jaden smith twitter

"Deep" Jaden Smith Tweetsif a bookstore never runs out of a,certain book dose that mean that nobody,


Updated on Jan 15,2023

"Deep" Jaden Smith Tweets

if a bookstore never runs out of a,certain book dose that mean that nobody,reads it for everybody reads it you,would have to eat five apples today to,get the same nutritional value as an,apple from 1950 hashtag South you do not,know who you are or why you're here so,when you see someone dose the society,comes together as a whole and destroys,them I just scroll through my tweets and,I started laughing I encourage you all,to unfollow me so I can be left with the,people who actually appreciate galovski,and poetry hashtag cool tape vol 2 I,just like showing pretty girls a good,time whether I'm physically there or not,doesn't matter I don't want you guys to,think because I was born in America that,I speak and abide by English grammar,I speak Jaden indefinitely people tell,me to smile I tell them the lack of,emotion my face doesn't mean I'm unhappy,most trees are blue if a newborn babies,could speak they would be the most,intelligent beings on planet earth,people used to ask me what do you want,to be when you get older and I would say,what a stupid question the real question,is what am i right now,a little girl just asked me if I was,Willow Smith I humbly said yes into the,selfie real talk sometimes I am scared,by all my wisdom Jane now everybody get,off your phones and go do what you,actually want to do well how did you,type this did you do it on your phone or,your computer if you didn't type it on,your phone and you typed it on your,computer would that be any better are,you being a hypocrite right now am I,asking obvious question the more time,you spend away the more time you spend,asleep jealousy just reassures your love,once all 100% is neglected you have a,citizen a walking zombie criticizes,everything they see have fun it's a,really awesome place,hey are you Jane can I have a picture,with you no because I'm super sad but we,can sit,if a cupcake falls from a tree how far,away will it be from down hashtag to,further don't tell me you cried because,I know that you did honking mirrors be,real if our eyes aren't real you can,discover everything you need to know,about everything by looking at your hand,okay then here is the picture of hands I,found on the Internet and yes well now I,know everything about llamas thanks,James Smith if everybody in the world,dropped out of school we would have a,much more intelligent society yes an,intelligent society full of people who,were illiterate,we couldn't read or write or do math,when I die then you will realize all the,rules in this world were made by someone,no smarter than you,so make your own yes because people like,Socrates or Albert Einstein or Leonardo,da Vinci all of those men work idiots,or no smarter than you unawareness is,the only sim and if you were aware you,would know I should just stop tweeting,the human consciousness must raise,before I speak my juvenile philosophy

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Twitter DESTROYS Jaden Smith..

Twitter DESTROYS Jaden Smith..

didn't smell after his friends aren't,constantly talking,oh my god jaden smith is the son of the,one and only slapping champion himself,will smith but despite having such a,famous dad you would think he would be,overshadowed by some of his dad's,achievements but actually he's more,relevant than ever in fact he's trending,on twitter right now today ladies and,gentlemen we bear witness to one of the,greatest jaden smith quotes of all time,just a little backstory in case you,didn't know jaden smith has a tendency,to get very deep with his words if you,know what i mean basically for some,reason he's a kid who thinks he's very,deep he's that one guy you know sitting,in the corner you know way above his,peers because his emotional maturity has,just let,reached like these high standard levels,that you couldn't even comprehend in,fact here's a fun fact jaden smith is so,deep that he's actually the icon for the,r slash i'm 14 and this is deep,subreddit he's like the legend who's,birthed this entire genre okay so let's,look at this clip this person called,kira says well mao jayden smith is not,real i spent my childhood with more,adults than i did with kids,because i was picking up more things,from adults than i were from kids my own,age and i look and i go around sometimes,and i hang out with other people that,are my age and they just kind of,i'm just like dude like oh my god like,can we talk about like the political and,economic state of the world right now,can we talk about what's going on with,the environment can we spend my time,dude can we talk about the political and,economic state of the world right now,dude well oh you're playing mario kart,but can we talk about the political and,economic state oh my god incredible,unironic jaden smith quote that's the,kind of thing you say to your friend,jokingly but this guy this guy dude,jayden smith is one of those kids who,actually just never had a childhood this,guy this guy like people were having fun,people were actually you know enjoying,themselves and this guy would be like,but yeah what about the war over here,what about poverty right like what about,what about that why don't we talk about,that this dude was literally sat in,kindergarten class trying to teach his,classmates politics dude can we talk,about the political and economic state,of the world bro is it weird that i 100,agree with them and relate to him yeah,it's pretty weird i'm sorry i'm not,thinking about the economic state uh at,the moment okay i'm just here to talk,and chill i'm an adult technically right,i'm over the age of 18 and i still don't,care about these things okay there was a,time in the past where i did and it was,like a one month phase that i quickly,went past okay it was completely stupid,you all need to spend less time hating,on him and get a piece of his mindset a,hundred,and that just replied with this profile,picture not even a word just your,profile okay dude no wonder bro was,whooping is that okay if you've seen the,movie this is astronomically 10 trillion,times funnier okay i gotta like that,this guy's wondering why kids age,weren't having serious political debates,with them most trees are blue what jaden,smith when his friends were watching,cartoons instead of cnn,alright so because of this jaden smith,has been getting a lot of flack on,twitter he's been clowned a lot and i,decided to take the research a little,bit further right what else has jaden,smith said right because clearly if this,is the first clip i saw there's got to,be a bunch of more things from our pal,jaden smith and apparently he's actually,on, and uh people,like his stuff unironically kids who go,to normal school are so teenagery so,angsty,indeed kids are kids wow surprising i'm,going to imprint myself on everything in,this world okay uh for some reason when,i,saw the word imprint i just,automatically thought of a cat peeing um,i don't know imprinting on something all,right but okay okay dude imprint,yourself on on the political state of,this world if newborn babies could speak,they would be the most intelligent,beings on planet earth,what,that one doesn't even make any sense i,don't understand that one if babies,could speak how would they be,intelligent they would be just as stupid,in fact they wouldn't even be able to,form any sentences that's the thing they,just can't speak because they haven't,learned the damn language you idiot when,you think about an apple you also think,about the opposite,of an apple,dear lord can we make a new subject the,jaden smith class do we we got mats we,got history we got physics and we got,jaden smith just studying examining his,quotes bro this reminds me of english,literature class in high school bro you,know they there would be these poets,just saying,regular sentences and then the english,literature teacher would just derive,five pages of meaning about it and,expect us to write that in the exam like,that's not even what the what the,original author or poet wan

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Jaden Smith Reaches New Levels Of Cringe

Jaden Smith Reaches New Levels Of Cringe

shout out to Jaden Smith I know we've,been talking about the Wolves family,you know Jaden is obviously really well,adjusted intelligent kid,how old is he before I start goofing on,him,he seems really young still I thought he,was 23. oh he's 23. this kid,it's not crazy stuff and then I was just,a meaning about their next film or,something and they would put me at the,head of the table and just make me sit,there while they're talking debate with,all these people talk we'll talk numbers,talk crazy stuff and then I would just,from a young age always being around,that always seeing that like I am very,happy that I spent my childhood with,more adults than I did with kids right,because I was picking up more things,from adults than I were from kids my own,age and I look and I go around sometimes,and I hang out with other people that,are my age and they're just kind of yeah,I'm just like dude like oh my God like,can we talk about like the political and,economic state of the world right now,bro I literally collapsing in on myself,it's so embarrassing and this is the are,our eyes real if mirrors exist kid what,was his original quote I mean he's been,doing this forever and it's like man I,thought he, I'm going to okay,God it's just so embarrassing dude,how can,the quote was how can mirrors be real if,her eyes aren't real,yeah that's it no I get it yeah so he's,had a lot of great quotes like that and,now of course Jaden Smith is getting the,meme treatment,there's been lots of good stuff,um,this was a post of him at Coachella over,the weekend last weekend and all the,comments are about his comment,read all the replies yeah did you talk,about the political and economic state,of our country at Coachella let's talk,about the political state of the world,wait oh this is just this one I saw lots,of videos on Tick Tock of people being,like bro you're a kid like bro,we're just trying we're at recess right,because I believe he was I don't know if,he said it in that clip but I think he,was referring to when he was like 12 or,13. they're like dude this is recess,being kids,I hate how this interviewer is just like,enabling him,I don't know it's my own age and I look,and I go around sometimes and I hang out,with other people that are my age and,they're just kind of just yeah,I hate that interviewer how he does that,so that's that's big boy he's like a a,legend in uh La uh radio hip-hop five,nine yeah he's like a legend so I'm,interested I'm just curious why he had,Jaden Smith he's famous he's famous,album yeah within the last year right in,his defense I didn't think he probably,didn't know that it was going to go,there he didn't assumed uh Jenny Smith,was going to say what he did,he's like nope take it back listen,nothing against big boy I just thought,like damn,selfie I'm just like dude like oh my God,like can we talk about like the,political and economic state of the,world right now you're 12. yeah that's a,great sound bite yeah oh my God,look at that the whole Smith family on,rap apparently the red table talk came,back I didn't mention any of the,controversy really they pretended like,it didn't even happen,that might be the best move from their,perspective I guess,uh that's does it stays funny we talk,about what's going on with the,environment can we talk about other,things don't worry I I like to turn like,what you don't want to talk about, uh,kickball at recess turn up I like to,flex I like to play songs loud and jump,in the crowd in Atlanta but you know I'm,always looking for that next thing I'm,not satisfied at just like uh a party,did you ever have a feeling where you,thought you are Willow y'all had to be,perfect,um no okay because I tell my kids hey,y'all got to be perfect yeah yeah no no,no when I'm,are you ready,well yeah I thought he got out of that,whole,my eyes aren't real mere stage but I,guess not Jane Smith ever telling every,kid in recess that they only have 20,years to live because of global warming,that's great,that's like the best walk up to an award,acceptance ever yeah,yo actually I really talk about like the,political economics right now Ronaldo,yeah apparently their newborn passed,really yeah terrific I didn't hear that,yeah,made me sad that's horrible,I mean obviously people go through that,all the time but it's just horrible I,can't imagine,yeah there you go,the man has it all but still,he is a human,still great video,bless you bless you excuse me,someone said uh Kabir said of course you,like being around adults last time you,brought a friend your age over your mom, him oh,that's technically true,I'm going to okay

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Will Smith SLAMS Jaden Smith For Dating Tyler The Creator

Will Smith SLAMS Jaden Smith For Dating Tyler The Creator

jaden is,100,fearless,i'm looking in his eyes and i'm like,you're not pretending you really don't,care what i think he will do anything,he's completely willing to live and die,by his own artistic decisions,many people have questioned jaden,smith's sexuality over the years due to,his frequent controversial stunts and,until recently the 22 year old musician,had never confirmed or denied anything,jaden's most recent stunt has left fans,even more perplexed and questioning his,sexuality will smith jaden's father had,an unexpected reaction to his son's,stunt so what was will smith's reaction,allow me to break it down for you in,this video jaden smith is no stranger to,celebrity aside from being the son of,mega stars will smith and jada pinkett,smith the 22 year old actor and rapper,has been performing since he was 8 years,old he began his career in the 2006 film,the pursuit of happiness in which he,co-starred with his father and went on,to star in films such as the day the,earth stood still the karate kid and,after earth he also released three,studio albums and a slew of hit singles,including his collaboration with justin,bieber and never say never but it's,smith's one-of-a-kind personality and,willingness to express himself openly in,the face of conventional expectations,and social norms that fascinates fans,the most his personality has also had,many fans question whether jaden smith,is gay in recent years rumors about,jaden smith's sexuality have been,swirling for a while now but jaden has,always been pretty vague about his,sexual orientation leaving his fans,totally confused over the years he has,been linked to several other young stars,such as kylie jenner model sarah snyder,and actress odessa alden even more,recently he was spotted with bridgeton,star phoebe dynavere however this has,not stopped the fans from speculating as,to whether or not he's gay his fans,strongly believe that jaden is bisexual,especially due to the gay rumors that,have circulated around smith and rapper,tyler the creator the speculations began,in 2018 when smith made multiple public,claims that the who dat boy rapper was,his boyfriend during his set at the camp,flog non-music festival smith opened up,to his concert crowd and called tyler,the creator his, boyfriend i just want to say,tyler the creator is the best friend in,the world and i love him so effing much,smith said and pointed to tyler in the,audience tyler doesn't want to say but,tyler's my mother effing boyfriend and,he's been my mother effing boyfriend my,whole effing life smith continued to add,excitedly tyler the creator is my mother,effing boyfriend it's true if you take,anything away from his effing show,that's what you should take away a few,months later smith added fuel to the,fire after tyler the creator won a,grammy award for best rap album my,boyfriend just won a grammy smith,proudly tweeted what wasn't clear at the,time or even now was is whether the,after earth actor was joking or serious,about his relationship with tyler,neither performer has made a public,statement about their relationship,leading to speculation among the media,and fans however both personally and,professionally it is clear that the two,actors are close smith talked about,working with tyler the creator in an,interview with zane lowe for apple,music's beats one last year man i'm so,happy to have this feature from him,jayden said of tyler's appearance on a,single noise it's the first time it,might be the most talked about song of,the album you have to hear tyler's verse,people are going to listen to tyler's,verse and they're going to come back and,look at this and they're going to think,it's really funny listen to tyler's,verse it's probably like it's insane i'm,not going to ruin it but it's literally,insane people are not ready and that's a,fact this is so far off guard it's going,to be hilarious,tyler for his part has never publicly,confirmed these rumors largely ignoring,them it could be an inside joke between,the two or it could be a publicity stunt,his fans haven't noticed the statements,came out before the release of their new,music after all smith is known for being,provocative not only in fashion but also,in social media smith also hasn't been,shy about expressing his gender fluidity,after all it's what's helped him,establish as a fashion icon for the,non-binary community we can only say,he's ambiguous about it with the,information we currently have he could,be on the lg btq plus spectrum in 2016,he appeared in a pleated skirt and a,cool leather jacket for a louis vuitton,woman's wear campaign he also created,his own non-binary fashion line msfts,in a 2016 interview with variety smith,said he created the line for the girl,that wants to be a tomboy or the boy,that wants to wear a skirt and people,try to condem we're here for you tell us,your stories if someone at your school's,trying to pick on you it doesn't matter,because jaden smith got your back smith,also credited his famous parent with,

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Irish People Read Jaden Smith Tweets

Irish People Read Jaden Smith Tweets

yeah Jaden Smith I don't know much about,him but I kind of already have some kind,of respect for him because I know that,he's into the gender-bending if a,bookstore never runs out of a certain,book does that mean that nobody reads it,or everybody reads it this is a riddle,it's not even it's not even like a quite,an actual question I think he's,massively misunderstood how a shop works,obviously it means that you know you,should seriously consider your stock boy,how many copies of books are there yeah,yeah no no it never runs out so it's,always on yourself because surely if,it's that demanded yeah then then I'd,eventually go and then give kaminin yeah,we'll come in again well everyone I,follows I'm just trying to say something,funny,I don't really tried to say something,vaguely,philosophical I think we're spending so,long on trying to figure out the answer,we're not commenting on the fact that,somebody actually tweeted it should care,like who cares if newborn babies could,speak they would be the most intelligent,beings on planet earth true what he,didn't say you're false but what would,you but maybe have to say hello mother,well actually well nine one's a terribly,uncomfortable crabs now I'm here if they,come out speaking they're already,smarter than we ever were is he saying,that you get less intelligent though as,you get older I think he's trying to be,like that oh they would be so full of,this like otherworldly knowledge babies,would be idiots,they just think cry they think they,can't even see I just like showing,pretty girls a good time whether I'm,physically there or not it doesn't,matter so he's just coming out with,nonsense like he's just like mmm how I,like him for you was the people on the,internet today maybe he's giving him if,he sees a pretty girl he gives them a,DVD of The Karate Kid how can you show,somebody a good time if you're not there,sexting hello Jaden Smith and could you,just show me a good time please oh yeah,no I know,yeah could you imagine Jaden Smith,sexing I'm like if you were wearing or,not wearing something am I still turned,on every seven years your body is,completely replaced with entirely new,cells so just because you look the same,it doesn't mean you are ooh yeah that's,a point I've learned something and I,feel better you look back on this in,seven years and be like thank God I,listen yeah the running team would be,yeah that whole kind of he's like trying,to make you think like he's trying to go,Paul but the memories are still the same,that's how did - it's awfully deep yeah,yeah well yeah though you know but,wouldn't be like all at the same time so,that all of us and I wake up one day and,like I'm new cells imagine travel up,your ex you know what in seven years I'm,gonna be completely over you everybody,dropped out of school we would have a,much more intelligent society I agree,with that I agree with this I know,what he means he means like you know the,free picking up the individual man,versus Damasus the school is just,literally to make to make loads of,different of robots that will just fall,in line and do whatever there be they've,been taught is the thing to do I would,disagree sealer you learn you learn,trance Camilla College you know again so,intelligent is a weird word because it's,like what in what way do you mean,intelligent yeah no no I get yeah yeah,we thinking yeah be your own person but,go to school,like I put up all this non-secretor day,I tweeted em I wish that birds could,interbreed the same way dogs can imagine,what a penguin and a flamingo cross,would look like

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Reacting to Jaden Smith's tweets...

Reacting to Jaden Smith's tweets...

if you don't know who jaden smith is,you're missing out on life his tweets,are the best thing like they're just,amazing look,for example most trees are blue, mind blood mind blown most trees,are blue,see when i look at the trees up my house,oh it looks a little bit green but no,not that blue mind blown inside the,vacuum a motor turns a fan,which forces air forward decreasing the,air pressure behind the fan,jesus jaden smith knows how a vacuum,cleaner works,jose's cry shouldn't be allowed to,happen how about people so highly,educated these days,people used to ask me what you want to,be when you're older,and i would say what a stupid question,the real question is,what am i now you're illiterate jaden,because you put a capital letter,for every what,how can mirrors be real if our eyes,aren't real,my eyes are oh shut up,if a bookstore never runs out of a,certain book,dos dos,that mean that nobody reads it or,everybody reads it,no no jaden it just means they just,stopped that but,why why are you thinking this far ahead,it's a book what why do you need to,think about this i don't walk,into sainsbury's and go,jesus christ there is a chicken,on the shelf i wonder if people eat them,or they never eat,them because it always seems to be a,chicken on that shelf no,just accept it i just dropped a song,don't you dare don't you dare,drop alex song just stare in the mirror,and cry and you'll be good,i thought you said mirrors weren't real,illuminati confirmed i just like showing,pretty girls a good time,whether i'm physically there or not,doesn't matter,jaden smith you absolute,pleasure oh my i bet all the girls are,swallowing around you,jayden's nephew absolutely pimp never,mind is christmas eve,homeless people need to eat to be honest,jaden i agree with this,homeless people do need to eat but it's,not christmas eve when you're,posting this it's the 11th of november,well i don't know when your christmas is,mate but like,money doesn't grow in trees it's kind,cotton,we have to plant more sheep money,doesn't grow in trees,it's cotton well you have to plant,more sheep mom,clear we need to plant some more sheep,in the garden,you plant some sheep if we exhale more,than we inhale,we feed the plants this will end well,longer,jaden mate jaden try and breathe up more,than you breathe in it's impossible,i'll quickly show you now,bro if newborn babies could speak,they'll be the most intelligent beings,on planet earth,no they wouldn't no they wouldn't well,no they wouldn't jade it all they've,seen,is the inside of their vagina that's it,that's it that's all they have seen,if you call that intelligence then,you're lacking an,intelligence mate damn it feels good to,be a gangster,a real gangster trees are never sad look,at them every once in a while,they're quite beautiful yeah guys,remember they're blue trees,they are beautiful blue trees are,beautiful,if everybody in the world dropped out of,school we would have a much more,intelligent society we,we just wouldn't everybody get off your,phones and go do what you actually want,to do,send from twitter for iphone,jaden there is so much contradiction,in this one tweet life is so backwards,drop out of school,and be famous already have bits,aids in hiv are fake diseases created by,the condom industry to sell their,merchandise the unknown public

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Jaden Smith Twitter "Philosopher" | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

Jaden Smith Twitter "Philosopher" | DAILY REHASH | Ora TV

hey guys today's a great day welcome,daily rehash usually we cover twitter's,top trends in 140 seconds or less but,today kind of a slow day on twitter i,mean sure you've got bangers miley cyrus,uh miley fatigue u.s treasury department,came out with a new hundred dollar bill,that looks even faker than the old one,slow days like today i like to stop and,smell the twitter roses and read from my,favorite inspirational twitter account,get that boost of wisdom i'm talking,about jaden smith i think he's related,to will his daughter is his son this is,jaden tweets the deepest stuff like this,one the best way to experience life is,to experiment,so you guys see what i'm talking about,ah man he just melts my brain this is,some deep stuff here's some more if,newborn babies could speak they would be,the most intelligent beings on planet,earth mommy i'm thirsty ah it's squishy,change it i'm cold put me back in it was,better in there this hospital smells,funny actually father where i came from,babies have achieved the fourth,dimension he's a philosopher like,nostradamus,is not a philosopher google it check,another one out if a bookstore never,runs out of a certain book does that,mean that nobody reads it or everybody,reads it that was retweeted over 3000,times so it has to be true trees are,never sad look at them every once in a,while they're quite beautiful,you always know how to put me in a good,mood,you're so happy carl along the same,lines plant some stuff yeah i should,plant some stuff,satan changing lives one tweet at a time,if everybody in the world dropped out of,school we would have a much more,intelligent society this tweet makes me,want to go to school to become a,physicist invent a time machine then go,back in time and drop out of school yeah,i should just stop tweeting the human,consciousness must raise before i speak,my juvenile philosophy no no no jaden no,do not stop tweeting okay i realize no,we,all 4.6 million of us rely on your,wisdom your tweets,are our lifeblood don't you go anywhere,jayden last one when i die,then you will realize there's more that,you can teach us,you are too young to leave this world,wait wait how old is he 15 years old,really,15 oh,no,this kid's an idiot all right what else,is trending today hey thanks for,watching subscribe make sure you follow,us on twitter at dailyrehash you can,find a link to our blog in the,description a lot of fun stuff in there,let's play a little game who tweeted it,jose conseco or jaden smith here we go,life holds a cruel ending for all of us,death uh jaden smith wrong jose can say,number two discount for all my haters,lol,yes number three school is the tool to,brainwash the youth sounds like an elder,speaking jose jose,no not jose jaden here's another one all,the rules in this world were made by,someone no smarter than you so make your,own yeah not no not jose jaden i watch,twilight every night i did not tweet it,to jaden smith whose twitter account do,you think is more crazy jayden smith or,jose cansego let us know in the comments,below hey see you guys later

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Jaden Smith - Fallen (Official Music Video)

Jaden Smith - Fallen (Official Music Video)

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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