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Fortnite Creative 2.0 Trailer & Bonus Battle Pass Skin!hey what's guys camping rusher here a,lot mor

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Fortnite Creative 2.0 Trailer & Bonus Battle Pass Skin!

hey what's guys camping rusher here a,lot more leaks about creative 2.0 which,could be dropping as soon as three weeks,from now we'll get to that in a second,we actually had a little update last,night it was a maintenance update but,they did uh make a few pretty,significant changes first the Shockwave,Hammer I don't know if you've noticed in,the past week or so there's been a,glitch where players have been able to,infinitely jump with the Shockwave,Hammer uh we had it happen against us,one time we thought they were hacking or,something like that it was a glitch,being abused so they disabled it but now,part of yesterday's update the Shockwave,Hammer is back in game and it's all,fixed okay so that was I think one of,the main reasons they did it uh hurdling,has been reactivated the reboot rally,event has ended and a little surprise,addition to the game is the burst AR has,been unvaulted okay this was not the 0.2,update or our next big massive update is,confirmed next Tuesday oh okay and we,know that because 23.2 has been added to,the staging servers which indicates,about a week away until the future,update it's it's been a while man it's,been a long while and uh we've been,patient right but yeah I think we're due,right we we kind of thought we were,getting it this week uh they've waited,an extra week I think it's been about a,month then since our last major update,so yeah we're I'm looking forward to it,make sure you subscribe turn your notes,on I'll keep you updated on everything,we learn I'm sure we're going to learn,more about creative 2.0 uh you know more,storyline stuff where is this season,going in terms of storyline and lots,more it's gonna be a big one let's talk,what we do know about creative 2.0 so it,starts with this 23.3 so the update,after next uh has started being tested,on an unreal editor for fortnite testing,server if what Tim Sweeney said is,correct we should see uefn with creative,2.0 release with the 0.3 update uh we we,aren't confirmed on this this is still,mostly based on the January date that,Tim Sweeney has given us and because it,would still be true if,20.23.3 supposedly should come out two,weeks after point two which would be uh,January 31st then it still releases,within January right again I bet we're,going to have confirmation uh as soon as,this week if the creative 2.0 release is,still on schedule uh it's you know,future fortnite we're all looking,forward to it what are some of the,things we we can expect we've talked,about a couple of the big random ones,that might be down the line for example,being able to create uh your own custom,skins for probably just your server your,map uh that's not going to come with a,release it's it's it's a ways away but,it could be possible according to Tim,Sweeney the co-founder CEO at epic games,but uh here is a big list of,functionalities that you will be able to,use in fortnite's upcoming creative 2.0,thanks to in the shade okay and I'm,going to go through them and this is,just scratching the surface this isn't,everything this just gives you an idea,of some of the stuff creating your own,models spawning items storm controller,you can pretty much control everything,about the storm AI scripting events that,fire off when pretty much anything in,the game happens so you have full,control of everything a changing game,phases loading and using Game widgets,loading game assets at runtime full,control of building cars live team and,player stats control of the HUD you can,put any message and control what's being,shown to players scoreboard control,creature spawner manager skin and emote,capturing control what happens when a,player's Caesar looks away from another,player or device an RNG system control,of player inventories and what weapons,they have a teleportation device vehicle,spawner script device find and map,actions control of audio lights physics,gravity Etc modifying removing and,adding gameplay tags level streaming set,events for every tick of the game entity,spawning being able to create destroy,objects math calculations and algorithms,and again quote this is just a small,Peak at the possibilities to come so,there's a lot and I mean some I I don't,understand all that stuff but I'm sure,some of you do we understand some of it,and just cannot wait to see I in my last,video if you if you want to go check it,out after you're done with this one we,talk about uh uh a a Reddit post that,was a concept for Creative discover what,what the changes in discover could look,like what they hopefully will look like,I think discover really does need a an,overhaul and uh I hope that comes with,2.0 uh just a little bit of a throwback,who remembers when Lachlan leaked,fortnite creative 1.0 the first time you,know the first version uh he leaked it,early and he uploaded a video it was,deleted then re-uploaded uh basically I,think epic did a big uh event they,brought some some YouTubers in and they,all got to try out creative it was going,to be this big launch of videos

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Does Good measurement = Good Sound? Nord acoustics NC500 Hypex amplifier review !

Does Good measurement = Good Sound? Nord acoustics NC500 Hypex amplifier review !

hey folks how's it going,so if this is our first time meeting,thank you for coming here my name is Jay,on this channel we do a lot of high-five,component reviews and music and audio is,our biggest passion so if you share the,similar type of passion for music and,audio then please consider subscribing,to the channel become part of our,community in the comments section and,also clicking that like button now and,if you do click that like button it does,help us out so I appreciate it very much,now if this is not our first time,meeting and you see me review high-five,components then thank you for coming,back and you for being a supporter thank,you for being a subscriber now today we,are looking at something that I bought,recently so this is the Nordica sticks,and c500 monoblocks,they're based on the high pecks module,design they're Class D amplifiers and,what can I tell you the reason I bought,them well I bought them because you know,I've been reviewing a lot of Class A,Class A B designs and that's what I,primarily use in my own systems so when,I heard about this high text module you,know design that can compete and you,know be a giant killer towards you know,a lot of the components that I listen to,I wanted to see how it compares and how,it fares you know between a Class A or,Class A B design can you know the big,question is can a Class D amplifier,really sound like a Class A or Class A B,design while having a power output that,is tremendous so for example this,amplifier right here outputs 400 watts,per channel into 8 ohms 700 watts into 4,ohms and 550 watts to 2 ohms that is a,fantastic amount of power now that in,theory should be able to drive anything,on the market in terms of speakers so my,question is how does a sound I'm sure,can drive anything but,sound so I really wanted to experiment,with the sound quality with more,sensitive speakers like tech cons for,example or even some of the you know,less you know efficient speakers like,magnet pens or even you know Picard s400,for example which likes to have some,power so before we get into that let's,take a look inside the amplifier first,so this amplifier is unique because you,can see that beside the power supply you,have this board it's a buffer board and,you can add Oh Babs so you you can,switch out op amps much like in the,person audio that I reviewed recently,and there's two different types that has,been getting very good reviews from,people that use it and this the you know,sonic imagery and the other one is,called spark ghost so thankfully I,bought both of them and I tried both of,them now I'll tell you right off the bat,and some people are just not gonna like,this answer is that the difference,between those two op amps when I switch,back and forth you know at least to my,hearing maybe my hearing is not good,enough I don't know right but I just,don't hear enough of a difference to you,know say well no this one is much more,smoother you know this one has more,better base you know texture in the,extension the high frequency none of,that it is very subtle difference and,any of those differences to me is very,you know negligible there's something,not worth me talking about so I won't,and there is to my experience nothing to,worry about,there's not much of a difference so the,NC 500 year accepts balanced only it,doesn't have an RCA input and so that,can be a problem when it comes to some,people but I didn't because I had a pre,amplifier like my mod right I lost 100,or even the Johnson or Young stand how,you want to call it preamplifier that I,have in full review so I didn't have a,much of a problem you know I also use,Paris island hints 6 as a preamplifier,as well so I didn't really have a,problem in terms of you know a balanced,connection you know not being compatible,but some of you may have a problem with,that now I do like the fact now this is,a small thing but I do like the fact,that you're able to dim the LED lights,that come on the amplifier just I know I,started shining so I know this that this,is very beneficial when you have your,lights turned off at night and you want,to listen to music quietly,and you know be in the mood right,setting yourself in the mood to listen,to music and enjoy it you know and you,see the blue LED just blinding you,well this lets you dim it now let's get,into the sound because I think that is,where people are really interested so,when I first hooked that up I was blown,away not in such a good way though at,this time people are always saying oh my,god he's always saying it's blown away,it's so salesy well you know things,actually blow me away you know I'm,actually impressed but in this case I,was not that impressed and the reason,was because there was this glare in the,upper mid-range region and the high,frequencies seemed cue forward too,bright for my liking,and the mid-range didn't sound all that,right either scattered not really good,imaging and so I was immediately like,umm okay now I'm gonna let it run for a,little bit a

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0 V-BUCKS BUNDLE NOW in Fortnite!

0 V-BUCKS BUNDLE NOW in Fortnite!

fortnite's new update today just added a,free skin bundle for you guys to unlock,right now and today we're going to be,showing you guys all the other free,rewards in game and much more so let's,get into it I'm still gifting five,subscribers every day any cosmetic they,want from the fortnite item shop so if,you want a gift make sure to drop a like,on this video subscribe with all,notifications and leave a comment with,your epic ID down below starting off we,did receive the 23.20 update today which,made the Shockwave Hammer re-enabled,when the servers went back up and it did,get took out of the game as there was,too many glitches and bugs that came,with this Hammer that has now been fixed,so it is now in game for you guys to use,as well as hurtling has been re-enabled,the Burst assault rifle has been,unvaulted which I'm super happy about as,these are super overpowered the reboot,running event has now ended well you,guys would have been able to get your,hands on some free rewards also they,discover the new Season's weekly quests,are out now and finally The Thrasher,Messiah mid-season drop is now available,to earn where you will need to get 10,account levels in total and of course,the sunlit Celine skin was the first one,to get So eventually all these other,free rewards will be granted to you as,long as you keep leveling up on your,account I'm going to be showing you guys,the best XP glitch to level up to,actually unlock the mid-season drops so,to get started what we're actually going,to do is put in this map code for the XP,glitch putting this map code on screen,right now guys enter in completely like,I have once you have done that you will,see this map now once you see this map,press on private game and hit play and,then you guys will match make into the,actual XP glitch now now we're in it,will say 3 three two one and then boom,we're in so what we're gonna do is we're,gonna go ahead and go over to this XP,button here and once you've pressed that,in the corner you'll start getting XP,and it will keep racking up so you keep,on getting an XP guys and then once,you've done that go through this portal,once you have you guys will be here and,you'll see like at this staircase right,so once you guys see this staircase you,guys will want to just go ahead and,build one ramp two and then you want to,build another one so three ramps four,five and then once you've built five,ramps you want to build a floor so then,another floor three floors four five and,then once you've built five floors and,five ramps you want to turn to the left,and build one two three four five and,then once you've built five ramps you'll,be an XP button so you just want to,press the XP button once you press it,will teleport you back here and look how,much xp we got guys this is absolutely,amazing you get so much xp from this P,glitch then you want to go back in the,portal,so once you guys are back here you guys,will see these glowy things right in,this corner and you want to head towards,here and then once you're in this corner,there'll be another XP button and boom,as you can see you'll start getting even,more XP and you obviously did get,teleported back go back through the,portal always go through the right,portal and then you want to head back to,where these glowy things are go back to,the corner and get your builds out and,then what you guys are going to want to,do is build exactly here so one floor,two three four five build six seven,eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen,fourteen and then you should see an XP,button press it just like that and boom,you will get even more XP which is so,good back through the exit and then you,guys will be back here again now guys,you will see this staircase you want to,line up with the staircase and be,exactly here and then once you're,exactly here go straight forward guys,just go straight forward here and then,you're going to want to build floor so,one and then two three four five six,seven and then you wanna go to the left,of that and then there'll be the XP,button and as you guys can see this one,gives you an absolutely amazing amount,of XP so once you have made your way,back again you guys will see like this,sign and you guys want to build behind,it in front of it's a two three four,floors five floors a six seven eight,nine and then once you guys have done,that you'll find another XP button and,as you guys can see even more XPS to,help with these like little mid-season,drops and a bunch of other challenges,which you need to level up but there is,one more guys there's one more XP like,method you can do in this map so this is,the XP method you see this spectate box,right behind it build one two three four,five six seven eight nine ten boxes and,then once you do that an XP button will,be on the end and boom you'll start,getting hundreds of thousands of XP,inside of this XP map which will grant,you some XP rewards to then level up and,get yourself these mid-season drops and,a bunch of other cool stuff next up,th

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Fortnite's FREE SKIN for EVERYONE!

Fortnite's FREE SKIN for EVERYONE!

before and I just added a free skin for,all players a new life event has been,confirmed with a ton of free rewards and,so many more secret rewards you missed,in the brand new fortnite update so,we're going to be going over all of them,in today's video I still give five lucky,subscribers every single day to be able,to do drop a like on today's video,subscribe with all notifications turned,on and leave a comment with the Epic ID,name down below so I can add you guys,thank you everyone putting in code apple,one in the item shop at your support is,very much appreciated so starting things,off Miles Morales will be coming out,next season the new spider-verse film,releases on June the 2nd in five months,time from now and in here you guys can,actually see Spider-Man zero and Miles,Morales which indicates miles will be,getting added to the game when his film,releases as he is confirmed to be coming,into fortnite we just don't know when,and it will also be getting a ton of new,spider-verse cosmetics in the item shop,like Spider-Man Noir and a load of other,awesome skins and cosmetics so be on the,lookout for Miles Morales releasing very,very soon possibly coming with some free,rewards as well which would be,absolutely insane but the skin itself is,probably going to be one of my favorite,skins yet fortnite just revealed three,new item shop dates for the new skin,starting off the grave heart skin will,release tonight Hannah and his demon,skin were released on January the 12th,but then the rift Warden will come out,on January the 18th and this skin is,actually one from the skin surveys as,jenno is building a huge Rift portal,Seen On These Blueprints this survey,skin will be getting added to the game,very very soon he's possibly already,decrypted so we might be getting,decrypted any day now for the live event,which will be so so sick but we still,have another live event in this video,and this season which we're going to be,getting into shortly where you guys can,unlock a free skin and a ton of awesome,Cosmetics but before we get into that we,have a brand new overpowered but I'm,telling you the most overpowered XP,glitch Insider chapter 4 season 1. this,has just been found and you guys can get,your tier 100 skin so fast by doing this,glitch so for this XP glitch the island,code you want to put in is seven eight,nine nine two three seven six three zero,six one and once you put this in we'll,actually put you in the Atlantis 1v1,build bike you want to load this up on a,private game and I'm going to show you,guys all of the secret XP rooms on this,map alright guys once you've loaded up,you'll see this random water room what,you guys actually need to do is you want,to come over to the Mythic weapon,section and you want to jump over the,Mythic Tommy Gun the shadow Tommy Gun,once you're over here you need to crouch,so you don't hear anything you're,underwater now technically and you need,to walk all the way to the very end and,you'll see the AFK button you're gonna,hold and press this this won't get you,much xp but it'll just keep on ticking,over and over and over through the whole,map but now it's time to get into the,really really big XP part so you want to,go through this bright Rift once you're,in here you're gonna see this truck with,Graffiti On It Go on top of the truck,and you want to start emoting on the top,and it'll teleport you to the new room,once you've teleported you're going to,see we're in some sort of sand place and,you want to go over to this building on,the right you want to go all the way,around the back and you're going to see,see this secret hidden door you want to,go through this door now we're in the,garage and you actually need to place a,ramp here and this is where you know,you've done it right this button's quite,hard to find when it comes to the very,top corner and you're gonna have to move,around a little bit until you do find,the button there it is in the top left,the secret button you want to click this,and now this is where the XP starts to,cane in as you guys can see we are just,getting started and we've already got,nearly 10 000 XP so once you've done,that you want to go back through the,right riff I want to go and back and,emotes on top of the truck and it'll,send you back to that room once you've,emoted you're back in this room and this,is where the grappler comes into play,you've got the grappler you want to,Grapple all the way to the very top this,is where you need to pay close attention,so what you want to do is you want to,put four ramps up so one two three four,and then you want to put two floors one,floor and another floor makes you guys,are facing the exit sign once you've,done that you want to put up another,four so one two and three four then,another floor and then you want to turn,to the right again and once you're here,there's a actually going to be a secret,button right by the edge another secret,room you want to claim this button and,boom we're back in here and we're still,getting

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epic games just revealed the new zero,dollar bundle that nobody's talking,about and since there's been so many,issues with fortnite recently to claim,your gift off them now you need to drop,a like in three two one hey,congratulations here is your free gift,for real though in today's video we're,going to be revealing all the new,upcoming bundles which are some of the,most insane we've ever seen alongside a,concert that's going to be coming in,23.20 bringing along some free rewards,for attending before we hop into that,look how insanely close we are to 2.515,million subscribers it would make my,start to 2023 so amazing if you do hit,the button and turn on all notifications,after all the only benefit you is we do,give different subscribers every day so,once you've subscribed comment your epic,games ID down below and what you'd like,from the item shop and boom you could be,featured in the next video me and my dog,Charlie the charcoal pug want to thank,you for supporting code fm1 inside the,fortnite item shop literally one of the,shortest and easiest codes to enter so,enter it if you haven't already but with,that said now we've got a concert to,cover three bundles and rewards so make,sure of course you don't go anywhere,don't go anywhere,oh hey fancy seeing you here I never,usually record me logging into fortnite,but the reason I'm showing it now is,because epic games have obviously sent,me Cosmetics early as you can see I have,an exclamation point at where it says,locker and not only that as you can see,there's like threes on the skin the back,bling harvesting tool so that means I've,been granted more cosmetic sets early,and for free easy way of looking at this,for me is if I go to recent as you can,see it's the Kell oh thanks news tab for,interrupting me Hillary Tass is that how,you pronounce it either way and why was,this skin not added in fortnightmares,let me just apply the full set real,quick so yeah this is the skin with the,bat bling if it wasn't obvious to be,honest it was so easy picking out what,matched up with each outfit the Babbling,is called School of caloritas and then,we have the harvesting tour which,honestly is one of my favorite looking,ones I even like the strike animation,look at that right there that neon green,so cool next up from going to the recent,tab as you can see the next skin is,Hannah oh wait no I'm such an idiot this,is the caleritus Babbling wait let me,apply it all again so this is the,clarity set that looks even more badass,but why is the battling going through,the care oh I feel like an idiot now,it's going to be in the video so now we,have the Hannah skin with the skull of,caleritas back bling which actually is a,part of this set I've confirmed it then,the harvesting told the utility snap saw,and it looks like a butterfly knife is,giving me Black Ops 3 Vibes if anyone,played that game and last but not least,we have rare part which has given me,love range of Vibes of you know the,stone statue skins and the female one I,forgot the name of this one though kind,of Medusa looking in the face they're,not gonna lie are these snakes or is it,just is it just the hat either way this,is the full skin set on screen right now,as you can see we've got the skin then,we have this babbling called Wings of,were then we have this harvesting tool,called plumbed Talon it's got a nice,ominous neon glow like the claritas,harvesting tour and a nice impact,animation look at that neon blue this is,the glider they actually gave me early,attached to the Hana set called skybound,longboard oh wait they gifted me this,emote too early and by the way these are,free to me but I'm going to be showing,you guys in a second when they come to,the item shop and of course the free,rewards for attending and taking part in,challenges during a brand new fortnite,concert on similar scale to the rifter,of Ariana Grande the last one we saw we,even got these three wraps but,considering I'm using calaritas today,this is the wrap that I'm going to be,applying to all with that said now just,before we jump into a game if we can,stop spinning and messing around here is,the email of epic games that I actually,got on screen right now so graveheart is,going to be in the item shop on January,7th or perhaps when you're watching this,video Hannah and caleritus all the full,sets are in the item shop on January,12th hang on a second though just before,we dive into a game and discuss one of,the skins that they revealed this,upcoming they did reveal at the bottom,of this email there is going to be,something called the rift Warden stellen,coming to the item shop on January 18,2023 an outfit accessories being a,pickaxe and bat bling and a loading,screen okay so as we're about to take,off we're in the full caleritas skin I,think that's how you say it anyway first,of all this Rift Guardian skin is to do,with that right there as you can see the,Citadel POI where a rift gate on that,tower that I'm aiming at all kind of,trying to get my cursor

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full launcher started a three moles,morale skin for you guys to unlock and,today we're going to be showing you guys,all the other free rewards available,inside of fortnite and much more so,let's get into it I'm still gifting five,subscribers every day any cosmetic they,want from the fortnite item shop so if,you want a gift then make sure to drop a,like on this video subscribe with all,notifications and leave a comment with,your epic ID down below starting off a,fortnite x the kid Leroy concert will,apparently be a available later this,January around the 24th and 25th with it,being playable for one month after the,initial showing of it so it will most,likely be in party Royale and I can't,lie this sounds absolutely insane to get,this of course we did receive the Travis,Scott skin inside of the item shop when,we did get his event and this kid Leroy,concert will work exactly like the,Travis Scott one then after we should be,able to get our hands on a kiddler icon,series bundle as well as three rewards,for attending his concert like we got,loading screens and a glider in the past,so keep an eye out for this as it's,happening very soon and it's gonna be,insane next these item shop release,dates have just been revealed by leakers,for some upcoming bundles and skins the,Hannah and Keller Regis outfits plus big,set is releasing on January 12th for,item shop as you guys can see on screen,these are the Cosmetics that actually,will be arriving alongside the Hannah,skin which I think looks pretty cool in,my opinion then these are also the items,which will come with the calorita skin,and personally this is my favorite,leaked skin that will be coming out as,it just looks so good finally we have,the rift Warden skin which will be,decrypted soon and we do know what this,skin looks like as up on screen this is,what it does look like as leakers have,actually confirmed this and originally,this skin was from an epic game survey,but anyways the rift wood and stellen,outfit comes out exactly on January 18th,which is so awesome and I'm assuming,with this skin of course like normal we,will get a whole bundle with it a new,collaboration is coming to fortnite,which is actually for the Spider-Man,across the spider-verse movie and this,collab has been a long time coming and,we have received a lot of Easter eggs,for Spider-Man Morales ever since,fortnite chapter 3 season 1 as if you,don't remember we had the Spider-Man,skin inside of the battle pass which you,guys could have unlocked and we did,actually have the addition of miles's,Uncle in the following battle pass which,was the prowler then most recently with,the edition of chapter three season four,we obviously had spider Gwen inside of,the battle pass and spider-gwen is,literally from this upcoming movie which,we'll be releasing this year the perfect,back bling for the moles Runner skin,will be the bodega cat which is from the,Spider-Man PlayStation games but we,should be getting the release of the,Miles Morales skin when the movie,actually does come out which is very,soon it was confirmed that Mars Morales,was supposed to be inside of the item,shop throughout chapter 3 season 4 which,isn't the case as we still haven't,received this skin yet but the new,Spider-Man 2 game will be releasing on,PS5 this year where you can play as the,original Spider-Man and of course Miles,Morales himself and it wouldn't surprise,me if we did get some new content inside,of fortnite related to that game as a,collaboration maybe through some,challenges or quests to actually get,ourselves some free rewards and as,Spider-Man Miles moral is just released,onto the epic game store it makes a ton,of sense and also the Mythic web,shooters were reworked inside of the,game Falls recently as it does appear,they will be returning in the form of,Miles Morales web shooters and I think,it will be so cool if they had a,cloaking ability as whilst malice can,actually turn invisible which would work,similar to The Predator Mythic ability,we had all the way back in Chapter 2,Season 5 but thanks to Joy Felipe this,is is what the most Morales Cosmetics,will look like which looks super awesome,we obviously have the skin right here as,you guys can see this looks so insane,with of course these two different edit,Styles so we've got three in total and I,love the way the electric is just,flowing off this skin we then have his,very own Spider Sense emote which is so,accurate to the movies and the comics,and finally a Peter Porker back bling,which are some awesome awesome Concepts,but yet again these literally look like,they could be real the designs are that,good so be sure to check this guy out,and his other work it's insane free,v-bucks will be granted to a ton of,fortnite players as there is an epic,games trial going on right now with the,FTC and they will now need to pay 240,million dollars back to the full night,community and it states players were,getting falsely bad and all the way back,from 2017 so not only will you guys

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Review: Hypex NC400 kit

Review: Hypex NC400 kit

Ik kocht ooit een vroege versie van de Hypex Klasse D versterkers en vond ze kleuren in het middengebied.,Dat is niet meer, zeiden ze en leenden me een set Hypex NC400's ter test.,De NC400's worden geleverd als bouwpakket. Niet dat je allerhande componenten op de print moet monteren,,Het is veel meer assemblage: je moet twee volledig bestukte printen, de versterkermodule,en de voeding vastschroeven, wat kabels aansluiten en ze aan de connectors op de achterkant,vastschroeven, klemmen en solderen. Je kunt een video over de assemblage bekijken als je op de link,in de rechter bovenhoek klikt. De link staat ook in de aantekeningen onder deze video in Youtube.,De assemblage is eenvoudig en al snel heb je twee fraai uitziende mono eindversterkers. De meten elk,28 bij 20,5 bij 8 cm en zijn gemaakt van stevig zwart geanodiseerd aluminium.,Het front bevat alleen een blauwwitte LED die toont dat de versterker aan staat. Deze LED kan gedimd,worden of geheel uitgeschakeld, iets dat alle apparaten zouden moeten hebben als ze een blauwe LED,gebruiken. Eenmaal gebouwd heeft de achterkant een gebalanceerde ingang op XLR, een set prima luidsprekeraansluitingen,een IEC netaansluiting met zekeringhouder en een aan/uitschakelaar.,Wat techniek,Zoals gebruikelijk kun je de techniek overslaan door naar de tijdcode in de linker bovenhoek te gaan.,OK, laten we het eerst even hebben over klasse D en het misverstand dat klasse D versterkers digitale,versterkers zijn. Klasse D versterkers zijn een speciale soort analoge versterkers die pulsbreedte,modulatie of pulsdichtheidsmodulatie gebruiken. De eerste werkt door een spanning in te schakelen,voor een variabele tijd. Hoe langer de spanning ingeschakeld is, des te positiever de uitgangsspanning,wordt. Polsbreedte werkt bijna hetzelfde, het schakelt meer of minder korte spanningspulsen.,Het zijn erg efficiënte technieken omdat er nauwelijks stroom loopt,en er dus ook geen warmte opbouw is. Het is tegenwoordig een vaak toegepaste techniek en bijvoorbeeld,schakelende voedingen zijn op hetzelfde principe gebaseerd. Om het in een metafoor uit te leggen:,als je een spijker in de muur wilt, dan zou je dat kunnen doen door een erg hoge,kracht de spijker in de muur te laten duwen. Daarvoor heb je een krachtig apparaat nodig,dat ook nog eens goed vastgemaakt moet worden. Je kunt ook korte pulsen van kinetische energie gebruiken,,zoals die van een hamer als je die op de spijker slaat. Ik weet er nog wel eentje: een verbrandingsmotor,,zoals in je auto, doet iets vergelijkbaar. In een viercilinder motor vindt elke halve omwenteling,een korte verbranding plaats. Die massa van het vliegwiel middelt die korte pulsen,zodat een constante roterende kracht ontstaat. Bij een klasse D versterker gebeurt net zoiets: de korte pulsen,worden gedempt door de elektronische tegenhanger van het vliegwiel: een laagdoorlaatfilter. Een van,de problemen bij het ontwerpen van klasse D versterkers is dat het uitgangsfilter normaal gesproken,beïnvloed wordt door de elektrische eigenschappen van de luidspreker en die zijn verre van constant.,Het is een van de problemen die ontwerp-genie Bruno Putzeys opgelost heeft. En er zijn vele andere,oplossingen die maken dat de NC400's zijn wat ze zijn, inclusief een slimme voeding die bewijst,dat schakelende voedingen wel erg goed kunnen klinken als ze goed ontworpen zijn. Ik heb de NC400's niet,volledig gemeten omdat voor het meten van klasse D speciale filters nodig zijn en die heb ik niet.,Maar die dingen die ik wel kon controleren gaven geen reden om aan de Hypex specificaties te twijfelen.,De versterkers kunnen tot 200 watt in 8Ω, 400 watt in 4Ω en 580 watt in 2Ω leveren. Er zijn verstekers,die spontaan overlijden als je een 2Ω belasting krijgen. Ik ben altijd geïnteresseerd in de stroom die een,versterker kan leveren: de NC400 is beveiligd op 24 ampere. Je zult dus niet snel een,luidspreker vinden die niet goed aangestuurd kan worden door de NC400's. Nog een opmerkelijk feit: de,schakelende voeding kan op elke lichtnetspanning werken tot zelfs 264 volts - hoewel dat nergens voorkomt -,dat nergens voorkomt - en automatisch schakelen naar de correcte stand voor een optimale,efficiëntie. Typische werkspanningen zijn natuurlijk 230 en 110 volt maar zelfs bij 180 en,90 volt werken ze nog goed.,Luisteren,Ik gebruikte de Arcam AVR 600 in absoluut analoge modus en de Marantz Pearl KI als voorversterkers,,de Chord Hugo, aangestuurd door Donore microRendu en Roon als speler en de Audiophysics Scorpio's,als luidsprekers. De eerste dag was het geluid ongeïnspireerd, slecht getimed, hard, onmuzikaal en echt,slecht. Niet op de manier van de oude UcD400's maar zoals veel versterkers die,voor de eerste keer spelen. Na een paar dagen werd het wat beter en verdere verbetering vond elke dag stap,voor stap plaats. Pas na een volle 2 weken was er geen verdere verbetering.,De Scorpio's zijn niet moeilijk aan te sturen.,Normaal worden ze bediend door een 2 x 13 watt gemodificeerde Audio Note Soro S

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fortnite's fracture event has finally,come to an end chapter 4 has been,revealed and there's a crazy amount of,secrets and Easter eggs to break down,starting with the reveal of Mr Beast so,fracture had a spectacular ending as we,watched the chapter 4 Island build,itself piece by piece everything,happened so fast that it was easy to,miss some insane teasers including the,reveal of the Mr Beast icon series for a,few seconds you can spot a big drag by,the zero point and he even has a present,back bling this was originally teased,when Mr Beast Burger appeared at fncs,and now it is turned into a fully,fledged crossover something a little,more obvious could be spotted floating,through space yeah Hulk on a dirt bike,before the live event the vice president,of Epic Games teased chapter 4 with one,word cycle and it turns out it was for,motorbikes which I think will fit on,them a little bit more easier than the,Hulk and so while we were all running,around collecting as many zero point,fragments as possible you might have,noticed that there was some telescopes,on the map if you look through this one,you can spot some familiar faces in the,distance our old friends the lonely,henchmen were waving back at us it is,one of the best Traditions out there as,they also made a cameo during Opera Sky,fire so as we sit here waiting for,downtime to end there's a beautiful,loading screen that shows the chapter 4,island in the distance wait around long,enough and you'll see a ton of items,floating through space one of the first,objects was a helmet belonging to,doomguy and it's not the first time he,made an appearance in the chapter 4,trailer he could be seen shooting an,alien and man that armor is huge but if,you were wondering no he doesn't have a,custom gun instead he's using a scar,could this mean they are finally,returning next chapter I'll keep my,fingers crossed because a bunch of,teasers are being revealed every 10,minutes on the downtime screen people,spotted this billboard that featured two,sprays and a QR code if you scan it it,takes you to a Secret fortnite website,where you have to enter coordinates,we'll get to that in a second because,the billboard also confirmed a major,character that will appear in the,chapter 4 battle pass and you can see,this Knight in a suit of armor yes this,is confirmed to be Geno after years of,waiting fortnite's main villain is,finally here and if you needed any more,confirmation his pickaxe was also,floating through space at the end of the,trailer you can see the Geno skin in its,full Glory he just looks awesome for,anyone with a magnifying glass you'll,also notice that Geno is holding a brand,new weapon that we've never seen before,and it's not the only gun that has,everyone talking fortnite has been,teasing a crossbow that could shoot an,entire sword and it's about time we got,some unique weapons and speaking of his,loading screen you might be wondering,who the person in the chair is Well,turns out that the pair of feet is,secretly answering one of the event's,Biggest Mysteries if you couldn't help,but think Hey where's Jon Jones then,look no further because this is actually,prisoner Jonesy not only does he have a,banana fishing rod but he could also,spot the infamous peely smoothie on the,cooler and we can't ignore some of the,best Easter eggs that have gone,completely unnoticed fortnite paid,homage to the shrinking chair pontoon,mode and the talking fish for whatever,reason and even though some teasers were,super obvious like geralt from The,Witcher and his roach glider there was a,massive crossover in the background for,a few seconds this pickaxe is flying,through the air and it secretly reveals,the next anime collab this is actually,from my hero Academia and belongs to all,might as it appear in the battle pass so,we might not see this until Midway,through the season and for the first,time ever the battle bus has been,permanently redesigned sure we've had,things like the Stark bus but this,design could be here to stay rips in the,chat for the famous hot air balloon it,is now rocket powered and something that,nobody realized is that fortnite,literally spoiled the event months ago,during season 4 You Could Read secret,dialogue that said what you Herald will,consume you and during fracture this,prophecy came true when the reality tree,got pulled in by the zero point it was,completely different this time it had,the Frozen corpse of the herald I don't,know if this will appear in chapter 4,but it is safe to assume the last,reality's plan failed something that,will be on the new island is this huge,medieval POI and has split the community,in half tons of people think this could,be related to The Witcher collab and it,does look like care more and from the,games but if you compare this castle,with the agency there are some huge,similarities could this mean Midas is,returning he was teased by the Paradigm,just before the fracture event and it,went nowhere so maybe we'll have to wait,a little bit

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