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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIREDhi my na


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Answers Twitter Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

hi my name is Jack Dorsey and I'm one of,the co-founders of Twitter and this is,Twitter support,baby sea Oaks my English teacher just,told me the Twitter bird's name is Larry,well our co-founder Biz is from Boston,and when we decided that the bird was,going to be our logo he naturally went,to,the most famous bird for him maybe the,most famous bird in the world Larry Bird,I will say though if you follow bird,watching on Twitter No tweets about,Larry Bird at Maddie crates asks why,does Twitter have a character limit,still I'm tired of sacrificing my,grammar for the good of the tweet,on happy face so some history on the,character limit we originally started,with 140 characters so that we could fit,in one text message which is what the,whole service was based on in the early,days but we also believe that the,constraint was really useful because it,inspired a lot of creativity and this,resonated with comedians it resonated,with journalists it resonated with poets,and hip-hop artists and creatives of all,type they figure out ways not to,sacrifice their grammar but to actually,make it work but,we thought they might be good,to increase the limit just a little bit,and we decided to do it twice the amount,which seems enough for most people and,if that's not enough we have threads you,can link all the tweets together so we,have a 280 character limit but you can,link as many tweets as you want so,it's really Limitless,at my wife is Joni asks how can I,identify a Twitter bot I have suspicions,over one or two I see but cannot prove,it at Twitter support well I'm from,Missouri which is a show me state we're,all Skeptics and I would always,recommend that we be skeptical of,everything that we see if you have,suspicions go through a reporting flow,but you don't necessarily have to assume,that everyone is a butt some people just,haven't updated their profile picture,and some folks haven't chosen their own,ad name so if you see something that is,suspicious we have a reporting flow you,can send it over to us and we'll look,for it always be skeptical,at Peter Alston asks when will Twitter,Facebook and Google be regulated like,the public utilities they are the,information economy moves fast maybe,soon we believe fundamentally that the,job of a regulator is to protect the,individual and level the playing field,for everyone and our job is to help,educate Regulators around smartpass,forward so we're always having,conversations around the world with,Regulators about what technology makes,possible and how Twitter fits into that,we welcome smart regulation and we want,to help guide it as well,at tazy Doris as IO Twitter can we get,that edit button in 2020. the answer is,no,the reason there's no edit button there,hasn't been an edit button traditionally,is we started as a SMS text messaging,service so as you all know when you send,a text,you can't really take it back we wanted,to preserve that vibe in that feeling in,the early days but now you know we have,an app and a lot of people are using us,on the web and there's some issues with,edit that we can we can solve one is you,might send a tweet and then someone,might retweet that and then an hour,later you completely change the content,of that tweet and that person that,retweeted the original tweet is now,retweeting and rebroadcasting something,completely different so that's something,to watch out for a lot of people want it,because they want to fix a quick,spelling error or a broken link or,whatnot and that's great we've,considered a one minute window or a 30,second window to correct something but,that also means that we have to delay,sending that tweet out because once it's,out people see it so these are all the,considerations it's just work but we'll,probably never do it,okay at Southern Peaks instead of an,edit feature Twitter should allow users,to see how many times a tweet link has,been copied because we all send tweets,with a did you see this one message you,know just to liven things up smiley face,I agree that's a that's a pretty good,idea we'll look at that one,at Alan Lampe author hey Twitter God can,you please activate spell check I can't,believe there are so many trending,misspelled hashtags especially from,writers at least Trend the properly,spelled hashtags first hashtag writing,Community hashtag writing Community,spelled wrong writing Community once,again build wrong our algorithms would,actually notice if these three hashtags,were trending and group them together so,we don't do the spell check and we don't,edit your Tweet but we will group them,appropriately in the right way so that,everyone can find your content even,though you may have misspelled it,at Andre 3xk at Twitter why don't you,follow your boss at Jack Twitter was,following me for a while and then we,decided to do something much much cooler,we put a bunch of people on billboards,and their tweets on billboards all over,New York and San Francisco and we,followed them now and now we can DM them,as well so I don't

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Charlie Rose and Jack Dorsey (How Twitter Started)

Charlie Rose and Jack Dorsey (How Twitter Started)

and how did Twitter get started Twitter,um twitter has a long story I've always,been fascinated by cities and how they,work and I just I taught myself how to,program so that I can understand how the,city works and I was inspired to,specifically just have the program so,you can understand has cities work I,wanted to visualize them I wanted to see,them I wanted to play with them I was,inspired by New York City and just if,you consider New York City of all these,entities just roaming about the city you,have taxicabs ambulances fire trucks and,they're always reporting where they are,and what they're doing and if you can,visualize that you can actually see how,the city is living and breathing and,what's happening in the city so I,started building dispatch software and,that's that's the software that runs,these these entities always reporting,where they are what they're doing I'm an,ambulance at fifth and Broadway I'm,taking a patient in cardiac arrest to,st. John's Mercy very very simple model,in 2000 I realized that I had this,beautiful picture of all these verticals,in the city that make the city work but,I was missing the citizens I was missing,the people I was missing my friends so,what if I could just take my phone and,we're gonna have mobile phones that,really worked that well back in 2000 I,had this very simple rim device which,was the precursor to the Blackberry what,if I could be anywhere and share what's,happening and I could also get,everything in real time what if what if,we did that and it turns out it was just,the wrong time 2006 SMS got really big,in this country,I met my co-founders Biz Stone and Evan,Williams who had worked with bloggers to,build blogger so they understood the,importance of self publishing and I just,added this real-time aspect an SMS,aspect and we said what if with just SMS,on the web,I can read go anywhere I want and report,what I'm doing and then see what,everyone else is doing in real time very,very simple start and the users have,taken it from there so they're these two,ideas one is that first of all the is is,Twitter the next big internet success,story play I mean you would expect you,to say yes but if you had to say yes why,would you make the case,I think it's I think it's huge I think,it's huge because never before have we,had such access to that immediate,information and then once we have that,information we can actually participate,and interact with it I mean it spans and,is at the intersection of every single,medium in every single media it's a,great way to point to video to images to,text to websites any media that you can,imagine it can point to and carry in,real-time and the only the only other,technology I know that's done that well,is the web itself so I put it on the,same league as as the web,you

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Welcome back.,President Biden,is calling out,Elon Musk saying the billionaire,bought a social media platform,that, quote, spews lies across the world.,And, quote,,The president's remarks,follow news,that Twitter,laid off thousands of employees,,including 15% of its trust,and safety workforce.,Just a week after,it was acquired by Musk.,CNN tech reporter Brian Fung,is following the story for us.,So, Brian, good to see you.,Let's talk about these massive cuts.,I mean,,and they come just days,before the midterms.,In fact, civil rights groups,say it could,jeopardize the platform's ability,to safeguard the democratic process.,Is Twitter,Is there anybody left at Twitter,to even respond to the critics?,Well, Fred, Twitter is saying,that it's still committed,to protecting the election,and that none of its content moderation,policies have changed.,But as you pointed out,,civil rights groups,and leaders are saying that,even though Twitter,may still have,these policies on the books,,the layoffs could make it harder for them,to enforce the policies,that it does have.,Meanwhile, you have major advertisers,pulling out of,spending on Twitter advertising,,and that's caused sharp declines,in revenue at Twitter,,according to Elon Musk.,And, you know,,to shore up,revenue, Musk,has this kind of harebrained plan to,charge people for verification,,to have that little blue,checkmark next to their accounts,,which some experts have said,could have unintended consequences,if it's rolled out,in the post-election period,or even before the election, potentially,without proper testing.,You could potentially see, for example,,you know,,some people,paying to have that blue checkmark,and then changing their names,to impersonate official accounts or,or try to spread misinformation,under a verified account.,And how would the company respond to that,with a smaller workforce?,It's unclear.,Twitter, of course,,laid off,15% of its,trust and safety team,,but 50%,of its overall workforce,amounting to about,3700 people across the overall company.,All of this, of course, coming,just days before the election,,injecting further uncertainty,into an already chaotic situation Fred.,And Brian,,I think a lot of us,have been reading,all about what a lot of former,Twitter employees have been saying.,But now what about the former CEO?,How, you know,,what kind of reaction,is coming from the former CEO?,Yes.,Well, Jack Dorsey,,the former CEO of Twitter,,just tweeted about a half hour ago,Let me read what he said.,He said, Folks at Twitter, past,and present are strong and resilient.,They will always find a way,,no matter how difficult the moment.,I realize many are angry with me.,I own the responsibility for,why everyone is in this situation.,I grew the company size too quickly.,I apologize for that.,Very interesting tweet,from from Jack Dorsey's,taking accountability or,responsibility for having,grown the company,too large,and thus putting the company,in a position,where layoffs may have been necessary.,But not really addressing,some of the other,election security or election,integrity questions,that are swirling around Twitter,at this time.,That's a very sensitive time, Fred.,Yeah, a remarkable sequence of events.,Brian Fong, thanks so much.

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The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

The INSANE Lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

you are watching the story every Monday,we bring you a deep dive into the,fascinating lives of incredible people,the insane lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack,Dorsey welcome to a luxe calm the place,where future billionaires come to get,inspired if you're not subscribed yet,you're missing out hello a lack sir send,a welcome back if you're one of Jack,Dorsey's 4.1 million Twitter followers,you might have some idea about how the,tech entrepreneur lives his life but,today we're taking a deep look and,uncovering all the controversial and,sometimes shocking elements of his,lifestyle that you may have never heard,before,since co-founding Twitter Dorsey has,become one of the most successful,figures in Silicon Valley but his,lifestyle is not one you might expect,from a typical billionaire today we're,telling the story of the insane,lifestyle of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who,is Jack Dorsey so who is Jack Dorsey,anyway let me see if I can tell you in,280 characters or less just kidding but,of course jack is best known as the,co-founder and CEO of Twitter he came up,with the initial idea for Twitter when,he was an undergrad at NYU and ended up,dropping out of college one semester,short of graduating he was only 29 when,Twitter launched in March of 2006 he's,also a co-founder and current CEO of,square which offers a device that allows,for mobile debit and credit card,payments when Square went public in,October 2015,Dorsey owned twenty four point four,percent of the company however he first,became a billionaire in 2012 and today,his net worth is just over five billion,dollars with that much wealth you can,imagine Dorsey lives a life of luxury,but it's probably not what you'd expect,Dorsey's lifestyle is truly insane but,let's start with the basics,where he lives since 2012 jack has lived,in a relatively modest two-bedroom,two-bathroom San Francisco mentioned,that cost him ten million dollars the,view alone is worth at least a million,bucks his home is located on a cliffside,with direct views of the Golden Gate,Bridge,when Dorsey decided to expand his,property portfolio he didn't look very,far in fact he bought the house next,door in late 2018 Jack paid twenty one,point nine million dollars for the,five-bedroom three-bathroom mansion that,also has breathtaking views of the San,Francisco Bay the house had been left,vacant for 15 years and needed a bit of,work he's already spent hundreds of,thousands of dollars on renovations,where he lives is probably the most,luxurious part of his lifestyle but now,let's look at one of the most,controversial aspects of his diet,Dorsey's diet it has to take plenty of,energy to run two very successful tech,companies and we all know that energy,comes from food so it might surprise you,to know that Dorsey barely eats it all,Dorsey follows an extreme diet of,intermittent fasting he skips breakfast,and lunch every single day he eats one,meal Monday through Thursday between,6:30 and 9:00 o'clock at night from,Friday through Sunday evening he fasts,completely and only consumes water the,first time he tried it he said he was,having hallucinations by the third day,but now he says fasting helps him to,focus,he also says eating just one meal a day,makes him more efficient when he does,eat his typical meal consists simply of,a protein like grilled chicken and,vegetables the only sugar he eats comes,from mixed berries dark chocolate or a,glass of red wine Dorsey is constantly,experimenting with his fasting schedule,as well to see what's most effective so,there are variations in his routine but,he strongly believes and intermittent,fasting now that we've covered his diet,let's see how he spends his day morning,routine Jack always aims to go to bed by,10 p.m. and wake up between 5:30 and,6:30 a.m.,we know he doesn't eat breakfast so how,does he start his day sticking to a,consistent routine is very important to,him he begins to stay with a cold shower,followed by an hour of silent meditation,on days he has off and in the evenings,he hops into his infrared sauna space,sauna and sits in temperatures as high,as 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes,he'll then go directly from the heat to,a 3 minute ice bath in his tub which is,set to negative 37 degrees Fahrenheit he,repeats this hot and cold process up to,three times before walking out the door,he also likes to drink about 28 ounces,of water or a mixture of lemon juice,water and Himalayan salt on the three,days a week he goes into the office he,walks the five miles to work which takes,him about an hour and 15 minutes he says,this walk makes him feel alive but what,about what he gets to work work habits,Jack works from home two days a week but,Monday Wednesday and Friday,he walks to Twitter's head offices first,he works there from about 9:00 a.m. to,2:00 p.m. then heads across the street,to the square off assets he stays there,until 6 or 7 he works at a standing desk,and has a near infrared bulb shining on,him which is said to support cellular,regeneration and an

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Video: Jack Dorsey Lied To Congress About Twitter Censorship

Video: Jack Dorsey Lied To Congress About Twitter Censorship says this Jack Dorsey lied under,oath about Twitter censoring and Shadow,Banning users Twitter general counsel,Vijay Jai was with him and knew his,testimony was false I would like to talk,with Jack on Twitter spaces would you,like to hear his explanation ask him so,here let's let's play it here we go this,is according to this is Jack,Dorsey from Twitter formerly,a lying to Congress about banning social,media is being rigged to censor,conservatives is that true of Twitter no,he says no I don't know what Twitter is,up to it sure looks like to me that,they're censoring people and they ought,to stop it uh are you censoring people,no,Twitter okay well that's a lie we know,that they're censoring people for sure,is that vagina in the background yeah,for his shoulder yes is his leash,Shadow Banning prominent Republicans,bad is that true no so these were that's,another lie those are three lies in a,row right you forgot to ask them do you,call it a different thing maybe,he looks the vagina nervously,all right here's more statements made by,Kevin McCarthy the House Majority Leader,on Twitter Devin noon is on Fox News and,president Trump on Twitter and I want to,place those statements into the record,Mr chairman,that objection I think it's important,for people to understand you know the,premise of this whole hearing uh and the,reason that Twitter somehow with all the,other social media platforms out there,got the singular honor to sit in front,of this committee uh is because there's,some implication that that your site is,is trying to censor conservative voices,on your platform now when you try to,explain the shadow Banning as okay so,that's enough I think,so Barry Weiss so he said he did he said,they didn't didn't Shadow ban,conservatives didn't censor people,didn't censor conservatives uh they were,like no we censor a lot of people,including conservatives so take for,example Stanford's Dr J bhattachar who,argued that coveted lockdowns would harm,children Twitter secretly placed him on,a Trends blacklist which prevented his,tweets from trending,okay so there's,there's one example here's another one,here's Don bongino,uh uh or cannot I probably disagree with,uh Don bongino and most things but I,don't think he should be censored or,Shadow banned or anything I don't think,they should squelch his voice I'd like,to engage it I don't feel like Dan,bongino has any overpowering arguments,that can't be refuted right we gotta say,shut him down he's too good,uh,so search Blacklist they so they put him,on a black so there's a and here's,here's Charlie Kirk search Blacklist,Twitter set the account of conservative,activist Charlie clerk to do not amplify,there it is,do not amplify well that's not a shadow,band there's just a do not amplify in a,rolling Blacklist,Twitter denied that it does such things,in 2018 Twitter Vijay Jai then head of,legal policy and trust and kevron,beckpor head of product said we do not,Shadow ban they added and we certainly,don't Shadow ban based on political,viewpoints or ideology,it's all it's all they do she said this,same crap on uh Rogan and she's like we,just do harm reduction harm reduction so,it's just wormy language to to do the,thing they wanted so when they still,went overboard even with the Wormy,language,what many people call Shadow Banning,Twitter Executives were called,visibility filtering so maybe they,didn't ask them the right way,uh think about visibility filtering as,being a way for us to suppress what,people see at different levels it's a,very powerful tool a Twitter employee,told them so Jack was lying,of course interrogation isn't tortured,that's right enhanced interrogation,that's right,it so anyway so they were doing it so,there it is big,we control visibility quite a lot that,group decided whether so there it is,so there it is here's another one here's,Libs of tick tock one of the accounts,that Rose to this level of scrutiny was,Libs of tick an account that was on,the trends Blacklist and was designated,as do not take action on user without,consulting sip piss yeah that's the,ultimate level that's the ultimate level,that's the uh executive level of sensors,yeah the Sip piss that's in a yeah,that's behind us and now people were,tweeting this out did you see that,they're saying see Twitter wasn't doing,anything bad to lived they gave him,special they weren't gonna no no really,that's what they're saying on Twitter,yes who are they saying that to that was,going to each other that's just saying,it to each other uh,it says Trends Blacklist on their,goddamn thing right there okay the,account which Chaya raychik began in,November 2020 and now boasts 1.4 million,followers was subjected to six,suspensions,and but and we already showed you that,they,they did they they knew that they didn't,have the uh it didn't violate their own,rules and they knew it,Twitter repeatedly informed great chick,that she had been suspended for,violating Twitter's policy against,hateful conduct but

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Inside The Billionaire Lifestyle Of Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO)

Inside The Billionaire Lifestyle Of Jack Dorsey (Twitter CEO)

i love people who,who really uh are comfortable,exploring this this this ultimate,question of why,right so you know why is a question that,is just,it's the easiest question to ask but,it's the hardest question to answer,right jack dorsey the ceo of twitter,truly has one of those eccentric and,wild lifestyles he eats only one meal a,day has had to defend his company in,front of the u.s congress and faced,multiple ousting attempts in this video,we're going to give you a look inside,the 15 billion lifestyle of jack dorsey,before we continue make sure to,subscribe to our channel and hit the,bell icon for notifications let's begin,i started with 140 characters so we,could fit,in one text message which is what the,whole service was based on from battling,armies upon armies of bots to quashing,any rumors about sending his beard hair,to rapper azilia banks,jack has always lived a weird and,luxurious life,dorsey has had a turbulent career in,silicon valley to say the least as,mentioned before he co-founded twitter,in 2006 but what's funny is that he was,actually booted out of the company he,created in just two years,he did make a triumphant return in 2015,though having had to set up a second,company square,he co-founded square with jim mckelvie,in 2009 and took it public in 2015.,since those days jack has led the,company through the tech backlash that,has engulfed all social media companies,he has also had to hence testify before,congress multiple times,dorsey had to appear before a,congressional hearing on section 230.,this part of us law deals with internet,companies and the extent to which they,are able to moderate their own platforms,the law is also supposed to protect them,for legal liability for content posted,by users,dorsey himself has been the center of,controversy and a lot of criticism,he's been preaching the virtues of,fasting and ice-cold baths as a part of,a daily routine for ages now,his way of living is not entirely,modeled after the spartans however,like other famous billionaires he has,his fair share of stunning mansions,supermodel girlfriends and fast cars,jack dorsey got his first taste of,programming and coding during his days,as a high schooler at bishop duburg high,school in st louis he was a very bright,kid right from the get-go and actually,wrote a dispatch software that's still,used by some taxi companies to this day,the kicker he was just 15 years old when,he made the software,his youth was a fun time and he was,usually spotted checking out specialty,electronics stores or running a gigantic,fantasy football league for all of his,friends,he also had a penchant for music and,regularly attended punk rock concerts,there are even pictures of him in his,mohawk and spikes,the funny thing is that he never,actually graduated from college,he briefly did attend the missouri,university of science and technology and,even transferred to new york university,for a little while but it was not,working out and he called it quits very,soon,in 2000 jack was able to build a simple,prototype that let him update his,friends on things happening in his life,via blackberry and email messages,this was the basic prototype for what,twitter would eventually become nobody,else seemed to be interested in his,little idea so he put it on the back,shelf for a bit,he got a job at a podcasting company,called odeo,the job might have been all that but it,was where jack struck gold,it was here that he met his future,twitter co-founders,odeo soon went out of business in 2006,so dorsey returned to his old messaging,prototype,soon after twitter was born,jack was 30 years old in 2007 when he,bought the twitter domain name for,around seven thousand dollars,he even went and got his nose ring,removed in order to look more,professional as a ceo,with his newfound wealth jack bought,himself a bmw 3 series but he apparently,does not drive it around all that often,once while making a guest appearance on,a podcast run by a health guru dorsey,revealed that he only eats one meal a,day,he went on to say that he fasts all,weekend long as well,he said that the very first time he,fasted it made him feel like he was,hallucinating,although he was criticized for,normalizing eating disorders he swears,by his methods he went on to say that it,became very apparent to him just how,much time humans waste thinking and,consuming food,he loves his fashion as well and really,wanted to be a fashion designer,dorsey has regularly spotted donning,leather jackets and tailored sleek slim,suits by prada and hermes as well as,wearing dyer home reverse collar dress,shirts a sort of stylish take on popped,columns,more recently he has developed an edgier,fashion sense which includes classic,black turtlenecks,he also went on to a tales of the crypt,podcast and told the world that he had,started using ice baths and saunas in,the evenings in 2016.,he explained that he would alternatively,sit in his barrel sauna for 15 or so,minutes and then switch immediately to,an ice bath

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How Twitter needs to change | Jack Dorsey

How Twitter needs to change | Jack Dorsey

المترجم: Maisam Sheblaq المدقّق: Ahmed Fatthey,كريس أنيدرسون: ما الذي يقلقك الآن؟,كنت صريحًا جدًا بخصوص الكثير من المشاكل فى تويتر.,ما أكثر شيء يقلقك,فيما آلت إليه الأمور الآن؟,جاك دورسي: ما يقلقني الآن هو صحة المحادثات.,هدفنا هو خدمة الحوار الاجتماعي،,ولكننا رأينا عددًا من التعدّيات عليه.,لقد رأينا الإساءة، والمضايقة،,رأينا التلاعب،,والأوتوماتية، والتنسيق البشري، والتضليل.,لذا كل هذه المتغيرات لم نتوقعها,حين أسّسنا الشركة قبل 13 عامًا.,لكننا نراها الآن على نطاق واسع،,وأكثر ما يقلقني هو فقط قدرتنا على معالجة هذا,بطريقة ممنهجة ويمكن قياسها،,والقائمة على فهم دقيق لكيفية اتخاذنا للإجراءات،,فهم واضح لكيفية اتخاذنا للقرارات،,وعملية استئناف صارمة حين نخطئ،,لأننا حتمًا سنخطئ.,ويتني بينينغتون: أنا سعيدة حقًا لسماع,أن هذا شيء يهمّك،,لأنني أعتقد أن هناك الكثير من الكلام عن أناس,أسيء معاملتهم وتعرضوا للمضايقة على تويتر،,وأعتقد أن لا أحد أوذي أكثر من النساء والنساء من غير البيض,وذوات البشر السوداء.,وهناك بيانات منشورة...,أصدرت منظمة العفو الدولية تقريرًا منذ أشهر,جاء فيه أن مجموعة من مستخدمات تويتر النشِطات من أصحاب البشرة السوداء,كن يتعرضن لشكل من أشكال المضايقة,بمعدل تغريدة من كل 10 تغريدات في المتوسط.,ولذا عندما تفكر في صحة مجتمع تويتر،,أنا مهتمة بسماع كلمة (الصحة للجميع)،,لكن على وجه الخصوص، كيف تنوي أن تجعل تويتر مكانًا آمنًا,لتلك الفئة من النساء من غير البيض والبشرة السوداء؟,نعم.,إنه موقف رهيب جدًا,عندما تقبل على خدمة,لكي -في الظروف المثالية- تتعلم شيئًا ما عن العالم،,ولكنك تجد نفسك تقضي معظم وقتك في التبليغ عن الإساءة، وتتعرض للإساءة،,وتتلقى المضايقات.,لذا ما نبحث عنه الآن باهتمام هو الحوافز,التي تقدمها المنصة والخدمة بشكل طبيعي.,حاليًا، دينامية النظام تسهل جدًا مضايقة,وإساءة معاملة المستخدمين الآخرين في نفس الخدمة،,وللأسف، الجزء الأكبر من نظامنا في الماضي,كان يعتمد كليًا على بلاغات الناس عن المضايقة والإساءة.,لذا في منتصف العام الماضي تقريبًا، قررنا أننا سنطبّق,المزيد من تعلم الآلة، والمزيد من التعلم العميق لحل المشكلة،,وحاولنا أن نكون أكثر استباقية في تحديد مكان الإساءة ومنعها قبل حدوثها,حتى نزيح العبء عن كاهل الضحية تمامًا.,ولقد أحرزنا بعض التقدم مؤخرًا.,38% من التغريدات المسيئة يتم التعرف عليها استباقيًا,باستخدام خوارزميات التعلم الآلي؛,لذا لا يحتاج الناس حقًا للتبليغ عنها.,لكن تلك التغريدات التي تم التعرف عليها يتم مراجعتها من قبل بشر,لذا فإننا لا نحذف أي محتوى أو حسابات قبل أن يراجعها بشري.,كل هذا لم يكن موجودًا قبل عام فقط.,وهذا عنى حينها أن كل شخص يتعرض لإساءة ما كان عليه أن يبلغ عنها بنفسه،,وهذا عنى الكثير من العمل بالنسبة لهم، وبالنسبة لنا أيضًا،,وهذا غير عادل أبدًا.,الشيء الآخر الذى نفعله هو التأكد -كشركة-,من أننا نحظى بتمثيل من كل المجتمعات التي نحاول خدمتها.,لا نستطيع بناء مشروع عمل ناجح,إلا إذا كان لدينا تنوع في خلفيات الموظفين داخل شركتنا,والذين يختبرون هذه المشاكل كل يوم.,وهذا ليس فقط مع الفريق القائم بالعمل،,بل أيضًا مع قيادتنا كذلك.,لذا فإننا نحتاج لبناء تعاطف مع ما يختبره الناس،,وإعطائهم أدواتٍ أفضل للتصرف معه،,وكذلك تزويد عملائنا بمدخل أفضل وأسهل,لمعالجة بعض الأشياء التي يرونها.,لذا فالكثير مما نفعله يتمحور حول التكنولوجيا،,لكننا أيضًا ننظر إلى الحوافز في هذه الخدمة:,ما الذي يدفعك تويتر لفعله بمجرد الدخول إليه؟,وفي الماضي،,كان يحفّز الكثير من الغضب والسلوك الغوغائي،,وكان يحفّز الكثير من المضايقات الجماعية.,وينبغي علينا أن ننظر بتعمق أكبر في بعض أساسيات,ما تفعله الخدمة لإحداث التحولات الكبيرة.,نستطيع تحقيق بعض النقلات الصغيرة في التكنولوجيا كما ذكرت توًا،,لكن في النهاية، يجب النظر بتعمق في التغيرات في الشبكة نفسها،,وهذا ما نفعله.,ولكن ما هو تصورك...,ما نوع الشيء الذي يمكنك تغييره,والذي حقًا سيغير السلوك بشكل كبير؟,حسنًا، أحد الأشياء هي...,أننا بدأنا الخدمة بمبدأ اتجاه الناس لمتابعة حساب ما،,كمثال.,ولكني لا أعتقد أن هذا هو سبب استخدام الناس لتويتر.,أعتقد أن تويتر شبكة مبنية على الاهتمامات المشتركة.,الناس يستخدمونه لمتابعة اهتمام معين لديهم.,ويبذلون الكثير من الجهد لإيجاد ومتابعة حسابات,متعلقة باهتماماتهم.,بدلاً من ذلك، يمكننا أن نتيح لك خيار متابعة اهتمام ما،,بأن تتابع الهاشتاج، أو التريند،,أو مجتمعًا معينًا،,وهذا يسمح لنا بإظهار جميع الحسابات،,وكل الموضوعات، وكل اللحظات، وكل الهاشتاجات,المرتبطة بهذا الموضوع والاهتمام المحدد،,مما يجعل منظورك أكثر شمولية.,ولكن هذا يمثل نقلة أساسية كبيرة؛,أن توجّه الشبكة بأكملها بعيدًا عن متابعة حساب معين,إلى متابعة موضوعات واهتمامات معينة.,ولكن...,أليس أحد أسباب وجود هذا القدر الكبير من المحتوى هناك,هو وضع الملايين من الناس حول العالم,في هذه المنافسة الملحمية مع بعضهم البعض,من أجل المتابعين والحظي بالانتباه؟,بالنسبة للأشخاص الذي يقرأون فقط تويتر،,لن يمثل هذا مشكلة جمة،,أما بالنسبة للناس الذين يصنعون هذا المحتوى، فكل واحد منهم يقول:,"أتمنى لو كان لدي المزيد من الإعجابات والمتابعين وإعادة التغريد.",ولذلك فهم يجربون باستمرار,محاولين إيجاد وسيلة لتحقيق ذلك.,والذي اكتشفناه جميعًا أن الوسيلة الأبرز لتحقيق ذلك,هو أن تكون مستفزًا نوعًا ما،,أو بغيضًا، بغيضًا فصيحًا،,فالإهانات البليغة هي حلم على تويتر،,حيث تستشيط غضبًا بسرعة,وتصير أشبه بعملية ذاتية الاشتعال من الغضب العارم.,كيف يمكنك نزع فتيل ذلك؟,نعم، أعني، أعتقد أنك محق تمامًا،,لكن هذا يعود للحوافز.,مثلاً، أحد الخيارات التي أنشأناها في الأيام الأولى كان,ذلك الرقم الذي يظهر عدد متابعيك.,قررنا أن ذلك الرقم يجب أن يكون كبيرًا وبالخط العريض،,وأي شيء على الصفحة كبير وعريض فهو مهم،,هذه هي الأشياء التي تريد تنميتها.,هل كان ذلك

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Jack Dorsey urges Elon Musk to expose ‘unfiltered’ Twitter files

Jack Dorsey urges Elon Musk to expose ‘unfiltered’ Twitter files

well Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey have,engaged in a public conversation on,Twitter the tech billionaire who now,owns the social media Giant and the,former CEO of the company were,discussing the infamous Twitter files,Elon Musk had been teasing the release,of episode 2 of the Twitter files online,when he got a reply from Dorsey he wrote,If the goal is transparency to build,trust why not just release everything,without filter and let people judge for,themselves including all discussions,around current and future actions make,everything public now Elon Musk replied,most important data was hidden from,YouTube and some may have been deleted,but everything we find will be released,the Habit it will all be released in,case you missed it the Twitter files,refer to the internal conversations,Twitter had were deliberating over,whether to suppress an article about,Hunter Biden in 2020 the New York Post,had gotten their hands on the now,president's son's laptop which was,riddled in personal and professional,scandals their article detailed Joe,Biden Hunter's alleged ties to a,Ukrainian energy firm and other dodgy,business deals Hunter's father Joe Biden,was just three weeks away from meeting,his fate at the 2020 presidential,election,Twitter was worried the laptop story was,Russian disinformation so they chose to,censor it they did so by shutting down,the post account and blocking any user,from trying to share it while also,stopping people from being able to send,it in a direct message this kind of tool,we have now found out is reserved for,extreme cases such as child pornography,the social media Giant and Facebook for,that matter copped a lot of backlash for,censoring such an important story about,a candidate's son right before an,election when Elon Musk officially,acquired Twitter he vowed to stop the,censorship of stories and to release the,inner Dialogue on why the company,decided to suppress the laptop scandal,over the weekend journalist Matt tyvee,released the first set of files in a,Twitter thread it was widely regarded as,a bit of a flop but it did unveil a few,things one of the main things exposed,was that the decision to suppress the,story was made at the highest levels of,the company however Jack Dorsey did not,know about it,Mr Tybee said so far he hadn't found any,involvement from the government about,the laptop which has always been a,theory from the Republican Party the,files also found that when Donald Trump,and Joe Biden's respective teams asked,Twitter to shut down certain accounts or,censor tweets the company accepted their,requests one of the Twitter employees,named in the decision making was Deputy,general counsel James Baker within the,thread Tybee released it reveals that,while working as a lawyer for the,company he advised staff to stay on the,non-course by understanding caution was,warranted the email from him States I,support the conclusion that we need more,facts to assess whether the materials,were hacked at this stage however it is,reasonable for us to assume that they,may have been and that caution is,warranted there are some facts that,indicate that the materials may have,been hacked while there are others,indicating that the computer was either,abandoned and or the owner consented to,allow the repair shop to access it for,at least some purposes we simply need,more information Elon Musk actually,declared yesterday that James Baker has,now been fired for his alleged,involvement the Twitter boss has,maintained the last few days that there,are more smoking guns to come from the,Twitter files and according to his,public conversation with Jack Dorsey he,plans to release them all but why the,delay well it's been revealed the James,Baker who worked for Twitter since June,2020 had been secretly vetting the,Twitter files before they were to be,sent to Matt Tybee to review he tweeted,on Friday the first installment of the,Twitter files were published here we,expected to publish more over the,weekend many wondered why there was a,delay we can now tell you that part of,the reason why on Tuesday Twitter Deputy,general counsel and a former FBI general,counsel Jim Baker was fired among the,reasons vetting the first batch of,Twitter files without knowledge of New,Management

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