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The End Of hannah owouh,what up everybody so i did not expect to,be making this video and i want to

RDH Vortex

Updated on Jan 21,2023

The End Of hannah owo

uh,what up everybody so i did not expect to,be making this video and i want to start,this off also by saying this will be my,last video on hannah owell at least i'm,not going to be making any more videos,on her i don't care if she kills bill,clinton tomorrow i'm not even going to,make a video on that okay i'm done,making videos on hannah oh well i've,already milked it to the point it's,basically a meme the cow is dead i'm,just like milking,zombie tits at this point so i know i've,said it before but i am being genuine,and serious this is my last video on,hannah owell now you might be just,wondering well vortex what made you want,to make this video and i mean the answer,is pretty simple for one i was just,bored as and i didn't really have,anything else to make a vid on at the,moment,and well,her main instagram got banned and that,was like the biggest platform that she,had after her first tick tock account,got banned now i'm not really sure why,her account got banned but it's just,kind of interesting that pretty much she,gets banned everywhere she goes except,twitch i could be wrong i don't really,watch her streams but i'm pretty sure,that's the only place she doesn't really,promote her only fans or patreon or,whatever so maybe that has something to,do with it but i'm not really sure hello,guys i have a really important,announcement so i,made a girlfriend,i like how he was like i made a,girlfriend,dude oh my god so it's great it's,amazing so here she is,she's so beautiful dude,look at her look at her the sad part is,is that you know for a fact that there's,like at least a couple hundred people,out there that genuinely have done this,quietly just by themselves probably some,like 40 year old men too just jerking it,off to hannah oboe oh it's just sad dude,but it's also so funny it's,extra funny whenever you realize that's,how she makes her income because i mean,her audience is literally just nothing,but fan girls and fat sweaty simps,oh yeah the tongue yeah yeah flick it,pretty good yeah,the thief oh yeah,bonus points when it's a poor romanian,piece of like this,i love you i love you so,yeah the that's pretty much your average,hannah olsump,shout out to northeast vortex,for being a piece,of ,yeah i think you're her boyfriend i'm,her boyfriend,hannah is pretty weird when you think,about it i mean dude she loves feet feet,is like the most monkey part of everyone,okay how can you like feet,since this is my last video on her i,just want to have a few last words,your content is the only people,that watch it are sad tick tock fan,girls and people that want to you,your boyfriend's a cuck you're a cuck,you're not that attractive without the,makeup it was kind of interesting how,after i made my first video on you,everything for you just fell apart like, you got banned many times and you,got your ass cancelled and just,to add to it your only fans was leaked,while i've been taking dubs you've been,just taking l's my videos upset you and,i know that for a fact because i saw you,post on your instagram story about them,but don't worry this really is the last,video on you but yeah you know i'm just,going to take credit for being the one,that killed hannah olo's career so uh,yeah get well i hope that you,guys enjoyed this video my discord links,gonna be linked in the description,alongside on my other social medias if,you want to follow me on them and i hope,you're all having a great day or night,whenever wherever you are if you like my,content please make sure to subscribe,and if you like this video please make,sure to leave a like it really does help,me get through the algorithm etc and,peace,out ecstasy conceded without self-esteem,she's a teenage stream if you hate,yourself,bright dyed hair and obnoxious clothes,thinks communism is the way to go she's,a horror horror diamond does

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She didn’t even give college a chance…

She didn’t even give college a chance…

hey guys it's me zezree and i hope you,had a wonderful halloween i have a,really important announcement to make,i'm starting and only fans just kidding,guys i'm 14 years old of course i,wouldn't start an only fans wait did you,actually think that i was going to start,one officer this one right here watch,this become ironic four years from now,i'm just kidding i will never start and,only fans patreon though hell yeah,please subscribe to that i talked about,in more detail in my last previous,videos there's nothing on there at the,moment but as soon as i get a patreon i,have a bunch of content that i'm just,waiting to post on there anyways this,video started off well if you didn't get,the memo today i'm going to be talking,about only fans specifically this girl,if you don't know what either of these,things are i'll explain it to you this,girl is hannah oboe she is a tick tocker,streamer who became very popular for,being pretty,classic tik tok making people popular,just because they are attractive i mean,i don't disagree she is very pretty and,due to her appearance and her twitch,streams hannah olo attracted a large,male audience specifically male gamers,and we all know that male gamers have,some questionable taste in women you,know what i'm talking about right they,like them gamer e-girls who act and or,look like little children i know i'm,generalizing a whole category of men so,if you aren't one of those guys i,apologize i just personally think that a,lot of these types of male gamer,predator discord mod basement dwellers,seem to have an odd fascination with,women who resemble little children and i,think that it's a bit weird but as i was,saying hannah oboe is pretty popular,amongst the boys and due to that she has,pretty much been over sexualized her,whole entire time on the internet that's,not too good but what makes it even,worse is that she just turned 18 last,year and she's been quite famous on the,internet since 2018. so she started,getting popular i assumed when she was,about 15 or 16 years old which is not,much older than i am the reason why i'm,bringing this up is because everyone is,currently finding out about her only,fans account even though she launched it,in summer i believe but basically only,fans is a site where all of your,favorite people get to personally show,you up close images of all of their,orifices and in return they get money,from you each month it's basically like,patreon but you get to see nicocado,avocados butt hole don't worry it's not,only nicotine avocados butthole you can,also see trisha paytases belle delphines,hannah mongoose and onision's,buttholes and it's not just limited to,butter holes either and now that hannah,owell became of legal age she decided,she wanted to be up in the fun too and,so she joined the butthole gang oh isn't,that great for all the butthole lovers,out there yeah only fans isn't the most,family friendly side out there i'd say,it's about 10th place in my most,family-friendly sights list so it's not,too high but hannah awo is basically now,on only fans and the response has been,quite mixed many people mostly men feel,betrayed and personally hurt by the fact,that she's using her body to gain money,many of them are saying that she didn't,even give college a chance which was the,inspiration for this video title but,other people are coming to her defense,and saying that she can do whatever she,wants with her body personally my stance,on this is quite divided on one hand i,believe that it's quite sad that as soon,as she turned 18 she decided to be a,worker basically but on the other hand,who are we to tell her what to do with,her body i will be exploring both of,these points in this video,if you look into the comments of hannah,owell's most recent tick tocks the,phrase she didn't even give college a,chance seems to pop up quite frequently,this obviously refers to the fact that,she didn't even consider furthering her,education and instead she chose to make,money using her body doing any sort of,sex work is generally looked down upon,in our society women who pursue careers,in adult media are usually just seen as,objects to be sexualized people don't,really treat those workers as people and,it's not a very desirable job to most,mainly because as i said it's a,dehumanizing line of work oh i do agree,that there is a group of people out,there who find this kind of stuff,empowering but that's not the case for,most workers i know for a fact many,people turn to it as a final resort,because they can't make an income any,other way so i understand why so many,people are disappointed in hanaolo for,resorting to making that type of content,instead of furthering her education,especially since many people don't see,it as a job that requires any effort but,here's the thing hannah awa was already,making an income before starting her,only fans it's not like only fans is her,only source as i said she is a twitch,streamer so she technically already had,a job before even starting a

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Hannah OwO Is Kinda Mid...

Hannah OwO Is Kinda Mid...

bro what,pancake is back thank you for donating a,hundred subs,bro,what,don't say that danny,danny shut up,what now here's a sick clip of one of,hannah's all-time fans donating their,life savings for a bit of attention,they're literally going homeless for,this streamer that's ,pathetic dude,hey guys welcome back to another video,so today we're going to be talking about,the legendary streamer hannah oh but,before this video begins make sure to,leave a like and subscribe turn on post,notifications if you guys don't want to,miss out on any uploads and if you guys,don't do that i will show up to your,house and snap your neck dude,i'm obviously joking but i'll still,appreciate it a lot if you guys do but,anyways today we're going to be talking,about hannah o and why i think she's, mid and uh yeah today we're,going to be reviewing videos about her,and the one she also posted on her,youtube channel and with that being said,and without further ado let's ,begin,oven can you guys actually see through,it,i feel like you can't i feel like that's,just the design,i don't think you can actually see,through anything yeah guys please look,at my tits can you guys see through,anything please can you like shut the, up dude honestly hannah was kind of,a dude i mean it kind of,makes sense because she started and only,fans like pretty recently which really,isn't that surprising at all and you,guys might be saying oh how do you know,she hasn't only found you creepy little, well literally everyone who has,heard her name knows her from her oni,fans that's literally what she's known,for at this point,i don't know,squish,oh my god this feels,i can't tell what's worse the fact that,there are millions of people jacking off,to her or that millions of people are,donating their life savings to this,random twitch streamer and in case you,guys didn't know she has a boyfriend so,that just makes it a little more sad,like i can't believe these types of,people actually exist and this dude is,perfectly fine with millions of people,jacking off to her only fans dude this,guy is a cuck honestly i don't,i'm not a youtube person,but hope you guys like it,i basically just woke up but yeah how,many pounds of makeup does this ,wear every single day like she's a,completely different person after taking,off all her makeup it's kind of,fascinating how us humans evolved into,doing like this they're pretty much,painting over their face to look more,attractive but always remember beneath,that it's just kind of a disappointment,you don't need anything expensive for,this do not worry i'm just gonna kind of,apply this all over my face,now that you look like you have a jason,mask on,it's time to blend yes i blend it out,with my fingers i had a beauty blender,before they're expensive and i don't,want to keep buying it so if any of you,guys are a fan of hannah oh i just want,to give you guys a quick friendly,reminder that this is the same person,you jack off to people say i'm a bad,influencer for like younger girls but at,the same time i'm literally like,i'm pretty open,about things and i don't i don't even,usually talk about those on streams like,that's like one percent of my life and,people think that the chalks of who i am,as a whole but,see thank you regina i,any of my content outside of that is,like perfectly fine,and like not,i don't know but like aren't you already,in a relationship or some like i'm,perfectly fine with in general but, with boyfriends no that's a whole,new thing dude and she's saying it's a,completely okay thing to do so if any of,you guys have a girlfriend please send,me her titty pics i saw this and i tried,to check the profile because i was going,to compliment you and i bet that you're,super duper pretty um but i saw that you,were 13 and i just want to show you a,couple things i am 18 and i know that,there's a lot of i guess pressure around,i guess younger kids to look a certain,way right now and i just want to i,always want to show you what i looked,like at around 13 okay here's me at age,12.,uh hmm uh so basically she's,showing her uh old pictures from when,she was 12 or 13 to millions of people,who jack off to her that's kind of weird,this is me 12 13. here's me more around,14 i cut all my hair off i was like,trying new things as you can see yeah,there's no way in hell she's 14 in that, picture dude she looks like,someone that's in their 60s bro see i,hadn't grown into my body yet like i was,awkward this is me like around 12 13. my,point being if you're 13 you are,probably prepubescent like you literally,just haven't hit puberty yet you haven't,grown into your body yet you haven't,learned much about yourself so what,she's saying is once you grow into your,body you can have sex in the city i mean,this is coming from someone who is known,for having an only fan someone who is,known for selling her body pics online,to millions of people she doesn't know,okay,sorry i don't talk in a,ubu voice i don't know what you expected,me to do,no,i thoug

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i did my makeup like hannah owo

i did my makeup like hannah owo

hello everybody um aztec,wikileaks hi everybody i'm hannah did i,trick you i know hi guys it's maria and,i know i look a little different today,and i try to do hannah's makeup if you,don't know hannah she was famous because,of tick tock and something that i really,like about her is her makeup and i,obviously trying to recreate her makeup,but i never really got the chance so now,it's a perfect time so this was the,result if you want to see how i did this,just stick around and watch the video i,don't think i did that bad but i,obviously could do it way better but,nobody could do it like her yeah let me,know if you like this video just watch,it okay so i don't have the same makeup,products that she has i only have one,thing so it's gonna use my stuff and you,know try to do it the same way that she,does it covergirl,neutralizer stick concealer i'm just,gonna kind of apply this all over my,face she starts with concealer and then,she blends it with her finger so she,says she almost applies this like or,almost her face for my blush and i just,use some of these pinky reds,as well,and on the top and bottom of your lips,she uses like a very reddish type of,color i don't really have like a red,blush i only have like the little like,pink one what i can try to do to,get the redness from her brush it's,probably the same thing she did i just,don't have the same palette as she has,but i have some reds in here that i,never really use never applied it like,this like if we dab it and after she,dabs it she kind of goes in a circular,motion like this ship is on her nose and,then she puts a little bit on top of her,lip so i'm gonna take the,red from my palette and,you good blend it with the pink she used,her finger to blend the blush i never,done in my life i don't think it's gonna,work,there's like stuff going on inside my,house i don't know it's like people,running i have no idea what's going on,but whatever happens and it's gonna be,here so i'm sorry if you hear tap that,in,to my,t-zone and where i know i get the most,oily so now we go with powder and i'm,gonna be using the true complexion,powder and she says she only puts powder,when she gets oily we're gonna do nose,contour and i love her nose contour so,i'm so excited to learn how she does it,and i'm gonna try and find the line,that's up here and i'm just gonna follow,it okay so i'm gonna be using this sammy,bronzer so she says she imagines like,she has like a line,that goes like this,so i just heard somebody saying yeah,somebody's just following me that's so,creepy,should i be worried,and then on the bottom right here so,here's our next step i actually was like,when i first saw this but then it does,makes a lot of sense and i think i,should try this more often and i'll go,on the side of my nose put a dot like in,the center she uses like a white eye,pencil for contouring slash hiding these,things right here she takes the pencil,and basically what she does is that she,kind of like does this like this and,then goes down i'm literally screaming,right now not too bad she says she does,a little dot in here now she blends oh,my god it feels so weird now she blends,it it's actually blending pretty well,and then blend this guy a little here i,don't want to blend it too much because,it's so cute and i'm going to put it in,the inner corner of my eyes she uses the,same eye pencil and she's going to do it,here in her eyes which is something that,i actually do,so far i love in this so much what,happens if i make this brighter,i think i like it better like this i,don't know how bright,i should go this looks like a horror,movie if i put it like this like i i'm,blind right now i need a second oh it's,11 11. make a wish in a circular motion,so she,does,fake freckles which is something that i,always wanted to be born with my mom has,freckles i have nothing nothing that,freckles it's like a brown pencil so i,never done fake freckles on my face,before so i'm just gonna like,that's too big,i feel like that's too big the reason,why i don't do fake freckles on my face,it's because i feel like they just don't,look natural and also i feel like people,do freckles very well and i don't think,i'm one of those people like right now,i'm totally messing this up so yeah so i,put the freckles on my face i'm just,gonna dab it a little bit i can't,believe i'm doing this makeup tutorial,at 11 16 p.m slips anyway,and,this hair i'm gonna go with our brows,kind of like follow her eyebrows and her,eyebrows are like a little bit thinner,than mine so i'm gonna try to like put,it down like this and follow that and,then she's gonna do more blush so i'm,gonna literally repeat the same steps,that i did so i'm gonna do this a little,bit of this and then here,the same kind of shapes that i contour,with uh from the palette and i'll put,them,she says she uses like the contour color,and she puts that underneath her eye so,that's something i'm gonna do the same,contour that i used before i'm gonna put,a little bit underneat

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Hannah owo Rant!!

Hannah owo Rant!!

hey gamer boys it's me again but this,time this video is for airpod users only,so if you're not one of them just keep,scrolling,you look stupid what are you doing,you're just watching your whole college,tuition,all right what's up guys it's your boy,free form chord,today back with another video and today,we got some i got something special for,you guys,i know you haven't seen me in a while,it's been,a few months i know i haven't uploaded,in a while but today,today i got something good for you guys,today i'm going,i'm going to be going on a little run so,the person's going to be running today,it's going to be,her name's hannah i don't know what her,last name is but her name is hannah,you can see on the screen her youtube uh,but you know,we're gonna go right on her because uh,apparently she got big on take top,because uh some stupid video and she,decided to make,a youtube and she has more subscribers,than me and more views than me,well not not views but she has more,subscribers than me,hey what's up you guys welcome back to,my well,welcome to you know what i mean welcome,to the youtube,i don't know why i made this people,boring,first question says favorite song,favorite song that's a generic ass,question but whatever,my favorite song right now is moving on,by sarah and the sundays,okay next question what are you,interested,in school vagisou means what are you,interested in,in school what i'm interested,in art i'm in an art three honors class,art three honors i don't think we have,that in my school you privileged scum,which is a junior class i'm a sophomore,if you didn't know,okay she's a sophomore right she was,born november 21st,2000 i don't know i think too,yeah she's older than me by uh,seven days yet she's in a grade,lower than me doesn't make sense does it,next question,who's your main in smash honestly it,just changed it used to i used to play a,sonic all the time but now i play as,mega man,i don't play smash so i don't know but i,go with that fox guy right,because it's a fox so mega man,uh next question what eyeliner do you,use because it's,super sh because it's super sharp i use,the kat von d,um waterproof tattoo liner in the color,trooper black,it's pretty good i get it at sephora,it's like 20 it's not that much,um next question this just says q and,a's are basic bro this guy knows,she just said q a's are basic you're,right,next question when's your birthday my,birthday is november 21st,2002 oh yeah here,her birthday is november 21st 2002 the,same,month same year as my birthday she's,she again she's going like seven days,before me so i mean she's older than me,but she's in a lower grade than me which,doesn't make sense,right um i'm 16.,that's probably one of the questions i,just ruined but i'm 16.,um next question what made you start,making tick tocks,i've always thought about it but one of,my friends ray,hey ray i know you hate me but he's the,one who inspired me,to how do you get inspired to make a,tick tock like that's not,something you should get inspired about,you should be in sparta you know like,be an astronaut not make a tick tock,you make a tick tock because he did it,ironically with his friends and i,thought,it was so funny and i wanted to start,doing that too,um next question favorite food my,favorite food,is korean food your favorite food is,korean have you ever tried italian like,the heck like next question what was it,like becoming a meme,it was weird um you know i just kept,seeing myself pop up on different meme,pages and it's like,one the video that i didn't even think,was that funny is the one that blew up,like the one i put the least amount of,effort in but i mean oh really she put,her least amount of effort into that one,video one tick tock and it blew up,what so is that what i gotta do,like make no effort at all,and i'll blow up is that is that what it,is is that the secret yeah i'm just glad,that it was something,that i did that was like original,content that was like my own,thing that i made up original content it,was an airpod meme,yeah that's original never heard of that,before do you actually like tik tok,tik tok as a whole i don't know how i,feel about it,it's blown up okay and it's been a good,way for people to,express themselves like humor wise i,mean i've met a lot of cool people,through tick tock okay so tick tock is,pretty cool,but um there is the cringy side of it,there are other people who actually take,it seriously,you know what i take serious i take,serious the fact that you went from tick,tock to youtube yeah you got more,subscribers to me,you've only been on this platform for,about a week i've been been on it for,four years yet i have nothing to say,except for that my first video,i got in 70 80 000,views um but the people who do take it,seriously usually get money off of it,so i don't know now that we're done with,that,i would just like to say how thankful i,am that we already reached 2 000,subscribers even though i haven't posted,yet that is so many,i am so grate

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The Real Hannah owo...

The Real Hannah owo...

so he said my first,right wasn't good,but guess what,i'm back,what's up guys it's your boy free phone,call today back with another video today,today is the day you all expected it,would come you know,i said i was gonna upload this video,monday last monday,but you know it took me it took me a lot,of,a lot of time to think what what i was,gonna do for this video,what i still don't know much,but you know i'm gonna try my best to,make this video better,because you know i guess apparently,there wasn't,it wasn't much of a video just pointed,out and stuff but whatever,here back with it again i hope you guys,enjoyed all right,first things first on her live she said,that i only pointed out,her editing flaws and nowhere in my,first rant and,nowhere in the whatever six minutes,however long it was,did i point out one editing flaw in her,video i never said anything about it,i never said it was bad i never said it,was i didn't say nothing,like why are you putting words in my,mouth dog like,doesn't make sense all right so,apparently she likes to,to paint stuff and she likes to draw,whatever,we're just gonna check it out right now,i'm under boof,art account i'm gonna check out this,artist if it's any,any any any any good,so this first one boring,okay okay,did you really have to use white like,you could have chosen like,black maybe maybe you're red,me maybe you know for those people,who got a dirty mind why wouldn't be a,very good,good choice but you know oh no,oh no oh no,all right moving on yeah,decent all right dog listen listen,everybody listen listen listen listen,listen,since she wants to lie about how i in,the first video,how i um pointed out editing flaws which,i,didn't you know what i'm gonna go ahead,and pour now editing flaws see how you,like it dawg,i was originally gonna film with my,retainer,nobody asked dog,you sound better like that,what the is this my teeth are gonna,become crooked again,i hope so,what's that sound effect,you picked some of the best ones no you,didn't you bought,you're a straight-up bot all right,listen listen listen listen,this says you look depressed it's a q a,video what are you,talking about what do you mean that's,not a question,nor an answer it's a statement,why the is this in the video,you're a bot big chungus,big chungus big chungus is not a,question,nor an answer wait it might be an answer,but,it's not a question did you just say big,jump,big jungus big chungus is a dead meme,i know you didn't say that i know you,didn't say that he's not a dead mean,you're a dead man right don't disrespect,my,father like that did you just say,parks and recs did you just say you like,parks and rec,better than the office you're telling me,you're telling no okay,parks and rex is a ripoff of the office,okay do you understand me,you know what i'm done i'm not with this,video,i hope you guys enjoyed the freaking,video,it took a lot out out of me to make this,video but you know i tried my best,sort of to make this video yeah whatever,guys,i guess i'll see you some other day,sorry for the late,upload peace,last night

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i went,on a dating show that's right i got put,in a competition where 10 different,women compete for my love it gets really,intense so make sure to watch until the,end also thanks to simply say for,sponsoring this video and if you like,this video,make sure to subscribe it's completely,free and it helps me out a lot,anyways enjoy the video today we have,assembled a cast of 11,wonderful women every round that timer,is going to take zero at which point,we'll ask you to give me a bottom three,then the chat will vote for who they,want to keep,out of that bottom three unfortunately,for the last person with the least,amount of votes it'll be the end of the,road and we'll never see them again,until we get down to the very last round,and you will get to make the final,decision when you get to the end here,if you choose somebody who chooses love,you walk away with the woman of your,dreams but,if you choose somebody who chooses host,it is the end of the road for you mr,quackster welcome to lover house,everybody wave,oh my god hello ladies listen you must,know something about me,every woman in my life has hurt me so,severely,hello my name is andy i'm 19. i'm a,variety streamer that is my,face i'm in it for the long term,i really gotta know what so i'm nina i'm,from malaysia,and i do not stream oh my god that,picture of me is so sexy,all right i like the confidence big boss,bows go ahead and introduce yourself,waiting to see what you're going to put,up on this screen now hold up,oh no okay hi i'm both i do like true,crime so we talk about like serial,killers and murderers and stuff like,that but like i'm not gonna like kill,you or anything i don't have a gun i got,rid of it um,it's an odd thing to share hi clackady,hi chad my name is ophelia bear and i'm,really excited to be here because i,went online and i searched quackity's,net worth and apparently it was 897,000 which is really attractive to me and,i just want to tell quackety hey ammo,quakery,poor favor dame denebo hello how are you,crocketty,hi i guess i'm here to um oh no,no i ain't looking like that when i'm,that old i'm here to make amends you,know i up last time yeah,that was my fault i'll admit it what did,you tweet out minks,let's put it on the phone let's put it,on the screen here,what the is this you're full of,i i i'm in a wheelchair look i broke it,while i was calling for you,are you trying to guilt-trip me okay,listen let me tell you something,the reason i edited all these women to,look 60 years older is because i expect,that the woman i choose today,this is a long-term relationship i got,to know what i'm in for in the next 60,years,if i'm in for this my life is only gonna,get worse,that's the end of the introduction round,it is time to make an elimination,send me three names that you would like,to put in your bottom three and then,jack,be deciding here we go the decision has,been made amity,andy toby you are in the bottom three,i'm sorry now it's time though for the,chat to vote,unfortunately it's the end of the road,for tonight,toby had an opportunity to choose,between love and host before,the show began and she chose,love he didn't up the chat ,up,let's bring in minx here makes uh you,were going to show us a wheelie i think,maybe,let's see come on give it up for banks,oh my god oh my god,do a backflip next that's what she just,did um where do you see yourself in five,years,it's a job interview casey i wanna ask,are you a light sleeper or more of a,heavy sleeper because i have night,terrors so there's gonna be some times,where you wake up in the night and like,you roll over and i'm just wide-eyed,screaming,is that why you got rid of your gun what,oh no,you're gonna kill me in my sleep,sometimes you would roll over and reload,stop are you a light sleeper,pretty much any of the girls here it,would be a long distance relationship,how long are you to make time to talk to,them maybe even visit them,i'd make a few flights i mean i'd make a,few flights too wow all right okay,i would fly during peak pandemic with no,mask on for you,i can get through tsa they know me oh,they know,you they know you they know you they're,like man that chick went through here,she was sleeping she was crazy as hell,she was just sleeping,that'd be terrifying she'd probably fall,asleep on the plane wake up in a tear,with no mask on screaming,and you're like what the do you,like girls with short hair girls with,short hair i yeah i don't mind i want to,go too much oh my god,jesus christ now put the scissors down,nina no,she's cutting her hair off you're,cutting your hair,i'm just cutting your hair oh my god you,know what i love i really love bald,women i love you i'm very interested in,bald women quackity's about to dm me,his bottom three all right so ladies,which one of you would go bald for me i,would go,so bald you would think i was your ball,sack oh my god oh my god blushy i'm so,sorry,why'd you get your mom to watch this oh,no this is getting so excited,she texted me good luck ha

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Yesu_x Twitter - Photos and Videos Updates

Yesu_x Twitter - Photos and Videos Updates

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,an anonymous twitter user with username,earsex which changes with time,is currently all over the platform,because of the content it has,people are curious about his age and,real name,many things turn on twitter and,different people have different opinions,regarding those trending things,however sometimes there are things that,fall out of community guidelines and,still trend on tick tock and on twitter,which mostly contain,i mean adult content and videos,so,while such videos,are not kept on the platform for a long,time,because of the violation of guidelines,that specifically call out of not that,content people still manage to use it,around,when such user is yes sucks who is,actively posting content and videos on,twitter,indeed,indeed concerns regarding the user's age,real name wikipedia,reddit instagram and related matters are,writing rapidly,who is yes works on twitter everything,to know,as mentioned yessex is an anonymous user,on twitter who posts,that content which does not allow the,guidelines of twitter,also as already mentioned guessex gets,removed from twitter,time and again but,it does not,look like,anything is stopping the user,by now the user has created over four,accounts after the previous one getting,suspended for uploading that content,apart from these facts there is nothing,available regarding the user on the web,well,yes 6 is not on reddit with his personal,handle but there are many sources,subreddits that are currently discussing,the twitter user,also neither is there any official,account of assets on instagram which,could possibly reveal his identity to,public,while there are not even any minor,details about the user of instagram,there are hundreds of people talking,about dsx already,so the age of twitter user esx might be,around 20 years old,however we do not know,and we do not have any evidence of even,any mode of reference for estimating the,user's age,so we have estimated the ages based on,assumptions and there is no proof to,each at all since esx is an enormous,personality,esx is certainly not on wikipedia,because the user is just an anonymous,person who uploads,that content on social media like,twitter,hence there is no other information,regarding the user apart from,the mentioned content or at all it also,ensures the user's real name,we do not know if the user is a male or,a female their age so finding out the,name does not seem,plausive thanks for watching my video if,you find this video helpful please like,share and subscribe my channel,and if you want more information about,this person you can also visit mixtv now,dot com website thanks and have a good,day ahead

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