how to make my twitter private

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private - Quick and Easyhello everyone welcome to another,tutorial

Dusty Porter

Updated on Jan 27,2023

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private - Quick and Easy

hello everyone welcome to another,tutorial video today i'm going to be,showing you how to make your twitter,account private so there's a couple of,things you need to do to completely make,your profile private on twitter i'm,going to be showing you how to do this,on both desktop and mobile so first,we'll start with the desktop and then,we'll hop on over to our mobile device,first things first go ahead and log in,to your twitter account go to, home and then once you're,here you'll see a few different options,on the left hand side here go ahead,under profile and go to more so go ahead,and go to more and then go to settings,and privacy now if you can't see all of,these options here go to your profile,first and then you should see everything,and then click on the more option and,then settings and privacy under settings,and privacy here you want to navigate to,the third or fourth option down privacy,and safety and then once here you're,going to want to do a few different,things the first thing you want to do is,under audience and tagging you want to,click on audience and tagging and then,right here where it says protect your,tweets go ahead and check that box it,says this will make them visible only to,your twitter followers this is the first,step to making your account private go,ahead and click on protect there and,that will also turn photo tagging off if,you want to turn that back on you can,click on photo tagging and then this,will allow people to tag you in their,photos but again if you're trying to,make your account private you probably,want that set to off now hop back over,to the privacy and safety options here,by clicking on it once more and then you,want to go to direct messages right down,here click on direct messages and once,here you want to go ahead and uncheck,allow message requests from everyone,this will make it to folks that you,don't follow are not able to send you,requests and add you to group,conversations again another step to,making your account private now one more,step is hop back over to privacy and,safety and then go to discoverability,and contacts go ahead and click on,discoverability and contacts and what we,want to do here is go to let people who,have your email address find you on,twitter and let people who have your,phone number find you on twitter you,want to go ahead and uncheck these again,hiding you and making your twitter,account private now once you make these,changes on your twitter account right,here where you see my username you,should see a nice little lock right here,by my username if you've done everything,correctly and made your account private,you will see a lock here by your,username all right let's hop over to the,mobile device and show you how to do it,over there,all right here we are on our mobile,device the first thing you want to do is,tap on your profile image in the upper,left hand corner or wherever it is to,get to your profile on your mobile,device that will open up the options,that we see here and then at the very,bottom we'll see something that says,settings and privacy if we tap on,settings and privacy we'll see the same,options that we saw on the desktop first,thing that you want to do is go ahead,and go to privacy and safety once more,and then we're going to see the same,things here that say audience and,tagging go ahead and tap on audience and,tagging and then just go ahead and check,that protect your tweets option there,and turn photo tagging off like we did,previously and then you can uncheck that,anyone or only people who follow you can,tag you so again you probably want that,turned off if you're trying to make your,account private and then navigate back,over to privacy and safety and then tap,on direct messages and then go ahead and,uncheck allow message request from,everyone and then the last thing we want,to do is hop back over to privacy and,safety and then go to discover ability,and contacts and just uncheck let others,find you by email and phone and that,will completely make your account,private hopefully this was helpful if it,was don't forget to like share and,subscribe if you have any questions,please put those in the comment section,down below and i will see you guys in,the next video,you

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How to make your Twitter account private?

How to make your Twitter account private?

hello everyone welcome to ask me how in,this video i will talk about private,twitter account if you are willing to,make your twitter account private first,of all you have to know what does that,mean i will talk about the pros and cons,of a private twitter account also i'll,show you how to make your twitter,account private and how to make it,public so let's get started first of all,visit and login to your,account,by default your twitter profile is,public and anyone who visits your,profile can see all of your tweets,replies and media etc but when you make,your twitter account private only your,approved followers can,see your tweets and media now what does,this approved follower means suppose,your account is private so if someone,follows you you have to approve the,follower manually or else you won't be,able to see your tweets so let's see how,this works click on this more button and,then click on settings and privacy then,click on privacy and safety then click,on audience and tagging to make your,account private just click on protect,your tweets,and,click protect on this pop-up that's it,you can see the lock icon which means,the account is private now now let's see,how it looks from another account,so this was the public profile before,making my account,private let's refresh all tweets are,protected and only approved followers,can see the tweets now how can you,approve the followers who follow you,suppose if someone clicks the follow,button on your profile,you can see that a follow request has,been sent,and on your profile,click on this more button and you will,see an option called follower requests,in this tab you can see who followed you,so,you can either accept it or decline it,if you accept the follow request the,follower can see all of your tweets and,replies but if you decline then you,won't be able to see any of your tweets,now let's talk about the pros and cons,of a private twitter account you should,only protect your tweets from the public,if you are using your twitter account,only for your friends and family suppose,if you want to get in touch with your,friends and family then it's okay to,protect your tweets because without your,approval no one can see your tweets but,if you are willing to use twitter for,your business brand then there's no,meaning of making your twitter account,private because a business account needs,to reach more people you can't reach,more people while making your account,private you should only protect your,tweets if you are using twitter for your,personal life other than that if you are,using twitter for business you should,never use a private account however you,can make your twitter account private or,public anytime you want just to make,your account public just disable this,and that's it your twitter account will,be public you can see that the locked,icon is gone which means anyone can see,the tweets now so should you make your,twitter account private it depends if,you don't want public reach then you,should do it otherwise it's not a good,idea thanks for watching

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How to Secure Your Twitter Account

How to Secure Your Twitter Account

everyone in today's Twitter video I'm,gonna show you how to secure your,Twitter accounts this is highly,recommended and it will reduce the,chances of your Twitter account getting,hacked I'll show you on this Twitter app,first and then I'll show you on, just in case you use it on,the computer on the homepage of the,Twitter app so I simply open the Twitter,app here I just need to click my profile,icon on the top left of the page and,then it's gonna bring me to this page,where I could go to setting and privacy,I'll click that next and on this page I,want to go to the accounts tab the first,one on top you could do a couple of,things the first thing is you could,change your password if you think your,account is compromised so to do that you,just press password and change it but I,really want to show you the option under,the security tab click security and here,we want to turn on two-factor,authentication and we want to make sure,password reset protect is also checked,on so I have that check done already so,I'll go to two-factor authentication and,here I need to turn it on and you have,three different ways to do that I think,one of the easiest one is just using,text message so I'm gonna go ahead and,click that and it's gonna say that,Twitter is gonna send me a text message,with a confirmation code so I'll press,get started and it's gonna do this on,mobile so I'll go ahead and,log into my account one more time and,then it's gonna take me to the page to,enter my password so I'll type in my,password one more time here and then,I'll press verify and here I'll have to,type in my phone number because I chose,the text message option so I'll type,that in and press next and now I should,receive a confirmation code and I could,go ahead and type that code right over,here and press next and it's gonna give,me a single use backup code here so I,could go and I save this I could go,ahead and take a quick screenshot and,save it in a secure place and I could go,ahead and press got it on the bottom and,now I have two factor authentication,turn on on Twitter so if I try to use a,different device to log into my Twitter,it's gonna ask me to send me a text,message and I have to verify it using my,phone now this,automatically doesn't on -,when you do the mobile app update but,I'll show you where that is just in case,you want to start there now on, login to your profile page,here so I'm on my accounts and down here,I just need to press the more option,over here and then it's gonna let me go,to setting and privacy one more time,settings in privacy and on this page,again I want to click that count tab,right on top and it's gonna give me,these options on this side and again I,want to go to security your password,reset option is right on top of that -,on the security page again you have two,factor authentication so you could go,ahead and click this and since I did the,text message option on the phone is,already checked on but if you do this,first choose one of these options and go,through the setup process of two-factor,authentication and then you could also,change your password right after you do,the two-factor authentication to keep,everything nice and secure thanks so,much for watching this video please give,it a thumbs up and subscribe for easy to,follow taking social media videos and,I'll see you next time

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How To Make Twitter Account Private 2022

How To Make Twitter Account Private 2022

okay guys welcome to my YouTube channel,in today's video I'm going to show you,the very easy and simple way on how you,can make your account private in 2022,and I'm going to walk you through a very,detailed step-by-step tutorial on how,you're going to do this all I want from,you in this tutorial is for you to leave,me a like in this tutorial so that this,will serve as a motivation and this was,an encouragement for me to be uploading,more useful content here on YouTube it,also be at the top where it's going to,help many people just as you are some of,their problems and their Solutions leave,me a comment in the comment section tell,me that the video really helped you and,I'll be glad to hear that lastly and,most importantly do subscribe to the,channel to be getting more useful,information on how to do various things,on YouTube and don't forget to turn on,notification Bell okay which always say,much for our time let's get started the,first thing you're going to do here is,not you opening your Twitter app but for,you if you are an Android User go to,Google Play Store if an iPhone user go,to Apple Store okay if you open it then,you're going to search for Twitter,search for Twitter then you're going to,come to this particular interface if you,haven't upgraded your Twitter app please,do so because it's very important and,essential and necessary for you to do in,the sense that if Twitter should bring,up any new update you're going to be the,first to enjoy it or be the first or,even you are going to enjoy not even,being the first because if you couldn't,update your Twitter app there are some,changes that Twitter might have made,they cannot do that okay and if you have,if your app is up to date then you're,going to see this open icon here but if,it's not up to date you're going to see,updates and I'm begging you for you to,update it then after updating your,Twitter app you need to open it from,here or you just come out from here,go to your Twitter app on your phone and,here is your Twitter this is,the design or Twitter interface is going,to look like okay then at the top here,then you are going to click the profile,at the top left corner of this interface,okay you're going to click on it if you,click on it then you're going to see,that there is that is the same thing,normal thing we click on your profile,you're going to see that everything is,normal but after doing these changes,you're going to see that you will see a,change in your profile picture or your,interface in the sense that you're going,to be seeing a padlock key like a key or,Pandora icon at the corner of this your,profile name and,you're going to follow every step that,I'm going to show you all you need to do,is for you to stick with me in this,tutorial so after clicking on your,profile at the top left corner then,you're going to come down your way,you're going to see settings and support,click on settings and support yours you,might be seeing settings and privacy,Okay click on settings and support then,click on it if you click on there you're,going to see a variety of options your,account security and accounts access,monetization and every other thing the,only option I want you to click is for,you to click on this privacy and,settings click on privacy and settings,then after clicking on privacy and,setting you're going to come here where,you're going to see audience and tagging,your tweets content you'll see mute and,blog direct messages spaces and some,others okay the first option you are,going to click here is for you to click,on this number one which is audience and,tagging I don't want you to click on any,other thing apart from this audience and,tagging then click on audience and,tagging you're going to see protect your,tweets only the current followers and,people you are proving in the future,will be able to see your Tweet,if you turn this on and that's how to,privatize your account so what you're,going to do is we're going to turn this,on okay turn it on and you turn it on,you already privatize your account,that's you already put your account,private in this 2022 okay and also it,will be even the same thing in 2023 so,everything is just the same,and that's the very simple way on how,you're going to do that so what we need,to do here is for us to go and check,whether it actually works okay just come,out here click on this your profile at,the top then you're going to see this,panel lock icon or key icon at the top,um you're going to see this padlock icon,and the beside your profile at the top,left corner okay then let's go to our,profile first to even check whether this,is actually even worked in our own,profile then click on it then refresh it,then you're going to see that same icon,and that's the very simple way on how,you're going to do that there isn't two,ways about it okay just follow every,step that I'm going to show you this,2022 and you're going to achieve that so,guys I believe you followed everything,and I believe this video is of help to,

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How To Make Twitter Account Private

How To Make Twitter Account Private

okay guys welcome to my YouTube channel,in today's video I'm going to show you,the very easy and simple way on how you,can make your Twitter account private,and I'm going to walk you through a very,detailed step-by-step tutorial on how,you're going to do this all I want for,me in this video is for you to pay,attention to every step that I'm going,to show you apply it and you're going to,see that you will turn your Twitter,account from public to private but,please if after watching this video this,video really helped you after watching,it all I want you to do for me in this,video is for you to leave me a like in,this video so that this video will serve,as a motivation and also has an,encouragement for me to be uploading,more useful content here and it will it,also beard it's always going to help,many people just as yourself their,problems please leave me a comment in,the comment section telling me that this,video really helped you and I will be,glad to hear that lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to the channel,turn on the notification Bell to be,getting more useful information on how,to do various things on YouTube without,wasting much more time let's get started,I believe you're already on your Twitter,account but that's not the first thing,you're going to do here all you need to,do the first thing you need to do in,order to make this to make this work is,for you to come out from your Twitter,account if you're an Android User go to,Google Play Store if you're an iPhone,user go to Apple Store I'm using Samsung,so I'm using Android I'm going to Google,Play store okay if you go to Google Play,So search on your Twitter okay search on,your Twitter app then you're going to,see this particular interface this place,that you're seeing open it means that,your app is up to date if you're seeing,this on your app but if your app is not,up to date and you need to update it,you're going to be seeing update there,but and please it is important for you,to update your app please try to update,it because it's important and necessary,and essential in the sense that any new,features that Twitter bring to us you,are going to be seeing it and you are,going to be seeing the changes on your,Twitter account,but after doing that you need to open it,from there or you could just come on,from your go to your Twitter account,here is our Twitter interface is going,to look like okay then we are going to,click on this our profile icon at the,top left corner of this interface click,on your profile icon then you are going,to see that you there is nothing like,privity like my account is public and if,I change it to private you're going to,see the changes you're going to see that,at the top here that you're going to see,this my name okujiyako you will see a,lock it has a padlock a key there but,that's not that's not it has never been,um put to private before and I'm going,to show you how to do it okay just stay,with me in this video all you need to do,is for you to click on this your profile,icon at the top left click on it then,come down here where you're going to see,settings and support okay if you click,on settings and support or anyone you,are seeing on your site you're going to,see settings and privacy okay if you,know if you see settings and privacy,still click on it does the same thing,click on settings some privacy then,you're going to see these options of,your account security and account access,monetization privacy and safety,notification accessibility and orders,the only thing I want you to click is,for you to click on this privacy and,safety click on privacy and safety then,after clicking on privacy and safety,you're going to come to this particular,interface,and the only thing I want to click is,for you to click on this audience and,tag and that's the first thing you're,seeing I don't want you to click on any,other thing here apart from this first,one Okay click on this first one,audience and Target then you are going,to see this option which is protect your,street under you're going to see only,current followers and people you approve,in the future will be able to see your,Tweet all we need to do is for us to,turn it on,then if you turn it on you've already,turned your Twitter account from public,to private and I'm going to show you,that it really worked so come out from,here if you come out from here let's go,and check whether what we did now,actually worked all you need to do is,for you to click on this your profile,icon at the top click on it then you're,going to see that there is this key,there is this padlock key at the side,meaning that your account is locked okay,if you click on your profile then you,are going to see that your account is,locked there is no way here if you go,back here click on your profile then at,the top where you're going to see this,your name you will see a padlock there,meaning that your account is being,turned from public to private and that's,the very simple way or how you're going,to do that

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Top tech analyst on Musk taking Twitter private

Top tech analyst on Musk taking Twitter private

let's bring in top ranked a tech analyst,mark mahini he's ever core isis head of,internet research mark great to have you,with us um,what's your reaction to this deal and,how does this uh impact the space you,cover,well it's surprising that it closed so,quickly but clearly the board was,convinced that there was that funding,was secured there weren't any other,bidders as karen uh pointed out,uh and um and they probably weren't that,confident in their ability to deliver,their 2023 financial goals which i other,people have been somewhat skeptical,about and they probably also realized,that the markets were in a bear market,and it's kind of hard to see the the,growth equities coming back quickly so,the path of least resistance was to,agree to the bid even though as though,it was a um it was a first bid and it's,not even really not even to negotiate on,it just to agree it so agree to it so to,me it's a little bit like when linkedin,sold to microsoft it was a pretty quick,deal and i guess they just didn't feel,like they could get the stock above 5420,on their own within the next year so,pull the plug get rid of the deal i'm,just a little surprised it happened so,quickly but it's done,hey mark it's tim we're talking about,the the ad business you know five to six,billion uh what do you think happens to,this business from a guy who,self-proclaimed doesn't believe in it i,agreed with what dan just said a few,minutes ago which is a little bit of a,surprise but i think he may be dead,right advertising business may be going,south before it uh recovers at twitter,so look there are two customers out of,twitter here they're consumers there's,all of us and then they're the marketers,they're the people who spent five,billion dollars last year which is a,decent chunk of change on the twitter ad,platform musk hasn't mentioned anything,about some of the product innovations,that marketers have been looking for,that this current management team has,been uh focused on if anything he's,talked about a subscription model that,our survey works suggests maybe 13 of,twitter users are really interested in,if you're an advertiser if you're a,marketer that's on twitter now what are,you going to do you're probably going to,be shuffling some of those ad budgets to,other platforms reddit tick tock,facebook snapchat so my guess is that,the facebook i'm sorry the twitter ad,revenues first go down i don't know if,that cause i doubt that causes any,funding problems or financial problems,for musk but i think those ad dollars,are going to go down and those dollars,are going to go to other platforms,where do they i mean where which,platforms do you think mark and also the,13 maybe the 13 is the audience that you,actually want to,um show your ads to,oh that could be i like i like that,point melissa so yes i'm sorry we just,did i've done survey work on twitter for,i don't know eight years or something,like that every every six months by the,way i've never seen content moderation,as a major,key issue for for users i don't think,putting in more or less moderation is,going to dramatically expand the user,base but i think a lot of the,initiatives that musk has talked about,allowing editing of of tweets removing,some of the character limits i think,there's some basic you know,user-friendly steps that he and,hopefully his new management team can,take to make the service better for,users i think product and lack of good,product innovation has been a major,issue at twitter for for years,subscription business though i just,think it's a small percentage of people,who really want to pay and yes those are,probably the most attractive targets for,advertisers so there would be some,cannibalization there and then finally,in terms of where those ad budgets would,go to i think they would i think twitter,has largely been an experimental ad buy,i can't imagine that a marketer would go,first in on twitter and then buy google,or facebook so my guess is that those,dollars were kind of shimmy back you,know move back towards facebook google,but also to reddit tick tock and snap i,think there's a couple of different,small winners from this,mark great to get your thoughts thank,you,thanks melissa mark mahany evercore isi,guy do you think that there's any read,through to uh the other social media,names in terms of you know this business,was i mean basically mark was saying,that the board said you know what we,can't do it you take it snap maybe i,mean dan can speak to snap i mean,pinterest i guess you got to put them,out there the one that's going to be,fascinating this week is going to be,facebook i mean think about a stock,that's been cut in half from its,all-time high the level that that stock,traded to the market cap it had to cut a,stock like that in half over the course,of three and a half four months is,remarkable so i think we're going to,find out a lot more about the entire,space when facebook reports well and and,if you think about facebook over the,last three quarters

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How To Make A Twitter Account Public To Private

How To Make A Twitter Account Public To Private

hunger my driver i go,where i must,cold blows,thick drives the rain,and my roof is in the dust,the true word of welcome was spoken in,the door,you,come again,no more,home was home then my dear full of,kindly faces,home was home then my dear,happy for the child,built up,the house and the chimney stone,is cold,don't let it stand now the friends are,all departed,the kind hearts the true hearts that,loved the place,spring shall come come again,calling upon,shall bring the sun and rain,bring the,bees shall the head,the stream,through the even flowing,fear the day shine as it shone on my,house childhood,open doors,birds come and cry there,and twitter,and come again,no more,you

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Exploring Key Features of Twitter (Private/Public Accounts and Viewing the Most Recent Tweets)

Exploring Key Features of Twitter (Private/Public Accounts and Viewing the Most Recent Tweets)

birds and we're having a great day I,wanted to make a video focus on how to,make your Twitter profile public or,private also how to find the most recent,tweets regarding a hashtag so I just,logged on to my Twitter profile here is,my profile information and then if you,click your profile picture in the upper,right hand corner then you would go to,settings and privacy when you go to,settings and privacy you will see the,information regarding your account and,then you will need to go to privacy and,safety and if you have this box checked,that means that no one on Twitter can,find you unless you follow them or,unless you approve them to follow you so,if you have this checked then that means,that none of your classmates will see,your tweets but so consider making your,profile public or add everyone from the,class to your Twitter profile also I,will uncheck tweet will be a location,because I'm very focused on privacy so I,will update that and then another thing,that I wanted to show you guys is if you,look up the class hashtag which is TSU,media then you will see all the Tweel,here's the first thing this is an,account that someone created that is not,associated with the class but it was a,created years ago so you don't have to,follow that account but if you go to,latest then you actually see all of the,tweets that have emerged from our,particular class so to make sure your,tweet is posted just type in TSU new,media go to latest and you can see all,of the tweets that emerge on that,hashtag I also tweet special things,articles I think you guys would like or,benefit from here so this is how you,guys can interact on Twitter also if you,want to know about the 13 social media,category,let's see 13 social yeah I will tweet,this out a little bit later but just to,if I can spell my name but if you just,search for 13 social media and dr.,Edwards and I'll tweet this and a couple,seconds of fact I'll do it now then you,will see all of the social media,categories and if you click that link,then that leads you to the 13th social,media categories you can click that and,see all those categories and so this is,how our group is divided so,multifunctional photo focused video,focused as well as audio focus social,media for content curators blogging,micro blogging commerce focus social,media rating focus social media like,Amazon Yelp anonymous social media,gaming focused social media learning,focus social media and business focus,social media so those are all of the,different types of social media that you,can't and there is the list as a whole,that you can you can become more,knowledgeable about as you persist,through the course but if you have any,questions just please let me know here's,our the tweet but if you have any,questions please let me know and then,also you can figure out exactly how the,information that you are our learning,will benefit you in the long run so that,is what this course is about focused,this course is focused on how the,information can help you guys in the,future but if you have any questions,just please give me a tweet and I will,speak with all of you later have a great,week,and don't forget to share this video,with your with your groups if they,haven't already seen it and I hope to,make more videos focused on answering,your questions have a great day everyone

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