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James Woods: Elon Musk may have saved Americathis is a Fox News Alert Elon Musk has,provided Matt ta

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

James Woods: Elon Musk may have saved America

this is a Fox News Alert Elon Musk has,provided Matt taibi of sub stack with,thousands apparently thousands and,thousands of internal documents at,Twitter and they're coming out as we,speak we've told you this several times,those documents prove among other things,the Biden campaign and the DNC directed,Twitter to censor users and Twitter,complied and did this in the critical,final days of the 2020 election cycle in,order and they say this in their emails,to get Joe Biden elected they did the,bidding of a political party and of,elected officials in Washington which is,illegal to get Biden like they rigged,the information available about that,election,that would include the former Twitter,general counsel Jim Baker was a key,player at the FBI during the Russia,collusion house who's overseeing the,censorship there just minutes ago Elon,Musk wrote on Twitter quote if this,isn't a violation of the Constitution's,First Amendment what is,there's so much here other documents,just posted by TB minutes ago reveal,that Twitter's hacked materials policies,was never a real justification for,Banning the New York Post reporting on,Hunter Biden's laptop and they knew it,under Twitter's own stated rules they,would need quote official law,enforcement finding of a hack to invoke,that policy says taibi,this is just one part of the Twitter,files they're apparently going to come,out over a period of dates we will see,but one of the things we've learned,already,is that Twitter under pressure from,Democrats,deleted a tweet from the legendary actor,James Woods who head straight Outside,the Lines by criticizing Hunter Biden,the DNC told this before the last,election told Twitter to take it down,and so they did,James Woods joins us now by phone,James Woods are you there yes I am,Tucker so nice to talk to you it's great,to talk to you I vaguely remember when,your Tweet was pulled down you of course,remember it did you suspect at the time,it was pulled down at the direct request,of the Democratic National Committee,I'm not surprised at all I'm shocked uh,the way any other American would be if,he were a target of a presidential,candidate and a major political party,but here's why I'm not shocked Georgia,you may uh Chuck you may be surprised to,know that there was a lawsuit a while,back a woman accused me of saying that,she gave a Nazi salute and it was a,whole bunch of of stuff about it on,Twitter and I didn't I actually asked,why would somebody say that about her,without going into the details of that,lawsuit it turned out that the DNC was,behind that I won the lawsuit in federal,court,I wasn't reported very much I've been a,target of these people for six years,they have destroyed my career they have,destroyed my livelihood they've,destroyed my faith in a country that my,family has defended uh in the military,since the Revolutionary War I'm about to,be inducted into sons of the American,Revolution and the sons of Revolution,um uh I I cannot I I you're catching me,a bit off guard because I literally just,walked in the door and my wife said have,you seen your phone I was at the firing,range believe it or not practicing for,you I write them to the Second Amendment,which I guess now that I don't have any,First Amendment rights anymore I'm glad,that I still have some Second Amendment,right I think the whole thing is,astonishing I'm just I'm I'm for the,first time in my life honestly,speechless well it is astonishing as you,just pointed out civil laws used,extensively by the left to really Crush,people on the right Alex Jones just had,a billion dollar settlement against him,because he said something that he didn't,hurt anybody he said something people,didn't like,and they wrecked his life and the lives,of many other people and they tried to,wreck yours is there some kind of legal,or civil recourse that you would have,against the people who violated your,first amendment rights,I can guarantee you one thing more than,anything else you'll ever hear in your,life,I will be getting a lawyer I will be,suing the Democratic National Committee,no matter what whether I win or lose I,am going to stand up for the rights that,every American not,a so-called celebrity,I'm not a celebrity but I'm hardly,recognizable anymore because my career,has been destroyed by these very people,and I will too and I'm hoping other,people will do and if it turns out there,are a lot of us on this list where the,dnc's targeted us and I will quote The,Immortal words of Joseph Welch when he,attacks,Joe McCarthy for the enemies list he had,at long laughter have you no shame,yes President Biden all of your,sassy little operative in the DNC who,have targeted American citizens have you,Mr President have all of you at last no,shame,yeah and of course the answer is no they,don't have shame but we we will be,following that and and there may be more,clearly they were fixated on you which I,hope you take as a compliment but also,propels you forward to bring Justice I,think it is a compl

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James Woods DESTROYS Alyssa Milano in BRUTAL Tweets! Celebrities MELTDOWN!

James Woods DESTROYS Alyssa Milano in BRUTAL Tweets! Celebrities MELTDOWN!

oh boy this whole Alyssa Milano,situation continues to get more and more,insane by the day and I absolutely love,it and now James Woods one of the few,decent actors left who is working in,Hollywood uh today or at least for the,most part even though he has been a,pretty much blacklisted in Hollywood he,comes out and completely destroys Alyssa,Milano in this absolutely amazing,hilarious tweet that we're going to be,taking a look at so James Woods roasts,Alyssa Milano for exchanging Tesla for,Volkswagen and in case you guys aren't,aware this is what she originally said,in her tweet where she talked about this,where she decided that she was going to,Virtue signal in this way that she,thought would get her a lot of brownie,points among the woke and it did not,really go the way that she expected so,she said I gave back my Tesla I bought,the Volkswagen EV I love it and then she,went on to talk about how you know,Twitter is just a terrible place and uh,because of free speech uh you know it's,now all about uh white white supremacy,and all this type of stuff because that,is how the woke left think they think,that Free Speech uh equals uh you know,for some reason,racism and all these different things in,their their heads and I yeah that's,that's what how they how they how they,treat and think things so,um and uh James Woods I couldn't let,this go he had to come back with with an,epic clap back which he did so this is,what he said in response to her original,tweet where he said cough up the eight,dollars because of course we all know,that she is going to continue to pay the,eight dollars to keep her precious,little blue check mark and uh that,wasn't the only thing that he said so,then he went on to say this and this is,so Savage so brutal it just cracks me up,every time I see it so he said this in,response to her as well the person,wearing this crocheted toilet seat cover,on her face needs a few history lessons,the science lessons would clearly be a,waste of time,oh I love it I love it it's so good it,is so good this whole situation has been,so entertaining and it continues to get,more and more funny by the day and not,only that but uh Alyssa Milano also went,on to uh onto the view with Whoopi,Goldberg and all the rest to talk about,this and basically they had to you know,Pat her back as she cried about you know,uh Elon Musk being this very very bad,man and and all this type of stuff,clearly suffering from EDS Elon,derangement syndrome but this is what,she said in response to all that like,I'm so annoyed with all of these these,billionaires with like the exception of,a few but especially Elon Musk like,you buy Twitter to destroy it yeah for,40 billion dollars right 40 billion,dollars Elon Musk imagine if he donated,that money to UNICEF I know yeah he,would change the world there would be,there would be no Alyssa Milano so,stunning so brave of her to say this and,uh obviously you know Elon Musk is,absolutely not destroying Twitter he's,making it better than it has been in a,very long time and uh even even uh,oh man even Samuel L Jackson was asked,to uh what he thought about Elon Musk,and Elon Musk or and uh Samuel Jackson,was basically basically just like I,don't I don't care I don't care I he,even said I have no idea what he Elon,Musk is I don't even know if he's a real,person he's like I don't care I don't,really care about any of this he even,said that Twitter's not a real world not,the real world and all this type of,stuff so anyway with all that being said,let me know what you think about this in,the comments below what do you think,about what James Wood said uh in regards,to Alyssa Milano it's absolutely,hilarious and I'll talk to you all in,another video very soon

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James Woods EXPOSES What We Feared About Hollywood In CRAZY Tweet

James Woods EXPOSES What We Feared About Hollywood In CRAZY Tweet

james woods confirms what we all feared,about hollywood and we all have been,speculating for quite some time many,many years actually that james woods is,someone who was blacklisted by hollywood,because of his conservative beliefs,because of his worldview that does not,fit in the hollywood agenda and it turns,out and this is confirmed by james woods,himself this is indeed true but it is,even worse than we imagined we are going,to be getting into that in this video so,let's go ahead and jump right into it um,i appreciate all the support you guys,have been showing over the past few,weeks by the way,it's insane that we're over 200 000,subscribers that is amazing and i thank,you all so much for your support it,really means a lot to me let's go ahead,and get into this and see what james,woods has to say about this james woods,says he's been blacklisted in hollywood,and couldn't care less,and of course there's a bunch of,wokesters and sjws and people that hate,anyone who has an opinion that does not,fit their agenda who are basically,saying a bunch of terrible things about,him because of him basically exposing,hollywood in this way so let's go ahead,and see what he himself has to say so i,have the tweet here pulled up but um,actor james woods whose acting career,spans five decades says he has been,blacklisted in hollywood and that he,couldn't care less so this is the tweet,so he was replying to someone who was,replying to him the person said are you,going to be making any more movies again,or are you completely blacklisted for,being a free thinker james woods replies,and said blacklisted and couldn't care,less he confirms it everyone james woods,is someone who has been blacklisted by,hollywood this does not surprise anyone,who has been paying attention this is,exactly what we have been seeing happen,with many actors these days especially,with people like james woods gina,carrano and even chris pratt in some,ways is also facing some of this,pushback as well because he doesn't he,it's not even that he doesn't um just,you know um deny what the hollywood,agenda he just doesn't really talk about,it and that apparently is all you you,need to to do is just not say anything,in order to be put on this this,this watch this hollywood watch list in,some ways now of course chris pratt has,some big movies that he's still working,on but the woke are continuing to try to,cancel him just as they are always at,the throats of people like,james woods and gina carano,now thankfully gina carano has been able,to kind of break out of that in some,ways and is now doing some amazing,things with people like the daily wire,and some of that type of stuff which is,great to see so that is awesome and all,of this all of this that is happening,here with you know actors being,blacklisted in hollywood because of,conservative beliefs or whatever else or,just even really just pro-american,beliefs in a lot of ways,a lot of this is all part of a shifting,landscape that is taking place with,entertainment with media as we continue,to to see that change from you know just,being uh you know basically hollywood,being the gatekeepers of everything in,entertainment that is quickly changing,it's changing in the comic book industry,it's changing and entertainment as well,and it's something that uh i myself,might be involved in as well so make,sure that you keep your eyes open for,that because i have some really cool,things to announce soon about all this,but wood's acting career has spanned,decades with his first film being the,visitors in 1972 and of course you know,over time he has been someone who has,been canceled because of his viewpoints,for many however the hypocrisy of ultra,liberal hollywood and stark given that,the industry claims to be open-minded,and tolerant ah yes of course that is,what the leftists continue to claim but,they completely go against anybody who,has an opinion that they do not like,so meanwhile hollywood has been plagued,with sex scandals racism accusations and,rigged award shows with more and more,americans tuning out that is indeed the,truth so hope you guys enjoyed this,video subscribe if you're new i'd,appreciate that a lot leave us a like a,comment all the good stuff and i'll talk,to you all in another video very soon,bye

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James Woods Is Suing Democrats For Censoring Him On Twitter

James Woods Is Suing Democrats For Censoring Him On Twitter

yeah I can guarantee you one thing more,than anything else you'll ever hear in,your life I will be getting a lawyer I,will be suing the Democratic National,Committee no matter what whether I win,or lose I am going to stand up for the,rights that every American not,a so-called celebrity,I'm not a celebrity crime hardly,recognizable anymore because my career,has been destroyed by these very people,and I will sue and I'm hoping other,people will do and if it turns out there,are a lot of us on this list where the,dnc's targeted us and I will quote The,Immortal words of Joseph wealth when he,attacks,Bill McCarthy for the enemies list he,had at long laughter have you no shame,yes President Biden all of your,stocky little operatives in the DNC who,have targeted American citizens have you,Mr President have all of you at last no,shame oh Lads nothing like a scorned,Hades looks like James Woods is about to,go full flamethrower hairdo and all all,over the DNC that's right a breaking,news late this evening of course while,we were doing our stream Elon Musk,cracked open a gigantic Treasure Trove,of information flowing out of Twitter,revealing that of course everybody's,favorite the JJ,was abandoning people on behalf of the,federal government now some people are,saying well Donald Trump was in office,during October 2020 when all this was,happening that Donald Trump was in,office but the office wasn't responding,or respecting Donald that's why Donald,Trump's not in office anymore he was,completely undermined by everybody in,there,and one of them was a bunch of people,from within Washington DC sending off,information to Twitter said you better,ban these people you better ban them and,so,Elon Musk gave a bunch of documents to,Matt taivi Matt taibi did something like,a 30 Twitter thread and breaking it down,explaining how the JJ over here just,happened to sneak behind Jack dorsey's,CEO back and ban people on behalf of the,DNC people who would say stuff about oh,I don't know covid or masks,or election Integrity or all of the,above maybe some Balenciaga maybe the,fact that Joe Biden loves pizza,over here but JJ was like man Hammer Bam,Bam if you were upsetting the regime if,you were hampering the legitimate,establishment you were going to get a,gigantic bainhammer on the second,largest social media platform in,existence and again the CEO somehow,missed it maybe he was on the roof boys,doing hot yoga,the rest of these idiots who are useless,at Twitter I don't buy it for a second I,think it's highly convenient I don't,care what I am happy about is having the,receipts breaking Twitter files revealed,behind censorship of Hunter Biden's,laptop story,and uh again down here they're talking,about how she went behind Jack's back,and she was Banning people and she was,getting actual talking points and,walking points from people in Washington,DC to ban individuals bring that all the,way up hopefully that helps a little bit,I don't know anyway,even people within Twitter weren't happy,about it while it was happening and so,it'll be very interesting to see when,vajayjay gets pulled in front of the,house for a little bit of Committee,Action since you got lefties love that,so much let's do it to our private time,oh you don't want to do it that works,but one person she won't be messing with,anymore is James Woods he's telling,everybody oh no so almost the DNC was,working with Twitter to silence me and,Elon Musk is handing out the receipts,that's a lawsuit that's a lawsuit and,this is a complete,180 from obviously how Twitter was,working a few weeks ago which is why,they're so upset at Elon Musk and,Twitter even Elon Musk himself coming,out saying look,Twitter acting by itself to suppress,free speech is not a First Amendment,violation but acting under orders from,the government to suppress free speech,with no judicial review is,going to be delicious if this isn't a,violation of the Constitution's First,Amendment what is and uh there you go,again people are like well it was,October 24 2020.,okay,have you met have you met Bill Barr you,may have you have you met any of these,people,I'd say a good eighty percent of Donald,Trump's picks stabbed him in the back,worked against him undermined him,violated the law doesn't matter if,Donald Trump was the chief executive if,you've got completely different parts of,the federal government calling Twitter,up and saying silence people that's,still a crime and the people who were,running those arms of the federal,government telling people to ban,individuals like James Woods off of,Twitter should now be sued into Oblivion,I want to know where did this email come,from who sent this we got a lot of we,got a lot of stuff uh white it out over,here there's some more information right,these have all been handled all these,people all of these people the guy,squigs he's been handled,this email attachment this name right,here is gonna be very very interesting,very very interesting so that's number,eight of the matte taib

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TWITTER Files RELEASED! Full Taibbi Thread and JAMES WOODS Reacts

TWITTER Files RELEASED! Full Taibbi Thread and JAMES WOODS Reacts

the Twitter files released Elon Musk,promised this would happen for a long,time and finally it has happened we're,going to go through the thread in detail,all of it exposing of course Hunter,Biden seen here much of these,photographs were censored banned we,couldn't talk about it all of it was,hacked fake illegal misinformation until,it turns out it was all true and so now,it's all been revealed to America now,we're going to go through what I said in,detail but before we do let's take a,look at the key players just so we have,familiarity with who we're talking about,as the names pop up of course we all,know Jack Dorsey former CEO big,executive at Twitter don't really know,whether he had much say or not we're,going to see in the Twitter thread that,not really we've got Vijaya Gotti heard,much about her she was the head of legal,at Twitter she was on The Joe Rogan show,she was the person who sort of came up,with the legal justifications to censor,and trample all over the First Amendment,she was very important in this ordeal we,also have this guy which will do a full,segment on in another segment of about,Joel Roth he was trust in safety and he,is responsible for making sure nobody,you know gets actually injured as a,result of the misinformation,disinformation and so on we remember,this person his name is James Baker,ex-fbi general counsel for the Federal,Bureau of information,and he of investigation and he is now,working at Twitter okay so his emails,are going to pop up he was the general,counsel for an intelligence agency,before he went over to work for Twitter,which sort of begs the question you know,is the whole thing just a giant Psy up,or what but he is over there of course,and we're going to see emails from him,and this gentleman named Ro Kana that's,not actually an arm that is a k who is a,Democrat from California also made an,appearance in this entire thread so,actually the only real sane person who,is advocating for,First Amendment protections is rocana,and so those are the players now after,we go through the thread we're going to,get reaction or actually C from the,other people who are Newt Kaylee mcineny,was Trump's press secretary at the time,James Woods was somebody who posted a,tweet that got nuked from the Twitter,platform and finally we'll check in with,the Mac Store so a lot to get to in this,segment let's jump right into the,Twitter thread and see what Matt had,unveiled for us,and this was all over the internet on,all over the weekend and of course,there's you know I've been Twitter,spaces and this is evidently just the,first drop of many right there's going,to be much more of this to come and Elon,even in a Twitter space over the weekend,said that he is working on releasing the,entirety of the files right so at some,point Matt taibi is going to go through,them synthesize them make them,digestible for public consumption but,then after that right sounds like we're,gonna get the raw files right like like,literally an image hard drive uploaded,to like wikileak style which would just,be uh salivating oh that would just be,so great,and we would have a lot of fun with that,but until that day happens we're going,to go through the threat and we'll jump,off here,and explore where this takes us Matt,taibi releases the Twitter files he,posts a thread he says the Twitter files,what you're about to read is the first,installment in a series based upon,thousands of internal documents obtained,by sources at Twitter,Elon,the Twitter files tell an incredible,story from inside one of the world's,largest and most influential social,media platforms it is a frankenstinian,tale of a human built mechanism grown,out of the control of its designer,Twitter and its conception was a,brilliant tool for enabling instant mass,communication making a true real-time,Global conversation possible for the,first time maybe like a Town Square some,might say,in an early conception Twitter more than,lived up to its mission statement it,gave people the power to create and,share ideas and information instantly,without barriers that's in quotes right,that's Twitter's mission on this channel,we talk about safety Clarity and hope at,my Law Firm right or here accountability,transparency and Justice those are the,values that's the mission what are we,trying to achieve those things,they want information communicated,without barriers love it now as time,progressed however the company was,slowly forced to add those barriers some,of the first tools for controlling,speech were designed to combat the likes,of spam in financial fraudsters but,slowly over time Twitter staff and,Executives begin to find more and more,use for these tools Outsiders began,petitioning the company to manipulate,speech as well first a little then a,little more often and then constantly,floodgates were open Pandora's Box had,been revealed by 2020 requests from,connected actors to delete tweets or a,routine one executive would write to,another quote more to review from the,

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James Woods EXPOSES The TRUTH In CRAZY Tweets!

James Woods EXPOSES The TRUTH In CRAZY Tweets!

actor james wood who has been,blacklisted by hollywood because of his,conservative viewpoints is now on the,warpath once again this time completely,annihilating the woke media in the most,epic glorious way imaginable and i know,that you all are going to be very,entertained with what he is doing here,and of course this is uh something,because of a very um of a very important,issue that's happening right now okay so,this is what james woods said to new,york times in some recent uh comments,that he made on twitter um he said of,course you're scared,and what are they scared of well they,are scared of the new the new,representative of texas,myra flores um who by the way has,continued to to just absolutely dominate,what she what she is doing down there,and it's it's amazing to see so,outspoken conservative actor james woods,bashed the new york times after the,paper ranted that new representative,myra flores is a right is a far right,latina,this is insane so what happened to them,using latinx and all that type of stuff,well of course it doesn't apply when uh,different demographics of people think,outside of the narrative that is being,shoved in their faces by the woke left,the woke left want to continue to,enslave these people,and and emotionally and everything else,and as soon as they have lost that power,over them then apparently they will stop,calling you all these ridiculous terms,as well which is hilarious to me but uh,florence flipped a door district in the,rio grande valley of t to the republican,party and became the first latina,republican to be sent to congress from,texas,and the new york times is not happy,about this at all in an article titled,the rise of the far right latina,the times wrote hopefully,uh her abbreviated term lasts only,through the end of the year and she is,seen as a long shot to win re-election,to a full one,and then,and then james woods decided to get in,on all the craziness with this and he,said you scared guys she ran on family,hard work and patriotic values oh right,of course you're scared,and indeed they are this is why they're,pushing this type of propaganda the far,right latina this is just such an insane,headline for many many reasons and once,again it just goes to show that all of,these different workstars continue to,preach about how much they love,diversity and representation and all,these different things but as soon as,one of those diversity hires or or,diverse people or people who they want,to give representation 2,thinks outside of the box thinks outside,of the narrative and the agenda and,everything else then suddenly they are a,far right latina this is insane these,people are insane,and we need to continue to expose that,they don't actually care about diversity,especially when it comes to diversity of,opinions or thoughts her campaign slogan,god family and country was meant to,appeal to what she called the,traditional values of her majority,hispanic district in the border city of,brownsville,uh the times mocked disdainfully she,called for president biden's impeachment,she tweeted cue hashtags and she called,the democratic party the greatest threat,america faces,so they are not happy at all with uh,with um myra and all that stuff but it's,hilarious to see and i love that james,wood woods is willing to point out that,they are terrified of what is going to,be coming at the end of this year with,that being said let me know what you,think of the comments below leave a like,subscribe i'd appreciate that a lot and,i will talk to you all in another video,very soon

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James Woods SLAMS Woke Celebs in BRUTAL Tweets

James Woods SLAMS Woke Celebs in BRUTAL Tweets

james woods proves once again that he is,one of the last good actors working out,there today and i can't really say,working in hollywood because he's been,pretty much blacklisted completely but,he has another really epic take that,we're going to be taking a look at here,he completely shatters the woke,narrative he completely slams wokesters,in the best way possible and that is,exactly what we're going to be taking a,look at here so james woods mocks,twitter as only he can for being wussies,about elon musk and free speech this is,epic let's get right into this today is,james wood's birthday fyi so after you,get done reading this article you should,hustle your little fannies over to,twitter and send the actor a couple of,birthday wishes um i believe this was,actually uh okay this is today actually,so there you go everyone but let's go,ahead and see what he has to say here,he's more than earned them after,basically sacrificing his acting career,to be honest open and outspoken about,the ridiculousness we've seen from our,democratic friends in dc hollywood in,the media and in big tech and that is,exactly why he has been blacklisted it's,been a while since we had this,opportunity to write about mr woods and,it's good to see him tweeting about the,elon musk purchasing twitter situation,so this is what he had to say,why are they afraid of a champion of,free speech why such a frenzy of,self-imposed,terror and of course this is a question,that he's asking to the massive amount,of outrage that is happening right now,on twitter in the media and everywhere,else because elon musk is trying to buy,twitter which is awesome i would love to,see that happen that is much better than,government getting involved in,everything else and trying to push for,that because here we have someone who um,appreciates free speech respects free,speech talking about elon musk wanting,to push that for that platform once,again and it would be a game changer,this whole situation with elon musk is,so dramatic right now and so crazy and,it's very entertaining to watch,as these wokesters continue to lose,their minds and have total meltdowns,over what elon musk is trying to do it's,hilarious and that is exactly what james,woods is directing at with this tweet,why are they afraid of a champion of,free speech talking about elon musk why,such a frenzy of self-imposed terror,exactly what are they hiding what are,they trying to do honestly in my opinion,it's all about control at the end of the,day they want a certain narrative to be,out there they want to push a certain,narrative and if anybody goes against,that narrative then they will shut you,down this is the way that neo-marxist,wilksters,operate this is how they operate 100,james woods completely sees that and,that is why he is asking this question,but it gets even better james woods,continues on james gets it too bad,twitter is too busy trying to destroy,itself to pay attention,what makes this even more hilarious,is not even two seconds later twitter,put a warning on his tweet,so,this is how twitter deals with free,speech the warning came up within two,seconds of posting this tweet let's go,ahead and take a look at it here,look at that,immediately,immediately they are putting offensive,content,flags on his tweet this is how twitter,deals with free speech the warning came,up within two seconds of posting this,tweet which is hilarious,absolutely hilarious but that is exactly,what they continue to do they must,protect the narrative at all costs,so,twitter is so damn predictable exactly,and uh this person down here absolutely,nails it on the head of why they are,continuing to uh to push all this,nonsense they want to control the,narrative and if an even playing field,was allowed on twitter democrats would,really be in trouble so much of what we,see conservatives doing is correcting,people who are grossly misinformed by,our mainstream media big tech in,hollywood that is 100 correct just look,at the laptop story that happened from,last or from the election year and,everything else you can go and look into,that if you want to that whole thing has,been completely twisted because of,twitter pushing a certain narrative they,need to control the narrative that's,what it's all about the end of the day,james woods is completely correct about,this so let me know what you think about,this in the comments below what do you,think about what james woods is saying,here i think he's absolutely hitting the,nail right on the head leave a like,subscribe all that good stuff and i'll,talk to you all in another video very,soon bye

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WTF Happened to James Woods?

WTF Happened to James Woods?

just one month before the September 11th,terrorist attacks in 2001 A man was on a,flight and noticed something suspicious,this man who witnessed this event on,this plane that might have been a dry,rehearsal for the attack has been,interviewed by the FBI several times and,this man was even able to identify some,of the 911 hijackers it's a very strange,very interesting story which is,connected to a very tragic very historic,event,and what's even stranger is that this,man just so happens to be one of the,most reliable character actors of all,time it was James Woods yeah that James,Woods WTF right in addition to working,with the FBI on this case this man has,also worked with some of the greatest,filmmakers of all time pumping out,performances that are so raw and real,that you question if the dude is really,acting but in recent years his star has,fallen significantly and apparently he,couldn't care less is it because his,political beliefs have conflicted with,that of the Hollywood Elite or is it his,unfiltered Politically Incorrect don't,give a fuckiness on social media or is,it because his films quite simply just,stopped making money join us as we ask,that ever important question what the, happened to James Woods,foreign,but to truly understand what the ,happened to James Woods we must begin at,the beginning the beginning began when,he was born on his birthday 1947 Utah,USA he would grow up in Rhode Island,before attending MIT with the intent of,becoming an eye surgeon but he dropped,out in his final year of MIT to pursue,acting because that theater bug well it,bit him hard during college he was done,with that silly eye surgeon stuff,trading it all in for trying to pay the,bills through acting which is always a,guaranteed road to success but it worked,for him until it didn't he started to,make a name for himself on the stage,appearing in many well-respected,theatrical Productions and James Woods,would make his transition to films as a,reliable character actor first appearing,in the film The Visitors in 1972,directed by Master filmmaker Elia Kazan,then he worked with another great,director said Sydney Pollock in the way,we were the 1970s is where James Woods,really got his education in the art of,acting and Cinema he would slowly build,his resume with smaller roles in such,films as The Gambler Night Moves Alex,and the Gypsy and the choir boys while,appearing in scene stealing guest spots,on TV series such as Kojak The Rockford,Files Welcome Back Cotter he was also in,the Streets of San Francisco and Barnaby,Jones before actually Making Waves by,receiving strong reviews opposite Meryl,Streep in the 1978 mini-series Holocaust,it's about the Holocaust and he finished,that decade of the 1970s off with,several best supporting actor,nominations including one Golden Globe,back when people cared about the Golden,Globes for his transformative,performance in the onion revealed truly,magnificent Mr Woods truly but if the,1970s was James Woods film education it,was the 1980s that was his full-blown,arrival onto the cinema scene as he,would steal some more scenes and films,like eyewitness fast walking and Split,Image then came Master filmmaker David,cronenberg's video drone in 1983 it's a,disturbing piece of social commentary,that exposes the Dark Side of technology,and humans Woods demented yet,frightening yet curious performance,elevates the film to more sick and,twisted levels I believe this is his,first leading role I think technically,and he handles it well this was followed,by a film called Against All Odds in,1984 and that same year he worked with,yet another master filmmaker Sergio,Leone by joining the wonderful ensemble,cast of Once Upon a Time in America,where he steals scenes from the likes of,a young Robert De Niro in his prime and,the old age makeup in this movie it,looks really good because that's what,these actors kind of look like now now,that they're old,James Woods would also appear in the,first story segment of the mega,self-indulgent Stephen King Anthology,flick cat's eye James Wood's character,literally watches Another Stephen King,movie while he's in this Stephen King,movie,but the film that would truly show us,the power of James Woods fast talking,slightly arrogant yet brilliant ways,would be when he joined forces with yet,another Master filmmaker Oliver Stone in,1986's Salvador playing an American,photojournalist covering the Civil War,in El Salvador like video drone this,performance shows us that he can lead a,feature and do it quite well his role,was unlike anything we had ever seen,before it's a gritty Brash Fish Out of,Water story with a performance that,blurs the lines of acting and reality,and of course I'm not the only one to,appreciate this performance James Woods,would receive accolades across the board,including an Academy Award nomination,for best actor in a leading role but he,didn't win the Oscar but he don't give a,foreign,nominated actor and his career kinda got,a boost and by that I me

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