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Hitman Holla Leak Close Friends Video💦😭🍑(Office Video)don't let,some viewers my friend is disturbing

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Hitman Holla Leak Close Friends Video💦😭🍑(Office Video)

don't let,some viewers my friend is disturbing,your discretion is advised you don't,understand,we bet with another reaction was not no,like I told your boy on the road 20K,we really almost at 11 y'all boy that's,what I'm saying but it's key con Keep,Calm like subscribing because,it's really about here 11k now I'm,saying but y'all see that title say man,you got that Hitman Holla lead video hey,look I've been seeing everybody trying,to find this video,it is happening for me no I'm saying I,know somebody I can get that video real,fast you know I'm saying all the OG's,you know who I'm talking about I get,them I can get them videos fast and they,only nonsense,we got this video right here with Hitman,I guess it's with this girl he posted on,his on his close friends or whatever now,guess what they started,um,screen screen recording and showing,everything but y'all know I do a lot of,talking man you kind of like scrambling,keep going up that's going to get to,this video though,hitman going down,he's recording while you're getting hit,though,oh she goggling bro,nothing,um,and they're eating that cool,I don't know what shooting me but I,ain't gonna lie but it look like you got,a lot going on here uh you know close,friends you just letting everybody see,everything that you got,you might just be that type of you might,just be that type of free there like,that,see I you know I like saying no I'm,saying girl do look girl do got,something else man,but I ain't got nothing doing me,what's up boys man that's interesting,like I said man nobody doing this at,least how I'm doing this nobody getting,these videos like I said man,but it's in the video y'all boys man,keep comment subscribing,you don't understand four times,oh yeah boys

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may not make in street like again what i,don't make in tv right i don't make no,tv money you what you might not make in,music so what you might so what you,might what your cap your tv calculation,uh your tv tv calculation and money you,might look up like damn i made 660 off,these uh off these last tv,shows i can say i made that off of music,so all i'm saying to you is like when,you be throwing it around as if your,world is over there and you this mini,you're not that like you're really not,that i mean respect you but in reality,you are listen the that you talking,about they didn't give you they gave me,so when you speak about loyalty that's,the part that's confusing me because,listen you're arguing about your first,statement was what they didn't do for,you and what they did no no happy,birthdays no bt awards no such and such,they told me happy birthday i got bt,awards i got all that bro i don't think,i said that because,i battled over there i didn't bring no,no no no stop acting like i brought that,up that's why like no oh,if they've done for me what you talking,about they didn't do for you which is,why you left but they did that for me,where am i going,that ain't that ain't why i left bro i,thought you left i thought you left,because they say happy birthday no,no that's what i'm saying that's why you,keep trying to make a scene and trying,to be funny because it's not serious,no no no no,no no no the thing is you asked me you,was making a scene like why would you,leave home team to go somewhere else,then you and then battle i'm like,and i and i said because bro it ain't it,wasn't it was business that's why i said,it was business i said what you saying,was lord yeah i'm saying no it wasn't,that it wasn't this i didn't get that i,ain't got that so it's business so i,took my business elsewhere to keep it,women keep making business that make all,the sense of like listen i'm,besides the joking i'm with you a,thousand percent all i'm saying is this,if like so now look you said it was,business i'm saying if my business does,not stop with them you get what i'm,saying like i'm taking like because,again we all different men right like,you said as long as i can take care of,my son as long as i've taken my daughter,you know i mean like the shout out to,the kids and the family you know what,i'm saying so if i'm taken care of to my,liking you know i mean like how you get,what i'm saying so now,wherever their lack of loyalty was to,you if i feel like my like let's say we,got two cups right there loyalty cups,and they pull whatever they pour in your,cup you like they're saying they,left loyalty and then they poured in my,cup and i'm like yeah that's just what i,need my decision is not wrong,i said it was i just said but the,distant other leagues and doing all the,burning bridges that is wrong you,shouldn't have to do that i think that's,but i think you shouldn't have to do it,though,bro,but but if there's any battle rappers,just listening on another you shouldn't,do that because like so my whole example,is when i say look i just said you,shouldn't do that so when i say this so,when i say so in the point where i say,when i say like listen i'm a one of one,in this situation right here what holler,said is right you go and bet on yourself,that's me saying that for everybody,that's listening i'm still only speaking,for myself bro like my situation is a,specific situation i'm very well like,i'm good you you know that like besides,that talking we both know each,other good so that's proven that both,places could do whatever so now now see,what i mean so that's proven that both,places got the comfortability to to,uphold a start you know what i'm saying,so now when we get past that part and,now we talking about conversational,which way would you go i would tell you,and i'm not speaking for kfc i'm,speaking in general as far as go do what,you feel me like hitman basically did,what he want to do so when this,situation comes up i would tell somebody,do what you want to do,my situation was different i said that's,all i'm saying my situation was,different,that's just me one person that's a dope,ass,it's just a dope ass convo dope but like,he said it's amazing it's gonna go,straight to you because because,because of the roles the ,gonna take you know what i'm saying,because if it's a battle rapper that get,a little bit close to what surf got with,the love when you are real then they,would probably stick like you know what,imma stick with the way sir moved in you,know take my take my bumps in the road,but it might be a little it might take,me a little longer but i'll end up,sticking around and getting right then,it's a who might be like you know,what,i'm gonna do like holla i'm gonna i'm,gonna make my noise on url as well but, i'm gonna build my own personal,brand to where i can make money and make,my and i can make my name which way you,get to which way you go,where you go,me personally at me personally i mean if,a follow my career they'l

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foreign,oh,yeah,I'm not posting ah you right though you,right though no but the only reason I,asked because I said I uh I would have,did them like that that's all bro I mean,but that's still a different thing,because that ain't got nothing to make,somebody battle an hour to go home what,I told him to show about anyway,also also all the challenges is is,okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay,pull up like listen man just wait for,this job wait to remember saying we got,a lot of deals on the table we don't,know where this gonna be just wait,for it it's amazing it's a movie I know,I killed just let it happen Okay y'all,man dude,all right,yeah I wish I could say it again yeah,I wish I could see it again,because it was some battles I wanted to,see again right now I can't see them,again,his face,I don't think I can fit in there,everybody,in the back of the class hip-hop,is real bags and bodies,came up admiring crime figures,foreigners who stay higher never use the,jet ski in life I ain't no way right,away I'm from the era where we don't,rhyme waves and everything stay the same,even when times change all we,switch was the cigarillos for Backwoods,trafficking on the back road just so the,pack good I've been legit hustling not a,random whips in the tent you can't tell,if I'm one of the innocent I used to put,questions and they wasn't good,for cut off it was dead,weight that I couldn't lift so I left,from hanging kick the chair watching,strangle Are Burning Bridge and,try to swim back to flake cut that way,foreign,back

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VIRAL What is the Hitman Holla ‘video’

VIRAL What is the Hitman Holla ‘video’

foreign,Fulton Jr who famously goes by the stage,named Hitman Holla made headlines in,December 2021 after a video of him went,viral the video allegedly came from one,of his close friends who screen recorded,it from his private story and leaked it,online what is the Hitman Hall of video,on December 15 2021 a video of Hala 33,and his girlfriend started making its,way across the internet,the clip is reportedly x-rated and was,posted a month ago,as the video started to circulate Hala,took to Twitter to release a statement,stating that his girlfriend cinnamon has,full knowledge of the clip,NS caught me slipping once okay,so what,I'mma only clear up one thing,cinnamon in my close friends,she knew every female I had in there 30,of them holla wrote,she green light anything I post like,let's not act dumb the rapper continued,somebody screen recorded my close,friends November 5th our anniversary,that's when I posted them videos,not tripping I knew the risk,people wasn't solid it's all good,what works in me and cinnamon,relationship might not work for y'all,and that's okay but what y'all do with,y'all partner none of my business but,understand I am a do me enjoy all day,the video has since been removed by,Twitter stating that it violates their,rule,most red in entrtwat did fans say about,the video,many fans have since taken to Twitter to,talk about holla's video stating that,they are shocked and Confused,Hitman Holla too weird for posting that,LMAO,like what in the cloud Chase,one user tweeted,why the hell would it Hitman Holla post,those videos and how do they still get,leaked from his close friends another,asked,a third person wrote did I like the,Hitman Holla video yes I did but I think,this was intentional,Hamilton always overshared,who is Hitman holla's girlfriend,Hala is currently in a relationship with,cinnamon who is famously known as an,influencer and entrepreneur,outside of social media she is also,known as the owner of the cooking,business in his food,in October 2021 cinnamon made headlines,after she was shot in the face during a,home invasion,at the time she was on FaceTime with the,Wild and out star,imagine being on FaceTime while you girl,while being out of town V she's telling,you it's PPL in the house at 1 in the,morning so coaching her on what to do,one thousand miles away Paula wrote on,Instagram at the time,she showed courage V let off shots,defending her home,I'm so proud of how she was so brave,I can't stop crying man please send,positive energy our way I need it y'all,I really really need it I've never felt,this kind of pain this message was for,my fans family and friends all at once,please help us get through this,despite a bullet going through her cheek,and out the back of her head she is,expected to make a full recovery telling,fans on October 12th that it's going to,be a long journey but I'm ready for it,thank you

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Peak Hitman Holla 🔥Wild 'N Out

Peak Hitman Holla 🔥Wild 'N Out

(audience applauding),- What's up, baby?,- Hey.,- Backstage they told me you had a boyfriend.,Well, is he an organ donor?,- No.,- He not?,See, you way too beautiful,to be with somebody who can't even give you they heart.,(audience exclaims),- That's real life, that's real life.,- Hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait.,Not the usual, I want you to do something crazy, Hitman.,Let's see, it's got holes in it.,Use this, show me something.,Fast, show me something,,pick up line with that fast. (audience laughing),- Conceited, I don't need this,,I'm trying to drown in that (beep).,(audience exclaims),(audience applauding),- All game.,- This too easy, watch this.,- No, no, no, you probably had something prepared.,- Huh?,- Pick up with this, do something with this.,Go ahead.,- Where you get some random scissors from?,- It's funny he said that,,'cause I was already willing,to cut off all my (beep) for you.,(audience applauding),- That's wack, that's wack, that's wack.,- Wait, wait, wait.,Give me something, hold on, give me something.,- Do something live though.,- Oh, use this.,You pick her up with that.,- Y'all just got random (beep).,- All right, (beep).,You see, Hitman be trying to control you,,but I just wanna turn you on.,(audience applauding),Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.,I got something for you, my man.,'Cause you think you the man,,you can do this (beep) all the time.,Yeah, try to use this then.,I'm the man, let me holler.,Use that.,- Use this to get her?,- Go.,- An apple, peanut butter, orange, bread.,I don't need that, them aint the groceries,I'm trying to eat.,(audience applauding),- Let me get her.,Let me get her.,Let me get her,(audience cheering),Let me get her.,Okay.,I'm not even fixing to pretend,that I wanna holler at you.,(audience exclaims),Hey yo, Hitman.,(audience applauding),(bell dinging),- On God, I bet I'll get her.,All right, watch this.,What's up, baby?,- Hey.,- You remind me of the 20 letters in the alphabet.,- (beep), there's 26 letters in the alphabet.,(audience laughing),- Silly me, how could I forget the U, R, A, Q, T?,(audience applauding) (woman laughs),- Give him the buzzer, give him the buzzer.,No, no, hell no.,There's only 25, he's still missing one, he can't count.,(audience laughing),- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, silly me,,you can get that D later.,(audience applauding),- On God!,- Dang, you look familiar.,I think I went to college with you.,We ain't have a class together?,- No.,- You sure? - Mm-mm.,- Well, we sure do got chemistry now.,(woman chuckles) (audience laughing),(audience applauding),Damn man, DC Young Fly ass play too much,,waste all this water on me backstage.,I wish you was there,,'cause I would've got you wetter than me.,(audience exclaims),(audience applauding),- Okay, too easy.,(audience applauding),- I love sisters, man.,Like Serena and Venus, I love them.,Are y'all dope like them sisters?,- Yeah.,- Good, that mean y'all both like playing with balls.,(audience laughing),(audience applauding),- This next game is called Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, y'all.,Now each team is gonna come up,with some fun little breaking up lines,,and if it's funny, (bell dings),and if it's trash, they get a...,(buzzer buzzes),So can we play the game?,Y'all ready?,(audience applauding),(whistle blows),- You came to see me at work?,You too sweet, girl.,Come on across the street, girl, come here.,(whistle blows),Wait, wait, wait, come on cars, come on.,Wait, wait, I don't want you to come.,(audience laughing) (whistle blows),All right, come on, baby.,(whistle blows),(audience laughing),(audience applauding),(audience cheering),(audience applauding),♪ When I swing by, everybody know I play Nintendo ♪,♪ Your girlfriend like me ♪,♪ 'Cause to her I might just swindle ♪,♪ Everybody know I'm mad again ♪,♪ My momma hate me ♪,♪ She said, boy, stop the shenanigans ♪,♪ Everybody know the jump ♪,♪ I'm in ATL, so you know we about to get crunk ♪,(audience applauding),♪ I'm the kid, I'm addicted ♪,♪ I wish I was old enough back in the day ♪,♪ To go to the Freaknik ♪,(audience applauding),♪ Why you bullspittin' ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ This my partner Craig ♪,♪ And y'all don't want any trouble ♪,♪ And he got security shook ♪,♪ 'Cause they thought he was Nipsey Hussle ♪,♪ At the family reunion, who we introducing ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ Well, this my partner Tim ♪,♪ He tell everybody he related to Holla ♪,♪ But don't he look like Ty Dolla $ign ♪,♪ Just minus the dollars ♪,♪ At the family reunion ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ Look, I'm a little confused ♪,♪ And I'm not gonna even lie ♪,♪ 'Cause wait, if Conceited right there ♪,♪ Then who is this guy ♪,♪ At the family reunion ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ This my cousin Thug ♪,♪ And he just got released from prison ♪,♪ So ladies, y'all know who to blame ♪,♪ If y'all purses end up missing ♪,♪ At the family reunion ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ Who we introducing ♪,♪ This my cuz-in-law, so our blood don't connect ♪,♪ So basica

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Hitman Holla talk returning to battle rap on Twitter spaces

Hitman Holla talk returning to battle rap on Twitter spaces

me in New York is like,it's like wrecks in New York that's how,that's how much New York with me,bro so I wanna but God be with whoever,get that hit man well listen we don't,have to ask God you mean I'm here,like so you know um I'll take you with,um and why I don't care no I mean I'm,just saying that it don't matter I mean,I mean I like I love Philly too I love,Philly too I don't listen I don't know,if you want to do that,it's a little different,I know,because I'll slide the ATM,no I'll come do it in St Louis,I'm from there I'm from the jungle like,that ain't nothing,I'm feeling respectable for the show I,know I know listen I I just been it's a,lot of you calling my listen hey,y'all know they know how to get in touch,with me easy trust me oh yeah,hey hey you know what I think I think,Hitman had it easy to be good at the,pageant or something,that'll be crazy you got to get revenge,for Cassidy man three stops you beat,Cassie,but also like,I kind of man I ain't bad like I said I,ain't battle on the east coast in six,years man,yeah,I mean China oh K-Rock,but yeah,yeah that was yeah Sean I I signed 2016,right,that's what I said I went to go have,that chug in in North man or Jerry what,was that I know he goes and I battle red,and North it was five years,did you take shields in Jersey too I,took him Jersey or red in Jersey oh red,in Jersey,shine in New York pill is where they,from I might know how to get there in,Philly,that'll look nice on the resume,you,yeah listen I I wouldn't be mad at that,yeah no no no you gotta make him come to,the city he got to come to St Louis and,get it out that mile he got to come get,it no well listen I want I ain't nobody,been there in a minute,um,um ice pack um hit me and I was dead,yeah,I don't know why,St Louis,I ain't really had a great Bible verse,that was different yeah,wait wait wait you got to put that in,his own box that's what I'm saying,but I'm saying my goods that's my one,and only Trope ever in life,one round in St Louis and then Rex was,the one round so I ain't really never,had no battle in St Louis,from St Louis though so I'm just saying,like they don't really count like me and,him I ain't never battle no you know,what I'm saying like I ain't never had,no home game,besides mapping that one don't like no,you don't see no big league,in St Louis that's crazy but I don't,kind of I kind of like I like the booze,when I walk out man I want to be I want,to hear the Hitman Holla till this thing,boom we would have never really got that,sir respectfully I got that verse Cortez,okay okay boo me coming out verse shine,Arsenal no,no no no no no no,I think from that though,no no I know now I know that's it New,York love me because like I said I got,famous in New York before anywhere like,I got famous in New York before anywhere,they show love like I said like,you know I with me so that's why,but I like Road games man it's just,maybe because I'm a college athlete I,just know it ain't nothing like going,into another Arena or out of state Arena,leaving with 35 and 12. that's what we,know though that's what we know we know,having to go get that so it's a high,man that's,that's cool,what um oh you know what I take that,back I'm sorry I'm sorry y'all about a,Big Ten St Louis that's my ,the venue switch we went to a smaller,Road was funny,violin joined the violin joint,that was young now if I knew what I knew,now,I don't know I,I've been hanging around my,my bags and body Cavs man I'm gonna I'm,I'm in my bag right now man,I'm supposed to pull up money on the,floor type ,I bring you some people here to get in,some trouble sure or whatever you want,to do all right definitely will find,something safe to do birds come in there,with a squad that'll come in there and,get them ,don't worry about me I'ma show up y'all,just be ready for,it,bro hey hey look I bring what I bring,you just turn that on that's it it's,already give me give me give me two,minutes with each other man we will beat,Discord my picks absolutely cause them,absolutely yes ma'am I'm ready I'm gonna,throw Scout man I know where to go for,what baby,because I got this I already got I've,already finished I already got some bags,on the table January all right so look,wow I'll do boys major against bad news,I'll do that,I a bars man I a ball he can't,do nothing with bad news bro bad news,bro I just can't do nothing with bad,news bro I do that,I was doing some more stuff maybe call,it what I gotta give them don't you bet,them against me man let's just skip the,line I'm against me who you want,who you want bird a spin the,bottle,J2 won't you pause,oh no you can't go down like that,oh my God,that's personal,I can't do it I can't beat him,yeah it's just like yeah that's like,it's like see look people think it ain't,it ain't so much of his preference he's,actually good I've been watching him and,it's like you know what I'm saying so,it's like it's like you strong and fast,you know what I'm saying like I've been,watching him I watched them up

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okay wait this is our YouTube channel,hitman hallo,it's cinnamon the life and all the stuff,and Frank yeah so today we will be doing,a Q&A just like asking do you know get,to know us and stuff like that because,yeah I don't really see this side yeah,but not on YouTube they don't see this,out on YouTube so on so all the,subscribers that we're gonna get all the,scars we are gonna get got to know we,are out again my name is cinnamon okay,so we just don't get straight to it,okay so the first question is who,initiated the first kids you know she's,little my deal okay he initiated the,first kiss he actually talked me down,and I was like,gross hosted I love you first,yes tell me you love me after like 2,weeks 2 weeks yeah so how about pride,what's 2 weeks 14 days yes 17 days Wow,17 days you what to say do you know what,you say what I think I know you say I,love you some cinnamon I love me some,soon I love me some guy he flakes in so,hard okay,the third question who met each other,family first I'm so frivolous yeah email,news outside my house,and my brother was like I know your,brother me yeah that was a part of,the family before no you wouldn't know,quite knew was a part of him he was,outside of my house well we was outside,of my house and my brother pulled up it,was I was outside the house don't worry,we was in the car no talking what else,he got a nasty mind job so that's what,he's talking about what we didn't even,do that,my brother was buying so that's how my,family,Daniel sauce is loving my brothers,brothers love me today loving your,granny learning yeah what made you guys,fall in love whoa what she was just so,pure and innocent like days to do for,she's just a so appreciative man you,know I introduced her to another life,but she was just so like she was like,real filled with great energy and stuff,so I used this I knew I lower because,she was a spinner lad darling you know I,should get a chicken mole Bobby still a,girl she's loving two part shoes to part,two outfits haxon so I used to mean a,lot you know so I mean I just knew she,was okay I fell in love with him because,his energy is was just like amazing like,even though he but his heart is just by,oh and I when we first met like the,connection just jumped like so good no,it's not the reason why,I really saw my disagrees he don't put,me in a position to where I have to feel,like everybody know me no you know my,page all of my a do I want you to it,will be anywhere just like is groupies,for me like a bee who's walking it to me,this is goofy in work you did your part,you just have to know how to handle them,so they you will you don't know how to,handle been away from each other,oh it is so hard for one I'll be bored,me me do you miss you like wait okay so,when it wasn't be junior in a picture,beanie Julie here is i dog being is,named after me I'm beanie senior and we,have a dog named me do you so he's,actually watching us already,but I would just like oh my god you're,not you just here home I wouldn't you,come home I used to just take flights,along my pretty box library or you can,get on this why he's like a girl I will,be there she won't find the stuff in,life and stuff but don't want me to work,I do went to the word well I wanted to,go with you know sometimes this next,question who's more assistance and she,just cry I think it's the end of the,world,because I cry it all right that's not,even know how I'm Ranko almost cry when,you prank you tricked me with me you,thought you stepped on them or something,and I walked in octave,whatever I told our stuff on my celly oh,yeah that's what happened when I was,when I say I was furious I was shaking I,was crying I'm so sensitive,okay we're with our first kiss in the,car the first day we met,we're gonna turns me down he talked me,down okay then we'll stop first kiss how,long have y'all been together how long,have we been together baby please,do you remember today I remember you it,was fine for this but um oh stop really,okay oh no it was his us some other,dudes fighting for me yeah yeah see I'm,eatin up,who's the better dancer,oh whoa whoa trash Oh,what do you make piece of rose turkey,sandwiches vegan the cereal I'll put,just enough milk and race you like that,stuff matters you don't even make your,own news come on I'll do is make but no,I need to lie down,did you make us flip the tables mac and,cheese I just make cheese anything,anything you name I can be seafood pasta,Barbie fuel anything you name I can't be,watching so many white chicken chili so,whatever you don't want to see we didn't,have to cook together okay we're gonna,make some breakfast we're gonna be,flipping pancakes who's the first to,apologize,oh yeah see the first solo dad say you,wanna be wrong no you the one what you,don't want no I'm saying you the one,that II won't,that's why you apologize too much,arguments I'll be wrong maybe three,times cinnamon you don't want who you,could the over who started because the,argument start almost some they'd be s

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Hitman Holla Video Twitter - Hitman Holla Video Leaks by Jazzywthetea Goes Viral

Hitman Holla Video Twitter - Hitman Holla Video Leaks by Jazzywthetea Goes Viral


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