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How to spread misinformation on Twitter.comspreading misinformation on Twitter is,one of my favorite


Updated on Jan 26,2023

How to spread misinformation on

spreading misinformation on Twitter is,one of my favorite things to do of all,time there's really nothing more,satisfying than lying and getting away,with it especially if it's something,inconsequential and dung I once made a,tweet that went semi-viral saying that,Johnny tests dad and Silver the Hedgehog,share the same voice actor that was very,much untrue I just kind of said that,with my whole chest and everyone just,assumed that it was fact because they,didn't feel like Googling it this sort,of stuff is my jam and due to a recent,Twitter buyout by number one iPhone user,and ego inflated Elon Musk I,decided that this treatment of the,internet would become my bread and,butter you see recently musky boy,announced that alongside running the,Bird app into the ground verification,marks on Twitter would cost eight,dollars going forward and all the,current holders of check marks would,lose them in under 90 days if they,didn't pay up if you aren't already,aware verification check marks used to,be the way that Twitter verified public,figures to prevent misinformation,politicians actors YouTubers these are,the sort of types that usually had these,little badges on their profile it just,made sense to verify people who had,bigger accounts so that people wouldn't,be confused in the past year even I was,gifted a check mark by the gods of,Twitter for whatever reason and for a,while it was kind of cool to have one,I'm not gonna lie it felt kind of,validating in a way like yeah I am,indeed this man the the guy that you,were looking at it it is me I probably,shouldn't have to tell you why selling,profile verification for eight dollars,is bad but just in case you're an nft,bro who loves the smell of their own,farts I'll spell it out in the easiest,way I possibly can impersonating people,is insanely easy,foreign,but before all this hit the fan,before buying verification was even,implemented into the website I just,decided you know what I've had enough I,didn't want this stupid thing anymore it,felt like a stain on my profile at this,point who the is gonna take me,seriously if they thought I dropped,eight dollars a month on a free social,media app I figured I may as well have,some fun with it while it's still here,and thankfully enough comedy is now,legal on Twitter which I mean,thank God so I guess I should be totally,fine and suffer no repercussions if I,were to uh oh I don't know resurrect the,Queen of England with archaic black,magic does anybody have ideas for the,bio if Queen Elizabeth had a Twitter,what would her bio be do you treat,Charles blocked me in the room I'm not,dead what if I just tweeted and said I'm,not dead okay guys I'm back from,revenging the new Big Mouth Susan what,did I miss I'm not changing my profile,on the computer I'm changing it on my,phone so I'm gonna change it and then,I'm gonna refresh the page and it'll,just be completely different okay it's,it's up oh,my God,I'm sorry it's so much funnier when it,actually is there holy you can see,it change in real time yes it's still do,be squatty oh my God attention freaks,it's me how long do you think they lock,my account she escaped the morgue again,guys,what's up Lizzie,hi Colin Queen Elizabeth's back I had to,take myself away from work to look at,Twitter for two seconds and the first, tweet I see is yes I still do be,squirting and I'm all for it what's,going on this is the best time I'm I'm,forfeiting my check mark of my own,volition I just do it in my name Jeff,because why not,somebody said bruh my mom saw this and,was like isn't she dead,now that I'm back Ama,thoughts on imperialism based thoughts,on gay people,cringe I still I still got that check,mark Elon you better hurry up I'm,spreading misinformation at an alarming,rate,this quote this just says what,they're like,oh,this is beautiful I want to hang this up,on my wall,oh my God,your old tweets as Queen Elizabeth are, hilarious,holy my entire account just became,so much better in retrospect I have,gotten spoiled by one piece edits,penis edits follow for following,at Ludwig can we collab your majesty,ratio no you,a good new Royal ratio oil ratio,now's that I'm back I plan to fully,fully polished Friday night funkin in,England,Queen Elizabeth is a Sonic fan oh yes a,kind of based Liz man I love Sonic,start like reading like a salty Sonic,man if Sonic Frontiers isn't good gonna, blow my brains out if Sonic,Frontiers doesn't score at least an 80,on Metacritic I'm outlawing sex,well how does she feel about Texans,um,God and people of all Races right we,don't need to get into that,is that what she sounded like when she,was dying it's the generic Tech talk,like girl voice,Queen Elizabeth if I push her down a,well yeah Majesty oh it's salty DK Dan,lame, everywhere okay so I made this,tweet like like a month or two ago and,it has aged perfectly you can have the,most perfect aged cheese and wine but no,this this is perfectly aged nothing to,do now but sit back and expect the worst,and now we wait for the ex

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Official髭男dism - ホワイトノイズ [Official Video]

Official髭男dism - ホワイトノイズ [Official Video]

割裂街道般的排气声音,在我脚下轰鸣,正飞速度前进,笔直寻找消失尾灯的下落,用撕破黑暗的强劲,在飞奔的路上,即使没有路灯,只要有一个车头灯 就别无所求,被埋在瓦砾之下的怯懦之音,无论怎么听也听不见,紧随其后的后悔挡住视线之前,在后来居上的未来边缘 我会一次次救你脱险,记忆嘎然而止,咋舌瞬间透过车镜窥探,尽管没有时间意识到自己的懦孱,从瓦砾之下传来的怯懦之音,无论怎么捂住耳朵都震耳欲聋,那一天誓要复仇 怎么可能忘记呢,颤抖的心灵到现在 还在大声呼唤着那个名字,你笑得像个英雄,直到擦拭你的双颊 都不会停止,啊是啊 从那天晚上开始 我都来接你 不管历经多少失败,你笑得像个英雄,直到拥抱你的绝望 都不会认输,就算命运多舛 也会不痛不痒地穿过道路,消除那被埋没在瓦砾之下的声音

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Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 2

第一个游戏是 ,是数字卡游戏 ,- 我选2 / - 好 2 ,就是了,什么啊? ,没有 ,完了 ,结束了 ,输了 ,Jimin很会玩 , ,一天洗两次澡的人!,一周洗一次也很够了 ,- 是你了 / - 你走吧 ,问题怎么这样啊? ,我完全是果汁啊 ,都说我是柠檬的样子,- 我没有撒谎 / - 是的 ,- 我 / - 是撒谎者 - 是的 / - 真的? ,怎么你一听到问题就动耳朵? ,问为什么举手的时候 ,- 回答很不具体 / - 就是啊 ,是撒谎者 ,这个回合是市民的胜利 ,- OK / - OK ,接下来是 ,- 我有异议 / - 我有异议游戏 ,天才发掘团第三场比赛是 ,我有异议游戏 ,我有异议游戏规则 掷出1到5的骰子,将棋子送至终点,但只有掷出骰子的玩家才能确认点数,可以说谎假装是其他的数字,其他玩家如果对此抱有怀疑,可喊出"我有异议"之后确认骰子点数,如果是真的 掷骰子的玩家可前进相应步数,提出异议的玩家就要后退相应的步数,相反如果是说谎 掷骰子的玩家就要按照喊出的数字后退相应步数,提出异议的玩家可以按照其喊出的数字前进相应步数,还要注意一点,骰子上写有“假话”两个字代替数字6 ,出现“假话”时 当前玩家 ,就必须要说谎 ,游戏开始之后,按照到达终点的顺序 第一名70分,第二名60分,第三名50分,从第四名到第七名,每人可获得20分,这个不错 ,每次都喊"我有异议!"不就行了嘛,在原点的人可以那样做,这个真的是心理战,提出异议 ,对在起点的人有利 ,因为可以一直提出异议 ,就是不要胡来,- 只要不胡来 至少还能前进到一半 - 是啊,依我看这游戏是不是要教育人说,- 最终只有正直的人才能获胜 - 最后还是前进不了的话,一直提出异议不就可以了 ,为了更好地理解游戏 要不要先试一轮? ,- 不用了 都理解了 / - 不了 直接开始吧 / - 不必了 不必了 ,直接开始吧 ,- 开始吧 - 理解了,- 理解了 - 好大,好 我要开始了 ,因为这是第一轮 肯定马上就有人提出异议 ,立刻 立刻就提 ,骰子刚一落下来 就会有人说,我有异议,不对 落下来之前就说,我打算提出异议 ,- 但是我有可能说的是真的 - 是啊,所以你只能说真话,- 我有异议!! - 我有异议!!,还没说是多少呢 ,2!,- 不对 我有异议! - 我有异议!,也有可能是1,我有异议 ,Jin哥和南俊哥?,什么啊? ,才第一轮我为什么要说谎?,那我错了,对不起,不好意思,2,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的不是2 ,不是2,你摇到的不是2 ,你不是2 ,肯定不是 ,要么是假话 要么就是1 ,OK 我有异议!,OK 我有异议! , ,- 挑战 挑战 / - 桢国... / - 我有异议! ,是多少?,2!,- 真的吗? / - 嗯 ,- 重新回到起点! - 回去吧 / - 回去吧 ,今天之内能结束吗?,我把哥哥送出去了,我有异议!,你在说谎 ,1...!,- 你在说谎 / - 1? ,感觉应该不是1,我有异议! ,这是真的!,- 感觉应该不是1 / - 假的 假的 ,- 我有异议 / - 这是真的 ,是假话,怎么第一局就抽到假话呢,那我有异议! 我有异议! ,我现在没有异议了 ,调整一下呼吸 ,是2,2 ,2 ,我有异议!,你摇到的不是2,确定吗?,- 嗯 / - 我也觉得不是2 ,你有异议吗? ,我有异议! ,其他人还有吗?,后退...,- 我有异议! / - 有异议就说出来 ,我有异议! ,有吗? ,因为他认为2是颇具良心的谎话,请安静,- 是2吗? / - 摇到了2 / - 是2 ,没关系 反正我也无处可退了 ,OK 这的确是心理战,不要看 大家都看向前面吧,- 看不到! - 知道了 看不到,而且根本看不到勒!,什么“看不到勒”啊?,那是什么话啊?,抱歉喔 ,把视觉 ,坐下,直接放弃了 ,- 是1 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,你摇到的是“假话”,- 感觉不是1 - 是1,- 感觉是更大的数字 / - 是假的 ,- 假的 不对 他摇到的是假话 / - 是更大的数 ,都有谁提出了异议,请举手 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 ,是的 ,就是1 ,- 啊 / - 真的吗? - 摇到了1,叮 ,辛苦了 ,聚在一起很温馨嘛 ,我打算后面没有异议了 ,就是因为这样 所以才没法前进,假话 ,这像话吗? ,我有异议!,我还没开始呢,我还没摇骰子呢 ,我有异议!,不是 我还没说呢 ,我摇到的是3,那我要提出异议 ,我也有异议!,他可能预想到了我们会提出异议 但我这次不提了,桢国 你不是还在起点嘛 不管有没有异议,我有异议 ,对啊 你没有损失 ,怎么都不举手呢? ,好 OK 是多少?,是3 ,处于领先的闵玧其选手 处于领先的闵玧其选手,来了 来了! 大家都准备好了吗?,- 快点吧 - 我要转骰子了,我有异议!,是4!,啊 我有异议,应该不是,你摇到的是象征骗子的4 (韩语谐音),- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! 我也有异议! ,- 你应该是在骗人 / - 你摇到的不是4 ,你摇到的是假话 ,- 看来你们到现在还是不了解j-hope - 我有异议,反正我没什么好失去的了,没什么可输的人是最可怕的,我真的是4,拿去 ,- Jin哥 错 / - 我要前进了 ,痛失一切 ,我打算从现在起要提出异议了 ,JK现在还没离开起点呢 ,5,我有异议!,我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 居然说是5? ,居然说是5? ,看他表情就知道了,1 ,- 1? / - 我有异议! 我有异议! ,3 , ,什么啊? 到底是什么?,请说出准确的数字,5 ,摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 ,- 摇到了假话 但他动了脑筋 / - 我有异议! ,- 我有异议! / - 我有异议! ,- 我也提一下吗? / - 不对 ,- 不对 可能真的摇到了5 - 我也提一下?,- 不知道了 - 我有异议!,哦 玧其 ,挑战 我有异议!,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,摇到5了?,摇到5了 摇到5了 ,- 正确答案是? - 正确答案是?,是假话,- 闵玧其 / - 玧其下注成功了 ,玧其中彩票了 ,早知道我就说1了,桢国 那边空气怎么样?,这边空气吗? 很浑浊,OK ,居然说很浑浊 ,这个游戏要有人提出异议才好玩,我太了解金泰亨了 对不起 ,- 我了解你 / - 好像摇到了假话 ,1 ,- 1? / - 1? / - 1 ,我有异议 ,我有异议 我也有异议,我有异议! ,数字是多少呢? ,1 ,- OK - 你了解我什么?,你懂什么? 你算什么?,- 你算什么? - 你哪有了解我?,你算什么 还说了解别人?,- 为什么装作很懂的样子? - 什么啊?,你算什么 装作很了解我 你懂我吗?,就因为你 把我也连累了,Jimin如果戴着猫耳朵,现在应该晃得很厉害,哦呵 真是 ,拜托 拜托 拜托 ,是3,桢国 提出异议吧 ,当然要提出异议了 我有异议 ,其实就是3,哎 真是,处于第二名的金南俊选手 ,我们友好竞争吧 南俊,- OK / - 友好竞争 ,如果抽到假话 那就说不定了 ,是2 ,- 这个频率是固定的 - 2? / - 是2,有人要提出异议吗? ,除了我就没别人了,- 现在只有你能提出异议 / - 对 ,你干嘛呀?,你摇到了假话吗? ,- 怎么了? / - 是假话吗? ,是假话,桢国成功了 ,- 我终于可以前进了 - 所以说一无所有是最可怕的,没什么可输的人最可怕了,好 我要开始了,是2!,好像是假话吧?,- 看他耳朵都红了 / - 假话这么容易摇到吗? ,Jin哥耳朵变红了 ,因为大家都盯着我看,- 变得越来越红了 / - 你们... ,因为你们都盯着我看 所以才会这样 ,我要提出异议 ,走上异议之路 ,桢国 你要想好了 ,我回到原点也无所谓 其实是2 ,OK 那么就请桢国,回到原点吧,明明都出来了 ,现在水鬼又出现了,- 我要把你们都拖下水 / - 水鬼 ,我要提出异议,依我看他摇到了假话 ,表情 ,我觉得玧其哥会实话实说,我摇到了4 ,我当然要提出异议,正确答案是?,的确是4,- 运气真好 / - 玧其哥 ,遥遥领先的闵玧其选手 ,稳定的战术,好 我要开始了,原来要出现假话才行啊,在演戏是吧?,他在演戏 他在演戏 他要说1或者2了,是1 ,OK 就算是1格也前进一下吧 ,我提出异议 ,即使是1格也要前进 ,试一下吧 试一下吧 ,- 确实是1 - 啊 1,对吗? ,- 因为田桢国 我们都没法说谎了 / - 来 传过去吧 ,是啊 只要有人在起点 我们就没办法随便说谎了 ,为了我们的游戏顺利进行下去,可能直接相信他会更好一点,不提出异议 ,是4,- 好 你走吧 / - 我相信 / - 我信 我信 ,那我说5,我相信你 ,- 那我就说5吧 - 相信你 往前走吧 往前走吧,我提出异议,那我就说是4,那我不提了 ,真狡猾啊 ,- 你要不要提出异议? / - 太透明了 - 真狡猾啊,他怎么这么透明呢? ,桢国最终的数字是?,- 是4 - 4,有人提出异议吗?,- 没有 - 没有,- 我能再改成5吗? / - 没有 没有 ,你改成5 我就提出异议 ,- 4 是4 / - 桢国 4 ,前进吧,好 现在起点没人了 ,玧其哥只要选择稳定战术 就能得第一名了,我摇到了4,我有异议,我有异议! ,我也有异议 ,我有异议 ,OK 我有异议,桢国 你是不是需要再往前走两步呢?,我退出了 ,我退出 ,- 三位 - 三个人吗?,请往后去吧 就是4,- 就是4 / - 真是 , ,幸好我退出了,有意思 继续进行吧! ,不错 还挺有趣的,- 是1 - 有趣,看来你还不了解我的性格,我有异议 ,是假话,恭喜 恭喜,并排前进一格... ,摇到了假话对吧 ,这家伙真是孤独啊,你是摇到了1吗?,我摇到了1 ,就算是1我也要前进 ,我有异议! 我有异议,你非要这么做吗?,我要前进1格 ,就是1 ,你真是 你往前走走吧 ,- 因为他 我都不能说谎了 真是的 - 就是说啊,是4!,异议 我有异议,- 因为害怕他 我游戏都玩不下去了 - 异议区域,我要提出异议!,我的目标是,摧毁这场游戏,- 是4 / - 是啊 / - 应该是对的 ,- 桢国 - 嗯?,别开玩笑了 我们试试进入第二第三名吧?,怎么进入第二第三名啊? ,肯定可以的 ,这里玧其哥要摇到假话才搞笑,综艺之神究竟是否站在我这边呢? ,我要开始了,3 是3 ,3的话哥哥就到终点了 ,我有异议,要先提出来 ,当然要提了 我们俩要提 ,也有可能是假话,玧其哥好像要进入终点了,我也提一下? 我有异议 ,是假话 ,哦 闵玧其 ,玧其下注成功了 ,你们往后去吧,就是3 ,- 结束了 / - 太厉害了 ,我到终点了 ,我现在来给大家现场解说 ,哇 玧其哥太懂进退战术了,- 是啊 / - 一下子就赚到了 对吧? ,- 是啊 - 人生就是如此,好 我要开始了 ,我这次要正直一点,我摇到了3,当然要提一个了,提吧 提吧 ,Jimin还不举手 愣着干嘛呢? ,我有异议 ,是3 请看 是3 ,怎么了?,Oh,这样就很可能是说谎了,5 ,他为了无论如何都要前进 ,我有异议 ,就是5 ,哇 Jimin 就剩你自己了 一定很孤单吧,我附近还有人啊 那是谁?,是我 是我 ,我刚才一个不小心,直接退回去了 ,这种程度可以说是隔壁了吧? 是邻居呢 邻居? ,5,要赌一下 要赌一下 ,我有异议 ,桢国 他如果不是5的话,那你就领先了 就是第三名了 ,那我相信玧其哥一次吧? ,毕竟玧其哥已经完成了,老实坐着,让我老实坐着?,我要毁灭这个游戏,5,桢国 ,试一下吧 桢国 人生在此一搏 ,人生在此一搏 ,- 我提一个? - 提吧!,- 桢国 来吧 来吧 / - 来吧 来吧 - 不行 不行 不行 不行 ,OK 我要提出异议,不行 ,不行?,桢国和Jimin提出了异议 ,正确答案是?,是5 ,肯定是这样啊 ,不要随便听信别人的话 ,- 虽然没什么意义了 / - Jimin哥 ,Jimin哥, ,不会是1吧?,- 不是的 南俊哥

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Spirited — “Good Afternoon” Full Scene | Apple TV+

Spirited — “Good Afternoon” Full Scene | Apple TV+

now fellow here you are in a British bar,with a frothy little Throne upon your,lips another plane for me friend extra,warm your accent blows well I beg to,differ,it's your drowning in the ale you're,feeling like a fail you're sorrier than,soggy fish and chips but you don't have,to sit and pout just let your inner,Scrooge come out because why should any,other jerk enjoy his day,when you're done the dumps and eat some,cheering up Seas,turn and tap our Atlas chap,and sweetly sad,good afternoon good afternoon but I,never just let one fly and you'll be,smiling pretty soon like this good,afternoon,good afternoon good afternoon good,afternoon,I'm sensing now,so you've done nothing wrong in two very,very long and I get it's an important,point of pie it's part of my job come on,I don't stay quiet you know you wanna,try it better never let all of the,better be buckled up inside,out of the road dingus,oh come on Bob hey Scotty coming you,know you want it come on come on it's,right there,just let it's,good,afternoon,good afternoon you smell it,back here,the words,wait wait was that Judy Dench oh my God,she's a National Treasure I love her and,everything I loved her in um that,chocolate Chocolat,chocola,good afternoon,good afternoon,you can kiss my dick inside,Kiss it no no no no no no no oh what doc,no it's Charles Dickens it's a funny yes,thank you but there is a baby there's a,baby,madam,I am so sorry he should be,and ma'am,good afternoon,good afternoon,foreign

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alrighty ladies and gentlemen and hello,my name is Parker hope everyone is doing,well here today I landed so late oh,good okay bro getting a Hades right off,the Ripper is always a good thing I,think there's like oh,well there was just three guys right on,top up here,bro the hell just like went down yo,oh Fantasia skin I love you okay uh next,guy is gonna be right here in astronaut,oh wait uh what focused on this guy oh,why was that so scuffed,um I don't know where the astronaut dude,what we're gonna go and pop for full of,this bro this was such a scuffed start,oh there is still so much going on over,there okay let's do that oh,this dude shooting from up top okay,we're just gonna go and do a little,surprise bro I thought the Hades hip,fire was significantly better here by,the way I don't know why it was not,doing anything on that other dude oh man,oh he's gonna be here I think he's,running late right here,yo,oh no he is one more layer below bro I'm,getting juked out okay now he went up,here my guys please just chill out,please holy what is going on right now,bro oh astronaut man hello there my,friend oh it has been a hot second since,I've last one and seen you oh,wow dude there is like barely any recoil,going on with that and oh he just oh my,God,um okay like bro not only are my bad oh,wait,like right the shots are bad don't get,me wrong but I don't know why he went,and did that move oh yo dude a team went,just absolutely ham up in here whoa whoa,whoa whoa oh I see this dude oh,wow I am so happy,here here we'll go in decrypt dude I am,so happy that that uh pumped actually,wouldn't work for me in that situation,okay getting oh no I'm about to go and,get off,okay I am also very lucky that that's,sucking,happened right at that moment oh baby,oh,yes,wow I got lucky a lot during that whole,gunfight man,excellent oh,bro this guy has been slow playing this,for so long oh my God my guy okay here,like bro I'm down to go and get a little,funky up in here let's do oh,okay so he had he had everything just,set up like that like bro hey fair play,to you baby all right boys the loadouts,are dropping in and I am so excited to,go and use this qq9 build now I need to,go and preface this by going and saying,that this is a free to play build I'm,using a qq9 that is just completely raw,here and uh I just want to go and,showcase to everyone,that bro you don't need some type of,like a special legendary skin here bro,you don't gotta go and spend money in,order to go and pop off in this game,here man oh,good we're good old crouching and game,mechanic oh dude look at that A-list is,going on right then hit fire aim assist,oh like it's just something about the,qq9 oh my God that you just feel so much,more powerful than everyone else on the,map especially when you're up close like,that oh dude give me the high damage mod,here too I thought oh,okay that guy's gonna be real and he's,just going into hauling I wasn't able to,go and tell whether or not this guy was,a part of the team oh I guess no not,okay this one's just vodacious I'm just,gonna go and pull for like a better AR,just for like a secondary here just to,have at least a little bit of range oh,wait What patients are real,oh,this build does also have,oh my God this build does also go and,have the high damage rounds on it here,too so I would highly recommend for,everyone to go and have at least like an,extended mag for uh for one of the mod,selections here whoa what,what oh what,what is the reality that I am living in,what what's like real anymore am I and,I'm still on a dream state I'm assuming,like that is my guess is that I am in a,dream state and I just need to straight,up go and like I need to wake up please,someone go and tell me hey pts go and,wake up also I've been trying to go and,input certain things the inputs have not,been working bro I am so down,horrifically bad here oh teammate wants,to go and pick me up but teammate you're,gonna be in for quite a surprise here,all right here let's go and toss out,that nade oh my beautiful grenade let's,just keep on going here with a little,bit of forward progression always good,uh let's go and crank open a little,Granada here just something that we can,go and toss over there maybe get a hit,okay I got a little bit of a hit let's,just continue on moving forward so I do,not go and die by this Zone here which,would be a horrendous ending uh to go,and get so we'll just keep on moving,forward here oh my god oh boy dude that,whole team that just when it died,I'm pretty sure that those were all the,guys in bus station holy smokes oh my,God and they just keep on dying I bet I,could drive back that way and just find,all of them like just dead there oh,man my hair whatever oh that would be,one of them their sucking machines thank,you oh and it just wants to go and hover,okay there we go,yo this dude just oh my God what a way,to go and come back you just come back,sucking oh,I like dude even at mid-range this qq9,build is not too shabby here b

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Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

all right let's do this,so,if you guys didn't hear I'm in London,but that's not the big news that we're,talking about today,Jake Paul and KSI just had their first,unofficial press conference on Twitter,spaces and yes we need to talk about it,want to make sure I get it out there KSI,hopped into enemy territory in this,Twitter space not sure why I did it but,KSI Mr knowledge strength and integrity,does things the way he does them I don't,know he's answering questions of the,opposite team he's answering Jake's fans,questions about why KSI does what he,does but that's not what got the people,going someone let it leak that KSI was,in the room and guess who showed up,Problem Child now this changed the angle,of the conversation no longer was it,fighter talking to fans it was the two,fighters we want to see in the ring,talking to each other and some big,things came out what well the breakdown,let's go all right so let's talk about,what happened,Jake basically Amish KSI in this room he,basically said,I wanted to say to this guy for the last,two years in front of my fans and he's,really not going to be able to say,anything about it the first one was,watch yourself,and the first one,was,KSI you didn't fight Woodley why didn't,you fight him I fought him on short,notice why didn't you and to be fair to,Jake,he kind of has a point bro that's what I,did that's what I did when Tommy pulled,out I fought Woodley again I was,training for a different fighter I was,training,bro you're made and you know it,KSI even said he regretted not going,with the Woodley fight so,if that was the fight,why not make it now,and I get KSI too you know he was,training for a southpaw bringing Woodley,in now even though I know just like you,guys do Woodley's gonna sign and he's,gonna show up it wouldn't have made as,much sense as sticking with a southpaw,like Tommy it fits his style isn't an,easier fight,probably but it doesn't mean it's not,competitive because it absolutely is,Tommy is a competitive fight for KSI no,doubt about it let's just say that Jake,was right sure he didn't pick Tyron,Woodley okay well,who else could there have been and,that's,when Jake brought up slim and you duck,glimp you should have fought slim,because slim beat face temper slim is,not even that great bro what are you on,about then why wouldn't you fight him,that's a bigger fight he's undefeated,he's undefeated honestly dude honestly,Jake swimming slim versus KSI is 50 50.,like I think case like actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,now Slim is the fight I told you guys,that KSI should absolutely take that was,the one that made the most sense Slim's,undefeated he's also knocked out Tommy,who KSI is fighting temper Tommy I know,I say his name a lot but,again you come into what is,unfortunately,a kind of a conundrum for KSI,how does he go and fight a guy that's,he's not prepared for a guy that just,beat this man,and Ryan Taylor,what's up brother good to see you how,are you my bro I'm chilling man chilling,good looking,blow it up bro you know I'm trying I'm,trying I'm getting there so again while,I don't disagree with Jake in fact I I,do agree with him it should have been,slim absolutely should have been but,KSI is fighting temper because of the,style matchup and that's really it,that's all I can really say KSI got,caught in a corner again here and his,defense was like I said okay he said,exactly what it was I'm fighting temper,because he's a South Fawn that's what we,prepared for so my coaches said and,that's really it but I think Jay got the,upper hand here too bro I'm here to,build Miss Misfits am I not oh come on,man come on what you mean,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it in between a,bunch of back and forth bicker in two,school girls in the yard going back and,forth over who's their favorite crush,and why they didn't talk to him in,recess both guys did end up saying okay,well let's make the fight you want to,fight over the summer well I said well I,said I said well I said end of the year,in it but are you actually somewhere in,a rematch at the end of the year am I,gonna are you dumb actually are,you going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro Jake actually,pointed out that he already tried and,he's right that he said when Alex Wasabi,pulled out last year that he would come,in and fight JJ for free now this is,where I call a little bit of the yes on,Jake he was not fighting KSI for free as,much as he wants to say it that fight,was way too much money for him to come,in and say oh I'm just to show up and do,it for free what do you have shown up,what do you have done it absolutely but,not for free and he knows that that's a,little bit of gamesmanship and KSI,called him on it I think that fight's,way too big to do it on nine days,personally but I do think Jake would,have shown

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Jin in Argentina - BTS (방탄소년단)

Jin in Argentina - BTS (방탄소년단)

现在我在飞机里,在美国转完机 现在是在从美国飞往阿根廷的飞机里,还要飞5个小时,一共要飞34~35个小时,为了给大家呈现最精彩的舞台,所以首演定为这个,好累啊 也很艰难,回去的时候又要花这么长时间⋯ ,几乎要花上三天,光来回就要这么些时间 ,那些开巡回演唱会的艺人都太厉害了 真佩服他们,虽然我们也曾开过巡回演唱会,但韩国和南美真的是地球的两端哎,一直想要去一次南美,这次多亏了Coldplay哥哥们提供了这么好的机会 很高兴能去见大家,其他⋯目前没机会去的国家,也很希望能够有机会去看一看,连地球另一端的阿根廷我都去了 其他地方也一定有机会去吧 ,已经过了7个小时 这是第一餐,菜品是,是牛排,应该不是香菜吧?,巧克力,面包,沙拉,酱汁,据说阿根廷的面包很有名,让我们一起期待的同时,品尝一口这个面包,和黄油一起应该很好吃,我现在继续~看~电视剧了,据说冰淇淋很好吃,说是香草冰淇淋上面会撒巧克力糖浆,芝士三明治,Thank you,You're welcome,巧克力冰淇淋,躲开了呀~躲开以后再打 ,反击机!,砰~砰~,躲开 躲开 躲开,不行 啊!,我光玩儿这个就玩了4个小时呢 ,硕珍啊 好好想想,还不够,这个家伙身子已经那么壮了 怎么还这么常用魔法啊,躲开 躲开 躲开,砰~,啊 呀⋯,旁边,旁边!对了,哎嘿!,哎嘿!,哇⋯,不过感觉有希望啊,躲开 躲开 OK ,呃呃,呃呃呃呃呃 这是?,呃呃 这个?!,冷静点 硕珍啊,呀咦!!!,这里啦,是这里,指数差不多够了,现在可以变身了,变身之后 砰砰砰打一顿的话 ,对吧?刚刚躲开了吧?,我觉得,努力躲的话是能躲开的,找准时机躲的话,但是我,好像找不准那时机 ,这家伙⋯喂 这家伙…! ,他怎么回事啊?,其他人是怎么打败他的?,来了⋯,躲了呀⋯!,冷静 冷静 冷静 ,- 冷静 冷静 硕珍啊 好好躲开! - 3台 就3台 ,再来一台,这家伙⋯!,呀 成功了…! 终于成功了…! ,哇 这个终于成功了,哇 没想到来到现场居然成功了,这就是喜悦啊,成功了!,终于⋯,5个小时…! [(在酒店4个小时 这里1个小时 一共花了5个小时终于成功了!)],我们也⋯我们也在这样的场地演出过,哇呜~这里,演出的时候也会有Dance Break吗?,我吃好了~,♪ You and me 不会结束的history ♪,♪ Oh 成为我宇宙的我们的故事 ♪ ,♪ When I'm with you ♪,♪ There is no one else ♪,♪ 似不会破碎的星 ♪,♪ 环游着宇宙 ♪,♪ 像那照亮黑暗前路的银河 ♪,♪ 你向着我闪耀 ♪,♪ 黑暗中找寻到的唯一光芒 ♪,♪ 我的路通向你 ♪,[(刷牙结束后 开始《The Astronaut》最后的练习)],♪ You and me 不会结束的history ♪ ,♪ Oh 成为我宇宙的我们的故事 ♪,♪ 像那漫无目的漂浮的小行星 ♪,♪ 我也曾只是四处漂泊 ♪,♪ 黑暗中找寻到我所有dream ♪,♪ 即将崭新开始的story ♪,♪ When I'm with you ♪,♪ There is no one else ♪,♪ I get heaven to myself ♪,♪ When I'm with you ♪,♪ There is no one else ♪,♪ I feel this way I've never felt ♪,这样,这样~这样~全部唱完了之后~ ,♪ 似不会破碎的星 ♪,♪ 成为你的梦 环游着宇宙 ♪,♪ 像那照亮黑暗前路的银河 ♪,♪ 你向着我闪耀 ♪,♪ 黑暗中找寻到的唯一光芒 ♪,♪ 我的路通向你 ♪,♪ When I'm with you ♪,♪ There is no one else ♪,♪ I get heaven to myself ♪,♪ When I'm with you ♪,♪ There is no one else ♪,♪ A life, a sparkle in your eyes ♪,♪ Heaven comin' through ♪,♪ And I love you ♪,练习结束了 那么游戏,开始玩游戏吧,什么呀?,他也是BOSS吗?,这家伙⋯,啊 抱歉,来吧!,啊呓!!喂!真的扑上来啊,啊 等一下!,喂!,成功之前绝不涂润唇膏~,逃吧 ,逃吧~,拜托⋯,噢 活下来了 活下来了,啊啊!!!,硕珍啊 怎么了 就这么不想涂润唇膏吗?,不想涂就直说啊 用嘴说啊,啊 这个几乎没可能啊,成功了 成功了,哇⋯,可以涂润唇膏了 ,啊 润唇膏,嘴唇都干裂了

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Mevzular Açık Mikrofon Tanıtım I 8. Bölüm: Barış Atay (12 Ocak Perşembe Yayında)

Mevzular Açık Mikrofon Tanıtım I 8. Bölüm: Barış Atay (12 Ocak Perşembe Yayında)

Merhabalar,güzel,Hoş geldiniz herkes Soru sormaya geldi,değil mi,ya Ben öyle İzlemeye geldim diyen kim,var,nasıl hemen teşvik ediyorsunuz kendinizi,lambalar kısılabiliyor mu yönetmenim,Klimayı da biraz şey yapalım Bir de,arkanı yastık verelim oha,mesela buradayım,bir şey yok oğlum mis gibi,bakayım ne var yani,değilim hala değilim Sen görmüyorsun,abi ve ısmarlanacak mı,en yemek ısmarlanacak Konağa geldim,abi patates ısmarlayabilir Aslında,adamın savunduğu şeye göre gidip,toprağından Kendi patatesini çıkartman,lazım Barış Atay burada sana orak çekiç,ısmarlar en fazla kendisini davet edelim,ve programımıza başlıyorum hoş geldiniz,cılız da olsa bir alkış var ama,o zaman Hazırsanız programı başlatıyorum,Ben hazırım,mevzulara açık mikrofona hoş geldiniz,babala tv'desiniz,2018 seçimlerinde hdp'den milletvekili,oldunuz 3 ay sonra partiden ayrıldınız,milletvekiliniz garanti olsun mu,istediniz yoksa partinin fikirlerinizle,örtüşen yanları da var mıydı partimizin,genel başkanı Erkan baş seçim Vadi,olarak herkes artık oturduğu evin sahibi,olacaktır demişti yaktı bize Erkan,yaş kpc mlkp gibi örgütleri terör örgütü,olarak nitelendirebilir misiniz Teşekkür,ederim,Teşekkürler hepsini sabahtan akşama,kadar kınayalım sorun çözülüyor mu,çözülmüyor bu katsın yavaş öyle değil,terör örgütlerini yok etmemiz için tek,yapmamız gereken şey onların kökünü,kurutmak yani bombalamak şu an devletin,yaptığı gibi ki artık Yani bizim,ihalarımız ve siyahlarımız var ki çok,şükür çok şükür,bomba atarak çözülür Evet bir kıtayı,dümdüzle dersin bomba atarak alttan,ayırmak lazım ya Bunu daha yeni bir,programda da söyledim hayatımda eline,silah almamış hayatında herhangi bir,terör eylemine katılmamış Diyarbakırlı,bir manavda örgütü destekliyor olabilir,konuyu halktan ayırmadıktan sonra terörü,bomba atarak bitiremeyiz bitiremedik,Çünkü kaç ton bomba attık bugüne kadar,sen biliyorsun tabii tabii kesinlikle,ben orada ayırıyorum kesinlikle arıyorum,Önce bakın benim derdim Ahmet Davutoğlu,gibi laf çevireyim işte uzattıkça,uzatayım soru minvalinden kaysın Buna,cevap alamayın falan diye bir sürü sol,görüşle grup ve siyasi parti var,Ülkemizde neden bir çatı altında,birleşip sesimizi daha güçlü derdinizi,toplumu anlatamıyorsunuz Siz daha kendi,aranızda bu Birliği sağlayamıyorken,ülkenin birlik ve bütünlüğüne nasıl,Hizmet et,meyi planlıyor her Yurttaş buraya,Kürdistan diyebilir diye bir söz,kullandınız Benim yaşadığım Vatan,topraklarında bu cüreti kimden aldınız,Yani bu Türkiye'de,teşekkürler,Şu güzel ülkücü bıyıklarıyla ben soru,soracağım diyen kardeşimize ama şey,Yanakları da kırmızı kırmızı çok da,sevillisi neredeyse Siz beni severdiniz,Barış Bey zamanından ülkücü değilmiş,oğlum hanımefendi buyurun,Oğuzhan Uğur tarap tutmuyor diyorlar Bir,de,ben Türkiyeli değilim Türk,'üm,hakaret olarak algılamazsınız çok net,yalan söylüyorsunuz diye düşünüyorum,Hangi konuda,Bu bir diyemezsin hangi konuda yalan,söylüyor geleceğim gelmeyin söyleyin,Çünkü bu çok direkt bir şey oldu Ne,olduğunu söylerseniz biz de bilelim ona,göre devam edelim Çünkü burada konu soru,sormak ya,bakın çözüm sürecini bitiren iki polisin,infaz edilmesini,Peki şehit edilmesi rahatladınız mı,arkadaşlar şehitliğin kelime anlamı tam,olarak Allah yolunda Cihat ederken,gayrimüslimler tarafından öldürülen,demek cihatta mısınız arkadaşlar Allah,Allah Vatan savunması için de aynı şey,geçerli Tamam bu yıl vergi,indirimlerinden ve feragatnamelerinden,devletin vazgeçtiği verginin miktarını,biliyor musunuz 995 milyar lira,biz mi Nereden biliyoruz arkadaşım bütçe,yapıyoruz değil mi,Asıl siz niye bilmiyorsunuz soru da o,Sayın vekilim bana barıştı ya,devlet için çalışan,burada oturdu ya ben şöyle aracı olmaya,çalıştım ben böyle bilmem ne yaptım,falan ya sen stratejik derinlik diye bir,garabet yazıp sonra bunu Türkiye'nin dış,politikası diye Cümle aleme satmaya,çalıştın orta doğuda kan gölüne Dönmeyen,yer kalmadı ya nerede aracı olmaya,çalıştın,buyurunuz Sayın Gergerli olduğuna Benim,bir sorum var öyle mi o zaman geçmişe,gönderiyoruz Pardon sayın Ata'ya,işte cevaplar aynı olunca karışıyor,Ben 81 Eylül doğumluyum Bu da şeye,benzedim ben doktorken,Hadi bakalım Atatürkçülüğün üstünde çok,duruyor ya onu söylüyorum Hani onu sizi,rahatsız ettim yani Özellikle Atatürk'ün,üzerinde durması rahatsız etmiyor,Türkçülük bir kavram olarak zaten benim,karşı olduğum bir kavram almancılık gibi,arapçılık gibi Kürkçü gibi hepsi de,karşıyım ben milliyetçiliğe karşıyım,zaten Yani Sosyalist olduğum,Hani bunu da burada yeni öğrenmedik,zaten ki Aslında bunu da zaten çok doğru,anlatamadık bunu bir aidiyet olarak,kullanmıştı Türkçülük başlığıyla da,yapmamıştı kendisi Mustafa Kemal'i daha,iyi anlasaydık daha iyi okusaydık bunu,da bilirdik maalesef yapamadık Teşekkür,ederim Öncelikle Barış bir tebrik,ediyorum iyi oyuncu olduğunu düşünüyorum,Sabahtan beri bize gösterdi bunu çok iyi,gösterdi çok iyi manipül etti Salonu,sorularıma geleyim,Dur oğlum dur kim alkışlıyor destekçisi,Kim bunun siz misiniz toplumsal yaşamın,her yerinde yaşadığımız Büt

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