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Home Depot Flyer Exposed on Twitter Informs It's White Workers They Have Privilege.all right kittie

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

Home Depot Flyer Exposed on Twitter Informs It's White Workers They Have Privilege.

all right kitties welcome back to,another episode of ketchum's corner,podcast uh today we are flying solo,believe it or not no guests in house,we're just gonna go over this,interesting little bit of uh,oh information that i got via a twitter,feed the other day my twitter feed,actually uh so,this kind of fell into my lap and i,thought i'd kind of,point this out to people i don't know if,you know everybody knows about this,because it didn't get a lot of coverage,of course yeah i didn't see anything,it may be out there but i didn't see,anything from the,mainstream people like abc nbc cbs cnn,msnbc c-span all those i have yet to see,an article from them but maybe it's,there maybe it's getting buried who,knows because it seems to be very bad,press but,uh i got this again,uh came across my twitter feed i don't,know this person i don't follow them,but for whatever reason it popped up,so this was from llb,excuse me,which is at,one llb24693515,on twitter either out of calgary alberta,canada a,yeah up there where you,trudeau provides all the freedoms that,he thinks you need don't forget that uh,so the tweet reads uh from a friend that,works at home depot this is the kind of,crap on display in the lunchroom and,what it is it's,two pages,he put both pages up here,uh and it's got home depot's logo at the,top and it's titled leading practices,unpacking privilege and it's basically a,handout about white privilege,and everything you need to know about it,according to home depot in canada,uh we looked up on the internet um,just to research whether or not this was,a true or real thing or whether it was a,scam or whatever and by all accounts,it's very much true it very much did,happen and,this was found at a home depot in canada,uh home depot has responded to it you,can look that up for yourself just,google home depot white privilege you'll,find everything you need to know i'm,sure and you can click on whatever your,favorite news source is to read about,that,but i was just gonna touch on a couple,of things uh we'll go to this i took the,liberty of blowing these up so if you're,on youtube you can see this if you're,listening i'm sorry but we'll read it,you just don't get the graphics of it,but it's i've got a copy here or my own,copy so i don't have to bend my neck,towards the tv,but it says again leading practices,unpacking privilege,and it gives you know some definitions,for social privilege and white privilege,and all that good stuff um,but it starts out and actually let me go,back to the article real quick because i,do want to read this to you so get a,little bit of context of you know what,happened here,uh i'll read you from the new york post,article before i go into this it says a,canadian branch of home depot sparked,outrage after it posted a notice to,employees about the benefits of white,privilege and included a checklist for,those who are white,male christian,cisgender able-bodied able-bodied that,is a new one to me i have not heard of,that one,and heterosexual of course,the notice which is titled leading,practices unpacking privilege was posted,in an employee lounge at a home depot in,calgary alberta,a spokeswoman from home depot's u.s,headquarters look at there they know,what a woman is that's a good thing to,know especially if you're a,supreme court justice nominee how about,that,a spokeswoman from home depot's u.s,headquarters confirmed to the post that,the white privilege notice was material,from its canadian division,she said it hadn't been approved or had,not been approved by the company's,diversity and inclusion department the,flyer had a home depot logo at the top,the canadian staffers who were,apparently giving the learning material,were encouraged to acknowledge,social privileges that benefit white,people beyond what is commonly,experienced by people of color under the,same social political and economic,circumstances,so,there's a little bit more here workers,at the home depot branch were also urged,to discuss their white privilege while,being told that the word white creates,discomfort so,here's a bunch of stuff about white,privilege,but yet we're telling you that we are,fully aware that the word white in and,of itself creates discomfort so,here's something about white talk about,white but we're fully aware that it,makes you uncomfortable sorry about that,especially when individuals are not used,to being defined or described by their,race so yes that sounds a little bit,counterproductive to me but all right,we're going to go back to the first page,here,and i'm scrolling down to these little,graphics where it says,what privilege looks like and it gives,six different examples in here and the,first one's,a little police badge looks like and it,says if you're confident that the police,exist to protect you you have white,privilege so that's the only qualifier,for that to have white privilege the,only qualifier,is that you're confident that the police,exist to protect you well,i have news flash for you home depo

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Leaked Document EXPOSES WOKE Home Depot Telling Their Employees They Have White Privilege

Leaked Document EXPOSES WOKE Home Depot Telling Their Employees They Have White Privilege

all right guys so another company has,gone woke,and for whatever reason i don't,understand why this is happening but,this time,we have home depot which is a store for,like what home appliances tools right,it's simply a store for,picking up items for your home right but,for whatever reason they feel the need,to shame their employees for their white,privilege right and the internet uh has,been all over this right people from,both sides of the aisle have a whole lot,to say about,this as uh they got exposed by one of,the employees after they handed out a,graphic,that basically outlines what privilege,is right it defines privilege and then,it tells you what privilege,looks like okay,and uh let's go ahead and actually take,a look at this document and see what,conclusions we can come to here before,we get into the reactions and the,details about,this so it says leading practices,unpacking privilege,they define privilege here,okay they say white privilege,specifically,uh,social privileges that benefit white,people beyond what is commonly,experienced by people of color under the,same social political and economic,circumstances okay so you know here's,the thing,uh the employees that work at home depot,right now you're working in the retail,space um,i it's nothing wrong working in retail,okay it's an admiral job i work in,retail,you know hey it is what it is,but i don't think that the people that,are working in the home depot in retail,would define themselves as privilege,regardless of your race or your skin,color okay i don't think they would,define themselves as privilege and this,is what gets me about people with this,whole white privilege thing uh people,don't understand that you know there are,people in this country regardless of,their skin color that go through trials,and tribulations right that they have a,hard life that they gotta get it out the,mud so to speak okay they're not born,with you know a perfect hand okay,um and when you tell those people that,they're privileged simply because of,their skin color that's just not going,to connect with people right because,nobody really feels privileged in this,society if you're a normal everyday,working class american you got to work,for everything that you earn for the,most part okay um so i really don't,understand this obsession with white,privilege and why in the world would a,corporation want to highlight this stuff,and potentially alienate the people that,are working there what does privilege,look like,says if you're confident that the police,exist to protect you you have white,privilege so i guess i got white,privilege because i actually am,confident that the police uh exist,to protect us for the most part for the,most part for the most part okay uh if,while growing up college was an,expectation of you not a dream you have,class privilege well my parents expected,me to go to college so i guess i got,class privilege too if you can expect,time off from work to celebrate your,religious holidays you have christian,privilege well i i guess i have,christian privileges as well too right i,mean are you advocating that we take off,for every holiday right should every,religious holiday somebody get time off,for so we celebrate all of them like is,that what you're suggesting because i'm,not necessarily sure,how how that would work,or are you saying that you know uh some,people should get holidays off based off,you know what their religion is is that,what you're suggesting if you can use uh,public bathrooms without stairs fears or,anxiety you have cisgender privilege,well i guess i have that dude too right,even though there are weird people in,the bathroom that will stare at you so i,don't know,if you don't have to worry about how to,get into a store you have able-bodied,privilege i i've heard doubt before if,you don't have to explain that your,spouse is of the same gender you have,heterosexual privilege,if you don't have to think about your,privilege it's a privilege check your,privilege all right so then they come,here to define racism,which is uh racial prejudice plus power,okay they define it the walkway that's,the leftist definition of racism,and here's another page here,right there's another form,that talks exclusively about white,privilege,right and they talk about why it's,uncomfortable to talk about white,privilege they say the word white,creates discomfort especially when,individuals are not used to uh being,defined or described by their race when,people hear the word privilege they feel,like it suggests that they have never,struggled i mean it does suggest that,you never struggle white privilege does,not mean your life has not been hard it,simply means that the color of your skin,is not one of the reasons that makes it,harder i don't know about that 2022 have,you heard of affirmative action right,have you heard of that if you're asian,or white you're at a disadvantage when,it comes to college admissions bro i'm,just saying okay and that has been,applied across t

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Home Depot Teaches A Black Man That He Has White Privilege

Home Depot Teaches A Black Man That He Has White Privilege

now last year i did a video about my,experience as a black man trying to,understand what white privilege is from,coca-cola and i did that because i had,people telling me i was betraying my,blackness i didn't know what it mean to,be black i was catering to the white man,i was sucking up to the white man and i,felt disgusted with myself so i sought,out robin d'angelo's coca-cola work,process management course on how to,dismantle all the white supremacy that,looms in my black body but it wasn't,enough and since then i've continued to,spread my white supremacist nature all,across the internet and while all of you,are sitting and dreaming about how you,hate white people i'm in your nightmares,haunting you telling you that the white,man is beautiful and bold but i am here,yet again to fight my white urges and,all i need is a crash course on what it,means to have privilege and white,privilege and what better place to get,that information than from a ,packet from home depot leading practices,unpacking privilege the definition of,privilege a noun special benefit or,advantage that may be earned or unearned,social privilege special unearned,advantage or entitlement used to one's,own benefit or to the detriment of,others these groups can be advantage,based on social class age disability,ethnic or racial category gender gender,identity sexual orientation and religion,so do you mean that a lot of people have,social privilege especially on the,internet where people can cry and act as,if they're being discriminated against,for something but if somebody actually,pays attention which most people do not,they'll actually see that that person,crying about it is actually lying like a, oh my god what social privilege,now we get to the meat of it,white privilege societal privileges that,benefit white people beyond what is,commonly experienced by people of color,spelled wrong under the same social,political and economic circumstances and,now we get to understand what privilege,actually is if you're confident that,police exist to protect you you have,white privilege i have white privilege,so far if while growing up college was,an expectation of you not a dream you,have class privilege well you know my,parents wanted me to go to college i,went to college and i got a college,degree so i think i did pretty well for,myself i guess i have class privilege,now if you can expect time off from work,to celebrate your religious holidays you,have christian privilege so all you,bastards that celebrate easter,thanksgiving christmas hanukkah,halloween saint patrick's day new year's,you have privilege and you should be,ashamed of yourself because there are,other people who work during that time,you know these amazon delivery drivers,they send you gifts that you didn't have,time to pay for throughout the entire,month of december you bought it on the,last week before christmas and you have,to thank your almighty god and the,amazon worker brian who delivered it to,you how dare you in this moment if you,can use public bathrooms without stares,fear or anxiety you have cisgender,privilege so if you take a in a,public bathroom and you don't think,anybody's gonna touch me or you don't,know the hard work that goes in for,somebody who's afraid to go in the,bathroom and be discriminated against,you don't understand that somebody could,be in the toilet ready to grab you by,the testicles and rip them out and eat,them and then go right back in the,sewers you don't know the fears of,having anxiety when taking a piss not,just because maybe you're just thinking,about taking a you maybe had too,much taco bell you maybe had a red hot,chili pepper maybe that's the reason you,in the bathroom so you're not really,thinking about nobody else you're just,thinking about cleaning that toilet seat,they got stains all over it no no,no no no it's all about the privilege if,you don't have to worry about how to get,into a store you have able-bodied,privilege if you don't have to explain,that your spouse is of the same gender,you have heterosexual privilege because,you know in casual conversation if all,you're going to say is hey meet my wife,she's a woman hey meet my husband he's a,man hey meet my other husband he's a,transgender man transgender woman oh,that's heterosexual privilege and,honestly you know how to solve that,everybody mind their own damn business,don't over share don't say things you,don't want to say you don't have to,introduce yourself fully for somebody,who's a stranger for the first time,build that connection build that bond,with somebody you want them as a friend,or do you want to use them as,opportunity at least build that bond so,that you could do that or use them if,you don't have to think about it it's a,privilege check your privilege white,male class christian cis-gendered,able-bodied heterosexual and my issue,with this check your privilege part is,that there's no mention of blacks,mexicans asians women and it's just like,are only white males who have som

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Home Depot slammed on Twitter for woke worksheet that shames white, male and Christian staff

Home Depot slammed on Twitter for woke worksheet that shames white, male and Christian staff

home depot is latest organization to get,infected with woke bigotry they've,distributed a racist sexist and,borderline christophobic guideline for,how their staff can check their slew of,privileges at their doors i'm joya,humphrey with revel news where we tell,you the other side of the story and in,order to do so today you and i are about,to laugh through i mean read through,home depot's marxist approve propaganda,flyer for employees,looking for a good dose of bigotry and,wokeness anyone you may be able to find,it for half price off next to the home,improvement goods down all five at home,depot that is as long as you make sure,to repent from your many layers of,privilege when walking through their,doors you see the 120,billion dollar home improvement company,with over 2 000 locations across north,america wants their modest wage-making,white male christian heterosexual and,able-bodied employees to learn how to,check their privileges,way to boost morale their home depot,a poster on twitter who goes by the name,of llp shared the company's leading,practices unpacking privilege flyers for,which she says was put on display in the,lunchroom where her friend works this,has since been reported to have been,from the calgary location now let's take,a look here it starts off with the word,privilege and bold then defines it,socially and by standards of whiteness,let's take a look at the first box here,it says,if you're confident that the police,exist to protect you,you have white privilege,let me get this straight so if you,actually believe the slogan to serve and,protect if if you don't view,police officers in a different way if,you don't think that when you call 9-1-1,they're not actually going to come and,help surf and protect you you're,probably white you're probably,privileged and you're probably racist i,mean that's what we're supposed to,believe here second box if while growing,up college was an expectation of you not,a dream,you have class privilege,so what they're saying is families or,parents who don't have a lot of money,like mine you know i had a disabled,parent and one who struggled with,addiction sometimes instead of the bills,getting paid drugs were bought,but my family raised me to get out of,that life to have a post-secondary,education to reach and achieve for,things but home depot is so ignorant,that they think that simply because you,have not a lot of money you don't put,expectations on your children box number,three door number three if you can,expect time off from work to celebrate,your religious holidays,you have christian privileges is that,true or is it just you live in canada,versus another country that would give,time off for a different holiday and by,the way if you're working for a company,that will not give you a religious,holiday that doesn't fit into the,christian traditionally christian,holidays that's a company problem for,example on rebel news if that was the,case you need to time off with your,family it wouldn't be an issue you,wouldn't even have to take a vacation,day you would have time to celebrate,with your family for your other faith it,doesn't matter and we'd say hey save us,some food true story now home depot i,took a look at their canadian site for,their benefits it says obviously they,get staff holidays it does have a,section for personal here so what does,that mean is home depot just making you,not have time with your family let me,know in the comments if you know the,answer to that if you work there you can,do it off record i'm definitely curious,but again that's a company problem and,it should be sorted out next box here it,says,if you can use public bathrooms without,stares fear or anxiety,you have cisgender privilege,now i know somebody watching is saying,what the heck is cisgender,it's basically a woke term to describe,someone who identifies with their,biological sex and so if you are not,having a physical reaction to going to,using the washroom in front of people if,you're not breaking down anxiety that's,a problem you're privileged and you,should know that and i don't know what,type of exercise you should do on the,way in to make yourself feel better,about that but you should be ashamed,that you're not terrified to go to the,bathroom and are we to assume that,everybody else who doesn't identify with,their biological sex is scared to go to,the bathroom i mean if that's an issue,that's sad and people just need to learn,to treat people,the way they want to be treated i mean,that's really the simple philosophy here,that needs to be shared no bullying no,disrespect for people other employees,no harassment why do you have to go and,break down what's with the obsession of,putting everybody in a box and a label,so that nobody actually treats people,people based on who they are on the,inside and said it's this perception of,what they are on the outside let's,continue on here,uh if you don't have to worry about how,to get into a store you have able body,privilege so now if you h

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Home Depot White Privilege Woke "Scandal"

Home Depot White Privilege Woke "Scandal"

hey everyone this is chris welcome to,the channel so i want to talk about home,depot and the so-called you know scandal,about going woke whatever people want to,call it and sort of this flyer about,white privileges we're going to talk,about in a moment and,if you're new here my name is chris as a,professor for about 10 years and it's,always fun to talk about these things,with you so let me share my screen we'll,get into it um i was actually looking at,home depot and lowe's in terms of their,stocks uh because,i think they're at good buy levels and,when i was searching stuff on home depot,i just came across this on twitter and,in the news and stuff um basically if,you don't know what the story is is uh,there was a flyer that was put in the,break room that it's got a lot of,conservative news outlets um i guess in,a tissy or a pussyfud or hussy however,you want to say it they get angry and,these kind of things this is just red,meat kind of story but i do think it's,interesting worth talking about because,um sort of the question i want to pose,to you if you're watching this is why do,people get so angry about this,because when i read through it it's,pretty innocuous to me,and um you know when i feel like if,people do get angry about this kind of,stuff to before they frank you're part,of the problem and i mean you don't have,it sincerely and i want to go through it,and we'll talk about why,first is as you can see like literally,you you um google uh google news you,know home depot and you come up with a,fox business story right like i said,this is a for the fox news crowd new,york post also considered a meat outlet,and then you have the market watch story,and it was interesting because the,market watch story actually explained,the story more thoroughly than the other,two surprise surprise,but uh basically it was interesting,there's a couple key points one is it's,in the canadian branch of home depot,two it's not necessarily endorsed by the,corporate uh human resource department,um and three it's not mandatory it was,just like a flyer put in the break room,so,i think those those key facts are really,important it's not mandatory right and,it wasn't necessarily you know,company-wide um and when you see the,flyer too y'all what's what we want to,talk about with you i think it's a,pretty innocuous myself but you know i,get it some people like to write on,twitter and get all angry and stuff like,this right um and uh if you google home,depot woke on youtube like it was,actually really interesting surprise,surprise too you meet kevin guy um as,being the top hit on this and it's very,interesting as well is he always does,these sort of red meat kind of stories,basically you know stuff for republican,type of viewers conservative leading,people and i always find that,frustrating not that he's a republican,but that meet kevin ran as a democrat,even though it was clear he was a,republican so pretty much everything,that he says is very republican leaning,um and he ran as a democrat so that that,always irritated me about him it's like,if you're gonna run for governor just go,with what you are you're a republican,but you know i get it i mean i really,get it it was just a publicity stunt so,um you know just letting you know about,that and um you know further with the,meet kevin thing and you can watch it,for yourself if you like,it was sort of his anger,over the story that really,what's the right word to say,really made it i think important for me,to just talk about it in a calm way of,you know why do people get so angry,about this kind of thing um and it's not,just to me kevin guy gets angry you know,you can see all these people on youtube,get angry about home depot putting out a,flyer that um you know we should be,considerate of other people and we'll,look through the flyer ourselves and,that's what i'm posing the question to,you is are you angry about it um and one,of the things too which often times sort,of these republican kind of people,get angry and they make the same,arguments often is they they basically,try to make a false equivalent argument,so the argument that meet kevin made is,like me as a this is me kevin's argument,me as a german american,uh lots of people just automatically,think i'm a nazi,that's really what he says,and and this is a false equivalent kind,of thing because oftentimes,people who are in privileged positions,try to make an argument that's just it's,just not real and i'm posing this to you,do you think that german americans today,and and if you look at me kevin do you,think people walk down the street and,say oh my god that guy's german american,i think he's a nazi does anyone think,that in america does anyone honestly say,that i personally have never thought,that i i don't i i just you know,whatever but but that that's a false,equivalent meaning that you know people,come up with these sort of face fake,rationales uh fake sort of hypotheticals,that aren't real and one thing that i i,find to be truthfu

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Home Depot goes full WOKE

Home Depot goes full WOKE

while joe biden makes you go broke home depot has  gone woke welcome to the bald brad show our lead  ,story this morning is regarding home depot going  woke by having employees check off on a pamphlet  ,on paperwork what their privilege is this is truly  astonishing it comes from fox news and they start  ,off saying the flyer that was reportedly posted  in a break room at a calgary alberta home depot  ,showed the home improvement giants logo and was  titled leading practices unpacking privilege  ,i mean there's a ton of creativity that really  went into this folks i mean the amount of brain  ,power that had to go into coming up with  that title i'm being facetious of course  ,it asks employees to literally check their  privilege whether it be white privilege  ,class privilege christian privilege  cisgendered privilege abled body privilege,what abled body privilege,i've never heard of that that's a first for me,and then they go on to say heterosexual privilege  why are they just limiting it to these i mean i  ,feel like they're not being fully inclusive to all  the other privileges that one might have but who  ,am i you know i'm just an idiot conservative  well libs of tick tock posted the gone woke  ,flyer here the leading practices by home depot  and it says what privilege looks like if you are  ,confident that the police exist to protect you  you have white privilege now see the the whites  ,are only protected by the police the police do not  protect any other race if you didn't know clearly  ,according to this flyer according to home depot  they don't uh protect african americans asian  ,americans native americans uh you know any sort of  asian america i mean it's just strictly for white  ,people according to this flyer well that's that's  news for all of us here at the paul craft show  ,if while growing up college was an expectation  of you not a dream you have class privilege,if you can expect time if you can expect time off  work to celebrate your religious holidays you have  ,christian privilege it doesn't apply to jewish  holidays or muslim holidays or any sort of other  ,holidays it's just it's just purely uh you know  just for christians ah that's fun that's that's,you know i mean the double standard  here that they're just highlighting  ,one specific class or one specific  race or one specific gender it it's  ,kind of kind of a little bit of a  discriminatory type thing going on here  ,if you can use public bathrooms without stairs  fear or anxiety you have cisgender privilege,i just come on this is too much this can't be  real right i mean somebody clearly printed it and  ,made it but is it really home depot i mean uh it's  just home depot i don't know at the bottom left or  ,excuse me bottom left bottom right they have where  you have to actually check your privilege well the  ,two pager goes on to encourage workers to discuss  white privilege and race with their colleagues  ,and offer tips on how to do so debate raged for  days after the document was posted on twitter on  ,sunday and by wednesday the words home depot  were trending on the platform on one side of  ,the debate critics slammed home depot over the  flyer quote i came for a hammer and some mulch  ,not a woke education one individual tweeted get  in your lane home depot on the other side people  ,defended the training about privilege and said  that people criticizing it were the problem one  ,person wrote imagine thinking a company helping  their staff think about things from multiple  ,different perspective growing empathy for their  fellow humans is something to get upset about  ,meanwhile the us-based company confirmed  to fox business that the pamphlet had  ,been posted for employees up north but said  the contents were not cleared by corporate  ,well i guess it is real there you go the thing  is real they posted it now the nice thing is is  ,it wasn't cleared by corporate there's really  no saying if this is something that corporate  ,would approve anyways it doesn't seem like they  really came out and said that but the article  ,the article here ends up saying while we fully  support diversity across our company this  ,material was not cr cleared or approved by our  corporate diversity equity inclusion department  ,jeez police everybody has a diversity equity  and inclusion department universities now do  ,corporations do i mean i don't get it everybody  agrees that that a company should hire  ,uh anybody and everybody as long as it doesn't  apply to race but now they're applying these  ,things to race you need to have a certain quota  you need to have 50 men 50 women even that's kind  ,of touchy because some people don't identify  as either so where's the quota for non-binary  ,where's the quota for all these other i don't know  what you call them okay i don't know what you call  ,something it doesn't identify as a human being if  you know the term let me know non-existent maybe i  ,can't keep up with all this stuff a homes a

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so we live in a world of contradictions,seemingly by design a place where we can,do what we want but are appalled others,doing the same as us a place where we,think taking someone's terrible food,away from them isn't a good thing and a,world where companies who treat their,employees terribly themselves but while,doing that also feel the need to lecture,and bully their employees because giving,them a terrible low paying job and,working them to the bone just isn't,enough for these people and one thing,that is increasingly popular with huge,corporations who genuinely do not care,about you one bit is using wokeness to,make your life just that little bit,worse they know it helps no one and,merely ferments resentment on all sides,when they promote it and that's exactly,why they do it a miserable workforce is,a compliant workforce make them feel,like there's no escape and home depot is,one of the latest people to have their,bizarre tactics revealed to the world as,in one of their sites in calorie canada,employees on their break have to read,stuff like this they're unpacking,privileges newsletter or whatever this,is supposed to be in it they describe,privilege as a special benefit or,advantage that may be earned or unend no,one working a shitty job at home depot,has any privilege let me tell you that,but do go on they then give definitions,of social privilege and most,interestingly of all they describe white,privilege societal privileges that,benefit white people beyond what is,commonly experienced by people of color,under the same social political and,economic circumstances so already we can,tell this is written by a fat white,woman angry at her dad so i'm sure this,is full of great information let's see,what privilege looks like then if you're,confident that the police exist to,protect you you're white privilege no,you have idiot privilege everyone knows,the police are always out to get you,regardless of skin color if while,growing up college was an expectation of,you and not a dream you have class,privilege yeah some parents have money,and some don't so what if you're gonna,expect time off from work to celebrate,your religious holidays you have,christian privileges so home depot is,admitting they don't make any special,arrangements for people of different,religions shame on you home depot very,racist if you can use public bathrooms,without stares fear or anxiety you have,cisgender privileges well i'm not too,sure women have that anymore now a,certain set of people are allowed in,their bathrooms and some of them seem to,like doing weird stuff in there but hey,if you don't have to worry about getting,into a store you have able-bodied,privileges is home depot just naming all,the things wrong with their company this,can only mean they don't have proper,wheelchair access if you don't have to,explain that your spouse is of the same,gender you have heterosexual privileges,oh wow the alphabet community they're so,hard done by they only have the backing,of all the corporations in the west not,in china though that griff doesn't make,them any money there and they're,celebrated every day by the government,and the media they're such marginalized,victims and then we get onto the,weirdest part of this hr department,indoctrination session remember this is,why someone is working a terrible job,they would rather not have but let's,talk about white privilege oh boy how,exciting why it is uncomfortable to talk,about white privilege the word white,creates discomfort oh dear that's a,problem for a company that's one of its,main sellers is white paint isn't it,when people hear the word privilege it,makes them feel like it suggests they,have never struggled yeah because it,does white privilege does not mean that,your life has not been hard oh thanks,for patronizing me it simply means that,the color of your skin is not one of the,reasons that make it harder remember,this is written by a fat white woman who,has such a pointless job they,can waste time thinking of stupid ,like this just remember that and then we,got onto the main bullying of this dive,into a neurotic woman's mind when you,feel unformattable oh god talking about,white privilege here are some questions,to ask yourself why does it unsettle me,because it's stupid and i'm embarrassed,for anyone bringing it up because,they're always white women how does this,lens change my understanding of racial,dynamics it doesn't i'm not a eudresses,why would i care about someone's skin,color how could my unease reveal the,assumptions i've been making i didn't,hide the fact that i'm assuming this is,written by a fat white woman because,they always are and then there is a,how-to guide on how to lose all your,friends and make everyone hate you by,encouraging you to start conversation,about race oh wow i'm sure after a hard,day's work for minimum wage at home,depot the first thing people want to do,is have a conversation about george,floyd and if you deem this person,uninformed and not unbearab

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Instant Regret! Home Depot Tells Hard Working Employees They Are Privileged For Being White

Instant Regret! Home Depot Tells Hard Working Employees They Are Privileged For Being White

this i'm out nope,this i'm out all,jeremy here from the quartering i don't,know if you knew this but uh home depot,you know the place where you can usually,drive around in the parking lot and find,some people to uh complete your,construction project for cash who may or,may not be documented um they decided to,put out a pamphlet,shaming their employees and,discussing,what they refer to as their white,privilege,i don't know about you,and this isn't to throw any shade in,anybody who worked works at home depot,um,i mean i worked at menards it's a big,box store or whatever whatever but i'm,not exactly sure people that work retail,are living a life of privilege,all right i mean imagine,you're you're an hourly employee,part-time employee at home depot i don't,know what you'd make as a part-time,employee when i worked at menards they,had like a higher pay scale for the,weekend so i always worked weekends i,actually got paid pretty good this is,like 10 years ago i think,i mean it was while i was still in,college but i think i got paid like 12,bucks an hour 13 bucks an hour to check,people out,but anyway um,and of course the backlash has been,swift and rightful,you see home depot slammed for shaming,employees for their quote white,privilege and we've got obviously the,documents we're going to take a look but,what's interesting to me,is that the overwhelming majority,of the people,uh talking about this on twitter are,like the exact kind of lunatics you,would expect they're basically saying oh,well if you're mad about this then,you're probably privileged look i'm not,mad about it i don't work there i,guarantee you i have viewers that work,there and they probably don't care for,it a lot of white people saying if,you're triggered by this so-called home,depot privilege guide the most likely,you suffer from white privilege,can you tell me what the what what,how white privilege matters,when you're working freaking retail,if you're a part-time worker i don't,know how many full-timers an average,home depot goes usually when i go there,it takes about 45 minutes to find the,one person who's actually working the,floor if i need to find something but i,don't know,you know and again again sirius woke,black writes,if this home depot privilege guide,upsets you you're the reason why it's,needed yeah i love it when people tell,me that you know i was given things in,life or that you know i had some sort of,a head start because of color of my skin,uh when that obviously,maybe it's true for some people but it's,certainly not true for me my parents,work in factories um the biggest,privilege i had was probably my parents,staying together,and that has nothing to do with any of,our skin colors okay um i worked i,washed dishes i i worked when i was 13,12 or 13 years old my parents told me to,get me a work permit i washed dishes at,several greek restaurants i watched,dishes at a local pub then i got a job,at officemax then after officemax i,worked,at a pizza joint and a computer repair,joint at the same time,after college i worked at a car,dealership uh during college i worked at,uh walmart and then,when i moved i worked at menards does,any of this sound privileged to you i,didn't get any scholarships i paid for,my college out of my own pockets so yeah,i think people uh don't like it when you,say that they've had some sort of head,start over uh characteristic of their,body that they have no control of um you,see so for everyone declaring they're,not shopping at home depot because they,tried to do some lazy,half reared anti-racism education wait,till you guys find out how bi-poc people,are racially profiled at your favorite,big box stores on a daily basis,hey,i don't agree with that either again,these things are not,uh related,now,if you have a retail environment and uh,you know usually where i worked it was,uh white folks that were stealing stuff,far more often,i don't know where other people work but,you know i don't think anyone should be,profiling,to me,because i actually had lp training it,never had anything to do with their skin,color it was usually how they dressed,are you wearing a winter coat in july,are you wearing extremely baggy clothes,are you milling around a lot are you,taking merchandise into the bathroom,none of these things have anything to do,with skin color but they all,are strong factors in who's going to,steal from you but again jennifer ellie,has probably never worked retail because,if you worked retail then you'd also,know that the overwhelming majority of,shrink or theft comes from internal,employees and not customers walking in,no one likes to get pre-qualified,when they're buying stuff either it,happened to me i dress like i dress,when i was,three four five years ago uh i wanted to,like me and my wife were buying a car,and i was um an,audi s4 and the guy at the dealership,was like are you basically like an s4,it's not even by the way that crazy,expensive of a car i mean it's not cheap,but it's not like a lamborghini o

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