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Exposing Hypocrisy On Biden Accusation From Large Neoliberal Twitter Account The Hoarse Whispererso

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Exposing Hypocrisy On Biden Accusation From Large Neoliberal Twitter Account The Hoarse Whisperer

so the horse whisperer has been,noticeably silent on the Biden,accusations okay and what I mean by,silent is they haven't tweeted anything,at all,not a single like just a plain tweet,that they just tweeted out not I'm not,doing about responses yeah they haven't,they haven't mentioned or discussed this,accusation at all which is really,unusual for me which for reasons I'll go,into okay in fact there was actually a,guardian article that was recently,released and it actually talks about the,fact that the media ignoring these,allegations was really came out too,thick I've intact she had a chance to,read through it yet so I'll read it,later but ball means have a look through,that article it looks like quite an,interesting piece okay so in any case I,found it incredibly unusual that this,account which well we'll go into it in a,second you know has spoken about these,sorts of things in the past would would,not even mention this like you got some,antitrump stuff de Blasio Donald Trump,will bring the revolution immediately,you know just talking about coronavirus,type stuff you know the usual stuff that,you'd expect from this type of account,talking about guinness excellent so I,thought I had a little dig through their,tweets right because because I thought,mate why they're not talking about this,doesn't make any sense okay so look,here's the first thing that I discovered,when I started looking through their,tweets okay now I saw this a few days,ago and then I saw it again recently,which remind,me to tweet about it okay so I'm just,gonna read the horse whisperers take,back from 17th September 17th 2018 so,this was the time when the Cavanaugh,confirmation hearings were happening and,dr. bossy Ford came forward with,accusations against Cavanaugh yeah so so,this is the context of which this tweet,was made before the election I was in a,private group with more than 5,000,members nearly all were women at one,point someone posted a personal story of,having been sexually assaulted it went,on all weekend endless the stories were,agonizing to read I choked up even,thinking about them fellas the woman you,know who have been harassed or assaulted,far outnumbered by the woman you know,you know you who have when women come,forward believe them they're telling the,truth so that was the take when it was a,Republican that was under the spotlight,for these allegations yeah and then if,you look further here are some responses,from recently these bear in mind these,are buried deep in his replies he's not,he's not tweeting out these takes on,face value okay,these are buried very deep in the,replies so he I'm just gonna read this,out,Ryan Grimm is a Bernie Sanders surrogate,at this point so is Kate Katie helper,the first person to interview Reid so I,presume these are people that have,involved with the recent discussion,around the story yeah the fact that only,those two ran with this after a year,tells me a fair amount,hmm and this person pushes back a bit,and says like I said there are contempt,there are contemporary accounts did you,read the article I don't know the truth,and I'm not a fan of the intercepts in,general but as a survivor myself I'm,really disturbed by the number of people,ready to dismiss this story because they,don't like the messenger and what is he,and what is the horse race for adieu,completely dismisses the messenger if I,had a nickel for every shady sleazy,thing written by Grimm this cycle I,could have fooled three houses in,Vermont do you know it's the little the,little dig do you know it's the little,dig at Bernie there do you notice that,so and you're right sheep in the box but,I've got even more stuff to show you,that's even worse than this okay how,Bernie's got three houses so attempting,to discredit the story by discrediting,the journalists that are reporting on it,what does that remind you of everyone,yeah and here we go let's go a bit,further so this was in response to some,of the stuff around around,I'll check the links in a sec outdoor TV,this is this is the this is the in,response to people digging up some some,stuff that the accuser wrote about,Russia I don't know I don't really wanna,go into the detail of that but in any,case searching someone's publish trying,is not daxing okay we could argue about,that how did that prevent her from,sharing the rest of a story that has now,radically changed in a year so,questioning accusers on the basis of,their story changing what does that,remind you of what does that make you,think of so I've got some food here so,I'm going to eat,what does that make you think of,what's this,how come Twitter is relevant in the,American politics,it just is oh yeah yeah this guy's like,he's like a full-on corporate shill,right so yeah it does PR for all,companies insurance companies and banks,love it oh just some potatoes just a few,potatoes and some columns you not,cauliflower cheese's it's basically,cauliflower that's and she's complicated,stuff okay so anyway what with these,tweet

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The Hoarse Whisperer | Bootlicker of the Week

The Hoarse Whisperer | Bootlicker of the Week

so with news and amuse now coming to,a conclusion okay we are going to move,into,a very unique topic which we obviously,have to talk about because,jen for the first time i would think,since you've been on social media really,caught the wrath,of you want to say the k hive the neo,liberal,contingency they don't really like jen,very much they kind of kept it at arm's,length but,i feel like they kind of they kind of,treat me how i feel like some people,treat tulsi,for some reason well it's again they're,just they just hate on me no matter what,at this point,no it's it's there is no question that,they're looking for a reason,not to get along so i would ask,everybody in the audience right now,everybody here probably supports,medicare for all or at the bare minimum,supports universal health care whatever,it's going to take for us to get there,do you really care how it gets here as,long as it gets here right,because that's really what it's about we,are so desperate right now you know on,average we're losing,70 000 americans every year we have the,audacity to suggest,do you want we,this is coming up on the screen i am,going to let everybody see it,and it's it's,i i don't know any other way to describe,it other than this is just an amusing,statement of sorts it's it's not,okay so so this went out and wait i,can't yes,what am i closing that yeah okay okay so,this is the statement that was put out,wouldn't it be great if trump just,decided to,executive order medicare for all before,he leaves,now everybody with a little bit of,common sense would probably say,wow is that possible yes it is possible,it is possible,it is by executive order in the lieu of,a national emergency of health,you can implement a a nationwide,health care expansion so in this case,you can expand medicare to every citizen,of the united states,now the neoliberal,consultant class didn't like it no,because you cannot suggest,that trump do anything well first of all,you can't even suggest medicare for all,because that's that's bernie's bill,you can't be scored but they just don't,like that,we would be even suggesting that not,only trump could do,something that was positive but that we,would be supportive of it,like they just they can't wrap their,little tribal heads around this,no and for them it's definitely so they,are not liking that but these are the,same no actually well i know there were,a lot of people who did like it but,again,no it well it's it and it's not just,that there's always going to be somebody,who's going to come on,who is going you have something,particular you're looking for yeah,because i don't need to be looking at,the crown pictures,no i'm not no i'm trying to i'm trying,well there's a lot of comments so it's,going to be hard to find it,i'm trying to get through it right now,but here's an example,of what actually could happen so i'm,going to add this to the screen now for,all of you guys to see,so this is very important this is the,article,that basically will tell you and it's in,the american prospect,very very important so,for those of you who need to understand,why this is so vital and why it actually,can happen,this is an opinion piece that came out,well we have it in politico,and in the american prospect so i'm,gonna show the american prospect right,now,and so for all of you that can see this,biden can give everyone medicare on his,own,okay he won't do that and you know what,trump probably won't do it either,but that doesn't mean that it can't be,done exactly and and if that were,the way to do it look again these are,the same people,that wouldn't be happy if trump pardoned,assange if,even if they wanted assange pardon,because they don't want it to be trump,to do something like that's how,tribalistic these people are yeah they,cannot see past their own teams to see,what's in the best interest of everybody,so yes the point is we we opined,that trump could do an executive order,um in stating medicare for all that was,that was the,suggestion and it was really just that's,a muse,yeah that's a muse we just you know,wouldn't that be lovely,i don't really care if you know again,this is the thing about trump you know,right now,he's pardoning really nefarious people,incur including jared kushner's father,who is a loathsome criminal to say the,least,but we cannot ignore the fact that if,you have the opportunity to get him to,do,something good that you do it that is,what you that is what citizens uprising,is supposed to do,you are supposed to build these bridges,you are not supposed to be,at odds with other people you need to be,able to make sure that they understand,that this is very important,and so we're getting into and so and so,needless to say,one of the things that has been brought,to our attention in florida politics,and one of the reasons why we're not,really able to do anything on the,positive side here,in the state is because we have a very,large political consultant class,and they make a lot of money is that who,this guy is,wel

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Twitter sleuths uncover an anti-Sanders conspiracy — and the pundit class is furious | Politics N...

Twitter sleuths uncover an anti-Sanders conspiracy — and the pundit class is furious | Politics N...

Bernie Sanders supporters are not,paranoid to suspect that there is a,conspiracy to prevent him from getting,the presidential nomination indeed given,the existential threat that his politics,pose for the rich and powerful the,Democratic Party elite and their wealthy,donors seem downright terrified of his,redistributed policy platform hence many,large media outlets and the elite pundit,class have often subtly allied,themselves against him fair founder Jeff,Cohen wrote a probing essay for salon,recently explicate entice Anders barrage,had manifested itself in outlets like,the Washington Post which during the,2016 campaign once published 16 negative,stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 hours,Bernie Sanders is one of the world's,most effective critics of Jeff Bezos and,the fact that Amazon paid no federal,income tax last year Cohen wrote and the,Bezos own newspaper has exhibited an,unrelenting bias against Sanders in,recent years,likewise WikiLeaks email dumps from the,Democratic National Committee revealed,suggestions of internal bias against,Sanders which led to the resignation of,the DNC chair debbie Wasserman Schultz,advertisement so last week when MSNBC,reported on a trending hashtag among,Sanders supporters by picking up a,hostile tweet rather than an earnest one,the exhibition of bias was no surprise,for Sanders fans a scan of the trending,hashtag in question hashtag my Bernie,story reveals have found four twitter,users to explain how personal events in,their lives had politicized them and,brought them to support Sanders,exemplary tweets from the hashtag,included stories of supporters whose,identities clashed with a disingenuous,media depiction of white male bernie,bros which is objectively untrue as a,Pew poll found Sanders supporters were,the least white least male and majority,working-class or those who had been,failed by the welfare state and found,hope and Sanders plan for Medicare for,all,the hashtag gained enough traction that,brian williams of MSNBC reported on it,on his show the eleventh hour but rather,than give any context for the tweet,williams and his crew displayed a single,disingenuous tweet mocking a hashtag,from an anonymous Twitter account with a,large following advertisement okay since,this is trending,here's hashtag my Bernie story horse,whisperer wrote the year was 2016 and,Bernie was already long eliminated from,contention an actual Democrat would have,stopped torpedoing the nominee and,worked to defeat Trump but Bernie had,books to sell the end shrewd politico's,will know that horse whisperers tweet is,not even true on face value,Clinton ultimately won the nomination,thanks to super-delegates the appointed,group of Democrats who largely represent,the party's elite while Clinton indeed,had won more votes and more delegates,and Democratic caucuses and primaries,she did not have enough to win based on,that alone the near unanimous support of,super-delegates put her over the top who,almost entirely voted for her on his,MSNBC show Williams provided none of,that context many of Sanders core,supporters were incensed at what felt,like a blatant media bias against him,MSNBC's Brian Williams just cited this,hashtag my Bernie story in his coverage,of Bernie's claim of media bias,Brianna joy gray the Sanders campaigns,press secretary in a current affairs,contributor wrote on Twitter not the,hashtag my Bernie's story of a man,living with HIV or of daca recipients so,are of students with crippling debt,out of thousands of stories enough to,trend globally,he chose the sky advertisement the,Washington Examiner typically a,right-leaning newspaper reported on the,incident Brian Williams just tried to,make an anonymous Twitter troll into a,source the headline Blair just to recap,Brian Williams cited an anonymous troll,who accused Sanders falsely of Torpedo,and Clinton to claim some Democrats are,upset with the Senators Trump like,talking points beckett adams wrote and,the anchor cited his stupid hashtag,resistance tweet unconnected to the,larger issue of Sanders criticisms of,the Washington Post and so as another,entry in a long encyclopedia of clearly,biased media coverage of Bernie Sanders,the story seemed to end their,advertisement or did it immediately,after that another tweet from an MSNBC,journalist hinted that something fishy,might be going on Stephanie ruhle an,MSNBC reporter who was not on Williams,segment tweeted directly at the,mysterious horse whisperer looking good,on 11th hour horse whisperer,advertisement the informal way that it,was written prompted speculation that,rural or other MSNBC correspondents,might know horse whisperer adding fuel,to that speculative fire rule later,deleted the tweet that raised the,question was this an inside job an,intentional example of an establishment,approved hashtag resistance critic,airing disingenuous Sanders hey there,Don an overtly liberal Network horse,whisperer,a self-described Twitter and Oh with,more than 200,000 followers posts,regularly on America

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2nd LIVE CALL w/ The Hoarse Whisperer. He’s 29 i’m 13! for @PP Toronto

2nd LIVE CALL w/ The Hoarse Whisperer. He’s 29 i’m 13! for @PP Toronto

richard give me a break,this dude,it's never easy with him,hey melissa,hey haley,angie hicks i love you dwight stevens,carl j slay503,tammy smith angie donny isaiah,or donnie isaac,oh well life jazz hey jess,big ups liquid richard yes connor,euphonia,and we can smell his breath through the,phone and across the interwebs,um the cheeto pred uh,i'm gonna call him at nine,it's supposed to be nine eastern i,wouldn't be surprised if his was a,little behind as well because he's like,taking a nap and studying he said he,couldn't stay up that way and i was like,well then take a nap and then,he said a couple alarms to be up at like,quarter to nine so,it'll be eight central uh nine eastern,um,oh thanks,josh duncan,dog ova,hello,i'm much better,sarah's thick and had um,some dental things going on and,my mouth was literally too swollen,uh this is for pp toronto,which might end up being just in pain,i'm not sure but,if they can't do it together then it,might be just justin,hey little miss t,loomis tt,thank you nxp i appreciate that,hey babe,timmy,hi maddie,oh my god yes i would love a gold girl,that'd be everything,i feel like i sound really raspy,but cheeto pred is always interesting,too,i guess well i've only to be honest i've,only had them on the phone each one time,i just have to talk to them all the day,time,hey steven hurt ruff ruff,shonda yeah once before,once before,it was like three weeks ago,he was supposed to get caught when they,were collabing,two weekends ago and he was sick,and he's like the kind of guy that,believes that you'll just eat a bunch of,oranges and get better,so he was sick for like over two weeks,tell you,about this guy okay he's 29,um we'll just say,toronto area,um he's kind of,he was a little bit boring on the phone,he he talks and talks and talks um but,we have to ask him questions and stuff,or,he gets,a little boring let me pull up his,thing,i've been talking to him since like the,first week of september so,about seven weeks something like that,six seven weeks,it seems like way longer than that,though,he sends me pictures of his sister's dog,um,he asks for dirty pictures all the time,this,oh wait no i'm looking at the other guy,okay,sorry hold on one sec,i was looking at cheeto pred for my next,one,oh he just texted me i think he's about,to call sorry,i'm sorry,who's sam,oh samuel,he was talking to me dirty earlier this,guy was,hi,let's keep saying hi like just call,hello,hello,what,can you hear me,why are you whispering so low,because everyone,still,i mean like just don't do it that quiet,i can't really hear you that good,okay sorry i'll try to be louder,they came over for something,that's weird,well can't you just like talk normal,like a little bit more normal,what can't you just talk like a little,bit more louder,the thing is,i'm also,a bit sick still,you're what,sick,i don't know what you said,i said i'm a bit sick,oh,you're not still sick though you can,talk like a little bit,better but it's fine i can kind of hear,you,it's just taking you forever to say your,words,and then yesterday,my friends wanted to hang out and they,were like yo have a few drinks have a,few drinks and then,next you know my throat's all messed up,again,from drinks,from being sick,and having a new drink,did you eat a whole bag of oranges today,i said is it the whole bag of oranges,you should do it you said to eat a bunch,of oranges when you're sick,so what are you doing,hold on,i'll just,think about,you,it sounds like this conversation sounds,like the beginning of a scary movie,i'm just chilling i'm just watching tv,and like waiting for you to call,waiting for me to call,sounds like you're really excited,yeah i'm really excited,right now,yeah,i just said i haven't talked to you in,like weeks and weeks,i said i haven't talked to you in like a,couple weeks on the phone at least,almost like a month,yeah i was sick for a month,watch like you're like um like an immune,system,if you have aids like it's not like,really good,oh yeah yeah i know what you mean,no i just when i get sick like during,blue season,i tend to have like,a lot of,times even after,you know like i'll get really sick for,like,a week,okay,but guess what i'm doing,i'm sitting here,without any pants or sharp socks,what are you playing with,yeah,even though your grandma and your,cousins are like right there,take down,don't tell me about that,are you having fun,i said what,are you having fun,yeah it feels really good are you,rubbing lotion on the skin,no,can you just say,rub the lotion on the skin,what say rub the lotion on the skin,because it just sounds cool,now it doesn't yes it does,it puts the lotion on the skin,you know what you should drop on it,yourself,but yeah like,i had thought this like saw a picture if,i sent you a picture,but,i don't know if i showed you a picture,but i'm not gonna fall like i have skin,around my dick,yeah i could have a number if you i,don't know if you ever sent me a picture,of your wiener i don't remember,you remember,i don'

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Doctors - The Hoarse Whisperer

Doctors - The Hoarse Whisperer

what's taking you so long,it's just not your day is it,oh yeah,i must have got mixed up when i phoned,the surgery,anyway i took a call for you,thinking it was for me,it was a lead,i taught to him to come in and i've kept,her warm for you she's out on the,forecourt now and she is desperate to,buy,are you trying to give me a heart attack,you're going to be a fat loss of views,aren't you,can't that person over there help me,no no,no,this,not that you could do much else,i like the shape of this one but that,one has come for your seats,my sister needs padding,do i can read can you hear,the seats won't work for my sister i,need the seats of that one,and the color of this one,also,my sister had of a car that has,microwave on the dashboard,do you have one of those,you've served me before haven't,you the other one likes plants aren't,you,oh that's splendid yes i need some,advice on my busy lizzies come on let's,have a go in this one,i fear rain may stop play,this is not proper rain dr cassidy this,is english drizzle,and it will not defeat us,ah that was most stimulating i'll have,those drawings if i may,i shall turn my plum spots 90 degrees,twice a week,and see if that was the chicken,oh the car yes yes we haven't really,discussed that well,he certainly drives well,unlike my sister and i,ah yes you're repeating yourself thank,you for your time i shall see you again,next week,oh yes yes,yes,no sale,you think,i reckon you'd have told the old dear,the car flew and should have believed,you,what,find your customers needs and meet them,that's your job,this salesman,no one expects us to be honest,we should be out there shouldn't we,yeah we should be out there,well i just want to say sorry for this,morning i like having responsibilities,and you're my favorite no i'm sorry,ramos between you and dave it's got,nothing to do with me,like i know things have changed since,he's arrived but it's not gonna be,forever and he's okay once you get to,know him jimmy he's your oldest friend,is fine,well actually i spoke to him earlier and,he's agreed to go out this evening,so can't wait,oh sorry um,lunch is ready so i hope you're both,hungry,you know,i had almost forgotten what it is like,to drive a car that's a full working,order it's remarkable,just the three things right well she's,um it's unreliable,right yes um,she's a gas guzzler that one,that's good isn't it,and i don't feel safe on the motorway,yeah that's very good,oh i don't know i just,this car really does tickle the boxes i,it's always too good to be true,i don't know i'm struggling to find a,reason to say no i mean i'll miss rosie,of course i will but,if you're telling me that for this price,this will solve all my car troubles,i trust you,what is it some kind of reverse selling,it's not true,nor that,doesn't have one of those right,i suppose in circumstances i can hardly,blame you,you know to be honest i'm a little bit,relieved,i don't think i can quite bear to part,with it just yet i'm not ready,is this it sorry elaine i have no idea,where daniel and zara are simon was last,seen kicking the life out of rosie never,mind their loss,who's rosie and these two sneaking off,in the general direction of the icon,thank you we weren't sneaking sprinting,look we just thought we made these,cleans our palettes before this culinary,extravaganza spells one this is teddy,thanks for the tip off your name,careful all good things come to those,who wait i like your incarnation,for me it's an eternity ring,listen to me now first of all we will be,having lojata which is a mixture of,beans mixed with maize very good for,vegetarians then soir not so good for,vegetarians and for the less adventurous,of you,there will be bra,so please grab a plate and enjoy,oh come on rosie don't fail me now come,on,quite an ironic place to break down hey,doctor isn't it mrs briggs what are you,doing here,boys you've worked so hard but there can,only be one winner bad luck mate and,that of course is steve with him again,to mr saxby i'm sorry peter just wasn't,your day was it,mate a good salesman knows when to throw,in the towel,and he never reveals his sources let's,not make this unpleasant peter,how could she be your lead,peter the sale came from him making a,phone call,yet how would i get the numbers of your,is that what you did,steve did you get that leave from peter,splatberry,he wasn't gonna call the muzzy,i like your thinking steve the dinner is,yours where do you fancy,there were no rules steve just used his,initiative,sorry hi peter there's a lady outside,wanting to buy a car,this is actually absolutely,divine,that would be the snails,pizza icon any day of the week,i think that's him saying he likes it we,should make this a regular thing yeah,but one a day,i don't think so there's a health and,safety issue yeah and as someone who,spent half the afternoon holding an,umbrella not practical passionately,disappointed that he's missed out though,oh yes i will cook again for poor dr,carter but this will not be a re

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Let's Play Dragon Quest 9 (part 61)

Let's Play Dragon Quest 9 (part 61)

hello welcome back this is kenshin 1913,and we are let's playing,dragon quest nine in the last episode,we did some quests i want to do one more,uh,like maybe two more and then i guess,we'll continue on with the story,so now that we have a little 40 martial,artist,let's talk to this guy,yeah because that bruce lee guy doesn't,hold a candle to him,okay so yeah now we have to defeat,golems,with critical hits this one is stupid i,hate this one,but the thing is to help do this faster,is to,have a martial artist of course and,everyone being able to,land critical hits better um with their,skill with their uh,with their weapons and such so where do,we find golems,let's go up here,um yeah fast forward power yeah,think of it kind of like uh final,fantasy 12,but uh international version,but better all right so we gotta come,this way,around gleba,south i think they're on the,awesome nino level up and he was able to,get claws,uh he's able to equip claws regardless,of location,which is pretty sweet anyways we want to,come over here,disembark i think they're on the lonely,coast if i remember correctly,so what i'm going to do,i'm pretty sure they were here oh yes,here we go,hello golem,and i'm just going to have everyone,who's not nino,attack now you don't have to,what is it what's the word i'm looking,for you don't have to do which is nino,you just need critical,so what i'm probably gonna do obviously,since i won't be able to,you know it doesn't look like i'm gonna,be able to do this on screen,i already have that feeling yeah yeah,i'm just gonna do this off screen,hopefully it won't take too long,and then we're gonna do i think one more,there we go we got one sweet hey maybe,it wasn't too hard,maybe i can just do this on screen,sweet and we pick up some flintstone,see that's the uh book in hand so there,we go we got one critical maybe i'll,just do it off screen,or yeah off screen and i'll be right,back,okay we are back yay,we criticaled some golems,so yes,yes let's see what we will get for,criticaling,golems,yeah okay words blah blah blah,yeah constant training blah blah,carry over any unused tension,interesting so now we got the martial,artist,manual and that's all for the martial,artist job class,yay,all right so what else do we need to do,all righty,so let us resume over to,bat sir greg,nice i like being able to finish off,some job uh,things so yeah let's uh,just let you no no whoa no no i didn't,want to discard it i just want to,transfer to nino,i think they only work as long as you,have i don't know maybe they only work,with martial artists or,the uh no,you have you have a thing but i can't do,your quest right now,you have a quest but i can't do it and,oh yeah in town here there's a priest,who talks all gangsta and everything,it's kind of funny,is that kid here yet no hmm,it might be inside here there's someone,in here who wants us to do a quest,you,yeah okay,so we must steal something from the,beast that's why i haven't changed ira,back into a ranger yet,so let us let's take on this quest,so we have to basically what we need to,do is go outside,to those purple bad boons and cast sleep,on them,and once sleep is put on them we can,uh what is it we can,uh what is the thing,we can steal a doll from them,so let's go out here and try to steal,what the hell look come on,seriously why can't i ever get a thing,and then bam,there's a purple baboon i'm not even,picking that up i know what it is it's,crap,all right maybe i'll show off another,battle or two,so i can show off some skills that we've,learned and you know what the whistle,ability that kenshin has he learned as a,warrior,works just like in dragon quest no no,whatever you whistle and then monsters,will come,look at all these baboons man,why is it whenever i'm trying to do,something you can never get it done,but yeah whistle works the same way as,you whistle and,monsters will appear come on where are,these damn baboons,there's the dancy bag thing,did they say they're only at night,come on seriously,ah here we go all right,so we have a rainy bad boom so,everyone defend and may tell cast snooze,aha yes there we go now he's asleep,now let's defend and steal,this should work pretty well now he's,asleep,oh no that's not what i wanted,damn it now you must die,you are a bastard that is not what i,wanted,all right so that's kind of what we need,to do here,let me let me see this the freaking,thing again,how many do we have completed anyways,all right so yeah after putting the,beast to sleep you have to get the uh,doll okay,all right so you know what i'm just,gonna do this off screen too,all right we did it we stole the rag,doll,yay,hooray,okay now please disregard,my new well let's go inside,disregard my new levels,because i noticed that i i did two,episodes,but none of them recorded so i had to,redo some stuff,so yeah i was a little up ahead of,myself,so i had to come back and do a couple,things,so let's go back and give the,doll to this guy,please forgive me,i got the doll ba

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Chrissy Teigen and Her Twitter Wars: Everything Wrong With Her Apology |⭐ OSSA

Chrissy Teigen and Her Twitter Wars: Everything Wrong With Her Apology |⭐ OSSA

chrissy teigen has gone from queen of,the twitterverse to the latest victim of,cancel culture,and for good reason shockingly the,former supermodel and tv star has been,exposed as a long-term,cyberbully and her victims even include,a child,since her awful past behavior has come,to light chrissy issued a moving public,apology,but not all of her victims are convinced,by her pleas for forgiveness which has,us wondering,is the gesture enough to undo all the,hurt she caused,a long timeline of tegan's trolling,for the past few months chrissy has been,under fire because of her rude tweets,but you'll be shocked to find out just,how long she's really been bullying,people online,when she released her first teasing,tweet in 2011 no one could have,predicted that a decade later her casual,jabs and comments evolved to something,so much darker in 2011 she made fun of,an snl actor jaymor's baby's name,meredith which she considered a poor,choice for a baby boy and when he,slammed back and insulted her she didn't,see anything wrong with her comment,saying what do you count as making fun,of your son's name,saying it's feminine it is big deal but,she was just getting started,the same year she took a dig at lindsay,lohan after the actress admitted to a,history of self-harm,also in 2011 she had this to say about,avril lavigne,watching an avril lavigne interview if,you told me i could have one kid but it,would be exactly like avril,i would choose to have a barren sterile,existence that ends when i die,and for the next few months she,bombarded singer and model courtney,stodden online,at the time stodden was getting slammed,by many tabloids for marrying a much,older man,but chrissy's taunting was next level,and culminated in her telling stodden,he was just 16 years old at the time to,end her,own life and still there's more in 2013,chrissy reached an,all-time low and she tweeted a horrific,insult about nine-year-old actress,quevengenei wallace,the young actress had just received an,academy award nomination for best,actress but rather than congratulate her,chrissy used a few other words,starting with the letter c but 2013,featured another victim of this bully's,tirades,when teen mom star pharah abrahams was,involved in a scandal about a sex tape,chrissy had no sympathy but a lot of,vitriol,and in 2014 chrissy allegedly set her,sights on fashion designer michael,costello,after the designer was accused of,stealing designs from another,fashionista,he was publicly shamed by chrissy,despite him explaining that the claims,were fake and begging chrissy to stop,she had,zero sympathy there's more she's also,feuded with katie cassidy alison raymond,sarah palin donald trump and piers,morgan,despite the years of abhorrent behavior,it wasn't really until 2021 that the,world,realized just how badly chrissy had,behaved,after these tweets were revealed,chrissy's career and marriage were,almost derailed by the fallout,the social justice was swift,when john legend found out about his,wife's online behavior he was shocked,some tabloids revealed that he was,totally blindsided by how chrissy,behaved and it even led to rumors that,they might get divorced,according to a representative this is,not the woman he fell in love with and,married,thankfully those rumors were wrong,because he's since proven that he is,determined,to stand by her and make it work but not,everyone was so forgiving after the,world learned about her bullying nobody,wanted to be associated with chrissy,and that was really bad news for her,business prospects,the former model recently created a,range of cookware and now it's hot for,all the wrong reasons,macy's was the first to react pulling,her range from their stores,bloomingdale's followed suit and,canceled an event they'd arranged with,tegan,target also removed her products from,their stores although some sources have,hinted that this was coincidental and,happens before chrissy's behavior was,exposed,tegan was also breeded from netflix who,canceled her involvement in their comedy,never have i ever,it didn't stop there tegan deactivated,her twitter account explaining it's time,to say goodbye,this no longer serves me as positively,as it serves me negatively,and i think that's the right time to,call something and here's where things,got,awkward her divorce from twitter only,lasted three weeks before she regretted,silencing herself,she wasn't alone her fans and critics,didn't want her silence they wanted an,apology,and for chrissy to own her mistakes so,she did kind of,sorry is the hardest word to say,in june 2021 chrissy tweeted a link to a,heartfelt apology,owning up to her toxic behavior in it,she admitted a bunch of my old awful,awful awful tweets resurfaced i've,apologized publicly to one person but,there are others who i need to say i'm,sorry to,i was a troll full stop and i am so,sorry,her apology seemed so genuine with,chrissy admitting she,felt awful and that her behavior was,unacceptable in fact she revealed that,she would be unde

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Sarah Cooper Impersonating Trump Compilation (lip sync parody)

Sarah Cooper Impersonating Trump Compilation (lip sync parody)

and I tested very positively in a in,another sense so this morning yeah I,tested positively toward negative right,so now I tested perfectly this morning,meaning meaning I tested negative and,you know when you see a per capita this,many per campus it's like per capita,relative to what but you can look at,just about any category and we're really,at the top meaning positive on a per,capita basis we are bringing our country,back and a big focus is exactly that,with the minorities specifically if you,look at the Asians we hit the body with,a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or,just very powerful light and I think you,said that hasn't been checked but you're,going to test it and then I said,supposing you brought the light inside,the body you can which you can do either,through the skin or in some other way,and I think you said you're going to,test that too,sounds interesting right and then I see,the disinfectant weird nuts it out in a,minute one minute,and is there way we can do something,like that by injection inside or or,almost a cleaning because you see it,gets in the lungs and it does a,tremendous number of along so it'd be,interesting to check that so that you're,gonna have to use medical doctors with,but it sounds it sounds interesting to,me thank you said well if you'd like it,I said yeah I'd like it I'd like to take,it a lot of people who take it a lot of,frontline workers are taking,hydroxychloroquine a lot of front door I,don't take it because hey people said oh,maybe he owns the company no I don't,know the company you know what I want,the people of this nation to feel good I,don't want them being sick and there's a,very good chance that this has an impact,especially early on but you look at,frontline workers you look at doctors,and nurses a lot of them are taking it,as a preventative and they're taking,totally unrelated but they take the,z-pak or the Zathura Meissen for,possible infection,now I haven't taken that other than an,original dose because they're all you,need you don't have to take it,simultaneously but the zinc you do take,so I'm taking the two the zinc and the,hydroxy and all I can tell you is so far,I seem to be okay don't forget we have,more cases than anybody in the world but,why because we do more testing when you,test you have a case when you test you,find something is wrong with people if,we didn't do any testing we would have,very few cases they don't want to write,that it's common sense so we test much,more many many times South Korea here,about I spoke with the president of,South Korea spoke with many different,presidents prime ministers they can't,believe what we've been able to do on,testing they can't believe what we've,been able to do on ventilators we're,sending them ventilators other countries,Italy Spain other countries France is,having tremendous problems tremendous,problems we're helping them with,ventilators and it's been very,spectacular it's been really spectacular,so yeah I think I don't think anybody's,done a better job with testing with,ventilators with all of the things that,we've done and our death totals or,numbers per million people are really,very very strong we're very proud of the,job we've done yeah well I don't know,much about it does anybody want to talk,about it it she's a wonderful young,woman Katie she tested very good for a,long period of time and then all of a,sudden today she tested positive she,hasn't come into contact with me spend,some time with the vice president it's I,believe the press person right say press,person so she tested positive out of the,blue this is why the whole concept of,tests aren't necessarily great the tests,are perfect but something can happen,between a test where it's good and then,something happens and all of a sudden,she was tested very recently and tested,negative and then today I guess for some,reason she tested positive,so Mike knows about,and mike has done what he has to do I,think he's on an airplane going to some,faraway place but you'll be able to ask,him later

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