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Hub Arkush returns! Shares his experience post medical emergency at Halas Hall | Parkins & Spiegelwe

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Hub Arkush returns! Shares his experience post medical emergency at Halas Hall | Parkins & Spiegel

well guys you got close but I'm not,gonna cry on here I thank you so much,for that I'm a little disappointed there,in Rochester wasn't part of it but other,than that it was all cool and uh,you know it's just I I feel like I'm,back home again and uh it is so good to,be here and uh before anything else I,just the number of people it's just it's,mind-boggling I I can't you know even,understand it you know who've been so,kind and reached out just with thoughts,and concerns and well wishes and I just,can't thank everybody enough and uh,um you know it's just it's great to be,back home and and that's where I feel,like I am right now and great to visit,with you guys tonight too God you sound,good Hub sound really really good it's,so great to hear your voice and and and,you know it's funny all those listeners,that you've heard from that we as Danny,said every day people texting hey can I,get an update on HUB can I get an update,and right now the text line overflowing,and all our Twitter mentions and,everything it's funny because you go,through a radio career and for you it's,more than just radio but in this place,you deal with a lot of people who tell,you negative stuff some tell you,positive stuff but all these people who,might have said negative things at a,certain point you realize that they,enjoyed you they they missed you now,they loved you and it was like it's,always been a closeness there even when,they've been negative all these years,isn't that funny,yeah it is and you know interestingly,enough it's it's a big part of what I've,learned in the last four and a half,months and you know yeah okay a lot of,it's been difficult enough of that,everybody goes through stuff um uh but,you know having never gone through,anything like this and and I hope nobody,else ever does have to but we know some,folks will the thing you don't realize,is that it's it's it's really harder on,other people than it is on yourself I I,mean the the nightmare that my family,and my wife and my kids and grandkids,have been through these last four and a,half months and and and the strength and,and courage and everything that they've,showed and you know they they've saved,my life and they walked me through and,yet there's been many times when they're,the ones who've needed the help and So,for anybody who goes through anything,like this just know that you know it's,so hard on your family and and and you,have to make sure that no matter what,you're going through that you find a way,to try and at least help and take care,of them too and uh whether it's family,or friends or it's my family at the,score my family with the Bears or my,family at Sean media my family at Pro,Football Weekly I just can't thank,everybody enough I I don't know what,else to say well you mentioned your,family at the Bears Hub,um you know I think a lot of us learned,some of the details in the stories that,have come out this week I mean John,tarpy vice president of security what,what an unbelievable story uh how the,Bears rushed to your Aid at halice Hall,yeah we got to talk a few weeks ago,finally it was one of the most important,calls I was waiting to be able to have,and and he won't take credit for it he's,just he's that kind of guy but John,saved my life uh I mean you know like I,said it was pretty bad and and had he,not been there when he was and done what,he did and and organized the team that,he put together who took care of all,this and and by the way guys I don't,even know a lot of what happened I I was,in the hospital for two and a half,months I don't remember a second of it,it just and I'm told that that's fairly,common but what I what I've learned,since you know mainly through my family,and other folks with the Bears is that,John saved my life yeah you know and,um how do you think anybody enough for,that yeah and I I have to go a step,further too guys because you know we've,all had our our time in our businesses,and our lives and what we do and and,there's good and bad that comes with,everything and and you know the Bears at,times you know I've had to report,negatively uh at times they've been,criticized what the entire bears are,organization has done in reaching out to,me and trying to help take care of us,and how kind they've been and I'm,talking about everybody I'm talking,about ownership coaches uh you know,front office and the number of players,have reached out to me which I never,know my listeners imagine was going to,happen and and the Chicago Bears are a,truly special organization truly special,business and and and it has been nothing,but positive with them and and that's,not something that I knew was going to,happen you know and you don't expect,stuff like that and there's times you,know because it's Sports and it's fun,and it's okay to you know be a smart ass,sometimes and do this and do that and,and you know we've been hard on them but,but they're such special people and and,what they've done for me and my family,the last four and a half months I just,ca

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PFT’s Mike Florio: Writer Hub Arkush Should Lose MVP Vote Over Rodgers Comments | Rich Eisen Show

PFT’s Mike Florio: Writer Hub Arkush Should Lose MVP Vote Over Rodgers Comments | Rich Eisen Show

uh i got to tell you i learned about hub,archus's res uh you know thoughts on,not gonna vote for aaron rodgers through,your site michael david smith with a,terrific post on it i agreed with every,word that he said i'll give you the,floor on it mike well hobarkish was on,670 to score just moments ago and he's,still on there right now and they opened,the segment asking him about the,firestorm and he said he made a mistake,but his regret comes from talking,publicly about his voting plans he at no,time acknowledge that,his voting plan is substantively,erroneous and he should not be,considering off-season drama vaccination,pre-verification or anything else other,than performance on the field week one,through week 18. the fact that they,secured the number one seed his numbers,are phenomenal he continues to be one of,the best quarterbacks in the nfl,those are the things that should be,considered not whether or not he's the,biggest jerk in the league and i'm able,to compartmentalize the two i think he's,a phenomenal quarterback and i think,he's a gigantic jerk who loves attention,loves to make himself into the victim,when he's not the victim the woke mob,never came after him he's worried about,being canceled he's never going to be,canceled if anything he's more not,popular necessarily but more visible,than ever before,but as it relates to this it actually,helps him i think that arkis said what,he said because to the extent that there,are other voters that may have been,thinking,about not voting for him for reasons,other than football those voters may,think you know what,i i i don't want to do this and i don't,want to deal with the headache on the,back end if i don't vote for aaron,rodgers and i can't defend it and people,are going to think i didn't vote for,aaron rodgers because i think he's the,biggest jerk in the world well look man,it's most valuable player i mean it's,insane that anybody would hold whatever,rogers is doing,uh and saying,against him in terms of his on-field,play which is what this award is off the,field stuff there's the walter payton,manny of the year award that's what that,awards for and in many ways it is,rightfully,uh a bigger award than mvp award for,some,uh it is the best picture,if you will of the nfl honors it hits,the final award you know,so uh for many reasons,that's what that's for,and,the mvp award is for most valuable,player,and i would even understand that you,don't you can't make the most value,player with somebody who's been,suspended for weeks due to a violation,of conduct or a violation,of uh you know,uh steroids like that that i can sort of,you know countenance this is absurd,this is absurd and the fact that he's,now saying i apologize for saying the,way i feel,is is a total,non-starter,non-starter for me,well and here's the problem there's only,50 people who have these votes so he has,a two percent voice in all of the awards,that are made part of the nfl honors,they are the official nfl awards mvp,comeback player your coach of the year,offensive and defensive rookie of the,year offensive and defensive player of,the year and the all-pro team and when,you admit that you are considering,improper factors as to one where else,are you,considering improper factors i think,they should take him off the panel they,have time to do it the votes haven't,been cast yet they won't be cast until,next week they should take him off the,panel and they should replace him i,think that's a no-brainer and i asked,the league for comment on it because,it's the official nfl awards and they,say it's not appropriate for us to,comment well why wouldn't it be why,wouldn't it be you're tying the shield,to these awards and if there are,fundamental problems with the voting,process that's something the league,should be concerned about and i hope,behind the scenes even though the league,won't say anything publicly they don't,want to call out the ap yada yada,hopefully somebody from 345 park avenue,contacted somebody from the ap today and,said we can't have this we just can't,have this mindset infecting these awards,because they are,important and,it's a big deal and especially for all,pro voting you've got major contract,incentives that can be tied to those,awards hey you watched all the way to,the end thanks for that watch more right,here

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Hub Arkush: The Bears have started a complete rebuild | NBC Sports Chicago

Hub Arkush: The Bears have started a complete rebuild | NBC Sports Chicago

let's go on the beat to halas hall we,find the great hallmarkish executive,editor of pro football weekly and shaw,media hub thank you for taking time so,it you've been around a long time,is it a big deal that the bears lost one,ota practice or,is the positive spin,they traded one ota practice because,they're trying to establish a much more,physical culture what is it,well you know david i don't think it's a,big deal by any means i don't know that,there's a positive in it either um i,think what it really calls into question,is,what exactly the league is doing how,they're monitoring this uh you and i,have talked a lot about this over the,years and off the air i'm not a big fan,of the nflpa uh this is all in their,bellywick so to speak we've talked to a,number of the players now today and matt,eberfluson they're not even sure how,this happened in the first place,they weren't notified that they were,allegedly,going too hard it's not even necessarily,contact so much as uh just the way they,were conducting their practices the fact,that matt heberflus was not fined,however tells us that it's not,necessarily on him or the team,is just something that either some,observers saw and decided needed,punishing or it could be that a player,or two complained but none of the,players seem to be aware of anybody who,would or did,so as you go through these otas i,believe that the bears have picked the,lane uh akeem hicks said yesterday they,never talked to me and we see so much,talent walking out the door that they're,okay with whatever happens in 2022,because,they see next year as the chance to make,a big move do you agree with that,well i don't know about the last part if,it's necessarily focused on a big move,next year but i i guess i just maybe,it's semantics i looked a little,differently it is a rebuilding year they,decided to tear this thing down to the,studs everywhere but quarterback they,hope they have their franchise,quarterback and everything else is on,the table you've got roquan smith and,david montgomery going into contract,years and not a lot of conversation,right now,about extensions there they're really,the only two players on the roster,besides fields you might consider,building around so um they've started a,complete rebuild uh they want to put uh,the new,regimes uh systems and and culture in,place they think they've got a lot of,exciting young football players i can't,even call them great young prospects,you're talking about mostly day three,draft choices i did a breakdown of this,roster the other day and found only,three first rounds six second round and,three third round picks on the roster,everybody else we're talking about uh,you know 53 guys everybody else is,either a failed veteran elsewhere who,came off the street or a day three draft,choice so um you know this team talent,wise just doesn't stack up with the,teams that are serious about competing,for playoff spots and playoff wins this,year,so what happens to robert quinn then why,keep robert quinn or,do you believe he'll get moved at some,point before the season,well i think there's two things going on,here even with whatever roster they've,put together they would like to win as,many games as they want this is not a,tank this is not let's try and lose and,get the number one overall pick uh this,is let's develop as many young players,as we can and a few select veterans here,and there like a robert quinn like a,cody white hair um,you know are good for developing younger,players you've also got a guy who's a,second team all pro coming off an,all-time season record quarterback sax,and you know one of the best ways to,develop justin fields is to build a good,defense that will keep scores low and,not force him to try and produce more,than he can with the weapons at hand so,that said if somebody wants to pay what,robert quinn is worth and let's be,honest they did not get what khalil mack,was worth in terms of you know football,talent but the cap relief they got was,significant there is not nearly as much,cap relief left with robert quinn if,somebody's willing to give them a second,round pick maybe a pair of threes i,think they'll move them somebody wants,to just throw a four or a five at them,he's worth more to him to be here and be,a mentor and possibly you know help the,defense win a couple games they,otherwise might not than to just trade,him for whatever you can get all right,before i let you go it sounds to me like,borum's at one tackle teva jenkins is at,the other is that because they didn't,want to spend money to go get a veteran,they didn't draft one high enough to,plug and play or they truly believe in,these two,no i think it's part of the rebuild dave,you know talk about tevin jenkins uh,everybody liked him last year coming out,of oklahoma state larry boreham,surprised a lot of people but was,projected by a lot of teams including,the bears as a second or third round,pick if he was going to play guard he,just showed up with a completely,different b

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Hub Arkush: Justin Fields needs to show he can be franchise quarterback | NBC Sports Chicago

Hub Arkush: Justin Fields needs to show he can be franchise quarterback | NBC Sports Chicago

our bear's coverage continues with the,one and only hub arkis the editor,publisher of pro football weekly shaw,media hub let's talk about the chicago,bears and what you expect them to try,and accomplish here in camp is it about,culture is it about justin fields is it,about the defense what is the number one,thing that matt eberflus is trying to,accomplish here because it's not,preparing to win a super bowl,well kappa you know in many respects,it's all of the above but but it always,starts with culture with a new regime,and i think you want to be a little bit,careful here because of all the things,uh that maggie and ryan pace were,criticized for culture was not one of,them i mean they had their guys uh you,know plan all all the way to the wall,right up until the last game they worked,here um but it's it's more about a,different approach and a different,attitude you've got a brand new offense,you've got a brand new defense and so,developing the culture that supports,those new schemes is what they're,talking about uh plus worked his way to,his first head coaching job by his hits,principle and so much of that is about,aggression and hustle uh and and focus,and so it's all those things that,they're trying to put in place they're,not going to come out and admit it they,they'll say that they're in here to,contend and compete but they know they,don't have the talent on the roster that,some of the other nfc north teams have,let alone uh you know looking at the,rest of the nfc or the whole league so,it's about getting a solid first year,under their belt it's about improving as,much as possible and then after all of,that or maybe before all that it's about,justin field because if you don't have,the franchise quarterback where are you,going in today's nfl i don't think,fields needs to get the franchise status,this year but he needs to take big steps,forward to show the team that that is,his ceiling and that he's making,progress in that direction how big a,problem is it in your opinion you've,been around this team forever that,roquan smith is there in the building,but said i'm not going to practice and,that any offer you've put on the table,is not even remotely close to what he's,looking for how big a problem is that,for the culture,well i don't think it's a problem right,now as far as part one part two you just,threw something at me that i don't know,to be true i i,you know we can't even establish at this,point whether or not roquan has hired an,agent yet or he's still representing,himself uh when we talked to ryan polls,this morning ryan just didn't want to go,there he's being extremely careful not,to say anything that that leads to,negotiating in the media or putting him,on the spot giving him something that he,can't answer for um and so,why it came to this is a little bit,unclear i actually asked ryan this,morning you know given your preference,would you rather be able to wait a,little while and just figure out not,whether you like roquefont or not but,how much money he's worth or would you,like to get a contract done now and his,answer was that's a really tough,question so we don't even know how,seriously either side has been,negotiating until this point but the,fact that roquan has taken this stance,certainly suggests that he wants to get,the extension done now and that the,bearers either have not made an offer or,have not made a good enough offer to get,him where he wants to be how would you,characterize the signings of michael,schofield and riley reef there are some,that would say well why are these guys,still on the street when training camp,starts there are others that say,you found two veteran pieces that should,be ready to go and start for your team,in september,well two different reasons i think,michael schofield was looking for the,right situation for him bears are not,the only team that showed interest but,the right situation for michael was to,come home he's from here and he finally,gets a chance to come back and play in,chicago with the bears towards the end,of his career and a team desperately,seeking a starting right guard and you,can pretty much pencil him in there,right now,riley reef was a little bit different,riley wreath is an accomplished right,tackle teams have mistakenly tried to,play him on the left side he doesn't fit,there but on the right side he can at,the age of 33 probably still give you a,couple few good years and right tackles,aren't getting paid quite what left,tackles are room on the team wide,receiver room this room that room which,one room would you go you don't really,need to remodel that room that room's,actually not bad,secondary it's a and there's a lot of,unproven in there um but you have top,prospects at every position when you,look at jaylon johnson uh you know kyler,gordon and nigel brisker's in camp and,eddie jackson is a former all-pro people,don't realize this because he's been had,so many injury problems but tavon young,is one of the best nickels in the nfl,when he's h

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Aaron Rodgers and NFL MVP: Hub Arkush apologizes for wrong reasons | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Aaron Rodgers and NFL MVP: Hub Arkush apologizes for wrong reasons | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

uh it's on me you know i i i screwed up,i i think that you know again i haven't,really paid a lot of attention to it,since i don't spend much time on twitter,uh i do know that a lot of it is being,presented in ways,that it wasn't said but that's going to,happen and i do know that some of it,sounds awful because i didn't say very,well what i wanted to say you know and,so,um all you can do is own it and i own it,and uh we'll see where it goes going,forward,you know and,there's really not much else for me to,say about it,that's hub arkis today on 670 the score,in chicago the same station on which he,said yesterday that aaron rodgers is the,biggest jerk in the league and he's not,going to vote for him for mvp now i take,issue with him kind of trying to subtly,split hairs there and suggest that his,words were taken out of context we,played two minutes and 19 seconds,earlier today of exactly what he said,there was no misunderstanding as to what,he said or why he said it he's not going,to vote for aaron rodgers because of,things unrelated to his performance,between week one and week 18 of the 2021,nfl season he's not voting for him,because of his vaccination,snafu lying about it whatever and also,he's not gonna vote for him because the,way he conducted himself in the,off-season which should be irrelevant,completely and entirely to what a guy,does from the time the season starts,until the season it's a regular season,award not postseason not pre-season not,off season it's a regular season award,none of that other stuff matters,and,his apology and i listened to it live,his apology was,that he,spoke out not,that he believes aaron rodgers shouldn't,be the mvp and he intends to not vote,for him for mvp for reasons that are,inappropriate he's not apologizing for,that and i heard him say nothing that,would suggest he's revisited his,position and decided that he was wrong,he believes he was wrong simply because,he said out loud the thing that he,shouldn't be thinking privately,well right and you know i think we get,on athletes all the time for saying oh,well i got taken out of context that,that's not really what i meant and you,know we're dealing with direct quotes,here right like that he was directly,quoted there's nothing to take out of,context from the sense of okay i'm not,voting for aaron rodgers because of,lying about his vaccination says because,he's the biggest jerk in the league and,all this different stuff that he said,what exactly is there to take out of,context so if we're gonna get on,athletes for saying crap like that then,yeah i'm going to get on other media,members for saying crap like that it's,ridiculous we didn't take you out of,context man get out of here,here's the reality and i think a lot of,athletes and coaches learned this ten,years ago,and and maybe habarkish all due respect,never said anything anyone cared about,before,but the words that we utter into a,microphone don't just disappear into the,ether,they are recorded they are preserved,they can be heard again in podcast,format or wherever you know in the old,days of talk radio you said it and it,was gone forever and unless somebody,happened to be listening to it or,recording it with a cassette player or,something like that,there was no proof of it,you couldn't resurrect it now it can be,brought back and listened to all the,time so anybody who has any doubts about,what hub arkis said,you can find the the quotes from the 670,the score website from yesterday's show,he said what he said and he has no,apology for what he said he just,apologizes for the fact that he said it,because they're not supposed to talk,about not only who they're voting for,but who they're not voting for and he,made this weird kind of,self-flagellation that he put the other,voters in a difficult situation because,they now have to talk about well that's,a load of crap there are 49 people from,different news organizations like like,shireen hasn't been,in demand all day long as far as i know,to do radio interviews and tv interviews,to account for the comment made by,hubbark is just because somebody's a,voter for the mvp award,doesn't mean that that you're going to,face a bunch of tough questions and it's,going to be a distraction because,everyone wants to know about habarkus,that's just kind of stupid,yes it is well and like it's kind of it,isn't this little like athlete like,playbook of you know i said something,and now it's a distraction and now it's,all this different so it's just kind of,funny to see it from a media member as,opposed to an athlete like we're kind of,used to seeing it it's funny to me,well an athlete who has a fairly,significant media platform and knows how,to use it as aaron rodgers before we get,to what he had to say,matt matt lafleur who likely will be the,coach of the year unless albarcus,refuses to vote for him too because he,didn't keep aaron rodgers in line i,don't know but here's matt lafleur the,likely coach of the year talking about,the situation earl

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NFL MVP voter apologizes after Aaron Rodgers calls him a 'bum' | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

NFL MVP voter apologizes after Aaron Rodgers calls him a 'bum' | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

as far as what happened last night um,it's on me you know,i screwed up i i think that you know,again i haven't really paid a lot of,attention to it since i don't spend much,time on twitter,i do know that a lot of it is being,presented in ways,that it wasn't said but that's going to,happen and i do know that some of it,sounds awful because i didn't say very,well what i wanted to say you know and,so,um all you can do is own it and i own it,and we'll see where it goes going,forward uh you know and,there's really not much else for me to,say about it,that's hub arkansas 670 the score,yesterday the day after he said on that,same station that he would not be voting,for aaron rodgers for mvp arkis holds,one of the 50 associated press ballots,but he's not going to cast it for aaron,rodgers because of issues basically,unrelated to football unrelated to what,happens between week one and week 18 on,the field and,he apologized and he reduced his apology,to writing last night as well we wrote,something about it at pft and ran a link,to it and you can check it out whenever,you want although listen to us for now,check it out later,his apology isn't that,he,has,a bias against aaron rodgers that is,causing him to not fairly,assess rogers performance,for the perspective of,is he the mvp he apologized because he,said it out loud that's all he,apologized for bullcrap i'm not i'm not,supposed to talk about who i vote for or,who i'm not voting for,and it was kind of a,confusing and you you heard a little bit,of it in his comments kind of that,derisive i don't spend a whole lot of,time on twitter yeah like twitter is,some meaningless platform where nothing,of relevance ever happens it's a,frivolous waste of time come on it's one,of the the main ways people get their,news and information and where,you know when when you say something,that that a lot of people don't like,you're gonna find out that a lot of,people didn't like it yeah and he was,trending on twitter on tuesday night,into wednesday because a lot of people,disagreed with what he said,and here's here's a line from,his written apology yesterday and it,just shows the guy doesn't get it i've,apparently unleashed a small army of,seth's self-styled social media and talk,radio experts who have no clue what,they're talking about to challenge the,quality of the voting process and would,attempt to invalidate any voter thought,process that doesn't agree with their,own i mean that this isn't a matter of,and we've gotten to this point where,we're allowed to believe whatever we,want to believe regardless of the,factual foundation,or whether or not the belief that we've,reached is a properly,formulated and fairly held belief,like it's okay to think that the earth,is flat it's okay to think that whatever,whatever crazy thing that jfk jr is,still alive well that's my opinion i'm,entitled to it and that's kind of the,attitude he has here that that you're,insulated against any criticism because,you're allowed to think whatever crazy,ass thing you want to think and it's,crazy ass thinking to believe that aaron,rodgers should not be the mvp because of,how he conducted himself in the,offseason who the hell cares right when,the season begins right who the hell,cares that's what makes him look even,worse i mean at least you could piece,some,logical argument together that he hurt,his team and they lost the game against,the chiefs they still won the number one,seed so that kind of falls apart too but,the idea that,that you know he put the fans through,hell in the offseason yes he did but,that has nothing to do with whether or,not he's the mvp for the 2021 regular,season get the hell out of here with,that and don't and and you know there's,no contrition,there's arrogance condescension,and a complete lack of awareness yeah i,mean that's what it comes down to a,complete lack of awareness of why what,he said was a problem and why people are,reacting to it the way they are yeah,it is it's it's first off like we talked,yesterday it's again aaron rodgers,still at face level i don't blame him,for a lot of the dysfunction between him,and the organization i think we you and,i have got to that you know i i don't so,that a lot of that was the packer's,fault but he's going to blame it on,aaron rodgers i don't know why and yes,like self scout thyself a little hub all,right i mean do that and look in the,mirror and go wait is that really the,way i'm supposed to approach this just,because the way i didn't like a guy,handled himself in the off season and,his vaccine status that's where i'm,gonna no way vote for him no matter what,he made his mind up before the year,started that's absolutely insane and the,fact that he cannot look at himself in,the mirror and go wait that's wrong wait,why are all these people criticizing me,you know first off,like,i have a clue i'm i'm one of those you,know talk radio experts all right and,hub i know more about football than you,sorry i don't give a damn how long,you've been aroun

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well i i gotta be honest this is uh this,wasn't a video planned it was of course,wrecked to the god football playoffs,which we'll be out later and then who,gets the seven seeds which will also be,out later and,then i saw some of the,dumbest,thing,i've ever seen i'm going to play the,clip for you i'm sure you've all,have seen it by now but it'll be a,packers fan reacting,to it um yeah,let's be honest this is the dumbest,ever right like this is,very dumb i'm gonna play the clip,courtesy of,credit to 670 score,perkins and winner here's the clip,i do yeah i'm one of the ap there's 50,of us who vote and i am one of us,and are you did you reveal that you're,not voting for aaron rodgers is that,correct i did yeah i mean i've been,pretty consistent about that all year um,i don't think you can be the biggest,jerk in the league and punish your team,and your organization your fan base the,way he did and be the most valuable,player has he been the most valuable on,the field yeah you could make that,argument but i don't think he is clearly,that much more valuable than jonathan,taylor or uh or cooper cup or maybe even,tom brady and and so from where i sit,the rest of it is why he's not going to,be my choice do i think he's going to,win it probably you know a lot of the,voters don't don't approach it the same,way that i do others do who i've spoken,to,but one of the ways we get to keep being,voters is we're not allowed to say who,we are voting for until after the award,has been announced i'm probably pushing,the envelope by saying who i'm not,voting for um but we're not really,supposed to reveal our votes are they,supposed to are off field things like,vaccination status supposed to factor in,or are there no guidelines for that,there's no guidelines uh you know we are,told to pick the guy who we think is the,most valuable to his team and and um,you know i don't think it says anywhere,you know strictly on the field uh,although i do think he hurt his team on,the field uh you know but by the way he,acted off the field uh,you know i mean they're going to get the,number one seed anyway but what if the,difference had come down to,uh to the chiefs game you know where he,lied about being vaccinated and and you,know ended up not playing and they got,beat so uh i think all these things,should be considerations that's the way,i look at it he ruined the entire,offseason for that football team they,were left in jeopardy they had no idea,what they were doing um a lot of the,off-the-field stuff was wasted because,he wasn't there he tortured his fan base,um,and he's and he's getting ready he's,already started doing it again oh so,he couldn't have won the mvp before the,season for you for me no yeah no i just,think that that the way he's carried,himself is inappropriate,and and you know the the the vaccine,thing just was one more you know log on,the fire so to speak i i think he's a,bad guy you know so there it is uh,there's the take the hub arch and he is,a,shocker everybody here shocker,um he's a bears fan,and this just proves bears fans are some,of the dumbest idiots on the planet,and let me before you all just go off,and say this is a casual packers fan,he's an aaron rodgers lover he's got,aaron rodgers on his nice smile hoodie,that is very comfortable i can assume,that you don't no look before you all go,on that here are some stats,um,when jordan love starts the game which,is one the packers averaged seven,points per game seven,points per game and when aaron rodgers,starts a game and of course this is more,games including a three-point game,against,new orleans at the end of the year,packers are averaging 27 and a half,points,per game,interesting,um,jordan love without devonte adams,couldn't,go into arizona and beat them,and jordan loved with davonte and,couldn't beat kansas city at the time,we're playing,very poor defense,mvp,stands for most valuable player to their,team whoever is the most valuable player,to said team,that is aaron rodgers now he might not,always be the best player every year and,i get it he can't win mvp every year,even though how much it's looking like,he absolutely can win mvp every year,but,he is the most valuable player to his,team this year and roger's mvp he's the,mvp last year he's the mvp this year and,by the way he was playing better,football last year right just just says,now there's totally an argument for,jonathan taylor tom brady,maybe cooper cup those are the only,three i'll accept,to a two i will accept for sure argument,against aaron rodgers the only three i,can accept aaron rodgers,the the difference is,aaron rodgers the number one scene they,have clinched that and they don't even,have to play their starters in detroit,they look like they can but there you go,the green bay packers,are not,are you fighting for a wild card spot,they are fighting,for nothing they're fighting for a super,bowl they're the number one seed the,guy's team that he's a fan of,is five and 11.,they're trash,they stink,they're a

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Associated Press MVP voter Hub Arkush CANCELS Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP Vote over VACCINE Status!

Associated Press MVP voter Hub Arkush CANCELS Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP Vote over VACCINE Status!

you're tuning into,black and white sports on youtube,the no holds barred truth on sports,the main event starts now i guess we can,go ahead and talk,about,what we kind of already knew was gonna,happen with aaron rodgers,because we have said it before,aaron rodgers since he did not want to,get the jab,would be,pretty much wiped out from the mvp,conversation,and guys,we actually have one mvp vote voter now,that's confirmed that that's just one,voter,and also,shannon sharp on undisputed he said it,before he said that voters are going to,hold that against aaron rodgers,check this out,on pro football talk,one mp mvp voter says he won't vote,farron rodgers,calling him the biggest jerk in the,league,now aaron rodgers is definitely a,candidate,tom brady as well,either one of those guys win the mvp,i'm good with it,but,i said it before i'm starting to get the,feeling that if tom brady wins the mvp,and he deserves it there's no doubt,about it it's gonna feel like,he got it because it was more,anti-rogers out there voters than pro,tom brady voters,did you are you getting that kind of,feel too,this year yeah absolutely because i can,honestly say and you guys know i'm a,massive brady fan but me too roger,rogers has outplayed him this year plain,and simple he's outplayed him this year,and,rogers has less weapons than brady i,don't think there's any disputing that,at all,no tom tom brady did help his case with,that comeback against the jets,tom brady is decimate his team is,decimated they have,like no wide receivers now then antonio,brown pulls that stunt,they got mike evans but i'm not even,sure how healthy mike evans is,right now either,tom brady,overcame a 14-point lead,14-point deficit i should say against,jets,threw for three touchdown passes he was,tremendous now all of the major passing,categories,tom brady's leading in all of them yards,touchdown passes,uh,qbr him and rogers i know that qbr thing,is the espn thing but they're roughly,the same they're neck and neck in that,but rogers is definitely deserving,now look here he says,packers quarterback aaron rodgers is the,favorite to win the leeds mvp award but,one voter has already ruled out rogers,for consideration,that voter is hub,or kush,who is one of the 50 members of the,media the ap gives a vote for,uh,wait what is that the vote is,hub arkoosh who is one of the 50 members,of the media the associated press gives,a vote for the mvp award that the nfl,treats as this official mvp,and awards and awards awards at the,annual nfl honors event akush,called rogers a jerk and a bad guy and,said today on 670 the score in chicago,that rogers won't have his vote,quote i don't think you can be the,biggest jerk in the league and punish,your team and your organization and your,fan base the way he did and be the most,valuable player,has he had the most valuable,has he been the most valuable on the,field yeah you can make that argument,but i don't i don't think he is clearly,that much more valuable than uh jonathan,taylor or cooper cup or maybe even tom,brady uh let's be let's be clear cooper,cup and uh johnson taylor they're not in,the conversation,i know cooper cup has been great,but one and two is going to be brady and,rogers i think,but he goes down,hey let let's just remove,uh stafford and uh wentz from the colts,and from the rams,how many wins do they have if if cooper,cup and,jonathan taylor are having the exact,same season they're having right now,four five six less wins,seven less wins maybe,i mean let's just be honest okay we're,talking most valuable player,it's it's probably always going to be a,quarterback yeah you have to have,an unbelievable,all-time great historic season,to be a non-qb and win mvp,i mean very same thing this ain't the,90s,anymore years all the time,adrian peterson had insane years all the,time,they didn't win anything,they haven't won anything i'm talking,about their teams their teams,haven't won anything detroit still,sucked regardless yeah,um but he also goes on he says this from,where i sit the rest of his why he's not,gonna be my choice do i think he's gonna,win it probably a lot of voters don't,approach it the way i do,but others do,who i've spoken to,but one of the ways we get to keep,uh being voters is we're not allowed to,say who we are voting for until after,the award has been announced i'm,probably pushing the envelope by saying,uh who i'm not voting for,but we're not really supposed to reveal,our votes,our couch said he is free to vote how he,chooses without any rules about whether,he can consider off-field issues like,rogers being unvaccinated,and spending 10 days in the kova 19,reserve list,uh quote there are no guidelines we are,told to pit the guy who we think is most,valuable to his team,and i don't think it says anywhere,strictly on the field,although i do think he hurts his team,on the field by the way he acted off the,field you see he's considering that,they're,they're gonna get the number one seed,anyway,but what if the differen

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