordered held on 150 000 bail at his,arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court,on charges of criminal possession of a,weapon though his lawyer acts that he'd,be released on his own recognizance,there are a lot of questions here,defense attorney Brandon frasint said of,mar who has allegedly been diagnosed,with autism bipolar disorder anxiety and,ADHD so now they're about to hit the,mental illness route,at least in this one they actually say,what he was diagnosed with and just flat,out saying he had a mental illness my,client is of Jewish Heritage he resides,with his parents and his grandfather is,actually a 93 year old Holocaust,Survivor and my client is his part-time,caretaker now you gotta question,yourself here this guy is he's Jewish,he is the descendant of a holocaust,Survivor and he threatened to commit,attacks against the synagogue and now we,learn he's the caretaker of that same,Holocaust Survivor who's 93.,he doesn't need to be his caretaker,when you put it all into perspective it,makes you wonder why he hasn't tried to,plot to take out his own grandfather,seeing as how he was in closer proximity,to him than he was at the synagogues,Mar and Powell Christopher Brown were,busted Friday on the Long Island,Railroad with brown carrying weapons and,a Nazi armband according to police,sources cops seized a loaded handgun,with an extended magazine and a,bulletproof vest from Mars Upper West,Side apartment that he and a buddy,allegedly plan to use in a synagogue,attack now get this,have y'all ever noticed that whenever,there's about a about to be some kind of,a synagogue attack is usually always PC,men,that are the ones doing it but they have,all this smoke for black men if we say,something that they don't agree with,remember it was a PC man a few years ago,who attacked the synagogue I forgot,where it was I want to say it was in PA,because I don't think it was in New York,he actually went in there and shot it up,and some people died they ended up,arresting him and throwing him in jail,of course he's still in jail right now,because people did die,but you rarely if you ever hear about it,anymore so much in fact I forgot the,guy's name,I forgot how he looked but I do remember,the story those who live in PA more so,maybe the Philly area around that region,because I believe that's where it,happened that will definitely know what,that story is All About it's not even,it's not even a decade old it probably,happened like back in 2015 or 2014,somewhere around that region I knew it,was pre-wooved for sure but it happened,around that time period And I remember,exactly what what that was all about,let me go ahead and continue,Mars defense attorney Brandon frasenet,argued that his client has no criminal,history and said he's of Jewish Heritage,but Marr had no criminal record and his,parents had cooperated with cops his,attorney said the accused had spent time,in homeless shelters before moving in,with his parents about a year ago the,attorney added so now they're trying to,add the attorneys trying to add on this,extra stuff to try to make it seem like,uh he was not doing what basically the,mental incapacities that he has is,causing him to do this you know they're,throwing in the SOB stories about him,not having a real family and him living,in

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I Knew I Called Him Massa Jerry For A Reason

I Knew I Called Him Massa Jerry For A Reason

someone out there must have it for Masa,Jerry Jones I knew there was a reason,why I called this man Master jury I just,said something about him just gives me,Plantation owner Vibes and this picture,that got put out there recently just,basically,sealed the deal for me,so in case y'all are unaware we already,know that the crypto thing on the left,is Jerry Jones but in the picture on the,right is a young Jerry Jones with the,red circle around his face that is Jerry,Jones back in 1957 during a protest,where a group of PC students as you can,see right here in this picture were,blocking black boys from entering the,school it was called um in Little Rock,Arkansas I think it was called The,Little Rock Nine I think that's what it,was called someone can correct me if I'm,wrong it was a major uh situation back,during that time but I'm gonna go ahead,now and read this article coming from,Sports Illustrated,ahead of his team's Thanksgiving matchup,with the Giants Cowboys owner Jerry,Jones was in the news Wednesday after a,photo surface from his past,showing his connection to one of the,first instances of public school,integration in his home state of,Arkansas the photo taken on September 9,1957 at North Little Rock High when,Jones was 14 years old,he couldn't tell me he was 14 in that,one because he looks older than 14.,it shows a group of white students,blocking the doorway and shouting slurs,at six black students as they tried to,enter Jones said he went there as a,Curious Thing quote unquote,with no intention of harassing the black,students uh we ain't falling for that,you knew exactly what was going on down,there you wasn't going out there for no,curiosity,you was going out there to join in your,um with your PC Brothers,and say what you said you can't tell me,a slur did not leave this man's lips at,least not one time while he was out,there,it goes on to say he also said that he,didn't realize at the time how,significant a moment it was,Jerry Jones you was 14. in 1957. excuse,me you were old enough to know,how what the climate was at that time,don't fall for this to the people out,there that's listening to this right now,are well aware of the story right now do,not fall for whatever it is that he's,saying,he knew what time it was,because I'm sure there were other people,out there around the same age as him who,knew what time it was too look at them,faces look at how they look,they knew exactly what type of time it,was and why they were out there,it says I don't know that or I don't,know that I or anybody anticipated or,had a background of knowing what was,involved Jones said per Dave marinus and,Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post it,was more of a curious thing when pressed,about his role in attending the event,and how he behaved in the moment Jones,emphasized his primary motivation with,curiosity and that he was not so,concerned with this about the historical,importance of the moment but rather,getting in trouble with his high school,football coach,this is a bunch of BS and people are,going to fall for it later in the,interview with marinus and Jenkins which,focus on Jones and the Cowboys hiring,practices with regards to Black coaching,candidates Jones reflected on that time,in his life and express regret and not,trying to do more to help black students,feel more included see this is all the,more reason why we know why he was out,there because if you look at how he is,as the owner of the Cowboys and how he's,acted over the years while being the,owner and look back at this it all makes,sense now this is how he feels this is,how he always has felt he was in,Arkansas,in 1957 at the age of 14 you cannot tell,me that this man has not called a black,person a n word at least once in his,life and I'm talking to their face,I'll be very candid with you I've often,asked why didn't you do more Jones said,why didn't you get up and have them come,up on the bus and sit rather than,standing back there why didn't you do,more we know why you didn't do more,Jerry because you didn't want them up,there,so he trying to play this thing of being,so oblivious and I know he probably,gonna throw the thing about his old age,in there as well he's going literally,hide behind all of that,I don't fall for his antics,Jerry Jones knew exactly what he was,doing when he went down there when this,picture surfaced he just didn't expect,it was going to pop back up kudos to the,person who found it and was able to,point him out because I'm gonna be,honest if I saw this picture online,I wouldn't have been able to point,anybody out in here that they that had,any uh significance as far as I'm,concerned all of them with the exception,of those black boys are posses,if they said can you point out someone,who is famous in this image I'd be like,no I couldn't,I will probably have a better chance of,finding Waldo in one of his many,images,that are floating around in the world I,would have a better chance at finding,Carmen San Diego if they didn't put a,circle arou

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NBA Legends Explain How CRAZY GOOD Larry Bird Was

NBA Legends Explain How CRAZY GOOD Larry Bird Was

the man from indiana who gave us an 80s,to remember by lighting up a battle,between the celtics and the lakers will,forever be heralded as one of the,players who saved basketball bird in,magic's coast-to-coast war and,jaw-dropping styles gave the nba the,boost it needed before the emergence of,michael jordan but for bird with three,titles two finals mvps and three,consecutive mvp seasons some forget just,how good he really was today we look at,nba players explaining how crazy good,larry bird was in his prime before we,get into all that if you want to win a,ps5 with nba 2k 22 and madden nfl 22,included leave a like comment subscribe,and turn on notifications to enter the,giveaway,when speaking of the nba's greatest of,all time there's always 5 or 10 guys,that hit the list each carries a,different generation,from 50s bill russell to 60s wilt,chamberlain or 70s kareem abdul-jabbar,80s magic johnson 90s michael jordan,2000 shaquille o'neal and kobe bryant to,today's lebron james some get overlooked,when they shouldn't for example tim,duncan,and others get left behind because of,the lack of titles like charles barkley,what happens when all these players talk,of another great as if he was like no,other larry bird was lauded by most of,these legends because he was one of them,too he was consistent tough offensively,masterful and one of the first big guys,to shoot many three-point shots lebron,james spoke candidly in an interview,about how he was one of the few guys,ever to win a three-point contest with a,warm-up shirt on lebron referring to the,time larry won his third consecutive,three-point contest james continued for,young guys that don't know him you know,they think of larry bird as a jump,shooter,uh but he was so much more than he was a,passer the average double-digit rebounds,um the dfinity took charges,and um,you know it's a straight-up complete,basketball player and me as a small,forward later in his career lebron,adapted his game to the new way of,basketball which was a charge led by the,golden state warriors in shooting more,from behind the arc lebron was,considered a big guy but began shooting,more threes and no doubt was heavily,influenced by the fact that larry legend,had already achieved this feat in the,80s in another interview when asked,about his top three of all time lebron,put larry bird firmly in there with mj,and dr j my god,three,uh yeah larry bird dr j michael shaq had,a very different opinion on larry,initially he said he disliked bird,because he was jealous he thought how,could this regular looking guy do,everything never really had a chance to,play against larry bird but i,actually used to hate larry bird i i,hate it,shaq soon realized as he grew older and,wiser that despite getting the luck of,the irish with the celtics larry made,his own luck when it came to shooting,the ball shaq at seven foot one of,course had a completely different style,of game at the time he was built to the,max and used brute force to impose his,will on the defense and rack up the,points blocks and rebounds shaq was also,faster than most give him credit for,particularly in the early part of his,career,now they're magic with a final shot,chance,o'neill runs the floor,bird was notoriously slow which was all,the more testament to his skill set but,his basketball iq was just on a,different planet he once sank a shot,from behind the backboard which o'neill,chalked down to a fluke following a bet,with his friends,shaq never really got the chance to play,against larry bird which is unfortunate,because i don't think it would have,taken him so long to recognize greatness,on the other hand six-time nba champion,kareem abdul-jabbar battled bird on,numerous occasions while playing with,the showtime lakers,bird got the better of him in the 1984,finals and took another two in a decade,that was largely dominated by the purple,in gold kareem spoke about how larry,might have been the best he had played,against and said but how good was that,people i don't think people people look,at him and think he's a white guy slow,guy chubby white guy he wore us out man,you know because he just,this was this muscle here the one,between his ears yeah that was his,best you know because he made the,three-pointers and he had assists and,rebounded steals he was always at the,right place at the right time,on the court you know one of the great,players you know i had the opportunity,to play again,eleven-time all-star charles barkley a,regular season mvp during a star-filled,90s was once asked are you better than,bird and he took a long pause before,answering which is very telling am i,better than bird oh man that's a great,question,most great players respond immediately,with how they think they're the best,because you have to have that kind of,mentality in order to get to the top,instead barkley answered i'm a better,rebounder,i'm probably a better defender,he's a better shooter obviously,you know a lot of people talk about,who's better but you have

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