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Isaiah Rashad tape leak exposes him as a DL rapper| Is TDE trying to silence this story?i have anoth


Updated on Jan 28,2023

Isaiah Rashad tape leak exposes him as a DL rapper| Is TDE trying to silence this story?

i have another video for you guys well,it looks like isaiah rashad has been,forced out of the closet the tde artist,was outed when a video of him performing,oral on another man leaked onto the,internet another video leaked of him,receiving oral from two men while gay,adult videos played in the background,showtime i got my i got i got my little,homies here and they paid me to pull up,they wanted me to show you something i'm,doing something together,yeah,so don't put it on me,for those of you who are unfamiliar with,rashad he is an american rapper assigned,to top dog entertainment the same label,as both sizza and kendrick lamar rashad,has been featured on multiple scissor,songs as of now there isn't any word on,who leaked these videos while being,outed is a terrible frightening,experience in itself i can only imagine,how even more frightening it is to open,up your twitter or instagram and see,videos of you in intimate moments,plastered all over the internet for,everyone to see rashad has been vocal,about battling both depression and drug,dependency in the past so i can only,imagine how tough a situation like this,is for him mentally fortunately many of,his fans and non-fans have been voicing,support for the rapper all the while,condemning those who are responsible for,the videos leaking it's good to see that,progress is being made in accepting,non-heterosexual artists in this day and,age especially in cases like this where,someone's private intimate business is,exposed for millions of people to see,and while it's always unfortunate to,hear that somebody was outed i do think,rashad being outed shows people that you,just can't assume what somebody's sexual,orientation is or just assume that being,gay looks a certain way for everybody he,honestly just presents like your typical,masculine conscious rap artist i always,say that anybody can be into the same,sex it doesn't matter how masculine or,feminine they present themselves to the,public now i did a little bit more,digging and i found that rashad has two,children with two different baby mothers,which made me wonder were they aware of,a sexual orientation or was he on the,download this entire time for the sake,of everyone involved i really hope that,rashad was open with his baby mothers,about his orientation ahead of time but,knowing how most men who are not out,operate i wouldn't hold my breath the,last thing i want to talk about,concerning the story and something that,is an eyebrow razor for me is how there,seems to be this media blackout on,reporting on this story now a few,smaller websites have covered and talked,about the story but no major hip-hop,site or publication has touched it not,the shade room not media takeout not,complex and not hot new hip hop which,makes me wonder did rashad's label top,dog entertainment maybe entice these,sites or maybe even threaten these sites,not to say anything about it hip-hop is,still overwhelmingly homophobic tde,doesn't exactly strike me as the most,accepting label and i'm sure that the,last thing they want coming out is that,one of their male artists was exposed,for performing oral on another man the,fact that the shade room hasn't said,anything about the story kind of tells,me everything that i need to know i mean,just think about it since when does the,shade room have a moral compass on what,or what not to post somebody definitely,put a gag order out on this story,anyways let me know what you guys think,in the comments below this is such a,wild story don't forget to like and,subscribe i will see you in the next,video thank you for watching

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Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video Twitter | Isaiah Rashad Reddit Video Goes Viral - Explained

Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video Twitter | Isaiah Rashad Reddit Video Goes Viral - Explained

hey guys welcome back one more video has,gone viral on social media izara rasada,leaked video on instagram tutor reddit,what's happened everything you need to,know izara rasad personal information is,apparently being leaked which appears to,be a false as it does not come from a,reliable source izara rasad joel mclean,is an american rapper his first big,break was performing on the 2012,smoker's club toured with rappers juicy,jeju badass and smock djed a among,others,not only is the izara assad thing a city,situation because someone's private sex,step is being leaked without their,permission but they also basically outed,someone's sexuality to the whole world,for what exactly,no new music was gained so while leak it,bando and izara rasad saved the video of,their first two collaborative single pd,the track was an important milestone in,bando's young career the dallas native,had moderate success in his hometown,releasing a string of songs as b ederson,but he did not draw off his first two,widely used ifs until 2020 when he,changed his name and moved to los,angeles greenhouse and bell flower pd,finds his popularity escalating with,izara rasa's trades in the two weeks,since its release it has been esteemed,more than,860,thousands times on spotify more than,four times his previous high water mark,if's jaw was the prison through which i,perceive tax as first ride in a clown,car,aizara rasad has also been busy,returning from a 5 year hiatus to,announce his july 2021 album the house,is burning in the federals may cover,story in november he released the long,awaited deluxe edition of the lp which,included four new tracks,payday is a victory for the texans and,the chattanooga made aiza rasad who has,worked in the los angeles for nearly a,decade its new video gives the duo a lap,of victory in their adopted city the,smooth black and white processing,features a sword that quickly scans los,angeles landscapes from inside the,studio and venue and rapidly suits a,machine that automatically counts,hundred dollars bills,so guys what do you think about izar,rasad leaked video on tutor reddit and,instagram so don't forget to like share,and comment i hope you like this,information so do subscribe my youtube,channel and press the bell icon for,latest videos thank you

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Nardwuar vs. Isaiah Rashad

Nardwuar vs. Isaiah Rashad

who are you I'm Isaiah Rashad Isaiah,Rashad welcome to South by Southwest,Austin Texas,Thank You Nora right after bad Isaiah I,have a gift for you,but you got something to welcome you to,Texas right here some Frankie Beverly,amazing,okay I'm a little surprised I'm a little,I'm waiting I want to see you tell the,people about Frankie Beverly and maze,Frankie Beverly amaze was probably the,main thing that my girl ma played in my,house when I was growing up a favorite,song was happy feelings so I was,probably my favorite song I was too,happy first yeah Frank your family and,he was always clean you see him oh oh,he's a clean one Oh is fresh you know,Frankie bear with you what I was,wondering about Mao the pimp he's in,your video I'm out of pimp yeah and,Vinnie Vinnie the shark,yeah very shocked mount a pill it was,crazy,real big in Chattanooga back in like the,90s man like not easy it was really,great it was real crazy they came out to,my video I show love for me it just,popped up on me okay,Alton Park Oh Park you tell me what the,hell done Park yeah on part there's,another place that kind of tore down and,I rebuilt it into something most are you,Anders Fox sector what's Fox sector like,East Chattanooga Oh it he's deli,shares or a kid be it every when I'm in,checked when I'm back at home this might,be a check he's dead can't cool chicken,like this would be talking my already,guy we got the place I look going to a,old plantation and she like that that's,well my homies pair I kick it now headin,back to Nashville doc Oh McFly Dunkleman,flats to homie well yeah what you know,about that go what can you tell the,people Jaco McFly and Isaiah Rashad oh,deco zydeco as a producer out of,Nashville's also rapper he was probably,kind of put me on to the crowd and,naturally gave my first show when I came,out there he put me a open up form for,everybody else,open I came home last and I had no,project didn't nobody know how it was he,just Isaiah Rashad here we are,at Austin Texas you get hungry but if,you're back in Chattanooga you love the,crystals I love crosses you burgers have,you eaten at the crystals 18 what still,record for eating crystal burgers like,18 is pretty incredible have you any,idea what the record is like for,competitive eating I 140 103 Wow 140,yeah they won't forty will you tell,somebody you've eaten 18 burgers today,sort of freak out don't know they,probably think I'm because it's,like white council except way better the,steak in the sack the steak in the sack,acres yo that's my every time first,thing I get Loch Ness quote we're loving,your dreadlocks begins,yeah be trying to help people really,love hey like she really should really,she's intense about this stuff is good,like that she's had it for about four,years,and Tuesday is bring a friend a Tuesday,is bring a friend day and I think,Wednesday's senior citizen day have you,brought any friends to your mom's shop,at all have any rappers been hurt on she,done any rappers or rock and rollers,no nobody believe me when I say my mom,has the gift of God no I understand it,but yeah sure when he come through we,had opportunity to introduce nobody to,my mom's yet except Chris are my own me,Chris behind you be he didn't you don't,want to get dressed yet make some,incredible weaves doesn't she just,incredible some of the stuff she can do,that's are especially right the weaves,the dreads I'm really good my mama put,in we we shouldn't really like this all,like yes you do we don't really get,contain original products and I surely,do pride okay anything like that and I,have a gift for your mom Isaiah Rashad,some Johnny Mathis because I've seen,that she's into the Johnny Mathis in her,shop yeah yo you see that we are,Isaiah Rashad we have to know that no as,creepy bro that's really creepy man like,I was trying to play you like your,message is knowledgeable this is creepy,I don't you know about my mom I,don't know that's not what's up I say,Rashad how dedicated are you to,knowledge I'm pretty dedicated oh,I think so you're up early today and you,up really early today I'm up about six,o'clock in the morning everyday falling,asleep you fall asleep on the toilet a,few times working on lyrics I fell,asleep on the toilet right no paper no,lyrics that would have been just some,overly dedicated I was I was on,adderall from like college days and like,I crash at the last moment on the toilet,bat I mean huh,bad terrible do you want to do on,the essay or this a bro,awesome never never felt it well it was,good luck then I guess so I guess the or,distraction wanted to didn't end well,you know about that talk about your AC,Rashad we have to know about that man,you know my don't know you read,my own Me's don't know how to get in,contact with you man I didn't know you,checked all these man,like where you coming from I shot your,songs are awesome I really love your,songs especially because some of are so,short they're like really Punk I love to,waiter like really Punk what do you,think abo

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Anthony Fantano DESTROYED By Isaiah Rashad on Twitter!!!

Anthony Fantano DESTROYED By Isaiah Rashad on Twitter!!!

punk revolution now take a wild guess,who is once again in the middle of a,bunch of drama and criticism and,controversy basically on twitter for,being a freaking idiot,you guessed it anthony fantano this guy,can't do anything right on twitter he,needs to unblock me and he needs to,apologize for being a freaking idiot,in this particular controversy with,rapper isaiah rashad,anthony fantano gets so owned it,is extremely satisfying so i uh,i really enjoy this so basically what,happens here is we have isaiah rashad,who is a very talented rapper who's,released already a number of very,successful releases he releases recently,his his sophomore album,the house is burning and this the house,is burning just has a ton of hype going,into it,because i say rashad like i said he's,released great albums,he he took a long time to finally,release this one because he was having,some personal,issues that really kind of dragged out,the process to make this album and,finally,it comes out and i'm not kidding you,with you folks like this i say ever shot,album is,really really good i love,southern hip-hop and this album is just,like so smooth,such a wonderful creative and unique,execution of southern hip-hop i think,it's ,fantastic and then take a while guess,what anthony fantano does,anthony fantano being just anthony,fantano,gives this album a 5 out of 10 which is,absolutely ridiculous i think,that's a really important part of the,story,most people are are not aware of is that,this album,is not a 5 out of 10 no matter how you, process it anthony fantano is,always like,oh i'm a music critic it's my job to be,to,just give my opinion and if you disagree,while it's just a music opinion so back,off,as if that's like a kind of like a,blanket excuse and protects him,from all criticism over the fact that,sometimes his reviews like this 5 out of,10 are ,lazy and outrageous and probably are,driven by by ,views rather than anything that has to,do with the music and that's outrageous,but this is the awesome part which is,isaiah rashad i'm giving you so much,credit here i say rashad this is so, badass despite the fact that i,say rashad is inevitably gonna get a lot,of backlash for this,isaiah rashad speaks out and criticizes,anthony fantano for this,with a tweet you gotta check out this,tweet let me read it right now it's not,experimental enough,to excite him basic enough to make him,laugh,and too black for him to identify my,public persona,isn't something to deconstruct so he,doesn't have much to review,i'm guessing it's just for views if,anything i say rashad,you have earned so much respect,from me because,obviously with this tweet you're getting,a ton of backlash lots of people running,to defend anthony fantano,oh i say rashad you're so sensitive you,can't take you can't take criticism you,can't accept the fact that your album's,mid blah blah blah blah,all that no i say rashad i'm so,glad you spoke up,because you perfectly captured,everything that's just such, about anthony fantano or he's,clearly just trying to get, views like if this i mean if you,really don't like this isaiah rashad,album i cannot see you giving it,anything lower,than like a 6.5 out of 10. you still got,to acknowledge,there's lots of talent and creativity,there even if it's not your taste and i,can honestly see if you really like this,album you can i can see someone giving,it a nine or out of ten or higher i,think it's really dope,a five out of ten is just it's just, ridiculous and of course anthony,fantano responds on twitter to this,tweet,uh with a honestly what i perceive to be,a very unsatisfying response,anthony says you guys can lash out,psychoanalyze or whatever out of,disagreement with me,comes with the territory but no i'm not,genuinely out to make anyone feel bad,about something they've made or enjoyed,and i really don't think i'm worth all,the controversy but,have it your way i'm not upset or,anything just responding to something,somebody said and clarifying so there,you have anthony fantano obviously he's,not going to be able to give a very,satisfying response because isaiah,rashad basically owned his ass,and destroyed him so hard,there's no recovering for anthony,fantano oh i'm not worth the controversy,i'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings,ignore the fact that i'm the most, powerful music critic in the,world and,i have the power to make or break your,career and i if i give a lazy review,that can really you over all you,know all that jazz and lots of people,come running to defend anthony fantano,and then we get punch,who is the president of top dog,entertainment the record label that,releases isaiah shaw's music punch jumps,in with a tweet,this is what he says how do you prepare,to listen to and critique,black music what's your routine just,curious because the black experience,through music is pretty nuanced just,wondering how you go about it,i want to give punch a lot of credit for,this tweet because it's very respectful,and he's asking some,very valid

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Video Print: Isaiah Rashad

Video Print: Isaiah Rashad

growin up on my child's head licking my,face looking place what was i what's,today February 13 2014,always I okay chested okay Japanese they,always hate you Community,College yeah I'm ready I was doing that,and I was working at forever 21,damn I met Dave over at dinner random,and then I'm gonna top bible week later,but some type of way met with my own,attention and you introduce me today I,know it was Dave freethought like Big,Sean it's just I sure do me I was now,his day you were saying I'm like I know,who day for you I don't know his face,but no day for you it was it was my,first time at his service I was knows,the first thing I went to indoors and,that cost or someone I met Dane I might,I get much together I was hit back to be,more like I what do I say to,say yeah I'm right now chill out,it might be cool I'm saying,you know love the look the cool ice,cover I'm gonna chop it up I was it man,it's really like Simon the signing point,like everything posts I know it's,probably the easiest part in my story it,was like I gotta like earn you guys,respect I was kind of like trying to,seek their approval a little bit you,know I'm saying,and inside certain songs the top the,first time because he was pressing man,he was present studio,I'm saying and in like you get like a,message from him and you get a message,like punch to get a message to like Dave,it's like they all trying to give you,like the right guys and everything it,kind of telling you different things,like to tell you to like work and,they're like relax you know I'm saying,thinking ahead and then it's kind of do,all that at one time when I knew I,was getting Sun and even prior to it,like I was always trying to find some,type of way to like come up like get my,foot in the door I'm saying I felt like,I was gonna do it regardless I just feel,like this is a oh this is probably I,mean this is the best situation they,probably could happen to me I'm saying,but adjustments becoming easier before I,before I Sonic CD I never I never before,sin CD I never been anywhere you just,have the kids are like not having him,around me made me feel kind of bummed me,half the time his mom it takes me and be,like so and just edit it over so I would,do,I'm in New York they like me we taste,them all so I want to take over when I,take my son like in blow I do everything,with it be cool you're like like couple,months back in that like it's been yours,here these thank you,the only questions you now get on my,nerves the phrasing of questions about,me my son people ask people gonna ask,you the same question regards it is the,phrasing yo like the way you phrase it,can make it we really create a creative,question other than that I'll be cool,yeah I signed up for this is about me -,dude I'm saying you don't get me out ask,the question there's only time to go,when there's somebody doesn't I don't,know who I am and they've just been,assigned,so I ask you a question and it's like,bro my cousin might even see me these,over I can just Duggan's it's tight from,yourself back to you like that type of,stuff,this was tight about my I'm the my,producers on the were garbage when,I met him I will I'll say this ,like no camera like my producers were,garbage when I met them like we,ain't been together since I signed the,team and my been together for,like we're like three years I'm a little,brother time keeping producer for me,since late 2011 and then Chris been,producing for missus starting eleven and,then Ross been mixing for me since 2011,but like my mixes were like I'm saying,like I was garbage back then my delivery,wasn't all that tight I'm saying like to,me I'm saying I live in this now yeah oh,she was wack I'm saying oh my who,women like majority project they came up,like the way the same way that I've come,up like practicing my they came in,from up on its own,we had a sound you trying to go for it,we kind of lost it though I can't even,front like it when I look at the hole,I'd be like whoa interview I'm saying,like we want to have you sound like from,6 p.m. to 6 a.m. type of I don't,think it sounds like that but I like,that I can I can listen to the you,like and then means like to me because,like I wasn't listening to my project,I'm saying like I think we did it like I,hate I hate I was so hot for like 2,weeks I was like this I was like I,was like I hate these mixes I'm like I,hate these mixes I hate the way this, sounds I hate the way this ,feels I was so all myself on some like,first like this is my first project type,of is my first up so critical,of it and then when we put it out it was,like I make the songs that I hated just,like the ones that like I don't even,hate this homes,it was just songs I like so much I,wanted them to sound exactly how I want,him to sound and it was like damn I so,easily just win you any time but, like I he was lazy couldn't hit the,grammar making babies I'm crazy smoke a,bouquet kind of,Pushing Daisies like a romance pushing,link appliance like a program I've been,on

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Isaiah Rashad - I Shot You Down

Isaiah Rashad - I Shot You Down

I take a dragon to sweat I feel anxious,bit dangerous just a verbal of piss,it's reflecting my shadow,I'm in the fight I feel like talking my, come in the house second friendly,you can suck my dick a brand for some,girl rappers in the Fleetwood where I,gotta bring my a-game you just because,we don't wanna hit that weak ,pick up rocking old floors Conroe Center,beeper he hoes you hard,and they ain't even trippin cuz we be,laughing to the back and ride by these,knees Mike you bringing me with your,load buddy Billy Brotherhood in the, trunk bring the party grab name,I'll shut you down now your brain oh,hell no cut just what you do no no I,came I saw I shut you down,now I Banga Banga Blanca what'd you do,now I shut you down no sensitive ,I shut you down,Oh,I'll shut you down oh hi these ,but you do now now I came I saw I,conquered,I'll shut you down now you brain no and,all cultures don't make a sound,now I came I saw I conquered but you do,now now your brain no have no conscious,but you do don't make us beat

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Let's Talk About Isaiah Rashad... (Link Provided)

Let's Talk About Isaiah Rashad... (Link Provided)

what up you guys your brother trey um,man i,didn't even really know where to start,with this video,but um obviously if you guys have seen,but if you haven't seen it isaiah rashad,has,a video leaked of him giving head to,another guy,and he is also receiving head from other,guys,and,the entire internet is is in disbelief,because they can't believe that this,type of goes on in the music,industry especially from someone like,isaiah rashad,it's a little wild man he was uh,actually,strung out on a ton of drugs which is,why we haven't heard anything from him,for a long time because he was,trying to recover from all from his drug,addiction,but he was making some fantastic music,when he started to come out man i,absolutely loved silicoy i loved i loved,a lot of his music man modest,and heavenly father jordan,man was a lot of good uh what's wrong,man and even his last previous album he,came out was pretty it was it was good,and,i i'm starting to understand and i,understand that especially when it comes,to the black community we just don't,like to accept our black brothers almost,no matter what they do unless this,athlete unless it's athletic sports,or it's rapping or killing we like we,love some drug dealers and some killers,and some rappers and some, athletes oh don't forget an,actor almost anything else you know,still kind of goes under the radar give,you a little bit of clout but it goes,under the radar in the black community,it's just the way it is and if you want,to change that then you need to actively,consciously consciously,start showing support to the brothers,out here that are actually doing,something that's not athletics,that's not rapping it's not, drug dealing you've actually got,to start doing that even other brothers,man you see another another brother out,there dressed up in a nice suit so i'll,be like bro you look good man like not,even hitting on you no no other ,like that just want to tell you man it's,a good look from i i do that i go out my,i go out my,way if i see another brother i'm i,digress,anyways,i know the political correct thing to,say is like man,this is okay why are you worrying about,what another person a grown adult is,doing so many women and even a lot of,guys are gonna be like yeah exactly,but we gotta have standards,man we gotta have some standards and,some like this i think it's it's,also this idea of if you were this way,i mean just be cool with it just say it,man like what what is it it's you would,rather tell somebody than have someone,else tell them what you've done,because then,someone has so much more respect for you,as opposed to being ousted by the ,that you've done,you know i'm saying if someone's got,some some on you we've seen,examples of it i think drake did it,right pusha t, found out about adonis,and so drake just let it out he's like, you guys,yeah i got a son i'm not gonna hear sit,here tonight,now this is something that,i'm i don't know if isaiah richard is,gonna do but it's so much better to just,own up to your life and own up to the,decisions that you make own up to the,life you want to live man people can can,respect that even if they disagree with,your decisions your life choices we can,still respect it if you move ethically,if you move in alignment with yourself,and like that and so i think that's,one of the things that we kind of feel,slighted about this whole isaiah rashad,it's like bro this came out of,nowhere what the bro like we didn't,even hear no rumors about the we,just got a full-blown ass video,god damn two videos like bro what the, so if you looking for the video man,i know people are gonna hate me for this, but there's a twitter handle um,by the name of playtime barbie with two,e's at the end yes weird goddamn,um they have the videos up on twitter uh,of the videos,um of isaiah rashad and it's um it's,disturbing man it's it's it's crazy it's,actually it's actually like you know but,anyways,um i do want to address this idea of um,homosexuality in the way that it's just,pervading itself and,and men in general man like it's not,even just a black or white thing i will,get into the race,double standards but,i want to talk about this first i just,did a video on vr chat and the um rise,of erp which is erotic role play within,the virtual reality space where people,take on,you know sexual,essentially virtual sex social virtual,sex in the virtual reality space and the,thing that i noticed was that in the,interview the host of the channel,interviewed two,guys that,were in the avatar of women and,one of the guys said i operate on two,rules whenever i'm in this erp space,first rule,everyone is a guy unless proven,otherwise and so what that means is that,there's a lot of guys out here wanting,to be women there's a lot of guys out,here that just want to experiment with,with guys and it's like,we're in a society where we're just like,oh that's okay you know let men do what,they do let you know but,i know like that man you gotta have,some standards man you really d

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Isaiah Rashad - Obey Your Thirst (Episode 4)

Isaiah Rashad - Obey Your Thirst (Episode 4)

I’m Isaiah Rashad,I was born and raised in,Chattanooga, Tennessee,Chattanooga is really like a small city,People here have never seen the ocean,Like my grandma has never seen the beach,It’s like being here is its own world,Everybody wants to get out of Chattanooga,Hopefully I’m gonna do it,I’m gonna be the first rapper,Yeah,Man, my mom’s like my best friend,Hey,Sup mom,My mom used to work at,A bunch of different schools,She did janitorial work,After school I would go to her school,While she was cleaning them up,She always made me read the dictionaries,See, you writing and you learning,And you learning the root word,And you’re learning the meaning of it,And you’re writing,And then soon you start liking it,Yeah,When I got into rap,It was something different,You never know how interesting your own world is,Until you document it,This is some little black kid,In Chattanooga American dream,And like I’m trying to do as much as I can with it,You can do anything you put your mind to,I just wish you knew it more,Wish you wouldn’t question yourself,My family helped me build up this confidence I got in myself,It’s like, you the one,They always tell me,You the one,I ain’t ever have doubt,If I had doubt,I would’ve went home,And would’ve gotten a regular job,When I met him in high school,He made a cool person know,It’s okay to be a weirdo,What does that mean?,He’s super weird so he let me know it’s okay,To spread your wings and be weird so,Now we’re here today,My confidence,It really kicked in when I heard,Myself back on the real mic,I was like Oooh I got a gift dawg,I like listening to myself,I love doing something that can,Take care of my family,I come from the same environment as everybody else,It’s important for me to pay it forward,To the people in Chattanooga,Some type of way,It’s inspiring to somebody, man,Just making somebody want to do something,The biggest advice I can give any kid is,Work hard,It pays off,If you want to be an artist,Be an artist,I feel like in my heart of hearts,I’m an individual,Ain’t nobody on this planet like me,I’m Isaiah Rashad,Obey your thirst

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