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Bomb threats evacuate Ivy League campuses after similar calls to Miamimultiple ivy league college ca

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Bomb threats evacuate Ivy League campuses after similar calls to Miami

multiple ivy league college campuses,were evacuated on sunday following,reports of bomb threats days after,several ohio universities received,similar threats,cornell colombia and brown universities,all issued emergency alerts after,receiving bomb threats sunday afternoon,they each evacuated buildings and,cautioned students to stay away from,campus,in ithaca new york cornell police,cordoned off the center of campus on,sunday after receiving a call that bombs,were placed in four buildings,in new york city columbia university,police issued a campus-wide emergency,alert after receiving bomb threats at,university buildings at about 2 30 p.m,james brennan a 25-year-old cornell law,student from the town of greece said he,was relaxing in his ithaca apartment,when the first alert came,he and other law students joined an,online group chat trying to sort out,fiction there were initial erroneous,rumors of an active shooting incident,from fact he said in a telephone,interview sunday,eventually the campus alerts clarified,the threat brennan said,he said the law school is not,particularly active on a sunday but does,get a few people in there cornell lifted,the warning at about 7 30 pm,stating on twitter that law enforcement,has concluded search of the ithaca,campus no credible threats were found,we think those individuals affected for,their patience and cooperation in,evacuating brown university officials in,providence rhode island sent a text,alert to students that said police were,investigating multiple buildings on,campus involving a bomb threat later in,the day brown also ditch,in new haven connecticut on friday,afternoon a non-emergency communications,line received a call alerting,authorities to a bomb that referenced,specific locations around the yale,campus according to the hartford courant,on saturday ohio university received a,similar threat,university police determined that it,wasn't credible and also said in a tweet,that the source of the threat is the,same as several other false bomb threats,recently made to other universities,across the country,that same day miami university in oxford,ohio received another threat its police,department said it was unsubstantiated,the student newspaper the miami student,reported cleveland state university in,cleveland ohio received a bomb threat on,thursday according to fox 8,contributing the associated press gary,craig rochester democrat and chronicle

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What Did She Say?! J.K. Rowling Gets Death Threats Over Comments - Will & Amala LIVE

What Did She Say?! J.K. Rowling Gets Death Threats Over Comments - Will & Amala LIVE

week every single weekday,there you go wednesday is a weekday i,believe,we do it every single weekday at 2 30 pm,pt that's 5 30 pm eastern and we're live,now good evening everybody it is omelet,penobi here with australian news network,now i'm coming to you with breaking news,because we have a coveted outbreak right,now in australia and by that i mean one,lone person has now contracted covid she,is a 17 year old girl out in sydney and,from the reports that we've gotten from,her she is feeling fine however we are,now going to go into an extreme lockdown,measure here in australia coming to us,in the field we have dr wombat to let us,know what the regulations are going to,be dr wombat to you,oy good day mate it's dr wombat here,yeah we got some crazy stuff happening,in australia right now we got lots of,dingos coming up in the countryside,talking to people and we have,unvaccinated people,in our country which is no no so,if you decide not to get the jeb,or if you get calved we're going to take,you out to the outback with,kangaroos,and leave you out there,until you're all better thank you dr i,have a question for you dr wombat what,are we going to be doing with our public,schools our grocery stores things of,that matter are they going to be,are they going to be open right well,it's pretty easy to ask mike you've got,to comply,or die,one or the other thank you dr wombat now,we also have a special celebrity guest,today in the studio it's going to be,chris hemsworth talking about,vaccinations chris hemsworth thank you,oh i didn't know we were going that,route i thought i was going to be a,different character,that's a doctor,he's also confused about his accent,you're chris hemsworth,like crikey,i was busy eating my vegemite and,blooming onions over here,and now i'm just confused who am i,thank you chris,so my we got a complete and total shot,down until we figure out what the hell,is going on,and anyone who is not vaccinated it's,illegal,thank you that has been australian news,network again i'm your host omelette,pinobi and if you are not in your house,quarantined lockdown right now you will,be immediately arrested comply or die,comply,wow,we got people on instagram watching now,too we got an instagram live there's,probably some people who follow us on,instagram and they're like oh this is,what their show is like,i'm never watching that show ever i'm,never,going on youtube to watch that show but,guess what we do a skid every single,show opening and there's a reason why we,do that it always links to one of the,stories that we're going to talk about,so we want to show you footage of,australian news believe it or not and,this is their reaction to a recent covid,outbreak as they call it here's the clip,good evening within hours sydney will be,in the group of much tougher,restrictions the premier clamping down,on the stubborn delta outbreak with what,she's calling a no regrets policy and,this is why from a record 82 000 tests,the state today recorded 111 cases and,tragically the third covert death in,this outbreak a man aged in his 80s from,the city's south east,across greater sydney retail shops will,now close a small list of essential,stores can remain open construction,sites across the city shut down and from,midnight tonight 110 suburbs across,liverpool fairfield and canterbury,bankstown will be sealed shut that's 900,000 residents who can't leave their area,even for work,good evening wow,the one day we don't do our test page i,know i was like guys we should do the,test page to make sure the audio is,working right well and was like no we,don't we just did it well we're starting,late my mom's going to be upset with me,we can't make will's mom upset no no she,trust me she's coming into town this,weekend if i make her upset today,there's going to be hell to pay but she,comes in i mean regardless you guys,heard the gist of that they had a small,outbreak of covet 19 in australia which,resulted in one death of a man in his,eighties and they've subsequently,decided to shut down nearly everything,how does that make any sense why are,they allowed to do that why are why is,the government allowed to come in and,tell you that you're not allowed to go,to work when there is a chance of one,person dying in the entire sanctity or,vicinity of that place right it makes,absolutely no sense and to do that what,she said in this news report is,000 people are now going to be locked,within their homes now and unable to,leave,their their residential area,blows my mind i don't like it,i was waiting for the idea i thought we,have we obviously didn't learn our,lesson from the first,two locked downs or however many we've,done like,people didn't just took this you know i,guess there's not going away like in,france they did the vaccine passport,thing and people were like rioting in,the streets where they did in germany,too and people in germany were going all,over the place but it's like what,kovid's not going to go away i don't i,think government y

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Coffeezilla: SBF, FTX, Fraud, Scams, Fake Gurus, Money, Fame, and Power | Lex Fridman Podcast #345

Coffeezilla: SBF, FTX, Fraud, Scams, Fake Gurus, Money, Fame, and Power | Lex Fridman Podcast #345

do you think he is incompetent insane or,evil,the following is a conversation with,coffee Zilla an investigator and,journalist exposing frauds scams and,fake gurus he's one of the most,important journalistic voices we have,working today both in terms of his,integrity and fearlessness in The,Pursuit Of Truth,please follow watch and support his work,at,coffeezilla this is the Lex Friedman,podcast to support it please check out,our sponsors in the description and now,dear friends here's coffee Zilla,how do you like your coffee,a dark and soul crushing that was the,number one question on the internet do,you like your coffee to reverberate,deeply through the worst of human nature,is that how you drink your coffee I've,gone through a lot of phases on coffee I,used to in college I would go super deep,into you know grinding fresh beans all,of that kind of stuff water temperature,exactly right and then I hit a phase,where I was just it was the maintenance,dose then I went to like espresso,because I could get a lot more in yeah,and now I go through phases of like,sometimes I like it with a little oat,milk sometimes a little half and half,and sugar oh you've gotten soft in your,old age I've gone a little I I have but,hey if I'm doing a SPF interview it's,black that day nothing less yeah it's,black Notions the lights go down what do,you actually do in that in those,situations like uh leading up to a show,do you get hyped up like how do you put,yourself in the right mind space to,explore some of these really difficult,topics,I think a lot of its preparation and,then once it happens it's mostly fueled,by sort of adrenaline I would say,um,I really deeply care about getting to,like the root cause of some of these,issues because I think so often people,in positions of power let off the hook,so I really care about holding their,feet to the fire and it translates into,like,a lot of energy the day of so I never,find myself like funny enough,I usually drink a lot of caffeine,leading up to the interview and then I,try to drink like minimum the day of,because I have so much adrenaline I,don't want to be like hyper stimulated I,have to say of all the recent guests,I've had the energy you you had when you,walked into the door,was pretty interesting people not,excited,or something you were very excited um,Like That Just Energy it was terrifying,because I'm terrified of social,interaction anyway uh speaking of,terrifying you chose a good living of,interviewing people for face your fears,my friend,uh so let's talk about SPF and FTX who,is uh Sam banquet can you tell a story,from the beginning as you understand it,yeah so Sam Beckman freed is a kid who,grew up sort of from a position of huge,privilege both his parents our lawyers I,believe both of them were from Harvard,he went to MIT went to like or sorry,backing up a bit more he went to like,this top Prep High School then to MIT,then he went to Jane Street and after,that he started a trading firm and I,think 2017 called Alameda research with,a few friends some of them were from,Jane Street some of them worked at,Google and they were sort of the,smartest Kids on the Block or that's,what everyone thought they made a lot of,their money on something called the,kimchi premium or at least this The,Story Goes which just to explain that uh,the price of Bitcoin in Korea was,substantially higher than in the rest of,the world and so you could Arbitrage,that by buying Bitcoin elsewhere and,selling it on a Korean exchange so they,made their money early doing kind of,smart trades like that they flip that,into Market making which they were,pretty early on that,um just providing liquidity to an,exchange and it's what's it's a strategy,that is considered delta neutral which,means basically if you take kind of both,sides of the trade and you're making a,spread like a fee on that you make money,whether it goes up or down so in theory,there shouldn't be that much risk,associated with it so Alameda kind of,blew up because they would offer these,people you know people who are giving,out loans they'd say hey we'll give you,this really attractive rate of return,and we're doing strategies that,seemingly are low risk so we're a low,risk bet where these smart kids from,Jane Street and you can kind of trust us,to be this smarter than everyone else,kind of thing uh around 2019 Sam started,FTX which is an exchange uh specifically,it's specialized in derivatives so like,margins kind of more sophisticated,crypto products,and,it got in with binance early on so,binance actually has a prior,relationship to FTX which we'll explore,in a second because they're going to,play a role in ftx's collapse actually,Finance is the number one uh crypto,exchange and they're led by uh he's,called CZ on Twitter I don't want to,butcher his full name but um really,smart guy has played his hand really,well and built up a quite large exchange,and binance was funding a bunch of,different like startups so they funded,they helpe

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Man Arrested Over Twitter!

Man Arrested Over Twitter!

from as been arrested for a tweeting it about an airport,and this happened in uh... great britain,it brought with it at work,insult your for,uh...,guy said that uh... he was really frustrated with uh...,on with this but it was it had been shot down again,and of massive that on,put a red,crap robin hood airport is closed you've got a week and a bit to get your shit,together allies,uh... blowing their poor stack up,he didn't mean he's actually a couple of them,place up and by all accounts it seems like he's flabbergasted by what happened,misery i was just waiting to friends and then all the sudden the cops show up at,my house or the go my god,that was my mom in a car accident what happened though i know you're terrace,and the rest by now at this is really a couple of observation number one,uh...,by this account has and i get this from the independent,it looks like you-know-what,doing whatever you want your probation whatever but i would hope that this guy,generated,but number two,look better be careful,use any email between friends is an email us private,but when you talk with something out is public,so if you say that you have all but airport in public,somebody come,gonna come check that out,so,i'd hear that authorities it seems goofy but they got to go check out these,things matter that they do have consequences,on the other hand,wasn't ascertained the guy who was just,goofing around with present something,load listed this this is why i always connect yeah through houston,is probably the report ideas dodge,i know i don't like their oracle,but how did the authorities check,how did the authorities catch the twenty is what i would ask you,testimony is it a lot of crap out on tweet tweet that ninety nine percent of,it is that,with all due respect a lot of it,you know i'd tweet crap all the time but,you flick you put that out there someone monitoring tweets,even that's amazing part because the rob deserve from president him right is the,prosecutor apparently,and he said the message was picked up by a routine investigation but had no,impact on the airport,they decided that i did just that whatever the cost of mesquite that's a,lot of loose language right there routine investigation,of player,who everyone here someone sitting around a rather not international airport,monitoring tweets,haley got something from gate c thirty six down there,study guide is treated for both available to join up,because that's the guy who,you know perhaps you'd look at another line of employment because the bit of a,waste of time here's my guess is the weather terrace is going to plead his,intention before he blows a plane up yet,mhm now he's going to go to do it different direction pakistan don't like,again this is another example of that sort of ambiguous monitoring of emails,and twitter and their people you know i mean i i get the at,sticks in my crawl maranda its way in advance so that the other day congrats,on a flight we cover the story and kisses tweets at all on sit next to an,air marshal,is not cool or something,whenever he goes ballistic while we give away their mark,is is a terrorist on the same plane also using twitter going all their parcels of,air marshals into b but and then,the compression story gets out because she is three million followers on,twitter so it becomes a story how this tweet ever got caught me i don't know,everybody knows that terrorists use face book not twitter,and spoke with the hottest authorities should be looking at this moment i don't,want to other people are very excited about their business market just expand,it just got so much better,use it,and we don't know how to react is online eleven they didn't have quit,so we don't know how they really wrote it down in a memo and mailed it,to the government,that's all they happened outside affair wrote it down a very specific language,in the letter and said it,over to the state department thing exactly what they were going to be doing,right now with a share of the things like recession with the bush,administration but literally said at up on his ranch,to the c_i_a_ officer who coach if you are not memo,are you cover your ass cargo jeff at ectopic,before we did been putting back uh... and they were among the trees like this,so,uh... we hope that uh... policy brazil be alright and he's from those of us,about what we've all learned a lesson,ivy you work that i think as recruiting anything at an airport anymore,presidential

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Yale bomb threats: Multiple threats called in to campus, buildings evacuated | LiveNOW from FOX

Yale bomb threats: Multiple threats called in to campus, buildings evacuated | LiveNOW from FOX

basically there was a call that came,into the new haven non-emergency number,at 1 51 in the afternoon,about a bomb threat the individual,reference specific locations,and,we passed along that information quickly,to the elpd,and they have evacuated the areas,between york elm college and crown,before i hand it over to chief dominguez,wanted to say,thank you to new haven police department,new haven fire department and the yale,pd for acting so quickly we take these,threats very very seriously and clearly,are looking to track down the individual,that made this call,and i'll all hands over to chief james,hello everybody so just to add on to,what the mayor has already said new,haven pd and obviously yale pd are,working in conjunction currently we do,have our,emergency services activated,specifically our hdu unit with our bomb,dogs,the area will be shut down for a,considerable amount of time because at,some point we will have to make sure all,the buildings are safe we have called in,extra resources in terms of other,explosive dogs just because what we have,locally is not nearly enough just to,make able to make sure that we are,keeping everybody safe and we are doing,a thorough job,i will turn it over to chief higgins,just more specifics for what is specific,to yale but,this area you can,anticipate we will be shut down for,several hours,just in order to make sure that we are,safe we are doing everything to make,sure that the surrounding areas the,students the community,are are safe and we're treating this as,if it is a legitimate threat however at,this time we are still working on all of,the,who the caller was and everything that,happened it did come into our,non-emergency our psap did a fantastic,job trying to get as much information,and keeping the individual on the phone,as long as we possibly could so that we,can get as much information to be able,to give to both detective divisions and,to both police departments i'll turn it,over to chief higgins,hi good afternoon everyone,my name is ron l higgins i am the chief,of police and director of public safety,at yale university upon receiving,information from the new haven police,department this afternoon,the yale police immediately began to,evacuate students and other community,members visitors as well from the yale,buildings that were identified,we immediately sent out a text message,to the entire university indicating the,buildings that were identified so that,members would also get this information,on their phones as well,all the buildings have been evacuated,students and others have been moved to,locations indoors initially they were,outdoor staging on the new haven green,and other open spaces they are now in,locations around the campus so they can,be warm make calls to do what they need,to do,this is an ongoing investigation we are,thankful,thankful,for our partnership with the new haven,police department and the city of new,haven thank you mayor thank you chief,alston and your team as well,i've also been in contact with,commissioner jim rovella of the,connecticut state police who is also,sending resources into new haven as well,to assist with this endeavor,i wish i had it right now but pretty,soon the university is going to be,posting information on a website,which will provide updates to the media,and anyone else thank you,chief dominguez uh do you have any,information as to,the number of buildings that have been,cleared uh given the all clear or we,still don't know that yet no buildings,have been given the all clear we're,still it's still an active investigation,we do have the number we do have the,buildings that was given to yale um that,we have evacuated so at this time we're,still,very actively investigating and nothing,has been cleared yet and how many,buildings have been evacuated,let me be more specific first and,foremost the website that you'll be able,to get information from is, that's,,the buildings that were identified were,the university theater jonathan edwards,yale art gallery vanderbilt hall bingham,hall weltshore and grace hopper,and what time did you get the call or,what time did the police not even know,we received we received the call from,new haven just after 2pm this afternoon,and,many people have been evacuated from all,those buildings,i don't have a rough count of of how,many people have been evacuated but as,you can imagine some of these are a,residential college dormitory so there's,several hundred students that live in a,residential college dormitory just to be,clear,seven buildings actually had the threat,but who said before all buildings were,evacuated is that still does that if i,say that if i said that i misspoke but,all buildings have not been accurate at,least seven buildings,he did not provide a reason,uh i'm not going to get into anything,else that the caller may or may not have,said at this time and we heard reports,that other buildings will be evacuated,later is there a particular reason wh

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What Recent HBCU Bomb Threats Say About the State of Racism in America

What Recent HBCU Bomb Threats Say About the State of Racism in America

Hi.,Welcome back to the show.,The last two years have been extremely hard,for college students.,But for some, going to class is only getting scarier., More than a dozen historically Black colleges and universities,were flooded with bomb threats this week on the first day,of Black History Month.,REPORTER: At least 18 HBCUs have had,class disruptions in the past two days due to bomb threats., Jesus Christ.,There are about 100 historically Black colleges,and universities, or HBCUs, across the US,,and more than two dozen have faced bomb threats this year.,That is a huge percentage of schools, though I can't tell,you exactly how huge because I never had the benefit,of an HBCU education.,I just got an associate's degree from the Toronto,Institute of Technology.,Go TITs!,Thankfully, no bombs were found on any of the campuses,,and the FBI is investigating six suspects.,But that's really beside the point., Just because no bombs were found,,it does not mean harm was not done., The psychological trauma that has,been brought on by the threats is very, very severe., I'm not going to lie, it was kind of scary., Definitely takes a toll on us mentally., It was very concerning because why,are we receiving bomb threats?,For what?,We are just students trying to go get our education., She's right.,The only thing college students should have to worry about,is years of crippling student loan debt.,But unfortunately, racists terrorizing,HBCUs isn't a new development., The vast majority of these more,than 100 institutions have been around,since the mid-19th century.,And from their inception, they have just simply been,targets of domestic terrorism.,THOMAS HUDSON: When you think about the mission of HBCU,,it's long been a safe haven for African-Americans,to access their education and really achieve their dreams.,And that runs counter to the whole idea of white supremacy., Trying to deny Black people education,is textbook American racism.,Incidentally, the only book about racism that racists,don't want to ban.,Back in the Antebellum South, the only thing,that scandalized white people more,than Scarlet O'Hara's red dress was,a Black person who could read.,There was a growing belief that an educated enslaved person was,a dangerous person, and enslavers blamed,Black literacy for uprisings like the 1831,rebellion led by Nat Turner.,In most Southern states, anyone caught,teaching an enslaved person to read,would be fined, imprisoned or whipped.,And enslaved people suffered even,more horrific punishments, from savage beatings to amputation.,And these attitudes weren't just limited to the South., Educational opportunities for free Black children,,particularly in higher education,,were quite limited, even in the North., This letter is from the mayor of New Haven, Connecticut.,And it says, "the location of a college of Blacks,here would be totally ruinous to the city.", This explains New Haven's confusing town motto,,the South will rise again, but in the North this time.,Some white Northern schools did allow Black students,,but they still faced overt racism and discrimination.,HBCUs were founded to fill these needs,even before the Civil War.,More than 90 HBCUs were established between 1861,and 1900, and they're just as vital now,as they were at their founding.,WOMAN: Black colleges are spaces where,Black people are affirmed.,MAN: There remains a significant racial gap,in degree attainment.,But this gap is shrinking, thanks,to these Black institutions., These institutions punch above their weight,when it comes to developing the talent society needs., Although HBCUs make up only 3% of four-year colleges,in the country, they graduate 80% of Black judges,,50% of Black doctors, and roughly 50% of Black teachers.,HBCUs also disproportionately enroll,low-income and first-generation students,,and have been proven to accelerate economic mobility,for Black graduates.,But despite how much HBCUs have given us,,America has never given enough back.,A law passed in 1890 required states,,especially former Confederate ones,,to provide land grants for HBCUs.,And many land grant institutions are supposed,to receive one to one matching funds,from their respective states.,But surprise, surprise, that hasn't,been happening for years.,States have been cheating HBCUs out of hundreds of millions,of dollars for decades.,MAN: What we've been seeing is that, while the US government,has been willing to fund what these schools need and deserve,,the states will not put that one to one dollar match there.,And so those states are using those fundings,,that funding money for HBCUs to something different., Yeah, like how Arkansas spent its entire education,matching funds on a boob job.,Though I have to admit, she looks great.,Even worse, the rising college costs, student loan crisis,,and federal budget cuts that have,broadly impacted higher education,are straight up killing HBCUs.,Several have closed, and even some of the most renowned,schools are struggling., The first HBCU

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The Most Iconic Caster Reactions in CS:GO History

The Most Iconic Caster Reactions in CS:GO History

and now it's all on guardian will he try,and hold the off he gets the shot onto,apex is he going to try and go huge here,can he hits on sight straight in his,face doesn't hit the nose go,doesn't hit the pistol,would you believe it the balls on that,man to go for that play,and make it 5-3 navi,my stakes is charging into the sight,pronounced will get him get right,we'll get down jw there's 16 seconds,left and now who comes up from behind,the bomb is down but al's got him,trapped and the corneal drop,the finish player is gone and now it's a,2v2 retake for an ip,to hold on to this to not lose the grand,finals pronax,and crims they just need to two kills,here and they will win it,for the second time pronax with one,fryeburg oh my god,he's freeze down he gets both kills and,the grand final continues,15-13,songs aside ten seconds of one's gonna,have a wide open sight here,he could plan towards the hunt he could,plan towards bank and make this really,interesting you know,five seconds he knows it yeah he's gonna,get that bomb down,right in the nick of time and navi are,gonna be sitting there quite literally,on the opposite side of the map,and he is just waving a flag saying come,and get me,17 points of health in a dream this,would be an ace clutch from fallen,i'm believing you're a bit of a believer,would you suggest that you don't want to,stop believing,why don't you cast around okay tacks up,one he's gonna get back,i'm starting to believe as well henry,because he's gonna take inflation,stop blowing my mind this is gonna be,absolute madness a round,that we will forget because there goes,zeus saving the day for nafi but could,you,stop he's actually got away with it zeus,is out of the round,no way oh my god,comes out worse for where in the foreign,neo gone guardian wraps back around then,it's gonna be bialy down in the end,to just snacks does find one let's not,leave him out of this,the big apple and snacks is hungry he's,got one kill already on the usp,low hp as well on guardian and flame,he's trying to bait them out trying to,get them into one on ones as he dances,back and forth between the box what a,shot on simple,oh guardian bye bye and it's on to,blaming he's tapped in flaming,what in god's name is that from stacks,unbelievable,i've never seen anything like it what,the hell was that,we are on the verge of getting to that,ever so important round uh gonna add a,little bit of another nail to that,coffin,as edward is your last man standing,supreme play on the first map a little,quiet here,bomb is gonna go down and it's a 1v3,this is it,he's got it all to play for now m4 in,hand has got a molotov as well smoke,goes down he's on the other side of it,oh,could make something of this you know,that all three players are waiting for,he's gonna push through how is this,gonna go down,this is insane edwards he gets one,he gets two it's down to a 151 here a,trend,against edward thumb planted smoke in,edward that molly goes out,and trades on it oh and edward goes wild,in the final seconds keeping navi alive,wants to try and hold off the rotations,oscar's gone chris isn't up still in the,picture,oh still very much in the realm oh chris,he's found three it's down to it two one,two,chris can he close this with an x oh my,god,chris the wolf of wall street gets an,ace,and it's championship point mouse sports,holding strong luminosity they're not,showing themselves they're not giving,them any opening rpk,pushing into the back and he goes down,to cold serum it's all on shocks he,picks up one,and goes back for more he has no,grenades luminosity,in overtime here looking for the shot,shots gonna pick up one more,triple for him oh he gets the quad kill,are you kidding me,he gets every single one and keeps the,dream alive,one of the maddest retakes i have ever,seen,back to what you want to that bomb so,far take they gotta move quick right now,they're going for it the defuse is,already happening hey girl you're,kidding me,he's gonna go for it they win the round,he go fix up a triple a cloud nine win,it what still for the time being,the floodgates haven't been open just,yet but sk,at least we'll get on to the site and,get the one planted and put the pressure,now,in the hands of mouse sports that looked,like it was very close to landing and i,think fallen even,assumed that was the case as well but,after he's missed that shot,that could be the difference maker here,in this round dennis is spamming up,through the bench,leaving coldzera in a one-on-four,there's the first,looking for a snack and he connects it,oh and he gets a third as well,surely he's not gonna pull this one up,oh caldera,the man the myth the beast what a play,fugly this is going to be another two on,three retake for the cloud9 side,stewie2k fast through the bee halls they,have nobody watching it or at least,nobody up in the halls to watch it,nice break from him but it's going to be,all down to stewie,oh my god what the,pardon my french i apologize but that,spray transfer was,p

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Military Bootlicking is a Disease

Military Bootlicking is a Disease

hi welcome to boot camp by watching this,video you've actually signed a,contractual agreement to join my,standing army welcome aboard the,American Military to no one's surprise,is the largest in the world by an,extreme margin American Military,presence litters the globe and there's,guaranteed to be more military,operations and bases than what's known,to the public America's military stands,at over 2 million recruits including,those in the reserves that's more than,half of the total military members in,China a country with more than four,times the population but in the last few,years Recruitment and approval for the,military is down severely which you'd,think would be a good thing I mean I,think it's pretty awesome but ghoulish,bloodthirsty evil Maniacs are not super,fond of that there's really no excuse,for defending the military in any way if,you have any awareness of what they do,and have done around the world,throughout history and it's a nuanced,conversation from a leftist perspective,as well because of predatory recruitment,practices the American Military serves,as basically a poverty draft where many,young people don't feel like they have,anything else going for them and their,promise that if they sell their body to,the American state it's their only,opportunity for college or health care,or any sort of upward social Mobility,they want people to feel this way as,Americans we have been conditioned,mainly by media to think that war is a,cool and fun thing for people to do that,our troops overseas are actually doing a,righteous and Justified act but if you,were to ask anyone on the street what,the American Military is doing right now,who were at war against and what the,goals are what the are they gonna,say in that hypothetical fighting,terrorism is probably the answer you're,going to get most often and to a lot of,people with not a lot of Education that,sounds like a good thing but that's,actually the propaganda talking it's,difficult to imagine yourself in the,position of people who become,radicalized to be terrorists or what the,United States designates as terrorists,but every time a foreign country invades,another and starts killing the people in,the country it stirs radicalization in,that country we've created more,terrorists by far than we could ever,kill in fact Al Qaeda you know the 911,guys were funded and trained by the CIA,when they were known as the mujahideen,to fight the Soviet invasion of,Afghanistan and that's just one example,but anywhere in the world where leftist,ideology arises the American government,will fund and train to no end the most,vicious and brutal right-wing,reactionary groups and in some cases,will let them take over the entire,government to disastrous results now,this might seem a little dark for a,silly commentary video on your computer,but it's important to remember these,kinds of things when conservatives whine,endlessly about how woke the military,has become woke,the guys who do imperialism I'm starting,to think that woke just might mean a,thing I don't like for conservatives,what do you know so with all of that in,mind I found a couple of videos talking,about how woke the military is,now and how it brings the downfall of,Western Civilization because,why wouldn't it,the first example of a video I found,chronicling the downfall of the American,Military,oh that was crazy is from a channel,called Jameson's travels who may look,familiar to you because we did a video,on his side channel that at the time I,did not know was his side Channel Odin's,men almost a year ago now remembering,people of the ABC Mafia just wanted to,be accepted feel loved just do their,thing that was it now we got people,goofing on we'll call the normies and I,guess this is the way it goes if you're,not part of it we got to take a giant,dump on you the alphabet Mafia let's,just not glaze past that one right away,oh on this channel he talks about his,former military experience as a marine,with bangers like top Stolen Valor,moments just look how sad he is Stolen,Valor definitely is not a victimless,crime uh and I I want to understand,white rage and I'm white and I want to,understand it I think the U.S failure in,Afghanistan was not the failure solely,of the US military although we certainly,bear responsibility for that but a whole,of government approach that simply,failed this is the story story of a,soldier who operates your nation's,Patriot missile defense systems,begins in California,with a little girl raised by two moms,I've read Mao seitung I've read I've,read Karl Marx I've read Lenin epistema,is pretty incredible RF pauses job,offers for white men to meet impossible,diversity Target all right I gave you a,little appetizer did you guys like your,appetizer did it make sense to you I've,read miles seitan I've read I've read,Karl Marx I've read Lennon this is,classic Odin's men slash Jamison's,travels content a barrage of loosely,associated Clips with zero commentary,that end whenever they feel like

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