how to mute words on twitter

How To Mute Words On Twitterhello everyone and welcome back to,another tutorial video today i'm goin

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To Mute Words On Twitter

hello everyone and welcome back to,another tutorial video today i'm going,to show you how to mute words or phrases,on twitter i'm going to show you on a,mobile device first and then we'll hop,over to the desktop and i'll timestamp,that down below for you to pick the one,that you are using all right so here we,are and i'm going to go ahead and open,up the twitter app and then once i open,the app i'm here on my home feed i want,to swipe to the right to bring up all of,the different settings here over on the,left hand side i want to scroll down to,where i see settings and privacy so go,ahead and tap on settings and privacy,and then once we're here under settings,and privacy we want to go to where we,see privacy and safety so tap on the,privacy and safety option here and then,once we're under privacy and safety,we'll see something that says mute and,block if we go to the mute and block,option here we'll see a few different,things we want to tap on the one that,says muted words if we go and tap on,muted words you can see here that i'm,not muting any words at the current,moment but if we go and tap on the add,button in the lower right hand corner,there wherever you may see it on your,device and we tap on the add button here,we can actually type in a word or phrase,that we want to mute to never see in our,timeline ever again so for me i'm going,to mute the word wordle w-o-r-d-l-e,i want to hide that from my timeline so,make sure that this is checked off here,i also want to hide it from my,notifications so make sure that the,second option is checked as well and,then and then what people do you want to,include for me i want to hide it from,anyone and then even from people that i,don't follow and then the mute timing,which will be listen maybe you don't,want to have a spoiler for a specific,show or movie you can do this for a,couple of weeks and then that will,automatically tail off once this,duration is over okay and then once,you're done go ahead and tap on the save,option there and as you can see that,word or phrase will be muted in the way,that you want it to be muted now let's,hop over to the desktop and i'll show,you how to do it over there all right if,you are on a desktop and using twitter,there what you will need to do to mute a,word or phrase is go ahead and go to,your twitter homepage here by going to, and logging in and then once,we are here we want to click on the more,option here where the three horizontal,dots and then once we are here we'll see,the option that says settings and,privacy under settings and privacy what,we want to do is go to the privacy and,safety option here and then once we're,under privacy and safety go to the mute,and block option here under the mute and,block option we'll see a few different,things we want to select the muted words,option here and then as you can see when,you mute words you won't get any new,notifications or tweets in your timeline,that include these words or phrases go,ahead and click on got it here and then,as you can see i've already muted one,word or phrase wordle if you want to,mute something all you have to do is go,here to the edition symbol here the add,addition symbol and then just type the,word or phrase here in the top box and,then down below you can see where you,can hide it from your timeline you can,remove it from your notifications by,these check boxes here and then you can,hide it from anyone or people that you,don't follow however you want to do that,and even if you want a specific duration,like if you're trying to avoid spoilers,for a show or a movie you can do that,all below here once all of your settings,are good to go click the save button,here and that phrase or word will be,removed and you can see it is now muted,here in the settings now you can click,this here to unmute the phrase the,little red icon here so if you've muted,a bunch of stuff and you want to go and,unmute uh you go ahead and just click on,the unmute or the red option there and,that will unmute that from your twitter,account hopefully this helps you out if,it did don't forget to like share and,subscribe for more great tutorials just,like this and i will see you guys in the,next video,you

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✅ How To Mute Words On Twitter 🔴

✅ How To Mute Words On Twitter 🔴

hi welcome back guys today we are,talking about how to mute words on,Twitter why would you want to know how,to mute words on Twitter perhaps your,sensitive and you'd not want to come,across some vulgar words on Twitter the,best thing to do is to mute such words,so today I am going to show you how to,mute words on Twitter the first thing,you want to do of course is get into,your Twitter app,once you're writing your Twitter app you,want to go over to your profile and your,settings,scroll down you can find setting and,support as the last option on the list,so you click on settings and supports,move to shop,here you go setting and privacy so you,want to control your privacy,you click on that,can you find privacy and safety privacy,and safety and then you click on privacy,and safety,in privacy and safety you're going to,find,mute and block,here is your Twitter activity privacy,and safety mute and block so you click,on mute and block,you can have this for blog accounts,muted accounts and specifically for,muted Words which is our Focus for this,video the words you do not want to see,anymore on your Twitter timeline vorgan,languages negative words whatever it is,you do not want to see on your Twitter,timeline as you scroll through so you,can go ahead and mute such words you hit,on the mute words now you are requested,to add muted words you can see the plus,symbol at the bottom right corner of,your screen and you click on that,you have the option of muting the words,from your timeline they will not reflect,on your timeline notification,from anyone and from all the people you,don't follow from people you don't,follow,okay at the top here you can insert the,word or phrase you want to mute whatever,word whatever phrase you do not want to,see on your timeline you can insert that,word here let us take an example let me,use the word gold it's not a bad word,but of course you can mute words so,and so I enter the word Golgi,g o e l,and once you enter whatever words you,want to enter you go ahead and click on,what save,the word goal has been muted from this,account whatever word you add,on yours will never again pop up on your,screen as you scroll through so in our,case the word goal will never again pop,up on our screen once you have done that,the next thing you want to do is go back,back,back,and you are done,so,there you go if you wanted to know how,to mute words on Twitter,this is the easiest way I know how to if,you know any other way to mute words on,Twitter please leave a comment below be,sure to subscribe for more videos

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How to Mute Words on Twitter

How to Mute Words on Twitter

do you sometimes log on to your twitter,account and go to the home screen and,say to yourself,i wish,i didn't have to see this,hey san hey,i am pixelpia today i will show you how,you can get,some control over what you see on,twitter by using the mute and block,function,today i'm showing you,on the web,but the,way to do it is,almost identical if you are using your,mobile device so here we are on the home,screen,and to,be able to,mute and block we have to go to more,settings,and privacy,and here you find,privacy and safety you have a lot of,different things you can do here but we,are gonna look at mute and block you,click on the that section,you can find,blocked accounts,muted accounts muted words a muted,notification,we are gonna look at muted words,as you can see i haven't set up any,muted words or phrases here,but all i have to do to add,a word or a phrase that i'm tired of,seeing i hit that little plus sign,and i,enter the word or the phrase,that i want to mute,that's one of the words i don't want to,see,i can choose to mute it from my home,timeline,i can mute it in notification i can,mute it from anyone or just from people,i don't follow and then i can choose the,duration if this is a word i never want,to see again i use shoes until you,unmute the word but i can also choose 24,hours 7 days or 13 days and then i hit,save,so here you can see this word that i'm,not gonna repeat is muted forever,maybe i'm tired of hearing the,discussion about the batman movie so i,choose,batman,i'm muting it from home timeline from,notifications from anybody and i'm using,it for,seven days,and then i hope the discussion is over i,hit save,and here we see seven days,if i regret,muting a certain word i can just go in,here to my muted words and hit and mute,the next time i click on muted words,i go in here and see the list and if i,need to add something,i add a little plus sign,i hope this will help you,clean up your home feed on twitter,until next time,hey doa

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NO MORE SPOILERS on Twitter! (Mute Words)

NO MORE SPOILERS on Twitter! (Mute Words)

if you're tired of seeing TV and movie,spoilers or hate speech or political,tweets on Twitter I'm gonna show you how,you can wipe all of that out so you,don't have to see it again in this video,I'm gonna show you how to do it on a,smartphone and on your desktop computer,the whole reason I made this video is,because winter is here in Game of,Thrones season is right now and I went,on Twitter earlier today and I started,getting spoilers I made a tweet saying,that I was gonna take a break from,Twitter until I got caught up with Game,of Thrones my good friend Lee Ron from,the techie guy calm awesome Channel if,you're into phones gadgets ask your,other tech related things I'm gonna put,a link to him down in the description,below be sure to check him out and show,him some love for showing us this in the,first place Thank You Lee Ron you rock,he tweeted back with instructions,showing me how I can mute these words,and I thought this is brilliant I mean,it's not like we don't know that Jon,Snow is actually gonna hook up with,Khaleesi and have dragon babies,everybody knows that but I don't want to,hear about all the other stuff that's,gonna ruin it for me,god I don't know that might be kind of,is that even possible no this is one of,those features that I honestly can't,believe I didn't know that it existed,but now that I know that it does I'm,gonna share with you so go ahead and,open up your phone and open up the,Twitter app and let me show you how to,do this when Twitter opens you want to,make sure that you're in your,notification feed and you do that by,making sure that the Bell icon is,selected at the bottom of the app once,you're in your notification feed go up,to the top right hand corner and tap on,the Settings icon once you tap on the,Settings icon you go down and you tap on,muted words once muted words loads up,you can add any muted word phrase or,hashtag that you don't want to see,anymore on Twitter this is absolutely,fantastic,now iPhone users are gonna have one,additional step instead of seeing muted,words you're gonna see muted you tap on,that and you can choose between muted,channels or muted words you can tap on,muted words or you can go into muted,channels and mute channels and then the,rest of the process matches up with,Android to mute hashtags words or,phrases look down at the bottom for the,add icon tap on that and you can add,your hashtags you can add your words you,can add anything you want so you can,erase them from Twitter you're gonna see,that I'm adding Game of Thrones and I'm,also adding hashtag Game of Thrones I'm,also gonna add variations and misspells,because I don't let anybody to get,something through that's gonna spoil it,for me you also have the option to hide,these words or hashtags from your,timeline and from all notifications,and you can also set how long you want,this to be hidden for you can mute them,forever you can mute them for 24 hours 7,days or just a month for Game of Thrones,all I need is 30 days so I can catch up,on a few episodes and I'm good to go,to do this on your computer you want to,open Twitter and click on your profile,picture on the top of the screen then,you want to tap on settings and privacy,once that opens up you can tap on muted,words and the process is the same you,can add words or edit them or delete,them inside this area if you want to,learn more mobile tips like this to,learn how to make content on your phone,go ahead and tap on the subscribe button,followed by the notification bow so you,don't miss out on future videos thank,you so much for watching I do appreciate,it and I'll see you in the next video,that's not real is it,dragon baby's mother dragons no you sure

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How to Mute Words on Twitter

How to Mute Words on Twitter

hi guys welcome to richard kabila,youtube channel and today's video,i will teach you how to mute words on,twitter,so okay guys but before we start kindly,subscribe to my youtube channel by,pressing the subscribe button,and the bell to notify you if i have new,video,okay guys let's start you'll have to do,is go to,twitter application in your mobile phone,okay guys here in your twitter app click,the profile picture on the upper left,side on your screen,and click settings in privacy,all right guys here in settings in,privacy click,notifications,alright guys here in notification,you can see the filter and,find the mute words okay click mute,words okay guys here in mute words,when you mute words you won't see them,in your notification or,timeline so okay guys to add new words,you'll have to do is click the plus sign,on the lower right side on your screen,to add mute word so okay guys,you can enter word or faces here,alright guys this is a example only,so okay if you can mute one word,phrase or username or hashtag at a time,so a you can mute from,home timeline and,mute prompt notification and okay guys,in about duration you can click the,for how long you can click this,and the pop-up will show and you can set,by,24 hours from now 7 days from now,or 30 days from now or you can set,the mute word forever,so ok guys after that guys you will have,to do,to save your mute word is click the save,button on the upper right side on your,screen,and all right guys your mute words are,saved,alright guys that's it and if you want,to delete the mute words,you'll have to do is press,and hold the mute words and you can see,the,check on the check square on the,left side of the mute word and to delete,the,get word you have to do is click the,delete icon on the upper right side on,your screen,and the popup will show and now you'll,see this in,your notification and timelines okay,you'll have to do is click yes i'm sure,so okay guys delete one words,so okay okay guys that's,it and if you have a question kindly,comment below,and don't forget to hit the subscribe,button,and the bell to notify you if i have new,videos okay guys thank you for watching

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How to Mute Tweets with Specific Words on Twitter

How to Mute Tweets with Specific Words on Twitter

hello everyone and welcome back to,another how-to tutorial in this video I,will show you how to mute tweets with,Pacific Watts on Twitter,on Twitter's website click the more,Tech's on the left click settings and,privacy,click notifications,click muted,click muted words,click Add icon then enter a word,hashtag phrase or even a username you,want to me it,use the options to determine how long,you want to mute it for and whether you,want it only gone from your timeline,notifications or even both when you're,done click Save,you,you,on Twitter's mobile app tap your profile,icon,top settings and privacy,notifications,words tap the plus icon add the word,hashtag phrase or even user name etc,just like the website when you're done,click Save,you,you have been watching a how-to tutorial,from David Riley if you like this video,gather a thumbs up and don't forget to,hit that subscribe button to receive,notifications about every new video you,can also turn on the notifications bail,by clicking or tapping it you can also,leave a comment down below your ideas,and suggestions are always welcome until,the next time take care everyone

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How to mute irritating words and phrases on Twitter

How to mute irritating words and phrases on Twitter

hello everybody my name is Ian Lamont,I'm the author of Twitter and 30 minutes,today had talked to you about how to,mute certain phrases on Twitter and,here's what I'm talking about,this is my Twitter account for lis media,this is another book that I wrote and,you can see here there's some trends,that are showing up for instance Burnie,and maybe in my home feed everyone's,talking about Bernie but you know what,I'm sick of politics I don't want to see,anything about Bernie or Trump or other,other topics so that's the one thing,that I want to get rid of and the other,thing is is that I'm sick of seeing news,about the Padres and different trades,they might be having that's not that,doesn't interest me on Twitter but it,keeps on showing up in my feed and I,want to get rid of those words from,showing up in Twitter so I just have an,experience that is devoid of US,presidential politics or a lot of it and,also devoid of the Padres here's how you,do it click on profile and settings,select settings and privacy and then on,the left side of the page you'll see a,whole bunch of options we want muted,words when you mute words you won't be,able to see them in your notification or,timeline that's great,so let's add some right now okay so,let's do the first one,Bernie so I want to add Bernie I want to,mute from my home timeline notifications,and what you can do here is you can,select from people you don't follow so,that could be somebody that your friend,retweets or from anybody that could be,including your friends if you want to,you can set it up for just a certain,period of time so I'm going to do it for,seven days because this is a big news,item today so I'm going to add that,phrase so I will not see Bernie showing,up for the next seven days and actually,let's go to home and see if that changed,in the trending topics all right it's,still showing up in in trending topics,but in my feed it will not show up so,let's go back and add another one well,did I mention settings of privacy muted,words so I already have Bernie and like,another one Padres I really don't want,to see anything about Padres so the same,thing I can select from people I don't,follow or from anybody I can make it,forever or for seven days or 24 hours or,whatever let's add that okay and I can,keep on going through and add different,types of words I could add Trump for,seven days I could add maybe the,Kardashians if I'm sick of hearing about,them for seven days or for forever or,whatever but this is an effective way to,really change what you're seeing in your,Twitter feed particularly if the people,you follow like to talk about these,topics so this this as I said this is a,my Twitter feed my Twitter account is,about media so I like talking about,media I don't like talking about,politics or baseball so I've muted those,particular phrases for more information,on how to get the most out of Twitter,check out my book Twitter in 30 minutes,available from in 30 minutes calm and,thank you so much for watching

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Mute Words and Hashtags on Twitter [Tutorial]

Mute Words and Hashtags on Twitter [Tutorial]

welcome to Internet's to this week's,video where I'm going to show you how,you can mute certain words on Twitter,because nobody likes spoilers right and,this year has been major spoiler gate,and major spoiler territory but even,after the final season of Game of,Thrones and after Avengers the end game,we probably still encounter some issues,with spoilers that we want to avoid so,I'm going to help you get rid of those,and get rid of the big fat fear so you,can do this on desktop if you log into,it Twitter account obviously I mean why,would you not be logged into it with her,account click on your own pretty profile,picture and well scroll go a bit further,down where it says settings and privacy,so you click on that one and then you,will see on the left hand side all the,things so from privacy and safety,password mobile whatever and if you go a,bit further down you will find muted,words so you click on muted words,obviously and then you can add words,that you want muted so you can change,use the names you can add hashtags and,one specific word so for example we can,remove Game of Thrones Thrones from that,one so you can mute it from the timeline,from notification from people you don't,follow from anyone and for how long so,you can say you want to only mute it for,24 hours which maybe does make sense if,you didn't get to watch this one episode,of Game of Thrones or Grey's Anatomy or,anything else are you watching and can,just mute it for 24 hours or you can,mute it for 7 days or for 30 days or,obviously for forever this might make,sense if you have a bit of a child,protection issue and if you want and if,your child is using Twitter and you,don't want to see all the laudatory,poorni stuff so you can,get rid of different kinds of things,here as well so let's just add,gameofthrones here because you don't,really want to ever see that again so,click on add and you will have that here,in your list and it's okay you can,continue adding more and more words that,you don't want to see or names that you,don't want to see or even user names and,as I said hashtags that's all you can,add in here and if you want to change,that again so after you've seen that you,can unmute it and then your word is gone,or you can also edit that so let's just,let's say Avengers and game it's also a,bit further down the road so we can add,that one and you can now switch over,click on edit and edit for example if,you just want to add it for 24 hours,because of whatever reasons or because,you want to get rid of distractions,because distractions made ok that was it,for this week I hope it was helpful I,hope you will not be spoiled anymore and,see you again next week bye that's it,for today so if you've liked this video,and it was helpful at all give me a,thumbs up or give me a few comments,below or you can subscribe to my channel,but I'm not sure where it is so maybe,it's red button has a bell on it so,click the Bell and follow my channel,thanks for watching and see you soon bye,you

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