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EVERYTHING In Today's Hotfix Update!what's going on Champs and jambets it's,firemonkey here in the a


Updated on Jan 16,2023

EVERYTHING In Today's Hotfix Update!

what's going on Champs and jambets it's,firemonkey here in the actual hotfix,update or whatever that we had an hour,long downtime before just released,earlier today and with it came basically,nothing now I know that sounds weird,because today's YouTube video is,everything added or changed in the most,recent update I don't know what I'm,titling the video yet but because of,this just being a little bit of a hotfix,update to fix some actual issues and,bugs with the game sure there were no,new files added but we did actually get,a lot of new content when it comes to,stuff actually releasing in the game,such as if we go to the news feed right,now you'll notice that we have a brand,new weapon or I guess an old weapon,that's been unvaulted being the Burst,assault rifle so I'm gonna go through,everything that's kind of you know been,hot fixed and enabled in the game,earlier today even though epic games,themselves haven't released an official,blog post now in terms of the immediate,changes you'll see right when you open,up the game of course the Burst assault,rifle has been unvaulted however another,thing is if we go to our friends list,over here the reboot rally event has,once again ended now it appears that,this could be returning once again in,the future with even more Rewards but,for right now the reboot rally event is,just gone you don't have those,challenges anymore and there's nothing,you can really do right there's just no,reboot rally so if you miss out on those,rewards you've missed out on them unless,they do end up returning in a future,event or maybe even in the item shop at,a later date so just keep that in mind,rear rally is just gone but we also have,another mid-season level variant,available to you which is of course the,Thrasher Messiah variant this one,requires you just to gain another 10,account levels so just like sunlit,Celine once you've completed that Quest,you'll be able to go on to the Messiah,variant you'll be able to gain 10 more,account levels and unlock this variant,now of course with any skin in the game,or at least you know with this specific,skin you can take the mask off if you,don't want it on you can keep it on,you're able to mix and match a little,bit there with this cosmetic but it's,just another thing for you to go out,there and grind for now regarding when,it comes to other cosmetics and stuff in,the game before we hop into a match and,talk about some other things I do want,to mention that we have no update on the,curling iron emote as of yet so if we go,over here to my list here we just type,in curling iron we don't have a curling,iron emote anywhere nearby and it,appears that epic games hasn't actually,finished fixing that issue or granting,it out to players so it's something that,we're kind of waiting on right it's,something that we might be seeing in the,next few days or it might be releasing,in the next week once the v23.20 update,officially releases in the game all,right now that we're in game we also,still have the okay that was terrible,English you know let's just drop on down,to the sky I'm embarrassed at myself but,now that we're in game we also have some,brand new weekly challenges you know the,brand new this week's bonus goals or I,guess you know this week in fortnite,which is themed around discover the,seasons the challenges are pretty simple,with you know the first one being to,collect golden bars and Slappy Shores,faulty splits or Breakaway or wat,Breakwater Bay slide for 30 meters,consecutively or I guess you know,non-stop on Ice restore health or Shield,while hiding in a leaf pile which can be,helped by that augment taming two wolves,in a single match and then two actual,five stage challenges one being to catch,fish and the other being to claim,capture points so overall you know a,pretty decent amount of weekly,challenges and I will be posting a,YouTube short later today relating to,exactly how any fish you need to catch,and how many capture points you need to,capture in order to complete both of,those challenges for anyone who just,wants a quick little recap on all that,information now let's go ahead and,eliminate this bot as we get started in,the game and you know what I look look,guys listen did we just I know I talk,about my aim being terrible oh you know,what maybe you know I can't even excuse,the aim being terrible this time around,all right you know what just just ignore,it this is why I play bot lobbies,because my aim is potato aim right now,it's just non-existent okay we do not,need to discuss this we need to discuss,the news so let's continue by telling,you guys some other stuff that happened,with this update firstly the Shockwave,Hammer has been re-enabled in the game,that's right if you wanted the Shockwave,Hammer to come back after you know it,got disabled like a day or two ago it's,already back in the loot pool you can,already use it in game once again you,can get those crazy bounces off and of,course they fix little glitches with it,however there

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Epic DELAYED This Free Emote & Dub Shotgun Vaulted...

Epic DELAYED This Free Emote & Dub Shotgun Vaulted...

what's going on Champs and jambets it's,firemonkey here and today we are playing,this is a laser deathrun by ums the code,is on screen right now as you can tell,one two one seven three oh one seven six,one four nine you know I've been playing,a lot more death runs recently just,because I've been working on my own,death run in creative mode trying to,release it before creative mode 2.0 and,all that stuff releases and I thought,you know it'd be a nice little visually,pleasing map to play on while we talk,about today's video which is obviously,relating to two different issues epic,games already aware of and they've,stated on their fortnite status Twitter,account that they're working on fixes,for which relates to that free curling,iron emote that you might have qualified,for during Winterfest and the dub,shotgun being disabled in competitive,mode so how did I do that okay I don't,know I guess you could just mantle over,live wires that are supposed to attack,well I guess lasers that are supposed to,kill you now but anyways you know I'm,just meming on how fortnite handles,their game of course it's not the,developers fault or anything and when it,comes to the first issue which we want,to talk about which is relating to the,Winterfest emote can I be honest when I,say that we all probably kind of like,forgot that this emo was supposed to be,given to anyone because it's like you,heard about it for a while right it was,one of those emotes that had existed you,knew it was going to release in the game,at some point but for the entirety of,its existence we got like a week or two,in and everyone just kind of forgot that,this email was a thing right it was like,it was occasionally in the news feed so,it's like you occasionally heard about,it every once in a while don't get me,wrong but it became such like a over,mentioned thing on the fortnite news,feed that I feel that you know it's,Justified that a lot of people myself,included kind of forgot that you were,even supposed to be granted this right,but for anyone who forgot the whole,entire issue basically there was this,curling iron emote that was going to be,granted to players who played with five,friends during Winterfest and then you,know epic games just kind of like had,this issue where you know they were like,it's going to be granted on January 5th,January 6th those dates came around and,epic games didn't Grant it to anybody so,a lot of people were like well what's,going on here because you know those are,there was already an issue of not,knowing if you played with five friends,or not during Winterfest because there,was no way to track if you qualified for,this free reward but then they never,granted it to anyone at all ooh free,secret XP I'll take that and epic games,is officially stated on their Twitter,account which will go ahead and show the,tweet on screen for you guys right now,that due to an unforeseen issue they've,delayed granting the curling iron emote,winner Fest reward until next week now,keep in mind this was posted Friday on,January 6th so this means that the week,we are currently going into so this week,we should be seeing this emo granted to,us very soon assuming that you qualified,for the emote now of course epic games,might have an issue where they were,unable to actually track who played with,how many friends or whatever so there is,a chance right and I'm not going to say,this is a confirmation that they're,going to do this at all there is a,chance that maybe they'll Grant the,reward to anyone who logs in during a,certain date or you know anyone who just,played during Winterfest if one of those,issues that were unforeseen that,happened was one that made it literally,impossible to track you know who is,playing with their friends right so,maybe something's going on like that,maybe they're trying to find a way to do,a make good where basically anyone even,those who didn't originally qualify for,the reward could get it or something,like that we we really just kind of got,to wait and see but I would love to hear,in the comments down below do you think,you qualified for this reward did you,play with five friends I know for me I'm,in an iffy spot right because it's like,I never really focused on trying to get,the emote but I do think I at least,played in groups of people for long,enough that you know we had at least one,group that had like six people total in,it so I think I qualify for the reward,but it's like I wish this stuff got,tracked in game right I wish there was a,way just to see it visually in game so,you wouldn't have to do a guessing game,over did I play with a friend or did I,not I don't know right it's just a weird,situation where I personally prefer when,you have a visualized way of tracking,the stuff epic games is trying to you,know personally track on their back end,because it's like obviously they're,tracking it somehow so can't they make,like a website or anything just to make,it so we could track it as well I just,see it as something tha

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There's No Fortnite News

There's No Fortnite News

what's going on Champs and champets it's,firemonkey here and I know by the title,and thumbnail of this video you're like,what is fire monkey cooking up today,right what video topic is he talking,about because you know when it came to,this channel especially since we started,doing the live commentary format and,everything we've had this weird shift in,a way right where instead of just making,videos dedicated to leaks trying to find,a leak for every single day until the,next update we've kind of had days where,I've been able just to kind of rant,about stuff right like today where I,literally don't have a topic for this,video right I just kind of was like you,know what I have an idea of something I,want to talk about which I guess is a,topic now that I say it out loud but at,the same time it's not really related to,anything about fortnite right it's not,related to fortnite leaks news or,anything like that and instead just me,talking to rambling on about some you,know stuff going on when it comes to the,YouTube channel and everything else so,this is more of a personal video I guess,you could call it but at the same time I,do want to mention that this whole,entire switch to doing live commentary,was probably one of my best choices ever,because sure you know at one point you,know it's like you don't always get the,fortnite news or whatever you're not,always getting to hear there's this in,Crazy leak Ahoy Mr Krabs you've got this,crazy thing going on with this new,collaboration there's these leaks and,Insider information or whatever because,there isn't really any other type of,information to put out there and I don't,want to try clickbaiting any content,right I don't want to try making it,misleading or anything like that so this,whole live commentary format just kind,of allows me to do the type of content,that I've always wanted to do anyways,which is just this ramble piece type,stuff right where I just kind of ramble,on you know you guys watch it you might,enjoy it you might not it's a different,type of content flavor than the typical,one I started out this Channel with but,it's a flavor or I guess you know a,style of content that I do really really,enjoy now when it comes to the actual,Channel itself we've been in this very,interesting limbo because on one hand,you know when I do make videos talking,about Insider leaks and stuff those do,decent right they get you know a decent,amount of views it always depends on The,Insider leak in the topic however when,it comes to stuff that isn't from the,files it really does appear that you you,guys don't show much interest to it,right and that's not a bad thing at all,you know I completely understand because,that's obviously more in rumor territory,it's not things that are confirmed to,come to the game but it is something,that when I looked at my analytics I,thought was very interesting and what I,thought was even more interesting is,that when it comes to my content style,as a whole it seems that the videos that,do the best right are the ones that come,out right when an update day cut,releases or whatever you know the ones,that have all the crazy leaks or,whatever those videos do good because,it's like oh here's all the new stuff,added in the newest update right instead,of hey here's stuff that might be added,in an update and it completely makes,sense but the thing that I thought was,just super like intriguing to view on my,own channel except for the fact that I,can't aim at all is the fact that for,some reason the type of content that,does really well I guess you know,decently well to a point where I'm,pleased with it isn't the content that,talks about you know these Insider leaks,or whatever you know all the upcoming,speculative territory stuff but instead,the content like this where I kind of,just ramble on about a topic and stuff,right because obviously I try relating,those to fortnite still in this video,was probably gonna be one of those that,ends up on the low end of the spectrum,where you know it doesn't do that good,in terms of views or whatever but it,really does seem like you guys are kind,of just fine you know I've started to,build this audience who are fine with,more of the ramble style I do and,actually prefer it over just hey here's,just the news here's just this which I,think is really nice especially since,when I first started doing YouTube or at,least you know started doing YouTube on,this channel because I've had the,commentary channel for a long time,um one thing I'd always heard about in,the early days of my channel was we,don't care about your opinion just tell,us the news and get out of here leave be,banished to the dungeon fire monkey,whereas now it's kind of like you guys,are fine with it right you guys are,chill with it of course we're kind of,like in a still moment of subscribers,we've been staying at the same point but,subscribers aren't really that big of an,issue for me right the big issue for me,and the thing I just want to do is be,able to m

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The Hotfix Update is FINALLY Here!

The Hotfix Update is FINALLY Here!

what's going on Champs and champions,it's firemonkey here and I'm gonna be,honest right I don't know how you guys,deal with me sometimes because I just,tried recording this video right I I got,everything prepared I got OBS open I,mean we're in the middle of a match,right now we just started it off,everything was going super smooth right,but instead of me actually starting the,recording you know what I was doing,instead I'm just gonna I'm just gonna,just show my screen here I'm gonna pop,it up I know this isn't related to,fortnite leaks at all but bear with me,here,I was listening to a Hatsune Miku cover,of blinding lights and it was just it,was just a moment right where I was like,you know what do I really want to make a,video or do I just want to sit here and,look at the weirdest Hatsune Miku,Vocaloid covers of songs and that was,like a 10 20 minute singing along,session so welcome welcome welcome one,and all of course since you know we,don't really have that much to talk,about regarding leaks or news or,anything this video is just a little bit,more rambly so hopefully you enjoyed,that wonderful introduction to the video,I know I personally did and let's talk,about what there is to talk about which,is of course brand new challenges being,finally available for us to do in game,if we so desire of course the first,thing is something I talked about,yesterday which is the mid-season drops,it does appear that unlike what support,I had said like I mentioned yesterday's,video These do require you to actually,earn more account levels which does,bring the whole entire question back,regarding people who are level 1000 this,season will they be able to obtain these,by any means or they just kind of you,know locked out of it for good is it a,situation where they're just gonna have,to contact support you know hope they,don't get their account banned for some,suspicious activity or whatever because,you know a lot of people do get worried,about contacting the sport nowadays due,to all the random bands and stuff that,happened in the past with people like,you know I talk and stuff so you know,it's it's about concern why people might,just be like nope don't want the middle,level season or I guess mid-season level,Styles this time around I'm just gonna,pass on those right but of course it,really just waits to be seen if epic,games does do anything about this or if,they just completely ignore it right if,they're just like meh it's whatever,maybe you know what even there is also a,chance that maybe you're still able to,gain normal account levels so if that's,the case then you know it's like that's,not even concern at all but it is,something that I thought about and it is,something that's been kind of going on,you know recently especially since I was,accurate with the information I provided,in the other video which is a w to me,but of course you know it's just a,little way to talk about those,challenges officially releasing it is,nice to see that they are officially,here though because it does give us,things to do in the game especially if,we're trying to grind out something you,know we're just trying to find a reason,to play Battle Royale after we've,already done all of our normal,challenges and stuff it gives us another,thing to log in 4. now there was some,miscommunication in yesterday's video,that I had noticed based on some of the,replies and I would like to clear that,up right now at the beginning of today's,video and that relates to when the,challenges are available and unavailable,once the challenges become available so,once like you know for example Celine,which is this week becomes available for,you to actually do those stay available,until the very end of the season so you,don't have to worry about logging in and,making sure you're doing the challenges,gaining 10 levels each week no these are,available for you to do at any time,until the season ends so you really have,nothing to worry about right if you're,someone who might be on vacation you,might be taking a break from fortnite or,whatever you are still completely,available to earning all the rewards and,everything as long as you earn them,before the season ends so you know I,thought I'd put that in here just to,clear up some confusion and everything I,saw just because you know there was some,confusion going on now in other news in,terms of the actual weekly challenges we,got this week they were honestly super,easy right like even like the two,different five stage challenges those,are super easy as well only one of them,was a little team which is the one I'm,kind of working on right now so if we go,over to this week you'll see that the,challenges are pretty simple right it's,stuff like search containers while under,the effect of slap now it does appear if,you have the augment that makes it so,you get the slap effect whenever you,hurdle or mantle over an object it,doesn't count however that might have,just been a bug I was having earlier and,maybe it does but just kee

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Epic Just LEAKED The Release Dates for 4 Skins...

Epic Just LEAKED The Release Dates for 4 Skins...

what's going on Champs and champets it's,firemonkey here and believe it or not we,are coming at you guys today with some,actual news for once in a while right no,more me ranting about hey I did this,random glitch or whatever you want to,call it in team rumble or hey can we,talk about how Winterfest wasn't that,fun because this time around not only do,we have some interesting news topics but,we actually have confirmed release dates,for four upcoming skins in the game now,these are all skins that have been,leaked already however one of them is,currently in the files encrypted and it,will be decrypted tomorrow which is a,very interesting fortnite original skin,known as the rift Warden also the,guardian of the rift so you know we,definitely got a decent amount of,Cosmetics to talk about today so let's,just hop into everything you need to,know firstly I am going to actually pull,up one of my own tweets here so you can,kind of get a generalized overview of,all the cosmetics and everything because,this whole live editing style I kind of,started to you know get into it more and,enjoy it but we have a total of four,skins I'll be releasing over the next,few days through January 7th I'll the,way to January 18th 19th firstly we have,the skin code named funeral which is,actually gray part the skin right here,this will be arriving in the item shop,January 7th at 8pm eastern time which if,you're in UTC which is you know like the,standardized time zone that would be,January 8th right at midnight or you,know right when the day turns to January,8th after that on January 12th at 8pm,Eastern Time slash January 13th we'll be,getting these two skins right here now,this one's called Hannah and this one is,the one that I'm probably going to,butcher reading it out loud but you can,see it over here on the right side it's,like Keller writes Keller writes or,something collideries I don't know I,don't know but you know this skin and,this skin as well will be releasing in,the item shop January 12th at nine I,mean 8 P.M the normal item shop reset,time so January 12th at 7 pm eastern,time so keep that in mind if you want to,pick up this skin or this one and it is,confirmed that Hannah will be getting,their music pack that was in the leaked,bundle image added to the game next,update for it to be sold in the item,shop so that is something else to keep,in mind that they're selling all huge,bundle with Hannah right they're selling,a bundle that includes like a back bling,a skin it includes a emote a glider it,includes just tons of Cosmetics,including even a music pack and a,loading screen so Hannah is one of the,biggest item shop bundles we'll ever,really see sold in the item shop that,isn't like a real money bundle or,something like that and it's crazy to,see how they had so many Cosmetics that,henna is basically like this unique,character that almost feels like it was,a scrapped battle pass set that epic,games decided just to throw in the item,shop one day and release and then,finally the other cosmetic we will be,seeing is on January 18th at 3 P.M I,mean 7 PM eastern time I don't know why,I said 3 P.M we will be seeing the,guardian of the wrist skin added to the,item shop AKA The Rift Warden skin,currently we don't know what that skin,looks like we just know it is something,epic games is working on behind the,scenes and it is something they'll be,releasing very soon so it's going to be,nice to see what this Rift Warden looks,like and which one of those old Concepts,survey skins it ends up being because I,highly expect it to be one of the old,survey skins right there's one of them,that I know a lot of people are,speculating on it being and it's this,one that kind of just has like a whole,entire zero point design to it like zero,point themed hair and everything going,on for it but of course I can't confirm,that this actually is what it's going to,be we kind of just gotta wait and see,whatever games ends up releasing and,what the Cosmetic looks like however,based on the description that was,provided to the actual content creators,who you know leaked this information it,appears that when these Cosmetics,released the rift Warden is going to,have a back bling a pickaxe and a,loading screen as well they'll be able,to purchase I assume that means we'll,most likely be getting an actual bundle,as well that includes the loading screen,as you know like a bonus purchase or,something but epic games has done stuff,in the past where they kind of you know,just put a bloating screen included with,the skin itself so we really just kind,of have to wait and see but that is,something to keep in mind that a rift,themed skin that is a fortnite original,skin which is apparently currently,encrypted that is going to be getting,decrypted tomorrow includes a loading,screen which makes me think maybe this,loading screen starts hinting at some,future lore for chapter four something,like that it is just something to kind,of speculate on but we really just kind,of wait go

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Everything NEW In Today's Winterfest 2022 Update!

Everything NEW In Today's Winterfest 2022 Update!

what's going on Champs and champ it's,firemonkey here in the v23.10 AKA major,Winterfest update for fortnite has,officially released so in today's,YouTube video we're going to be hopping,on the private server looking at all the,brand new skins that aren't currently,encrypted that got added to the game,this update and also talking about the,Winterfest cabin and everything you,should see inside of it because honestly,it's a pretty unique experience so of,course I do want to mention right now,that this is being done on a private,server and things might be a little,buggy here and there I mean if we go to,the lobby right now as you can tell I,don't have a Lobby background it's just,because of everything going on now,before we actually showcase everything,something I thought that would be nice,for you guys to see is of course going,to be the Super level variants for this,season so let's go ahead and go over,here go to page four of six and view,these firstly we have the Elysian,variants which have this unique Galaxy,aesthetic which if you guys remember in,one of my recent videos before the,season actually released I said I wanted,to see some more Galaxy themed Cosmetics,so seeing these as the super level,variances season make me super excited,right it makes me super hyped because,I've been wanting more Galaxy themed,stuff and we have tons of really cool,skins with this aesthetic and I mean,look at the Ageless with that aesthetic,going on with it right it looks super,cool and of course this is going to be,something that works with the different,variants of each skin so it's going to,allow for a lot of customization and I'm,excited for them but it gets even better,past just this because if we go over,here to the next page you'll notice that,we get more of this like blue Galaxy,thing like more of a blue Galaxy,confetti theme thing and it starts,looking pretty sick right you know for,some skins like the Ageless you know,maybe I'm not the biggest fan of it but,overall you do get a pretty unique,design and I gotta admit that you know,the epic games did a really good job on,super level variants this season and I,could honestly see myself actually just,casually rocking these variants with,these skins as I continue to use them in,the future because we do have some,Galaxy themed Cosmetics overall that,really allow me to put the full like,Combos and everything together for these,but of course like everything else we've,mentioned before when it comes to Super,level variants it's only the skins that,got them and nothing else now over here,we have the final stage which is more of,like a golden Galaxy theme being the,hustle on theme and you know they're,really nice skins overall right they're,really nice themes and I'm really,excited for them but of course you know,I'm just more of a SIM for the Galaxy,aesthetic overall so I thought I would,just kind of mention this right so as,you can see here we got a different,variant design right there and then as,we go over we go over to like Dusty and,stuff you can see how the variant,changes and elaborates and like adapts,to the different character designs,overall I think the designs are actually,pretty solid this time around and,probably Mo you know what actually you,know I'm gonna be brave enough to say it,right now I do believe that these are,probably my favorite super level,variants we've ever gotten from any,season in fortnite you know the one we,got a long time ago where it was just,like that like night skin that was,pretty cool as well like the female,nightstand if you guys know what I'm,talking about I like the red aesthetic,to it but I do gotta admit that I'm a,SIM for the Galaxy theme so just seeing,these makes me excited but that is,something I thought I'd show you guys,because that is something they got added,this update and of course you know it's,kind of big topics to talk about you,know it's super level variants who,doesn't love those but next up of course,we got to go through all the Skins now,I'm not going to do a whole like oh,here's a super fast showcase or anything,I'm going to just go ahead and talk,about the skin itself talk about my,thoughts on it and of course we gotta,start off with Mr Beast can I just,mention his face looks so weird in,fortnite like I I I get it it's Mr Beast,but just like this icon right here the,hat off icon just the smile it looks so,weird it just looks so off-putting to me,for some reason but at the same time,it's Mr Beast and I'm excited to you,know see the Cosmetic in the game but I,think what I'm more excited for is the,Mr b6000 outfit because look at this,right this uses a cell shaded aesthetic,to it but it also just looks a lot,cooler with the mask and everything and,of course if you want to you can take,the mask off and we basically just have,like an official anime Mr Beast theme,going on here so if anything if I do buy,the Mr Beast Cosmetics which I most,likely will I'll probably be rocking,this one the most just because it looks,super

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Everything New in Todays Update! (FREE Pickaxe, Octane Car, + More!)

Everything New in Todays Update! (FREE Pickaxe, Octane Car, + More!)

well well well what's going on Champs,and champets it's firemonkey here and we,are back from the fncs invitationals it,feels great to be back and with that,said in today's YouTube video we'll be,telling you everything you need to know,about the brand new v22.40 aka the final,update of this chapter that released,earlier today so let's go ahead and dive,into all the Glorious information shall,we now currently I'm starting this,recording before the update's officially,out so I don't know what else they're,going to add to the files but one thing,we do know that kind of got leaked a,little bit early or at least you noticed,or whatever is the official rocket,League X fortnite high octane event now,this is an event that will feature some,creative Maps where you know the octane,vehicle that you'll be able to complete,for some challenges but also the octane,vehicle coming all the way to the Battle,Royale Island for a limited time where,you'll be able just to do flip resets,you know fly in the air do Aerials,whatever you want to do to your heart's,content of course you'll have a limited,amount of fuel but it is something that,you'll be able to mess around with and I,think it's just wild to see that epic,games is actually going to bring the,octane from you know rocket League that,was only for Creative Mode originally,all the way to the Battle Royale Island,so it's going to be some fun to mess,around with now the Cosmetics themselves,you'll be able to get for free are just,you know a reskinned pickaxe and that,skateboard back bling with four new,variants so you know there's stuff we've,seen before just with a different design,for this mini event but it is still nice,to see that we'll have a like you know a,unique decent event going on here with,tons of free stuff for you to actually,earn now while we wait for the update to,come out we also got two brand new blog,posts for Creative Mode one being the D,launcher device which basically allows,you to launch players in various,directions as a traversal you know Aid,or like a hazard system and that means,you'll be able to get some of those,older you know launch pads and stuff,that were only in the Battle Royale,Islands such as the D launcher that is,currently in game and you'll be able to,use those in create mode to launch,people but direct them in a specific,location and then we also got the class,selector UI device that allows people to,create a UI element that lists the,different types of classes that people,can choose from so you know it's like a,built-in menu or whatever where you'll,be able to actually let someone pick,their class so if they want to be an R,archery Warrior a hill or anything like,that you'll be able to have a very,unique menu with a description and,everything else so that they're able to,do this and with that said that's pretty,much all we have to say regarding the,recapped mentions of stuff before the,actual update comes out so in a moment,you'll see future fire monkey after he's,already looked in the files and,everything but when it comes to the,stuff we know is going to be happening,well we know we're going to be getting,event files because for anyone who's,unaware recently the fracture live event,which I'll be talking about in its own,separate video soon got announced during,the fncs invitationals and that is going,to be the end of this chapter so we got,a lot of stuff that's going to be,encrypted in this update and I'll go,ahead and let future fire monkey take it,away and actually first we got to talk,about one more thing I know I said I was,gonna let him take it away but you know,I've got to take it back anyways on,November 15th AKA today they're,releasing the photonic Legacy set an,exclusive reward for fortnite crew,subscribers that's an evolving symbol of,your membership it's basically a pickaxe,that'll evolve over time as you're,subscribed it maxes out I think like six,months completely subscribed where,you'll be able to have color variants,and tons of different stuff for this,actual pickaxe combination so it's,something you'll be able to get a part,of the fortnite crew and that will be,finally releasing today with the brand,new update and it's probably already in,game by time you're watching this,YouTube video so if you're a part of the,fortnite crew hop in and enjoy your,brand new pickaxe and now with that said,let's actually dive to what fire monkey,in the future has to say all right,what's going on it's firemonkey from the,future here and the update is officially,released and with it came a lot of,changes a lot of cosmetic stuff but also,a lot of new quests some new bundles and,a lot of just you know unique things,happening as well as a lot of event,leaks now I do want to mention in the,you know like section of this video that,we're doing I'm not going to be talking,about event leaks I will be making a,video dedicated to those leaks for those,who want to hear about it but I'm not,going to be spoiling it in today's video,I want to keep this

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I Got Verified on Twitter, Heres What Came With It

I Got Verified on Twitter, Heres What Came With It

what's going on champs and champions,it's fire monkey here and in today's,video we're going to be talking about me,getting verified on twitter so this,actually happened a few days ago but as,of the time me recording this video this,happened one day ago now this video is,going to go up around like the 6th of,october i just want to put this in like,in your minds here i'm recording this at,11 p.m on october 2nd but what happened,was i run a fortnite twitter account and,now this fortnite twitter account was,based on around you know fortnite news,fortnite leaks i stay up at four in the,morning and showcase all the new stuff,in the files and people retweet it talk,about it whatever it might be and that,account actually has 708.7,000 followers on twitter and now,a while ago right uh twitter released,they're like hey,verification applications requesting,verification it's finally returned you,want to request it you can do it and i,was like,yes i would like verification now,did i really want verification you know,did i think i was going to get a million,dollars i think jeff bezos was going to,hit me up in the dms even though hey,i see you're verified now,what do you think about getting,sponsored by amazon no i didn't expect,that at all the real reason why i wanted,verification is because since i'm a news,related content creator when it comes to,the fortnite stuff i even run a fortnite,youtube channel there's a lot of,impersonators out there with the sole,purpose of being like hey here's a fake,leak that i made look real because you,know it's branded exactly like how fire,monkey's profile is and people are just,too lazy to check the at so they see,like some fake item shop tabs they see,some fake leak and they think it's me,just because they see the name and the,profile picture and that's enough proof,for them they don't check the following,count they don't check the followers,they don't check anything they're just,like looks good enough for me retweet,comment like subscribe and all that,stuff so i just wanted verification,there's a way to be like,hey they're not impersonating well like,i'm not impersonating me and these other,people out there they're impersonating,me because like now if someone's like,hey you posted this leak yeah or it's,like is this real or whatever and they,show me my own post that wasn't from me,i can be like,you should have looked for the,verification check mark and now,how do i get verified now i've been,applying every single month and my goal,was this,i will get it i will get verification,because i meet the requirements of,having like so many news articles i was,putting like a maximum of 10 articles,and they're slamming it in and i was,linking you know my twitter account,because that's the main twitter account,that's the main account with the,following and,i got denied and then i applied next,month got denied and then i applied next,month got denied then i apply october,1st,and 3 hours after i apply,i get a text on my phone i didn't even,see the text on my phone from twitter,being like congratulations your,account's been verified no i i post on,my discord server right so i have this,play button for my other youtube channel,i had 100k subscribers and i'm like hey,guys i'm gonna eat the play button and i,post that you know someone on my discord,replies they're like you're verified on,twitter and i'm like,it's probably a mobile bug you know,because mobile mobile has a bug where,sometimes it'll show people as verified,for a few seconds and then it goes away,but then instantly pretty much someone,else replied you're verified on twitter,so i was like,i'm just gonna check so i can screenshot,and prove them wrong that's like that's,the whole reason i went to my twitter i,didn't even know about the notification,i'm just like i'm checking this so i can,prove them wrong because,i just submitted the application not,even like five hours ago there's no way,they could have accepted me that fast so,i click on it,verification check mark,so i originally had like an elaborate,post plan to be like hey guys even,though i'm verified i do not work for,epic games and i can't bring whatever,you want back in the item shop but my,brain was just like hawuka circular,thing with a check inside of it i've got,to make some posters so people realize,so i said new check who dis,because i just couldn't think of,anything,and i've had questions being like hey,what do you would do what do you get,from being verified what are the cool,benefits or whatever else out there and,i'm here to tell you the only benefits,you really get is a check mark next to,your name to verify you're a real person,and a special tab in your notifications,for only verified people where you can,only see other verified people,responding liking retweeting whatever it,might be so it's basically like hey,here's your elite tab for other elite,twitter users here and it's pretty cool,tab and all that stuff but the pain that,came from verification the part i was,not

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