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What happened to the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Instagram Accounts?if you've been in either the h

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

What happened to the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Instagram Accounts?

if you've been in either the hell of a,boss or husband hotel community for a,while you're probably familiar with some,of the official instagram accounts they,used to post images and sneak peeks on a,constant basis however in 2022 only two,accounts are still active so what,happened to them in this video i'm going,to detail the history of these accounts,and compile some theories regarding the,reason behind their sudden disappearance,so official accounts for has been hotel,and hell of a boss started popping up,from june 16th 2020 onwards the has been,accounts would post sneak peeks and will,interact with each other by replying or,liking each other's posts they would,also commonly reply to people in the,comments giving characters an,opportunity to interact with the,community there were 10 accounts in,total some have been deleted and others,have kept their posts but just went,inactive in this section i'm going to go,through all of these accounts,individually giving a bit of history,behind each one the first hazmat hotel,instagram account was hotel management,the username was a play on words of,charlie's surname magni this account was,charlie and vagies with the bio listing,it as vagi being the one posting on it,the account only has two posts the first,being on july 14th 2020 and there's an,image of charlie and vagi together they,posted one more image later that day and,it was a pick of just the account,has been inactive ever since ing fluffy,boots was the instagram account for,angel dust this account had 38 posts,between july 3rd 2020 october 25th 2020,they would post images of angel dust's,daily life with him doing things like,hanging out with cherry bomb visiting,coffee shops or spending time with fat,nuggets on september 4th 2020 they,posted how they were playing a game,called ponytan with the blitzer account,this will be relevant later when i,discuss why the accounts were shut down,the instagram account has now had all of,its posts deleted however the account,still exists and has 290 000 followers,barcat 75 was husk's account they made,14 posts between july 8 october 30th,2020 as their first post on bio says,husk made the account after nifty told,them to their posts typically consisted,of husk interacting with the rest of the,cast working at the bar or taking,selfies in the mirror one example being,a post where he showed the crew how to,play poker in another post alistar's,face has a distortion effect because,canonically when you take a picture of,him it distorts the image the account,still exists sitting at 210 000,followers and remains inactive with all,of his posts having been deleted maybe,featherduster was nifty's account the,account only had five posts dating from,july 8th to august 31st 2020. these,posts typically consisted of nifty,taking selfies of herself angel dust or,husk in one post she takes a pic of,alistar and is distorted in another post,she says how she just killed 34 rats,under the hotel highlighting her hidden,sadistic nature the account still,remains sitting at 168 000 followers,with all of the posts on the account,having been deleted so those were the,accounts of the main cast members in,husband hotel one important thing to,note is that canonically the characters,use an app called voxtagram which is the,end universe equivalent of instagram,there were also a number of accounts for,side characters in the show the first of,these was bombing bib which was,cherry bomb's account they made 18 posts,between july 11th and september 23rd,cherry's post consisted of selfies her,hanging out with angel dust and pics of,her engaging in gang wars like in the,pilot my personal favorite post of hers,was the adorable image of fat nugget,sleeping she would be commonly seen,interacting with ancient dust or other,users in the instagram comments cherry's,account is unusual because the entire,account was deleted nothing remains,except for the archives of her posts has,lured with serpentis's instagram account,he made eight posts between august 7th,and october 31st 2020. his post,consisted of selfies of him with his egg,minions or trying out new weapons to use,against cherry bomb and angel dust his,account sits at 153 000 followers and,all of the posts were deleted however,their count is still up voxdegram 8k was,vox's account he made nine posts between,july 6th and october 31st his post,consisted of images of him velvet and,valentino they showed vox and,valentino's romantic on off again,relationship from the looks of it,valentino was quite abusive in one image,vox's screen is broke due to valentino,the account is still up to this day and,sits at 160 000 followers all of the,posts have been removed however moth,pimp was valentino's instagram account,there were 22 posts on his account,dating from july 5th to december 14 2020,his post consisted of him spending time,with velvet and vox in his posts he was,abusive to vox and eventually broke up,with him towards the end of the accounts,lifespan the account is still u

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hello you delightfully miserable sinners,thanks to your generous donations we are,very close to our patreon goal to be,able to start paying our voice actors,but we need your help to do it if we get,10 more crowley tier patrons before,midnight on march 31st 2021,we're going to be able to pay our,amazing voice actors this month,and provide even more entertainment,plus as a bonus we'll also create a,contest where you can win a 100,gift card sign up today so we can give,you even more reasons to smile,you know you're never fully dressed,without one gonna go see one of moxie's,little plays after work to make it up to,him,earlier stolos was lecturing me about,some and i decided to stop him,in his tracks,03-0 just finished a job in the living,world,look at these cherries i found i decided,to rename my horsey cherry pit since the,crunchy part,was pretty difficult to get through,feeling quirky and,kicking the out of this trash can,with my horse renamed to viola,went on a threesome vacay for the day,with my two fave imps,we're waiting for our drinks right now,oh don't they look cute,these are good i want 10 more of these, my horsey also had one with me,but after eating the popsicle sticks and,harassing all the small children around,us,just told the best joke ever my horse,renamed the bottle cap is outside the,meeting room,sad face hashtag i'm amazing and cool,dressed up for my 69th post suck my,massive,here are my horses from my stream,tonight my horse helped me make these,it's evening and i'm getting ready to,draw a little in pjs,check out this cute horse shirt i just,got up from the dump,who went and threw this away tried a,drink,you guys said to try it's all right i,still like diced coffee the most,my horsey likes it a lot though i got,this toy spider for luna to be your,friend,my horse renamed trail mix said it was,the best one,i agree the heart is perfect 0-3-0,i put it in her office desk with a note,and a little drawing i worked on,imagine my surprise when millie and,moxie came to my place and used the book,to take me out to alaska or,some other snowy place lol i was home,alone because luna said she wasn't,up to socializing because she was too,busy talking to friends,i hope it's the spider milly took my,picture not always used to getting,surprised or my picture taken oh threo,guess what my sexuality is heart,i love mondays,look at this lamp that my horsey,teleporters too,my horse renamed to dick short for,richard,said that it was so mesmerized that they,couldn't look away,i kind of agree but i also don't get it,maybe it's a horsey thing,i drew a horse i know it's 3 am,but i found this on my way back home my,horse renamed a hydro fask,and i adopted it together isn't it cute,luna took this great picture of me i'm,still on the horsey,so since i'm kind of stuck at home for a,bit i made a cake,i just kind of felt compelled after,watching birthday compilations,they sang happy birthday and whatever my,horse renamed to medium soda ate the,three candle so i had to,go out and put a two there instead since,they were the only numbers i had,the clown was inspired by a vision i had,so i drew it in icing,i'm having a day hashtag midnight,time to get back home my soft cast got,signed by my lovely employees,my horsy milkshake said that their,signature they'd do tonight back at home,0-3-0 these cuffs at,moxie's place gonna see what happens,coming back from a night on the town,with my horse,tinsel and i had a lot of fun trying on,outfits i like this one for disguises,so we had fun another way watched a,movie together,like a family felt like dressing up,today my horse chose the outfit and,stuff,i like wearing it couldn't find the hat,though,i got a smoothie 0-3-0,the drawing of me riding the horse just,put my looty to bed,took the day off to take care of her,hope tomorrow she feels better,my horse renamed a waffle maker thinks,she'll be okay,i was at stolles's house and what the, is this thing on the wall,a splatted bit all over me when,they died,not cool now i need to go to the dry,cleaners and take a long ass soak at the,top to get all this blood off,got a nice iced coffee and my sweet ride,0-3-0,my horse renamed a paper straw suggested,i got this,but they gave me the same drink anyways,trying out this ice cream thing that i,got from the human world,it tastes pretty good it's like,blackberry lemonade with a,raspberry inside 03-0,my horsey also has one tupperware my,horse ate hers in one bite,i painted this in my office for blonde,030.,my horse renamed to body pillow modeled,for it,and i had to google what bees looked,like so i worked hard on it,i was walking my horse near stolis's,house and i saw stolen the,ugliest robe i've ever seen,look at his face getting ready,for bed with spirit junior,my horse renamed inkwell is resting next,to me 03-0,i made this bacon for a person who made,art for me,it's late but never too late for bacon,my horse,diet water helped me get the fresh bacon,0-3-0,just watch spirit again in my spirit,hoodie,

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HELLUVA BOSS // Reading Loona's GOTH as HECK Instagram Comic Dub // Murder Family S1: Episode 1

HELLUVA BOSS // Reading Loona's GOTH as HECK Instagram Comic Dub // Murder Family S1: Episode 1

i have an instagram,whatever made this account cause i'm,bored at work whatever,hashtag i hate my job hashtag bored ass,woke up in the middle of the night the,bathroom is a mess,what the hashtag ootd,just woke up late for work but don't,give up,work sucks spotted this yesterday,i think this idiot doesn't know how to,take a selfie lol,went window shopping and found this dope,sweater at stylish or cult today,looking fierce took a break from work to,snatch a bathroom selfie,selfie bathroom selfie,board ass this guy keeps talking,to me,it's funny that he thinks i'm listening,to him how should i get out of my, face,hashtag you're not my day my dad brought,me this,it's bacon strip flavor but at least it,looks aesthetically cool,hashtag bacon boba hashtag almost choked,on one of those balls,hashtag selfie why is he eating that,went to stylish occult with blitz i,picked an outfit for him and did his,makeup,and he looks much better like this,hashtag stylish,goth hashtag makeover,that feeling when there's an idiot,repeating the same exact joke for 55,minutes,i got it it's not funny shut the up,hate my life hashtag dad jokes,week's over so i'm treating myself today,trying out that coffee place blitz can't,shut up about,tastes like but i'm loving the,aesthetic hashtag tgif,hashtag coffeeselfie still better than,mac's disgusting coffee,hashtag fumoxy you guys are always,complimenting my looks and clothes,and you know what you're all right i do,look crisp af,it's good to have some positive energy,here not naming any names here but,there's one,body at work who should take notes about,being less lame,and negative all the time hashtag smh,ootd looking good,co-workers suck who the,calls this a salad this is just avocado,mush and breadcrumbs,disgusting someone should take cooking,classes here,hashtag cooking fail hashtag someone,help me,hashtag you hashtag workday,fun day at the park with blitz moxie had,a meeting planned today but,this guy am i right hashtag,work hashtag q moxie he hasn't noticed,yet,hashtag best prank ever,he fell off the horse look at,this loser,so funny hashtag epic fail hashtag,limp loser,didn't feel like going to work today so,i said it i went trying out clothes,as stylish occult,looking savage hashtag ootd,work no one likes you moxie,better than you found a cookie in the,office,don't know where it came from but i ate,it anyway,free cookie hell yeah,feeling like absolute this morning,really sucks,i must have eaten something weird it was,definitely not the cookie shut up about,that,anyway i'm gonna stay home for the day,and binge a show or two,be productive for once hashtag binge,watching,sick day staying in bed,blitz got me only two pumps of vanilla,instead of three,this is disgusting not drinking this,hashtag just iced coffee things hashtag,pissed,hashtag insulted day off,decided that i was gonna dress nice go,outside and have fun today because i,deserve it and i'm definitely not like,some losers out there who stay inside,all alone in their shitty apartment,eating corn chips and ,anyway i'm awesome period hashtag,looking good loners are losers hashtag,partygirl,selfie ootd,every time this nerd opens his mouth i,yawn,so i came up with a little game to pass,the time it's called,lame-o dress-up draw the worst most,embarrassing outfit on this dweeb,everyone's a winner except mox hashtag,artistic,inspired hashtag fumoxy,no one likes you he's not home yet,i thought he'd be back by now,little guy's getting his kicks hashtag,wasn't me,hashtag i swear hashtag funny as hell,hashtag where's the lie hashtag just ask,nilly,hanging out at stylish occult found this,badass ghost costume,should i get it for halloween hashtag,looking hella fierce hashtag halloween,vibes,it's probably not haunted and it's on,sale too,you thought that it was going to be,stolen,but it was me neo,me after hacking and stealing episode 2,so i can watch it early,it's mine now did you ever hear,the tragedy of darth toeless the horny,no i thought not it's not a story the,imp would tell you,it's a kinky legend darth stolus the,horny was a darth lord of the king,so kinky and so horny he could use his,hormones to influence anyone into,entering his bedroom,he could even make them stay afterwards,for round two,really how the dark side of the kink is,a pathway to many foreplays some,consider to be,unnatural what happened to him,he became so horny the only thing he was,afraid of was losing that horniness,which eventually he did of course,unfortunately,he taught his partner everything he,then his partner him ironic,he could others into submission but,not himself,is it possible to learn this power not,from a demon my brother at a concert,me forced to sit with him and listen to,the music,when your extrovert friend drags you out,into society,and you have to act like you enjoy it so,they won't feel bad,me being excited for new hell of a boss,my family having to hear about it for,the next month,me responsibility,my family there's so many cool things to,get f

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HELLUVA BOSS // Reading Moxxie's Official Instagram Posts // Episode 1

HELLUVA BOSS // Reading Moxxie's Official Instagram Posts // Episode 1

so my boss is forcing me to make this,video because he claims it will help,publicity,or something it doesn't really make a,lot of sense to me,but he also said that if i make this,video he will leave me alone for 24,hours,and while i don't really believe him,it's worth it to try,so here we go my boss forced me to make,an account,but i am just here for beauty mark babe,666,hashtag just there for milly is queen,may dinner for my honey beauty mark babe,666.,mwah hashtag dinner for my queen hashtag,trying out new recipes grilled fish,really got that umami flavor,sir please get out of my shot,made my millie some morning coffee and,one more for the unwanted guest,hashtag new recipe on voxtube vanilla,flavored,good more,i finally fixed the budget list also,tried out this brand new drink,it is a bit too sweet for my taste but,still delightful,new flavor suck for life tea,hashtag got one for millie too,aurora borealis it is absolutely,dazzling but not as beautiful as my,millie,it has been a few hours still waiting,for the meeting to begin,no rush at all just waiting for everyone,to come,no rush at all wait did i forget to send,out the zoom link,all i said was vox flicks and chill and,i came home to this,why am i even surprised anymore,tried out some new recipe on vox tube,today,these chocolate filled donuts turned out,amazing,why is the blitz cookie so close to my,cookie can't even get personal space in,cookie form,this giant flower from the human world,reminds me of beauty mark babe 666,hashtag need to destroy this later,hashtag,can i keep earth things down here,i enjoyed how peaceful it has been as of,late but,this is just awfully quiet far too quiet,not that i care but has anyone seen the,smooth brain noisemaker that is my boss,about to deliver this homemade pasta to,my boss,at beauty marked babe 666 and i made,this so my boss wouldn't consume,extremely unhealthy things in the middle,of the night,hashtag recipe on boxtube homemade pasta,pasta mold is satan's end if you can't,see it,the note says feel better soon p.s,please stop consuming junk food in the,middle of the night moxie and millie,can't believe they still spell my name,incorrectly how hard is it to spell,moxie,it is spelled m-o-x-x-i-e,zero out of ten satisfaction rate coffee,is okay,hashtag hothead cafe just want my coffee,hashtag spell my name correctly please,in case you can't see the order is for,karen,that doesn't even sound never mind i,ordered,a venti cafe misto add steamed soy milk,2 shot avogado ristretto 3 shot vanilla,at the bottom,add coffee afterward 2 pump vanilla add,soy milk,the feel when your boss comes to you at,3am in the morning,because he idiotically glued googly eyes,on his bottom,and now they are stuck on him what a,smooth brain,millie and i dressed up as the classic,this year millie is as beautiful as,ever hashtag phantom of the opera,hashtag,best musical milly,youth now hopefully if all goes well my,boss will leave me alone for a bit,time to get a little snack to reward,myself,what are you doing in my cabinet sir

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hello you delightfully miserable sinners,thanks to your generous donations we are,very close to our patreon goal to be,able to start paying our voice actors,but we need your help to do it if we get,10 more crowley tier patrons before,midnight on march 31st 2021,we're going to be able to pay our,amazing voice actors this month,and provide even more entertainment,plus as a bonus we'll also create a,contest where you can win a 100,gift card sign up today so we can give,you even more,reasons to smile you know you're never,fully dressed without one,rescue i told you all my horse would,come get me,spindle broke the wall down she said i,could post the picture o300 she's giving,me a ride,home i can't wait to see,everyone everyone was bugging me today,it was kind of nice everything finally,calmed down so i had some 3 a.m noodles,0-3-0,gonna stay in bed today gotta lay low,since everyone wants to talk to me,you guys knew i'd be fine i also found,my little horsey that looks like my,horse,i wonder where she's been went to my job,today and took this picture of the,living world 0-3-0,my horse woke me up in the middle of the,night staying she had to go because she,repaid me by saving me i got her coffee,and she saved me so,we're even one last picture together,before she has to go,she likes the name spindle so it stays,i saw the this little sticky note horsey,and i had to have,it i'm drunk and i'm somewhere,fun check out my spice rack,i got inspired by james spaghetti art i,made a spaghetti horse,not as good as my old horse though,so i was hungry at 2am and the guy took,forever to get to me,for real i'm so hungry i ate it all,anyways bt dubs,that delivery guy one star i got a,sticker sheet when i was at work,looney and i were enjoying them very,much,i'm at the coffee place i usually go to,when this carrot is in my way my,life i thought this place would be empty,she ordered some called a white,chocolate mocha,ice now i have to wait for my iced,coffee,i took a selfie in the living world it's,too bad that i missed the moon,i was trying to hold it anyone photoshop,it into my hand,they said my sparkle was too bright but,i say few to them,it's after work hours and i'm here at,the fish place look at these things,i can already picture it in the office i,kinda want a bigger one though,i was listening to some killer beats,here's the song beast,lol so you guys voted for the mocha i,got it,it's iced but they gave me this cup,lately the coffee shop i go to has been,getting more popular,i don't know why anyway gotta get back,to work you guys have no clue how busy,we are,i got bored and glued some googly eyes,to my butt,now to get it back game on stolos if you,miss what i'm talking about,i've made a bet in last night's stream,and i'm about to win,i needed this today i got a picture of,him wearing it,here's an old picture of me and a dog i,met at the hell beach hashtag,i look amazing luna here,look who i found hiding in the closet,like a loser,hello hashtag didn't even buy it,currently at a halloween party at the,bar when is a vampire cowboy lol,best bargain of my life at that cheap,ass store three dollars for this whole,get up and not ascent more,party before work finally finished,after the party i went back to the,office and set this bad boy up,my tank with eels in it if anything,happens to them i'll be ,i've named all them already and they're,very happy in their tank,bt dubs it's huge now i'm gonna get some,iced coffee before work starts and pick,up,everyone i have an appointment at like,two o'clock today oh three,oh still recovering from the job but,i still go to wake up moxie whenever i,can,this is from this morning 0-3-0 i wrote,a motivational saying on the board for,everyone to come into the office to see,i saw it out in the living world and,thought it was perfect 0-3-0,think positive thoughts i found one of,the drawings that caught on fire,one of the horses reminds me of a,certain someone i know,got a coffee for the long hours i've,been pulling it's been a while but it's,because i'm a busy busy boss my arm is,finally healed so i'm back on the saddle,lol i'm trying another place that has,iced coffee so far it tastes like,ass but we'll see how it goes 03-0,found these humpy doobly-doos in the,living world oh three-o,wish me luck tonight with stolos i lived,i wanted to take a selfie but this,burger phone has a camera worse than the,stripper i saw down the street,you guessed it we keep the book for,another month lol,watching a play called bills or,something,so far these free loaders are just,loafing around doing nothing,as soon as i'm done with this ice,mochaccino i'm out,so i found this eraser in moxie's desk,kind of looks like him,hello well even the big mouth where i,broke it,after using it i kind of have an idea,for it,maybe i'll pull out the old craft and,make something up 3-0,got told to up my dad game so stupid,floral print shirt will probably do it,so i found millie in my pants after some,laundry and i put my pants on,she stab

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feliz por el momento que la voz se,encuentra en pausa todavía no está claro,nuevos capítulos sin embargo quisimos,aprovechar esta oportunidad para hablar,de algo que no hemos tocado del todo en,el canal y es la historia que se ha,estado desarrollando en instagram sobre,estilos así que precisamente de eso,vamos a hablar disfrutarlo ya llegamos y,esto es al feliz,al momento de promocionar una serie,animada hay muchos métodos que se pueden,usar la mayoría de los cuales ya estamos,acostumbrados tales como anuncios en la,tele trailers o post en redes sociales,no obstante de esta última forma de,publicidad hay un método bastante,peculiar que se ha usado un par de veces,para promocionar un show hacer perfiles,como si fueran de los personajes este,tema ya lo habíamos tratado antes con,villanos donde se desarrolla la historia,de penumbras on blast y me sit a través,de varios post en instagram en este caso,veremos algo similar en esta misma red,social con los personajes de jeleva voz,aunque con algunas diferencias clave,principalmente en esta ocasión la,intención de todo el asunto es diferente,mientras que en villano se aprovechó la,plataforma para expandir al canon de la,serie y contar una historia paralela a,la que vimos en el show en este caso los,listas de los personajes son algo más,que hace el pri para entretenerse en,algunos ratos libres y no son ni,canónicos ni oficiales a pesar de que,las interacciones si están en personaje,similar a lo anterior hay que hablar,brevemente de una controversia que,ocurrió para entender otras partes de,todo el asunto en sí génova contaba con,cinco usuarios que subían contenido en,instagram siendo este el más constante y,con más contenido luna moxie mil y,estolas y octavia sin embargo el,problema ocurrió con esta última la cual,tuvo una controversia cuando un grupo de,fans empezó a mandar contenido adulto a,la cuenta de octavia tomando en cuenta,que el personaje se supone es menor de,edad los artistas encargados de la,cuenta respondieron con una historia de,instagram en personaje hablando de todo,el asunto e indicando cómo se iban a,archivar todos los posts de octavia de,igual forma la cuenta de esto las hizo,lo mismo subiendo una en la que esto las,condenaba a todos los que habían tratado,mal a su hija al final ambas cuentas,pidieron perdón y hablaron de la,polémica ya como personas y no,personajes pero se mantuvo la decisión,de quitar todo el contenido de octavia,pero el internet no olvida y se tienen,archivados todos los posts borrados así,que no se preocupen tanto con esto fuera,del camino dejen les contemos qué rollo,con los instagram déjelo a vos para ello,vamos a hablar principalmente de la,página de blitz pues es quien tiene más,post en total y en quién se centra la,narrativa principal de las páginas,aunque también iremos mencionando a,otros personajes conforme avanzan las,fechas,el primer post lo tenemos el 16 de junio,de 2020 donde play se toma una self y en,frente de un establo emocionado de ahí,el día siguiente sube una foto de una,lista con diferentes nombres para su,nuevo caballo preguntándole a los fans,cuál es su preferido lo que sigue será,una serie de posts bastante equis en los,que el personaje está en diferentes,situaciones diarias y habla de su,caballo a partir del 20 de junio,menciona que nombró a su equino cupo new,way now pero eso es tan sólo el comienzo,el mismo día el de brillo hizo otro post,con un teclado en el que menciona que él,nombró a su caballo a maxi pad y a,partir de entonces casi que cada post,subsecuente siguió con esta broma en la,que veces le cambiaba y cambiado el,nombre del animal algunos de los,primeros nombres son neil provisto por,word eyes kofi kingston o es neymar pero,de que todo esto es en tan solo tres,días y creamos la lista sigue mucho,mucho más también como podrán ver en,pantalla muchos de los puntos donde sale,esta información son bastante x así que,avancemos que hay más que cubrir el 25,de junio es la próxima fecha importante,donde abril subió una foto en la que,está en una alberca ese día también,marcó el inicio de la instalan de solas,donde el búho tiene su primer post en el,que explica y también lo convenció a,abrirse una cuenta así empiezan a,entrelazarse los posts ya que el día,siguiente esto lo subo una foto que tomó,a blades mientras estaba en alberca ese,mismo día pasa otra cosa importante con,la cuenta de blitz el diablillo sube lo,siguiente la primera vista se ve como un,post random como cualquiera pero si,vemos la descripción vemos que traducido,dice algo como nuevo icono para un nuevo,yo mi caballo type o escribió eso por mí,lo relevante de esto es que el post está,lleno de errores gramaticales algo que,si bien originalmente era un chiste con,que el caballo lo escribió llevó a que,se volviera un rasgo icónico del,personaje llevando a que prácticamente,todos los puntos de aquí en adelante,estén mal escritos,después de esto bliss sigue con sus,babosadas y esto no se va acostumbrando,usar la plataforma esto es hasta

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Spoilers On Instagram? All Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss Accounts Explained!

Spoilers On Instagram? All Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss Accounts Explained!

has been hotel is the kind of show where,we get a lot of information from sources,other than the episodes while most of,this information comes from vivziepop,herself through live streams and tweets,and such,some of it comes in the form of faux,instagram accounts for several of the,characters from both has been hotel,and hell of a boss recently the account,for valentino has been removed with all,the posts going with it,so i thought now might be a good time to,go through all of the accounts,share any information that might be,relevant to the show,and document it in case instagram bans,the other accounts too,but real quick before we jump into that,i just want to remind you guys to,subscribe to this channel i know you've,seen our has been content before i know,you're gonna click on it when it shows,up in your recommendations again,so why don't you just give in and click,subscribe despite being one of the less,interesting characters to me i found,that serpentis instagram account has,some of the most,interesting information originally he,was only meant to be a one-off villain,but,vivziepop enjoyed him so much that she,wanted to bring him back for future,episodes,it would seem based on this post here,that he is not only testing new weapons,but he is testing them out on cutouts of,angel and cherry,indicating he wants to get revenge on,them more so than alistar,so expect that as a plot point in the,future episode in another image we see,serpentis has clearly photoshopped vox,and valentino into a selfie with himself,as seen by the obvious editing around,him and the watermarked images of the,characters that was already used in the,show,what's interesting is that the account,profile says that he is a future,overlord indicating that the turf war he,is engaging in for the part of the city,under the pentagram,is one that will raise his status to an,overlord this would mean that cherry is,likely in this turf war to be considered,an overlord as well,most of the overlords we see aren't,actually battling it out with each other,and in fact are often very close with,one another,and instead their power seems to come,from the fact that they run these giant,industries,in hell as opposed to just taking,territory by force,we also know that alistair himself has,no desire for power,and is only an overlord by a,technicality so it seems that overlord,is a bit of a generic term that can be,applied to anyone that has power in any,form,whether it's by force that we see with,serpentis or with business acumen that,we see with vox,and valentino and velvet or simply being,super strong,but doing nothing with it as we see with,alistar another interesting thing i,found on these accounts is that the,attic music video is apparently made,canon by them,in my previous video about has been,prequels i theorized that attic was just,a symbolic story of angel leaving behind,his life with val to stay at the hotel,and that he never actually blew up the,club or even performed there but i was,apparently very wrong,on cherry's account we can see her,dressing up a week ago in the outfit she,blew up the club in,22 weeks ago we see angel dressed for,his performance at the club from the,beginning of the video,implying that the music video takes,place over 22 weeks at least,with them blowing it up in the end being,about a week ago assuming that this,isn't just cherry wearing the same,jacket again,afterwards with the actual blowing up,being a few weeks before,if that is the case it would seem that,this was done as a secret revenge plot,and didn't actually change angel's life,as in other posts he still refers to,valentino as his boss,and is still doing his work for him and,sending val the money,and either way it would appear that,addict was not a prequel but,actually takes place after the has been,hotel pilot,from cherry's account we also see that,she does visit angel at the hotel,but it is implied that she is not,welcome there by charlie or vagi,and she has to sneak into the hotel in,order to hang out with him,as mentioned earlier valentino had an,instagram account but it was taken down,thanks to some screen caps i was able to,get some important information for a,story that unfolds between valentino,vox and velvet's accounts in the pilot,we can see that the three of them,seemingly live together and we've been,told that they are a makeshift family of,sorts with vox and val as the dads and,velvet as their daughter,well in an archive post from val we can,see that he's pretty abusive,over extremely petty things apparently,smashing the screen that makes up fox's,face,simply for getting him the wrong soda,from a restaurant,this story continues on vox's account,where he talks about needing to get his,screen replaced and how val,is no longer his boyfriend while this,story doesn't play out on velvet's,account she comments on the boys posts,talking about how they have broken up a,curious development,i hope we get some insight too when the,show finally airs,alistair is an old-f

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Why Everyone Hates Vivziepop

Why Everyone Hates Vivziepop

foreign,if you've been in the husband hotel or,hell of a boss Community for a while,you've most likely come across one of,vivipop's many dramas some of these,range from things that happened 10 years,ago to more recent allegations it's,basically a ritual at this point that,anytime something new about either show,is announced someone on Twitter will,make a Twitter thread listing off,everything bad vsipop has done it's,starting to get annoying especially,since most of these criticisms have,either been debunked years ago or don't,have any weight in the first place in,this video I'm gonna go through every,bibsy pop drama one by one so we can,finally put them to rest I'll start with,the oldest dramas first and then we'll,work our way back to the most recent,the first acquisition I want to discuss,is the accusation that Whimsy supports,the b word this is in reference to an,older artwork in which he drew a,character from herziphobia webcomic,series named Addison naked in a bath of,snakes the character is canonically 18,however the wiki used to say they were,17 as for the actual image it's,definitely suggestive there's no,explicit body parts shown but it's,definitely an sfw there's another two,images but they're both super low res,uncropped so it's a little hard to see,what's happening but they're basically,the same just more suggestive art,featuring the snakes as for this one I,can understand why some people are angry,about it the art is quite tame compared,to stuff nowadays but you could,definitely put forward the argument that,it's a bit weird this art was made in,2012 when visi was 19. this is related,to the next point but vivzi came out a,couple years ago with an apology in her,apology she said I guess I now have to,add that any cringey art I drew is from,2012 when I was 19. it was legal then,it's legal noi it was also tagged as,being an inside joke even back then do I,think it's strange yeah it's cringy and,I don't like it any more than you guys,do I was a dumb kid figuring myself out,but I've never drawn explicit NSFW or,broken the law then or an eye ,stop please I agree with what Vivian,said yes the art is pretty cringy but,this is 2012 vipsy in 2022 is a,completely different purse person than,she was 10 years prior vivesey didn't,continue to make art like this and has,never drawn an NSFW piece before as far,as I'm concerned there's no issue here,and we should move on,up next we have the argument that vibsy,is a p word this argument like the,previous one is brought up regularly,even to this day one example of a thread,on this talks about two characters one,being Gustav and the other is Addison,from the previous Point both the,characters are canonically adults with,one being 18 and the other being 19 so,obviously this situation isn't illegal,the second situation is by two other,characters being Mirage and Kestrel the,drama around this is due to an image,from Mirage sees Castrol and her mouth,is watering she calls Castro Kitty and,the description of the image says this,is where you run Cass realized I never,visualized Cass and Mirage interacting,and Mirage would definitely love Castrol,in her sick petaway XD while it's true,that Castrol is a minor and Mirage is an,adult they're not a couple it's nowhere,in their bio and in fact Mirage is,actually the villain of zoophobia so of,course she would be a horrible person,there's no sexual imagery and Mirage is,obviously portrayed as a bad person it's,pretty mind-boggling for people to call,Viv a p word when it took a three-minute,Google search to find out that it's,entree we can safely debunk this rumor,before moving on I'd like to read an,apology vivmead on Her Tumblr in 2018,she made an edit to it in 2019 and added,a bit more oriented as well I'm only,going to say this once for the millionth,time I'm seeing certain things regarding,me popping up first on Twitter and,that's find its way back into my tags,here and to be honest every time it,ticks me off more and more so I feel,like tackling it one more time before,letting it die and not saying anything,about it the only reason I feel like,saying anything is because I honestly,feel hurt every time I see accusations,of things I'm morally and wholeheartedly,detest I want to start off by saying,people enjoy finding reasons to dislike,creators they wanted us like I am,definitely one of those artists most,reasons people find to excuse their gut,feelings about me and cling on to,reasons to label me as an awful person,usually pertain to blatantly false,rumors or Twisted facts from years ago,or mistakes I made years ago that they,just refused to accept I've grown from,one involves lies about how I stole a,character from an ax abusive friend no I,did not that person was abuse adhesive,and after he fell out he tried to post a,false contract proving I had to credit,them and everything I used the design I,legally obtained I posted the final,contract proving this year's back I've,since retired the character design and,created some

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