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All Hazbin Hotel Character Redesigns RANKEDover the past six months we've seen,redesigns of all six

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Updated on Jan 23,2023

All Hazbin Hotel Character Redesigns RANKED

over the past six months we've seen,redesigns of all six main cast members,in husband hotel we got to see the new,designs of charlie aleister angel dust,vagi husk and nifty in this video i'm,going to go through each new design,analyze all of the differences and,finally give a ranking at the end of,which ones i liked the most the first,character to get a redesign was charlie,interestingly her name was changed from,charlie magni to charlie morningstar,charlie was the only character out of,the cast to receive a name change her,original design featured a sleek and,slender appearance she had black eyes,rosy cheeks and fangs her hair was tied,up in a few hair bands her outfit,consisted of a black bow tie black,suspenders black trousers and a red,tuxedo top with black lapels in her new,redesign there were some noticeable,differences her eyes are now red rather,than black her trousers and lapels are,red to match her top her tuxedo top also,features shoulder pads overall i thought,this design was all right i'm not a fan,of her new eye color and her red pants,one of the main criticisms of the pilot,was the overuse of the color red,charlie's design now utilizes the color,too much and i think it got rid of some,of the color contrast that set her out,from other characters in the show the,second character to get a redesign was,alistar in his old design he wore a red,pinstripe suit red trousers and a,monocle he also held his signature,sentient vintage style microphone stuff,he had red eyes yellow sharp teeth and,red and black hair with two antlers,pointing out his suit also had tatters,at the bottom to show its age following,the trend of charlie aleister's redesign,changes some of his features but,maintains the core identity of the,character his staff has a white part to,it as the pedals are also wet his hands,are now darker along with his hair,that's all the main differences in,alistar's new design i like this new,design alistar is such a unique,silhouette and i think the team wanted,to maintain that with as little changes,as possible his design still does,utilize a lot of red though so that may,be a little problematic in the series if,he's standing beside charlie the third,and arguably most well-known character,of the bunch to get a redesign was angel,dust in his original design engine dust,was slender and feminine he wore striped,tuxedo with a bow tie and long boots his,chest fluff is on full display he also,wears a set of pink gloves on all of his,arms the new design is similar to,alistar's in that very little changes,the main difference is that the stripes,in his outfit are lighter than before,his gloves look slightly different along,with his coat chest area being black,instead of hot pink his chest fluff,looks like it got a nerf but it may just,be the angle of the particular image,overall i like this design since very,little changed at all angel dust has,such an iconic look so i'm happy that,the team maintained that in the redesign,up next we have vagi if you didn't know,vague is meant to resemble a moth she,had long hair with pink eyes and a red x,over one she wears long stockings with a,top hanging down on one shoulder for,faggy's new design she has a red shirt,rather than her old gray shirt her skirt,is grey along with her tights being gray,her hair looks sharper with pointed,edges her bow looks longer and also has,a different shade of red maggie still,has her color and gloves too overall i,really like this design since it makes,her fit in with the rest of the cast,more since her outfit matches the cast,you can easily tell at a glance that she,works at the hotel i do miss her old,outfit though i really hope they bring,it back as perhaps a casual outfit she,wears when not working or while off 2d,the fifth cast member to get a redesign,was husk husk was one of the characters,cited commonly as being too overly busy,in his design he is a cat demon with a,black top hat red wings and a red tail,he has three dots at the top of his,chest to resemble buttons his black eyes,with yellow pupils throughout his entire,design his love hearts and poker related,imagery this is why many people,complained about his design since there,was so much going on although the,symbols are important for illustrating,his backstory as a gambling addict who,has been through bad relationships it,must have made it difficult for the,animators to animate his scenes in,husk's new design he's had a couple,small but noticeable differences the,first of which is that his ears have a,different design he's wearing suspenders,so he's no longer completely naked he,now has black parts of his eyebrows his,wings have also been simplified,featuring a more simplistic design with,darker colors in the image he's behind a,bar so he can't see what the lower half,of his body looks like unfortunately i,like this redesign since it simplified a,complicated design while maintaining,kosk's core personality and identity the,final redesign was nifty this redesign,was special

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Easter Egg Snoopin' the Hazbin Hotel Characters OFFICIAL Instagrams?! - Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss!

Easter Egg Snoopin' the Hazbin Hotel Characters OFFICIAL Instagrams?! - Hazbin Hotel & Helluva Boss!

hi guys michy gamer backhand this is,definitely something very different,today vision knights uh we're gonna be,checking out the instagram pages of the,husband hotel uh slash a hell of a boss,uh character spent nights quick little,update actually i'm sure you already,know the news apparently um husband,hotel has actually been picked up by a,tv channel i'm a little bit confused,about exactly how that works but um it's,fantastic news anyway and so obviously,um looking forward to that becoming a a,regular thing again i've got to say,every single time that i do one of these,videos thank you all so much for the,support of these has been hotel um,reaction videos that i've been doing,we've done uh pretty much everything,official now i believe we've done uh,husband hotel hell of a boss um,addict,um,oh millie no no there are some other,things i know i need to go and check out,um the rest of the stuff that's on,youtube i've also been recommended some,fan music videos that that have been,made as this game as well that's another,one yeah there's like a fan uh as this,game music video which i've been told to,check out so i'll be doing that soon,enough but today,i've never done anything like this,before but we're gonna be checking out,the instagram pages of the husband hotel,characters i think it's just such a,great idea that that that these are,actually a thing i don't know if they're,all controlled by the same person uh,probably like things that maybe they,actually particularly drop by different,people they probably communicate and so,on but we're gonna be going over it now,we'll get started minutes and chances,get this video to exactly,let's go go to 300 likes i i i'm slowly,edging it up now okay but thank you so,much for any likes and for checking out,let's check out start off with angel,dust page i found 14 pages now i hope,that that's all of them tonight if,there's ones that i've missed i'm really,sorry i couldn't find an aster one or a,charlie one um honestly i could kind of,understand not having it this is a,little bit too modern for alistair but,um we'll start off with the ones which i,found and if i miss any we'll check them,out in another video,so i don't fully understand how uh,instagram works i do have a page um i,don't post much on it though twitter is,much more my thing,but what we'll do is we'll grab like say,three pictures of of of each person um,at random,and check them out there's going to be,some interesting ones here let's check,out this jessica rabbit star one right,here oh oh yeah,i do avoid swearing i should say,effing killing it at at the club oh,there you go,is that uh val's club oh we could do,more than three we didn't work for it if,the text is so short but the arts the,art i mean i always go on about the art,style but the art on this is so nice it,really is let's check out his first one,uh sad i guess i should try and,do his voice i feel like i can do his,voice like a little bit everyone else,i'd understand a chance oh travis,this horse s,oh there you go what is that,it's got travis written on him oh is it,like a label on something that that,travis has bought him or something,travis you guys have been telling me,that travis is the um,is the guy that drops uh angel dust off,and yeah drops him off at the start of,her husband hotel oh is this it,all right who the f left these damn,trousers in my room trousers those are,pants well brit in in the uk we call,them patreon or boxer shorts so that,there you go that that turns out,they are they're lovely,they don't look very particularly clean,almost done nets,oh these are so short we'll go over all,them tonight so cute pink selfie before,get some shall i before get some shut up,it's very cool,this is the next day presumably talk,about waking up late,i should really uh follow all these but,like i said we don't use instagram very,much oh is that nuggets is,that, nuggets careful buddy uh finally,got him got him to sit still along,long enough to snap this cute f in chat,ah poor little fat locust does not look,too happy about that shot oh there's,cherry bomb in the background gotta,check out these references some people,are saying that there's something about,uh,um,angel just really liking fish,is that something that's in this podcast,that you guys will have been uh telling,me about,i've i've looked into the podcast i,haven't listened to any yet,i don't know if there's much uh content,i can get from them but i will check,them out as a fact,as a fact breaking the chair as a fan,though um okay let's yeah apparently,reid likes fish and pigs presumably as,well,oh dear what's this,um,waiting for the studio to pick up,for some epic food a,bit a bit hungry,waiting for,the studio to be picked up,for some effing food oh i see,i'm dyslexic guys i apologize about my,reading,um,thanks for the food husky,husky,sponges,what all that means husker looks amazing,though husker's a very public character,a lot of you guys put him in in your top,five of the characters,i swear

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at the end of the rainbow there's,happiness and to find it how often I've,tried but my life is a race just a wild,goose chase and my dreams have all been,dinner,failure,what can the reason be I wonder if the,world to play,I wonder if it could be me,always chasing,Ching,my sings are just alike,Oh,oh I'm alive thanks for the fun time hot,stuff,yeah yeah listen it's discrete you hear,me I can't let it get out I'm offering,my services to randos on the street it,was a quick cash crack got it whatever,you think harlot ouch Oh such an insult,let me know when you come up with,something creative to call me you sack,up early package horseshit tell the,missus I said hi,she's not coming back,hey your drag show oh my god my drugs,damn it,those are the cowardly sinners they're,not in,territorial co-decision the power of my,machines are running no other demon can,compare to the like survived gee that,was pretty swell boss you really showed,that war I liked when you shot them with,your ring I wish he'd shoot me with his,Raygun,at this rate I was seized control of the,entire website of the pentagram by day's,end and nothing not a single beast in,this infernal of suffering will be able,to take back this empire from my,constrictive grass here will be mine and,everybody will know the name of service,pardon who said that,what did you just say to me you fried,chicken fetuses wake up,that was a dose mr. bossman,you looking for a flight old man why,don't you get that to your toy ,off my turf before ice,oh you want to go missing well I'm happy,to apprise,good afternoon I'm Katie killjoy and I'm,Tom trench okay outside a pentagram city,today is the turf war is raging on the,west side between notable kingpins,Serpentis and self-proclaimed,spunky powerhouse cherry bomb that's,right Tom after the recent extermination,many areas are now up for grabs demons,all over hell are already duking it out,to gain new territory that was do you,see there really be going it looks like,they're fighting tooth and nail for that,hot spot and I'm sure like to nail her,jackass Tom or should I say no don't up,next we have an exclusive interview,which is daughter of hell's own head,honcho who's here to discuss her,brand-new passion project actor prick a,little okay you remember what to say yes,let's do this just listen and I'll map,it to you come on Maggie I know what to,say I just feel like we need to I don't,know make things sound more exciting,sing a song about it,you knew I was gonna say this because I,know you but please don't sing this is,serious well you know I'm expressing,myself and Michael's through song but,life isn't a musical hon fine but I have,these other ideas of what to say the,highlighted bits are the best board it's,all highlighted is this a drawing yes,that's the happy everyone's smiling and,happy in heaven I don't think it's that,simple,just please follow the talking points we,went over and do not sing okay fine,all just half the results of my,impeccable improv skills hey I'm charlie,katie killjoy I'd say it's a pleasure to,meet me but that would be a lie you can,put that away,I don't touch the gays I have standards,for you look my time is money so I'll,keep this short you're not here because,we wanted you here,you're here because Geoffrey couldn't,make it for his cannibal cooking segment,you might be some royal bigshot but that,doesn't mean to me I'm too rich and,too influential to give up line ,about what some Chuck's wearing demon,princess wants to advertise don't get,cute with me honey or I will ,Charlie whatever that was about this new,passion project you've been insistently,pestered a news station about well as,most of you know I was born here in hell,and growing up I always tried to see the,good in everything around me hell is my,home and you are my people we we just,went through another extermination we,lost so many souls and it breaks my,heart to see my people being slaughtered,every year and no one is even given a,chance I can't stand idly by while the,place I live is subjected to such,violence so I've been thinking is that,there a more humane way to endure,overpopulation here in hell perhaps we,can create in,- 'native way to change souls through,Redemption well I think yes so that's,what this project aims to achieve ladies,and gentlemen I'm opening the first of,its kind a hotel that rehabilitate,sinners you know because hotels are for,people passing through look every single,one of you has something good deep down,inside I know you do baby I'm not,getting through to you oh no I have a,dream I'm here to tell,Wow,and no more smiles just eat chitlins and,con candy,Wow experiment even works you want,people to be good just pretty good well,we have a paid trip already who believes,in our cause and he's shown incredible,progress oh and who might that be,angel dust the porn star you ,mutt Tom,in any case that's not even an,accomplishment I'm sure you can get that,hooker to do anything with enough total,sugar in Luke I beg to differ,h

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The Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Controversy is Pathetic

The Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Controversy is Pathetic

so a bunch of drama happens surrounding,has been Hotel on vivzipop and this time,it involves the new design of Lucifer I,was originally going to ignore this,situation but it quickly spiraled out of,control there's been a lot of,misinformation on a lead divsy pop,getting harassed and making public,tweets about it like always I'm gonna go,through a timeline of events and then,after I'll give my thoughts on it so on,November 30th Lucifer's new design was,revealed this was met with a pretty,positive reception from the husband,Community I personally like his new,design and I did a video about it which,I'll have linked below a bunch of people,who weren't fans of the show came across,the tweet and started quote retweeting,it and making fun of the design these,were mainly just criticisms that are,quickly devolved into a circle jerk,where everyone parted the same opinion,and people started to get toxic some of,these people brought up vivzipop and,this led to vivsy getting harassed vivsy,herself did a tweet saying I'd say I'm,sorry for existing but I'm sure there's,some people who think it's still a, apology LOL but I am though,after she made her tweet even more,people started dogpiling her a day,leader vivzi did two more tweets the,first says I'm not deleting this because,it was a small part of a real breakdown,I had last night I want to thank,everyone who offered kind words I am,doing much better the fact that so many,people seem to think this is about,character designs is shocking you really,can't comprehend the second one says I,don't owe bad faith idiots online,justification for a breakdown but the,idea anyone can think it's due to a lack,of ability to take criticism and isn't,constant scrutiny since I was 17 abuse,rumors work stress pressure personal,life on mental health is what's pathetic,so this situation is awful if you've,watched any of my other videos about any,of the Fizzy Pop dramas you can see her,in each case things spiraled out of,control and misinformation started to,get spread this situation is no,different and for the rest of the video,I'm gonna systematically go through some,of the criticisms and debunk them one by,one so the first commonly said thing I,see is that Satan is Lucifer this is,completely untrue on the quick,two-second Google search would disprove,this a lot of the Twitter threads, on vivzipop the show or Lucifer,say that Lucifer is a bad certain design,which makes no sense Lucifer and Satan,are two different characters in the show,these people either didn't take the time,to research it or are just parting what,other people have said Lucifer is a,fallen angel and Charlie morning star's,father that's why he is a thin design,pale skin and a large grin up next is,people saying Lucifer is a Tumblr sexy,man and that he's bit if you don't know,what a Tumblr sexy man is it's basically,the term describe a type of character,the definition varies from person to,person but the mean traits of a Tumblr,sexy man are a top hat suit and tie a,can of some sort and an evil backstory,Alistar also fits the bill for this type,of character and vipsipop herself,addressed this the other day in a tweet,on November 12 2022 vivzi said how she,made the design for Alistar when she was,15. she says he isn't sexy man being and,just happened to like all of the traits,that Alistair has this one again is just,weird people are judging the show and,acting like Lucifer's design is,maliciously made to form fan art and,it's just not true by this logic you,can't have a character in any piece of,media with an evil backstory or a suit,and tie even if Alistair and Lucifer are,Tumblr sexy men that shouldn't take away,from their characters just let people,enjoy things so the next criticism is to,do a fizzy pops character design,philosophy basically people are saying,vevzipop only draws characters built,like Twix this again is just entree if,you've watched either Houseman hotel or,have a boss you'll know there's a,discernment of characters from an array,of body types this tweet from,scholarship demon perfectly redirects,this these people are either being,disingenuous or have never watched,either of the shows what I think,happened is that these people saw has,been hit on their timeline salt was,trendy to bash the show and then join,the crowd I saw a Twitter gimmick,account quote retweet someone who is,defending husband and the person got,harassed the gimmicker can't apologized,after but this basically highlights how,important it is not to get involved in,drama for no reason the gimmick account,shouldn't have even been breaking,character in the first place lastly we,have the here that was said the vipsy,did a follow-up reply where she,explained that she had a breakdown last,night this is horrible and I feel so,about for her like she said she's been,under the scrutiny lands and she was 17,and these people will stop at nothing to,spread misinformation about her I've,seen people bring up some of her old,past controversies and these we

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Twitter is Garbage! (More Hazbin Hotel Drama and More)

Twitter is Garbage! (More Hazbin Hotel Drama and More)

you know i think that if this video,blows up i'm gonna start pulling my hair,out mainly because i'm not a fan of,ranting on this channel with draw,footage behind it but,hey it works apparently it just works,it just works it just works,but here we go again twitter is garbage,and i'm going to tell you why,this time talking about a familiar topic,to start us off,i want to watch the scum of the world,struggle to climb up the hill of,betterment,only to repeatedly trip and tumble down,to the firing pit of,failure you know it's almost been nine,months or so since i actually talked,about the series,what's been happening with it oh that's,sweet husband hotel got picked up by an,actual studio and,of course as you can imagine some people,decide,to crawl out from underneath their rocks,in order to attempt to cancel vivipop,again,because how dare she get success while,having a pass that she has stayed,outright to regret and has apologized,for numerous times,how dare she how dare she choose not to,depict lgbtq people as pure angels,how dare she i feel like this is a sense,of deja vu for me as this happened when,the pilot of husband hotel first dropped,last year,and out viewing the way to dig up some,stuff of her past,and some of this stuff it's just pure,comedy gold,like legit there's a thread that,explains why people don't like bibzy pop,and one of the reasons given was that,she traced artwork,but if you look at the examples given,yeah that's uh,that's not traced get your eyes checked,you think i'm some kind of clown,maybe also get better screenshots if,you're going to provide a screenshot of,her calling people who,take inspiration from her as leeches,make it so i can actually read the damn,thing,look at this seriously what is up with,your eye has a character who is obsessed,with,money and has pointed nose aka a jewish,stereotype,uh artists in case you didn't notice,a lot of people who have noses,invisibot's art style have pointed noses,and it isn't pointed noses that's the,stereotype it's a hook,nose i can't believe i have to explain,this,but yeah that is the cancer that is,twitter like i've said before and i'll,say it again it is,fine if you don't like the show if you,don't like divsy pop and you don't care,for the things she's done,that's perfectly fine for you to just,express yourself for distaste,but these are things she's sewn that,she's sorry for and has apologized as,well but unfortunately that's when the,twitter madness begins,because no matter what you say you'll,always get these people who crawl up,from underneath their rocks in order to,cancel someone,simply because of their ideological,differences or they did something in the,past that is offensive,there are worse reasons and motivations,for sure,but not only have i made videos about,that talking in the past about specific,situations in that regard but we talking,about the twitter mobs of today,the reason why i use vipsi pop as an,example is because it's a prime cut of,beef that is the toxicity mindset that,spreads on twitter like butter on toast,um,no i don't know like in that case in the,name of the queen,ironically enough that's actually a good,simile for the way twitter acts,and the people who live behind will make,things interesting to say the least,like take for another example the,pokeman situation and yes i am bringing,this up so i can milk some views but it,still illustrates my point rather well,so some gnome i don't know if you ever,heard of this guy before,makes a joke i rated pokemon a two out,of ten,okay and i had a crazy reaction i had,all these verified people,talking to me like industry people,talking smack to me right,and then you know things started brewing,right i started making fun of the,three-tier subs,then leafy dropped the video more,commentators came out and made a video,and now if you like pokemane you're a,complete loser i mean,i'm not saying that i'm just saying,that's the way it is on the internet at,pokeman's expense and people just went,hog wild over the fact,someone would dare rate a popular twitch,streamer a 2 out of 10.,uh is this a video where some random,dude behind a vr machine calls a girl a,thot for 20 minutes,no no no no i mean look at this content,it's obviously not a two,i think it's rather generous really but,whatever,but it is amazing to see that even if,you joke around people will lose their,minds,even if it's just an obviously trying to,make a joke,and the guys just lead right into it,taking the bait,now i could spend the rest of this video,talking about pokeman since that's the,hot topic of the month,but this isn't a video about the trash,twitch streamer who can't take any form,of criticism,i actually want to give my own,experience in regards to when it comes,to twitter since whenever i bring up,ruby in a video,which i've only made three videos about,and apparently i'm an anime youtuber,people seem to think that i ate the show,when i really don't,i am critical of it and i think it's got,a decline in quality,not

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The Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Leaks Situation Explained

The Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Leaks Situation Explained

before the video starts I'd like to give,a quick warning the following video is a,discussion of leaked materials,concerning hell of a boss and husband,hotel if you do not wish to know about,these leaks then click away from this,video now and be careful to avoid leaks,in public spaces such as social media on,YouTube also please do not try to attack,or harass anyone about the Lakes the,information presented in this video was,collected from various credible sources,that will remain anonymous for the sake,of their protection thank you so,recently a bunch of drama and,controversy has erupted due to leaks,regarding husband hotel and Halloween,Boss It's Quickly gotten out of hand,it's important for me to warn everyone,about these lakes and the harm they're,causing in this video I'm going to,explain the recent drama for those who,are unaware and discuss why it's an,issue so for some backstory there were,two major lakes regarding both shows,recently the first League had to do with,hell the boss a couple days ago some,storyboards for two feature episodes of,season 2 were leaked there were some,misinformation surrounding this and,people weren't sure if they were real or,fake although I'm not at Liberty to make,theories about how it happened I can't,say say that what basically happened was,that these storyboards came from an,official source and for reasons unknown,the boards got it and have now been,circulating in public spaces such as,Twitter Reddit on YouTube regarding the,latter a couple of videos were uploaded,containing the hello boss Lakes one,video has already been taken down by,webzypop but the other one is still up,with over 16 000 views the second,incident is related to husband Hotel a,couple months back a Twitter account,called television spill circulated tons,of unreleased documents related to,numerous series and automated projects,such as Clone High trolls 3 and husband,Hotel one of the documents leaked was a,huge file containing audition sheets for,a variety of characters in husband Hotel,these documents featured information and,images of number of characters from the,show along with task dialogue the,television spill user circulated these,documents on sites like Twitter and,Fortune luckily Twitter suspended the,user however many individuals have,already archived the information this,leads us to the present when Houseman,hotel's new villain Adam received his,official reveal on the has been Twitter,account they fake documents from before,it were spread around on Fortune once,again which led to making its way to,Twitter the reason the shades weren't,spread as much originally was because,people weren't sure of the validity of,them once leaked characters such as Adam,and elite were officially revealed it,basically confirmed the audition sheets,as legit and as a result people started,showing them around again on Twitter,this has also led to some users bashing,the show since the audition sheets,showed early test dialogue for some of,the characters that supposedly hinted at,the show's writing style the Lakes have,also begun the pop-up on YouTube with,one user posting two videos featuring,leaked content which in total have,racked up over 15 000 views so now that,were caught up on everything it's time,to talk about the issues with these,licks and why they're harmful the first,thing is that it obviously spoils the,shows I saw tons of people accidentally,come across these lakes and it was sad,to see huge story elements getting,spoiled it spoiled much of the lore for,some people and they were upset to see,huge episodes that were released far,into the future get spoiled the shows,have been in development for a long time,and that's a slap in the face to all of,the talented people working on the shows,the teams working in husband hotel and,hell of a boss deserve better than this,it's important that we stomp together,and understand it's wrong to spread it,the second issue is that it creates,misconceptions in the community I saw,one person spreading the husband Hotel,leaks underneath Adam's reveal and,everyone was cloning on the show because,of the dialogue that Adam said the,people bashed the show on visipop,without realizing that this dialogue was,tasks dialogue the task dialogue and,sheets are unlikely to represent the,final characters for some of the,dialogue options it feels like they were,written prior to the release of the,pilot these people think the show's,dialogue will slowly consist of party,humor and terrible Jokes which isn't the,case I'm not going to show the dialogue,obviously but these Twitter users,genuinely think that these early test,lines are representative of the final,product things change over time and as,we've seen with the redesigns vipsy has,absorbed some feedback from the pilot,and is working to improve the character,designs the show will also be run under,a24 and will very likely be in a major,streaming service as a result the,character's lines will have to be,altered so that it can be shown to

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What happened to the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Instagram Accounts?

What happened to the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Instagram Accounts?

if you've been in either the hell of a,boss or husband hotel community for a,while you're probably familiar with some,of the official instagram accounts they,used to post images and sneak peeks on a,constant basis however in 2022 only two,accounts are still active so what,happened to them in this video i'm going,to detail the history of these accounts,and compile some theories regarding the,reason behind their sudden disappearance,so official accounts for has been hotel,and hell of a boss started popping up,from june 16th 2020 onwards the has been,accounts would post sneak peeks and will,interact with each other by replying or,liking each other's posts they would,also commonly reply to people in the,comments giving characters an,opportunity to interact with the,community there were 10 accounts in,total some have been deleted and others,have kept their posts but just went,inactive in this section i'm going to go,through all of these accounts,individually giving a bit of history,behind each one the first hazmat hotel,instagram account was hotel management,the username was a play on words of,charlie's surname magni this account was,charlie and vagies with the bio listing,it as vagi being the one posting on it,the account only has two posts the first,being on july 14th 2020 and there's an,image of charlie and vagi together they,posted one more image later that day and,it was a pick of just the account,has been inactive ever since ing fluffy,boots was the instagram account for,angel dust this account had 38 posts,between july 3rd 2020 october 25th 2020,they would post images of angel dust's,daily life with him doing things like,hanging out with cherry bomb visiting,coffee shops or spending time with fat,nuggets on september 4th 2020 they,posted how they were playing a game,called ponytan with the blitzer account,this will be relevant later when i,discuss why the accounts were shut down,the instagram account has now had all of,its posts deleted however the account,still exists and has 290 000 followers,barcat 75 was husk's account they made,14 posts between july 8 october 30th,2020 as their first post on bio says,husk made the account after nifty told,them to their posts typically consisted,of husk interacting with the rest of the,cast working at the bar or taking,selfies in the mirror one example being,a post where he showed the crew how to,play poker in another post alistar's,face has a distortion effect because,canonically when you take a picture of,him it distorts the image the account,still exists sitting at 210 000,followers and remains inactive with all,of his posts having been deleted maybe,featherduster was nifty's account the,account only had five posts dating from,july 8th to august 31st 2020. these,posts typically consisted of nifty,taking selfies of herself angel dust or,husk in one post she takes a pic of,alistar and is distorted in another post,she says how she just killed 34 rats,under the hotel highlighting her hidden,sadistic nature the account still,remains sitting at 168 000 followers,with all of the posts on the account,having been deleted so those were the,accounts of the main cast members in,husband hotel one important thing to,note is that canonically the characters,use an app called voxtagram which is the,end universe equivalent of instagram,there were also a number of accounts for,side characters in the show the first of,these was bombing bib which was,cherry bomb's account they made 18 posts,between july 11th and september 23rd,cherry's post consisted of selfies her,hanging out with angel dust and pics of,her engaging in gang wars like in the,pilot my personal favorite post of hers,was the adorable image of fat nugget,sleeping she would be commonly seen,interacting with ancient dust or other,users in the instagram comments cherry's,account is unusual because the entire,account was deleted nothing remains,except for the archives of her posts has,lured with serpentis's instagram account,he made eight posts between august 7th,and october 31st 2020. his post,consisted of selfies of him with his egg,minions or trying out new weapons to use,against cherry bomb and angel dust his,account sits at 153 000 followers and,all of the posts were deleted however,their count is still up voxdegram 8k was,vox's account he made nine posts between,july 6th and october 31st his post,consisted of images of him velvet and,valentino they showed vox and,valentino's romantic on off again,relationship from the looks of it,valentino was quite abusive in one image,vox's screen is broke due to valentino,the account is still up to this day and,sits at 160 000 followers all of the,posts have been removed however moth,pimp was valentino's instagram account,there were 22 posts on his account,dating from july 5th to december 14 2020,his post consisted of him spending time,with velvet and vox in his posts he was,abusive to vox and eventually broke up,with him towards the end of the accounts,lifespan the account is still u

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Hazbin Hotel Is- | Late Night Tumblr Posts

Hazbin Hotel Is- | Late Night Tumblr Posts

uh three is Monday morning time for,Tumblr writing prompt now you were the,only reason Bruce Wayne is financially,stable enough to afford his back gadgets,is that he's been selling Batman,merchandise somehow nobody has caught on,to his secret identity you know when you,think about it this is just this is just,real life the reason the Batman stories,are still going is because people are,buying the Batman merchandise,you get it what do you call Two Witches,sharing an apartment,roommates lesbians and they were,broommates oh my God they were brewmates,U.S president laughing a skull when,pressed for comment responded,predictably uh Mr President what are you,going to do about the sudden rise in,inflation I will do whatever is,necessary to make it right,okay anyone else feel the dread clap if,you feel the dread,I just taught my dad what the word CIS,hat was and he just walked down the,stairs and said she said come down oh at,least he's positive about it putting a,popular playlist song on your playlist,is so humiliating it's like no I promise,this song applies to this character in a,more deep and meaningful way than those,other characters God my favorite thing,in an art tutorial video is when the,amazing artist has a list of detailed,steps right up until the last one pretty,much boils down to ah just mess up with,the colors until it looks right and I,gotta say I am here for this listen,listen everyone knows there's two type,of digital artists one who actually will,traditionally paint the artwork with the,brush and the layers and everything and,then there's artists like me he who,Paint Bucket go Burr all the debates,about the autistic merits of fan fiction,fail to recognize the purpose of fan,fiction you don't write fan fiction to,be published or to learn how to,construct a narrative although you can,use it to develop style you write it so,that your friends will message you,bestie you're utterly deranged for this,one and I'm eating dirt you know those,people who are like fanfic can be good,to get started but it's bad because you,never learn how to write your own from,scratch imagine walking after someone,planting flowers and being like that's a,start but ultimately it won't teach you,how to like genetically engineer your,ideal fruit tree like you've,extrapolated a goal that was never even,implied here love it when you put butter,into a pan that's still warming and then,the butter starts and the butter starts,sliding down around like where are you,going girl,man life so smooth with you all right,fine I do look like a hairless cat I,admit it proof you're so far it starts,twirling my hair,how are you doing that Pro tip if you,start saying hello as a joke it'll,eventually come to be your standard,greeting for all loved ones or in a more,generalized form beware what thou do,ironically lest thou begin to do it,ironically started out as a bit how did,it end up like this it was only a bit it,was only a bit,hasman hotel is Family Guy for Tumblr,users who used to ship different Pines,with a humanized white twink version of,Bill Cipher sentences to explain to a,14th century monk has been hotel is the,Canterbury Tales for jesters and,vagabonds who wrote romantic sonnets as,though penned by Lucifer Prince of Lies,towards Saint Augustine of Hippo but,like when he was still a kid I want you,to know that I finally know what it's,like for other people to read my,original post this terrifies me to the,very marrow of my bones good job by the,way if you're a has been Hotel fan and,you got upset at that you're legally,obligated to like comment and subscribe,those are the rules well I can't believe,they named a band after corn yeah,it's bad,the Foo Fighters I like the Chucky show,because it doesn't try to appeal to a,mass audience oh you don't know the lore,of the directed DVD movies get I,hope you guys are all aware that this,means Chucky follows the same plot,mechanics,is Kingdom Hearts,ADHD culture is riding fast but having,your mind go even faster so you act,Stanley a few words,yeah I love you obvious symbolism I love,you blatant foreshadowing I love you,gratuitous parallels I love you dramatic,lighting I love you cheesy music I love,you media that doesn't take itself too,seriously,hey thanks Tumblr for telling me I like,my own posts very Vital Information,there oh hell yeah my posts are getting,attention you absolute you,are buffoon no lesser man would,entertain the water down garbage posts,you call your own you have nothing,nobody you call out into the vasta,business space and rejoice in your own,Echo I would kill you where you stand if,it didn't mean wasting the energy,splunkus why were you lacking your own,posts I like having online friends hello,University students from Europe hello,children show enthusiasts from the,United States hello baby gays from,Oceana,you guys want to talk about soup hell,yeah I do just gotta say then titties,though God damn oh where look down Queen,whoa,how'd these get there it's occurred to,me that Bing

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