how to get verified on twitter

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023? The New Twitter Blue Checkmarkif you use Twitter you must ha


Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023? The New Twitter Blue Checkmark

if you use Twitter you must have,probably wondered what it takes to get,verified on Twitter because you must,have definitely seen verified Twitter,accounts one with a blue badge and white,check mark Twitter users used to get,this official blue badge from Twitter,after a manual review and verification,process Twitter used the blue badge to,indicate active notable and authentic,Twitter accounts that Twitter had,verified based on certain requirements,but since November 9 2022 Twitter has,stopped accepting verification requests,under the old criteria now if you will,see Twitter accounts will blue back that,can mean two different things either the,account was verified under the previous,verification process or the account has,an active subscription to Twitter blue,so in this video I will show you how you,can also get Twitter blue for your,Twitter account,thank you,so here I am already logged into my,Twitter account on the web that is on a,browser and you can also use and use an,iOS device all right so you will see on,the left uh here you will see the,Twitter blue option you have to click on,that,and this will give you all the option,all the information what will happen,when you will subscribe to Twitter blue,so blue subscribers with a verified,phone number will get a blue check mark,once approved all right and they will,also get all these features that they,have mentioned right here for example,this mentioned coming soon it means that,these three features are right not not,available but later on they will be,added for Twitter blue subscribers and,you can even click on learn more and you,can see what else can do when you are,subscribed to Twitter blue all white so,now for example here you can see at the,bottom the limited time offer the amount,of the subscription per month and you,just have to click on subscribe you have,to pay the amount and that's all you,need to do after that you just need to,wait for the response from Twitter if,they approve your profile for the blue,check mark or not once your profile gets,approved you will automatically start,seeing that blue check mark there all,right and in case if your profile gets,disapproved you will be notified by an,email from Twitter so that was about,Twitter blue how you can use it how you,can subscribe to it and now you need to,pay a fixed amount to get that blue,check mark earlier this amount was not,there so it is completely up to you if,you want to pay this amount or not if,you are a new Twitter user you will have,to wait for 90 days to get this feature,all right if you are not getting the,option to subscribe to Twitter blue the,new verification process is currently,available only on the web and iOS and,that too only in the US Canada Australia,New Zealand and the UK also if you have,created a new account you will not get,the option to subscribe to Twitter blue,for 90 days also if you are already,verified and you make changes to your,profile photo display name or username,this may result in a temporary loss of,the blue check mark until your account,gets very ready again bad twitter,twitter can also remove the blue check,mark if any account is found violating,the Twitter rules so that was all for,today's topic I hope you found this,video helpful and if you do don't forget,to hit the Subscribe button and also,press the Bell icon to stay notified of,all my upcoming videos if you have any,doubts issues or queries related to any,of my videos do let me know in the,comment section down below and for now I,will take the leave we'll see you the,next time

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Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

a little birdie told me that you want to,know how to get verified on twitter,the way you apply changed a few weeks,ago and then almost immediately,twitter had to put it on hold and then,they continued onward with the new,process,so in this video i'm clearing it all up,and walking you through the new,twitter verification process,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,before we get into it go ahead and like,this video for me,and subscribe to the channel if you want,to grow your business,all right so as of may 2021 twitter,started rolling out verification,applications to,everyone and if you clicked on this,video i'm guessing you already know what,the verification badge is,but just in case let's define it really,quickly,the blue verify badge on twitter lets,people know that an account of public,interest is authentic,to receive the blue badge your account,must be authentic,notable and active to encourage and,maintain trust between users on the,platform,you will need to confirm your identity,with twitter in order to be verified you,will usually see these badges on,verified celebrity accounts for example,so that we know it's the real kevin hart,tweeting,and not somebody pretending to be kevin,hart tweeting but businesses can have,verified badges too,and this helps customers know which,account is really you or your business,alright so how do you get verified on,twitter,the new process includes filling out an,application directly from your profile,you can do it from your phone on the,mobile app,or from desktop so first click the more,dot dot dot,button click settings and privacy click,your account,and then account information then under,verified,click request verification then hit,start request and follow the prompts,you'll choose from the list of options,they have to describe what type of,account you have,then you'll have to choose between two,ways to show that your account qualifies,public presence and news coverage for,public presence you have to provide a,link to evidence of the substantial,presence in public indices,like google trends public stock,exchanges etc for news coverage you'll,have to provide,three links from reputable news,organizations that have covered or,referenced you,or your twitter account within the last,six months,i submitted our feature on cnbc's the,profit for example i'll link in the,description if you haven't seen it yet,after that,you select how you want them to verify,it's you be it via a government issued,id,an email address that shares the same,domain as your website url,which you will also fill out or the link,to an official website that references,you,and your twitter account once you submit,everything they show you a confirmation,screen like this,to let you know they've received your,request after that,it is in twitter's hands to make a,decision on whether or not to verify you,they've said that it can take a few,weeks to get back to you but that they,may pause accepting any new applications,until they have gotten through their,backlog which is exactly what happened,in may,after they opened up twitter,applications they received such a high,volume of applications that they had to,halt,applications just days after opening,them up but as of now they're openly,receiving applications again,so what happens if they get back to you,and tell you no,if they don't verify you you can apply,once every 30 days,and something else you should know is,that they stated that they do not,comment on,individual verification decisions,meaning that they can turn down your,application and they do not have to,explain why,now after all that you may be feeling a,little helpless like,what if they keep rejecting my,application month after month,what more can i do well one tip that i,am trying out currently at the time that,i'm filming this,is to fill out an impersonation form if,you can show,twitter that people are pretending to be,you or your company,that's more reason for them to give you,the verification badge to try and,prevent this from happening,you can go to this link that i'll put on,the screen to report somebody,impersonating you,or falsely representing your business,now i would only fill this out if people,are,actually impersonating you don't lie and,fill it out just to fill it out because,i'm not sure what the repercussions of,that could be,it could do you more harm than good and,on the final submission page it,literally asks you to declare under,penalty of perjury that all of the,information provided is accurate but for,us,unfortunately life marketing gets,impersonated all the time,i can't tell you how many times people,have been in our dms,sending us a name or email address of,someone that has been contacting them,pretending to be us to scam them and we,have to message them back and let them,know that that person is not affiliated,with us in any way,it's the whole deal so for us it made,se

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How To Get Verification On Twitter Tutorial

How To Get Verification On Twitter Tutorial

hi,in today's tutorial i'm going to show,you how to get verification on twitter,first of all and of course you'll need a,twitter application on your phone,if you don't have that just go and,download it through,play store if you use in an android or,app store if you're using an iphone,then all you need to do just go and sign,in to create your account,if you already have an account ignore,all of that log into your account and,let's get straight to it so as we said,we want to let's first launch twitter of,course so as you said we want to get,verification on twitter it's simply by,go and click at your profile icon at the,top left corner,if you click on that and go to your,profile,as you can see i don't have the verified,icon on my profile so how can i make it,verb or how can i get a verification on,my profile just go back and click at the,same icon at the top left corner and,head up to my settings and privacy,so here,all i need to do just go and look for,click here or tap at your account,and all you need to do,is go to your account information,first of all of course not everyone will,be able to have a verification batch,so because just maybe,let me just,remember the number yeah it's 0.2,percent of the users of twitter who just,had this verification badge so of course,not everyone have it,so how or,who you are to get this badge it should,be like,you should be active of course,uh not just like maybe you're using,twitter like once a week or something,and of course maybe you have a brand or,you're a businessman you are,representing a company government or,something,there are a lot of other things to get,at this badge i don't know them all so,all you need to do just go and click add,verification requests,so as you can see here what it means to,be verified on twitter you will get the,blue badge and,as you can see here you need to be,active,you need to maintain trust between users,accounts must represent or otherwise be,associated with,with prominently recognized individual,or brand so all you need to do just,confirm your eligibility add links to,evidence and submit your application all,you need to do is just click add apply,now,and here they will take you to,to this page so you just need to as you,can see here you can't request,verification right now because my,account is too new because i just,created this account but for you if,you're using accounts just for too long,and you want to get this verification,just as you as i said wait let's just me,leave just click apply now and follow,the steps that they are going to show so,that will be for the video guys i hope,you like it thanks for watching and,goodbye

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Twitter verification 2021 - How to get verified on twitter | Apply for twitter verification

Twitter verification 2021 - How to get verified on twitter | Apply for twitter verification

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How To Get Verified On Twitter (Easy Process)

How To Get Verified On Twitter (Easy Process)

hey hey it's your host sauce from the,viral kingdom and in today's video i'm,gonna be showing you guys how you can,get verified,on twitter in a couple easy steps before,we do get into anything if you guys go,down,leave a like on this video and subscribe,to the channel in miniton as we're,trying to hit our goal of 100 000,subscribers so make sure you guys hit,that subscribe button without further,ado let's get right into this video,so twitter just recently announced on,their verified account,just yesterday stating that there's a,new application process on how to get,verified before it was very complicated,to get verified on twitter,there's lots of false news over on,youtube on how to get verified now there,is a very direct way,and it's simply in your settings i'm,going to be showing you guys how to do,that so you just want to go to your,settings and go to your account,information,and you'll be greeted to this page right,here it says tell us who you are and you,just want to select whatever one,applies to you most for my instance i'm,going to hit,entertainers and entertainment groups,now i do have to preference that,this feature is only going to be in some,accounts,information however it's going to be,rolled out to everyone on twitter in the,next month they said they're just slowly,rolling it out for whatever reason so if,you don't have it don't worry check your,account again in like two weeks and the,option to get verified will be there,back to the video just select whatever,you are and then i will bring you to,this page right here the account,qualifications,and in here you just have to have some,type of coverage over on the internet,of you or your brand if you're like a,youtuber or twitch streamer trying to,get verified the best,option is hitting the official,leadership website and just directly,link,your youtube or twitch for this example,i'm going to select professional sports,or esports,entity then i'm going to select news,coverage and then i can,put the links of all the websites that i,have,and bam once you do that your requests,will be submitted it does take,around 30 days for them to get back to,you however the good thing about this is,you can reapply,every 30 days so if you don't get in the,first time,just reapply again and keep on doing,that until you finally get verified,there are some things i should note,though that your account must be,complete meaning you have to have a,profile name a profile image,and either a confirmed email address or,phone number,your account must also be active within,the last six months,and have a record of following the,twitter rules additionally,if you're a parody news feed commentary,and unofficial fan account,a pet or fictional character account or,engaged in tons of,manipulation and spam like the buying,and selling of followers,you will not be allowed into the,verification process,so do keep that in mind want to stay on,twitter's good side and as long as,you're not like a parody account of a,famous person,you should be good to go there's,absolutely no requirement for the amount,of followers or,likes per tweet you get so even if you,don't think you might not get verified,try it anyways you might just get in,that's gonna be today's video i hope you,did enjoy if you did leave a like,subscribe to the channel and i hope you,guys have,yourselves a fantastic day,you

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How To Get Verified (BLUE TICK ) On Twitter | NEW 2022 Update

How To Get Verified (BLUE TICK ) On Twitter | NEW 2022 Update

hello guys welcome to my YouTube channel,if you're looking for a way to get,verified on your Twitter account then,this video is for you in today's video,I'm going to walk you through a very,detailed step by step tutorial are you,going to get the Blue Tick button on,your Twitter profile account all you,need to do for me in this video is for,you to follow every step that I'm about,to show you apply it and we are going to,see that I'm going to do I'm going to,get mine right in front of the screen,okay but before that please if after,watching this video you found this video,very useful,do leave me a like in this video so that,it will motivate me and also serve as an,encouragement to me knowing fully,whether people like you are getting,value from my videos if still it doesn't,work out for you still leave me a,comments in the comment section and I'm,going to find a possible way to help you,with the problem okay lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to the channel,to get more useful information on how to,do various things on YouTube without,waiting much more time let's get started,I believe you're already on your Twitter,account okay let's first of all go and,check whether we could actually do this,on our Twitter account if you click on,your profile icon at the top left if you,click on it then you're going to click,on your profile page then you're going,to see that I don't have any Blue Tick,right now but stick with me in this,video I'm going to show you how you're,going to get yours because I'm going to,get mine okay if you come out from here,click on proof icon again that's cropped,where you're going to see settings and,support click on settings and support,then click on settings and privacy on,diet if you click on settings and,privacy you're going to click on this,your account if you click on your,account you're going to click on account,information then you're not going to see,any option of you getting your account,verified or being subscribed to the,verification,um option okay but,stick with me here I'm going to show you,how you're going to do this first of all,what you're going to do in order to get,this Blue Tick is for you to go to your,Google Play Store if you go to your,Google Play student search for your,Twitter app at the top here,search for Twitter app if you search for,Twitter app and as you can see my,Twitter is not up to date and this is,one of the things that I'm I'm going to,do in order to achieve this so if your,Twitter app is not up to this please try,to update your Twitter app okay,I'm going to update my writing read then,after updating your Twitter all you need,to do is for you to come out from this,place then go to your phone settings why,I'm telling you to go to your phone,settings is for you to clear the old,data and then log into the new data on,how you're going to achieve this good,way you're going to see apps or apps or,management or apps or notification,depending on the phone you're using,click on ADD then if you click on apps,it's either you scroll up to look for,your Twitter app or you could just click,on this search tab at the top right,corner search for Twitter,if you,open your Twitter app then go to this,place we are going to see storage click,on storage,if you click on storage you're going to,see by the down downside of this,interface you're going to see clear data,and click out clear the boot clear,everything that you need to declare,everything after clearing everything go,to the second one which is permission,allow all the permissions that you have,on your Twitter okay as you can see I,have allowed every permission that I,have on my Twitter app then you're going,to see no permissions denied so allow,all the permission just as I've done,already then after allowing all the,permission you're not going to achieve,this using your Twitter mobile app,rather you are going to do this on your,Twitter,um browser okay all you need to do here,is for you to go to any browser of your,choice when I'm using Google Chrome and,I will go with Google Chrome open your,Google Chrome or any browser of your,Twitter then if you open it if you open,your Google Chrome or any browserver,choice then log into your Twitter app,log into your Twitter mobile app on your,Google Chrome if you haven't done that,before they are going to show you where,you're going to insert your password go,just click on then,you're going to log in but mine I've,already logged in before so I just want,to be quick in this very tutorial in,order not to waste your time then as you,can see I'm already on my Twitter,account in my mobile that's my mobile,device or Google device and the next,thing I'm about to do is for me to click,on my profile icon at the top left,corner click on it if you click on your,profile icon then click on settings and,support after clicking on settings and,support click on settings and privacy,under it if you click on settings and,privacy then you're going to click on,this first option which is

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How to get verified on Twitter in 2022!

How to get verified on Twitter in 2022!

hey everybody it's your favorite,traveler in the entire world imani be,coming to you for monetize monday,yes we got another video i told you i'm,going to keep these videos up weekly for,y'all because i want to help everybody,win i want to help as many people win as,i possibly can and one of the biggest,things that will help you to monetize,any social media platform as a content,creator is being verified on social,media it's just one of those things that,people often say that it's a vanity,metric but,in some instances it isn't because the,idea of being verified is literally just,verifying who you are that you are not a,catfish that you are not,um a robot right that you are actual,human being that exists that is doing,work,that is recognizable somewhere out in,the world right,so ultimately,um this one is about twitter,verification now personally i mean i'm,verified on both instagram and twitter,now for me i feel like the process is,much more seamless when it comes to,twitter um twitter shut down their,process for a while it was like over a,year i think,and then when they came back they came,back with a bang they came back with a,process that was absolutely seamless,absolutely user friendly,um you could tell that,whomever is running their verification,process,they're doing it right now granted,obviously some people applied,they didn't get it people be salty,because you know everybody thinks that,oh you know i should be able to qualify,i felt the same way with instagram,instagram i applied i don't know how,many times to be honest with you i think,that back channel that instagram has you,do within the app is just for you to,chase your tail i really don't think,that it helps you to get verified,because it didn't help me get verified,and i still can't get verified on,facebook which instagram is the same,company,so i don't get it i feel like twitter is,a much easier process a much more,seamless process so we're gonna get into,how it is that you can get verified on,twitter so let's do it all right so,the process that i went through was very,easy was very seamless i applied one,time and i got verification okay,now,the one thing that you have to identify,is number one who are you,and that's no shade but the verification,process is a process to verify notable,people,to verify that these notable notable,people are authentic people if you,remember when social media first like,hit the ground running and pages were,you know like twitter and stuff like,that there will always be like another,page saying that it was a celebrity,saying that it was,you know this particular person and,trolling people and doing all other,kinds of things so really the,verification process from social media,came from a necessity to identify the,who's who you know what i mean i can,identify that this person is the rock,that this person is uh halle berry that,this person is rihanna you know what i'm,saying like to make sure that whoever,the trolls are creating these fake pages,you can obviously identify that this is,not the real person because they're not,verified so that's really where it comes,but from so you have to decide okay well,who are you who are you to be verified,and that's no shade it's just a matter,of saying okay do you have the,credentials do you have the stuff that,is required for you to actually get,verified so for example for me,i applied for verification in twitter as,a journalist um twitter has it now that,you can i you can literally apply within,the app within the twitter app um and,you can also go online but if you have,the app on your phone you can apply,from the twitter app and it's very very,easy,what it asked me for was three things,three things that i needed to begin with,number one i needed an official website,as a journalist most journalists have a,portfolio right so if you're a content,creator and you don't have your own,website you need to make sure that you,find a platform i don't even care if,it's a blog find a platform wordpress,tumblr,sub stack something to be able to put,your work on it right so that way you,have your own official website that,showcases your work right got it so then,the next thing is id verification i had,to either upload my driver's license,state id or my passport and i'm saying,all of those options because i don't,even remember which one i did i don't,know but you have to i um you have to,upload your id it has to be state issued,or government issued in some aspect okay,and then you also have to have an,official email address now for me,um,my email address is pretty much my,branding so it just coincides with it,but like if for example if you're saying,that you're somebody who works for a,specific entity you say you work for,meta you say you work for,glamour magazine then you need to have,an actual official website um byron dot,williams, like that's what they mean by,when they say official email address,okay so once you do that you put in um,you put that information in and then,also for me

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How to Verify Your Twitter Account With Less Followers? Tips & Tricks | UPDATED

How to Verify Your Twitter Account With Less Followers? Tips & Tricks | UPDATED

hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is nitish,so here is a good news for all who want,to get verified on twitter,and recently twitter has relaunched its,twitter verification program,and today in this video i'm gonna tell,you that how you can get verified on,twitter easily,and not only this you can get this,verification badge on your twitter,account,even if you have less followers and,other than this i'm gonna give you some,tips and tricks from which,you can get verified on twitter account,so make sure you watch this video till,the end and follow me on twitter if you,want to get verified fast,so most of the people think that you,need lot of followers on twitter account,to get verified,but this is just a myth and i'll give,you a proof that there are profiles,who are verified with so less followers,so now have a look at this profile,this profile has only 3.4 k followers,and then also this profile is verified,so how these profiles are verified with,so less followers,so i'm gonna give you some more examples,with less followers and,still these profiles are verified and,now have a look at this profile,this profile has 9000 followers and this,profile is,also verified and now i'm going to,search for some more profiles and you,won't believe,that these profiles have only hundreds,of followers,and then also these profiles are,verified,so now look at this profile this profile,has only 611 followers,this is like so less followers and then,also this profile is verified,now let's just check out some other,profile also,this profile is also verified with 2 000,followers,and now this one has 3 000 followers and,is verified,have a look at this profile this has 1,000 followers,and it is verified like most of the,profiles are verified,with only 3 000 on your followers,oh wait this profile has only 300,followers,like so less followers these profiles,are verified,how this is possible so i am going to,tell you about a trick,from which you can also verify your,twitter account,with less followers so first of all i,have seen most of the people,using follow for follow trick fake apps,which include,auto like auto follows and people use,these fake apps and hacks,so my suggestion is that don't use these,fake apps and tricks,because if you use these fake apps to,grow your followers on twitter,then you will not get verified because,twitter thinks,that your account is fake and these apps,have access to your twitter account,which create an unusual activities on,twitter account,and this reduces your chances of getting,verified on twitter,so stop using this follow for follow,tricks and fake apps,which integrate into your twitter,account now moving on to the another,trick,to get verified on twitter with less,followers is,try posting frequently i have seen most,of the profiles,that are not much active on twitter and,this will reduce the chances,of your profile to get a verification,badge,so try to post every day and tweet as,much as you can,like other posts retweet share interact,with other profile,and tweet frequently this will make your,profile active,and make sure you do this process for at,least two to three months,and after doing this for three months,what you have to do is,and yeah one more thing make sure that,you don't change your bio information,too frequently,in fact i would suggest to keep it same,all the time and this will create a,genuine impact on your profile,according to twitter algorithm and other,than this you have to make sure that you,don't change your username also,because username is your profile,identity and if you are changing your,username,too frequently then you won't get,verified,so now after doing all these steps and,the process for,3 months you have to apply for twitter,verification,and for this you have to go to twitter,and follow twitter verified page and as,we all know that before,there was a link for twitter,verification that i have mentioned in,the description,box below but now twitter has changed,the process of verification and now you,can apply for twitter verification from,your phone,and for that you have to open your,twitter app then go to settings,and then in settings in account section,you will see a request verification tab,make sure you update the twitter app,also so that you will get this,option and now coming to the main,section this time twitter has announced,different badges for different profiles,such as label for political candidates,government account,influencers and much more,so now after clicking the request,verification tab,tap on start request button after that,you have to tell,that who you are so here you can select,your profile identity such as,influencer company brand organization,entertainment group government official,or affiliate,journalist or news so you can choose,according to your profile,after this you will see account,qualifications,and here you have to select your,popularity on google or any other,platform,such as facebook or wikipedia or any,newsletter,here you can also men

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