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THE WORST TWEETS OF 2022all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,pe


Updated on Jan 30,2023


all right let's look at some of the,dumbest tweets of this year okay it's,perfect because this also starts off in,January last year in January the year,started off great even after a 12 hour,night shift at the hospital last night,my wife still has the energy to shovel,the driveway God bless her and all our,frontliners time to make her some,breakfast bro why'd you post this a,question I have all the time on Twitter,is why did you post this why would you,post you being like a horrible husband,oh my Lord okay what she needs is not,your breakfast what she needs is a,divorce okay that's what she needs she,needs a new man what has happened to our,men what will we do without men anyway,so that's pretty funny uh that was,really great I mean the year started off,awesome and by the way whenever I always,say like oh why did you post this I,always I'm simultaneously thinking thank,you for posting because honestly that's,what Twitter is the best at Twitter puts,these things on the timeline for my,enjoyment hi I am Pazzo this is what you,call a roach what do you consider a,roach I don't know what the this,guy was doing I didn't even see this,tweet but uh pretty sure you're if you,smoke that I'm I'm certain if,microplastics are making are children,gay or whatever you know you are you are,gay now you are just burning plastic uh,I don't know I don't know why you did,that probably shouldn't do that pan,fried is such a nonsense minion term,what else might you be frying in the,cotton a baking tray a kettle a shoe I'm,having to make this because it's a,mansplainer paradise enjoy yourself Lads,does she not understand that you can fry,things in different ways like a deep fry,stop mainsplaining sorry uh trigger,warning mansplaining in the context of,Prisons it's the hole that matters women,have a hole their vagina which men want,to penetrate with their penis either,consensually transactionally or by force,bluntly the reason we have men and,women's prisons is to keep the men away,from the holes that's cool uh famously,men don't out of their buttholes,that's not a thing this is like when you,when you've gone down I guess the the uh,Rat fem pipeline that you forget that,men also have holes also men also get,sexually assaulted in prisons so that's,like actually that's the most common,place where it happens and and also uh,women are incapable of doing sexual,assault according to this person that's,a good take Hillary self-awareness,slider set to zero MLK Jr said I had,hoped that the white moderate would,understand the Law and Order exists for,the purpose of establishing Justice and,that when they fail in this purpose they,become the dangerously structured dams,that block the flow of social progress,this is a sub tweet and who yourself who,the is the white moderate in this,situation Hillary Clinton is literally,like openly moderate and also openly,white and has openly wrote written about,having slaves black slaves in the,Arkansas Governor's Mansion she also is,called black people super Predators uh,young black people specifically during,the crime build she is not openly white,oh stop this dude what the we gotta,stop this dream my partner is still,Presidente well if my girlfriend's,having sex dreams with celebrities it,better be with the bar stool crew I just,had an hour-long sex dream about the,stool Presidente I've been having so,many sex dreams is unreal Dave portno,yep he had a huge I'm tweeting this,there was no penetration that is insane,why would you tweet that anyway let's,move on Darren roll goes calling me,racist is cute on this day especially I,have one of the largest MLK Junior,collections in the world and some of my,closest friends are black this was a,fire one that I also uh covered isn't,this guy like a sports broadcaster or,something very weird thing to tweet,proximity wise we're closing in on Black,History Month yeah he's a sports writer,and uh and like an analyst or whatever,and he just came out of the gates, swinging okay he said I have a,you know I have an MLK Funko Pop how can,I be racist maybe we should think about,how we treat our elected officials let's,take a look at this one do not,understand the empire caused a cape for,the government when they do something,wrong the response should be you,fix it when they do something right the,response should be you about time,that's how abusers think do you,understand the difference between the,government and a partner yes it's still,how abusers think you please me,even though I can't possibly be pleased,is a textbook abuser framing also abuse,doesn't only happen with a partner,demanding your government do its job and,improve people's lives is not abuse and,it's incredibly insulting to abuse,victims to imply it is you aren't,demanding the government to do its job,because you've already said that even if,it does what you want you won't,acknowledge it that's textbook,narcissistic framing that is textbook,Twitter I love that I know you're,talking about an entirely unrelated,thi

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Asians in the swinging lifestyle?! Consenting Adults EP 42 Chinese Hotwife

Asians in the swinging lifestyle?! Consenting Adults EP 42 Chinese Hotwife

آسيويين في نمط الحياة ، لكن لا أحد ، كما سألت ، على استعداد للخروج والتحدث حول هذا الموضوع وأود,حقًا لتطبيع هذه المحادثة ، وهو بالضبط ما يريده ضيفي أيضًا,. هي من بكين ، قابلت زوجها في الصين ، وهي في الولايات المتحدة الآن لمدة ست سنوات ،,ويعيشون هنا على الساحل الغربي ، لأن لديهم,حياة مهنية وخاصة يحتاجون إلى حمايتها ، سوف نتصل بهم زوجها "A" هو "J" ، لذا,فأنت أميركي من أصل صيني. ماذا عن زوجك. انه امريكي. وقد ولد ونشأ هنا.,لذا أخبرتني أنك ملكة البستوني. لم اسمع ذلك من قبل. ماذا يعني ذالك.,حسنًا ، ملكة البستوني تعني النساء المهتمات فقط بالرجال السود.,حسنا. وبعد ذلك ، ما هو المصطلح الآخر الذي أخبرتني,به أنك ملكة بالحجم. ماذا يعني ذالك؟ هذا يعني أنني أحب القضيب الكبير الحجم.,حسنًا ، أنت في البي بي سي. هذا صحيح.,قبل أن ندخل إلى ، كل الأشياء المختلفة التي أنت مهتم بها. أنا مهتم بمعرفة نوع,الخلفية. أعني هل كان زواجًا جيدًا. كيف فتحت الباب على نمط الحياة؟,نعم ، بالطبع هو زواج جيد لأن كلانا سعيد للغاية ، وثقنا في بعضنا,البعض. أعتقد أن مستوى ثقتنا ربما يكون أعلى من متوسط ​​الزوجين.,نحافظ على كل شيء وشفافًا ، ولا نخفي أي شيء حقًا. لذلك ليس هناك غيرة,وليس هناك شيء مثل نعتقد أنه لا ينبغي أن نسمح لزوجنا بمعرفة ذلك. لذلك ليس لديك أسرار,عن بعضكما البعض. أعتقد أن هذا هو مفتاح العلاقة المفتوحة أو,قضية الزواج المفتوح ، كما تعلم ، زوجك لا يشعر بالغيرة من رؤيتك لرجال أو نساء آخرين. ولا يوجد,سبب لك لإخفائها عنهم. هل يرى زوجك نساء أخريات؟,هو مسموح له. لكنه ربما لا يرى أشخاصًا آخرين بقدر ما أرى.,أرى. أنت متزوج بسعادة ، أليس كذلك ، لديك حياة جنسية جيدة؟,نعم فعلنا. إذن ما حدث ،,أعني كيف توصلت إلى فكرة أنك تريد الخروج من زواجك.,لقد بدأ الأمر بالفعل حتى قبل أن نتزوج. لم تكن فكرتي حقًا. كان زوجي هو من,بدأها. لقد مارسنا الجنس جيدًا حقًا في البداية كان يتحدث,معي وكان يسألني إذا كان مسموحًا لك بفعل كل شيء وأي شيء ،,ما الذي تريد تجربته. ماذا في قائمتك. أنا بصراحة ، اعتقدت أنها كانت مجرد,نوع غير رسمي من الدردشة لم أفكر فيه كثيرًا ، ولكن بعد ذلك كنت على ما يرام إذا كنت,أريد أن أفعل شيئًا ، ربما الثلاثي. لم آخذ ذلك على محمل الجد ، لكني أعتقد أنه فعل ذلك.,هل جعل هذا الخيال حقيقة؟,في النهاية ، نعم. وقد توصل إلى اقتراح ، لماذا لا نجرب. كان رد فعلي الأول,، آه ، لا أعرف شيئًا عن ذلك. ولكن بعد ذلك طرح الأمر عدة مرات ،,ثم جعلني ذلك أفكر ، وكنت مثل ، نعم ، أريد أن أفعل ذلك ، لقد كان أحد خيالاتي ،,وإذا لم أجرب الآن. قد أندم يوما ما.,الآن ، هل كان خيالك ، الثلاثي مع رجلين أو رجل وامرأة؟,مع رجلين. كان يعلم ذلك وكان على ما يرام مع ذلك؟,لقد كان بخير وأعتقد أن هذا أثار حماسته ، ولهذا السبب استمر في الحديث عنه.,حسنًا ، أخبرني عن تلك التجربة الأولى.,سأكون صادقًا معك ، لم تكن التجربة الأولى جيدة جدًا,لأنها كانت المرة الأولى لثلاثة منا ، ولم يكن أيًا مما كنا سنفعله.,لذلك ، كان صديقه. التقينا ببعضنا ودردشنا قليلاً ، وقررنا ، حسنًا ، هذا,شيء مثير. وسنفعل ذلك. ثم ذهبنا إلى غرفة الفندق ،,وكنا على وشك البدء وكل واحد منا لم يكن يعرف من أين نبدأ,وأصبح متوترًا جدًا. لذلك نحن بصراحة لم ندفعها من خلالنا فعلنا,ولكن بعد ذلك شعرت في النهاية أن هذا لا يعمل. دعنا نخرج ونشرب.,حسنًا ، لم يكن الأمر مثيرًا جدًا ، لقد كان محرجًا.,نعم ، في المرة الأولى ، لم يكن الأمر مثيرًا ... هل جربته مرة أخرى.,أوه نعم فعلت ولكن بعد سنوات قليلة ، كنت لا أزال في الصين ، وكنا في علاقة طويلة المدى,. أحيانًا نتحادث ويقول أنا لست معك. ما هو شعورك ،,هل تحتاج إلى شخص ما ، ليعطيك شركة لتتمتع بلحظة حميمة معه ،,وكنت مثل ، أوه ، أعتقد أنني بخير. لكن مرة أخرى ، إنه يسأل أحيانًا ،,كما تعلم ، أنا فقط أريدك أن تكون سعيدًا ، أريدك أن تكون كل احتياجاتك راضية. ويقول ، جي ،,هل ستكون مهتمًا بمقابلة شخص ما ، عندما تضع الأمر على هذا النحو ، وكنت مثل ، نعم ،,إذا كنت موافقًا على ذلك إذا لم تكن مشكلة بالنسبة لك. لقد كنت تشجعني على القيام بذلك. نعم ،,أنا منفتح على الفكرة. ثم وجدنا رجلاً يعيش في نفس المدينة ، معي,والتقيت به ، وهو أمريكي أيضًا ، وكان يعيش في الصين في ذلك الوقت ،,وكان زوجي قد عاد إلى الولايات المتحدة. لذلك ، التقيت به ، وكان اجتماعنا الأول ، لقاء رائعًا كان جيدًا ،,كان حسن المظهر وكان أصغر مني وكان حارًا جدًا وكان يعمل كعارضة أزياء في,وقت فراغه ، ولكن من الناحية الفنية ، لم يكن ذلك الثلاثي لأنه لم يكن زوجي هناك ،,لكنه جعلني أشعر وكأنه ثلاثي لأنه كان هناك طوال الطريق ثم,نتواصل مع كل شيء. وبعد أن قابلت هذا الرجل ، وأخبرته أنك تعلم ، قد أرغب في تسجيل,الصوت إذا لم تكن مرتاحًا للفيديو لأنني أرغب في مشاركته مع زوجي.,لذلك ، عرف الرجل أنك أخبرته أنك متورط مع شخص آخر.,نعم ، لقد علم منذ البداية. لهذا السبب قلت ، شفافة ،,وليست شفافة فقط بيننا ،,وعليك أن تتحلى بالصدق والشفافية مع من كان في هذه العلاقة.,حسنًا ، لقد قابلت رجلًا أمريكيًا من أصل أفريقي كان يعلم أنك متورط مع شخص آخر.,أنت ملكة البستوني. هل كنت مع رجل أمريكي من أصل أفريقي من قبل. نعم ، لقد فعلت ذلك ،,لكنني لم أدرك أن ذلك كان هو المفضل لدي ، وبعد ذلك قبله ، نعم ، أنا تواعدت ، آسيوي وأبيض,وأسود أيضًا ، لكنني لم أكن ذلك حصريًا. ما هو زوجك وما هو زوجك؟,إنه قوقازي ،,لم تدرك أن لديك تفضيلًا للرجال الأمريكيين من أصل أفريقي ، لقد تزوجت من رجل قوقازي ،,والذي يسمح لك الآن بالنوم مع رجال سود. لديك أفضل ما في العالمين الآن.,نعم ، لدي إلى حد كبير كل ما أحبه على الطبق. نعم حسنا. نعم ،,أود أن أقول إن تفضيلي ربما تطور لاحقًا ، ولم أدرك أن شيئًا,أفضله إلا في وقت لاحق ، نعم ، هذا في الواقع أفضل ما لدي على الإطلاق وسألتزم به.,حسنًا ، هذا سيبدو ، لا أعرف كيف سيبدو هذا,في الواقع ، ل

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MAJOR HACK of #twitter - The HOT SHEETS Podcast 1-6-2023

MAJOR HACK of #twitter - The HOT SHEETS Podcast 1-6-2023

these are the hot sheets best,investigated reporting on the planet,okay thank you for liking and,subscribing thank you for clicking the,little bell welcome to another episode,of the hot sheets where we get all the,hottest news from around the internet,and we bring it right to you let's get,into this look Emily rajeskowski she,makes the news more than politicians do,it's it's insane she all something's,always going on with this woman and now,apparently all she it was a tweet or a,social media post we will find out our,story or story or something it's always,something with this woman sorry but ,the NFL so what happened Emily what,happened you were trying to get out an,NFL player or something you were trying,to get with an NFL player and he told he,curved your ass or what is that what,happened or what Emily radishkowski,loves to hit up New York Knicks games,but don't expect to see the model and,author author,okay at Jets or Giants games anytime,soon because she just made her feelings,toward the NFL abundantly clear sorry,but the NFL the 31 year old said in,a tweet so it was a tweet okay she said,in a tweet on Wednesday Emily did not,explain her stance nor were there any,other follow-up tweets so Emily,Ratajkowski simply tweets the NFL,and we know she's obviously gets around,but it's very obvious that she probably,simply means some guy curved her ass in,the NFL one of the NFL players and now,she's on Twitter crying about it because,she just did a post where she said that,strong men are afraid of strong women,and that happened just so happened to be,right after she got dumped and got,played by Pete Davidson so it's pretty,obvious Emily what happened M Rana,didn't explain her stance nor were there,any other follow-up tweets but it's safe,to say she feels strongly about the,opinion oh did you get curved Emily the,Declaration comes just days after,Buffalo Bill safety Demar Hamlin,suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on,the field okay I don't think this has,anything to do with the mar Hamlin days,after what would this have to do with,Demar Hamlin that what happened okay so,for people people that don't know what,happened to that guy he got hit in the,chest okay and he suffered Cardiac,Arrest now there isn't any proven facts,of what happened to him but there is the,point that the common knowledge that,people know if you get hit in the chest,very hard in between heartbeats you can,suffer cardiac arrest,okay so there something did happen to,him it's tragic what's happened to him,he is recovering from what I understand,but that's Sports we really don't get,into sports but as far as it goes this,is days later so I don't think so I,don't think it has anything to do with,it with Demar Hamlin but let's just keep,going while the NFL has dealt with CTE,and head injury issues for years,Hamlin's medical emergency has been,considered a freak accident okay,so what does this have to do with Emily,we'll just keep going,radishkowski has been spotted courtside,at many Knicks games over the years most,recently with Pete Davidson,it is unclear if radishkowski was,referring to the Hamlin's terrifying,incident well thank you TMZ for making,sure to clear that up,it kind of just seems like you put those,two together you know what would have,been better TMZ if you would have,probably said the truth because you know,this woman sleeps around it would have,been better if you made a story and then,you just said okay yeah she probably got,curved by an NFL player so now she's,crying about it which she always does,she just did and like I said she just,had a social media meltdown oh man don't,know what to do with strong women,so it's pretty obvious what actually,happened okay let's move on from Radar,Online Vince McMahon announces plan to,return to WWE months after retiring,following hush money Scandal the founder,and former CEO of World Wrestling,Entertainment Vince McMahon announced he,plans to return as executive chairman on,the board of the WWE the shocking,announcement came after McMahon retired,amid a 2022 Scandal regarding a probe,into alleged misconduct with female,employees at the company Radar Online,has learned McMahon still held a,majority of the company shares despite,stepping down from his role in July 22,after the accusations the former WWE CEO,was accused of having inappropriate,sexual relations with several female,employees and allegedly paid them,millions in that's right I I covered,that story he got a BL I'm not gonna say,that he got um he got a b word from a,wrestler woman and then and then,afterwards he he he kind of,fired her like he paid her less I,believe it was or he fired her like he,put her he demoted her so it made it,literally look like he did that because,he didn't do a good job,but that's not for sure that's not,certain we're just saying what it looks,like okay,uh he was accused of having,inappropriate sexual relations with,several female employees and allegedly,paid their millions in their Severance,packages to remai

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Holly Hotwife: The Hotwife Kink Explained and Hooking Up With Fans!

Holly Hotwife: The Hotwife Kink Explained and Hooking Up With Fans!

everly well is digital healthcare designed for  you all at an affordable and transparent price  ,to take your at home lab test simply collect  your sample and use the included prepaid  ,shipping label to mail your test back to  a certified lab your physician reviewed  ,results will get sent to your phone or device  in just days get 20 off at holly,hello everybody welcome back to holly randle  unfiltered now if the idea of watching your  ,partner have sex with somebody else turns you on  or even if you're just curious about this you're  ,gonna love my guest today she is the original  suburban texas hot wife who turned her real  ,life kink into a career that launched her into  the .06 top percent of only fans let's welcome  ,to the show holly hot wife hi thanks for having me  thanks for coming um first off i just want to say  ,your name's awesome thank you holly's great name  yeah no every holly i know is a spectacular person  ,my husband actually came up with it really yeah so  holly's not your real name no okay well it was a  ,good choice yes i'm just saying he he chose well  so um not everybody knows what hot wifing is but  ,it is a lifestyle so let's start off by having you  explain to people what exactly we're talking about  ,when we're talking hot wife so a hot wife is a it  has to do with a married couple husband and a wife  ,and the husband encourages and um really wants  her to go out and have naughty fun with you know  ,other people girls guys do you know naughty dares  and just kind of be as uh sexually promiscuous as  ,possible um all while having you know consent from  him my husband uh we keep in you know very good  ,communication there is a cuck-holding situation  or a stag situation which is the guy's part  ,um my husband is a stag he's on a cuckhold so the  co-cold part is the more kind of demeaning kind  ,of holding it from him to turn him on some guys  really like that um for me to go out and for the  ,hot wife to go out and have sex with someone and  not tell them until like they're just gonna you  ,know burst you know often making them watch the  scene exactly yeah and and kind of holding it like  ,against them or uh more of the demeaning part the  stag which is my husband um he is he just loves to  ,hear about it so i'll go off and do my my you know  naughty sex driven you know wild fantasy thing and  ,then whenever i go back i call it coming home some  call it like reclaiming him and i have the most  ,passionate wild sex after because we'll watch  a video of what i've done or we'll talk about  ,what i've done and it really turns him on and he  likes like the edging experience so the whole time  ,i'm gone he's like it's in his head and he's just  fantasizing about you know what could be happening  ,and then whenever i get home it's you know that  the coming home part is like the reclaiming the  ,uh the wife so that's what a hot wife is wow and  is this the is your husband the first person that  ,you've had this kind of relationship with yeah  and so how did that start like was that something  ,that he had always fantasized about you had always  fantasized so it really started about um like the  ,lifestyle i didn't really know what the lifestyle  was i was always kind of a promiscuous teenager  ,i actually got pregnant and married at 18 years  old and was married for 10 years and like had  ,three kids and never even knew about any of that  but from like 15 to 18 i was promiscuous and  ,just had a lot of fun like exploring my sexuality  i was into like lesbian relationships and then you  ,know the rest are just friends and boyfriends and  stuff like that um and then whenever i first met  ,my husband our first night uh seven years ago on  like the 27th of this month actually um it'll be  ,our seven year anniversary that first night we  actually ended up having a foursome with another  ,couple total accidental like he didn't set it up  it just kind of happened and it was our first date  ,so like at the the next day because we slept you  know together that night with the other couple  ,in the morning i was like can we do this all the  time like if we if we start dating can we do this  ,all the time and he was like yeah i mean you know  there's there's boundaries and stuff that you know  ,we need to go over but uh that's he's he was in  the lifestyle before right and i just thought that  ,i was just sleeping with all my friends really so  um yeah he he introduced me to it and ever since  ,our first date we've been um you know pretty much  hot wiping yeah so how did you guys you said that  ,there's got to be boundaries and stuff like that  can you explain how that works yeah so um you  ,know he would you know say a fantasy or i would  say something that i really wanted him to do or  ,or for me to do and ask if it was like okay and  in his eyes and if it would make him feel weird  ,or he would ask me to do something if it would  make me feel weird or if i really liked it um so  ,y

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Twitter Influencer Jack Posobiec on THE ART OF THE TWEET

Twitter Influencer Jack Posobiec on THE ART OF THE TWEET

is here he's the house of the human,human events daily podcast maybe the,most popular conservative on Twitter,which he's got to be exhausted how many,hours does it take to be the most,popular conservative well you know I I I,do get tired every once in a while and I,I just think you know I just man I'm so,tired of this I just need to get some,sleep and,really the rejuvenating rest that's only,available to you through the comfortable,yet firm my post no honestly it's the,thing with Twitter is it's it's just a,running stream of Consciousness uh and I,always think it's funny that like the,best Tweets I have are the ones that I,don't think about you just fire it off,and go and then it's I don't do notes I,don't have a diary but what I have is a,Twitter account and I just leave it,there and that's whatever I was thinking,at that time and I love that when some,you know reporter will come up to me and,then they'll say why did you tweet this,on this day September of 2020 I'm like,because I was thinking about it or or,why did you tweet this I actually got,this one the other day why did you tweet,this meme but I just like I said I like,memes,have you ever gotten in big trouble for,a tweet like is there ever one where you,thought of,that was probably I probably caught,myself uh so I was some wasted time,um I mean I'll put it this way I don't,think there's any ever any wasted time,on tweets because they all got the,biggest one ever though that got me in,the most,you could say trouble but I didn't think,of it as trouble was when so all the way,back in 17,I was the first guy who tweeted out the,macron leaks remember macron and the,emails and it they had leaked and there,was a dump on 4chan which I found I,linked to it goes up then I'm at like,some party in Miami don't even realize,what's going on I got drudged back when,drudge was drudge and the whole thing's,going all over the place Meanwhile my,phone's bricked I'm like hanging out,doing stuff trying to go back and check,it out what's going on and then I've got,like Le Monde is coming after me and uh,you know the New Yorkers coming out,beating me up they said this guy he's,like they were calling me like the,Julian Assange of France and all this,stuff wow just because over one tweet,over one tweet of macro and I went back,and looked at it and they were accusing,oh this guy clearly Russian intelligence,operation and I said you know it it,didn't actually get that many retweets,it was like it was like maybe a couple,thousand but I you know I do tweets all,the time and get a lot more than that it,was just that the level of attention,that it continued along with and this,was,um when the pen was running against,macron for the first time so before he,had become president and uh and I,remember there was a quote I gave to the,New Yorker about it and then you know,French TV Crews were coming over to,interview me and stuff and they said did,you know it would be that big and I said,well I'm sure I expected it to be big,but I expect all my tweets would be big,and is that the mentality if you want to,be good at the medium because it does,feel like if you you always see a viral,tweet but it's interesting to go to,people who fired out the viral tweet and,to see all their kind of other drafts,because those you don't see because they,didn't go viral and but you could see,that it there is an art to it and,there's an art too,right and you maybe try to get a little,different wording there's there's and,this is something where if um,I don't know there's there's that it's,funny my wife and I went to see this,movie it's called the menu have you,heard about it it's actually it's pretty,good it's a good take because it's a,take it's sort of a it's sort of a dark,satire on the like high Cuisine and fine,dining and he plays this Chef who um he,starts getting upset that people don't,like his his his food and his creations,and he becomes so obsessed with his,Creations that he actually starts,murdering his guests during the dinner,as part of the art form and and we you,know we're living relabber it's a crazy,movie but then as we get done I said you,know that's kind of how I am about my,Twitter is that people don't understand,that that there there's there's a,Cadence and a flow and a rhythm to a,good tweet that when you force it when,you jam it down somebody's throat it has,to float in a certain way to in order to,be a good tweet versus a force Meme and,so,I'm like I get it you know I I get what,he's saying and and but at the same time,you also have to understand that no,one's ever truly going to appreciate the,the sheer uh amount of things that you,put into because I'm you know I might be,trying to make a reference to oh my gosh,it's you know uh it could be anything,from some obscure facet of Chinese,history that I know about or a,Shakespearean play or some Polish part,whatever you know and and or you know,reference making a play on words of,something that somebody mentioned in a,congressional hearing

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Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Bubble Gang: Kim Domingo sa Touch Therapy (with English subtitles)

Three times. Okay?,Here's your prescription.,You drink your medicine,,or else I'll have to inject them.,Doc, it'll hurt.,Eh you know I'll be gentle, as always. Trust me!,You said it, Doc.,Of course!,Thank you, Doc!,Okay. Sure, sure.,Make sure, I'll see you next week?,Yes.,Okay.,Doc, here's your next patient.,Okay, sure. Thank you.,- Okay, sure. Thank you. - Thank you.,Okay. Sit down.,What's the problem?,Uh, Doc, my tonsils hurt.,I have a slight fever and cough.,Really?,Can I check?,You are a bit hot.,Actually, I feel it all over me.,Huh?,No, I mean I feel you are hot.,Your body temperature is high.,Can I see your mouth? Can you open it?,Open it please.,Say 'ah'.,Wider.,Oh no.,It looks infected.,Take your jacket off.,Why?,You said, uh, you have a cough?,Uh, I can check it better with my stethoscope.,Go ahead.,Can't you check it with my jacket on?,No. I'll hear it better without the jacket. Go ahead.,I have to see it.,But I'm shy!,Don't be. I'm a doctor. This is normal.,Please remove your jacket.,(whispering) Okay, fine.,It's swelling!,What is it, Doc?,Your tonsils! It's swelling!,There. I have to check your breathing, okay?,We need to do it. Is it okay?,Okay.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Wait. This looks broken.,No, no. It's fine.,It's working.,Okay.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale,,exhale.,Inhale!,Exhale!,Doc, are you alright?,I think you're exhaling too much.,Oh no. Doc? Doc?,Oh no! Doc? Nurse! Help!,- Oh my! - Doc, what happened?,Help! Help! The doctor is ill!,Oh no! Doc? Doc?,I need to breathe. I need to breathe.,Inhale! Inhale!,- Exhale. - Exhale.,Inhale!,Exhale! You can do it, doc!,What happened here?,Life... is... good.

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Dusty that you see on the screen his,name is Chef Wayne and he is located in,Houston he's a lawyer and he also is a,chef he's an influencer he has like a,quarter of a million followers on Tick,Tock he has a lot of black one followers,because you know he loves to be eating,our food like food is a universal,language well,um shout out to this black woman who,actually is due you need to be careful,with him he got a past and something,else that I dug up is that yes this is a,fiance according to his Instagram they,plan to get married 2024. now y'all like,to Gaslight and say oh who cares if,they're in these relationship as long as,they don't talk bad about black women,boom he been doing that now what what,y'all gonna say now so shout out to her,she's a model her name is Aaron she said,I see a lot of my black female followers,interacting with this guy and I want you,to know that he spent most of 2015 2016,terrorizing black women then scrubbed,his account he is extremely misogynistic,so keep that in mind as you interact and,tell others you see interacting a very,misogynistic she says a bunch of other,types colorist it's not okay and then,Behavior can't be rehabilitated and he,was already an adult man in college,saying this you don't magically turn,into a new person and I think we need to,get away from that too like a lot of,people feel like black boys aren't,capable of saying these things too like,I don't care if he was in college if he,was in high school if this was a white,kid saying this bullcrap y'all would,still want the same result of them being,canceled so I don't know why you like to,pick and choose with that so they pulled,up his old tweets and they are so vile,but they're also pretty typical you know,this is what they do so in the first,tweet it says black bees make for good,punching bags okay he also said,um to this model here as you can see,with the cursor if she was light-skinned,she'd be so fire he also said if black,lives matter to SB she wouldn't have,done that to herself I'm serious too,then he said real Beauty versus weave,and lies then he was talking about this,gorgeous model if I'm not mistaken is,this Tia Becca because it kind of looked,like her he says about her she's too,black this is what this mother effer was,proud saying oh he also said pictures of,a dark-skinned black woman,juxtaposed next to a light-skinned woman,he said shaking my head The Dark One,messed up the pick so he cropped her out,and said fixed okay so I think this is,Angel from Basketball Wives I think she,says she's a nurse she also does the,myelin super gorgeous his opinion does,not change that about her then in this,pick he says he it's a dark-skinned,black woman and then like a landfill,with the trash and everything and he,says I see no different so basically,calling her Garbo this mother effort was,so vile and I refuse to believe that he,ever changed his old ways so because of,what he was doing around that time he,wasn't just commenting on like random,black women's pictures keyword black,women he was doing this to black girls,as well says I was 16 to 17 when I first,got on Twitter a skinny dark skinned,girl and saw nothing but people come,comparing us and our bodies to roaches,burnt food roast beef bodily excretions,and what not so yet I wish the very,worst on all Twitter OG's who,participated black woman in the middle,she said you commented on one of my,picks on my old account and said my dark,skin made me ugly I was in high school,call me all types of butter face you,said if I was light-skinned I'd look,better now you're a chef that's crazy,I'm so happy he's being called out and,then this black woman on the right says,this man told me I needed to take myself,out years ago after my lock up and,harass me for no reason I didn't harm,anyone or do anything to anybody and he,used a time in my life when I was,homeless and poor as a formerly,incarcerated woman to kick me down even,further,I just want y'all to think about that if,there was ever a Time that a black woman,said anything she don't even have to say,anything close to this because we saw,what happened which all did when that,that therapist rightfully was telling,you mother f is that you needed to go,talk to someone that you needed,psychiatric counseling and everything,remember how y'all did her when she,didn't even say nothing close to what,happened in these sweets you got her,fired okay so why would the treatment be,any different because again if a black,woman said anything like this y'all,would be pulling up to her house finding,her information so that's why I'm happy,it's happening to him now black woman,was putting they slew skills to work,like they should be doing against these,men quietly and this black woman found,his information so she said so I found,Chef way real name it's Wayman Wesley,the second and he apparently works for,Harris County D.A so good job girl good,job and I blocked you out so they don't,come after you okay make sure you keep,your burner under

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Karelasyon: Dick’s threesome affair (full episode)

Karelasyon: Dick’s threesome affair (full episode)

I see people talking so Janelle Marie,look T bro thank you thank you bye bye,Arika see high school classmate the lag,in a Papa Pope is have in my socks are,ideal group oh my little baby number one,miss Kelly I see lovely the meet good,luck sorry son dating app maganda,regular extra samaa TV at the Akula sha,see babe number two and you know me to,my power in a b-school unum and video,girls ta-dah,hi babe see Felicity and I let you,borrow me internet sabaha my Amin,cha-cha Dave number three maganda sexy,metal Eno at Miami Jana Mahina Hana,Nakata me and Derek oh dae-san young,ideal woman,/ paraná monsoon toxic economy Santa,oh la hot Moroni po Hanuman para la,Apollo on Encana mengapa Manila man that,young Baba I am trained young vinegar on,- can go to my behavior Samus normal,elements I love but Harlem bar and he,alabaster of for anonymous elope got a,real a big Beluga hope you spoke in a,bundle its opposite connor-san you give,us your advice in that obsessive work,out big tell me with sow in Ibiza oh I,really don't get married you don't get,it,I love it I mean our deep are we gonna,Paulo Nepal on Plato Aram oppa Guo Liang,bi bi encyclopedia,they were like mercy I got my initially,bro,oh my little girl saying 91n Tony Romo,in anticucho parabolic you surrender,pummeling na na karma me an elegant a,Mexican inertia Felicity mr. Romano,beautiful and I'm coasting along and,behind parasailing,sorry but I'll show you more when are,you oh babe I'm gonna you know I knew,magic and all ah don't be lovin anybody,thing and they go which is absolutely,the interview a big attending we're not,forgetting anything,imagine Jim marina who you say thank you,intellectually I know physical rabbi,eliezer,by a pony pop because it so chapter 8,Duma marshal grab me some method is not,my daddy sir I know you can't really,have it all seemed so simple by my Ganga,Yaman Mythili no sexy maril asana is,sample buying sign in a hot knock upon,me and I in a Honda poor parenting our,pas here up stop blu-ray on Bala there,hopefully mama meat curry new girl named,someday that perfect woman in a long dig,do look I'm gonna baby see you in my,dreams,back there but it's your body erratic,ready are you man,wake up baby my prince time wake up you,ready I have a surprise for you,Make A Wish baby because I will make a,patsy come true count one two three with,me one two three did you know that there,are three men where it's the land in the,moon namely Neil Armstrong my Colleen,and was algae but no one compares with,you know be patient because love is,patient love is kind love it's harmless,darkness it's the absence of light,and when we think are you ready yes baby,Oh a surprise to see naughty be beginner,you'll probably see yes everything,here's some funny yoga of course,bringing up an embargo yoga instructor,in Human Kinetics it all this you see,family America really nice man all right,babe alternating bicep curl and slowly,inhale exhale inhale hey hey you can,better when I've got that one more thank,you,dynamo Corinne I'm gonna cut the one I,think your personal trainer would know,better you know what I've done research,on okay number guys I got type core,mugger know and maybe you should do the,same over there bicycle may you and they,actually they were maybe negate to say,you research nanda nah it's going up,sorry I mix I got I got a nice to meet,you clean Bhagu yoga instructor yeah um,if you have time whenever you're free I,hope you can join my class Oh baby,okay sorry I'm running late I really,have no it's nice to meet you,have you been playin look at being,workout yoga no cutaway Nia you can walk,away tapas you meet Ana,babe babe Indians in Serpico you mean,you planned a benefit a wink at the when,you see girl for the diet cha-cha-cha,out there anything we're screwed,State moon axe wait why do 300k number I,oh oh oh no no baby okay I know more,better point I think improve you but,stretch noncom anymore I'm teaching a,yoga class later I was amazed,it'll be so nice if marker then come on,man okay I know more mana for clothes,I'll get you there okay then without the,name greater than a guinea pigs even for,small then they'll mob waiter home with,you doing huh,okay wait question for you know one,possibility for kazamia beautiful oh,good for you beautiful you it's a view,bit for you I know beyond wait Liguilla,excuse me miss that's my parking spot,I'm sorry I'm sorry go,that's my parking space whoa relax now,it's not like I'm stealing your,boyfriend parking space tamponade kylajo,is no excuse me girls Ernie Atta Tito,could see you know Ogawa number bar in,tow oh yeah yeah,ah-ha-ha soon yeah I know I got one,question on our key space parking space,mix I don't see regular kinda share,identical burn the hope man potential,hideout by the way I mix yoga Alicia,Keeler,nice to meet you you loser yeah my yoga,palate oh yes mother esteem if you want,whenever you're free please join my,class I think about it,Oh Park Napa okay I gonna rain mix was,in China I really ha

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