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Elon Musk HUMILIATED By His Ex-Wife On Twitterwhile we're talking about Twitter a day,after his Gene

The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder

Updated on Jan 13,2023

Elon Musk HUMILIATED By His Ex-Wife On Twitter

while we're talking about Twitter a day,after his General intimacy that uh Elon,Musk,announced where he let back all sorts of,horrible right-wingers on to,Twitter people who have lied,impersonated uh attacked uh trans people,attacked gay people been racist been,anti-semitic homophobic,um on and on whoever uh you know people,as long as no one was prosecuted for,anything,or awarded anything in an,Anti-Defamation suit he let them on and,then he began to essentially uh get rid,of and suspend other accounts like Chad,loader got suspended,um there's a and this is after he spoke,to that Andy no guy uh that right wing,uh reporter,um and there's apparently a list of 5,000 people who are antifa,um hey Matt Matt Emma on the list yeah I,am not the FBI I thought yeah I mean,right exactly I am not on that list,um because,of peacock uh because peacock and,protected,um but here is uh Elon Musk as to why he,won't let Alex Jones on he's trying to,justify it right uh and is,saying let Alex come back on he,apologized can I just read this Alex, this is what says Alex, up with Sandy Hook he admitted,that and apologized he also got a lot of,quote conspiracy theories right and this,is where I saw Kim you're a dumb,guy like this thing where Alex Jones got,conspiracies right he's not doing,reporting on it also can you like name,those conspiracies he got right and how,it is,acting on you and they're spying on you,so many people do this but uh yeah if,serializers and they have a weather,machine all right so I got fat I got a,little 75 of it right uh if serialized,like Biden and Trump are allowed on,Twitter then Alex Jones should be,allowed to please reconsider in the,interest of real free speech it's just,the what they are saying that he got,right is that the vaccines are not,protecting from covid because now people,that's not right I know exactly but that,that's like the their example,um well I said the FBI and the CIA were,um doing bad things doing bad things I,know that's why I said that against,conservatives they drank the blood of of,Christian children yeah you know,surrounded by win some you lose some but,um they all ejaculated onto an owl,that's all right okay I got that part,wrong but uh everything else I got right,so here's Elon Musk,um,trying to establish his Bona fides did,some marketing and it's marketing,understand like he wants to be able to,justify bringing these people on he has,to figure out a way of not bringing on,Alex Jones because bringing on Alex,Jones doesn't give him what he wants,which is like the right wing cred,right and so he's got to come up with a,an like an extra special reason an extra,special reason,why Alex Jones is wrong,and he writes and this is sad I'm sure,if uh Elon Musk um was capable of,feeling emotion for other people I'm,sure you would feel sad about this uh my,firstborn child died in my arms I felt,his last heartbeat,I I Can Only Imagine,what that would be like,um to to have my child die in my arms,and and literally feel the last,heartbeat would be,devastating maybe the worst thing humans,without a doubt and and and I would,never forget it,and he says I have no mercy for anyone,who'd use the deaths of children for,gain politics or fame now of course,he didn't,that's not what Alex Jones did he,completely denied it and in fact,um that's his way of also opening the,door for anybody who like in any way,um politicizes,the shooting deaths of people like I,understand that's also a warning to,anybody who's like oh uh uh you know 32p,kids get shot in you know like in a mass,murder in a mall don't talk about,politics,don't talk about like whether we should,have gun control,but uh be that as a may he has a real,reason it's because his firstborn uh,child died in his arms and then his,former wife,Justine Musk,writes a sids-related incident that put,him on life support,he was declared brain dead and not that,it matters to anyone except me because,it's one of the most sacred and defining,moments of my life,but I was the one who was holding it,Jesus,and I guess you know like,the thing that is in its possible Elon,Musk you know,misremembered,um,but it's also more likely that this guy,is,uh uh so pathological that he is in fact,weaponizing the death of his own child,for gain I can't imagine what his,reaction to Justine saying that was like,oh yeah,like how dare you contradict me on such,something like that okay what's a,follow-up on that nobody's replying it,doesn't seem like,but um I I don't know the if you want to,be scared yeah we don't need it if you,want to be scared by Elon Musk that,would be the scariest thing his like,like ability,to use anything and his relationship,with his children to like I mean there,is like this and armchair diagnosis he's,narcissistic in terms of some of his,behaviors but like he has been vocal,about being pronatalist which is that he,feels like he it's his duty to populate,the Earth with his DNA because he is a,billionaire and wealth equals,intelligence and it'

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Double Episode: His Wife Cheated Eleven Times, Who Is The Father? | Paternity Court

Double Episode: His Wife Cheated Eleven Times, Who Is The Father? | Paternity Court

Ms. Brown-Ramirez, you are here in court today,because you say you're hoping,to save your 10-year relationship,with the defendant, Mr. Wayne.,Yes, Your Honor.,JUDGE LAKE: You state you have three children with him,but confessed that your nine-month-old daughter,may not be his biological child?,(AUDIENCE GASPING),Yes, Your Honor.,Mr. Wayne, you argue that Miss Brown-Ramirez,has lied and deceived you throughout your relationship?,Yes, Your Honor.,You warn if the results reveal you are not the father,,you will walk away and never look back?,(AUDIENCE GASPING),Yes, Your Honor. Without a doubt.,Miss Brown-Ramirez, explain,how this decade-long relationship,has now become so toxic.,Well, Your Honor, every other day is a constant battle,of whether or not I'm cheating, I'm lying,,and I'm here because, you know, we have three kids,and I'm woman enough to be here,and say that there's a possibility,that my nine-month-old daughter is not Mr. Wayne's.,(AUDIENCE GASPING),BROWN: I did lie to Mr. Wayne but he's always saying...,WAYNE: Man, since day one, you been lying about everything.,You lied about who you was.,She lied about who she was?,Yeah, when I asked her,about how many people she's been with before me...,BROWN: For 10 years, Your Honor, he knew this fact,and, you know, I didn't force him,to stay in this relationship.,He decided to stay.,So, you were upset,because she didn't openly admit,how many sex partners she'd had previously?,BROWN: Your Honor, nobody's perfect.,Yes, your honor.,Most women lie about,how many sexual partners they've had in the past.,(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING),BROWN: Thank you. Thank you.,Look, and they usually make the number smaller.,And most men lie,about how many sexual partners they've had.,(WAYNE LAUGHING),And they usually make the number a little larger.,(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING),(LAUGHING),So, did you think she was cheating on you,throughout your relationship?,Yes, that's right.,Every day, constantly...,"You're a liar." "You're a cheater.",Every name in the book you can think of, I was it.,JUDGE LAKE: So, this has been a decade-long,,on-and-off relationship.,Why did you stay? Why do you continue to come back?,Exactly.,Because the whole reason of me coming back to her,while she was pregnant,with my daughter, my first child,, is the simple fact of me not ever having a dad.,JUDGE LAKE: You really want that family?,Yes.,That life you didn't have,,you wanna give that to your children?,WAYNE: Yes.,BROWN: Right. And so do I, Your Honor,,but every day constantly accusing me of cheating,,accusing me of lying saying that,,"Oh, you doin' this and you doin' that.",Why would you wanna be in a relationship with somebody like that?,It does not make any sense, it's not logical.,So, you do now admit, Miss Brown-Ramirez,,that you lied?,BROWN: Yes, I do.,You did lie?,I did lie.,But I became honest with him and I told him.,So it's not like he just has no idea up until this day.,Moving forward. Let's get to the children.,You have doubts about two children.,I wanna start with the nine-month-old first., Tell me exactly what happened, as to why your nine-month-old is in question.,Well, Your Honor, we were separated,in the month that I had conceived.,JUDGE LAKE: Mmm-hmm.,And I was dealing with someone else.,Being that I never had a father,,I chose to go back to Mr. Wayne,because I felt like,he always manipulated me into being with him saying...,Naw, you were just trying to take advantage of me, that's it.,"You never had your daddy. You want your daughters,"to grow up to be like you?",And "I don't understand why you just wanna go out,"and do this and do that.",And, you know, "You don't want a father for your children.",But in all reality, I do! It's just the fact,I can't deal with him accusing me of cheating, lying.,Little do you know, you're the reason I'm still here.,'Cause look at you. Look how you turned out.,Ten years. That's in the past now.,That's why I'm still here.,Look how you turned out.,It's in the past.,You think I want them girls to grow up like you?,I've made that choice and I changed.,AUDIENCE: Oh!,JUDGE LAKE: And so,,you were intimate with another man?,BROWN: Right.,Did you use protection...,And I expressed that to him.,No, I didn't. At that point, no.,You did not?,Was it a one-time thing...,WAYNE: Nope.,...or did you have a continuing relation?,That one time I did not use protection.,And during the same time,,you were intimate with Mr. Wayne?,Yes, Your Honor.,What point did you began to realize,that baby Aramiyah,may not be Mr. Wayne's biological child?,When I got pregnant with her. When I first conceived.,JUDGE LAKE: So, you knew instantly.,When you found out you were pregnant,,you knew it that moment?,BROWN: Yes, I did, but I was scared.,I didn't know how he will react based on the fact,that in the past, we had issues and one day he'd say,,"Oh, we'll work it out." And then two days later,,it's, "Oh, I don't want you.","You're a liar." "You're a cheater.",I'm every n

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My Polish Wife Tries KARELA For the First Time

My Polish Wife Tries KARELA For the First Time

like everything or just my cakeful,maybe if I'm a little bit older yeah,what's happening and nothing just,drinking my pineapple and cucumber,smoothie pineapple and cucumber smoothie,you didn't want to drink some drinking,straight from this,whatever it's called I have heard that a,pineapple is not that good for you who,told you,recently someone has told me,real I think I saw our Instagram reel,there's reals and online,I can't even breathe air because it's,also not good you know pollution but I,think it is,it you know a little bit of Pineapple a,little bit of cucumber a little bit of,water I also put little bit of this uh,what is this clementines we have or,orange,keep them drinking it you want some no,no I'm good thank you why not,are you going to join army army yeah,I know,uh yeah but what time I've gone to the,gym I think it's been what,quite a long time now you know yeah,foreign,but we went for cycling a few times,it was really nice yeah cycling in the,forest and we even took um my dad with,us semi recycling all together we,couldn't take my mom first of all,because we had only three bikes and the,second reason was that she was not,feeling well,so it was just three of us,so what is the topic uh for today's Vlog,for today's vlog,you told me that you're going to feed me,and you will cook something very special,for me like very,special Indian dish that I never tried,before and I was like hmm what could,that be because I try so many things you,know and I have no idea you said that's,some vegetable so yeah some vegetable,that looks like Bindi yeah no no it's,very it's thicker than no it's very,different yeah yeah so this Indian,vegetable I think it's very,um special in India so we keep it for,special occasions you know like uh,when someone is about to die or,something no no I mean it's very good,um is there to you know,send them to the other side quickly,but it's that good that we don't make it,a lot in in at least our house,it is expensive also and it is tastiest,and this is actually a a superfood,Supermarket,or I think in English it's called um,bitter bitter gourd or something like,that bitter God not God but,g-a-u-d something like that uh-huh,you're better at all that's just the,name you know we call it so they,literally call it bitter for no reason,yeah like let's make it funny yeah yeah,no reason,but then when you say,yes,but I think you know the thing,the thing the problem is that I don't,know how to cook it what I've seen so,far is some people marinating like,cutting it yeah I think it's already,chopped like cut in the circles yeah so,uh what I've seen is people are just,marinating it with some normal spices,and then a little bit of frying on the,pan,so is it going to be like a snack,yeah you can eat it like a snack or are,we going to make curry out of it or,Curry try just to try it or we have I,think we'll make it we'll make a dry,version of it,you should have this raw feeling okay,by the way,it's very nice and pleasant actually I,think it's around 12 degrees 13 degrees,it's not that cold here no no,yes on this yeah seven seven but I think,in Noida and Delhi it's around like four,degrees in the evening or something well,there will be Noida is actually colder,than uh London okay bye oh,pineapple foreign,it just goes to the wrong pipe and then,this this happens you're alive now,that's the bottom line,and how do you find the name karela,yeah,it sounds like holidays,so this is the one here not sponsored by,anyone,actually you do get loose ones also I've,seen in some supermarkets,ah,people are touching it in the shop,okay so it's frozen show me that's how,it looks like oh,that's so cute look how about your day,it's very cute,it's the cutest thing you will ever,eat,yeah it's actually a little bit like,Bindi yeah bigger well you know when,when we were kids so this is uh like as,I told you it's a rarity,because the skin outside actually it,kind of resembles to like crocodile skin,yeah so we used to be like oh this is,crocodile what do you think like be,brave you know,so did you cook it for like a special,occasion because you said you didn't,cook it very often yeah very special,occasions yeah what I was thinking I,mean the only thing I know about it what,my mother has also told me about it is,never to cook it like in a curry way,always cook it dry like don't put,additional water to it later on I don't,know why but yeah it has to be cooked,dry so we can make like you know this,onion and all this we can make like this,paste that we make the Masala and then,we can put it back how we do it but we,don't add you know at the end when we,cook chicken and everything okay we put,water later on in this one We're not,gonna put water okay,I think you are trying to scare me a,little bit that I will not like it,because you are saying that it's going,to be bitter I mean you're saying that,it's called bitter but it's not going to,be bitter but you know yeah I didn't say,it's bitter I said it's gonna be very,good but you said it'

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Intervention: Husband & Wife Put Heroin Ahead of Their 3 Children | A&E

Intervention: Husband & Wife Put Heroin Ahead of Their 3 Children | A&E

foreign,Digger and I'm 34 and I live in,Weaverville California,I have three children with my wife Ann,Blaise for justice and ray lynn my name,is Anne I'm 29 years old can we go,outside,every time I see my kids it is the,happiest day of my life they are what,keeps me going,my kids are the most important thing in,the world to me,right now I'm lying because right now,I'm the most important thing to me is,getting high,every second of every day is based on,scoring my drug my son Digger and my,daughter-in-law and are heroin addicts,when I shoot up it's like euphoria up,pain goes away all my worries in the,world have just melted away,Jesus my mom and dad they've reached,rock bottom and they have nowhere to go,when I look back at Anne when she was a,baby if someone would have told me that,she'd be doing drugs I would have I,would have argued with them,there's Aunt Elizabeth,raised in to be honest,have morals and I feel that I did a good,job raising Anne my dad had the only gas,station,in the Jets and any motorized vehicle,there and so we never went without,my childhood,mostly was happy and fun,about the time the girls were 11 years,old I divorced their mother,my mom drank a lot she ended up going to,rehab and it didn't work out they told,her that if she could not get sober that,she should probably leave the family not,to bring us down so my mom eventually,did leave us,my father decided to become a full-time,Daddy and came into Weaverville,in the room and my eyes went straight to,digger,Digger as a little boy was,so Charming going up here was awesome my,dad put me on a motorcycle before I even,seen a bicycle he used to take me,fishing and he was a good dad until he,drank,I divorced Lawrence and the custody,battle was absolutely horrible we made,an arrangement for him to take Digger,just long enough for me to get on my,feet and get my own place and stuff my,dad would leave me,was babysitters every day almost one,would take me in the room,and rape me with things and laugh,over and over,and film it foreign,recently finding out what happened it,was like getting,socked in the face it's the worst,feeling ever instantly I started smoking,pot and I started drinking beer because,the beer made me feel good and I didn't,feel good inside so I was smoking and,drink until I was 10 then I started,using meth I remember Digger meeting and,just like it was yesterday,she was 17 I was 21. she's just gorgeous,he said oh my God look at her mom I'm,gonna marry that girl I knew she was the,one for me within three months we were,married,the birth of my children,is the best thing that's ever happened,to me she was an amazing mother she just,became this this person that she was,never shown how to be it really seemed,like now she was who she was meant to be,me and my wife,um were I started abusing pain,medication heavily the first time I used,drugs I felt awesome and I think that,very first pill is what,got me when we couldn't get any more,medication from the doctors we were,scared didn't know what to do within a,day we're already getting sick and,that's when we started abusing heroin I,asked them if they would give me,temporary custody of the kids until they,figured out what they were going to do,about the drug situation and about their,life in general that's the hardest thing,to let go I can let go when I lost my,children I lost everything I lost,self-respect day of my life,the third day I was in jail my wife told,me that she cheated on me and she moved,in with my best friend Greg maybe you,should just drive by diggers Ann and,Greg are using together it's toxic and,still married and she's,living with another guy,recently Digger moved in with his dad,and the environment there is beyond,toxic he's a drug addict and an,alcoholic,Sun pumpkin head look at your dad's,balance,can I have it please,I put together a visit with Digger and,Ann and this is the first time that all,of us have been in the same room for a,long time so I'm really nervous,I want him to have a relationship so bad,with their kids,because they're missing out on so much,I'm happy I get to see my mom and dad,but I'm scared that they're going to be,all drugged out and we're not even going,to be able to really talk to them,excited why are you in another,relationship where he hurts,you want me to go get him and tell him,to stop biting yes,he told you daily,after what I did you,get the truth,just so you guys know we can hear you,guys fighting I know but it's one,o'clock I'm about ready to go you're not,gonna see your kids then Mom I'm sorry,freaking go get hard,so what we have lined up for Digger is a,place in Georgia we also have lined up,is a place in Southern California called,the ranch and it's lined up for you,to get treatment are you willing to do,that,love it thank you so much,thank you so much oh all right well,let's get in there and let them know,okay let's do it,it's not even ugly so much son,I missed the things we were sober and,going fishing and catching all the big,ones,th

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The MrBeast Situation Is Awful...

The MrBeast Situation Is Awful...

so recently a lot of videos on Tech talk,have been going viral claiming that,Chris from Mr Beast changed and it's all,Carl's fault and because of these posts,a lot of people have been attacking,Chris for the way he dresses and,presents himself and Chris has decided,to take a break from the internet now if,you've been a Mr Beast fan for as long,as I have then you know in the past that,he used to make a lot more edgier jokes,in his videos and recently a lot of his,older jokes have been resurfacing on,Tick Tock now unlike with past creators,when their old edgy jokes resurface and,people get mad at them for ever making,these jokes a lot of people have been,saying that they missed this old Mr,Beast and that they miss his humor they,like his jokes like they're they're,they're essentially just clipping his,old content and making these like Sigma,edits out of them personally I don't,really find these jokes to be all that,like offensive or edgy in my opinion but,it's just kind of weird that they've,like created this new like cult,following over on Tick Tock and this,group of old Mr Beast fans for some,reason really hate Carl they hate the,way he dresses they hate the way he acts,they hate the way he expresses himself,and over the last like couple years,since Carl started being a major part of,Mr Beast videos hundreds of tech talks,have gone viral saying that Carl has,completely ruined Mr Beast you've gotten,some people saying that you have ruined,Mr Beast yeah I'm in proud of that one,that one's funny to me I was laughing,about this with Jimmy the other day like,they think it's like a conspiracy Carl,was brought on to Mr Beast to make it,more child friendly I could be,definitely polarizing like I'm loud,sometimes you know what I mean I get if,you don't like how I act that's fair,whatever now I'll admit I'm not the like,biggest fan of Carl he's definitely not,the best Mr Beast member I I'm not a,huge fan of his like streams or his,content but like to claim that he ruined,Mr Beast that his presence in Mr Beast,videos is so bad that Mr Beast is,unwatchable now is is a bit excessive,all right and I hate that Carl has been,receiving has been completely unfair and,uh if you have a problem with the way,that someone expresses themselves or the,way that they dress that's that's just,messed up anyway it appears that these,people have moved on from attacking Carl,and have started attacking Chris as you,probably know Chris has been a part of,the Mr Beast channel for years he's Mr,BEAST's best friend was his first,subscriber has been right beside him,making videos since the beginning pretty,much and as Chris has gotten older he's,obviously changed and matured and grown,and learned and become a father even now,Chris has actually been openly bisexual,for quite a while now he posted on his,Twitter a while ago that he had actually,came out when he was 16. and last year,while Chris faced a lot of controversy,for some of the old jokes he made he,ended up revealing in a post that he's,actually had problems with his gender,identity and kind of accepting himself,and so the joke said he made about trans,people or about gay people and stuff was,honestly kind of him like like coping,with with his own existence essentially,and it seems that recently he has been,able to express himself more and he's,really been enjoying doing that he's,posted pictures of him like painting his,nails he shaved his facial hair and he,he made this post where he was like oh,people people at Customs didn't didn't,let me in because they didn't recognize,me from my ID photo and even then he got,a lot of hate from people saying that oh,you used to be manly but but now you're,not manly now you're feminine what's,wrong with you dude and recently Mr,Beast would upload this video on his,reaction Channel with Chris and a lot of,people started pointing out the way that,Chris was dressing and this video,actually got a lot of hate comments a,lot of people were saying that Chris,looked fruity that that he looked weird,that they didn't like the way he was,dressing and that he changed and so a,lot of people would then go on to tick,tock to make posts saying that they,missed the old Chris and that this was,the Carl effect because you know Carl,paints his nails now Chris paints his,nails so I guess somehow that changed,Chris which makes no sense it's it's,just stupid,I said that I was spamming CX and we,chat,thank you,like there are people unironically,making these sad edits because a grown,man decided to paint his nails like this,this is just sad man some of these,people have even made claims that he,apparently got a divorce with his wife,to I guess get together with Carl like,this claim has gained so much traction,on Tick Tock that people are making,articles about it which is just,completely ridiculous to like jump to,that assumption because a guy starts,painting his nails and and dressing how,he wants to but then these people,started to harass Chris and they started,messaging h

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My wife Was MURDERED

My wife Was MURDERED

unfortunately this is all the evidence,we have that's it,but he did give me pieces of evidence,that would help me find out who was,innocent and who could potentially be,the murderer starting with oh,but this isn't just any thumbprints it's,one of yours along with seven other,pieces of evidence I will find out who,murdered Brianna could it have been my,brother Josh he has been more aggressive,with us on set lately or maybe it could,have been my father because recently I,stopped spending time with him Steven,and Cali are always seen with Brianna,they have to know something and Alan is,new a perfect Alibi to the Perfect Crime,I would say Logan is a wild card nobody,knows what this church boy does in his,spare time or maybe it could be Chase,who simply wants the title of best,friend I'm also extremely suspicious of,Keeley and Scott they've been visiting,our home a lot recently I mean either,way one of them is the killer hey while,we're thumbing up you should also like,this video and give it a thumbs up my,wife is dead now we're going to compare,these fingerprints to the original all,right Logan that is really bad Keely oh,dainty whoa hey Megan Fox has the same,thumbs and she's famous how are you guys,all whoa wait a second Scott is going to,be moving up on the sus list,wait a second Allen no so far right now,my goal is to eliminate who I think is,the least suspicious so I can leave the,murder for last,Stephen Stephen you're innocent I I am,you can go all right Tom Thumb,this first piece of evidence is only the,tip of the iceberg I feel extremely,confident about letting Stephen go,considering his thumbs are the size of,Rubik's Cubes he doesn't fit the print,now we have exhibit B this is the weapon,that impaled my wife's skull and you,will have to squash that kumquat wait,whose fingerprints are on it they're,mine what no one heard that please,Joshua demonstrate to me you missed that,could be fake okay that could maybe also,be fake,okay stop,noise just swing it buddy can nobody hit,kumquats all right we're gonna have next,Cali,I don't know how to do this okay just,please pass it to Logan after seeing,these bozos miss a kumquat I was afraid,the investigation was going to come to,an end until oh,my God so violent,there we go,oh Dad you are getting moved all the way,up to the sus category people are gonna,hate me for voting out all the pretty,girls but Cali you're innocent let this,woman go wait does that mean I'm not a,pretty girl because you haven't voted me,up,Cali is just too weak to deliver blunt,force trauma she was the easiest suspect,to Exile however everyone is starting to,cast blame on each other or even worse,myself it's clearly Preston Exhibit C is,a flash drive with audio on it shut your,fat traps while I listen to this oh my,gosh,foreign,that sounds like Logan who would,apologize for what honestly it's not me,but if I were to kill someone I would,definitely be apologizing man this is,really difficult because somebody could,have easily modified this who knows how,to do that here wait I would say candy,knows how to use tick tock better than,anybody wait what about what about Tick,Tock have you ever done the anime filter,and put your fist out like this yeah I,mean Preston knows the the voice sounds,so much like Chase's like Chase right,now you gotta go up on the top my guy,what Logan you need to leave are you,saying I'm innocent I think you're the,good church boy and you're sticking to,that Jesus,I know good thing that guy gave me the,creeps Logan's voice is just too high to,match the voice recording chase Scott,Allen and Josh will have to stay on my,radar for the time being and I'm not,taking Keely off the table yet she's,been evading every single question I,have and had a real good swing against,that kumquat but there is still one,question unasked how did this all go,down exhibit D is a footprint apparently,whoever this person is is pretty dumb,because they left their footprint in,Black Ink father would you please step,up at the right foot that's a left foot,it's about an inch too big Brianna gave,me these shoes put your foot up here,Keeley did you step on my wife no I have,baby Widow feet oh Scott oh Scott this,is not looking uh-oh this is the closest,fit so far all right Josh hey yo Joshua,right now is actually the closest to the,footprint dude you literally have the,biggest foot out of everything it's not,the biggest foot okay it's not feeder,giant bro these are like mammoths,Preston can you put your shoes sure,that's the same,where's Chase just go get Chase oh and,you guys are over here assuming it's me,when he is a perfect match is it the,same at the bottom that's not it yeah,there's,he shops at Baby Gap Preston if she died,how will I write there is still,Chick-fil-A sauce on that and this is my,fire merch oh is this a plug yes it is,go to at a time like this,absolutely how most am I supposed to pay,for the funeral that's a good point how,would I be able to write Minecraft,content if s

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The Transformed Wife's Twitter is Awful

The Transformed Wife's Twitter is Awful

this is what i'm talking about like i can't  even take some of this seriously honestly like  ,was this written by a bot because i just like,okay hi everybody thanks for coming back if you've  been here before or hi welcome if you're new my  ,name is mickey i am a therapist and we talk  about therapy things on this channel i forgot  ,to breathe through that whole intro my god we  are talking about the transformed wife today  ,otherwise known as lori alexander because she has  some like real problematic takes about psychology  ,and mental health i mean it's just problematic  about everything but like we're talking about  ,her problematic takes on psychology and mental  health today because that's like our lane so we're  ,talking about that today as always with the um  religious and christian and fundamentalist content  ,that we make on this channel i want to issue  a very clear caveat before we get started  ,this is not at all meant to be commentary  about people who are like regular christians  ,or normally religious i don't care it doesn't  make really a difference to me what you choose  ,to do or believe in your own personal  lives this is not a commentary on that  ,we're talking about lori alexander and we  talk about other fundamentalist christians  ,because the beliefs that they hold are actively  harmful to folks and they are so far outside  ,of the fringes of regular christianity that  we're starting to get into cult-like territory  ,we're starting to get into like you know like  danger to self and others type of territory  ,um and it's important for us to call out mr  misinformation where it exists and so again  ,i want to be clear we're talking about these takes  in particular and like fundamentalist christianity  ,not regular christians before we jump into it if  you're new here and you haven't subscribed yet you  ,should subscribe there's a button down there you  should click it and then while you're down there  ,you may as well click the like button because it's  probably going to be a fun video so okay let's  ,start with some tweets i've collected a couple  of tweets from like the recent months when we're  ,filming this it's november so i've collected  some from like september october november  ,and so we're going to talk about those i know that  her twitter is like a gold mine for problematic  ,takes i know that she also has a youtube channel  and i am planning on talking about that eventually  ,for today we are talking about her twitter  only because like i said there's just like  ,really an abundance of content there so if you  guys like this and you find this interesting  ,then we will revisit the topic and talk about  her youtube channel at a later date so let me  ,know okay this tweet is from october 16th and it  says we don't look at other cultures or how other  ,women do things or what psychologist studies prove  on how we change our lives no we look to god's  ,unchanging and infallible word on how to live his  ways are perfect we walk a narrow road road that  ,few want to walk on but it's good this again this  is what i mean where like i take no issue with  ,people who are normal christians and are willing  to abide by like i don't know science  ,or like are willing to let other people abide  by science the like rampant and fervent pursuit  ,of anti-science and anti-evidence-based practice  is wild to me and something that i just cannot  ,and will not understand everyone is allowed to  practice whatever religion they want to obviously  ,but i take issue with someone using their like  fairly sizable platform to share this information  ,that discourages people from consuming information  that is evidence-based that's science-based to  ,make decisions about like their mental health for  example this is like so plainly and and blatantly  ,dangerous again i want to be clear i don't  take issue with people using the bible to like  ,structure their like moral and ethical beliefs  in their own personal lives but when we are  ,using that as the only thing that we are using um  i think we can run into trouble because it there's  ,not enough uh nuance in there for us to have the  types of conversations that we need to have about  ,very complicated topics like mental health and  mental illness and so there is a lot of use and  ,a lot of wisdom in learning how to seek out the  appropriate and the evidence-based information to  ,guide our decisions about what's health healthiest  and safest for our own mental health and how to  ,treat our own mental illness this shit's just  wild to me this one is from october 14th  ,and it says our culture is so so caught up in not  shaming anyone which is actually a shame shame  ,is good when it costs women to stop doing things  that are wrong harmful and sinful and to do what's  ,right instead it's what's best for them don't  stop speaking truth for fear of shaming women,what this is what i'm talking about like i can't  even take some of this seriously honestly li

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Dana White Speaks On Slapping His Wife During Altercation

Dana White Speaks On Slapping His Wife During Altercation

Breakfast Club you're a donkey,okay guys uh donkey today for Tuesday,January 10th make sure it's January 10th,I'll be off on my day today yes it is,January 10th uh goes to UFC president,Dana White now this situation happened,when we were off for a holiday break and,I actually meant to get right to this,yesterday uh but I wasn't thinking about,it and I felt bad I wasn't thinking,about it because that's probably one of,the reasons you know Jamie Foxx and D.L,Hughley were criticizing the coverage of,the fight uh that Dana White got into,with his wife because it doesn't seem,like people are thinking about it yes if,you haven't heard of footage was,released of Dana White getting into a,physical altercation with his wife on,New Year's Eve let's go to Fox Houston,26 for the report please back to the,factor uncensored a volatile New Year's,Eve for UFC president Dana White he and,his wife were spotted slapping each,other now the incident was caught on,camera in a New Year's Eve nightclub in,Cabo Mexico no word on what happened,beforehand but white has since,apologized saying there are no excuses,for putting your hands on his wife,that's true okay now listen do I really,have to sit here and have a conversation,about why putting your hands on a woman,is wrong well I guess y'all I guess I do,since folks are still out here doing it,you know I don't care if it's your,girlfriend wife sister just know okay I,heard people saying you know she slapped,Dana White,first so Dana slapped her back,I promise you in the court of public,opinion that's a scenario you really,can't win I don't know if you can win,that in the court of law I really don't,maybe a judge will look at it as,self-defense maybe a judge won't I don't,know I just feel if a woman puts their,hands on you if you don't have women,around you to handle that situation run,okay you can't win what did Adrian tell,Rocky when he was going to fight the,Russian you can't win before there were,reasons to fight I could understand but,I don't understand this even if you win,what have you won Apollo's still gone,why can't you change your thinking,everybody else does because I'm a,fighter,that's the way I'm made Adrian,that's what you marry,we can't change what we are you can't,change anything all we can do is just go,with what we are,go with what you are,you Jesus you know well thank you Adrian,for believing in me okay by the way we,don't talk about that enough the fact,that Rocky beat the Russian in spite of,Adrian not believing okay so what she,came to Russia with him to train that,wasn't support she was there because she,thought Rocky was gonna get killed by,the Russian too that's true but back to,the matter at hand uh Dana White is,there a double standard in the way the,media covers domestic violence in,regards to Dana White uh we have seen,how the media responded to Chris Brown,different circumstance because another,Superstar you know uh was the victim,we've seen how they covered Ray Rice,even though Ray Rice video footage was,way more violent but domestic violence,is domestic violence right but I saw and,heard some people who were defending,Dana White some folks were saying he's,the president of UFC and when people,think MMA they think violence so his,actions you know weren't surprising to,some people but football is violent,boxing is violent but I don't see,football players in boxes you know,getting defended in the media now the,Legends Jamie Foxx and Dale Hughley you,know uh ask some questions D.L Hughley,said what can Brown do for you,apparently not a damn thing if they if,that had been a brother it'd be non-stop,coverage dredging up a playground fight,from the third grade scouring old tweets,you name it Dana White's entire life is,immersed in brutal physical violence,he's a master Fortune from it we're at a,salacious headlines where's depression,oh he apologized hashtag White Privilege,scores a first round knockout yet again,Jamie Foxx co-signed it and said effing,preach now Dana White did Apologize,let's listen to it I'm in Cabo Mexico uh,you know for the holidays with my family,and my wife and I were out Saturday,night on New Year's Eve you know,unfortunately that's what happened you,know you've heard me say for years,there's never ever an excuse for a guy,to put his hands on a woman,and now here I am on TMZ talking about,it but my wife and I have been married,for almost 30 years we've known each,other since we were 12 years old we've,obviously been through some ,together and uh we've got three kids and,you know this is one of those situations,that's you know horrible I'm embarrassed,don't put your hands on a woman ever,he's right you don't put your hands on a,woman ever he's owning up to it you know,he's apologizing,like I said I've heard boxers football,players you know they've been in these,same situations they apologized and they,were still demonized here's the thing I,agree with D.L Hughley uh but this is,what I would say mainstream media,whatever that means nowa

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