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Twitter VS Ian Miles Cheongokay boys today we got a big fat juicy,drama story that I'm excited to te


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Twitter VS Ian Miles Cheong

okay boys today we got a big fat juicy,drama story that I'm excited to tell you,guys about it involves a noir ski the,kill stream Ian miles Chong team star,sky Williams tipster Tommy C and meme,ology this is a big one so today we're,gonna be talking about how Iain sent a,SWAT team to somebody's house and got,their dog killed with a flashbang the,reasons for him doing this is related to,a completely other drama that I'm not,familiar with so I'm gonna have my boy,Augie from red fox calms come in and,give you a bit of exposition on why he,did this and then we can get into the,juicy drama that ensued on Twitter hey,guys my name is all gr FC and Bubba,called me over to sort of explain the,animal trunked situation a situation on,YouTube and Twitter that I've been,following pretty closely for the past,week or so,Ian claims you got a message from the,user wild goose a small 507 youtuber,that barely post videos as you can see,but why would he SWAT this particular,individual it's because that he,supposedly sent him a DM saying that he,had Bitcoin assassins coming to kill in,at first when you told me that I had,sent you a weird message I was like I am,probably whatever but I didn't remember,but now you're saying like something,that I've ever said to someone is with,someone with me and just using,you username or something that's been,done before but how did he get the,stocks in the first place it was given,to him by none other than a Twitter user,known as mom bond here's an admitting to,it on the same kill stream yes mam but,really yes really after revealing this,information and then goes on to read,some of the DM conversations he had with,mom bought regarding the docks alright,so this is in February by the way okay,so it's like smoke to write a house and,you can give you gooses name and details,to report to the police and whatever,else you do with no details it's left to,your discretion I said alright YouTube,user wild goose subsequently was swatted,and his dog was killed with a flashbang,wow what an interesting reason to swat,somebody I guess SWAT first ask,questions later right god okay now let's,get into the Twitter drama so this,starts out when mammalogy uploads a,video,exposing yen for doing a multitude of,horrible things I just had two police,officers two detectives interrogate me,and search my house one of which is,sending a SWAT team to wild gooses house,which resulted in them throwing a,flashbang that ended up killing his dog,the video ends up getting false flagged,and taken down many people think that,Ian himself took down the video which,would make a lot of sense considering,the content in that video so he ends up,denying it on Twitter then Ian goes on,to highlight and sent Hakeem this whole,thread made by his friend called Steve,McRae kind of just going into depth,about why he's innocent in the scenario,you can read the whole thing if you want,to I guess it's kind of up in the air,whether you believe Ian or everybody,else in the scenario but even if Ian,didn't do this like everything else he's,done that has been guaranteed proven,like swatting Andy wore ski and a bunch,of other stuff that we're gonna get into,later in this video I'm have a really,hard time giving this guy the benefit of,the doubt at all and keep in mind I did,not know who it was,until I started working on the story,last night he basically claims it's a,video from 2013 and this whole dog being,killed is fabricated even though the guy,doesn't have his dog anymore which is a,bit strange and he did end up and,mitting it on livestream so why did you,dog's wild goose - David Rhett okay,so here's the thing,just to clarify it's I didn't do the,research of the docs it was given to me,by some other people I don't really know,honestly is stupid,yeah like dude I really wasn't thinking,no that was my bad I really up no,you wanna see like I'm just winning up,to it but that's my father's house and,threw a flashbang in the pool with my,dad's dog so you blew up a ,yellow Labrador Retriever totally didn't,deserve to get flash banged and all that,totally apologize for that even if the,dog didn't end up dying which it did he,still,responsible for Daxing this man and,sending a SWAT team to his house,keemstar mentions that meme ologies,video got taken down and asked people if,they want to hear it more on drama alert,this causes Ian to respond by saying,nobody got swatted Christ's sake scheme,you were on the same stream I was when,that went down which my boy Auggie,replies to you admitted it on the kill,stream which he did to be fair Teamster,replies basically pointing out that this,stuff did happen so whether he's,responsible or not he's actually trying,to deny the fact that the dog got killed,Augie points out the fact that he,admitted to it and now he's kind of,backtracking pretending it never,happened,pretty stupid move honest nobody got,swatted no dog got flashbang it was a,meme you were on the stream you know,this there's literally footage of the,dog gettin

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No Honor Among Grifters! [The Quartering goes after Ian Miles Cheong!]

No Honor Among Grifters! [The Quartering goes after Ian Miles Cheong!]

oh this this is good tea,you know this this ain't your grandma's,tea,okay this is this is some yerba mate, you know all organic come on,this this this stuff is bought straight,at whole foods,it's like 40 times the cost no human,being in their right mind should be able,to afford drinking it and yet,there it is what up everyone,jeremy from the quartering here i,haven't been following,the jeremy versus ian miles chong drama,for a while i know that they've clashed,a handful of times but uh,i'm eager to learn all the details of,this sordid affair,to say the very least if you're watching,what's going on,on the leftist side of youtube right now,between the young turks,between jimmy dore and kyle kolinsky you,could see the left,begging them to stop the infighting,because it's a bad look,on the right for example i've criticized,people like tim poole,and others people don't necessarily like,that there's,so some background there he got,absolutely wasted while he was on the,tin pool compound and then just did this,vicious like evisceration of the beady,empire,and i think he's not invited back since,so,uh oops it's this weird unwritten rule,where you don't openly criticize someone,on,your side or someone who's fighting the,good fight,but there's one particular individual,that i think,continues to garner significant clout,following and influence in american,politics,and it's extraordinarily frustrating as,somebody who knows the dark truth,about uh this individual now,as always and i will reiterate here,please do not reach out to this person,don't interact with them,i don't condone any dog piling but what,i am,don't reach out to them condone,dog piling i understand what air quotes,are asking is that you listen to what i,have to say here and that you,reconsider possibly sharing this person,as an authoritative source,that you reconsider websites that,continue to embed his tweets like the,daily wire,and even my friend carl benjamin sargon,mccad's lotus eaters website is paying,this guy um,it is absolutely without a doubt in my,opinion irrefutable anyway it's not just,my opinion is irrefutable,that ian miles chong has done some,horrendous things to other people,including but not limited to doxing them,um,admitting to i agree i wow,nice which i will show you uh allegedly,getting a dog injured uh and laughing,about it which i will,show you something he's denied so i,assume that he's going to obviously,delete all the videos in which he used,ein mu uh i,mean as a credible source that's that's,the next step,right he's not gonna he's not gonna keep,not gonna keep doing that obviously,because now he's he's been,he's been thoroughly thoroughly vetted,vehemently on twitter yet,audio clips exist of him admitting it,and laughing about it,this is a man that stole money from me,directly that lied to me for months as,an employee,this is not somebody that i want to see,continually retweeted by authoritative,sources,this is somebody that's never set foot,on american soil,but has grifted their way successfully,to some sort of authoritative source,because he just takes other people's,clips,and posts him on the internet never of,course giving credit to the original,source something any real journalist,would do,or would at least try to do or would do,occasionally,uh ian miles chong is the definition,oh god like if you see me looking as if,someone just farted in my face,it's it's not because of you know,there's some kind of smell-o-vision,going on for me watching the quartering,it's,because that dog that dog is now,sleeping soundly and he is,he's just letting them rip man what is,up with dogs,they they like they fart so much and,it's always silent,you never know what's coming it just,happens you'll just be sitting there and,you'll be like oh god,what the how how is something so,small releasing so much ass,it does it doesn't it doesn't make any,sense something so small and so cute so,adorable,and yet so much ass it's blinding at,times,you know absolutely blinding this is,somebody who has had every possible,political belief,at the most opportune time for,themselves the most profitable time for,them to be left-leaning they were,most profitable time for them to be,right-leaning they were,they have never in my opinion believed,anything politically about,what the side quote unquote is that,they're supporting,it's been about money this is somebody,that took my money,said they were using it to pay an,assistant to,help aggregate articles only to find out,that they were giving that money to an,e-girl to buy an iphone,okay this is somebody that should have,been ignored,years ago yet like the cockroach,continues,to thrive,this i am so here for this all of this,did go off just a small taste of why i,am concerned with the number of people,that continue to follow tweet retweet,and quote,ian miles chong let's talk about exhibit,one,okay this is a man who started a,business with somebody,uh somebody he called a friend this,person's name is andy warski this is a,f

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Elon Musk's organized chaos is improving Twitter: Ian Miles Cheong

Elon Musk's organized chaos is improving Twitter: Ian Miles Cheong

welcome to a day in my life as a Twitter,employee so this past week went to Essa,for the first time at a Twitter office,badged in honestly took a moment to just,soak everything in what a blessing also,started my morning off with an iced,matcha from the pit then I had a meeting,so it's quickly scheduled one of these,little Pond rooms which were so cool,they're literally noise canceling took,my meeting got ready for a bunch look,how delicious this food looks oh my,goodness I was so overwhelmed then made,my way down to this Log Cabin area I,don't know what this is but it was,really cool I played some please fall,with my friends to kind of unwind a bit,um also found this really cool,meditation room that I thought was super,neat,um I didn't do any yoga but they have,this yoga room if you are a yogi so I,also thought that was really cool,um had a couple more meetings in the,afternoon had a ton of projects that we,needed to knock out say hey to my,teammates,um went to the went to the library to,kind of get some more work done,obviously had to have our afternoon,coffee so made some espresso and then,before leaving for the day I had some,red wine,um that's on tap went up to the rooftop,and just honestly enjoyed the beautiful,weather so awesome trip what an,Incredible video it felt more like like,it was an all-inclusive resort or a,cruise ship on the breakfast bars and,lunch bars in the yoga room and the wine,on tap at an office you don't normally,see that you know I once visited the,Twitter HQ here in Toronto Canada and it,was it was luxurious it was nothing like,what we just saw there apparently they,spent 13 million dollars a year just on,food,um it's just incredible needless to say,that employee is no longer there,according to Elon Musk he gave her and,thousands more the heave home people who,were sort of like Barnacles on the ship,they weren't computer Engineers who,built the code they were part of you,know the engagement teams or the,community standards teams or the UN,policy enforcement there are all these,political Barnacles that were slowing,down the ship of Twitter,well what's interesting about Elon Musk,buying Twitter and taking it private,he's the boss and he doesn't have to,answer to the SEC or to a board in the,normal way that a publicly traded,company would he can make Bolder,decisions that would have a rebellion,among shareholders if he was publicly,traded but I think the funnest thing,about Elon Musk is not only that he is a,true disrupter,but that he is tweeting it in real time,he's using his Forum Twitter to talk,about Twitter and how he changes Twitter,there's so many layers to it it's,amazing but we have a small connection,to this story not only do we love to use,Twitter and you know I think we love it,too much sometimes it's a bit addictive,but one of our Rebels who is extremely,online as the kids say,has established a personal rapport,with Elon Musk himself I'm not saying,they're close friends but when our,writer Ian miles Chong tweets about,Twitter and Elon Musk well more often,than not Elon Musk personally replies,it's actually very exciting and joining,us now via Skype is Ian maostrong Ian,great to see you again and,congratulations not just on your work,for Rebel news but you are engaging with,one of the richest smartest most,consequential men in the world right now,absolutely I mean it it feels like a,privilege in a lot of ways I mean I,wouldn't say this about just anyone,um I'm you know I've had a lot of,celebrities interact with me I couldn't,care less they're just anybody you know,but Elon Musk he is a once in a lifetime,human being and I know is saying his,phrases a lot some people have called me,out on it they're like oh why are you,cheerleading him so much I'm like well,have you ever met anyone at Elon Musk I,mean look at what he's doing for,Humanity you know you may not agree of,all the things he's doing you may not,agree with uh his handling of Twitter,which some might say is very uh,disorganized but let's face it he's,getting results I mean it took Twitter,how long to crack down on uh child,sexual exploitation I mean like they,never did right 10 plus years it didn't,do anything in Tifa five years they,didn't do anything and he steps in,within two weeks he gets rid of all of,this well yes that's a good point and he,may look chaotic and but he's always had,sort of a controversial style but look,what he's built SpaceX the most,successful space company is not NASA,it's a private company look at Tesla I,mean I have my opinions on electric cars,but as he repeatedly says he never asked,for grants that was GM and his other,competitors he's made his patents open,source like the guy is an ideas man like,you say some of his ideas might be a bit,unusual he wants us all to go to Mars,he's got a neuro link plan that I don't,quite understand about transhumanism so,you know I I have I want to be careful,of blind spots too but the man,is he is a decider he is a doer and it,would be foolish to bet a

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Ian Miles Cheong Hires a Console Peasant

Ian Miles Cheong Hires a Console Peasant

oh man it's been a while see everything,looks like it's in place Nick Cage looks,fine the books are in order the slimes,on top yeah everything's just as the way,I left it,oh hello there hello there it's been a,while since I've seen you I've been,locked away metaphorically yeah sure,metaphorically it's been a while since,I've seen you guys but I'm here,I haven't here and I'm here to stay and,turn this upload schedule back into one,video every two to three months,uploading more than one video a week,that's for gay retards we got to stick,back to only focusing on the concert,peasants and that's what I'm here for,today actually is the console peasants,but before we get to them I'm gonna,remind you guys to go and follow me on,Twitter,I need clout I need more clout please,how else am I supposed to combat the,peasants if I have no clout oh so my,twitch account is active it's ready and,I'm starting nothing but we've games on,there if you want to watch me play we've,games that's where you go anyways,console peasants are the worst thing on,YouTube okay that's kind of a bold claim,there's worse things on YouTube like of,the gay guy who's trying to get YouTube,to remove ads from people who insult him,if I did that be public enemy number one,console peasants aren't the worst thing,on YouTube that's an exaggeration but,they suck they're stupid they're dumb,they don't know how to argue or think,right and you think that YouTube was the,only place I encountered them but nope,you follow me on Twitter where I get,political and very lefty you may have,noticed that I've had an altercation of,the sorts with one of the worst peasants,I've ever had the pleasure of,communicating with when you end up going,down my road the road of criticizing,companies for their anti consumer, is the road of criticizing,consoles for their anti consumer, and calling out the people who,defend the anti consumer not,only do you become YouTube's top,priority and silencing and making sure,you never get popular but you also,attract a lot of fanboys,and a lot of very naive and stupid and, people people who are ignorant,and choose to stay ignorant so you'll,spend every day of your life arguing,with losers,people who think capitalism allsafe,video games and then you'll get those,that think PC gamers are evil the devil,and don't want anything to do with them,and that last one is actually true let,me tell you a little story,so there I was going about my own,business on Twitter that's a lie I'm,always picking fights and getting into,all sorts of trouble on Twitter I, love it it's great it's fun and,then it was brought to my attention that,this really really really really really,dumb gal made the comment that she got,games for free through PlayStation Plus,okay,it was to say that it was,really dumb it was really stupid and,normally when Papa Fritz sees this,stupid he's ready to whip out his belt,smack him over the face drop a load of,calm on them and walk away but this one,was a gal so you know I thought I'd,better have some respect just for your,information the borderlands handsome,collection and sonic mania are free on,PSN right now so what's the nicest way,papa fred can spank you console peasants,and correct them on the wrist,information by retweeting and saying lol,free and come on I mean you guys gotta,admit that's actually kind of nice for,Papa Fred I mean I'm an that's,why nobody wants to associate with me,it's why I'll probably never grow it's,kind of hard to resist being myself and,pretending I'm someone I'm not but this,is nice you know it's not that bad then,this gal replies okay dude we get it you,love computers nothing nothing,dude computers it's just basic knowledge,that if you're paying for PlayStation,Plus which is a subscription service and,you're getting games through it they're,not free no they're not they're not free,the only people who believe they are,free are retards if you can't get those,games without paying for PlayStation,Plus they are,not free but all Don he gets worse can I,ask why you're so adamant about,supporting a subscription service that's,required to use the Internet you already,paid for four games you already paid for,on a console you already paid for,especially when said subscription,service two-thirds of its quote unquote,free games value to which she replied,because I'm poor and can't afford a two,billion dollar gaming computer Oh once,again I tried being as nice as I could,without spanking her too hard if you can,afford a console gaming you can afford,two PC game this is logical this is,actually correct if you can afford to,invest in paying yearly subscription,fees for your console if you can afford,to buy games for your console on a,yearly basis and peripherals for it you,can afford two PC game they will both,end up costing you the same throughout,an entire year so when she replied mate,I'm not interested in PC gaming at the,moment which is fine you know but you,don't have to lie about the PC being two,billion dollars whi

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Ian Miles Chungus Got Me a 7-Day Suspension on Twitter | #TipsterNews

Ian Miles Chungus Got Me a 7-Day Suspension on Twitter | #TipsterNews

what is up guys tipster here and today I,have a new video for you guys and I,wasn't planning on doing a video at all,for you guys today,truth be told I was kind of taken the,weekend off I usually take the weekends,off unless some big story comes up that,I can report for you guys or something,like that,I was just kind of taking the weekend,off spending some time with my wife we,were just watching a movie and stuff,like that and someone tweeted at me and,I decided to respond to said tweet but,when I hit the respond button I didn't,get the option to respond instead I was,notified that my Twitter was suspended,because some of my tweets from earlier,today had been reported essentially I,got into an argument with Ian miles Chun,the ethical journalist we got into an,argument because he decided to take some,jabs at me today and I decided you know,what if he can you know dish it out,certainly he can take it right so I took,some jabs back and it got to the point,where I pointed out that you know I sort,of reminded him that hey guy you want to,act like you're a saint and stuff like,that but let me remind you you're a,degausser a doctor and a swatter and we,actually have evidence of you basically,admitting to this yourself in private,messages with someone so I pointed that,out and I guess he didn't like that,because he blocked me he continued to,talk about me after he blocked me,kind of a made move he reported,multiple tweets of mine and it's really,interesting we'll take a look at the,tweets that he actually reported because,he's part of the blue checkmark crew so,he gets special treatment on Twitter so,it's really interesting when you,actually take a look at some of the,tweets that he reported but he did that,and now my Twitter suspended for seven,days and that's the main reason I'm,doing this video cuz a lot of you guys,know I'm really active on Twitter I try,to interact with my audience on Twitter,also I enjoy posting a lot and I,don't want you guys thinking something,happened to me or something because you,look at my Twitter and be like damn,where's Robert out he hasn't tweeted for,like seven days or some I wanted to,let you guys know what's going on so,this is kind of an unscripted sort of,impromptu video so let's go ahead and,take a look at this sort of situation,here this is what I got this is a,screenshot here we've temporary limited,some of the features of your account,essentially I can send DMS to people but,I can't,send anyone any like screenshots or,pictures of any kind in those DMS I,can't like tweets I can't retweet tweets,I can't post tweets of any kind,essentially you guys can see all my,stuff but that's about it and I think,that people who don't currently follow,me can basically not see myself I'm not,exactly sure how that works but,essentially I can't post anything but,direct messages I can direct message,people that I already have direct,message access with and that's it so,that's pretty shitty but essentially,this whole thing started because someone,notified me that Ian miles Chung who I,did a few videos on a few months back,when he was exposed for doxxing and,swatting and ewar scheme uh he,apparently started tweeting talking ,about me today so the first thing he,said was I have a hard and fast rule,that I will never waste my time arguing,with any ones whose face looks like the,surface of Mars he then went on to tweet,the following tweet don't wear a jewelry,that comes out of a claw machine ,off with that crackerjack so okay,he thinks he's a funny guy,so I decided okay you know what he's,throwing jabs at me clearly if he's,willing to dish it out he can take it,right so I decided to you know clappa,back a little bit and I tweeted out the,following I want to talk about my,appearance at still gray but you ain't,exactly looking like Fabio yourself bro,just saying so I posted a screenshot of,his tweet about me and a few choice,pictures of my own about our boy still,gray or Ian miles Chun I also followed,that up with the following tweet here,actually did it not show oh here we go,oh no I'm so hurt that sloth from the,Goonies tried to have a go at me,how will I ever recover and actually a,lot of people gave me for this one,because I like hey dog sloth is dope,don't you don't ever compare slots Ian,miles Chun so again I posted his,original tweet talking a picture of,him and a picture of sloth for,comparison I think they look pretty,similar if I'm just being honest,so then I got to the point like I said,before where I used to hide you know I,had to point out that this guy's acting,like you know he's you know some kind of,saint or some because he started,going at and he wore ski for an article,that was written about him claiming that,he was sharing child pornography on a,live stream which I saw a little bit of,that live stream and they didn't,necessarily show child pornography on,the stream so I don't know why a lot of,people are saying that there were some,speculation that maybe they had access,to some chil

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Twitter Punished Me for Insulting Ian Miles Cheong

Twitter Punished Me for Insulting Ian Miles Cheong

what man I'm pissed,hey everyone Irishman Rance here and,probably wondering what is with this new,change of scenery what because I am,currently staying in your County,Wisconsin,as you can see this currently sister day,that shark-infested waters those are the,souls of wooden creatures and that's the,building currently I'm going to be,staying in Wisconsin for pretty much the,remainder of June and you know I'm,actually pretty excited for that you,know it's nice to be having a change of,pace I mean it's a bit weird you know,not having a basement that I can say all,sorts of nasty words and and having my,parents basically in the other room but,luckily they can't do me outside to my,knowledge unfortunately that means they,have all this ambience out here but I,was trying to pick out a story that I,wanted to do my first video in Door,County the first thing I was thinking of,doing was a piece on Kimani Wilson hunts,a foot fetishist who has been harassing,female members of the channel often,community then I thought I might do a,story on what happened last night when,Lori Walker and Katherine cross,basically said that I'm pertained to be,a feminist despite me being a feminist,for more than three years then I was,thinking of doing a video and I probably,will actually do this video on that,racist Canadian woman who only wanted,her son to be seen by a white doctor,they're saying in the whole entire,building there isn't one white doctor,but then,this happened currently my Admiral,crackers Twitter account has been,suspended for 12 hours not suspended in,the sense of you know like oh your,accounts been suspended but I have no,access to his main features for the next,12 hours or they just give you an,example right here here's tweet from,Jesse Cox I'm mr. Brightside hashtag,thorn in a barn I decide to favorite it,and just wait a couple minutes a couple,seconds and boom I get this message,saying that I have 5 hours and 10,minutes before I can use features such,as tweeting retweeting and likes I can,however send dm's and I did send some,messages to a couple my best followers,because you know I wanted to see if they,would get the word out but then I,decided that more logical thing would be,to go on my backup account Farris come,where I basically just kind of blasted,to Twitter for what they did now when I,first reflect for harassment I guess I,thought it was towards people like Rory,Walker because I just had a big Twitter,fight with her last night that I guess I,might have kind of provoked because I,hate her guts but it was weird and it's,another instance of this weird trend,that's happening on Twitter and it's,when you disrespect Nazis now of course,I'm using that term as many people do in,a very new sense because I don't think,that Ian miles she owns a Nazi I just,think he's a racist and bit,strong I know what's the truth now this,all started when Laci green decided to,make a tweet that I'm actually,photographing right now for this video,and it says I use the term sjw to refer,to censorship dogma identity as a,measure of truth anti science abuse all,justified by social justice and I like,actually made sure to say that's,justified by social justice because she,could be saying that sjw's are all,people who want to censor other people,which is not true because I know of a,bunch of people who want to send,Julius Caesar showing recently made big,asses of themselves and she got response,from someone named ranting feminist who,actually provide a pretty well worded,response,I may have disagree with it but it at,least seemed very reasonable the only,weird thing is that she made it seem,like Laci green had rejected feminism,because she had previously said on her,Twitter many times that she still is a,feminist so I treated you know she's,still feminist right and wrenched,feminist said could have fooled me with,that anti sgw dog whistling now the,weird part about this is that she was,trying to say that sjw was a slur,towards feminism and is used to dismiss,a lot of feminism but she just been fed,anti sjw dog whistling like oh they're,oppressing sgw despite the fact that sjw,is a bad word so I didn't really know,what she's doing at all right the,correction it's 12:00 in the morning I,just discovered ranting feminist videos,she's actually pretty good check her up,but it seems more anti CW is a term that,she used to refer to the wave of you,know like anti sjw's the people who,believe that there is such a thing as,like sjw's who use the term a straight,of view and doesn't label themselves as,anti ASUW so mostly just exactly,thousand ten so she finds the term,offensive but she's just mentioning that,they themselves refer to themselves as,enticed UW's I'm going to sleep,but then a king of the ants himself,Ian Mouse Cheon decided to butt in I I,was it was weird to have EML Cheon just,pop up in my notifications I was really,hoping he didn't support me because then,I started to realize I was doing,something wrong with my life he said so,you identif

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The Story of Ian Miles Cheong

The Story of Ian Miles Cheong

let's go and jump into our first big,juicy meaty story I'm dying to touch,this I was thinking today when I woke up,and I was kind of you know browsing the,good old Twitter feed and I was just,looking for something to talk about,I see Ian miles Chung pop in my feed and,we'll get into what exactly popped into,my feet in just a moment um but I was,thinking I was I've had this idea in my,head to do like a video like not,breaking any ground here but just do,like a comprehensive like meaty like,compact video of just every like all the, with Ian mileage on cuz people,doing articles about him,one took they look at one in just a,second to refresh ourselves but I was,thinking I was like somebody needs to,compile all of this into just one,good meaty video and that needs to,blow the up so that so because,people who are into like politics,especially online they already know like,Chung's full of but like normies,you know tell normies you know be like,hey look at this crazy journalist who,flashbangs people's dogs and you know,preaches free speech because people's,Twitter counts take a dad like my,friends you know and so I was thinking,it was like if somebody like compiled us,into one giant video that would be,pretty damaging right and I'm not saying,that I'm gonna be the one to do that,because my videos like I got a video,like my doesn't get it recommended,um at least not currently so I'm not,saying like I'm the one who's gonna do,this but somebody needs to do this right,and I figured you know maybe not need a,video today but we talked about this in,a podcast because I got some information,then I looked at this morning that,confirmed what I've been thinking for a,while which is that this guy chong-in,miles Chong if you he's a journalist by,the way and we'll get into some of his,backstory in just a moment he's a,Twitter journalist conservative with a,hundred thousand followers on Twitter,and if you criticize him despite being a,free speech warrior type if you,criticize him he will get your Twitter,account banned it does happen to,everybody it's not like you know you say,anything bad about me you're instantly,guaranteed there is somewhat of a,likelihood depending on the,circumstances that you could get do you,know your account bad but it's not a you,know instant you know case but it does,happen and it happens enough for me to,be more than just a little bit,suspicious and today I saw some,information that,really kind of you know basically,confirms it you know my suspicions which,already basically knew were true in the,first place but this is just more,concrete evidence to point to something,that I've been you know explaining to,for a while now especially last month,which is that in milestone he has some,sort of a contact with Twitter directly,like he's got some sort of like it's,stablished connection to Twitter I don't,know if it's like a little duty as to,Twitter that works at Twitter that he,can hit up and just be like yo take this,guy down or what I don't know if like,that if it's like that but you have some,power that not everybody else has not,the normal person has where he can ,you in the ass if you call him out I,seen this happen to Twitter I see this,happened to the guy who's working on my,website line SME may know him from the,chat or whatever he actually got both,these guys accounts banned and they only,got banned instantly when they called,him out now it could be a it could be a,wide variety of reasons all right just,cuz you call somebody out and they get,banned the next day doesn't mean that,they were the ones who got you bad but,it's a little sketchy and sivan more,sketchy when these guys were getting,banned you know cuz the way it works is,he doesn't get your account fully banned,he'll you know he'll hit up Twitter and,he'll put your account on like high,watch down so if you piss off Chong,he'll basically tell Twitter he'll be,like okay watch this guy's account and,be like super like aggressive on this,guy's account until he gets like fully,banned so you call Chong you get a tenth,ban you come back to Twitter the next,week after Tim pan expires you start,getting a bunch of temp bans until,eventually you just get full-out,terminated that's what happens that's,always what happens and I've seen this,happen twice now and when it happens,their first temp and it will tell like,the people who are getting tip man to,delete tweets to begin the countdown for,when their Tim fan expires and the,tweets it wants them to delete are the,ones calling out Chong so which is it's,just like then you start to look at it,and you're like okay obviously and you,know just take a to figure out,what's going on here now Before we jump,into all of this I want to take a look,at an article that kind of because some,of you guys might you know not be fully,into this me and Bo,did a video about this a year ago before,either of us were before I was doing,this show actually I think I was doing,the show but it was really small at the,time and then

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The BIGGEST Grifter In History: Ian Miles Cheong

The BIGGEST Grifter In History: Ian Miles Cheong

i know that there's this prevailing,unspoken rule if you're watching what's,going on,uh on the leftist side of youtube right,now between the young turks,between jimmy dore and kyle kolinsky you,could see the left,begging them to stop the infighting,because it's a bad,look on the right,for example i've criticized people like,tim poole,and others people don't necessarily like,that,there is this weird unwritten rule where,you don't openly criticize someone on,your side or someone who's fighting the,good,fight but there's one particular,individual,that i think continues to garner,significant clout following,and influence in american politics,and it's extraordinarily frustrating as,somebody,who knows the dark truth about,uh this individual now as always and i,will,reiterate here please do not reach out,to this person,don't interact with them i don't condone,any dog piling,but what i am asking is that you listen,to,what i have to say here and that you,reconsider,possibly sharing this person as an,authoritative source,that you reconsider websites that,continue,to embed his tweets like the daily wire,and even my friend,carl benjamin sargon mccots lotus eaters,website is paying this guy,um it is,absolutely without a doubt in my opinion,irrefutable anyway,it's not just my opinion it is,irrefutable that ian miles chong has,done some horrendous things to other,people,including but not limited to doxing them,um,admitting to it which i will show you uh,allegedly,getting a dog injured uh and laughing,about it which i will,show you something he's denied,vehemently on twitter yet,audio clips exist of him admitting it,and laughing about it,this is a man that stole money from me,directly that lied to me for months as,an,employee this is not somebody that i,want to see,continually retweeted by authoritative,sources,this is somebody that's never set foot,on american soil,but has grifted their way successfully,to some sort of,authoritative source because he,just takes other people's clips and,posts them on the internet,never of course giving credit to the,original source something any real,journalist would do,or would at least try to do or would do,occasionally,ian miles chong is,the definition of a grifter,this is somebody who has had every,possible political belief,at the most opportune time for,themselves,the most profitable time for them to be,left-leaning they were,the most profitable time for them to be,right-leaning they were,they have never in my opinion believed,anything politically about,what the side quote unquote is that,they're,supporting it's been about money this is,somebody that,took my money said they were using it,to pay an assistant to help aggregate,articles,only to find out that they were giving,that money to an e-girl to buy an iphone,okay this is somebody that should have,been,ignored years ago yet like the cockroach,continues to thrive,this is just a small taste of,why i am concerned with the number of,people,that continue to follow tweet retweet,and quote,ian miles chong let's talk about exhibit,one okay this is a man,who started a business with somebody uh,somebody he called a friend this,person's name is andy warski this is a,few years ago,during the internet blood sports era of,youtube,doesn't matter if you don't know what,that is i will inform you it was a,live debate uh era of youtube that got,particularly spicy,and there were some things said and done,uh,that were not up to uh youtube standards,and that,entire genre was essentially scrubbed,from the internet,during that time it was politically and,personally expedient and profitable,for ian miles chong to be appearing on,these streams to be,orbiting people like andy warski and,ethan ralph and mr medicare and all of,these people that were at the forefront,of that,kind of stream world he was appearing,regularly,as a a strong believer in right-wing,ideals and anti-sjw,and this is a guy again who has never,set foot on american soil has zero skin,in the game,and profits exclusively on rage baiting,and whipping everyone up into a fervor,with out-of-context,clips he doesn't actually take the time,to prevent any context or add,additional information to the clips he,shares he knows exactly what he's doing,this is now him,admitting on tape,to not just doxing but are but swatting,a business partner another youtube,putting their life at risk,and thinking it was hilarious even,though,you see here i called the police a few,days ago to report tendy warski for the,suspicion of a crime,it had nothing to do with incidents they,are accusing me of,or swatting or hurting anybody these,claims are exaggerated,for the purpose of feeding a narrative,what that narrative,is he doesn't say he just says,well here i am caught in 164k,admitting to swatting somebody,uh trying to impress a girl and um,it's just not true it's simply not true,it's they're trying to destroy me a,malaysian man who's profiting off,american,suffering they're turning against me,with evidence of me doing

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