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Howie Carr Show. Grace Curley reads Elizabeth Warren tweetsbetter strap yourself in it's time for,th

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Howie Carr Show. Grace Curley reads Elizabeth Warren tweets

better strap yourself in it's time for,the Howie Carr show when the president,says he has more Native American blood,he might be right according to,scientists in the New York Times the,average white European American has,twice as much Native American blood has,senator Warren claims in her DNA test,look the pitching staff with the Atlanta,Braves has more of a claim to be Native,Americans there really wouldn't go there,live from the Mathews brothers studios,I've been told and my grandmother was,part Cherokee Indian it may all be just,talk but you got to find out in a couple,weeks I'm gonna take this you are gonna,take it I'm taking it this is my trump,moment this is reality TV,I just I'm dying to know she's less than,1/10 of 1% I think I can beat her oh,sure captain Howie what appears to be a,huge win tonight for President Trump a,judge has just dismissed a defamation,lawsuit brought against him by a stormy,Daniels the judge ruling that daniels is,liable for the president's attorneys,fees president Trump's attorney on this,he says no amount of spin or commentary,by storming Daniels or her lawyer mr.,avenatti can truthfully characterize,today's ruling in any way other than,total victory for president Trump and,told the feet for stormy Daniels rough,couple of weeks for Michael avenatti I,have to say that at this point,Michael avenatti is as much of a good,lawyer as Elizabeth Warren is a Native,American we'd like you to run for,president untamed and unstoppable,what is castle like and he said Trevor,Castle is this is a scary thing because,when they first tell you about it you,don't believe that it is happening you,you know that it exists but you don't,ever believe that,happen to you it's something that's,scary and then you think it's only,affected you but it affects everybody,around you and it seems like it's the,end and for some people it is but for,others it isn't and all you know is that,you hate it every single day and I was,like wow so so Casas Donald Trump rum,swabs hacks and moon bats beware it's,how a car eight four four five hundred,forty two forty two welcome to the,highway car show if you'd like to join,us that's the phone number from anywhere,in the US and we have a lot the stock,market is up five hundred and fifty,almost today that's it's not bad they're,making it back slowly I wasn't too,worried about when when it went down,last week I'm not too excited now but I,guess I'd rather have it going up and,down anyway speaking of going down,Elizabeth wore in the senator from,Massachusetts went down big-time Bigley,yesterday she released her a rough her,phony Maloney,DNA tests someone gave her some very,poor advice that this would put,everything to rest I'm betting it was,expensive advice to yeah and and you,know someone told her you know the,Boston Globe is just the perfect people,they handle discs and they could even,they couldn't even do the math right,and they they really embarrassed the,hell out of her is she's everything is,you know it's just it's a total disaster,so anyway right right as we were leaving,we're on you know till 7 o'clock Eastern,Time every night and around 5:30 6,o'clock the Cherokee Nation tweeted out,probably the nastiest response to the,whole thing just basically saying she,was full of bleep and how dare she even,claim to be an Indian and that's why she,doesn't call herself a Cherokee anymore,because she knows how angry the,Cherokees are about this whole scam that,she's been running here claiming to be,an Indian for the last 30 years or so so,anyway at the right right around the,time we were going off the air she,starts tweeting I mean this is a this is,a real Twitter meltdown that she had and,the reason grace is here in the studio,for this particular hour waving to,everybody is because we're gonna do,masterpiece theater and I I don't know,how many will get to in this first,segment because we have she sent out 26,tweets in 74 minutes and they're they're,just all they're all anti-trump because,she wants to change the subject from the,fact that she's an ethnic fraud and that,she you know lied about her heritage to,get these sweet jobs at the university,of pennsylvania and harvard law schools,in the Ivy League,so she she just starts tweeting out,madly right after the Cherokee Nation,put the blast on her so I'm just gonna,do I'm just gonna give you the times of,all these tweets and and grace is going,to be in the role as she has a starring,role I'm just the narrator here kind of,like you know William Conrad in the,fugitive dr. Richard Campbell,every time the run murder he didn't,commit,okay so I I'm Brutes think of me as,William Conrad here I'm just gonna give,the time and then grace will be senator,Elizabeth Warren and just the highlights,no no you could do the whole thing the,whole thing because I had most of it,time they're all short okay we're gonna,start out 6:59 p.m. we all know why real,Donald Trump makes creepy physical,threats about me right he's scared he's,trying to do what

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The Twitter Mob was Wrong Again - Jordan Davidson | Grace Curley Show

The Twitter Mob was Wrong Again - Jordan Davidson | Grace Curley Show

tucker is like howie they don't like to,be wrong so they double check things,they fact check things you might say,um but this story basically started when,tucker said listen i,the nsa someone from the nsa leaked to,me,that they have been spying on my emails,and that they plan to leak these emails,to the press,so that they can you know destroy my,show now i want to play for you before,we bring on our next guest who has a,fabulous piece in the federalist that is,getting picked up everywhere because it,really does summarize,why everyone hates the mainstream media,so much um but before we get to that,glenn greenwald was on with tucker and,he explained why there's this,you know this non-interest,in this story by the mainstream media,and by supposed journalists,and listen to what glenn said this is,cut four in 2017,when general flynn who was in the,crosshairs of the entire deep state,under obama was speaking with ambassador,ambassador kislyak,they leaked the contents of that,communication intercepted communications,between a russian official and the,incoming national security adviser,to the washington post it was as grave,of the crime as it gets up to the u.s,code,to this day not only don't we know who,did the leaking no one,cares because they hate general flynn,they're he's not their ideology and,therefore they think it's justified,that's the reaction here oh it's tucker,carlson,he's a conservative we don't like him,and so we don't even care,if the nsa was doing this but it is,illegal,now my next guest jordan davidson can,speak to this jordan from the federalist,thank you so much for coming on the,grace curly show,thanks for having me grace now jordan i,want to specifically talk about that,comment from glenn because what your,article points out is it's worse than,that it's not just that they don't care,it's not that you know the jonah,goldbergs of the world don't care it's,that they,actively tried to paint tucker out as a,conspiracy theorist,when he brought this up can you kind of,go into that for my audience,absolutely what we're seeing here grace,is something that we've seen repeatedly,over the last,decade really with the corporate media,and what they're doing is they're,deliberately running interference,for the government and for its,malfeasance so we have people who,peddle the russia hoax like brian,stelter and others at cnn,washington post vice vanity fair all of,these corporate media,outlets who are repeatedly repeating,lies,about what's going on for the sake of,political gain,and like i said this is nothing new this,is something that we've seen over the,last five years,five to ten years yet it continues to,happen and people want to,put stock in good faith in the corporate,media well how can you do that when,they're,constantly denying what's actually,happening,no you're absolutely right and jordan i,had this conversation earlier today with,one of my co-workers and i was,you know i i always talk about how i,used to kind of excuse this kind of,sloppiness when they're when the,mainstream media makes mistake after,mistake because you know the internet,makes things a lot faster people react,quicker to things,but what's seeming now to me is that the,mainstream media,wants to be wrong even if it's for just,a little bit and to your point,russiagate all of these hoaxes they,they've,they have to have learned by now that,they've been wrong every single time,so you'd think when tucker carlson makes,this claim that they would maybe take a,pause,why do you think they still rush in to,paint him as this madman,rather than give it a beat and see how,it plays out,that is because the corporate media is,deliberately corrupt,they are repeating that they're echoing,and repeating the same lies that the dem,derek swalwell the guy who still sits on,the house intelligence committee come,out and tell tucker to settle down,after the nsa accusations and the white,house said the same thing they kind of,brushed them up and said this isn't true,at all,and then you know just a few minutes,after tucker's first segment aired,accusing the nsa office,corporate media journalists were saying,the same thing and they were repeating,these lies in this,leftist echo chamber to push a,progressive agenda,and they do this because they continue,to profit off of it they continue to,gain,and they continue to get what they want,from it you know it they get what they,want they score the political points,they score,what they want profit-wise and you know,there's,no telling what else they can do with it,yeah i want to read some of these from,your article and i'll tweet it out to my,listeners it's definitely worth reading,i mean it makes you want to tear your,hair out because it's so frustrating,but here's all right so cnn's oliver,darcy says,tucker carlson is alex jones uh stelter,asked is it a stretch to say tucker,carlson is the new alex jones,um vox's aaron rupar says kevin,mccarthy's call for congressional,investigation of tucker carlson's,evidence-free,t

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TX Reps Who Flew the Coop - Grace's News | Howie Carr Show

TX Reps Who Flew the Coop - Grace's News | Howie Carr Show

yeah the thing the thing that's really,something is that uh,you know running away is uh is is heroic,and eating a caesar salad in the airport,did you see that,yeah my first meal is a fugitive these,people have the highest,opinions of themselves it disgusts me,don't let them get you down grace no,it's not really them,i'm trying to cancel an excise tax in,boston and that's kind of,grinding my gears i'm taking it out on,my heroes,good luck i paid i paid for years,after i moved out of cambridge it was,just it was just easier,you know oh you have to come down to,city hall,and cancel it the excise tax was about,50 bucks,so i'm gonna i'm gonna go down to city,hall in central square,and park the parking meter's gonna be,broken i'm gonna get a ticket,the ticket is gonna be more than 50,bucks yeah the amount of emotional,damage it would cost and then,and then i'm going to go down there and,they're going to say prove that you,don't live in cambridge anymore,and how am i going to do that it's just,you know good luck grace that's all i,can say yeah that's why i'm a little,edgy right now yeah,you might be bet you know the the,alternative,what paying it take your car down to the,uh take your car down to one of those uh,docks that haven't been redeveloped,push it into the water well that's the,thing is i have a new,car then what what the trucks that's,right see i had a i had a 59 chevy so it,wasn't a big problem for me,and we had and then we also had the,alston train yards back then,that was a good place for burning a car,but it's,now that now that's been redeveloped i,mean what what the hell is this,community coming to,you're telling me bro i don't want to,pay it,all right go ahead what do you got dude,this is time now for grace's news,all right so i wanted to start today,with the interesting tidbit that,jill biden the first lady will in fact,be going,to japan japan for the woke olympics,yes and this is just one of many things,that jill has uh,gone to in place of joe biden and it's,interesting i find her to be an,interesting figure is she going to be,making any lectures at the,medical schools in uh japan since she is,of course,dr jill biden i don't know that's a very,very good question,um in other news speaking of traveling,john kerry is traveling to moscow,lovey lovey what is the,mask requirement in moscow,it's the only choice for somebody like,me he's traveling there,to talk about climate change of course,is it is it time taylor i think it's,time taylor for,for your new uh taylor,taylor did a uh a mashup is it jim,backus,aka mr magoo or is it john kerry,military thing is to come to attention,when your superior officer enters a room,i'm john,kerry and i'm reporting for duty,very taught very military we've got to,get a kind of wartime mentality here let,me give you a measure of that don't say,this is a war thing oh,so we've got to come together with the,same mentality with which,we have fought wars i mean you've got to,spend what you need to spend well you,haven't got the knack of being idly rich,you say you should do like me the,pleasures are,unlimited we gave them a little bit of,money,that was released at that period of time,not as part of the nuclear arrangement,that's the way i was taught at smu,smu super millionaires university i,think the hearing was set from 10 to,noon and,i could push to 12 30 but i am a,commercial,is he a member of the club is he a,millionaire then how can the likes of,him join the likes of us,it's the only choice for somebody like,me well stop kidding we didn't make us,some drinks,we just press the button back there mark,booze it's the only way to fly,very good nice work taylor,nice work but speaking of climate change,aoc she's very quiet on what's happening,in cuba you'll notice howie that,at certain points when you think aoc is,going to have an opinion that's when she,gets,that's when she shies away from it it's,like the border she was down there in a,white jumpsuit with red lipstick when,trump was president,and now she's nowhere to be found about,the migrant children and it's the same,goes with cuba,nothing to say just keep them quiet but,she had something to say,of course i'm starting to realize that,climate change is like their panic,button,you know when things aren't going their,way they'll just throw in something,about climate change,so she's back to saving the world this,is,aoc cut 26.,you know we have many there's many many,different,actions that we need in a climate bill,for reconciliation whether it's a,civilian climate corps,whether it is increased infrastructure,and investment in,rail and mass transit and whether it's,also,centering front line indigenous black,and brown,and low-income communities that are,polluted on,and often experience the greatest brunt,uh and will be experiencing the greatest,brunt of climate change related,infrastructure failures,howie will you be a captain of the,civilian climate corps,captain carr the conservation client,uh conservation civilian conservation

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Police Blotter Fax | Howie Carr Show

Police Blotter Fax | Howie Carr Show

whenever the laws of any state are,broken,a duly authorized organization swings,into action,police blotter facts friday all week,long we ask you to send in your funny,stories about,uh the local constabulary to grace,at grace, it can be,from the local daily or weekly newspaper,it can be from the internet,many uh weeklies still have columns that,are written by the police department,they call the police log the police,blotter wherever you,get your information we just want to get,the funny stories involving the cops,and you send them to grace at, or you can still fax,them to us we still have a fax number,857-284-8864,and at this time every friday evening we,read,what we consider the funniest entries of,the week,and the two best entries of the week in,our opinion get a nice prize what do,they get this week grace,they will be getting a copy of plug,uglies once again because a lot of mug,shots i didn't print them out because,i'm trying to save ink but the mug shots,this week would really blow your mind,okay oh by the way i do have a real fax,this week which i thought was,sweet you all were facts yeah i knew,you'd like that very good,all right guys let's start off with,politician,caught using fake backdrop to hide that,he was driving during virtual meeting,so you can do this now with the zooms,you can kind of make any background you,want and so he had this background of,like a kitchen behind him,but he had his seat belt on so everyone,could see him kind of leaning over to,turn his blinker on and checking both,ways well maybe,you know he could have said that he was,responding to the babylon bee story last,week where they told you you had to wear,your seat belt even after you got out of,the car because just like you have to,wear your mask,outside yeah it says andrew brenner a,republican attended the virtual meeting,on zoom the same day that his colleagues,introduced a bill to punish distracted,drivers,this senator had put an image of a home,office as his background in an effort to,conceal his actual whereabouts a car,this is what he said the politician said,i wasn't distracted i was paying,attention to the driving and listening,to the meeting,i had two that's what they all say did,he do this as,as a show of like solidarity against the,bill,that's what i kind of thought taylor but,i i'm not like,there's a point to prove that you can do,two things at one time because you're an,adult,i i don't know because if you watch the,video it is pretty funny like he has,this whole background and he's just,driving with his seatbelt,it's worth it's worth looking into,okay you know the problem with going to,those legislative meetings and driving,is you know when i've been to those,legislative meetings my eyes get really,heavy quickly,you know this you can't be driving at,the same time that's what i'm saying,it's not distracted driving it could be,comatose,driving exactly guy punches man in the,face several times at south station,while demanding his phone back,man south station in boston yes okay,i think you sent me this i probably,i didn't know if you were testing me i'm,like yeah i'm pretending this is on the,level,man didn't have his phone it was at lost,and found the whole time,oh that's yeah this was a good one so he,starts punching the guy accusing him and,then then when they arrest him they say,let's go see if,your phone is at the lost and found and,there it is you always got to check the,lost and found it's very rarely that the,lost and found,finds what you lost right but you want,to win,one of those rare occasions transit,police report arresting an allegedly,short-tempered providence man who blamed,another man at south station for,stealing his phone,and then began punching him in the face,even though the victim had nothing to do,with the fool's phone which was waiting,for him at the lost and found,another friend of jaisal korea most,likely,man erects poop wall after property,dispute with neighbor,a poop wall yes does this involve joy,reads neighbors,no american steel you know,aoc is not going to like this story a,michigan man devised a smelly way to,resolve a property dispute with his,neighbor,by erecting a 250 foot long wall of cow,poop,between their homes normally they spread,it they had a lot of cows,normally they spread it on the field but,they decided to make a fence out of it,victim wayne that's a little a little,bit of stretch,victim wayne lamberth he probably,you had at least defense along your,property line,grace i think you'd qualify as a victim,victim wayne lamberth told fox of the,fecal fortification,oh i like that a little which appeared,next door following a feud with his,neighbor in 2020.,i wonder if politicians fortification,feud,that's when his neighbor decided to,build one of his own out of a massive,supply of cow dung,some great words in that all right now,you guys waited we're about the fourth,story in,naked woman leads arkansas police on,chase,gets tackled

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Police Blotter Fax Friday | Howie Carr Show

Police Blotter Fax Friday | Howie Carr Show

whenever the laws of any state are,broken,a duly authorized organization swings,into action,all week long we ask you to send in your,funny stories about the,police department and their,arrests or their stops or their actions,as long as they're funny,they could come from your local,newspapers police blotter,column or the police log column most,papers have or smaller papers have them,written by the local police department,are supplied to the to the,sheet by them or it could be a,standalone story we ask you to send,these funny stories to grace,,or you can still fax them to us at,857-284-8864,at this time every friday evening we,read the funniest,ones of the week in our opinion and,let's go while we're young,and the the two best ones,the two best ones get a prize what do,they get this,this week grace they'll get a copy of,kennedy babylon,2. actually howie do you mention uh,andrew cuomo in any of the kennedy,babylons i mentioned hi,i mentioned uh kerry kennedy his ex-wife,in,kennedy babylon uh two i'm gonna write a,call,i'm gonna mention i'm gonna write a,column this week about the how do the,kennedy women find these guys,arnold schwarzenegger andrew cuomo steve,smith,steve smith was the fixer for the family,he's the one who got the lawyer for ted,kennedy after chappaquiddick he paid the,money to,pam kelly after joe kennedy crippled her,he was,he married gene kennedy smith and and uh,and used her as a light punching bag for,many years,sadly well i thought it was kennedy,babylon too so that is the prize of this,week in honor of the crumbling of andrew,cuomo,okay let's start with the runners-up,they do not win a prize burglar caught,over bite from german sausage this is,out of berlin,germany from german sausage yes,german police say they have solved sure,was it a german shepherd,by the name of major or champ german,police say they have solved a,nine-year-old burglary,after dna found a half-eaten piece of,sausage,match that of a man detained in france,over an unrelated crime,it's like a really bored police that's,what i'm saying crime must be way down,in deutschland,if they have time a nine year old,burglary was solved,was in france right no this is berlin,oh okay police in the western town of,schwelm,said thursday that the sausage belonged,to the victim and the suspect,a third-year-old albanian citizen,appeared to have helped himself to a,bite during the march 2012 break-in,it wasn't clear what type of sausage um,it was a bratwurst,they're saying known in germany as worst,the burglar had nibbled,the police said it was of a hard variety,all right now how he sent me a bunch of,uh police bloggers from wellesley which,is making me think,he misses his home town and,so i believe i will read those were some,pretty good ones i sent you two,grace weren't they yes this one happened,on february 26,at five o'clock at night the reporting,party stated that the mail party was,making obscure gestures at him while,stopped at a red light,on worcester street near route 128,obscure or obscene,obscene oh sorry,grace did you go back to them did you go,back to the whiskey priest,have you been at the whiskey priest for,the last two hours i haven't i've been,accused of that before i have not,my eyes,street is also known as route 9.,yes um and then when they stop those,that are following along in their maps,and they pulled up next to him and,that's when the mail party threw,a hot cup of coffee into the vehicle,they were driving and he well his,defense was while he was texting so i,felt like i had to,or something like that so he took the,law he took the law and his cup of,coffee into his own hands and tossed it,on the guy,exactly crystal ball causes house fire,near wisconsin dells,a crystal ball didn't could have been,this one wait wait grace,grace i hope you got another wellesley,one there's a better i do i'm just,spreading them out a little bit,okay um this happened monday at a home,near wisconsin dells the dalton fire,department says a crystal ball was,sitting near a window,and when the sun hit itself it set the,couch on fire,so this has happened to me before howie,with my car where like if if a,mirror or a glass hits the sun right or,the sun hits it it can burn through,but this set the entire couch on fire,kind of crazy,it was written in the stars that it was,going to happen,um this is an update villager released,after two days in jail after battle over,cats a 76 year old village what,over cats cats yes and so a villager now,they're very few villagers in the united,states of america what,what country is this oh no howie this is,like the villages,oh the villages in florida you mean okay,i got it,from the villages news um a 76 year old,villager,has been released from jail after his,arrest earlier this week after a battle,with a woman over their cats,now the guy's name is george redford,tester,and he put his hands on the woman's neck,to strangle her and used a pillow to,prevent her from breathing,she sa

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Getting Kicked Off Social Media - Josh Mandel | Howie Carr Show

Getting Kicked Off Social Media - Josh Mandel | Howie Carr Show

eight four four five hundred forty two,forty two eight four four five hundred,forty two forty two a couple weeks ago,uh uh josh mandel he's the former,secretary of state in,uh ohio he was uh coming on,down uh he was here at newsmax at the,studios,and i met him and i said uh yeah it'd be,great to have you on he's running for,the senate,as you know uh senator rob portman is,not running for reelection so there's an,open seat,and uh maybe maybe you know,jim jordan more more than you know josh,mandel but,jim jordan is not running for the seat,and josh mandel,is and uh so,what happened to all of us or is going,to happen to all of us eventually,happened to josh mandel this weekend,he was thrown off of twitter,i mean so we wanted to have him on the,show to uh just to check in with him and,you could introduce you to him,and let let josh explain what happened,to him,josh you you're in you're in good,company though aren't you with the,president of the united states and so,many other people,i i take pride in getting kicked off,facebook this weekend oh facebook i'm,sorry,not twitter facebook well no you're,you're actually not confused though,howie i got kicked off twitter a few,weeks ago so i,i've been kicked off,oh man so what happened with facebook,this weekend,so yeah we we posted on there,and asked the question of facebook,why did they delete the profile of the,cop killer the capital cop killer who,was a member of a,nation of islam and for having the,audacity of asking a question of,facebook,they they booted us and you know it's,this is cancel culture at its worst,this is silencing of conservatives at,its worst and the reality is,facebook censors voices they don't agree,with,uh and that's that's the bottom line,when uh when your guy said this to me uh,that this had happened to you i thought,to myself that,on saturday i was reading the wall,street journal and i looked for the,story just to see again,to see the same thing you were looking,for did they mention nation of islam,no they didn't so i was i was walking,along the street and i ran into,in my building actually and i ran into,one of the guys who works there and he,said i just been reading the palm beach,post,and uh and i said yeah and he said and,guess what they didn't mention nation of,islam,so you know you and i and the guy at the,building gene,we're not the only three people in the,country who notice this on saturday are,we,we're not listen there's a silent,majority out there,who realizes what's going on but but,here's the thing that's scary,when i when i got kicked off facebook,i reached out to a buddy of mine who was,in the marine corps you know i was a,marine as well,he's a great guy and he works there and,i basically said hey this is bs,they're trying to silence conservatives,and this this just isn't right,okay and to to his credit he looked into,it,and they came back and they said oh this,was a enforcement error,and here's the reality they always say,that don't they,they always say that well it always how,we listen it always ends up being quote,unquote enforcement errors right when,it's conservative,it's it's it's pretty suspicious that,all the uh,enforcement errors happen against,conservatives and listen,i i appreciated him being responsive i,apprecia,he's a really good guy appreciated him,getting us reinstated on there and,everything,but here's the reality gene who's in,your building,yeah or joe who gave me a cup of coffee,this morning or sally who's a waitress,in dayton ohio or dave who's a truck,driver in youngstown ohio,if they get kicked off,they're done they're just they're,they're totally muffled and silenced,and you know i feel like i represent the,conservatives out there,joe and jane six-pack conservative and,trump supporter,who've been censored but but they don't,have a voice to take action on this big,tech so i feel like,i'm representing them and fighting for,them taking on this these big tech,monopolies and i posted online,i said is this big tech or is this,becoming big communism because,listen this is america like you don't,get centered for asking a question in,america you get censored for asking a,question in north korea,you get censored for asking a question,in china or maybe they put you in a,concentration camp,you know because you know what they're,doing to their people there or or maybe,in saudi arabia,they chop you up but here in america,we're allowed to ask questions,and the the reality is these,these big tech companies they're they're,so arrogant and they're so condescending,on the middle of america,and they're just wrong and it's it's why,we gotta repeal section 230 and it's why,we need,fighters in the u.s senate like me we're,going to take them on,you know i mean you're fighting for it,too and the new york post there's they,got stories every day you know they they,killed us on hunter biden they wouldn't,print our stories they have to apologize,all this stuff,that's the fourth biggest paper in the,in the country it's owned by a,bil

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Glory Dazed Springsteen / Neera Tanden's Vicious Twitter History - Grace's News | Howie Carr Show

Glory Dazed Springsteen / Neera Tanden's Vicious Twitter History - Grace's News | Howie Carr Show

you know all right it's time for grace,with the news,hello i'm not gonna stick with this,totally but i do have to tell you how we,i think the new york post is on to,people like us who just,live for the covers because now they're,putting out like options you know how,you know celebrities do this where they,say which dress should i wear tonight to,the oscars,now the new york post is saying like,these are some of the covers that we,might use,tomorrow and there's two one is dancing,in the drunk,and one is glory dazed i think glory,days,well how about bomb to run that was one,of the that was one of their,leads and one of the stories bomb to run,is pretty good too,you might have to reach out glory i,don't know the glory days is i think,glory days wins because it's,the the fewer words you have on the,front page of the tab,the more effective it is it's a nice,picture of him uh playing his guitar,how he wanted to ask for your take on,this whole mark cuban thing he's decided,that his nba team is not going,they're not even going to play the,nationals speaking of tools,i totally agree oh yeah i mean this is,this is i mean how many more reasons did,you need,not to watch the nba well the nba,is they're so big on virtue signaling,like whether it's,um you know putting people's names on,the back of their jerseys,or you know not playing the national,anthem but when it comes to,china and standing up to them and the,oppressive government in china they say,nothing right you just you know cash the,checks,exactly yeah hypocrites yeah no it's,it's just ridiculous i i think i think i,know the last nba game i ever went to it,was last,right before the uh beginning of the,lockdowns miami versus the celtics i,i don't think i'm ever going to go to,another one i don't blame you and you,know what i'm not going to be saying i'm,not sad about that i'm just stating it,matter of factly,um howie another thing i i had talked,about this today during my show but i,think it's worth bringing up again,because i know that you always keep tabs,on this kind of,um wokeness aunt jemima breakfast brand,renamed,pearl milling company aunt jemima is no,more,well i'm glad that they named it after,one of my late beloved pugs,pearl but other than that it's pretty,ridiculous isn't it,i just have never understood um,when you have such when you have such,name recognition changing it for a few,people on twitter,who are offended by everything people,are going to be offended no matter what,and i said this during my show i'm like,is it worth turning off people who,actually buy the product to please,people who definitely don't buy the,product,yeah i used to buy a germans um,syrup now buy mrs buttersworth yeah i,mean,angelima didn't exist despite what,people are going to text me now but,there was no anti-mima there was a there,was a woman who,was the model for aunt jemima after they,invented this product there's no mrs,butterworths either,are they going to get rid of mrs why,don't they get rid of mrs mother,butterworth,as a symbol of white supremacy,buttersworth,it's i i don't know i i don't get it i i,don't i i,i'm with you grace i i don't understand,why they had to get rid of antibiotics i,don't know why they had to get rid of,land the lakes indian,either for that well the people that,they're they're always the people the,few people that they're trying who are,offended by whatever it is,who they're trying to make happy aren't,actually their target audience like,trust me,aunt jemima's target audience for their,syrup is yours truly grace curly i,actually eat it,and so i don't understand the point,behind that,howie another thing i wanted to mention,to you is that uh did you see devin,nunes was uh,taken off twitter they suspended his,account,that was probably to be expected what,did he do exactly,i you know what it doesn't say i mean,i'm sure he just,disagreed with jack dorsey's ideology,but,they've taken him down it's just like,one of many people who are no longer,going to be,by the way bruce springsteen has just,announced he's not going to drink lion,and cougar beer anymore you know why,why they used to make it in chippewa,falls,oh very good on pc,um howie did you see this interaction,between mira tandon and joe,and oh i did i did i heard about it,yeah this is yeah why don't you play,this cut this is a good cut,this is the this is the good senator,from uh,from this this is she's tweeted about,everybody like if you if you think you,have a bad twitter history this lady has,a worse twitter history she has said,terrible things about,republicans and democrats and now,the uh biden wants her to be the budget,person the budget nominee and,she's being asked about these tweets,that were vicious and this is what,senator kennedy points out he's like,these weren't tweets that,made fun of people's ideas you are,making these very personal about people,cut 22. i i have to tell you i'm very,disturbed about your personal comments,about people,um you know it's not just one or two i,think

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The Howie Carr Show is Live!

The Howie Carr Show is Live!

be a transformative experience the,result of my,igt procedure was quite remarkable i now,have,fuller thicker hair so i can even wear,it a bit longer,there are a few major decisions i've,made in my life that i wish i did,sooner my hair restoration is number one,it was by far one of the best moves i've,ever made,my hair looks awesome and the confidence,from having a full head of hair again,has left me feeling great i used to look,in the mirror and dreaded seeing my,ever increasing bald spot now when i,look in the mirror i see the new me,with a full head of thick hair for,information on how to make the same,choice i did,go to howie what are you,waiting for,more hair to fall out get the hair,you've always wanted, howie we are now,effective today requiring all counties,to close their indoor,activities their indoor operations in,the following sectors,restaurants wineries tasting rooms a few,weeks ago,i was asked to go to a friend's 50th,birthday i made a bad mistake,instead of sitting down i should have,stood up stay at home as much as,possible put those social gatherings on,hold,including extra care for thanksgiving,denver's mayor told you to stay home for,thanksgiving then he got on a flight to,go see family out of state,some people calling supervisor keel a,hypocrite now on november 24 she voted,to ban,outdoor dining,better strap yourself in it's time for,the howie,car show i'd like to welcome all you to,the ninth annual,international player haters ball,we denied the virus for too long out of,the trump white house there was too much,squashing of dissent and playing on,divisions,donald trump was there it was on his,watch when most of those deaths occurred,and every just about every step of the,way he was downplaying the virus saying,it was going to go away i mean,to put that record up against anthony,fauci it's just there's just no,competition,oh man,live from the matthews brothers studios,if,senate democrats are not going to pass,reforms on hr1 we cannot rely solely,on on a wish of,winning elections,rump swabs hacks and moon bats beware,it's,how howie carr,happy birthday president trump,you was robbed that's from jay from,chelsea but i concur,100 percent you was robbed and it's the,75th,annivers birthday of uh president trump,and uh,we wish him many happy returns,eight four four five hundred forty two,forty two eight four,four five hundred forty two forty 42,that's the toll-free number of the,highway car show if you would like to,uh if you would like to join us here,this afternoon every,weekday afternoon and uh,the president that the current president,president asterisk as uh kurt schlichter,calls him,is uh due to speak at any moment,uh but that that that's been the,situation for about an,hour now so i don't know what he's doing,i i don't even want to speculate but,we've got plenty of,sound cuts from joe biden from the,weekend and,this is it it's just crazy how,the the mainstream media just pretends,that nothing is wrong i mean i've,i've never seen such a thing you know i,guess,you know i guess in the past you know,they pretended that,they never took shots of franklin delano,roosevelt in a uh in a wheelchair but,you know,he was he was his mind was okay,they uh they gave a good leaving alone,after uh woodrow wilson had a stroke,during his second term and his wife was,running the show,edith wilson not edith bunker edith,wilson,i guess that's the closest comparison,that was a that was more than a hundred,years ago now,to what's going on now with uh joe biden,just,wandering through a cafeteria or a pub,or something and,i mean have no no idea where he is and,jill having to yell,for him and and and the people,in the in the cafeteria that are eating,lunch,i mean they're not in awe or they're not,you know impressed,to see the president of the united,states they're laughing at him,you know people when they went to trump,rallies,they would laugh because he would tell a,joke they weren't laughing,at him these people in england were,laughing,at the president of the united states,towards the final days of the trump,rallies he would play the,the biden montages and they would laugh,at those,right right it's,it's something i i don't know the the,one to me that was the,strangest yesterday and we've got a,bunch of them to play and i guarantee,you you haven't heard 90 percent of,these,but is when he confuses syria,and libya now you know i'm not going to,say that,you know i could pick every country in,the world out on a map if you,if you put a map of central asia up,there and there were about all these,stands,kazakhstan and uzbekistan and,camel stand i wouldn't know those,countries,but i do know the difference between,syria and libya,and i i dare say uh i dare say yeah,you do too but joe biden doesn't and,it's worse than that though because you,just hear him stumbling and bumbling,i'm so happy that i did my column i i,tried to do one every two or three weeks,on,joe biden stumbling and bumbling weekend,at bi

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