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James Lindsay on His Lifetime Twitter Banhey everybody it's james lindsay you're,listening to a i gu

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

James Lindsay on His Lifetime Twitter Ban

hey everybody it's james lindsay you're,listening to a i guess special episode,of the new discourses podcast because,i'm gonna dip in and give a little,message a little statement i suppose i,didn't plan one so this is going to be,off the cuff and holding who knows what,i'm going to say,but i got banned off of twitter it's,permanent suspension,and so i i don't think by the way a lot,of people are wondering maybe i'll get,my account back um,i don't know that i will get my account,back because,uh the nature of my,um,what is it i guess my appeal,let me just read it to you so when you,go to appeal,on on twitter it takes you to the same,help page,that you get when you have a technical,problem so it gives you a little box and,says please please describe the nature,of your problem,or please describe the problem that,you're having or whatever it is and so,this is what i told twitter as my appeal,to get back on i said the problem is,that you arbitrarily changed the rules,and suspended my account,after repeatedly forcing me to lie to,admissions of guilt for quote violations,that aren't real,you should unsuspend my account and,protect and correct your bias in,arbitrary policy enforcement and so that,was my attempt to appeal like oh don't,you you know don't don't harm me twitter,don't punish me i was bad i'm sorry i'll,never do it again no bs i didn't do,anything wrong,and uh,so fix your stuff,your platform sucks i'm looking at it,i'm trending on twitter as i'm speaking,to like the tune of about 8 000 tweets,so far,specifically about me,and i'm looking in it's like,some of them are you know thank you if,it's you that are doing so much support,and coming out with these words of,support i'll tell the story of this,banning and what i think about it here,in a second but then a lot of it's like,wonderful but there's a lot of people,there are two class classes of people,who can basically go f themselves one,are there well no three one is the,people who hate me and they're,celebrating my,suspension like,okay uh it's a twitter account man and,like now a whole lot more people are,going to talk about this issue and think,that something really funny is going on,with it so keep celebrating um good for,you but then there's these people who,are just kind of these weird like very,smart vultures and granted i blackened,those nodes as you might say those,social nodes pretty heavily by by,taunting them and poking at them but you,know they're they're uh trying to drag,my memory as it were it's really weird,it's almost like people are treating,twitter on twitter like i died,um and i get to read the eulogies it's,really strange um but they're like,trying to drag my memory in fact i saw,somebody who said you know we come not,to,to,eulogize james lindsay but to bury him,and it's like it's very weird phenomenon,and then there's so those people can,definitely just go f themselves and uh,you know i see i i'll remember don't,worry um and then,i know who you are and then then there,are people who are like trying to make,it like academic they're like trying to,academize academize it they're like oh,lindsay finally lost his mind and if he,would have just stayed on the street,narrowed and stayed more academic,instead of being so populist or saying,such rambunctious things and it's like,no stop apologizing for the censorship,of twitter you guys are the problem you,guys are the third category of the,problem i just named three problems so,you guys are the the problem if that was,you shame on you no twitter shouldn't be,censoring people and no,just like with alex jones just like with,a lot of other people,the in in in this line that have been,banned from social media whether alex,jones is a,perfect test case the original in fact,but we could talk about megan murphy we,could talk about a lot of different,people from a lot of different,persuasions we've been permanently,banned from social media platforms,for no good reason and then you say,things like well if they just would have,spoken correctly this never would have,happened no piss on you that attitude is,why we're in this mess in the first,place that exact attitude is what,enables communists to gain power oh if,we just,talk correctly compared to what i don't,know the,cruel evil tyrants taking power say is,acceptable,then everything would have been fine he,should have been better now screw you,screw you a hundred percent you three,groups of people are the problem but,that group of the pro is the worst,okay that group is the worst,absolutely unacceptable,now that aside what actually happened,here well it's kind of funny,as you know there's the g word that,we're not supposed to say okay,rhymes with broomer,that you're not allowed to say which,youtube by the way is going to come,after me because i have a bunch of,podcasts talking about this very,explicitly some of them are titled this,groomer schools oh god i said it,you're not allowed to say this word on a,lot of platforms anymore it's been,banned off of

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James Lindsay Locked Out of Twitter for Saying This Common Phrase | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

James Lindsay Locked Out of Twitter for Saying This Common Phrase | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

uh we've got a headline here from the,daily caller this is a couple days ago,because you know these left wing woke,progressive whatever the hell you want,to call them at this point these,activists are uh they're always pushing,for the rest of us to be censored so,here's a headline from the daily caller,a few days ago left-wing activists urge,big tech to censor,anti-pedophile,smear now the anti-pedophile smear that,they're referring to is this meme of ok,groomers that's been going around the,internet and this is where people are,calling out all of these sort of gender,queer teachers who want to talk to other,people's children about sexuality and,not report it back to the parents,etc etc you guys get all that well then,uh this uh this is a woman i believe ari,drennon is a woman although i'm not a,biologist,from media matters she's the,lgbtq program director over at media,matters uh she wrote she tweeted this,daily caller we aren't,anti-lgbtq we're anti-pedophile,uh also the daily caller uses a generic,picture of young people holding pride,flags in the article and then here's,where the story hit home james lindsey,tweeted back okay groomer and he was,quickly swiftly dealt with by the,twitter lords he was suspended,james uh you're a mean dude huh you're,you just don't want to play by their,rules and you want to uh you know go on,the attack against people who want to,talk to other people's kids about sex,what's the deal with you,yeah i don't like that when when they,talk to other people's kids about sex,and our mortal enemies are clown trooper,whatever we have over at media matters,or got sick of the little trend i,started i don't know if you knew dave i,started the okay groomer thing back in,october i think i have the first okay,was that you you were actually like the,legit first okay groomer person,i am the first okay groomer that's right,and wow and then i did i did a series of,podcasts i've titled groomer schools,there are four of them the most recent,one i did just a few weeks ago released,a few weeks ago where i read through a,paper talking about drag queen story,hour and i'm not okay with drag queen,story hour i'm not okay with groomers,i'm not okay with whether this is sexual,grooming or ideological cult grooming um,and so i called this out and media,matters couldn't handle this after a,number of months i didn't know,apparently they changed the rule on,twitter back in february without telling,anybody that they had made this an,explicit rule that you can't call,protected classes of people whom i,assume they mean are the t's and the q's,because most lbs and g's are against,the,grooming thing,so you can't call a t or a q within the,alphabet people and maybe some of the,probably most of the pluses if i had to,guess uh you can't call those people,groomers on twitter as they'll mass,report you and then,they'll knock you off and put something,about it in your wikipedia entry,can we call people that support the,groomers groomers i mean i would argue,that people like the biden,administration aoc nancy pelosi at all,are supporting grooming of my children,so,well i get kicked off on twitter if i,call them out for that it's just it's,unbelievable the social media overlords,and what they do and do not allow us to,say,libby do you have a better phrase do you,have a better phrase libby for this i,was on a a radio show i'm not even going,to call the guy out because he's he's a,friendly to most of us i think nice,enough guy but he was asking me a couple,weeks ago about the okay groomer thing,and he said dave do you think it's over,the top and i had said i said to him you,know i've never said it on my show,actually people you know there's a,internet culture and what i do here okay,fine i said but do you have a better,phrase for a group of people who want to,talk to other people's children,six-year-olds about sex and gender and,hide it from their parents you have a,better phrase for it and without,blinking he goes uh what about,indoctrinator and i thought well is that,better than groomer is that worse than,groomer like that's the level of sort of,stupidity that we're dealing with libby,you got a better word than groomer for,these people you know i i don't,necessarily back in april during the,trans day of visibility when president,biden went on twitter and said to,american parents that it was their,responsibility to affirm their kids we,called him the groomer in chief and i do,think that the fact that these activists,are offended by the term groomer and,aligning that term with themselves is,such an insane cell phone do they not,realize that by saying that lgbtq,people uh that's saying using the term,groomer for activists in the lgbtq,movement,um,saying that that's offensive to them is,actually kind of insane and shows that,uh,they must relate to it in some way i,don't see what you can call a third,grade teacher who tells her students to,use all the pronouns and then hides it,from parents hides it from the,administration say

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Populist Uprising Is Exploding, James Lindsay Says Stop Taking Black-Pills, We Are Winning

Populist Uprising Is Exploding, James Lindsay Says Stop Taking Black-Pills, We Are Winning

so Trump and Bernie Sanders ran the same,type of campaign simultaneously and,because they were both seeing the,symptoms of this sugar high money cycle,of fewer and fewer people getting really,rich Bernie came at it from an outright,Marxist view Trump came at it from a,populist nationalist View and Bernie,Sanders should have really been the,nominee in 2016 but Hillary Clinton,rigged the game Trump became the nominee,and obviously won in a shocking fashion,what we are now living through 14 years,later is the economic catastrophe of,Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke and,Hank Paulson but here's the thing and,this is why James Lindsay's work is so,incredible these corporations think they,are immune to criticism and Revolution,because they have wokeness as a shield,they have an Iron Dome they think they,are protected from criticism because,they can say men can become pregnant,white people are evil wokism is the only,thing they have left protecting them,from hundreds of millions of people,realizing that they're robber barons,against the civilization the first time,I encountered the witness,whatever Occupy Wall Street,initially you know I'm down there and,I'm sure Luke has similar experiences,there's a lot of people who are just,economic populists they say I don't know,the two parties are bad whatever but,then all of a sudden these these,organizers started gaining more and more,traction who believed in the Progressive,stack and white men are evil there's a,good comic that embodies this and it's a,rich guy in a big chair with protesters,outside saying we are the 99 and he's on,the phone saying introduce them to,Identity politics all of a sudden,wokeness started taking over and then,from there I started I started seeing it,get bigger and bigger and you know what,for me I didn't think much of it other,than these people are weirdos despite,the fact that I remember one night there,was there was a a young black guy who,was watching all of this happen and I,overheard him say y'all are crazy you're,segregating people by race one of them I,don't have anything to do with this,occupy actually created their,organizational structure based around,your race they put all the black people,in one group all the Latinos all the,Asians yeah it was and and I wonder why,it fell apart no wonder right yeah and,then over a period of time time there,was the upper class and the lower class,divided by two different areas of the,park where they were fighting and,segregated other body parts and I truly,do believe I truly do believe that there,was a larger hijacking of this movement,because when it began there was people,doing weekly even sometimes in the,beginning daily walks and protests at,the Federal Reserve down in New York,City down on Wall Street they came down,there and they were like hey guys this,is not just about uh left or right this,is about the big Banks the banks that,are screwing us over the banks that are,robbing us of our wealth robbing us of,any potential future this is the,creature from Jekyll Island that came in,and is dominating and destroying our,society because what else could you say,that they did during 2008 other than a,blind robbery of the American people I,went up to Ben Bernanke and I asked them,how does it feel organizing one of the,largest bailouts in recorded human,history for all your Banker buddies,giving them trillions of dollars the SOB,tried to grab my microphone and rip it,away from me and he didn't say a word,then I asked him about the Bilderberg,Group he didn't want to talk about that,either no surprise there but but these,people are are criminals these people,are essentially people don't notice this,inflation is one of the biggest taxes,levied on the American people we are,going through essentially what is your,wealth being taken away from you every,single day by these banksters and unless,you're focusing on the big Banks you're,not focusing on the big problems it's,one big picture,I didn't mean to say hurry up I was,saying no no like it's no no no ESG I,mean this is right reset this connects,yeah this is everything if you this is,what you got to understand ESG is is a,tool so they can protect the banks by,creating a social credit system for the,corporations they all do the same thing,organized by the top Bankers that's,right that's right and what they learned,when Charlie brought up wokeness a,minute ago and gave me a very kind,compliment what he what you also don't,realize is the reason I do what I do is,because of the progressive stack as it,turns out it's a little bit funny I'll,tell you in a second biggest audience,I've ever had a chance to tell this,story to I get asked about it all the,time but what they learned in 2008 is,that wokeness works wokeness gives them,a sword and a shield at the same time,that they can wield that and protect,themselves they can go out and break up,a movement like occupy by bringing,identity politics and wokeness into it,and meanwhile look like the super,virtuous people w

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Twitter Permabans James Lindsay

Twitter Permabans James Lindsay

all right so twitter has once again,shown itself to be aligned with the,forces of evil by permanently banning,james lindsay for his anti-groomer,activism can i just interject here sorry,twitter is the eye of sauron it,absolutely so like well yeah it's,definitely aligned with the forces of,evil i mean you know i know it's just,impressive how they just it's the source,of it they've dedicated themselves to,just again and again and again yes we're,the bad guys by the way just in case,you've forgotten we're the bad guys we,hate you and everything you stand for,they literally may as well change the,logo to the eye of sauron i mean it,wouldn't be it wouldn't take that much,effort would it i mean it's already,small you know well i'm not even joking,like the the analogy is completely fair,you know it's wherever the twitter mob,is like gazing oh god they're the,trouble is,anyway so well it fixed itself on james,lindsay before we go any further i'll,just uh point out that we've got new,premium contemplations from josh and,connor talking about the mano spheres,disastrous dating advice i've not had,the chance to look at this one yet i,have seen some controversy in the,comments uh regarding it but i trust,josh and connor to be able to explain,adequately why it is that they disagree,with the manosphere dating advice and,conor mentioned that one of the pieces,of advice was if a woman is starts to,run away this is not a no,which,is slightly absurd and definitely,deserving of criticism i know i know i,know what they're saying with that that,what they're saying is some women like,to be chased as in you know they they,they want you to prove that you're,actually into them and so they,you want you to but,sadly,why it sounds strong before i found the,love that i'm with right now i have,fallen foul of that when uh particular,women have wanted me to chase them but,because of the standards that presented,nowadays i was like oh they're not,interested i don't want to come across,creepy so yeah bye-bye and then later on,i found out oh you were just wanting me,to chase you yeah everyone's everyone's,had it but it's like you know at the end,of the day ladies,and gentlemen,yeah,the eternal the eternal statement of men,we're not mind readers come on please,get this into your heads eventually you,don't have to read our minds anyway,moving on so let's take a look at this,article we're simple creatures yes we,are we're just ape brains,but yeah so this post-millennial article,breaks down a little bit about how james,lindsay has been permanently banned from,twitter the primary thing i want to show,is this screenshot here which he shared,on,i think through the new discourse's,twitter page if you just scroll down a,bit john so we can see it a bit more,clearly so uh your account conceptual,james has been suspended for violating,the twitter rules specifically for,violating our rules against hateful,conte conduct you may not promote,violence against threaten or harass,other people on the basis of race,ethnicity national origin sexual,orientation gender gender identity,religious affiliation age disability or,serious disease so it must have been,something pretty serious that he did,based on that wouldn't it well we can,see where he said okay child,sexualization specialist yeah i don't,know who's responding to but okay well,well i do i do know who he's responding,to well the question though,is okay well what category did he fall,afoul of here was he uh,harassing i mean i can only assume they,mean harassing from this because it's,not a threat or it's not promotion of,violence so it must be harassment it's,it's just against someone's either race,ethnicity national origin sexual,orientation gender gender identity,religious affiliation age disability or,serious disease so which i wonder which,one it would fall under i'm guessing,it's sexual orientation or gender,identity which could also count as,serious disease depending on how you,frame it maybe but i i kind of hope it's,sexual orientation because what twitter,is saying with that is that pedophiles,are a protected class and we're gonna,stand in their defense god damn it,that's certainly what it comes across as,it's really what it comes across us yeah,so lindsay was responding to a slate,journalist called alejandra carabello,who who had written in response to one,of james's tweets i couldn't see the,tweet that she was responding to because,his account suspended now so that's fun,uh but she said that your misogynoir is,showing now,had you ever heard of this phrase,it's a,kind of port menu or however that's,pronounced uh the that means hatred,against black women uh right but the the,thing i hate about it is it's mixing uh,greek and french,misogyny is,greek and noir is french i think it's,just a silly victim term,sectional it is absolutely a silly,victim term but uh the the term,this term to me is like nails on a,chalkboard because i just hate the,mixing of it,sorry i don't know i'd love to for,someone to th

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James Lindsay Banned From Twitter

James Lindsay Banned From Twitter

this is something you need to see to,believe but what you're about to see is,a one miss gina tonic who is a man,and also a drag queen show you around,his classroom where you will see a,canadian flag you'll see pride flags,you'll see a disco ball and more so,here's that,now you can see in this tick tock clip,that you can see that it says in the,caption,my classroom slash nightclub with a gay,pride flag so essentially they're,turning their classroom into a gay,nightclub the reason i show you this,hopefully is self-evident,that we have institutions in america,that are right now being invaded by a,sexual ideology that we need to do,something about and this is where the,okay groomer tag comes in,because,there is a grooming of sorts taking,place i hope we can see this now whether,it be from convicted pedophiles on,social media that are allowed to give,their message or even,teachers on social media who are turning,their classrooms into gay nightclubs but,this is this is happening in such an,overt way that i hope we can awaken to,it in fact james lindsey who is a friend,of the show in fact i texted him and let,him know i was going to do an episode on,this very thing was just kicked off of,twitter he was temporarily banned from,twitter because he used the uh the,hashtag or the title ok groomer in,response to this tweet that i'll throw,up right now for you to see on the,screen and this is from ari drenin of,media matters she simply posted,something from the daily caller and it's,this article that says that,the lgbtqia plus community is asking for,big tech to start censoring people who,use the the tag okay groomer or who call,people a groomer on social media,and of course in response to this james,lindsay put ok groomer,because,he's identifying the problem that we're,trying to identify here in this video,and of course he was immediately banned,on twitter now this this whole thing,brings up a great point and it's the,idea of,the okay groomer or the idea of grooming,writ large,because i think there's some talking,past each other here that and and i,think it goes something like this at,least from my perspective i can say when,we say groomer what we're saying is we,mean you're teaching lies to children so,we're talking about intellectual,grooming not actually sexually grooming,people as sexual partners that's what we,mean,so we don't mean that you're trying to,find a child bride or that you're that,everybody in the lgbtq ia plus whatever,community is a pedophile it's not what,we're saying,so what we are saying is is that there,is an intellectual grooming taking place,that there are people who want their,sexual deviant practices to be,mainstreamed and brought before children,if that's not the case then let me ask a,question,why don't you see people in the,lgbtqia plus blah blah blah,community why don't you see them,actually debating people openly about,their beliefs about their ideas how come,you don't actually see them going to toe,to toe with adults and having an open,debate about these things,no rather what we see is we see them,infiltrating classrooms and and trying,to reach young children in fact you can,see in this clip right now where it's,explicit where they want to bypass,parents and they want to bypass adults,to get directly to kids,one of my students felt safe enough to,share his pronouns with me,and,when he did so,once the class knew that i knew they all,switched pronouns,they're second,graders like i'm torn between being,really really happy to be a safe space,and just absolutely furious that an,entire group of second graders has to,keep this secret from not safe people,why are kids feeling unsafe,and,furthermore why does everyone talk about,how how are the kids gonna understand,the kids can understand it,it's easy for them it's the adults who,have all of the,issues and,hang-ups and bullsh,now what they say is like this person is,they say well kids are hate free which,in some ways is absolutely 100 true but,they're also naive and not very bright,and this is why they need people to,stick up for them because what is taking,place is intellectual grooming and,sexual sexual practices that are,aberrant and somebody has to do,something about it so you just got done,watching a small excerpt of a much,larger episode you can find the link to,that full episode down below in the,description of this video so you,definitely want to check that out,because if you like that clip you'll,like the much larger episodes while,you're at it don't forget to like share,and subscribe and click that little bell,to be notified when great new episodes,of engineers come your way thanks for,watching

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Why Wasn't I Told This About Conservatives? (Pt. 2) | James Lindsay | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

Why Wasn't I Told This About Conservatives? (Pt. 2) | James Lindsay | ACADEMIA | Rubin Report

i don't think i i don't i still don't,think i am conservative in the older,meaning of the word um i'm definitely,not,you know if you went and read some,particular,you know political treatise on,conservatism i'm going to disagree with,quite a bit of it,at the same time i find a lot of,sympathy for,the arguments of preserving something,that is worth,preserving or conserving that so yeah i,was definitely not a radical definitely,kind of,middle of the road average every day,liberal left kind of guy and,i was i was genuinely like you said,apprehensive it is a kind of an,understatement to work with,conservatives in a significant,regard which has been really an,interesting experience because,they're exactly the opposite of what the,leftist propaganda had told me they,would be like,so to get to where we started for a,second when i said to you oh you're,going to find common cause with some of,the conservatives and it's going to be a,little scary and all that,can you just tell people because i think,for people that maybe only know some,ancillary little thing about you,you well i don't want to put any words,in your mouth but you were sort of you,used to be just,like sort of a nominal liberal something,like that like you're not,you're not a political radical in any,way that's the irony,yeah i'm i'm not in fact i still,describe myself on twitter,to many people's chagrin so it's a,little troll going on there too,as apolitical i don't actually find,politics that interesting i mean i don't,really care,what joe biden's up to i just don't find,like oh democrats said this republicans,i don't find it interesting,so in that regard i really am apolitical,i definitely,you know kind of morally and politic,like policy-wise,and tilted to the left i'm largely,not in like the the strict sense that,you would see,from the libertarian party but i'm,largely libertarian i just want people,to do what they want to do,leave people alone for the most part and,let's try to organize a society that,kind of works,around that as a basic principle and so,i've never really been,terribly radical i did lean left for,sure,and i was always a little bit annoyed um,with conservatism overall i don't think,i,i don't i still don't think i am,conservative in the older,meaning of the word um i'm definitely,not,you know if you went and read some,particular,you know political treatise on,conservatism i'm going to disagree with,quite a bit of it,at the same time i find a lot of,sympathy for,the arguments of preserving something,that is worth,preserving or conserving that so yeah i,was definitely not a radical definitely,kind of,middle of the road average every day,liberal left kind of guy and,i was i was genuinely like you said,apprehensive it's a kind of an,understatement to work with,conservatives in a significant,regard um which has been really an,interesting experience because,they're exactly the opposite of what the,leftist propaganda had told me they,would be like,all right okay so so let's do that then,because,flash forward a couple years and,suddenly i believe it was,last december so december 2020 it was,the one,speaking gig i did in all of 2020 public,speaking at least in front of a crowd i,probably,same for you i bumped into you at,turning point usa,uh this is obviously charlie kirk's,event it's it's a,in essence a well it's a conservative,uh movement obviously but it's very,linked to well-known republicans and all,that,and that's where i was like ah james,look at this look at you,two three years later what what have you,found,as you've talked about critical race,theory as you've exposed this stuff,what have you found each side has sort,of shown you,well the left is either,delusional about what's going on or,lying there's,no other way to put it they they claim,that people haven't the people that,criticize critical race theory for,example haven't read it,so that's the new thing as we're taping,this today it's the number one trend on,twitter right now,and it's because people like joy reid,from msnbc are saying,nobody even that criticizes uh crt,even has any understanding of what it is,that seems to be the big move even,though i'm seeing plenty of people,explain it over and over again,yeah i don't think they've read it or if,they have read it they've read it with,kind of these rose-colored glasses or,without an understanding of what the,specialized language,actually means you know you order you,read a word like democracy and you think,it means something oh i know what,democracy means,but if you don't understand that in a,liberationist paradigm that it's not,possible to have a true democracy till,everybody is equal in other words until,communism is achieved,it's a loaded word so they don't,understand that a lot of the words,in these things are loaded and they were,intentionally loaded the right however,has been a bit um,facile and its analysis of critical race,theory so it's been very helpful,you know or very good for me to be able,to help them understand it

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INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB WANNABE James Lindsay gets BANNED on Twitter! (By being an Anti-LGBTQ+ GHOUL!)

INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB WANNABE James Lindsay gets BANNED on Twitter! (By being an Anti-LGBTQ+ GHOUL!)

reddit changed its rules uh so that you,cannot uh disparage people who are lgbtq,plus anymore by calling them groomers,and uh that kind of sent shock waves and,ripples and then twitter followed suit,and as soon as that happened i was like,james lindsay is not gonna be long for,this world uh on twitter because,ultimately it's his favorite word and,it's his only insult now it's extra,weird because james lindsay went on a,road trip with one of the inner circle,members of the nexium cult and also pose,uh with an inner circle member multiple,times uh you know doing the man,spreading pose and uh she even went as,far as saying that i taught him,everything he knows anyways if you post,those pictures to james he will respond,to you with okay groomer or something,which is getting kind of strange and,that's what eventually got me the,jameson zay block is that i had done it,a few times i pointed out that why are,you taking so many photos with this,inner circle member of nexium uh and it,was when his fans turned on him they,finally blocked me because his fans,started responding it's like i hate the,serfs,but can you at least like condemn this,and or explain it and then he responded,with i don't owe you anything and then,blocked me so he wouldn't have to deal,with it anymore,and apparently james and zay today got,uh the permaban,now,if you're unfamiliar with james lindsay,he is one of the intellectual dark webs,who never got to be in the intellectual,dark web because it kind of fell out of,uh fashion you don't really hear about,the intellectual dark web anymore,especially because some of the members,kind of renounced it like sam harris who,was like oh y'all are super terrible,human beings why am i in this crew,and jameson say definitely would have,been in there because the intellectual,dark web was basically a combination of,academics who love talking about the,things that they never studied in school,so they love using things like hey by,the way i'm a phd in philosophy i'm a,phd in,phrenology it doesn't matter what they,were specialized in they would then go,out into the real world and start,talking about culture war issues from a,very conservative standpoint but because,they were intellectuals it was called,the intellectual dark web and for good,measure they threw in a couple other,people in there who have access to,absolutely no credentials whatsoever,you're joe rogans you're dave rubins tim,poole wanted to be in it but he was kind,of always kept out on the sidelines,because they were like nah which seems,weird they would let dave rubin in but,not tim poole either way super silly,james lindsay is uh the rights pretty,much expert on critical race theory and,unlike other people on the right who,talk about critical race theory he's,actually done the readings there's a lot,of people who talk about crt who've,never read any of the literature on it,he has read the literature the,difference is he just didn't understand,it which if you watch him debate someone,who does know what they're talking about,you'll see him completely melt in real,time he was also one of the people,online who loved,loved the word groomer he called,everything groomer even breakfast,cereals this is my favorite james,lindsay tweet ever he was shopping,like took time out of his day to stop,grab this box of fruit loops and then,write groomer cereal on it just because,it says he him she her they them or add,your own,i don't need to preach to the converted,here all of you probably understand that,calling people groomers who aren't,groomers is incredibly incredibly, horrible uh and it's a tactic,that the wright is using right now to,try and claim that lgbtq plus people are,pedophiles or they're trying to course,coerce children into uh having nefarious,relationships all that kind of stuff and,james lindsay's favorite retort on the,internet was groomer like i can't tell,you how many times he's called being a,groomer or any single person he argues,with online eventually it would turn,into okay groomer okay yeah groomer,groomer cereal looks like you're,grooming grooming again and uh this went,on for a long time reddit changed its,rules uh so that you cannot uh disparage,people who are lgbtq plus anymore by,calling them groomers and uh that kind,of sent shock waves and ripples and then,twitter followed suit and as soon as,that happened i was like,james lindsay is not gonna belong for,this world uh on twitter because,ultimately it's his favorite word and,it's his only insult now it's extra,weird because james lindsay went on a,road trip with one of the inner circle,members of the nexium cult and if you,don't know about nexium and you,don't want to have your day ruined then,don't google them don't just stay far,far away but if you're in a good head,space and you want to learn about a cult,that was involved in human trafficking,uh the branding of uh sexual slaves um a,huge amount of pedophilia all this kind,of stuff that's that's nexium it was a,multi-level marketing

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James Lindsay PERMANENTLY BANNED By Twitter, Florida Set To BAN Trans Surgery For Minors TODAY

James Lindsay PERMANENTLY BANNED By Twitter, Florida Set To BAN Trans Surgery For Minors TODAY

twitter has permanently banned dr james,lindsey,known for popularizing the term groomer,as well as being a staunch critic of,critical race theory and,intersectionality,james lindsay had tweeted at someone,that they were a child sexualization,specialist and for this he has,permanently banned now twitter is en,entering very murky legal territory and,my friends things are about to,snap,in the tweet that james lindsay uh,posted in the in the post about his,suspension they say,that you've been suspended for violating,their rules and uh against hateful,conduct saying you may not promote,violence against threaten or harass,other people in the base of race,ethnicity national origin sexual,orientation gender gender identity,religious affiliation age disability or,serious disease,the reason why this is so interesting,is that recently there was a court case,between twitter and alex berenson the,journalist alex berenson was able to,settle and get his twitter account,reinstated because there are contractual,obligations that twitter has,now the precedent according to the,lawyer for berenson is that if twitter,claims to have removed you for violating,a rule they have to actually have done,that,now although twitter says they can,remove you for any reason the issue is,when twitter says hey we removed you for,x you can then say okay did i perform x,and if i did not you are in breach of,contract,this could open the door,to wiping out censorship entirely,so here's the issue,twitter will now have to justify should,james lindsey sue,what about what he said,violated their hateful conduct policy,twitter will have to publicly state on,the record in a courtroom,that criticizing,pedophiles warrants a ban on their,platform now they'll try to get around,it they'll say things like no no james,lindsay is just targeting anyone he,doesn't like and accusing them of that,and james lindsay's lawyer can then show,all of his tweets or at least the,records of them,the archives saying no it was only in,the circumstance,where children were being exposed to,overt sexual content which is grooming,and i'll explain to what grooming is,first,not all lgbtq people are groomers i,don't believe james lindsey is starting,that and i certainly reject that premise,because,well there's an organization called gays,against groomers but we do know there,are many groomers,and unfortunately right now twitter and,many organizations are actively,defending the worst of the worst,when we're trying to call out these bad,people and you know what,maybe their intention is to set gay,rights backwards 50 years because when,regular people,you know middle of the road not,politically active people see what's,going on and they see twitter defending,this they're going to say nope i'm out,i'm voting for the other guy,and i'm simply like hey like i'm cool,with gay marriage and all that stuff and,expansion of civil rights for the lgbtq,community and all of that stuff but,there has to be,a limit on bad actors who will then,exploit it,now i suppose many people on the left,would say tim you are not in favor of,protecting rights,because i oppose sex change operations,for minors but the reason is,it's on the verge of being made,completely illegal,and this is where things actually start,to get crazy in this country i mean let,me just be honest things are already,crazy,but take a look at this,from the human rights campaign,human rights campaign condemns florida,board of medicine for considering,governor desantis's politically,motivated proposal to ban affirming care,for transgender youth,did ron desantis come out and say,i do not want affirming care for,transgender youth no,ron desantis said,that sex change surgeries like double,mastectomies and castration should not,be allowed on minors,now i'm not entirely sure to what extent,we are seeing,castration i do know there are some,individuals very prominent ones who have,tv shows who were castrated at a very,young age that is to say their genitals,were removed they were put on drugs,which prevented the development of,of their sexual organs and then,ultimately they had them removed these,individuals will never reproduce i mean,i'm not trying to be mean i mean i just,it's just a reality,there are also,12 to 13 year old girls who have been,granted double mastectomies permanently,removing their breasts before,development,ron desantis says no to that,now if the florida board and this is a,this will be a correction too because,last night when we were reading legal,insurrection,they said,that uh andrew warren the state attorney,was removed for not enforcing a,prohibition on child sex changes and,that's a a miscommunication i believe,it's a miscommunication ron desantis,asserted that as a reason why he wanted,to remove the guy but,that was because he was taking the,position he wouldn't enforce the law,should it become law my understanding is,they've not yet ruled as of august 4th,we are waiting actually as of today to,see what the florida board of medi

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