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How To Use Twitter In 2022! (Complete Beginners Guide)hello everyone this is going to be a,complete

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How To Use Twitter In 2022! (Complete Beginners Guide)

hello everyone this is going to be a,complete beginner's guide on basically,how to use twitter now twitter is,probably one of the most popular,applications now and every day it's only,getting more and more popular so if you,don't have a twitter account if you,don't know anything about it you should,have a decent understanding of how to,use this application hopefully by the,end of this video so first of all you,need to download this app you don't have,to download it you can also access it,via your web browser so you can always,make your way over to your chrome safari,on a computer or whatever it is you can,just type in twitter just like so i know,i spelt it wrong but you can just type,in twitter and you can get brought into,twitter like this and you don't have to,download the application the application,just gives you a little bit more,customizability but once you have it,downloaded you're pretty much good to go,now when you first sign in now this is a,brand new account i literally just made,it two seconds ago this is not my main,account so you should have a decent,understanding of how to use you know,this type of you know so when you sign,in you create your account and this is,essentially what it's going to look like,so first of all on our main panel this,is basically our feed this is our,twitter feed and up top we have a few,different things we have our profile,icon which is right there if we click on,it it'll basically get us into our,profile which i'll show you in a second,your twitter button which i don't even,think does anything and that second,option or the third option on the way,right here is basically a way to go,ahead and set up different preferences,for your home screen now this is kind of,a newer panel you don't really need to,mess with this right now but that's,basically what those buttons do just you,don't have to really worry about them,too much right now now this is our feed,in and of itself and the more people you,follow the more things that you're even,interested in the more it's going to,show you those things so i just made,this account two seconds ago like i said,and it's already showing me gaming,content because i should mention that i,you know wanted to you know see gaming,content so when we click on a tweet,right for example if we have this suite,right here we can go and click on it by,this act man guy i've seen so much about,him right now essentially okay we have,downloads right now essentially this is,the basically out of every single tweet,you'll have the person's username,profile right here you'll see their,tweet itself and you'll also see how,many tweets retweets and likes of the,specific tweet got and here you have the,engagement so you can go ahead and you,know engage with it and you'll see,comments and all sorts of other things,within this tweet and you can also tweet,within this reply as well so this is a,basic understanding so let's say i like,this tweet right i think it's really,cool well i can go and click the like,button,and this will go ahead and show the,people that i actually like their tweet,so that will make this like number go up,if i want to retweet it so essentially,if i like it that doesn't necessarily,mean that the feed that i have here it,will also show to other people,if i retweet this tweet now you don't,have to click on it you can retweet it,by clicking there if i were to reach,with if i were to retweet this tweet,every single person that follows me if i,swipe to the side here every single,person that's following me will also see,this tweet that doesn't mean they'll,also you know do the exact same thing,but they'll at least be able to see the,tweet now if i were to comment on this,tweet essentially i can just tweet as i,normally would but also if i click on,the retweet i can quote tweet this so,what this will mean is basically it'll,show up the tweet as a little tweet box,and it'll show my response to it a,little bit after so i'll show you what,that means in a second as always you can,do the exact same thing with these,comments as well so all these people who,are commenting at the bottom you can,like their comments you can tweet,retweet whatever they are and you can,basically go like that,now you can also hop out here and you,can go through your whole entire feed,now your feed isn't just people you,follow it's also people who you follow,that like certain things or retweet or,maybe even twitter will suggest you,certain things as well you can always,click onto a tweet like this you can,always open up images you can save,images you can share out certain tweets,by clicking the share icon here you can,bookmark copy links all sorts of other,things but also you can always click,onto the person's profile by clicking on,their icon right there so when you come,here you can basically not only see,their tweets and everything like that,but you can also follow the people as,well so let's say i wanted to follow,this person i can click follow and it'll,say hey do you want t

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How To Use Twitter (2022)

How To Use Twitter (2022)

here's how to use twitter,use the clickable sections below to skip,through different parts of this tutorial,go to to set up an account,your twitter name is displayed on your,profile and used to help people find,your account,a twitter handle will be created for you,automatically and will begin with the at,symbol you'll need to give this handle,to others if they want to mention you in,tweets,each tweet is limited to 280 characters,this includes spaces so if you want to,write a lengthy tweet choose your words,carefully,below you can see a circle being filled,up as you type,this indicates how many characters you,have left in your tweet,you can add media to make your tweets,more visually engaging,this won't use up any of your characters,you can add a picture gif or a poll,you can collect data and encourage,interaction from your followers using,polls,you'll need to write your question in,your tweet then you can list your,options and choose how long you want the,poll to run for,you can add expressions to your tweets,with emojis,click on the emoji button and select one,you'd like to add,these will be included in your character,count,to add multiple tweets click on the plus,sign next to tweet,this is useful if you want to say,something more than 280 characters,click tweet to post,your tweet will now be on your profile,by following a twitter account that,accounts tweet will be shown on your,home page so you can stay up to date,with all their latest posts,from the home page click on your profile,photo to get to your profile page,twitter will show you recommended,accounts for you to follow based on your,interests,to follow someone click,follow,or,show more if you want to see more,recommendations,to follow someone else click on the,search bar,and then type in their name to find them,you'll see different accounts listed,click follow on the account you want,on the home page you'll now see their,tweets listed too,to view your profile,click on your profile photo or click,profile on the left hand side,click edit profile to edit the visuals,of your page,you can change your profile photo or add,a banner photo here,click the camera icon to add a photo to,make your profile more visual,select the image you want to use and,then click apply,you can change your profile name add a,biography to describe yourself add your,location,a website,and your birthday,under the date where you joined you'll,see the number of accounts you're,following and the number following you,click on these to see who they are,to change your twitter handle from the,home page,click on the more icon and select,settings and privacy,go to your account,and account information,your current twitter handle will appear,next to your username to change it,highlight the text and type in a new one,each twitter handle is original,if your username is already taken it'll,tell you below,and you'll need to try a different,variation click save to apply the,changes to your handle,reacting to tweets can help you to get,more followers,under each tweet you'll see a series of,different options,you can also react to your own tweet to,add more information to it,click on the speech bubble to reply,this will add a comment specifically to,that tweet,the account that posted the tweet will,be notified that you've replied to it,retweeting shares a tweet on your own,page,click on the two circling arrows icon to,retweet a post,if someone else retweets one of yours,all of their followers will then be able,to see your tweet on their page,you can also choose to retweet with,comment,this will also share the tweet on your,page,with an accompanying note,click on the heart icon to like a tweet,you can see how popular someone's tweets,are by looking at the number of hearts,it has,messages is the direct message platform,for twitter you can privately send and,receive messages to twitter accounts,using this function,from the home page click on messages,it may ask you to verify your account,with a phone number to check your real,person,if prompted for this,add a phone number and verify yourself,to access,message someone who follows you by,clicking start a conversation and type,in the name of the person,you can also message someone who isn't,following you if they have enabled this,function in their privacy settings click,the name you want then type your message,here,you can add a photo gif,or an emoji by clicking these icons,if you want to delete a tweet,you can click on the three dots here and,click delete,from the home page click on explore,the explore page allows you to browse,different tweets and accounts you may,not be following already,type something in the search bar you're,interested in looking for and various,posts and accounts will appear for you,to browse,bookmark store tweets so you can go back,to look at them later,from the home page click on the bookmark,tab to add a tweet to your bookmarks,select the upload icon and select,add tweet to bookmarks,lists also help you to manage your

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Twitter Marketing: How to Grow An Audience On Twitter FAST In 2022

Twitter Marketing: How to Grow An Audience On Twitter FAST In 2022

109 000 impressions 14 700,profile visits 286 followers 150,email subs and thousands of dollars in,digital product sales,these are the stats from 28 days of the,last 28 days on twitter,and i really only started on this,platform in the month of february so in,this video i want to talk about,how you can grow an audience on twitter,fast and,why i think it's going to be the social,media king the king of all other social,media platforms,by the end of 2021 so let's first talk,about,why twitter why would you want to grow,on this platform it's nothing new it's,been around for,a long long time so why am i focused on,growing on twitter and why should you,want to build your audience here in 2021,so let's talk about those reasons right,now,first the organic reach and engagement,on twitter is,incredible and i've been on quite a few,different platforms i have an email list,i'm on youtube i'm on facebook i have my,own facebook groups i've been on,instagram and snapchat and the,the engagement and organic reach that i,see on twitter just murders all these,other platforms,for the amount of followers that i have,right i only have 286 followers here,and i have 109 000 people who have seen,my tweets so the the organic reach and,the engagement here,is crazy high and you would think it's a,new platform for how good the organic,reach is so that's number one,number two is the quality of information,and value that people,share on this platform is also very,it's top notch it's it's really high,quality and if this does go back to who,you follow and who you choose,to follow on twitter but overall they're,some of the biggest entrepreneurs and,billionaires in the world like elon musk,they're very active on this platform,and they're sharing information and,they're sharing value and insights and,and different things and lessons about,their business so,the quality of information and the value,and the people you're going to find on,twitter,is top notch some of the brightest minds,in the world,this is their platform of choice twitter,number three is there is no limit to the,amount of followers you can have,so platforms like facebook you can only,have 5 000,friends on instagram there's no limit,youtube there's no limit but,linkedin you also have a limit i think,it's like 30 000 connections which you,know,is kind of high but there is still a,limit so twitter you have you can have,an unlimited amount of followers and,like i said on the first point the,organic reach and engagement is,incredible so,just imagine putting a tweet out and,unlike facebook pages,where you're posting only one percent of,people see your post,with twitter the reach is still crazy,high even for a mature platform,and the fourth reason is they are coming,out with a feature,that rivals the best feature on every,other platform there is,instagram stories twitter has a feature,called fleets that is just like story,spaces is coming on to take on clubhouse,right so you guys know clubhouse is,that new audio only app twitter is,rolling out a new feature called,spaces which is the exact same thing as,clubhouse communities that's going to,take on facebook groups so twitter is,going to have their own,groups and own communities directly in,the platform super follows where you can,actually,pay people or you can if you're a big,influencer you can charge people to,follow you and see certain tweets of,yours that's going to rival patreon,where people are paying creators for,their information they also just rolled,out a built-in newsletter platform to,rival,sub stack if you guys know what that is,sub stack they allow you to create paid,new email newsletters,twitter just rolled out a feature to,create your own newsletter directly in,the platform and word on the street is,twitter is also,testing ecommerce features which means,you can directly buy,products right off the platform products,and services so twitter is coming out,with a feature,to rival basically every other platform,out there and they're really going hard,on these features this year so i'm,excited to see what this is or what it's,going to look like and how,twitter is going to grow by the end of,this year or through this year now,here's my prediction and you can mark my,words in this,by the end of 2021 twitter will be the,king of all social media platforms,it's going to be the most talked about,it's going to be the most desirable,platform for people wanting to build,their audience,because of all the features and because,of all the engagement there and i think,that right,now we are still in the early phases,which is weird to say,we're still in the early phases of,people starting to grow their audience,and their influence and their businesses,on twitter so i want to help you in this,video i want to give you some ways to,grow on this platform fast start growing,your audience and,and ride this wave and get ahead of the,curve before everyone else starts,jumping into this,and growing their audience on twitter as,well so let's dive into thes

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How to Use Twitter - Complete Beginner's Guide

How to Use Twitter - Complete Beginner's Guide

everyone in today's how-to video I want,to show you how to use Twitter so if,you're new to the Twitter platform or if,you haven't used it for a while this is,the right video for you it's gonna be a,complete beginners guide to Twitter,Twitter is one of the original social,media platforms it's been around since,2006 and he was a text-based platform so,you could only share your thoughts in,text but now they've added a lot more,like sharing videos and images to and,Twitter has over 300 million users at,the time that I'm recording this and,it's a publicly traded company in the,u.s. meaning you could buy Twitter,stocks let's jump on the computer I'm,gonna show you how to sign up for,twitter at separate,video and I'll put a link to it in the,description but this is gonna cover all,the fundamentals of using Twitter you,could go to here to go ahead,and sign up for an account and if you've,previously made one simply login to that,account but what's nice about Twitter is,you could actually search the website,here or look at all these different tabs,and explore Twitter here of what it has,to offer before even creating an account,so we'll go ahead and create an account,but I wanted to show you that this was,available so the search option here on,top or all these tabs where you could,explore different topics here or,available on the home page let's go,ahead and press sign up and it's a very,simple signup process the name you want,a phone number or email instead and your,birthday here because you have to be at,least 13 years old to use Twitter so,I'll go through the signup process and I,just come to the signup page so this is,gonna be my username right on top and,I'll press sign up and if you used an,email or phone number you most likely,have to verify with a verification code,and I'll have to create a password so,I'll just go ahead and create that right,now and if you want to put a profile,picture here you could just upload it on,this page so I'll go ahead and add mine,here I'll just use the logo here this is,gonna be a business profile and I'll,press apply and I could press Next you,can fill out your bio here or skip for,now and you could add some of your,interest here so it kind of customizes,the homepage for you so you could just,choose from a variety of different,topics here the,have to be just a few choose as many as,you like and then you could press next,then it's gonna recommend some people to,follow here so choose as many as you,like here and press follow on top and,this is what the home page looks like,again if you follow people they're gonna,show up here if you don't follow anyone,this area might be empty for you so it,definitely works best if you follow at,least a handful of people so as you,scroll through this you'll see their,tweets right in the center of the page,and this on top here right on the home,page what's happening this is where you,would compose your tweet so whatever you,want to say goes here and you have some,other options here so let's go ahead and,do our first tweet so it's called a,tweet here when you use Twitter here to,kind of write out your thoughts and this,used to be limited to 140 characters so,each letter here counts as a character,including spaces but back in 2017 they,extended it to 280 characters and as you,type more you could see a fill out you,see this line here fill out so that's,how many characters you could have until,it fills out very useful option there so,if I just press tweet now it's gonna,create this tweet but let me show you,some other options here over here you,could basically add attachments here so,if I choose this image attachment it's,gonna get access to my photo library and,I could go ahead and add an attachment,here if I wanted to do that I could go,ahead and click that attachment and,actually change the size of it change,the cropping of it if I wanted to so on,the bottom of the page you basically,could zoom things in and out you could,change the aspect of them so you could,be a little bit different you can move,them around and then you could go ahead,and save them if it looks ok if you want,to add that attachment to your tweet so,I could go ahead and save that and,that's gonna go along with my first,tweet if I change my mind I could always,click X I don't have to add an image,same thing with gifts here so you go,ahead and select or search from all,these different ones if you want to add,these to your tweet again your text will,go along with it,so that's an option you have here you,have your polls this is basically a,multiple choice question and you can run,a length of time of how long you want,this to be up so your question will go,here the choices would go here and the,length of time would be here I'll go,ahead and remove it for now and then you,have,the emoji option so as long as your,cursor is here and you select emojis you,could go ahead and add emojis to the end,of wherever your cursor ends up so if I,wanted to add a smiley face

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How To Use Twitter - A Beginners Guide

How To Use Twitter - A Beginners Guide

hey there mark one can hear your social,media for business specialist and this,video is a beginner's guide to,understanding and utilizing Twitter now,Twitter's been around for well over ten,years now hundreds of millions of people,worldwide engage on the platform every,day but for the vast majority of people,around the world and the business,community around the world Twitter is,still a mystery in regard to how to use,it so it is a great platform to,understand and start implementing into,your social media mix so let's go to,some live screen action now and you can,follow my mouse as I do mystify the,world of Twitter grab a pen and grab a,coffee and let's dive straight into it,right now so here we are on my Twitter,profile as we get straight into this a,lesson and if you're watching this video,on YouTube don't forget to hit the,subscribe button below to stay up to,date with all of my content tick the,bell icon as well that way you get,notified each time I upload one of my,videos so Twitter for business is an,amazing tool but the vast majority of,people around the world and the business,community around the world still really,haven't got their head around how to use,it so this is very much a beginner's,guide to Twitter I do have other videos,that go into a little bit more detail on,other areas of it but this is a,beginner's guide to Twitter that,everyone will be able to now start,setting up a profile setting up an,account and getting on to it straight,away today as at the end of this,tutorial so what is Twitter,well Twitter is a real-time information,sharing network we can share information,instantly and connect with other people,around the world I like to explain it in,a way it's a bit like texting people,online and around the world that type of,thing 88% of usage though is via a,mobile phone it's very much mobile phone,centric and a tweet is a message that,consists of maximum two hundred and,eighty characters now that's come up and,doubled from initially 140 characters,but it's short sharp information getting,their information out to the business,community around the world and you can,add images and videos and links as well,some of the Twitter stats we can read,them all on the screen they're been,going for well over 10 years now,a billion accounts 300 to 400 million,active users very popular all around the,world most people who are on Twitter,nearly 50 percent of them or 46% it's,probably nearly 50% now are using it on,a daily basis and I am one of them,billions of search queries per day,that's right there are billions of,searches that happen on Twitter every,day so that's why it is important if,you're in business or you have a brain,to have a presence on Twitter as well to,combine it with all of your other social,media platforms and mix before we though,start getting overly active on Twitter,we have to set up your account set up,your profile and there are many features,or there are many arm steps to doing,that and this is a great slide that I,found so I thought we can actually,follow through this one as we go how to,correctly set up your Twitter profile,and there are seven parts to that number,one is your banner image or your cover,image now less it's a it's of less,importance on Twitter because the vast,majority of people are on a mobile phone,but you want to make it in line with,everything else you're doing on your,social media so your banner or your,cover image 1500 by 500 pixels,opportunity for you to promote you,yourself and your business we then move,on to number two which is your profile,image for some of you it will be a photo,of yourself like it is for me for most,of you it'll probably be your business,logo your profile name is number three,over here maximum twenty characters you,have a profile name it does get a little,bit confusing because that is different,from your user name or your Twitter,handle your Twitter handle that's where,you see that at and then you would have,your Twitter handle maximum 15,characters only there so you need to get,a little bit creative your bio you only,get a maximum character length of 160,characters over here,so again being creative and you do have,the opportunity to put a link in your,boy-oh as well so that's how you,correctly set up your Twitter profile go,to the time and effort to do that,because you want to stop the scroll when,someone lands on your Twitter profile or,any of your socials you want to stop the,scroll you want to make a great first,impression,oh sorry and also you can pin a tweet,the top so if you've got a particular,tweet or a promotion you want it you can,actually pin that to the top of your,page so it will become the first thing,someone will see when they have a look,at your profile so your profile tells,the world who you are and it works in,conjunction with all of your other,social media sites and websites to tell,your story so remembering you're wanting,to pick out appropriate handle with 15,characters or less that's all you do get,so you've go

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TWITTER 101 FOR DUMMIES - How to use Twitter to Grow

TWITTER 101 FOR DUMMIES - How to use Twitter to Grow

what is the most efficient way to use,Twitter oh stitches that's a great,question actually,gosh guys Twitter is a beast anyways,here's my Twitter using Twitter is,always a pain it's always hard first and,foremost this is your display name,whomever like,sees your tweets pull up on the for you,page or like on their Twitter homepage,they see your username and your display,name,so if you're trying to promote something,putting it in display name is a great,way to go and promote it secondly you,want to put keywords in your bio a lot,of times like people who are thinking,about trying to follow you on Twitter,they'll get discouraged if they like,they will be down to follow you if they,find some similarity with you so you,want to put some keywords some things,that could interest people in your bio,so that they see and they're like oh you,are worth following because I know,something about you so very worthwhile,to put like your Twitch streamer what do,you stream maybe you can do like twitch,horror variety streamer Etc if you have,clout on other platforms it's nice to,flex in your bio any other thing like,social content producer for dignitas,also put your business email in your bio,this isn't for growing on Twitter this,is just for getting sponsorships,I would also put your location helps to,get sponsorships for the link I would,put your Twitch link,so you know people can come over to your,Twitch although I might swap this to my,beacons now just because I'm not really,trying to grow my twitch on Twitter you,can pin a tweet so if you go to any,tweet and you click the three dots here,there's a PIN to your profile this will,pin any tweet to the very top of your,profile you can only pin one feed at a,time but this means that whenever,somebody comes to your profile this is,the first tweet that they see so it's,very good to have like an intro pin that,kind of gives more context into context,into who you are as a Creator to pin,something that um,went viral for you or three if you have,something you want to promote it is,great to pin it I am trying to promote,my sponsorship guide that is free check,it out my coffee I pinned that tweet for,that reason so that's what you want your,profile to look like now how do you grow,on Twitter you mainly grow by,interacting with other people you need,to have content or original content on,your own page obviously but that's not,the important part the important part is,interacting with other people so I would,just make one tweet a day Etc,um that's fine maybe like two tweets a,day you don't need to be tweeting that,much it says I have like 3.8k tweets but,that's because I'm replying to a lot of,people that's what's important,one tweet a day is good enough okay but,what we really care about is,interactions so go and follow everybody,that you want to network with everybody,that you want to get in their Circle,everybody that you want to know I follow,a lot of people,that's because these are all people that,I I really want to like learn more about,I want to network with you Etc,um so this is our Twitter for uh home,page right there's two options you can,either go on home which will show you,the most relevant most popular tweets,the of like the people that you follow,it will also show you,the tweets of people that people you,follow interact with so I do not follow,face Mew I do not but I follow Hercules,and I follow spirit's Fortune so because,I followed them and they both like FaZe,Muse tweet their Tweet now shows up on,my home page,so that's how you grow on Twitter right,when people interact with your content,it gets shown to everyone that follows,them but the same thing with comments,okay yeah I don't follow this person,named Zod right but I follow this I,follow beard man and because beer man,left a comment under zod's tweet,profile now that I explained this to you,right how people's posts are showing up,on your homepage this is how you grow,look again I don't follow whomever this,is Subrosa with real filter but I do,follow Emmy Juju and Lena and they both,liked this tweet so now this tweet is on,my home page,so going from going going through that,way right if,other people like your tweets and other,people like your stuff like your posts,your comments Etc it will show up to,everyone that follows them,so,here is the logic okay here is the logic,we're gonna go swap our timeline to,latest tweets Twitter you want to be,early you want to be early you want to,be fast you want to be quick with,engaging with people,and so we said it on latest tweets now,latest tweets will show you the most,recent it's the most recent thing like,here's Amy,47 seconds ago 59 seconds ago from CM,um Ali retweeted this so I can't see,what this is Miro tweeted this five,minutes ago six minutes ago from Kiel,Caleb seven minutes ago,I am early like this one pops up because,Julia replied to her own tweet so now,shows up on my latest tweets you want to,catch all of these tweets early so swap,your Twitter to latest tweets now we

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TWITTER TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS 2022 - Set Up Your Twitter Profile Like A Pro

TWITTER TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS 2022 - Set Up Your Twitter Profile Like A Pro

hello and welcome to the ultimate,twitter for beginners tutorial,2022 by the end of today's twitter for,beginners tutorial,you are just going to feel so confident,and how to actually set up your twitter,account what is a dm how to send your,first tweet what is a retweet how to,create a list we are going to go through,all the features of twitter i promise,you this will be the easiest,most in-depth twitter tutorial for,beginners that you will find on youtube,so let's stop the talking let's go over,to my computer and set up your brand new,twitter account okay let's do this so,you're going to go to,and then you're going to see this,account right here so you can either,sign up with your gmail account,apple or you can sign up,with a different email address or your,phone number uh what i'm going to do is,actually i'm going to sign up with,my,email address,okay so the name now this is not your,name for your twitter username this is,just your name so we're just going to,put,vina,v here for now,i don't want to sign up with my phone i,want to sign up with my email address so,use email instead oh also,you're gonna see me use my gmail account,now the reason i didn't put sign up with,gmail here is because i'm actually using,this twitter account um and lots of,people are gonna access it it's not just,me so for now i just wanted to do it,this way but if you are using a gmail,account you can simply click on there,and it just makes it slightly more,easier but um let me just show you doing,it this way,so use email instead,so you just pop in your email address,if you haven't got an email address or,you want to create a gmail account i,will link below how to create a gmail,account from scratch so oxford creators,,um so this is for a business i'm setting,up this twitter account today,so i'm just going to put a random,birthday,um,obviously you need to be over 18 to set,up to i think it's over 18 to set up a,twitter so let me just put 2 000. i,really wasn't born of the year 2000 but,let's just put that for today that's,more near my son's birthday actually,um okay so customize your experience i,don't want to receive emails i get too,many emails um,connect with people you know i'm not,going to do that either i'm not actually,going to click on any of those i'm,simply going to click on next,right so create your account,here actually,because i'm doing this for my,business,i'm going to put in the business name,rather than my name so oxford,the oxford creators,next,next,and then we're going to go sign up,right so now you need to make sure your,email address is popped up so,conveniently i've done mine already so,we need to pop in the verification code,so let's go over to our email address so,the one we just signed up for twitter,let's go there,this is the verification code so all,we're going to do is highlight it,and if you're on a mac,i press ctrl,c so that's copied that code now so,control c,and then we're going to go back over to,twitter,and pop it in there if you go to windows,i don't know the,i don't know how to copy this on a,windows machine but just write that code,down and then you put it in there,and then you click on next,oh,before sorry before i move on you know,where it said a minute ago if you didn't,get the verification code in your email,address,not your email in your email inbox,always go and check the spam just in,case so you click on there in a gmail,and can you see spam,click on that just to check their,twitter email didn't go near spam as,well right so now we're gonna uh create,a password remember with a password,don't put one two three hello or,something something like that make it a,bit more difficult with a range of,numbers and uh different letters,uppercase and lowercase,okay so what has happened now it's kind,of redirected me to put in my phone,number and i i don't know if you're like,me but i get a bit funny about putting,my phone number so i'm actually not,going to put my phone number in let's,see if we just click on the twitter icon,up here if it will allow us not to put a,phone number and so if we click on there,oh no it's not going to let us do it so,yeah we're going to have to put our,phone number in so if you um put in what,country you're in someone's a uk,uh put your phone number in and then,click next and i'll see you on the next,page,yay,we made it we've done it um if you're,like me and i had trouble signing in,using your phone number,what i had to do was tick the box that,you can see on the screen right now when,i ticked it,uh then i was allowed to create my,twitter account,um so just to let you know in case,you're having issues as well right so,welcome we have now created our twitter,uh profile and if i just click over here,well actually if i go to profile so here,on the left hand side,this is what my profile will look like,to other people now,we don't want this do we want to look,highly professional from the start and,we want to give people as much,information as we can on what it

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जानी राखौ Twitter चलाउने तरीका सधै भरी काम् लाग्छ How To Use Twitter Full Guide In Nepali 2020

जानी राखौ Twitter चलाउने तरीका सधै भरी काम् लाग्छ How To Use Twitter Full Guide In Nepali 2020

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