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Hillary Clinton on the pros and cons of Twitter and Facebook | Code 2017looking at Twitter specifica


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Hillary Clinton on the pros and cons of Twitter and Facebook | Code 2017

looking at Twitter specifically you,spoke a bit about Facebook but on,Twitter if you weigh all its good,qualities of bringing real-time,information to pretty much everyone and,it's bad qualities of basically,rewarding sass over substance and,generally not really having a lot of,nuance do you think it has been bad or,good for our national discourse in the,United States Wow hmm I think I think it,has certainly provided as you say,positive information quick turnaround,information to a very large audience but,I think it has become victimized by,deliberate efforts to shape the,conversation and push it toward,conspiracies lies false information and,I think it's the same problem Facebook,faces that when you try to be all things,to all people and you try to open up,your platforms so that people can come,in and you want to be influential,because you expect people will actually,tune you in and read and and and watch,what you have what do you do to try to,contain the the weaponization and,manipulation of that information I don't,think we know yet and I and I have I,have a lot of sympathy at this point,Cara doesn't but I do before you know,people trying to make these decisions I,would just urge them to hurry up because,even if you err slightly more on the,curating editorial decision-making so,some voices are going to be cut off some,fake news outlets the guys in Macedonia,are going to be denied you know entry,into your platform I'd rather see us,airing on that side for a while to see,what the effects are instead of being,kind of overwhelmed by the challenge,like what do you do I mean how do you,try to you know determine who should or,shouldn't be on,your your site and so I think it's a,mixed bag I think that why would who is,behind,let's do me just pose this question who,is behind driving up Trump's Twitter,followers by the millions we know,they're bots why what is you know I,assume there's a reason for everything,is it to make him look more popular than,it is is it to try to influence others,on Twitter about what the messaging is,so that people get caught up in it and,lose sight of what they're trying to say,it's on more feeds that's it yeah more,people's feeds see yeah I know I bet,that's my point,I mean you're you're you've got millions,of people you know the bots are coming,in you've got these repetitive you're,driving up his numbers but what is it,you're trying to achieve what is the,message behind this so you're sitting in,Moscow or Macedonia or the White House,wherever you are and you're saying,you're saying you know just three read,places you know that that trip may not,have worked out so well you know there's,some there's some blowback really,wishing the guy pushing the guy failing,to reaffirm our commitment to NATO all,of that and how do we recover from that,well we begin to divert people again I,mean you can't let Trump and his allies,be a diversion they are a threat and,they have been effective up until now so,Twitter is a perfect example you're,going to drive up the numbers you got,more people chasing rabbits down rabbit,holes you've got all kinds of stuff,happening why to divert attention,it's like ko Fifi trending worldwide,maybe for a minute you'll forget the,latest accusations about them conspiring,with Russia or their trillion-dollar,mathematical mistake in their budget or,depriving 23 million people of health,care,you know it's it's it's it's the circus,yeah right it's what a classic,authoritarian does it's not just about,influencing your institutions your,values they want to influence your,reality and that you know that to me is,what we're up against and we can't let,that go unanswered whether it's on,Twitter Facebook or anywhere else

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Hillary Clinton on Her Book What Happened and Using Twitter to Get Trump's Attention

Hillary Clinton on Her Book What Happened and Using Twitter to Get Trump's Attention

-We have two books to talk about --,"It Takes a Village" and then, also, "What Happened.",I noticed "What Happened" -- Let´s start with this one.,There´s no question mark.,-There is no question mark. Right.,-So it´s not, like, "What happened?",-Yeah. And there´s no exclamation point, either.,-That´s true, yeah.,So it´s up to the reader to really say.,But this is your recollection of what happened.,-That´s exactly right, Jimmy.,You know, it´s my best effort to kind of pull the curtain back,,invite people in to see what happened,from my perspective, and to talk about, you know,,the things that I didn´t get right,,and the other stuff that was going on at the same time.,-Yeah, so it´s not a book just saying, like,,"Oh, this went wrong.",It´s about what could go wrong, also --,-I think that´s a really important point about the book.,Some things will never happen again,,but, unfortunately, other stuff is still happening,and could keep happening,,like the Russian interference, for example,,like voter suppression, trying to keep young people,and African-Americans and others from voting.,So, I want people to read it, and to know it´s kind of a --,a very personal look, and it´s a story of resilience,on the part of what I went through,,but, also, other people have told me --,I´ve been doing all these book signings,,and I´ve talked to thousands of people that,,you know, it was important to them, personally,,and then to take lessons so that we can protect our country.,-Can we go to -- Talk about election night.,-Oh. -Sorry., I have to.,I have to bring -- I mean, yeah.,Again, no spoilers, but the end --,You won´t even believe the end of this book.,-Yeah. -You really --,-Yeah, I´m still scratching my head.,-Yeah.,You´re there election night, and you just have to be,just in a bad place.,I mean, just got to be. -Well, I --,It didn´t start out that way. -Yeah.,Did you know -- Did you have any intel at all?,-No. No. I mean...,I mean, that´s one of the big mysteries about this election,is that the information that I had,was not just from my campaign,but from so many different sources.,Obviously, different campaigns,and candidates and the press and others.,And so when the first returns started coming in,and we heard that it wasn´t going well for us,in Florida and North Carolina, you know, it was worrying,but not definitive, because there are,a number of different ways to get to the votes,you need in the Electoral College.,But then, by, you know, the end of the night,,by midnight, and we saw what was happening in Pennsylvania,,Michigan, and Wisconsin, you know, look,,I was devastated, and I was not,just because I thought I was going to win,and I wanted to be president,and to do the work of being president,but because I was so worried about,what it meant to have my opponent win.,So it was a really tough night.,-Do you think, like, if you were up against,a different Republican, would you have felt different?,-I would have. I would have.,Yeah, I´ve thought about that a lot.,You know, look, if I had lost to another Republican,,somebody who I disagreed with,but who I thought was temperamentally capable,of being president, who would take the job,and the awesome responsibility seriously,,of course I´d be disappointed,,but I wouldn´t be so worried about my country and the world,as I am now when I see what´s going on every single day.,-And every single day, it really is a new thing,where you go, "I can´t believe this is happening now.",-Yeah. Yeah.,-Are you kind of, you know, going, "I would --,I would do this differently.",-Well, you can´t help but think about that.,And, you know, recently, with the hurricanes,and particularly the damage in the Virgin Islands,and in Puerto Rico, you know,,I was right in the middle of our government responding,to the horrible effects of the earthquakes in Haiti,,so I knew what we´re capable of doing.,And, you know, I waited, because I thought, you know,,"They don´t need me saying, ´Hey, send naval assets,,get the hospital ship Comfort down there,,but a couple of days later, nothing was happening,,so I tweeted.,I tweeted at the president and the Secretary of Defense,and the Defense Department, and I basically, you know,,implored them to send naval assets,,including the hospital ship.,And it took a few more days, and then finally, they did.,I mean, there´s just --,It´s hard to figure out, you know,,what are the priorities if 3.5 million Americans --,and Puerto Ricans are Americans --,Let´s make sure people remember that.,-Yes. Absolutely.,-You know, if they aren´t --,if they aren´t the highest priority of your government,in responding to such a terrible natural disaster,,what are you people spending your time doing, right?,Golfing, tweeting, watching cable TV?,I mean, find some time to tell the Navy,to get down there and rescue people,and provide food and provisions and medical care.,-And the only way to get his attention is to tweet at him?,-Well, I suppose I could go on some of the TV shows he wat

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Elon Musk Tweets, Deletes Link to Unfounded Conspiracy Theory About Paul Pelosi Attack

Elon Musk Tweets, Deletes Link to Unfounded Conspiracy Theory About Paul Pelosi Attack

and not surprisingly the attack on Paul,Pelosi is being wildly discussed on,social media today Twitter's new owner,joined that conversation Elon Musk,tweeted and then deleted a link to an,unfounded conspiracy theory which,prompted Bay Area congresswoman Jackie,Speer to get involved here's NBC bay,area's Christy Smith,questions still remain following the,violent assault on Paul Pelosi husband,of house Speaker Nancy Pelosi at their,San Francisco Home Police haven't,determined a motive and today Elon Musk,the new owner of Twitter weighed in,tweeting a link to a baseless claim,about Paul Pelosi the first thing that,came to mind is that he is really,confirming for all of us folks who are,watching what we feared could be the,worst outcome of his takeover of of,Twitter Grant Kian is a professor in the,department of communication at Cal State,East Bay it's not a surprise he's quite,good quite a Savvy manipulator of social,media and uh if we look into his history,Mr musk has clearly no qualms about,messing around and trolling online so we,have a lot to to to watch for it in the,next couple of days but also in the next,couple of months musk's tweet was in,response to a tweet by former Secretary,of State Hillary Clinton referencing an,article about the alleged attacker,Clinton wrote quote the Republican party,and its mouthpiece is now regularly,spread hate and deranged conspiracy,theories it is shocking but not,surprising that violence is the result,as Citizens we must hold them,accountable for their words and actions,musk responded there is a tiny,possibility there's more to this story,than meets the eye with a link to a,website that has a history of publishing,false information are there many reasons,why he might have gone ahead and done,this and I think that the impulse to do,it in the first place if it if it was an,impulsive act would have something to do,with the ownership aspect just showing,that this is his now musk's 2 wheat has,since been deleted but not before Bay,Area congresswoman Jackie Speer tweeted,back your town square is going to become,the town dump if you don't recant this,reprehensible untrue post for him to,make that kind of a blunder it's out,there in the atmosphere now it will be,repeated over and over again now he has,taken that down Twitter did not,immediately respond to a request for,comment however last week musk said he,would ease the rules about what type of,speech is allowed on the social media,platform Christy Smith NBC Bay Area News,and we are continuing to follow this,Paul Pelosi attack investigation closely,our team is posting new details as we,get them you can find it all on, it is a top story on our,home page and app

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Clinton-linked dark money group targeted Twitter advertisers amid Musk takeover

Clinton-linked dark money group targeted Twitter advertisers amid Musk takeover

get reaction now from constellation,research CEO Ray Wang Ray good to see,you thank you for being here it it's,just such an amazing experiment that,we're going through right now and and,with all of the successful businesses he,have has it's going to be fascinating to,see whether he can turn this around and,he's got so many winds blowing against,him on this but it does seem like he's,targeted those people who really Veer in,absolutely the opposite direction of,where he wants to take the company right,it definitely is the case Twitter's been,bloated for quite some time I bet that,they're going to get down to about 20,percent of the number of employees he,started out with I think there's a I,hear there's a plan in January for the,VPS who found the people you know figure,out the people they're going to let go,to be let go as well,um but I think the the big challenge at,this point is really elon's not a,software guy he's trying to figure out,how this all works he's not a social,networking guy that's also trying to,figure out how this works and he's got,advisors in there he got Jason calcanus,you got David sacks you've got all these,other folks coming in trying to help him,figure out how to actually get the right,people on the team yeah but you know,it's elon's teams always work like this,right well at first he thought at first,he thought he could weed some of those,people that that might have different,ideological views that he did but but,that might work with him there was this,guy Joel Roth 35 years old uh he was he,was one of the guys who was chiefly,involved in the censorship of the New,York Post story on Hunter Biden he also,called the the Trump team Nazis in,public but it looked like he was going,to stay there now he's out so it it does,look that like there's some people who,are just too far beyond the pale for for,Elon,yeah there's been a lot of that going on,and I think um the challenge you know,for Elon is really to find the people,that are loyal who really do want to,make something new he's tapping in,through all his entities from SpaceX to,Tesla for folks who actually want to,come and actually take on this project,and of course he's going to find some,Outlet side talent because like he still,attracts a lot of great talent and folks,that really want to change the role in,terms of an engineering role yeah I,gotta I gotta ask about advertising,because there is this this New Movement,by the woke crowd uh to scare off,advertisers uh who want to stick with,Elon Musk and they're called Accountable,tech that's their name and they're,trying to really push and and frankly a,lot of these are the same people who are,pushing to boycott Georgia when it came,out with its with a lot of very bad,incorrect information certainly turned,out to be incorrect based on what,happened with the last election about,the Georgia election law so these These,are woke individuals some of whom have,have wormed their way inside of,corporate headquarters in very various,offices around and they have a lot of,influence I mean Coca-Cola MLB a lot of,Corporations followed their suit even,though they were putting out bad,information about Georgia will they have,the same effect against Twitter,I think they've already had that effect,they've reached out to most of the major,advertisers Elon hasn't responded by,saying what he can do he's been,personally reaching out to a lot of,folks to make sure that you know they,wouldn't leave but it's this kind of,pressure from outside groups that,continues they're trying to you know,they're trying to actually make sure,that Twitter actually conforms to their,standards and they're telling the,advertisers to do that so I think we're,going to see that kind of War on,advertisers for quite some time and this,is not just Twitter there's going to be,more in other Tech areas from this group,so Twitter's just the first case but,it's garbage I mean a lot of what they,say is absolute garbage it's not just,opinion it's garbage it's misinformation,and the fact that corporate boards,around the country would give them due,diligence is is just beyond belief they,they saw how wrong they were in Georgia,they're probably wrong here as well but,there are a lot of Scaredy Cats in,corporate boards and that's what it,amounts to Ray good to see you thank you,very much for being here

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Hillary Clinton to Trump: Get Over The Twitter Stuff, Get With Diplomacy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Hillary Clinton to Trump: Get Over The Twitter Stuff, Get With Diplomacy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

and thanks to at home for joining us,this hour my guest this hour is the,former Secretary of State former,presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,you might have heard she has a new book,out it's called simply what happened,Secretary Clinton I usually start with a,gigantic 17 minute monologue but tonight,we're just going right into this thank,you so much for being here thank you,Rachel let me start with something that,just happened tonight North Korea,tonight just shot another missile over,in Japan they've done this twice in two,and a half weeks now you have said since,you've been talking about your book and,since people had the chance to talk to,you about Carn affairs you have said,that President Trump is being played by,Kim jong-un that Trump is somehow,playing right into his hand what do you,mean with it well I mean a couple things,one we know we can't get anything done,in this very threatening situation if we,don't work with our allies in South,Korea and Japan and also bring China in,the president has basically insulted and,attacked South Korea South Korea is,literally you know within miles of the,border with North Korea they would be so,at risk if something were done by Kim,jong-un Japan which now has as you said,two missiles flying over it it's going,to have to be coaxed into a very,intensive diplomatic effort because the,alternative for Japan is to say we're,going to defend ourselves we're not,going to sit by and let this happen,so what I've been advocating which you,know it's not revolutionary but it's,what we need is intensive diplomacy and,upping our missile defense systems both,in South Korea and in Japan now that,won't make China happy they don't want,us to put our bad system or other,advanced missile defense into these two,countries but that should bring them to,the table so that they are part of,making it clear to Kim jong-un that,there are consequences and the message,has to be not hysterical not delivered,in a tweet but very clear and convincing,that if you attack our allies or you go,after any,territory biet Guam or any part of the,United States we will have to retaliate,and we will do so with devastating,consequences we don't want to get there,that is not the preferred position you,don't start with that you make it clear,that's where if he does offensive,measures against us we would end up but,here's my big concern diplomacy with,North Korea is complicated it requires,people who know the language the customs,the history we have decimated our State,Department Foreign Service officers with,decades of experience have either been,ignored or in some cases pushed so hard,that they have resigned right now we,need the best people we can possibly,muster to have an full-court press on,diplomacy and then we can see,realistically where we are but this,missile test and it's not clear yet from,the early reports whether it's an,intermediate-range or an,intercontinental ballistic missile is,sending a message from Kim jong-un that,he is not deterred and that's what I,mean about all the tough talk that we,hear from our president really actually,playing right into Kim jong-un's hands,and that's what I mean when I say he's,been played and this is a clear and,present danger and if it's allowed to go,forward we will face even worse choices,that's why right now we need smart,diplomatic intervention if we don't have,it in the government then bring in some,people from the outside with experience,we have experienced diplomats who have,dealt with North Korea but this needs to,be happening right now and get over the,Twitter stuff and get on to the,diplomatic negotiations you have,described this week you've said that it,seems to you that defense secretary Jim,mattis may be effectively operating as,both defense secretary and Secretary of,State you of course are one of the,highest profile secretaries of state,we've ever had Rex Tillerson is among,the lowest certainly the lowest in,modern times he has advocated a 30,percent cut to his,agency he's left dozens of senior jobs,unfilled as you said today he told State,Department staff that his biggest goal,for the State Department is efficiency,and that's why he wants to shrink the,State Department so much they've even,stopped doing daily press briefings,given the risk of nuclear war with North,Korea given the sorts of diplomatic,challenges that we've got around the,country and around the world why do you,think they are hollowing out the State,Department well I think they came in,with pre-existing conceptions about the,State Department and about diplomacy,that were not particularly well founded,it's not that you don't want to be more,efficient I actually had a process to,try to make sure we became more,efficient but they came in with a bias,against diplomats and diplomacy now the,good news rachel is that the budget that,Tillerson has been promoting has been,rejected in the Senate Appropriations,Committee on a bipartisan basis the,members of the Senate have said look you,know we

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Hillary Clinton Details How the Osama Bin Laden Raid Got the Go-Ahead

Hillary Clinton Details How the Osama Bin Laden Raid Got the Go-Ahead

when you were standing in the I guess,they called a situation room behind,Obama they're about to kill bin Laden,right,you knew that was a huge moment right,huge were you thinking again this could,have been my presidency no really no,were you glad in a way it wasn't because,that's a that's a heavy thing when you,see these guys going in and there was a,split among his advisors and I was one I,was in the small group that said go,after him and go ahead and do it with a,Navy SEAL team it was one of the most,intense public experiences I've ever had,and here was in my view the right way to,make a presidential decision so there,was a small group of us and we were we,were meeting we met numerous times we,looked at all the different angles we,looked at all of the intelligence to,figure out was this real or not final,day of our last meeting he went around,the table and he asked everybody to tell,him what they thought was Biden there,iDEN was there What did he say good,don't do it right and said don't do it a,gate said don't do it I mean you know,pick up the risks were enormous right,you were gonna fly into Pakistani,airspace land in a place called Abad,Abad which happened to be where the,pakistani military academy is like West,Point and launched an assault to take,out the you know the most horrific,terrorist in our history so you don't,fall by them for saying no I mean I,don't here's my point was in this room,this was presidential decision-making,because we all said what we thought but,he had to make the decision and he said,I'm gonna think about it I'm gonna sleep,on it and you know I made my case as to,why we should do it I mean I I felt a,special responsibility having been in,New York way afterwards and seeing all,that were you like ah why does he make,up his mind because why should he sleep,on it let's get in there no I admired,that you did yes I don't not like,impulsive decision makers right because,and he also listens to other any probes,and why do you believe that and why,don't you believe that you watch bin,Laden die no we the video ended when the,seals got into the complex into the,buildings because of a technical reason,or because,you didn't want to didn't I think both,remember I agreed with the president as,well not to release pictures yeah you,know here's here's a story that I like,to tell cuz most people don't know it,you know you know about you know you,know about the seals going in you may,know that one of the helicopters crashed,that's right,luckily we had tried to think of every,possible scenario so there had been,another helicopter positioned nearby to,come in to take out the seals but the,one that had crashed was a new stealth,helicopter it had to be blown up so that,the technology wouldn't fall into the,wrong hands,they killed bin Laden they'd have to,take his body out because we have to do,the DNA back when they get to,Afghanistan those Navy SEALs after,having shot their way into that killed,the Kuwaiti courier killed his brother,killed one of you know bin Laden's adult,sons wounded one of the women who was,after them they took the women and,children out and they took them to the,other side of this big compound as far,away from the helicopter explosion as,they could so they wouldn't be injured,now that's when I think about the,American military that's who I think,about and I am sick to my stomach about,what Trump did pardoning three men who,had been tests they test were testified,against by their own men because of the,way they behaved what else death well I,don't know what it is,it's his perverse understanding of,courage and and war in other words there,are rules there are there have to be,rules that's why I was so proud to tell,that story,one other military what do you that,often people are waking up we're,monitoring all the chatter people are,waking up they're climbing to their,roofs they're only a mile away from this,military academy and our guys take the,time to move this family around first of,all they didn't kill them and then they,brought them to safety,that's that's the American military that,that I know moves me it moves me when,you describe this it brings tears to my,eyes because what a great what a great,bunch of guys honor that is honor and so,you can't undermine that military,experience and and and the command the,chadman and that level of quality of,service,exactly

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Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden

and I'm really thrilled to have my,friend the former senator and former,Secretary of State and the woman who,should be President in itíd States right,now,Hillary Clinton welcomed Hillary it's,great to have you here thank you so much,Joe it's a real pleasure to be here with,you and to be part of this very,important discussion and I am thrilled,to be part of your campaign to not only,endorse you but to help highlight a lot,of the issues that are at stake in this,presidential election as you just so,rightly said this terrible pandemic that,we're all going through hits a lot of,Americans much harder than others we've,seen it firsthand in hospitalizations,and in unfortunately fatalities but,we've also seen it when we look at the,pictures of those people on the,frontlines do you know 80% of all health,care workers in America are women and,one out of three jobs held by women in,our country has been classified as,essential so this is an issue that,affects all of us young and old every,kind of background from every walk of,life but it is having a disproportionate,impact on the front lines on women,working on women caring for others on,women holding down the home as we go,through this together so I want to add,my voice to the many who have endorsed,you to be our president just think of,what a difference it would make right,now if we had a president who not only,listened to the science but facts /,fiction but brought us together showed,the kind of compassion and caring that,we need from our president and which Joe,Biden has been exemplifying throughout,his entire life think of what it would,mean if we had a real president,just somebody who plays one on TV but,somebody who gets up every morning,worried about the people that he's,responsible for leading during this,crisis well I know what a difference it,would make because I've been there I've,seen firsthand what presidents can and,should do and I like so many Americans,really wish that we had that kind of,leadership now you know Joe Biden has,been preparing for this moment his,entire life I've been privileged to work,with him over the last 25 plus years as,first lady then for eight years in the,Senate where I watched him build,coalitions and work to bring people,together to solve problems then during,the Obama administration when I was,privileged to be Secretary of State,I've been in the Situation Room with Joe,as we debated and you know where we,didn't say what we thought people wanted,to hear we said what we believed and we,had a president then with President,Obama who encouraged that think of it we,wanted to hear from each and every one,of us I've been in the you know lobby of,the Senate I've been in the cloakroom,and I've watched Joe bring people,together so for me this is a moment that,we need a leader a president like Joe,Biden,hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here,thanks for checking out the ABC News,YouTube channel if you'd like to get,more video show highlights and watch,live event coverage click on the right,over here to subscribe to our Channel,and don't forget to download the ABC,News app for breaking news alerts thanks,for watching

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Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton on Seized Documents From Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate | The View

Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton on Seized Documents From Trump's Mar-a-Lago Estate | The View

our next guest knows a thing or two,about being fearless and they're taking,you on their road trip to talk to other,strong women on their new streaming,series gutsy please welcome back former,secretary of state hillary clinton and,author and activist,chelsea clinton,congratulations,it's good to see you yeah it's great to,be back it looks wonderful oh yeah,yeah well thanks it's wonderful to be,here that was you want a new joy yeah,well you have the first question oh is,it a cool yeah and she's so sparkly i,know he's sparkly,so um before we get to the hot topics,and everything else i want to talk about,your series gutsy yes which is,premiering later this week and we're,going to talk more about it later right,but,we want to know inquiring minds want to,know what is the most gutsy thing you've,done recently both of you,well i have to say doing that series and,getting way outside my comfort zone oh,and you know we decided to do the series,we were thrilled we'll talk about it,later but then we told all of our guests,that they could pick the activity we,did and so,i did everything from,try to learn to tango which believe me,is not easy,to uh making acorns tango no,wait but wait did she really tango,well,it was kind of unfortunate because we,were with we were with goalie han and,her daughter kate hudson and my daughter,all of whom have been dancers oh so let,me just weigh it out immediately,well also i feel like though she's,leaving out that she didn't participate,in every activity so when we went to see,our amazing women at the fdny are,amazing women firefighters,and they asked us both if we wanted to,try on gear my mom was like my daughter,would love to,and you,know and it was really humbling,yeah it was really happy,the amount of gratitude that i feel,towards our incredible women and our men,yeah of the fdny is just so,immense and it was such a joy and it was,i think gutsy for both of us,and it is such a,i think this series it's you know we got,a sneak peek of it it is so good and,it's going to be incredible and,everyone's going to watch it but i want,to dive into hot topics oh let's do it,that's my thing,um so the fbi,sees,holidays,more than 11 000 documents from,mar-a-lago,which is 11 000. it's 11 000.,we know of right now,325 of the documents retrieved since,trump left office were marked classified,uh there were also 40 some odd folders,that were empty they were also marked,classified,what was your hot take when you heard,about this oh well,look,i mean,i i think this should be taken really,seriously yeah and not it's not a joking,matter and it shouldn't be partisan and,it shouldn't be partisan it it should,concern every american because,those documents and the empty folders as,they were marked,suggest that there was really important,secret information,that is,essential to our country's defense and,security,and,when the report came out yesterday that,the documents also included information,about we don't know which an ally or an,adversary's nuclear program,i cannot tell you how terrifying that is,and alyssa you know because you were at,the defense department you know there,were times when i was secretary of state,that literally a military courier,would come into my office it would be an,emergency there wouldn't be time to get,to the white house and and have a,meeting in a what's called a skiff a,secured facility so,usually a man who was always a man as i,remember walked in he would have like a,briefcase,locked to his wrist,and he would come into my office and he,would say you have to look at this,immediately secretary he would unlock,the briefcase he would stand there he,would give me this document that had,really,delicate,secret information about something of,importance i would read it then i would,sign that i had read it it would go back,into the locked box attached to his,wrist and off he would go,so i don't understand how these,documents ended up where they are i,don't understand,how he was permitted to take them even,to the residents let alone to a country,club in florida i don't understand it,well where was the guy with the lockbox,i don't know that's what i'm asking i,don't know,what happened to him i don't know and,the missing documents i don't know and,it's you know,we don't have yet an understanding of,what was in them we're getting little,drips and drabs like the nuclear uh,posture of an ally or an adversary,but i do i mean people literally die to,get our government information they go,to prison,they get exiled it's dangerous,oftentimes and,the idea that this would have been done,i hope everybody takes really seriously,it is not some casual try to come up,with some you know throw away it's not,like an overdue library no not like an,overdue library you know you know uh,i was at the dinner party the other,night with lawyers and very very smart,and people who are connected to,government everything else right what i,was doing there don't ask,but i was there and i took a poll and i,said how many people t

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