is trump back on twitter

Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated>>> This just in to CNN --,Donald Trump's Twitter account,i


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Donald Trump’s Twitter account reinstated

>>> This just in to CNN --,Donald Trump's Twitter account,is back.,Elon Musk reinstated the former,president just minutes ago.,This is president trump's,Twitter page here.,Until tonight it had said,account suspended.,Earlier tonight, musk posted a,poll on Twitter asking if people,thought Donald Trump should be,allowed back on the service.,Musk says the results showed,that people wanted trump to,returnment he tweeted this --,the people have spoken, trump,will be reinstated.,Vox popili, meaning the voice of,the people, the voice of god.,Twitter's previous management,suspended trump indefinitely,days after the January 6th,capitol insurrection.,>>> I want to bring in CNN media,analyst and media reporters for,axios Sarah fisher.,With us now on the phone.,We were just talking about,Twitter here in the last hour or,so.,This big development now.,What do you make of this news?,>> Well, I'm actually surprised.,Per our conversation earlier I,thought Elon Musk would wait,until Facebook made the call in,January.,It seems he was eager to move,forward.,He did this Twitter poll.,Many millions of people voted.,And the last time I checked, it,wasn't really a wide margin, it,was about 52% of people who,voted in the poll said that,Donald Trump should be,reinstated.,And Elon Musk moving quickly as,he does, very quickly reinstated,Donald Trump after that poll.,>> Yeah, I mean this is a,Twitter poll, right, this is not,a scientific poll.,This is an online poll.,And so to borrow a question from,my colleague Oliver Darcy, he,said what happened to the,content moderation council that,musk said, you know, only last,month he'd be instituting?,What do you think?,>> Well, it's funny because,earlier he had already,instituted accounts that were,permanently banned including,Kathy Griffith, author Jordan,Peterson, the babylon bee, he,had been foreshadowing this move,of reinstating accounts, making,policy decisions without the,council.,I can't say I'm totally,surprised that he's doing it,unilaterally now.,But it does bring into question,whether or not Elon Musk is,going to govern by the hip,moving forward despite promising,advertisers he was going wait,for that council.,It doesn't seem like that's the,case.,>> I wonder, Sarah, if you think,there are going to be any,boundaries on trump.,We've seen trump has shown even,after January 6th where he saw,the effect that his language,could have, and he saw the,effect his language could have,even in getting people to leave,the capitol.,You know, as it pertained to,violence.,He's seen this.,Do you think that there will be,any boundaries placed on him as,he shows this propensity to use,language that is questionable,when it comes to violent?,>> Honestly, not really.,For two reasons.,One, Elon Musk said he doesn't,plan to take down a lot of,content but limit the reach of,things that he considers to be,violence or hate speech.,But when it comes to,misinformation, I mean Elon Musk,himself has shown a propensity,to lean into conspiracies,,you'll recall he tweeted a link,to a false article about Paul,Pelosi a few weeks ago and,quickly deleted it under,advertiser pressure.,I can't see him going after,Donald Trump's account for,things that might be false or,misleading.,Now if there's something that,his team considers to be or he,considers to be hate speech,,that could be something where he,says he would limit the reach of,it, meaning algorithmically he,wouldn't boost it in people's,timelines but says he won't,remove the actual content.,>> Do you think, Sarah, that,this increases the chances that,Facebook reinstates trump, or do,you think that Facebook looks at,what Elon Musk is doing kind of,even against his own standards,for how he was going to look at,some content and says maybe,they're not going reinstate,trump?,>> Great question.,I think Facebook's going to be,looking at this very carefully,as they come up against their,decision in January.,But I also think that Facebook,is going to be making this,decision and for some ways,independently because trump uses,a Facebook platform differently.,You'll recall leading up to the,2020 election and in 2016 that,trump relied heavily on Facebook,for advertising, especially to,build lists, to do fundraising.,He doesn't really use Twitter,like that.,Twitter is more of a public town,square for him where he would,blast out messages so that they,would go viral.,I think Facebook knows if they,bring trump back, they're giving,him a vehicle to do campaigning,through ads more so than they're,giving him a major platform for,his speech.,>> Do you think that this will,cause, Sarah, a mass exodus of,some Twitter users from the,platform?,>> I can't say how users are,going to react, especially,because about half of them voted,to reinstate him.,I do know that advertisers are,going to be very skittish about,this decision.,I spoke with one of the biggest,advertising agencies last week,,and one of the things they were,saying is that they're issuing,guidance to advertisers right,now, but t

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Hear what Trump said about possibly returning to Twitter

Hear what Trump said about possibly returning to Twitter

Late last night, Twitter's,owner and chief,twit Elon Musk said,that Trump, who has been banned since,inciting an insurrection,at the Capitol,on January 6th,,is now back on the platform.,Let us discuss all of this,and more with CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson.,Jonathan Swan of Axios,,Margaret Talev of Axios, and CNN's,Manu Raju.,It feels like deja vu a little bit.,The combination of Trump,going out there and talking witch hunts,,but also he's back on Twitter,What will that mean,for him, for our politics,this time around?,Is he back on Twitter, his Twitter?,Remember, like three days?,Joe is like three days ago.,It was like, this is my last tweet.,If I knew that was my last tweet,,I would have done whatever.,Like, I I don't know what this is.,I don't know what Twitter is.,I don't know what Elon Musk is doing.,And most Americans don't read Twitter.,Margaret, Margaret is all of us.,We don't know what is going on.,But I mean, the reality is that,,you know, just listen to Trump.,This is what he said last night,about whether or not,he would even be interested in,coming back to Twitter,,to social,is is through the roof.,It's doing phenomenally well.,Truth social,has been very, very powerful,,very, very strong.,And I'll be saying that.,But I hear we're getting a big vote,to also go back on Twitter.,I don't see it,because I don't see any reason for it.,Truth, social media,,if you're wondering, is the other thing,Americans don't know anything about,,and I think that's,the crux of the matter.,Can he resist this bigger?,It's a much bigger audience.,On Twitter,than he ever got on Twitter social.,So no matter what he says here,,there will always be a temptation,for Trump to take the bigger megaphone.,Yeah, I've spoken to a few of his aides,over the last,several months about this question,,because when it became clear,that Elon Musk,was probably going to buy Twitter,,then the next question was, okay,,does Trump get back on?,He's saying publicly he won't do it.,But pretty much everyone,I talked to thinks that at some point,he's going to go back on this.,If he if he judges that it's expedient,and useful to him,,which he believes it is,,he thinks it's his voice,directly to the people, etc., etc..,Now,,it's kind of the worst nightmare,of the Republican leadership on the Hill.,Because, you,know, and,members of Congress,and they have to deal with people,like Manu,running up to them saying,,have you seen Trump's latest tweet?,And they say, no,,I don't know what you're talking about.,And they run off down the hall.,So, you know, I don't know.,I don't have any reporting,that he is going to go back on.,But most people around him,suspect that that is absolutely right.,That is a concern with social.,Republicans could say,they didn't see it because it is.,And everyone believes that,most people did not see it,because those people did. Yes.,I mean,,but when he tweets, it is right,in the middle of what people are seeing,when people are consuming,what the media is consuming.,And then that,forces Republicans to respond,,which is what has been,was such a headache,during the Trump presidency.,So if we respond,,if he does get involved in this,,I'm sure he won't have many.,There won't be many people,on Capitol Hill who are happy about this.,Yeah.,I mean, it's been,it has been such a boon,to Republicans,that they have not had to deal with this,on a regular basis.,And I think that we are actually,entering this,perfect storm,for a lot of sort of the establishment.,We have a drawn out,Georgia runoff in a few weeks.,Trump is declared. He's running again.,He's maybe going to be back on Twitter,I feel,like I'm,hearing a lot more nervousness,about what this could mean,in amping up the frustration,of the American people,with the kinds of stuff,that they have twice now.,But yeah,,Republicans quite worried,about this particular in this Georgia,runoff race is December 6th.,Does Trump insert himself there?,Because now,he's obviously run for president,and people are covering him much more.,Does he get back on Twitter?,It is a different landscape,,though, right?,It's even a different media landscape.,I think one of the big questions,we all have is,how is if,he tweets in the way that he used to?,Does the media sort of do wall,to wall outrage coverage,in the way that a lot of us did in,in the past at this point?,Can he,I mean, what could he tweet,that could cause outrage at this point?,Right.,I mean, he fomented an insurrection.,He's been racist.,He's been sexist.,He's been terrible in so many ways.,And it was kind of part,of the culture there,that there would be this outrage.,We'll see who he is on Twitter,and we'll see what the reception is,,not only from the media,,but but you see the media,saying we're not going to do this again,,but starting to do it again.,And you also see Republicans,saying it's time to move on.,But if you have 16,Republicans in a GOP primary, guess what?,We're going to be right back and start.,Speaking of deja vu, here we are again.,We have a

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Elon Musk comments on Donald Trump returning to Twitter

Elon Musk comments on Donald Trump returning to Twitter

it's the big question on everyone's lips,as Elon Musk officially secured his,takeover of Twitter the new owner of the,social media giant weighed in on whether,former president Donald Trump would be,returning to the platform,as we know he was kicked off in January,2021 just two days after the capital,riots the company said his account was,permanently suspended due to the risk of,further incitement of violence it was a,big move by Twitter as the former,president used the platform constantly,throughout both his campaign for,election and re-election and his four,years as president,Elon Musk tweeted today if I had a,dollar for every time someone asked me,if Trump is coming back on this platform,Twitter would be minting money,the Tesla founder hasn't announced his,plan and what he will do but a few,Twitter users weighed in on their,thoughts one person wrote bring Trump,back another wrote it would have paid,back the 44 billion dollars in just,three days,there is a reason they keep asking the,Banning of a sitting president was the,most outrageous Act of censorship in,modern America and you were the only one,with the power to reverse search another,wrote finally not the literal richest,person on Earth making and if I had a,dollar joke,Elon Musk has been adamant on making a,few changes to the social media platform,now that he owns it since taking over,he's dissolved the board of directors,making himself the sole director as well,as firing a few top Twitter Executives,one of the main things he has been,vocally concerned about was the,censorship of free speech he had vowed,to allow free speech to take place on,his platform without the fear of users,being censored suspended or banned but,that's worried a few people including,members of Hollywood in the last few,days top TV Creator Shonda Rhimes,announced that she was leaving writing,not hanging around for whatever Elon has,planned by singer Sarah baralius wrote,welp it's been fun Twitter I'm out see,you on other platforms peeps sorry this,one's just not for me,Toni Braxton wrote I'm shocked and,appalled at some of the Free Speech I've,seen on this platform since its,acquisition hate speech under the veil,of free speech is unacceptable therefore,I'm choosing to stay off Twitter as it,is no longer a safe space for myself my,sons and other POC,Josh gadd wrote large Exodus happening,on this platform not sure if I stay or,not leaning towards staying but if today,is a sign of things to come not sure,what the point is freedom of speech is,great hate speech intended to incite,harm with no consequences ain't what I,signed up for Fox uses the five weighed,in on The Exodus of celebrities leaving,the platform,they used to be they could just take the,ball and go home but here's a case where,it's not their ball it's now everybody's,ball and they don't like sharing it it,does kind of annoy me in the sense that,we've been used to this as a non-liberal,for our entire lives we have to listen,to the award shows we got to watch TVs,where they're inculcating all sorts of,of like propaganda liberal propaganda,watch TV read the Press we are soaking,in Liberal bias our entire lives but we,kind of live with it we're not crying,and I like Elon the fact that he is in,charge of Twitter but he's also a troll,yeah like how many people like he,literally is on Twitter all the time,trolling people making fun of people,it's extremely healthy to have a,subversive uh you know a subversive,platform you know it's making all these,rich people nervous it's got to be good,for something

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Donald Trump Is Back On Twitter...

Donald Trump Is Back On Twitter...

so yeah Donald Trump is back on Twitter,and you're never gonna believe what led,to him being unbanned now I'm not gonna,lie okay I never thought that Elon would,do this because this move that that he,just made is going to be very,controversial and let's just say ever,since he took over Twitter things,haven't looked the best financially and,they they've lost a lot of backers lost,a lot of advertisers because people,didn't want to be associated with the,new Twitter and I I guess this kind of,means that Elon is doubling down on his,whole freedom of speech thing so I'm uh,kind of interested to to see how this,turns out especially since Donald Trump,himself said he didn't want unbanned on,Twitter he didn't want to go to Twitter,he didn't care that Elon Musk was buying,it so as you guys probably know back in,2021 something bad happened at the,Capitol and I'm just gonna say it okay,Donald Trump played a huge part in the,events that led up to that because the,guys of sore loser he can't just admit,that he lost an election and so Twitter,made the controversial decision to,permanently ban a sitting president off,of Twitter and Trump was banned and it,looked like he was never going to come,back at least that was until Elon ended,up purchasing Twitter and a lot of,people have been begging him to unban,Trump and so yesterday Elon Musk would,post a poll yeah that that's right he,would choose to unban Donald Trump,because of a Twitter poll reinstate,former president Trump 52 yes 48 no and,this poll has over 15 million votes and,less than an hour ago Elon Musk would,tweet out this the people have spoken,Trump will be reinstated and I'm not,even gonna try and and read that but I'm,guessing it's some sort of like Latin,thing for like the people I've spoken,probably and uh he actually did it Trump,is now back on Twitter so now that means,we get to see bangers like this again I,have never seen a thin person drinking,diet coke the Coca-Cola company is not,happy with me that's okay I'll still,keep drinking that garbage honestly I'm,more of a Pepsi enjoyer just kind of,brings people together you know and uh,regardless of what you think of Donald,Trump I think we can all agree that that,he's a he's a professional Twitter,poster okay Twitter's been a bit dry,without him and honestly if he decided,to just drop his his presidential bid,entirely and retire from politics and,just be a Twitter poster I would,support that because that's where he,belongs okay he belongs on Twitter he,belongs on the hell side that is the,Bird app anyway at this point I'm just,enjoying the dumpster fire that is,Twitter like literally a few days ago,everyone was like scared that that,Twitter was was going to end because,Elon Musk like locked out all the,employees and we weird stuff has been,happening over at Twitter and now now,this happens I'm just gonna say it okay,Twitter Twitter has never been more on,higher than it is now and I don't know,if that's a good thing or or a bad thing,but it's just kind of par for the course,for that website anyway these are just,my thoughts on this entire situation if,you guys have enjoyed be sure to hit the,like button down below and subscribe to,the channel hey you yeah you the one,watching this right now click this video,I promise it's amazing

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Trump is Back on Twitter and the Left Freaks Out!

Trump is Back on Twitter and the Left Freaks Out!

what's up my freedom loving friend we,have breaking Freedom news I'm sure,you've heard by now probably nobody on,Earth hasn't heard,president Trump is fully reinstated on,Twitter breaking news just happened,tonight as of this recording middle of,the night here just got back from a show,but I wanted to share with you a few,what I think are key points to consider,with this why this is huge for democracy,and freedom and I also want to share,with you three predictions including,just because president Trump has,reinstated on Twitter will he actually,use it because he owns a competing,platform truth social so first off,whether you like President Trump or not,here's why I believe for everybody this,is a good thing it's a move towards,respecting preserving and upholding our,first constitutional right freedom of,speech now obviously as you could,imagine uh many leftists are absolutely,freaking out right now Twitter is just,so fun to look at usually I don't like,the platform but it's so fun to look at,and then you've got people on the right,just celebrating like they just found,out Santa Claus is actually real such an,amazing day for uh for everybody but why,it's important I mean fundamentally,important that President Trump has,reinstated is it respects freedom of,speech now we've kind of moved into this,territory where people think well,freedom of speech is like freedom to say,things that I agree with that's what it,means and everything else is really,violence okay Free Speech period and,I'll tell you a secret of freedom of,speech here in a second but first,there's people who uh like I despise,what they stand for and I don't want,them banned on Twitter I I just saw,someone uh they had a poll up and uh,forget who the hell they were asking,about someone I despise I don't know why,I don't but should they be banned,Twitter and I answered the poll no I,shouldn't be banned on Twitter I don't,like them I'm not going to watch their,stuff I think they are actually a bad,influence on people but I think it's,important that they're able to have a,voice and I think the the only reason,why anybody would want president Trump,banned is because not they're afraid,that he will incite violence or he he,did we can get to that in a second but I,think they're actually afraid of Truth,Now if you have a platform where people,can actually speak the risk you carry is,truth will be spread I don't think,they're afraid that violence is going to,happen or negative stuff I think they're,afraid of Truth and if you study,tyrannical regimes their number one,enemy is truth the only way tyranny can,spread is by making truth the enemy so,that the lies can spread that gets,people to say yes to tyranny as it,delightfully floats in now if you see,people railing against wow this is,horrible Elon Musk is he's a danger to,society because he brought back,president Trump and uh inside like he's,going to do bad things commit crimes,anybody who's against freedom of speech,what they what they need to understand,is freedom of speech it's not freedom to,commit crimes there's crimes that can be,committed and set up using words that's,illegal and Twitter doesn't stand for,that no free speech platform stands for,that so you're not allowed to commit,crimes so there's a big difference,freedom of speech there's you can't,incite violence you can't you know cause,riots,you can't plan crimes you're not allowed,to do that using words so let's just get,that clear because it's not a good,excuse to ban freedom of speech when you,just pretend well that Free Speech means,you have freedom to commit crimes no two,very different things thank you very,much and then I think another cool point,to consider is when you look back well,he did he could he was incitant violence,on on Twitter that's why he should be,banned no it wasn't it wasn't you can,look back at president Trump's tweets,and uh yeah no violence you can look at,all his tweets I believe that he was,banned on January 8th you can look at,his tweets that day no violence plan,even his tweets on January 6. here's a,very violent one I am asking for,everyone at the U.S Capitol to remain,peaceful no violence remember we are the,party of Law and Order respect the law,and our great men and women in blue,thank you Street before that even worse,please support our Capitol Police and,law enforcement they are truly on the,side of our country stay peaceful,the media had a spin he was using,Twitter to incite violence it was my,opinion just used to justify the,tyrannical,de-platforming of a sitting president of,the United States,these people don't have to like Trump,but he's allowed to have a voice now a,couple interesting points starting with,Trump's popularity that's being shown,here with his reinstatement the dramatic,rise in his followers so what I mean by,that is I was just doing a comedy show,in Corpus Christi Texas when I came off,stage from doing my set my phone was,blowing up everybody's like ah Trump's,back on Twitter this is amazin

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Elon Lets Trump & Kanye Back on Twitter, Donny Screams About Turkey & Bob Iger Returns as Disney CEO

Elon Lets Trump & Kanye Back on Twitter, Donny Screams About Turkey & Bob Iger Returns as Disney CEO

foreign,Banks were coming and before we uh go uh,even a moment further,I want to wish a very happy birthday to,our announcer Lou Wilson who's uh,thank you Jimmy,you know we have a big party planned for,Lou in the parking lot after the show,that's right you get plans tonight after,that are you coming to that I am coming,that that is my plans that's where it,ends up very very sad but uh we'll have,fun Lou I don't know if you know this,but you were born exactly one day and,200 years after Joe Biden he is,yesterday was,President Biden's 80th birthday a whole,family got together at the White House,and took away his car keys they um,uh they also had a big party I don't,know it was pretty wild Joe,where he is right there,you can see uh it was more of a rave,than a party he ended the Night by,stripping off his dungarees and doing 80,shots of Metamucil but,it's a double celebration for Joe Biden,he turned to 80. his teeth turned 16.,congratulations to both of them the,First Lady Joe Biden made a coconut cake,that's every 80 year old's favorite cake,Once you turn 80 your cakes are,automatically coconut and your ice cream,is rum raisin it's how it goes,Joe Biden is the oldest sitting,president in the United States history,he's three Zendaya's and a baby now and,you know we like to have fun with his,age some cedar citizens don't like it,they take offense to the constant,insinuation that he's too old to be,running to anything but the bathroom,the satire about him,and the sneering at him is ages he,doesn't appear confused at all to me as,I've read he seems fine well they'd want,to do a 21 year old,you want to get a gen Zia,you make it good what do you want Jojo,siwa,Joe's birthday wasn't the only Biden,bash this week and his granddaughter,Naomi got married there on Saturday uh,it was a beautiful ceremony and I for,one can't wait for republicans in the,house to launch a 12-month investigation,into it how do you a lighthouse wedding,I know you I think you'd have to have,your honeymoon on the actual moon to,beat that and it had to make the Trump,kids yell when Trump is in office he,wouldn't even let Don Jr sleep over he,had this morning on South lawn uh Biden,took part in the traditional pardon of,the turkeys when we got the rare chance,to see the president of the United,States having a full conversation with,birds look at this God love you,and this is chocolate right,chocolate you are pardoned,you are apart he said you had to tell me,that,yeah yeah you are yeah,I'm serious,he said I don't know man you'd have to,pardon me I knew I was pardoned I would,watch a whole Joe Biden talking to,turkey's Channel,this morning it's a wonderful,Thanksgiving tradition here at the White,House there's a lot to say about it but,it's chilly outside so I'm going to keep,this short Ronnie's got 44 years in the,turkey business uh they don't know what,the not sure the verdict yet but we're,going to find out in a minute we got to,get on this first of all the votes are,in but before I gobble up too much time,of course chocolate is my favorite,chocolate is my favorite ice cream,that's my grandson Beau up there and my,granddaughter get your flu shots as well,we have more chickens than anybody in,the nation in Delaware Jill and I are,going to be flying down for a Fred's,giving scripture says let us rejoice,always pray continually oh my thanks in,all circumstances they killed themselves,it's,all right well I can't say that I blame,them,the oldest,the National Turkey Federation which is,a real Federation posted photos of the,Turkish chocolate and chip on their way,to Washington I'm not sure how I thought,turkey travel to the White House but it,definitely wasn't sliding around in the,back of a Toyota Highlander,it's ridiculous it's like the plot of a,movie starring Paulie Shore in the 90s,we got to get these turkeys to the White,House for the pardon another turkey who,can use a pardon is Donald Trump Donald,Trump has even more legal trouble on his,little hands on Friday attorney general,Merrick Garland did what Trump was,really hoping he wouldn't he appointed,his special counsel to take over the,investigations into Trump helping,himself to the classified documents and,crimes he may have committed on and,around January 6th this is the special,counsel they hired his name's Jack Smith,said to be very tough it looks looks,like a guy who had sentenced Chewbacca,to death he does,decision to bring them on board was,obviously Weighing on Trump who,addressed it while hosting a Gala for a,conservative think tank this weekend,this will not be a fair investigation,but again I thought this was all done or,very close to being done these people,are corrupt and yet they go after,innocent people under the guise of,legitimacy over the years I've given,millions and millions of pages of,documents tax returns and everything,else,and they have found nothing which means,I've proven to be one of the most honest,and innocent people ever in our country,you have to admit it yeah

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Trump Is Allowed Back on Twitter

Trump Is Allowed Back on Twitter

are the walls closing in at Mar-A-Lago,uh look I I certainly think that there's,an isolation that's happening certainly,something that's unusual for Donald,Trump where he's used to sort of,Republican sycophants coming down to,Mar-A-Lago and begging for support,couldn't be any more different now,everyone seems to be running for the,exits and certainly Paul Ryan's,declaration that he's be a never again,Trumper uh is one of the loudest shouts,that we've heard from the core of the,Republican Party the Chamber of Commerce,Republicans who are now saying you know,let's not make this mistake again,Jeannie it's not lost on us that it's,only been hours since Donald Trump was,reinstated on Twitter what does it mean,for him to have access if he chooses to,use it access to those millions of,followers who helped him get elected in,the first place you know it means a lot,he has said publicly he is going to,stick with truth social but we know that,he may very well decide to do something,other than what he said publicly and,it's going to be a question of can he,resist the much bigger audience on,Twitter but you know just back to your,previous point I would just say Elites,are turning away from Donald Trump in,the Republican party but the reality is,we haven't seen the same movement in the,base yet and as he knows we choose our,candidates based on primaries so if the,primary base sticks with him and you've,got 16 Republicans in this thing he,could very well win the nomination in 24,again and that's a big problem for,Republicans as we've heard over the,weekend and so why watch for the,Republican party to try to change the,rules so there's a one-on-one contest,and somebody can take him on directly,versus have him go against the 16 that,he did last time knocking him out you,know one you know name call at a time,and ending up the winner with 32 percent,each candidate got their own month as I,remember that was the recipe for success,for Donald Trump in 2016. Rick Davis,what do you think about Genie's idea,here do Republicans zero in on a single,candidate You could argue they did,actually it's too late though with Ted,Cruz in 2016 so they don't water things,down and and re-elect Donald Trump by,default,yeah actually uh they never did get down,to to a one-on-one with Ted Cruz he had,the Ohio governor uh at the same time on,the ballot and they continued to split,the vote uh Trump never got really any,more than 35 percent a one-on-one would,have uh had him losing so uh look we had,10 presidentials show up at the,Republican Jewish conference uh this,weekend in uh Las Vegas they were all,sounding like presidential candidates to,me uh and winnowing that field to a,one-on-one uh is usually the job of Iowa,and New Hampshire so we'll see if uh the,process works its will and uh and that,we return to uh a place where by South,Carolina in in Florida you have a,one-on-one,Well Jack Smith is waking up in a new,world this morning that's the special,counsel announced on Friday by attorney,general Mary Garland he wakes up now as,the overseer of of the Department of,Justice's two most high profile cases,against Donald Trump uh will it actually,serve to strengthen Donald Trump in the,meantime Genie his base 30 or not loves,this part loves Trump the victim loves,Trump The Outsider is is there not an,upside here for him there is I mean this,is what he was banking on this is why we,we believe that he announced for the,presidency which is to protect himself,legally and so he was saying many times,over the weekend that this is a,political Witch Hunt he was accusing the,newly named special prosecutor of being,a far left person none of which is true,but of course he is facing two,investigations by the doj that the,special prosecutor will lead and then,multiple investigations from other,quarters including the Manhattan,District Attorney's Office Georgia New,York he's now you know facing the end of,the January 6 investigation so he's got,a number of Investigations to contend,with and you know I think the belief is,that because the special prosecutor was,named that is likely that at least they,have the evidence to charge him in at,least one of those probes whether they,do in fact pursue a charge is another,question,it's an interesting scenario here Rick,this special counsel would likely not,have been appointed if it weren't for,Donald Trump's decision to jump in the,race even though he jumped in thinking,it might protect him how do you square,the two,yeah I it wouldn't be the first time,that uh Donald Trump misjudged a legal,outcome uh and uh it's the reason he has,so many all the time against him and,have his entire career I would say I'm,not a big fan of special counselors,because they tend to burn up a couple,years of Investigation even though this,one's well Along on its way and they,don't tend to result in anything they,tend to result in a uh indictment and no,conviction so I'm a little skeptical,whether this will actually see the light,of day,and become

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Why Scott Galloway doesn't think Elon Musk will allow Trump back on Twitter

Why Scott Galloway doesn't think Elon Musk will allow Trump back on Twitter


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