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How to Deactivate Twitter - Delete Twitter Account Permanentlyhey everyone today we're gonna show yo

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

How to Deactivate Twitter - Delete Twitter Account Permanently

hey everyone today we're gonna show you how to deactivate or permanently delete,your Twitter account we'll show you how to do this on your computer and your,phone so check it out hey everyone its Ken here from Northern Viking Everyday,and if you are new to this channel it is all about reviews and how to's so make,sure you click that subscribe button so you don't miss out on any upcoming,videos today we're going to show you how to easily deactivate or permanently,delete your Twitter account it's really quick to do we're gonna show you how to,do this on your computer as well as on your phone so let's get right into this,and jump over to my computer and show you how it's done,all right so once you're logged into your Twitter account on your computer on,the left hand side you're gonna see an option that says more go ahead and,select that and in the middle here you're gonna see another option that,says settings and privacy and once that's selected it's gonna give you all,sorts of different options privacy notifications different things you can,select but we're looking for the option here that says account and once you've,got that selected over on the right-hand side you're gonna see an option at the,very bottom that says deactivate your account you can go ahead and select that,and at the very bottom here you are gonna see another option that says,deactivate so you can select that deactivate right there to deactivate,your account now I do want to mention there is a whole bunch of information,here about recovering your account within 30 days and changing your email,address so you can reuse it that sort of thing so make sure you do read through,that whole section on the side before you do permanently delete your account,but let's jump over to my phone and show you exactly how to do it on there as,well alright so once you've got Twitter loaded up on your phone go ahead and,select your logo or icon in the top left hand corner that's gonna bring up a menu,for you and at the bottom of this menu you're gonna see an option that says,settings and privacy go ahead and select settings and privacy that's gonna bring,up a whole new menu for you and we're looking for the option right at the very,top that says account go ahead and select account and that's gonna bring up,the account menu for you and scroll right to the very bottom pass the logout,button you're gonna see an option here that says deactivate your account so go,ahead and select that once you've done that a whole new screen,is going to come up with all that information that you should read through,to be a hundred percent sure that you do want to deactivate your Twitter account,so make sure you do read that once you've done that go ahead and select,deactivate and it's gonna ask you to confirm your password so you can go,ahead and punch in your password here and once you've done that it's gonna ask,you to hit that deactivate button there at the very bottom so you can go ahead,and select that deactivate button when you're ready to do so and it's gonna say,deactivate your account you can hit cancel or yes deactivate and if you hit,the activate your account becomes deactivated and it's that simple to,deactivate or permanently delete your account on Twitter so hope this Twitter,tutorial helped you out if it did make sure to give this video a thumbs up also,remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Everyday because I've got tons of,videos coming up that I'd love to share with you thanks so much for watching and,until next time take care

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How To Temporarily Disable Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It

How To Temporarily Disable Your Twitter Account And Reactivate It

hi guys a lot of this year again on to,this episode of digital marketing with,olamide,we're going to be talking about how to,disable or deactivate your twitter,account,and i'm going to also be showing you on,how to reactivate it,so you may be wondering why do i need to,deactivate my twitter account why do i,need to disable it why do i need to,leave twitter for a while,there are different reasons that,different people would like to,deactivate their twitter account twitter,can be a distraction sometimes and it,can be very addictive,you know sometimes i get addicted to,twitter and,i always want to detach myself so if,you're one of those people who,want to just detach themselves from,twitter,you know just to have that um,real life and social media life balance,and then you may also want to leave,twitter because you're so overwhelmed,with work,and then you want to take time out to to,um offset,the workload on you taking time out is,good,maybe a reason for deactivation and then,if you're a student and you're working,on your project or your dissertation,you also want to take out time so you,may be wondering,how long can i deactivate my twitter,account for,not so long you can only deactivate your,twitter account,for 30 days after which your account,will be permanently deleted,by twitter so what i do when i want to,deactivate my account is,i set up a reminder on my calendar app,so this reminds me three days before,my activation my deactivation expires,so for instance if the activation of my,account is meant to expire on the 31st,of december,2020 i set a calendar reminder,for the 28th of,december 2020 to help me,you know to remind me days ahead so i,can reactivate,so back to why we're here how then can i,deactivate,my account well i'm going to show you,in just a few seconds it takes less than,five to i mean it takes less than 30,seconds to deactivate your account so,let's go right into it so here's a quick,way to deactivate your twitter account,make sure you're logged into your,twitter account,here i am on the home page of a twitter,account that i'm signed up into,click on more so go to settings,um yeah you're on settings you're,already on your account,and here is how to deactivate your,account,you have the account information option,you have the change your password option,you have download and archive of your,data option,you have twitch dex team and then you,have,you deactivate your account feature so,that's,all you need to do is click on that and,um,twitter is telling you what you should,know about how to deactivate your,account,like i said earlier you need to it is,important that you,um schedule a reminder on your calendar,app so that you do not lose,your account permanently so um,yeah i am activating this account,twitter,wants me to confirm my password so,i just did just to be sure that you,indeed the one deactivating account,and um voila,account is deactivated voila that is,exactly how you deactivate your twitter,account in less than 10 seconds,so another question you may ask is what,happens when i deactivate my account,so what simply happens when you,deactivate your account is that,it disappears from twitter your tweets,will no longer be visible your media,everything about even your account will,not be searchable,they will just disappear into the,internet,theme a so you won't no one will have,access to them no one will see them,even when you are cut you can't they can,be found until you reactivate your,account,so how do you reactivate your account,as simple as the deactivation process,too,all you need to do to reactivate your,account is to,log back in on twitter,with your username and your password,that's all you need to do,to reactivate your account so you don't,need to do anything extra,your twitter name your twitter account,all you need to do is just log back onto,twitter with your,twitter username and password,and it will take about five to fifteen,minutes,for your account to populate and return,back to normal,so that is all thank you for watching,this video,if this is your first time on my youtube,channel my name is olamide,i'm a youtuber from lagos nigeria and do,not also forget to subscribe,to this channel by clicking the,subscribe button just below this video,and turning on the notification bell so,you'll be the first to know when i share,another exciting,and insightful video just like this do,also connect with me across my social,media platforms let's continue this,conversation,if there are other ways you think you,can deactivate your account or,leave twitter or stay away from twitter,or social media,without the activate your twitter,without deactivating your twitter,account,please let me know i would really love,to hear and learn from you,so yes alumni signing out from here bye,for now

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How To Deactivate/Delete Twitter Account Permanently In Android Mobile & Pc

How To Deactivate/Delete Twitter Account Permanently In Android Mobile & Pc

Hello what's up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel,"Theta box". Today I will show you how to deactivate your Twitter account in,permanently and here I show the steps for android mobile users as well as Pc,users. Now a days all the people's are know that social network twitter, so due to,this reason i directly go to my tutorial. So if you like to delete your,entire details from Twitter, just follow me friends. First method is for,android mobile users, so just open your Twitter application in your android,mobile and then complete your login or signup processes. Now in this home,page section you can press your profile icon and it is placed at the almost top,of left side corner and then go to "Settings and privacy",here it shows lots of account related settings, but you can go to,"Account" section and the first one.So here you can scroll down and then I get,the option called "Deactivate your account", so just press that option.,Here it shows some instructions, before going to do this process just,read this terms and conditions and then press "Deactivate" link and it is placed,at the bottom and then it ask for my twitter account password and this is for,verification purpose. So I try to enter my password, once your password is,entered successfully finally you can press "Deactivate" option and then it,ask for a confirmation, so you can select "Yes deactivate". Finally here,you can see my twitter account is successfully deactivated and this method,works very smoothly. So next how to locate this same settings in your Pc?.,For Pc users just open your twitter official website and then complete your,login or sign up process.So same way here also you can press your profile icon,and it is placed at beside of that search bar and then go to "Settings and,privacy". Now it shows my entire twitter related informations, so here you,can scroll down and then go to the bottom.Finally I get the option,called "Deactivate your account", so just select it and also it shows same,instructions, so you can read carefully. Once you read this terms and,conditions and then press "Deactivate", then it ask for my twitter account,password, so I try to enter it. Once your password is entered successfully,now you can press "Deactivate account". Finally my twitter account is removed,successfully. So this is the way you can easily delete your twitter account by,watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can subscribe my,beautiful tech Channel "Theta box" and thanks for watching...

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How To Deactivate Twitter Account On PC 2019 ( Temporarily)

How To Deactivate Twitter Account On PC 2019 ( Temporarily)

this video is about activating your,Twitter account so stay tuned,is let's open,we browser now it is the Google Chrome,and let's hit the hit enter,then let's put our Twitter account which,is using a email address a mobile number,or your username you use and put in,again your password and hit in login,and as you can see guys that twitter has,a major makeover in their user interface,which is the seed things now is located,in the website corner of it and let's,click it and go to settings and privacy,and as you can see now we have no the,access of the entire Twitter settings or,the Twitter settings of your account,then as you can see there is a the,activate account in the bottom middle of,it then let's click it let's click again,that the activate world and let's enter,our password for this so it can be the,activity now then hit the activate and,voila your account is now the activated,so,as you can see guys your table now is,deactivated and let's now gain again if,we can log in our account to Twitter,and as you can see guys you can,reactivate your account we just this,option either is reactivate or cancel it,once we reactivate it just click it and,again as you can see we are now,reactivated our account for your usage,thank you guys for watching this video,and hope to see you soon on my upcoming,videos ba ba

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Twitter Deactivate Account

Twitter Deactivate Account

all right now I want to show you how you,can actually deactivate and delete your,Twitter account deleting your Twitter,account is actually pretty easy though,they don't make it a widely available,button on the site but it's actually,pretty easy to do compared to some other,social media networks now a reason why,you might want to delete your Twitter,account is that you just don't have,enough time for it anymore there's not,enough conversation that's important to,you maybe your community is not very,active on Twitter as well your local,community even further out with some of,the topics that you share about so,leading your Twitter account is actually,pretty easy to do let's go through it,right now so we're on the test Tim,Twitter handle that I created and we're,gonna go to settings and we're under,accounts this is all a basic account,information and right here at the bottom,you'll see deactivate my account we're,gonna click this and this is going to,set up a little error message a little,um whoa hold on kind of a message saying,that we'll only retain your information,for 30 days upon which it will be,permanently deleted so you have 30 days,of you know buffer zone if you think,about it to give Twitter a break and,deactivate your account so when your,accounts deactivated people won't be,able to find you and befriend you and,you won't be able to get email updates,from Twitter saying hey you have a new,follower you have someone's retweeted,you so deactivating account by all,intents and purposes from other people's,point of view is it looks like you've,gotten rid of your account completely so,anyone who's following you they just,lose one less follower you just drop off,the face of the earth when you,deactivate your account now when you,want to come back with inside those 30,days everyone gained their follower back,you'll have all your followers nothing,will change won't start from you know,from the beginning again so you can,deactivate your account this way so we,can go here we'll retain your,information for 30 days you no longer to,change your name or Twitter URL so you,once you deactivate it's after 30 days,it's permanently deleted somebody else,can actually use that Twitter handle,then so what we're gonna do here is,we're actually going to delete at test,m4 and I'm going to put in the password,that we needs because that wants to,confirm that you really do want to,delete it and in case you do forget your,past where you can always click here and,I'll go through the process to send you,a password reset and now we're going to,click deactivate the account and then as,that happens your cow is now deactivated,will be permanently deleted in 30 days,and if you want to you can log back in,using your same login credentials and,you can have that same old Twitter,account again if you want to create a,new account you can click here and I'll,do it there so again another reason why,you might want to delete your Twitter,account it's just not doing enough for,you for personal reasons for,professional reasons it is a great tool,to share information out to a large,audience but if you're not seeing much,use and it's not helping to help your,practice at all it might be something,worthwhile to either delete entirely or,maybe just use it from your own personal,reasons instead that's the great thing,about Twitter is that you can set up a,personal account just tie to your own,personal email but if you want to have a,business account,there's tied to a business email and,then you can direct people who want to,speak to you as a physician you can,direct them to more proper channels such,as like their email or a your email as,or a phone number to contact you with so,that's how you delete your Twitter,account and the next video we'll talk,about you know some of the wrap ups and,so we think the Twitter has to offer

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How To Deactivate Twitter Account Permanently

How To Deactivate Twitter Account Permanently

Bismillah-Ar-Rehmanirahim! ,Asslam-O-Alaikum,If you use Twitter and you have a good followership ,Whatever reason you have to delete your account ,Your account will not be deleted by uninstall the app,You need to opt out a permanent method to delete the account ,After that your account will be deleted ,How can do it, I will show you on mobile screen ,1 billion plus download are on the play store ,Let's get started!

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How to deactivate/permanently delete Twitter account

How to deactivate/permanently delete Twitter account


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How to deactivate Your Twitter Account

How to deactivate Your Twitter Account

hello friend I shall we grab another,same afternoon no Reiki video he has,everything up I mean after the,casketball won't keep you too today,account d8 - k'o don t to your Twitter,account the hikes for y para Guerra,Pauline not original et tu e PT an,account like a Cypress collectible bike,the pictorial do detected by a jacob do,the phone number being you can call her,Jane next time click good time psych,ward the bottom now that is individually,okay two years a convict a to original,photo mean you going to browse urban,words oven I mean Google serum open,would Ava want to tell account to,tarragon to login her lump forgetting,recording,keep going to to her account delete,portable what the egg dipper Sola,Twitter account d2 version performing a,mob a variation it can occur prove,election is again Mina click refresh at,the be a version ma shumou Gupta ji kun,do ethically imagine like an OCD game,privacy to hook the recursion up a,Contiki me Chester finish a setting and,privacy deco,setting of privacy click or click report,can account taken in economic,organization leading female soap which,are sickening market a kabuki critique,rotten carcass quarter voila piggy,sitting by basically color boring he,pitched Archie sheepish immediate Hollis,take to meet a mediation we have the him,take took my account,convicted Maya gondola credibility,machine at this good boy,I agree our worlds have - alligator d2,14k ground good for them Monica - going,to lose that chain which Archie Moore,provisioning FML a 220 grit quarter body,take permission aversion no geek take,you to Aruba,82 to Cabo click click click Horizonte,set a password 7 impossible to be the,chain,okay possibility were shot at the you,reckon he is no now day-to-day your,economy is eminently delayed in Tillis,hey I'm gay before I became Egbert,properly delayed known him so,much,please didn't for a powerful post so pc,delayed Heather a be droppin one,alligator him the Harlan our YouTube it,will be give it to to share go over Bob,what happen you can take me to do,probably getting a comment or a like :,and to do well not like it again the,whole low common word in display close,even channel again subscribe or elect,opponent that's it / - no video to the,accident fuzzy deck to work okay so

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