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EEVblog #1076 - KRK Textile Dome Tweeter Teardownhi someone wanted to take a look at this,I ki k TW


Updated on Jan 20,2023

EEVblog #1076 - KRK Textile Dome Tweeter Teardown

hi someone wanted to take a look at this,I ki k TW t ke triple o1 - tweeter from,the Rocio six that I've got and this one,failed you to the black a gunk of death,and I thought we'd just take a look,inside it let's go,if we take off the soft dome outer there,it's just glued on easy to peel off it,looks like we got some some foam inside,here that's just stuck on to the magnet,inside there anyway it looks like it's,got the coil on the outside which on,this one is blowing so oh look we've got,our coil on the outside so this is a,moving coil one Jesus that's not mini -,oh no is that just like one that's just,a connecting no is that it that's it wow,that's the entire coil are you kidding,me Wow,looks like it's just one big solid turn,around there that's that's crazy so,let's have a squiz at this under the,Tigana microscope here we go here's the,wire coming in and what I know sorry,that looked like one wire strip you,probably saw that on HD it didn't make,er didn't make sense at all but once you,get under there it's obviously moldable,turns you just need X amount of,magnification but it's like right up the,top that magnet so how many turns out,and I count the turns in there so,somewhere in this it's been blowing so,let's check around there,yeah well yeah I don't know where it's,blown but anyway um so there's like ten,turns or something on that there's some,foam on top which I don't know what it,actually does doesn't do anything,presumably or is that uh no there we go,it's covering it's covering a hole in,there sorry I'm getting a bit medieval,on the TAS but it is blowing,it's not something you to repair really,I wouldn't go in there and uh but anyway,we'll go down meeting it in the middle,so a screw right down no there wouldn't,be a screw,is there anything right down in there,Bueller Bueller,anyway that's very different to what I,expected to see then what if I try and,take off all this tape around here maybe,this parts glued on so it looks like we,can get around the edge there and break,that seal so it looks like this whole,thing comes apart as assembly but,there's some glue on there so let me try,and get all that out first so I haven't,actually been able to get that open any,further so sorry it's not that hugely,interesting and it basically just came,down to um it blew the I sent out of the,coil yeah okay you can probably rewind,your own coil yeah go for it but yeah,that thing's just cactus you're better,off just paying your 30 bucks or,whatever for a new one especially the,massive excursions that went on this it,would have just deformed all of the coil,stuffs so I couldn't actually get that,apart any further but obviously I just,believe that's a just a like a permanent,magnet assembly that the coil goes,through now I think what is happening,here is because well the coil just,obviously it's a moving coil design it,moves within the magnetic field in there,now it's completely destroyed and,distorted now of course but I believe,how it works is that you can see some,glue on the back of there like there's,the glue around this edge here which,actually connects which glues onto the,top of there but then I believe,that we didn't see in the teardown,because it was all torn off that the,coil was actually glued on to the,textile dome or what you know I believe,they're usually called like a textile,dome and that is what is causes this,thing to tweet um it's physically,attached this textile dome very close to,the outer rim so that's really,interesting but it's high-frequency,stuff but I felt massive excursions on,this thing so this thing was just going,thump thump thump so obviously you know,the first time it did that it probably,just sheared away from the tweeter even,if the coil was are still intact the,first time I powered it up it you know,it wasn't gonna acoustically work,anymore so that is yeah that's totally,cactus but there you go that's inside,one of these textile dome tweeters and I,don't know I expected something fancier,than that but anyway that's pretty much,all there is to it coil attached it's,sort of fairly rigidly attached to the,outer rim of that textile dome,fascinating with a big-ass magnet behind,it so there's obviously going to be very,little excursion in that but that's not,what you expect that's what woofers are,for not these little poor little,tweeters this one is abused so anyway,it's surprisingly simple but you know,there's a lot of engineering and testing,that you know and performance validation,that goes into these sorts of things so,I've no doubt it's a fairly decent,textile dome tweeter in terms of,response and performance and all that,sort of stuff it's not top-shelf stuff,but anyway there you go I hope you found,that interesting if you did please give,it a big thumb up thumbs up there we go,as always discuss down below catch you,next time

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How To Use Speaker/woofer as Twitter Speaker || High Frequency || By Tah. Electronics.

How To Use Speaker/woofer as Twitter Speaker || High Frequency || By Tah. Electronics.

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How To Use Twitter (2022)

How To Use Twitter (2022)

here's how to use twitter,use the clickable sections below to skip,through different parts of this tutorial,go to to set up an account,your twitter name is displayed on your,profile and used to help people find,your account,a twitter handle will be created for you,automatically and will begin with the at,symbol you'll need to give this handle,to others if they want to mention you in,tweets,each tweet is limited to 280 characters,this includes spaces so if you want to,write a lengthy tweet choose your words,carefully,below you can see a circle being filled,up as you type,this indicates how many characters you,have left in your tweet,you can add media to make your tweets,more visually engaging,this won't use up any of your characters,you can add a picture gif or a poll,you can collect data and encourage,interaction from your followers using,polls,you'll need to write your question in,your tweet then you can list your,options and choose how long you want the,poll to run for,you can add expressions to your tweets,with emojis,click on the emoji button and select one,you'd like to add,these will be included in your character,count,to add multiple tweets click on the plus,sign next to tweet,this is useful if you want to say,something more than 280 characters,click tweet to post,your tweet will now be on your profile,by following a twitter account that,accounts tweet will be shown on your,home page so you can stay up to date,with all their latest posts,from the home page click on your profile,photo to get to your profile page,twitter will show you recommended,accounts for you to follow based on your,interests,to follow someone click,follow,or,show more if you want to see more,recommendations,to follow someone else click on the,search bar,and then type in their name to find them,you'll see different accounts listed,click follow on the account you want,on the home page you'll now see their,tweets listed too,to view your profile,click on your profile photo or click,profile on the left hand side,click edit profile to edit the visuals,of your page,you can change your profile photo or add,a banner photo here,click the camera icon to add a photo to,make your profile more visual,select the image you want to use and,then click apply,you can change your profile name add a,biography to describe yourself add your,location,a website,and your birthday,under the date where you joined you'll,see the number of accounts you're,following and the number following you,click on these to see who they are,to change your twitter handle from the,home page,click on the more icon and select,settings and privacy,go to your account,and account information,your current twitter handle will appear,next to your username to change it,highlight the text and type in a new one,each twitter handle is original,if your username is already taken it'll,tell you below,and you'll need to try a different,variation click save to apply the,changes to your handle,reacting to tweets can help you to get,more followers,under each tweet you'll see a series of,different options,you can also react to your own tweet to,add more information to it,click on the speech bubble to reply,this will add a comment specifically to,that tweet,the account that posted the tweet will,be notified that you've replied to it,retweeting shares a tweet on your own,page,click on the two circling arrows icon to,retweet a post,if someone else retweets one of yours,all of their followers will then be able,to see your tweet on their page,you can also choose to retweet with,comment,this will also share the tweet on your,page,with an accompanying note,click on the heart icon to like a tweet,you can see how popular someone's tweets,are by looking at the number of hearts,it has,messages is the direct message platform,for twitter you can privately send and,receive messages to twitter accounts,using this function,from the home page click on messages,it may ask you to verify your account,with a phone number to check your real,person,if prompted for this,add a phone number and verify yourself,to access,message someone who follows you by,clicking start a conversation and type,in the name of the person,you can also message someone who isn't,following you if they have enabled this,function in their privacy settings click,the name you want then type your message,here,you can add a photo gif,or an emoji by clicking these icons,if you want to delete a tweet,you can click on the three dots here and,click delete,from the home page click on explore,the explore page allows you to browse,different tweets and accounts you may,not be following already,type something in the search bar you're,interested in looking for and various,posts and accounts will appear for you,to browse,bookmark store tweets so you can go back,to look at them later,from the home page click on the bookmark,tab to add a tweet to your bookmarks,select the upload icon and select,add tweet to bookmarks,lists also help you to manage your

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Elon Musk TORCHES Democrat Adam Schiff For Begging Twitter To Ban Journalists!

Elon Musk TORCHES Democrat Adam Schiff For Begging Twitter To Ban Journalists!

oh yeah you gotta get Shifty you gotta,get Shifty in here,it's time to get Shifty uh oh we gotta,get Shifty,oh yeah,yeah take off your pants and your,panties ship on the floor it's time to,get Shifty in here,new song Shifty the double x 50 songs,coming at you it's the Swift Shifty,hey take your pants off it's Shifty time,today,hmm,what's going on everyone Jeremy here,from the quartering and uh what a,terrible time to to uh get sick but uh,there has been a lot of Revelations from,this last Twitter files drop in fact,I would argue that it was probably the,most important one to date given that,they tried Banning 250,000 users and we saw for I think the,first time now the first direct,government official,going and asking Twitter to ban somebody,and then on top of that ban a journalist,which I don't really care about anymore,I mean most journalists are garbage but,hey Matt taibi's a journalist right it's,hard to get it's hard to care about,journalist TM uh as as as uh as much as,look I'm more concerned with Twitter,Banning anybody at the request of a,politician but uh Elon Musk calling out,Adam Schiff directly and he gets,rightfully uh dragged on social media,after this particular particularly spicy,email came on we're gonna get into that,story after quick word from important,Channel sponsor private internet access,huge shout out to this video sponsor,private internet access look it's 2022,going on 2023 if you don't have a VPN,you're missing out on a ton of benefits,not just a more secure connection but if,you're paying for Netflix Disney Plus or,any other streaming service you're,already getting locked out of a ton of,additional content that you could be,enjoying if you used a VPN and since,they've been sponsoring the channel so,long they've rolled out a massive,discount for my viewers that's right 80,four percent off plus four months free,it's two dollars and three cents a month,four months free 84 off private internet,access also offers privacy on all your,devices Lightning Fast Global server,Network and look outside of all the,additional content you're gonna be able,to view out there using private internet,access it also has a strict no logs,policy it's open source it has state of,the art updates it's instant to set up,you can put it on all of your devices,your tablet your computer your mobile,phones it has unlimited bandwidth and so,much more if you don't have a VPN yet,make today the day use my link in the,description to get private internet,access start being more secure and,unlock loads more content if you don't,have a VPN yet make sure you you pick,yours up today using the link in the pin,comment down below and you can save a,bunch of money and help support the,channel,and of course you know power up all of,your streaming services and protect your,protect your browsing experience and,things of that nature but so of the 50,or 60s so tweets that drop by Matt taibi,and also I suspect this week,we're supposed to have the Fouche files,as well this week but uh one of the,particular emails was an email directly,from,Adam schiff's team now if you don't know,who Adam Schiff is he is a Democrat out,of California,all around scumbag like most politicians,uh but uh here's what's interesting,forward tweets hi blank I met with blank,from uh a department and he flagged the,attached analysis from the house,permanent select intelligence committee,Adam schiff's representative Adam,schiff's office for your review and,feedback related to alleged harassment,from conspiracy theorists against a,specific staffer would like to get your,thoughts on our ability if any to,support this request,of note name from SP has reviewed the,request and consulted with below is her,initial feedback,you see this they also received an,astonishing variety of requests from,officials and Twitter also received an,astonishing variety of requests from,officials asking for individuals they,didn't like to be banned,here are the office for the Democrat and,house Intel committee Chief Adam Schiff,asks Twitter to ban journalist Paul,Sperry who is by the way recently just,restored uh he was just restored uh uh,after this went live it says remove any,and all content about Mr misco and other,committee staff from its service to,include quotes retweets and reactions to,that content no this isn't feasible we,don't do this so even Twitter this is,Twitter's reply by the way they asked,can you remove any content about this,person and other committee staff from,its service to include quotes retweets,and reactions Twitter says no this isn't,feasible slash we don't do this,they also suspend the many accounts,including Greg rubini and Paul speary,which have report repeatedly promoted,false conspiracies and been mean,we'll review these accounts again but I,believe so and so mentioned only one,qualified for suspension I'm assuming,that's Sperry,or yeah,suppress any and all search results,about this individual and other,committee staff know Twitter replies we,don't do this

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The Truth about Andrew Tate Hospitalization Controversy & Misinfo, Youtube's New Terrible Crackdown,

The Truth about Andrew Tate Hospitalization Controversy & Misinfo, Youtube's New Terrible Crackdown,

- YouTube is going to shut down my channel,if I'm not careful.,Andrew Tate was allegedly attacked in jail,,but many are also shouting fake news about that.,There was a coup attempt in Brazil,while Bolsonaro is just mulling around at a Publix.,A six-year-old shot a teacher on purpose.,We're gonna be talking about all of that,and so much more on,the first "Philip DeFranco Show" of 2023.,So buckle up, hit that like button if you miss this show,and let's just jump into it.,Starting with the actually a quick apology,from me to you.,Before we went on our New Year break,I said the show was coming back January 2nd,and of course that didn't end up happening,and that's because I got my wisdom teeth taken out.,I foolishly thought, that's not a big deal.,What, you do it, they give you ice cream or something.,Turns out that's tonsils.,I'm an idiot.,And they were a little worried about me healing as fast,because I was getting this done at 37 rather,than like 18 or 20 when a lot of people get that done.,And honestly I am glad I took their advice,and took the extra week off.,I'm feeling much better now.,I would've been miserable last week.,Also, yes, they did let me keep my teeth,and a lot of people have asked to see them.,So, for you weirdos stay after the goodbye on today's show,and I'll show them to you 'cause once again, you're weird.,Also, they've been exposed to air now,,they look kinda gnarly.,Anyway, I've warned you enough.,Moving on.,And then, Andrew Tate may have been hospitalized,while in jail and this reportedly not,because Greta Thunberg put him in the burn unit.,But also looking into this, there's a reason to be skeptical,about this news and narrative.,So, the first thing I'll say is with all this Tate news,,do not just take everything at face value.,While this whole situation popped,off while the show was on break,,one thing that I noticed is there was just,so much misinformation going around.,There were claims that Tate,wasn't being investigated for heavier charges.,It was just like money laundering.,Also, there were claims,that he was actually released from jail.,There was people sharing old, unrelated videos,that they were saying, "Oh, this is him now.",But that said, let's walk through this.,So, Andrew and his brother Tristan,were both detained a little over a week ago in Romania,as part of a rape and sex trafficking investigation.,They're being accused,of leading victims to believe that they were interested,in dating them, but instead taking them,to houses where they were constantly surveilled,and then forced to act,in pornographic videos that were then sold online.,While both brothers are still in custody,,Andrew Tate's Twitter account has continued,to pose various updates and nuggets,of Top G Wisdom.,With yesterday Tate's account saying,,"The matrix has attacked me.,But they misunderstand, you cannot kill an idea.,Hard to kill.",And that post including a link,to a Romanian news outlet called "Spy News.",That report claiming,that one of the Tate brothers was hospitalized.,But, key things, that report did not say,which brother it was, just saying that the two were doing,a routine medical visit,and one of the brothers allegedly informed the doctor,of medical issues that he was suffering from.,And those issues apparently necessitated,a special consultation at a hospital.,And while the report gave no further details,about the medical issues,,there was this whole narrative that,,oh, Andrew Tate was attacked in prison,so now he's in a hospital.,And then with that, you also saw a report saying,,hey, the evidence that Tate was actually attacked,,it's not really there.,Personally, and maybe I'm fucking off base here,,I don't think that he's speaking literally,,instead to me it sounds,like the whole hospital thing might have been one,of the brothers claiming or having a preexisting condition.,And as far as him saying "The Matrix is attacking me,",that's kind of just,like the general thing that he's been saying,that has been happening.,Not in reference to like,a specific physical altercation, right?,And even today, the account continued saying,,"The Matrix doesn't play fair, they play to win.",But with that said, I do think the timing,of this is potentially notable because it's being reported,that the Tate brothers have an appeal hearing tomorrow.,And by then either nothing will happen,,maybe we'll get some more information,,or I mean they could even be released.,And in the meantime, we're gonna keep our eyes,on this and try and just sift through all the bullshit,'cause once again, there's so much misinformation,and conjecture and just random bullshit with this story.,And then, YouTube's about to firebomb my YouTube channel.,That is what a number of people were telling me,on Twitter while I was away on break.,And as it turns out, they weren't just trolling me,,but they may be overly concerned.,Let's let it out, right?,So, this is a big story that's gotten a lot of attention,over the last week and it evolves fairl

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Making Real Tiramisu with Homemade Ladyfingers

Making Real Tiramisu with Homemade Ladyfingers

look I've gotta be honest with you I,don't make or eat tiramisu all that,often I know a really good cell Josh,very good but after today and four,slices of tiramisu in my body that's,gonna have to change and I think it'll,change for you too ok so we're making,tiramisu,it's a classic I know the Italians are,gonna yell at me alright the point is,this is very very tasty after coming,back from the holidays my ability to,communicate is just not very good let's,talk about ladyfingers I'm tired of the,store-bought kind I say that about,literally anything from scratch,tiramisu so with all that said I hope,you enjoyed your holidays I hope that,you're gonna have a great New Year's Eve,but more importantly let's make this,shall we like I said we need to address,the ladyfingers no not those so although,the store-bought ones are nice and even,and pretty and they're just easy there's,a huge benefit to making your own which,is a they're not that hard to make be,obviously they are way better when you,make them yourself and see if you can't,buy them in your area now you can make,it let's take a shower,let's taste tests so here's what they,sound like it sounds sad well now this,real dry so they're real dry which makes,sense why you would want to soak them,into something because man that is,really boring on its own in there a,processing that's come now the,ingredient list for ladyfingers is real,simple and the bowl of a stand mixer,you're gonna combine three whole eggs,half a cup or 108 grams of granulated,sugar then you're gonna take a shallow,pot of water bring that to a simmer over,medium high heat and set your stand,mixer bowl on top about now make sure,that your stand mixer bowl fits over,this pot decently if you don't want it,touching the water aka double boiler now,continuously whisk the eggs and the,sugar until that mixture reaches 160,degrees Fahrenheit or 71 degrees Celsius,this should take less than five minutes,and if it curdles that means you,overheated it now say hello to our new,b-roll homie Big Bertha she just arrived,now set up your stand mixer with the,whisk attachment and beat your heated,egg mixture on high speed for seven to,ten minutes or until it's two and a half,times its original volume and it reaches,a very light soft Pikachu looks sort of,like soft-serve when you pull the whisk,out of it then beat in one teaspoon or,three grams of vanilla extract remove it,from your stand mixer and gently fold in,one cup,140 grams of all-purpose flour you,really need to be careful folding here,do not over beat it transfer it to a,piping bag ideally one that's larger,than this because look at this tragedy,you're gonna pipe these on a baking,sheet lined with parchment paper and you,want them to be about three inches long,and one inch wide making sure to give,one inch of separation between each lady,finger this will make about thirty lady,fingers and it'll take up about two,trays now here's the crucial step only,bake one traitor time and right before,you bake a tray generously dust the tray,with powdered sugar like so then put it,in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or,175 degrees Celsius for eight to twelve,minutes or until lightly golden and,crisp this is the secret to getting the,ladyfingers to rise properly if you,don't do this they're gonna flatten out,and there is sad cookie boy hours not,good,now pull those mother brothers out of,there and let them cool to room,temperature on a wire rack and then,that's it they're ready to use now in,the tiramisu or you can use them in,three weeks say well you know don't push,it but now the actual making the,tiramisu is real easy but first let's,get our coffee mixture ready if you've,got an espresso machine now is the time,to use it you're gonna need two cups or,475 millilitres of fresh brewed espresso,or really strong coffee here's it a mix,of half espresso half cold brew but it's,up to you up to that you're gonna add a,quarter cup or 58 grams of granulated,sugar I like that a little bit of nutmeg,not traditional but I do what I want,three tablespoons are 45 milliliters of,a good rum or brandy that's optional and,I like to add just a tiny little splash,of maple syrup again not traditional but,I do what I want brother whisk together,until thoroughly combined now for the,tiramisu cream so first we can do a,double boiler again get a medium sized,pot filler with a shallow amount of,water you can see how much I've got here,and then bring that to a light simmer,then in a medium sized bowl that fits,over the top of that well without,touching the water you're gonna add six,to seven large egg yolks depending on,the size and three-quarters of a cup or,165 grams of granulated sugar now set,that over your steaming pot and,constantly whisk just until the sugar is,mostly dissolved but make sure it's,about 95% of the way there and the,mixture is warm think of it sort of like,a sabayon then with electric beaters,beat these on high speed while still,heating over the double boiler until,it's two

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Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 1

Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode - Next Top Genius Part 1

开始吧,奔跑吧 防弹,这是什么?,各位 香味已渐渐飘了上来 ,这莫非是 ,今天 与大家十分熟稔的 ,那位 ,- 莫非? - Mr. PAIK?,[劲道十足的饼底 以及亲自研制的手工酱料 想为大家介绍的内容不胜枚举], ,我们的白老师,- 送了我们披萨呢 - PAIK BOY,- PAIK BOY This is PAIK BOY - PAIK BOY,“TRUST ME” 相信我 意思是相信我,“TRUST ME” ,- 那我们打开披萨盒吧 - 总之 PAIK BOY,Let's go ,- This is PAIK BOY This is PAIK BOY / - This is PAIK BOY ,- PAIK BOY / - 哇哦 ,首先... 首先这个 ,这个叫什么啊? ,这个叫三脚架吗? ,这叫什么啊? ,这个就已经很特别了 ,反正 可以吃了吗? ,- 感觉Jin哥... / - 我来尝一口 ,味道如何?,扎实 太扎实了 ,- 好吃 好吃 - 哇,配料太丰富了 ,肯定特别好吃 ,- 吃吧 / - 可以实话实说 ,- 莫非 - 泰亨正在减肥,我... ,我正在经历我人生中的第一次减肥,- 因为 / - 各位 饼底口感太棒了 ,我现在需要像参加终极格斗冠军赛一样 ,- 努力减肥 - 酱料太丰富了,你们都不会做吃播,这才是吃播 ,- 白老师 / - 今天也会 ,- 好好享用的 / - 白老师 这个 ,这个披萨做得太好吃了吧 ,有酱吗? 有酱吗?,啊 在这儿,我很好奇酱的味道,你们知道吧? 一般披萨带的酱料 ,特别重要,拍摄开始前 ,我刚刷了牙 结果立马就开吃 ,通常都要 ,用前端 ,蘸一点酱吃 ,挺好吃的 ,- Jimin - 嗯?,抱歉,你做什么呢? 快给我啊 ,我... ,喂 把可乐给我吧,我想做节目 ,非常... 做得非常棒 ,我想做吃播,拍摄开始前 ,拍摄前我刚刷了牙 ,我也是 我也是 ,Jimin... 期间泰亨在一旁问,“你说这里哪个热量最低?”,- 他在一旁说的 - 热量?,这些东西中哪个最那什么?,- Jimin - 你问哪个是招牌菜品?,不是 你觉得哪个热量最低?,蜂蜜红薯条应该热量挺低的吧 ,哥 其实都差不多,说实话 如果你只吃一口好吃的披萨 那热量跟红薯是一样的,桢国 你怎么不吃 你也减肥吗?,对 我正好今天要减肥 ,各位 我和白种元老师一起 ,拍摄的You**be综艺后天就要播出了 ,- 请多多收看 / - 节目叫什么? ,节目叫什么?,叫《醉中JIN谈》,在我们频道播吗? ,等这期节目播出的时候 那个节目应该已经开始了吧? ,是啊,啊 《醉中JIN谈》 ,《醉中JIN谈》 ,基于这种意义 唱一首《醉中真谈》吧,就是啊,那边正在唱呢 ,怎么唱来着? ,♪也许 ,♪是我醉了 ,那边正在唱呢 ,♪也许是我醉了 ,年纪小的朋友们没听过这首歌,♪也许是我JIN了,- 这个... - ♪ JIN了 / - ♪ JIN了 ,切达奶酪太好吃了,哇 过分了吧 ,- 试试 / - 现在 ,你们居然不吃? ,- 能忍住吗? - 等下次订...,下次再订不就可以了嘛 ,我 ,我会充满诚意地亲自订来吃的,上面加了玉米 ,玉米加得是不是特别扎实? ,太扎实了 ,哇 太扎实了吧 ,太扎实了吧 ,哇 这也太扎实了吧 ,哇 刚才闻到味道真的...,什么啊? 什么味道?,桢国把披萨放到了我的鼻子前,在外国没有酸黄瓜可怎么吃披萨啊?,据说外国人吃披萨不配酸黄瓜,没有萝卜块辛奇我就吃不了汤饭,没有黄萝卜我就吃不下炸酱面,披萨亦是如此 没有酸黄瓜我就吃不下,就是啊 ,没有黄萝卜 ,- 我就吃不下炸酱面 / - 我现在 ,- 不饿 / - 披萨亦是如此 ,没有酸黄瓜,我就吃不下 ,就是啊 ,你帮我拿一块儿,哇 不过,它们连在一起呢,别说了 快给我吧,肉都掉下去了 这可不行,帮我把那块肉放上去 ,帮我放到,后面 ,这个 ,好吃 好吃 ,太过分了 ,帮我放到后面 ,这个 ,- 真好吃 真好吃 / - 太过分了吧 ,这怎么行 太好吃了吧 ,- 泰亨 吃这个吧 - 我觉得这不...,- 泰亨 吃这个吧 / - 我觉得这不行啊 ,肯定很好吃 ,话说要不要我们把披萨边都留下给你? ,行啊 ,原来大家都不吃披萨边啊,我不理解 ,那些不吃披萨边的人 ,太良心了 太良心了 ,我确实也不理解那些吃披萨边的人,啊 是吗?,最后我们互相理解一下吧,好 这样最干净利落了 ,不是 ,最近分歧挺多的,是啊,所以苏子叶争论的结局是什么啊?,苏子叶,结局就是让大家别吃苏子叶了,这有点...,- 都说如果不能自己撕开那就别吃 - 嗯,据我所知那个争论就这么结束了 ,谁会撕开的就谁就吃吧!,撕不开苏子叶 那说明他没学会用筷子 ,是啊 是啊 ,如果吃得差不多了 我们... ,我们吃好了,- 好 下面... / - 今天的拍摄... 拍摄很开心 ,开始进行《奔跑吧防弹》吧 ,大家辛苦了!,好 今日《奔跑吧防弹》的内容为,天才挖掘团 ,挖掘... 挖掘 ,“挖掘团”感觉...,像化石似的,感觉要被挖掘了 ,第一个游戏是,数字牌游戏,是不是那个在脑门上贴卡片的游戏?,天才挖掘团第一场比赛,是数字牌游戏 ,数字牌游戏需用到15组共105张的数字牌,每组数字牌上分别标有0到6七个数字,每位玩家将分到7张随机洗好的牌,按顺序随意出一张牌,牌面数字相加,总和超过16时,该玩家将遭到淘汰,每当有人被淘汰,其余玩家将各多得一张牌,直至剩下最后一人,当剩下最后一人时,各玩家将按存活时间长短,获得相应分数 , ,- 这不是芭*罗缤游戏嘛 / - 没错 ,这是比眼力见儿啊 ,这是比拼幸运 比眼力见儿啊 ,什么意思? 出牌的时候 如果牌面数值相加,等于16的话...,那要淘汰谁啊? ,就是按顺序 ,- 比如说你先出 / - 嗯 ,那么你 ,出了1,我出了1,但下一个人出了6 ,- 那相加就是7对吧 - 是7,如果下一个人也出了6 那就是13对吧,但如果Jimin出了4,不就超过16了嘛,- 在Jimin出牌的时候 - 嗯,- 是啊 - 那么Jimin就淘汰了,真的?,那么 这... 这... 16这个数字是提前定好的吗?,会告诉我们吗?,不是...,- 16... 16... - 16... 16... ,- 是固定的 是固定的 / - 规则 规则 ,- 规则里没写这句啊? / - 哥 必须是16 ,- 我告诉你就是16 / - 啊哈 ,你要不要慢慢地再看一遍?,- 哥 哥 哥 不过 - OK 我理解了,- 我完全理解了 - 哥 哥 不过 / - 顺序很重要,- OK OK - 哥 不过 如果他出完牌正好总和为16,但我有0 ,那我就通过了 ,啊 那就通过了啊 ,- 通过了 通过 - OK OK OK,我完全理解了,喂 如果7张都是6怎么办啊?,要不要进行一轮练习赛?,- 好 来一轮吧 - OK,就进行一轮 到桢国为止 ,好的 ,混不到一起,快点 喂 快分牌,好的,不是 不用洗牌 直接分牌就行,我想摆弄一下 ,直接分吧 ,大概分就行 ,因为是练习赛 ,这是练习赛吗? ,拜托 拜托数字一定要好,来吧 来吧 ,Jimin哥 我以前都不知道你是这样的人 ,哇 居然给我这样的牌? ,我的牌特别好 ,从j-hope开始出牌 ,从我开始吗?,那我就简单粗暴点吧,我先出5,哥 5有点大吧 ,是吗? 很大吗? ,数值有点...,我也... 我也出5 ,我也... 我也出5 ,- 现在已经 / - 好 现在总和已经是10了 ,那我出6 ,你就没必要出牌了 因为你被淘汰了 ,- 不是的 不是的 / - 不是啊 ,我要出0 ,还有0呢? ,- 那边不是说了有0嘛 / - 前面不是写了嘛 ,- 等等 / - 喂 你是个高手啊 ,你说什么? ,喂 你是高手啊 ,这样下去要出事了啊 ,泰亨哥有0吗? ,应该没有吧?,我有啊,高手啊 你是高手 ,走好 ,这个游戏真是无语,- OK 这种... / - 这样每人就多得一张牌 ,OK OK ,- 这样 - 我完全理解了,这样... 就是这样 ,就是这样一个游戏 ,- 理解了吧? / - 挺好玩诶 / - 完全理解 完全理解 ,- 挺好玩诶 - 牌...,怎么不给我0啊 ,我的牌还是6 6 6 4 4呢 ,- 我的牌是6 6 6 - 6 6 6 4 4,给我吧 我来洗牌,这游戏还挺好玩的,把它的顺序... 顺序很重要 ,那怎么 ,- 顺序... / - 那么 ,每人抽一张牌,数字最大的人先出牌,OK,- 随机 / - 那就发8张吧 ,数字最大的人坐最右边?,随便拿吧 ,这算什么啊? ,拿牌吧 ,快点 快数好6张牌 ,都让你数好6张再发牌了 ,我都分不清是几张了 ,- 几张 / - 泰亨哥你拿了几张? ,甚至 ,- 啊! / - 泰亨都不在这儿 ,喂喂喂 重新洗牌 重新洗牌,桢国啊 数好每人6张牌再发吧 ,如果我们再老十岁的话 话得多成什么样啊?,如果到了四十岁也这样,那就真的是不懂事了 不是啊?,- 行 泰亨分牌吧 - 估计我们到了六七十岁也是这样,桢国老了之后,喂 哥哥们真是的 ,到时候就不叫哥了,那叫什么?,当然是叫yay! shake it ya,过了六十本来就都是朋友嘛,都是兄弟 都是兄弟 ,喂 过了三十就已经都是朋友了,从明天开始... 不是明天 从明年开始就算周岁了吧? ,如果算周岁的话 我们就有9个月可以做朋友了,如果算周岁 我和硕珍哥 ,就有9个月可以做朋友了 ,朋友 我们是朋友 ,- 下面这个... / - 8 ,来 ,来 最上面的牌,挨个亮出最上面的牌吧,啊 最上面的牌 必须是最上面的牌吗? ,来 挨个亮出最上面的牌吧 ,现在亮就可以吗?,- 1 2 3 - 1 2 3,Go,来 谁的数字最大? ,我的数字是5 ,5 好 5 ,由泰亨决定方向,我决定按这个方向出牌,OK 往桢国那边转,我的牌居然是这样的? ,这是谁洗的牌啊? 是桢国对吧? ,我看0简直就是百搭牌嘛,这个游戏不是心理博弈,对吗?,既需要心理博弈也需要运气,首先运气占70% 就像人的那个一样,运七技三 ,就是加法啊 ,那么从泰亨开始出牌吧,- 我出2 / - 好 2 ,出牌了 桢国,- 6 / - 8 ,- j-hope - 该你了,- 是我吗? / - 他出了8 ,- 8 / - 他出了8 ,出了8?,是8,- 啊 原来如此 OK - It's party,如果你出8 总和就是16了 ,- 没有8啊 / - 是啊 ,有8 ,啊 没有啊,我先加到10吧,2,玧... 玧其哥 ,原来这对先出的人有利啊 ,就是啊 ,那么总和是几?,- 8... 10... - 16! 16!,16?,要有0才行,我觉得必须要有0才行 ,0越多越好 ,是啊 0是好牌,0是最好的牌 ,真的吗? ,大事不妙啊 ,什么情况? 什么情况? ,因果报应再次降临 ,- 什么情况? - 因果报应,再次降临 ,6已经出了 全出了不是嘛 ,0已经全出了吧? ,- 结束了 / - 结束 结束 他淘汰了 / - 结束了 ,0 ,这... 这就是因果报应啊 各位 ,哇 所有0都出了,其实比起心理博弈 这个游戏确实靠运气,不过确实是心理博弈 因为,- 即使出数字小的牌 / - 前期 前期 ,- 前期属于心理博弈 / - 嗯 ,并且 各位,因果报应是存在的 ,并且会降临的 ,不要动歪心思,数好6张牌就可以了 ,- 拜托了 拜托了 - 拜托了,拜托了 ,6张? ,啊 牌不太好,- 大家 大家都... / - 都模棱两可啊 ,大家看了太多《老千》 ,从谁开始?,是不是从Jin哥开始? 从Jin开始 ,好 ,犯罪 ,5 出牌吧 ,- Jimin / - 第一张牌是5 第一张牌是5 ,- 5 - 5 新的开始,下一位是Jimin选手,究竟会出几呢? ,- 4 总和是9 / - 4 他出了4 ,9 ,哇 已经到9了?,已经到9了? ,15 15 15 ,15了 已经15了 ,没有1 如果没有1 ,- 如果没有1 - 15,泰亨将就此淘汰 ,防御,防守

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YES! Meg SMASHED PHONE As Craig Prescott's Twitter Post Praises Zara But Throw Duchess Under The Bus

YES! Meg SMASHED PHONE As Craig Prescott's Twitter Post Praises Zara But Throw Duchess Under The Bus

yes big smashed phone as Craig Prescott,Twitter post Praises Zara but Throne,dutches under the bus Craig Prescott,posted a sensational post on Twitter,accordingly he disparaged Megan and,praised the Tittle family if Megan saw,this she would probably smash her phone,out of jealousy or at least she would,scream in frustration it comes as Megan,and Harry urged to do something,interesting like Zara and Mike tidal,Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have had,a busy few weeks with the next project,the Duke's Memoir set to be released,next week Megan and Harry have been,urged to do something interesting and,take lead from Harry's cousin Zara,Tittle and her husband Mike according to,Craig Prescott an expert in UK,constitutional law in politics with a,particular interest in the royal family,the titles are the model from which,Megan and Harry should build referring,to the tittles as undoubtedly,celebrities he pointed out that despite,this the couple are private citizens,with no titles in a thread he posted on,Twitter Miss Prescott wrote of the,titles they have a stellar sporting,background Zara is a world champion in,Eventing Mike won the Rugby Union World,Cup the Royal connection adds to what,they do rather than is what they do he,also pointed out Mike also has a podcast,no one Minds Mr Prescott added clearly,the sussex's profile was always much,higher and the tittles Never Had a title,or Royal role at the very least the,titles provide proof of concept,concluding the thread he urged Megan and,Harry to do something interesting it,doesn't matter hugely what and from that,everything else will follow less than,two years after Megan married into the,royal family the Duke and Duchess of,Sussex announced their plans to step,down as senior working Royals in 2020.,they declared on their official,Instagram account that they wish to work,to become financially independent but,would continue to fully support Queen,Elizabeth II the couple revealed in,January 2020 that their decision came,after many months of reflection and,internal discussion although not senior,Royals Mike and Zara have still actively,Taken part in various Royal events over,the years as the daughter of Princess,Anne Zara currently stands 20th in life,of succession Dr Craig Prescott is an,expert in the UK constitutional law in,politics with a particular focus on the,monarchy Parliament Devolution and,brexit Dr Prescott frequently appears in,the media discussing Royal Affairs as,well as constitutional and political,matters Dr Prescott joined Bangor,University in 2020 previously he has,taught at King's College London the,University of Manchester and the,University of Winchester,at the latter he found the center of,parliament in public law notably Charles,is also said to want to rearrange the,monarchy so there will be many changes,especially in the position and role of,Harry,another reform would be to extend the,potential pool of counselors of state to,further down the line of succession the,two most obvious candidates for the,inclusion are those next in line of,succession Princess Beatrice and Eugenie,Zara could also become a potential,candidate to replace Harry when Charles,decides to strip away all the positions,and titles that the Duke currently holds,interestingly Sarah tidal looked at her,cousin's Princess Beatrice for fashion,inspiration as she stepped out at the,gentleman rasu course on the 2nd of,January the daughter of Princess Anne,wrapped up in a stylish coat by the fold,which has been seen previously on her,cousin the Duke of York's daughter 34.,the 41 year old donned the Indigo coat,which is named flinchley and features,metal Crest buttons pockets and ruffle,featured at the back and paired with a,Fairfax and favor knee-high boots at La,La Beaumont bag and some rest military,probably,members of the royal family have,recently shown great solidarity against,the sussexes allegations

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