how to delete a twitter account

How To Delete Twitter Account | Close Your Twitter Accountokay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTu


Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Delete Twitter Account | Close Your Twitter Account

okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel if you're looking for,how to delete your Twitter account then,this video is for you in today's video,I'm going to show you an easy and a very,simple way all right you're going to,delete your Twitter account permanently,all you need to do for me in this very,video is for you to follow suit every,step that I'm about to show you apply it,and we are going to achieve this right,in front of this screen,but before that please if after watching,this video you found this video very,useful do leave me a like in this video,so that is to motivate me on the social,service and encouragement for me to be,uploading more useful content here leave,me a comment in the comment section if,after applying everything it worked for,you and I'll be glad to hear that still,if it doesn't help you still leave me a,comment to the comment section and I'm,going to find a possible way to help you,with a problem okay lastly and most,importantly do subscribe to this channel,turn on the notification Bell to be,getting more useful information on how,to do various things on YouTube which,always so much for time let's get,started,I believe you're already on your Twitter,account okay the next thing you're going,to do and what to achieve this for you,to click on list your profile icon at,the top left,if you click on it then you're going to,receive these options here the only,option I would like you to click here is,for you to go here to where you're going,to see settings and support then click,on sessions and support you're going to,be seeing settings and privacy then,click on these settings and privacy if,you click on settings and privacy then,you're going to be seeing these options,here just click on the first for which,you are going to see your account okay,click on your account and if you click,on your account you're going to be,seeing this first option of account,information change your password,download and archive and download an,archive of your data deactivate account,the only option I watch it and the only,option that you're going to click here,is supposed to click on this last option,which is deactivate account okay click,on it,if you click on it then you're going to,come to this particular place,which I'm going to explain to you what,this accurate means the activation means,that meaning that means that you can go,off on Twitter and you can still come,back at a particular period of time that,you want to come back but deletion means,that you're going to delete your Twitter,account permanently so before you can,delete your Twitter account permanently,you have to first of all deactivate your,Twitter account which will stay for up,to 30 days after 30 days your Twitter,account will be deleted permanently and,this is a very simple one how are you,going to do this so if you want to,delete your Twitter account all you need,to do is for you to click on this,deactivate and it's going to show you,where you're going to put in your,password and your account will be,deactivated and this is a very simple,way on how you're going to delete your,Twitter account so guys I believe you,understand every step that I just want,you to learn everything that I've seen,to you that's how you're going to delete,your Twitter account but still if this,doesn't work out for you I said what I'm,going to show you know to achieve this,and how you going to do this because,I've been into this situation and I'm,going to show you what I did I want to,come out from there,the easy thing that I just did here is,for me to first of all go to my Google,Play Store as an Android user and even,if you're an iPhone user go to Apple,store then click on this Google Play,Store here then please search for,Twitter then we are going to check,whether our Twitter app is up to date,and as you can see our Twitter app is,not up to date and I'm going to just,update it to show you that this is a,very simple way of how you're going to,do this again try to update your Twitter,app and I'm not just telling you because,of this very tutorial because of many,other things that you see going to come,across is your Twitter app okay update,your Twitter app after updating your,Twitter app I'm going to clear the order,and log into the new one,which I'm going to show you are you,going to do that okay after updating,your Twitter app you're going to go to,your phone settings if you go to your,phone settings locate where you're going,to see apps or you can just see apps and,management or apps and notification,click on apps my phone I can just do I'm,just seeing only apps okay if you click,on it then you're going to see the,variety of apps that you have on your on,your phone and you see that you screw up,there looking for your Twitter app or if,you just click on this search tab at the,top right corner to look for it either,then I've seen my just click on Twitter,if you click on Twitter then you're,going to screw up to where you're going,to see storage buildings for s

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How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently (2023)

How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently (2023)

today i'm showing you how to delete a,twitter account if you're new to the,channel please go down below and hit,that subscribe button,and once you've done that please go and,leave a like as well i really do,appreciate it,so it's a really really useful tutorial,as a lot of people have asked me to make,a tutorial on deleting your twitter,account,and i tried to connect it down quickly,and i'm showing you how to on your phone,and then quickly how to do it on your,desktop,um so if you're interested in that make,sure it's the whole video to miss a,single step,and let's go and jump into this as you,can see i'm now on my phone,and let's go and jump straight into this,tutorial so the first thing you want to,do is make sure you've got the twitter,app downloaded,so i'm starting this on my phone next,before at the end of the video i'll,quickly show you how to do it on your,computer,so all you want to do is make sure,you've got the app ready and you go and,sign in so come to twitter,and it's going to open up just like so,and wait for it to load so,this is going to work on any phone you,have so regardless of that be,an android or an iphone this is going to,work fine so anyways make sure you're,signed in and you've got the right,account selected that's really important,make sure you've got the right account,any content you're going to want any,pictures any tweets any messages make,sure you've got all of that saved,because,it's no good no longer going to be,accessible if you go and delete it of,course,so anyways once you've got everything,saved and everything you may want,then go to the bottom left and click on,the sort of the bird box actually the,home button,and then swipe across and then you've,got all of these options here,so then you want to go and click on,settings and privacy,wait for that to load like i said before,just ensure you've got the right account,selected,then i'm going to do is simply click on,account so just below the top one,actually,uh below your username click account and,then you can scroll down and you want to,click deactivate your account,then click across here and it's going to,tell you everything you're going to need,to know,so as you can see you're about to start,the process of deactivating your twitter,account,your display name employment profile,will no longer be viewable,so that's everything you want to know,then to go and deactivate to just click,deactivate just like so,then you can go and enter your password,and it's going to go and deactivate it,and that is literally it,and you go and deactivate it now i'm,pretty sure as you can see here,you could have up to 30 days to re-sign,in to reactivate it,um so that's pretty important um so you,have got a chance to,to get it back if you need to but i,would recommend this make sure you get,everything saved but yeah,so to do this on your computer make sure,you come to as you can see,i'm just here,then you want to come to the left bar,and come down to more,and then go and click on settings and,privacy once that loads you then,literally taken right to the page as you,can see here,deactivate your account click here and,then it's going to tell you all the,options here so as you can see,like on the iphone you literally click,the activate enter your password and,then you're good to go and you have,those 30 days,that is the tutorial leave a like if you,found this helpful subscribe for more,i'll catch you the next one peace,you

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How to delete your Twitter account

How to delete your Twitter account

well elon musk's takeover of twitter has,already prompted many users to leave the,platform the social media company,reporting mass deactivations and some,big fluctuations and follow our accounts,this week twitter says the movement has,been organic despite the timing of the,changes but that begs the question,how do you go about shutting down your,account for deeper dive we've got yahoo,finances dan haley in this week's tech,support and dan you know it feels like,it's as simple as just deleting the,account but is there more to it,yeah it's a little bit more complicated,because social networks make it that way,just to keep you hooked forever so let's,just give you a quick rundown of how to,delete your account if you want to uh by,the way poor katy perry lost like 200,000 something followers so i don't know,what she did wrong but,so,real quick,if you have your account uh on either,the web uh ios or android,you can deactivate it but then there's a,period of time you have to wait to,actually delete it so here's how you,would uh deactivate it you sign in and,then you click your profile image and,then select uh settings and privacy,that's going to take you to another menu,where you'll see something called,account options then you'll scroll down,the screen to the area that says,deactivate your account now here's where,it gets a little bit tricky when you do,this you're going to get two options 30,days or one year they'll show up as 12,months i think we can do that math uh,when you select that you're basically,choosing how long you want of a waiting,period,before the account actually deletes,select 30 days it's the the least amount,of time,and then,you are essentially set just sign out of,twitter uh if you do however go back to,your account sign in that 30 days goes,away that one year goes away and your,account is no longer deactivated it's,just a regular account,so you have to be careful that you,actually stay off of twitter for that,entire time period now that will entail,signing out of any other services that,you may have your account signed into,for instance if you use tweetdeck or use,twitter as your main sign in for,something else,online you have to make sure that you,deactivate your account or de-link your,account from those services otherwise,it'll call off twitter and then your,account will no longer be deactivated,it'll be active again so after that,30-day or one-year period though you,will be able to fully delete your,account and kiss twitter goodbye but,just because you're kissing goodbye,doesn't mean that all of your old tweets,are going away they're still available,online because everything on the,internet is permanent but there is a way,to get them away for the most part and,there are some apps that you can get,that are third-party providers that will,connect to your twitter account and,scrub everything that you've ever posted,including likes retweets and actual,tweets from existence again not,everything disappears on the internet,there's the wayback machine that can,pull things up uh but you still will be,able to for the most part kiss all of,this goodbye and not have to worry about,twitter going forward we were just,discussing uh during the break how,there's plenty of things that i wish i,probably didn't post online from college,that i really really want to get rid of,so i may be doing this later but once,you have all of that done you should be,done with twitter entirely i do just,want to point out though that you are,going to be using third-party services,so be sure that you trust them uh when,you enter your information because you,are going to have to enter your full,login for those services to get access,to your account and delete what your,tweets are,dan i'm curious to get your take on,these deactivations that we saw you,mentioned katy perry's account as one,congresswoman marjorie taylor green,saw more than 90 000 followers added to,her account former president barack,obama lost according to nbc news,up to 300 000 followers what do you,think is going on,i think it could be that there were some,people that wanted to leave and some,people that wanted to join obviously you,know the idea that uh obama,i don't know where katy perry fits into,this but the idea that obama uh would,lose uh users,this is going to be just a political,issue,obama being obviously democrat people,who are left-leaning not necessarily,liking the idea that uh elon musk taking,over and wanting to uh allow all forms,of speech on the platform regardless of,uh whether or not they're disinformation,misinformation or hate speech it seems,to be that that's not going to be a,priority for him to moderate and then,that brings in people who have been,claiming that twitter is silencing them,which a lot of conservatives have been,doing and then they may uh float to,people like marjorie taylor green but it,could also just be that we saw an,explosion of bots it could be that some,bots were taken down i know they said,that it's organic but that

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How to delete a Twitter account permanently

How to delete a Twitter account permanently


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How To Delete Twitter Account ( EASY GUIDE )

How To Delete Twitter Account ( EASY GUIDE )

okay so what's up guys welcome to my,YouTube channel in today's video I'm,going to show you the very easy and,simple way on how you can delete your,Twitter account and I'm going to walk,you through a step-by-step tutorial on,how you're going to do this all I want,for me in this video is for you to pay,attention to every step that I'm going,to show you apply it and you're going to,delete your Twitter account and please,if after watching this video you found,this video very useful and helpful do,leave me a like in this video so that,this video will serve as a motivation to,me and also as an encouragement to me to,be uploading more useful content here on,YouTube leave me a comment in the,comment section tell me that this video,really helped you and I'll be glad to do,more and also do subscribe to the,channel to be getting more insulin,information on how to do various things,on YouTube without listening much for,our time let's get started I believe,you're already on your Twitter account,if you're not on your Twitter app open,your Twitter app on your phone then this,is how your Twitter interface is going,to look like the next step you're going,to do is for you to click on this your,profile icon at the top left corner of,this interface,if you click on it then you're going to,see your profile then if you see your,profile come down here you're going to,see settings and support or you can also,see settings only settings in your own,depending on which the one you're using,and I would advise you to go and update,your Twitter app okay then click on,setting and support they'll come down,you're going to see settings and privacy,then click on settings and privacy,you're going to see this variety of,options your account security and,account access click on the first one,which is your account okay click on your,account then click on this last one,which is deactivate account click on the,activate account then yeah you're going,to see deactivate what this deactivation,means here is that when you deactivate,your candy account you is going to be,there for 30 days then after 30 days,your account will be deleted permanently,and that's the very simple way on how,you can do that that's the only way or I,can delete your Twitter account okay,whether permanently or temporarily but,if you deactivate your account you can,also reactivate it anytime you want at,the range of that 80 Days but after that,60 days your account will be deleted,permanently all you need to do is for,you to click on deactivate my account,then you're going to insert your,password after inserting your password,you're going to click deactivate and,your account will be deactivated which,you can also reactivate anytime within,the range of their 30 minutes after that,30 minutes you're not going to do,anything again your account will be,deleted permanently okay and that's the,very simple one how you're going to do,that,so guys I believe this video really,helped you and I believe you understand,many things I've already touched in this,video all I want for me in this video is,for you to pay attention to every step,that I'm going to show you leave me a,like and leave me a like in this video,so that this video will also be at the,top where it's going to be helped many,of many people just as you are those are,looking for the same solution these same,problems solve the issue leave me a,comment in the comment section tell me,that this video really helped you and,I'll be glad to hear that and lastly and,most importantly do subscribe to the,channel to be getting more useful,information on how to do various things,on YouTube don't have a nice day thank,you

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This Is Why I DELETED My Twitter Account (And Why You Should Too)

This Is Why I DELETED My Twitter Account (And Why You Should Too)

welcome back thank you so much for,tuning in um,i'm kimmy and today i just wanted to,share why i,deleted and deactivated my twitter,account today i've been on twitter for,12 years,i was following bands and,artists that i wanted to keep track of,and i just literally i thought it was,just gonna be a great tool to be like,hey,they're in canada now and like hey like,they're coming to south africa,so we could we should get tickets and,stuff so,that was my prime motivation little did,i know how,insane social media would become in the,years to follow,i don't really remember the descent into,like when everything went to crap,uh 2011 when i graduated from high,school in south africa,to 2014 i really wasn't on twitter but,when i got back onto twitter like it was,a different beast,and i noticed this whole clap back,mentality had developed,it wasn't really until like 20,2015 or 2016 that i really got back onto,twitter like,you know as a more involved user of the,app,and there was this quote retweet format,where people would only just,retweet to speak against what was below,it like,the whole clap back mentality was really,taking root,everyone just wanted to negate what,someone had already said,not just in the format of quote retweets,but also in the replies like,replies would only be centered around,the wrong,thing there was such a an attraction to,what was negative and what could be,pointed out and what could be,poked and prodded and pulled apart at,first it was very jovial it was very,light-hearted and it was very much,centered around jokes and humor and,twitter just evolved,into this negative bias hub,when um 2020 hit i noticed,a few things i was only getting,any sense of value any knowledge of the,world,from twitter but twitter primes you for,how you are to view the world i just,noticed that the way they were,framing a lot of the events that,occurred in 2020,were all from one side it was one-sided,i thought it was a neutral platform,but it was one-sided and a lot of the,stories that popped up on the,the right hand side when you log in on,the web app,primed and written in such a way that,they clearly,favored one side and then that informed,the way conversations happened in the,center meaning like the tweets it was,kind of based off of,that right-hand side like panel that,told you about the news of the day and,then people kind of,took their cue as to what they needed to,talk about,and so that really disturbed me a lot,because we weren't being,set off to talk about things in the,right way we're being primed for a,certain,discussion and then thinking that we,have the agency to bring originality to,the table but we're really kind of being,set up psychologically beforehand for,the conversations that we're about to,have on the app,in 280 characters or less so i didn't,like that at all,and then i spent uh i kind of imploded,on twitter in 2020 i was just like,obsessed with the epstein case and,finding elaine maxwell so much so that,once she was found and caught i just,dipped out but during that time of,dipping out,i felt so much,peace and just,just like a new sense of reality so much,so that i think i had my eyes open to so,many things,especially about myself and who i am as,a person twitter for,12 years was a huge part of my psyche,and when i took that break in 2020 for,about nine months,i was able to regain so much more,in terms of having my fear levels,decreased,first of all second of all having,a sense of objectivity about the world,and just a sense of,peace through that objectivity about,certain events not occur,not just like in my life but also in my,world around me,and and with the people with whom i live,and like,work and kind of share my existence with,i really want to encourage you also look,up the concept or the word the term,and,anhedonia and hedonia,i'll see if i can throw up like a,definition here or something and you can,pause it if i do,but basically that's the inability to,have pleasure or to sense pleasure,you've literally given yourself,all the the candy if so to speak,um so much so that your body can't even,enjoy pleasure because it just,gets so much of it yeah twitter and,social media in general,gives me that hit every time i see a,notification pop up and i realize that,it i might be better off if i just have,some,self-control in different areas 80 20,principle right,like it wasn't really yielding that much,in my life even though i dedicated,so much time to it like it might have,not been an intentional dedication of,time but like,it still took away a lot of my time,during the day i would say like when i,was,really steeped in it and even this week,um,i would have maybe like five hours a day,spent on twitter and,it doesn't seem it's not like one chunk,of it it's like for morning like,checking it consistently like you know,lunchtime,after lunch like in between chores in,between work,like in between tasks and then before,bed huge chunks of time,over many days and then over many weeks,for however many years,d

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#Twitter#Account#Sinhala How to delete Twtter Account

#Twitter#Account#Sinhala How to delete Twtter Account

Hai siram dengan sebuah masih berdosa,kritikan Odi Troy pada metode hemat n,diedit probiotik channel tetapi Allah,ama dana usaha dan mp3node Galaxy,#animoku hommade Twitter etc diaktifkan,neglecting api paling gara-gara nitrogen,memprediksi Kennedy ediva menjadi,Kennedy asing dengan kata agama begitu,ide gak pohon lingkaran diet iu keren,nih reading api balongmulyo mulai,membaik fauna Gideon Grand Mega logo the,anime MB setting tonimay karena dihantui,TTG my adding up Palm pohon mudah Mega,Didit kerajaan nih eh mana tadi aku,Garnier kepribadianmu ada,balagana bolong My name is dead FT,Ryeowook FT Dido atau memiliki Roger,logo Vale,yang kode-kode,hai hai,Hai County Raden Ajeng country kerja,yang phasefale hadapan Allah kau,chirathivat warnet valediction new,account are adding new remix kepala,nevaleonaaf Zaina didaur nampak CD kirim,ke oleh update-an nama Dino Dino Dino,Adobe website karena nenek-nenek tahun,dekat Dedes Karno menangis di Timika,udah dibikin nomer ada videonya Mavin,nah sama fb-mu Kadek Didit kenoyojayan,memang at-tirmidzi World media kiriman,temui karane diethylbenzene,Rising action OTG Agan Omega sebutkan,media Q ini kalau mau Komodo menyediakan,mapolsek Jagat tadi aq0 Yes di action,dunno hiidosdk kweli hari God bless you,gue counties diakui haritama,hari Daeng magicounter diakui latin Fany,where mualaf Dan Nadi Valentino Rossi,Chaerunnisa Spike labels about the MB,medley kalau download video anime harem,walabi di pohon zaitun like den-o dan,banget Indonesia karena poliakamigas,section like comment box segi Oke ada,hasil pada Kerajaan nama tekanan Nepal,eating at Youth walau ideal download,themes himbauan Biarin aja nagane mau,akademisi setiap Diana Khan 50-an biar,dia nama-nama ngadim Arema Wulan Dewi,deoking tetap ordered The Noble lantai,Palembang centang aneh adding any Marry,menutupi dengan warna turu walet super,berbeda Shakila semoga

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How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently UPDATED!

How To Delete Twitter Account Permanently UPDATED!

hello everyone welcome to my YouTube,channel if you're looking forward to,delete your Twitter account permanently,then this video is for you in today's,video I'm going to walk you through a,very detailed step-by-step tutorial on,how you're going to delete your Twitter,account and if after watching this video,this video doesn't work for you leave me,a comment in the comment section tell me,that it does not work for you and I'm,going to help you with a possible,problem okay all you need to do for me,is for you to follow suit every step,that I'm about to show you apply it and,we are going to achieve this together,without wasting much of our time let's,get started I believe you already on our,Twitter account and the less you're,going to do in order to achieve this is,for you to click on list your profile,icon at the top left corner,if you click on it then you're going to,be seeing these options here then all,you need to do is for you to click on,these settings and support then after,clicking on settings and support under,it you're going to see settings and,privacy click on settings and privacy,then you're going to be seeing these,options here the only option I would,like you to click is for you to go over,to where you're going to see your,account click on your account,then you're going to be seeing these,ones then click on this last one which,is deactivate account then click on the,activate account if you click on the,activate account you're going to be,seeing everything here and I'm going to,explain to you in a second or this what,all this means deactivation means that,you could just go out from Twitter at a,particular period of time and you're,going to come back later and you must be,deactivated or you must deactivate your,account before you can delete your,accounts so all you need to do is first,click on this deactivate and put in your,password and your account will be,deleted permanently but before your,account will be deleted your account,will be deactivated your account will be,away for up to 30 days after 30 days it,will be deactivated and this is very,simple and the only one you're going to,delete your account permanently okay,just click on this activate put in your,password and your account will be,deleted permanently and this is very,simple way on how you're going to delete,your accounts and are you going to close,your account as many things you're going,to do in order to end your account,but still if you find yourself confusing,or if after applying everything it,didn't work out for you I still have,what I'm going to show you know,otherwise if this week you are going to,apply here first of all if you couldn't,deactivate or if you couldn't see that,person or if you're finding it hard to,do all you need to do is for you to go,to Google Play Store if you're not,Android User if you're an iPhone user go,to Apple store then search for Twitter,then you are going to update your,Twitter app if your Twitter app is not,up to date as you can see mine is not up,to date and I'm just going to create,this update to update that okay so after,updating everything after updating your,Twitter app all you need to do here is,for you to go and collect the old data I,love you to the new one which I'm going,to show you how you're going to do okay,are you going to do this,is for you to click on this settings,icon okay if you click on settings icon,then you're going to be seeing these,options here then locate or find where,you go to see apps or you could just see,apps and management or have some,notification depending on the phone,you're using the screw up to where,you're going to find Twitter you could,just click on this search tab at the top,corner or you could just scroll up,anyone or anyone you want to do then,click on Twitter if you click on Twitter,then you're going to scrub to where,you're going to see storage click on,storage,then you're going to clear your couch,and your data because that's a very,simple one you're going to do this clear,character after clearing your character,that I come here go to permissions click,on permissions then allow all the,permissions that you have on your on,your Twitter app after allowing all the,permissions then you're going to go back,apply what I just showed you I believe V,is going to work out because,settings and privacy click on your,account click on deactivate your account,click on deactivate and put in your,password and everything will be settled,for you and that is a very simple one,are you going to do this so guys I,believe you understand every step that,I've just walked you through now in this,very video all I'm asking for you in,this video is for you to follow suit,every step that I'm about to show you,after applying it if it worked for you,leave me a comment in the comment,section and I'll be glad to hear that,but still if it doesn't work for you,still leave your comments in the comment,section and I'm going to find a possible,way to help you with the problem okay,lastly and mo

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