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We’re seeing ‘tantrums’ from the left over Twitter: Guy Bensonfor more on this let's bring in two gu

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

We’re seeing ‘tantrums’ from the left over Twitter: Guy Benson

for more on this let's bring in two guys,with unique perspectives on all this,first is Joel Berry Babylon B managing,editor and author of The Babylon B guide,to democracy I can't wait to crack that,book and Guy Benson,political editor and a Fox News,contributor gentlemen great to see you,thank you for being here uh guy,totalitarianism I understand it's a,loaded word it's huge when you're,talking about the United States but,let's break down what it means it means,total control total control they already,that social media is already dominated,by the left but that's not good enough,for the administration they want Total,Control they want to get that one part,of it Twitter which is now not part of,the conventional wisdom,and it goes beyond just the,administration I think broadly the left,is having this meltdown over Twitter and,Elon Musk because they feel at least,some of that total control slipping away,so we're seeing these tantrums and these,threats and what strikes me David about,your opening monologue is you played,that sound bite from Korean Jean-Pierre,speaking on behalf of the president,saying what she said we all watched it,but leading up to that response the,reason she gave that answer was because,she was asked a question by a Reuters,journalist who is basically begging the,government to engage in censorship and,control and it seems very backwards and,poisonous for members of the press the,First Amendment folks supposedly to be,sort of cheering on this sort of thing,because they are so tribally aligned,with the Democrats that last part,actually I actually included that,focused on that last night and you're,absolutely right and something really,suicidal about the the Press saying,please censor me I mean it's just crazy,but sticking with you for a second guy,again cepheus the idea that that Janet,Yellen is now thinking of using cepheus,to essentially close down Twitter let's,get right to it that's what they're,trying to do ciphius is supposed to go,after uh you know companies that have,some kind of foreign interest foreign,manipulators behind the scene pulling,all the strings some people would say,that would apply better to Apple than it,would to Twitter right now,well this is saber rattling from the,treasury secretary basically saying,without using these exact words nice app,you have there a nice platform you have,there would be a shame if something were,to happen to it and we'll find any,Byzantine excuse within our grasp to,visit some punishment on you if we see,fit I would love to know the back story,David between as you referenced Yellen,basically saying we don't really have,the authority to go after them this way,and then the reversal got to her who was,chirping in her ear and what exactly,caused that I think that would be,fascinating and probably pretty,disturbing yeah well she's she's a tool,and and clearly she's being used by,somebody manipulated in either way she's,not sure what's up or at this point but,Joel let me talk to you my friend,because I'd love to be a a b if you,don't mind in the room when you were,discussing if you were discussing uh,with Elon Musk about whether to come,back on whether there were any,conditions Etc You've Really Got skin in,the game you were taken off by the old,Twitter you were put back on by Elon,Musk and his folks how did that come how,did that go down,yeah well I think we all know that the,the real reason this is such a big,controversy right now is is the left,just doesn't like our jokes you know,they're they're mad that the Babylon B,is back in business but no I I think uh,you know in all seriousness the the,government uh lost a very uh powerful uh,tool of censorship when Elon bought,Twitter,um I think that,um you know they've essentially been,laundering their their suppression of,free speech uh using this company and uh,and it's a huge loss for them I think,additionally what Elon has done in,addition to bringing us back he's he's,talked about bringing back all the,accounts that uh that were banned for uh,sharing what Twitter deems coveted,misinformation and the thing about that,is a lot of the the questioning of the,covet narrative uh came from the right,and,um when those people were silenced it,wasn't just people who questioned covet,narrative that were being silenced it's,people who were questioning gender,ideology it's people who are being who,are questioning you know critical race,Theory questioning the administration,and uh you know Twitter essentially kind,of in the middle of this covid crisis,had this way to silence a mass number,um of conservatives and so I think for,for those reasons the left's really,freaking out about well they wanted,total control I mean that's why I use,the word totalitarianism totalitarianism,um by the way I just want you've you've,already taken on some of what's,happening in the Babylon B I'm happy to,say here's here's a headline that you,just came out with Tim Cook says he's,ready to pull Twitter from App Store,onc

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Guy Benson: I would be surprised if Trump didn't return to Twitter

Guy Benson: I would be surprised if Trump didn't return to Twitter

elon musk's plan to bring back former,president trump's twitter account is,getting support from the social media,giant's co-founder remember him jack,dorsey he tweeted this it was a business,decision it shouldn't have been and we,should always revisit our decisions and,evolve as necessary i stated in that,thread and still believe that permanent,bands of individuals are directionally,wrong,guy benson is a fox news radio show host,it's a great show and he's also fox,contributor and he is here what's,happening what do you think of that,it's an interesting line from jack,dorsey right like he had power over this,it was his decision to make and i like,self-reflection i like looking back and,saying okay maybe we could have done,things differently i think there's,probably a number of people down at,mar-a-lago and elsewhere saying okay,where was this thought process when you,actually no doubt about it,i mean this was far from a profiling,courage,right right the next guy says,if i say that maybe i'll get banned,today but where was jack dorsey a year,and a half ago and now he's chiming in,because he wants to make sure that musk,gets the deal done that's right they're,inaudible what musk said here watch,watch watch watch,permanent fans should be extremely rare,and really reserved for,accounts that are,bots or,spam scam accounts i do think that it,was not correct,to,ban donald trump i think that was that,was a mistake because it alienated a,large part of the country and did not,ultimately result in donald trump not,having a voice,it seems quite reasonable and common,sensical pretty good analysis there and,i think what a lot of people have,wondered throughout this process is okay,fine twitter has their rules twitter has,their,guidelines and they are entitled to make,those and enforce them but the,enforcement seems,constantly bizarre and hypocritical and,unevenly applied how can authority you,know authoritarian governments have,their official accounts out there,tweeting things to the world when they,don't allow their own populations to,have twitter or see an unfettered,internet how can you just suggest the,destruction of israel right so exactly,the iranians the chinese the list goes,on but donald trump,who is duly elected president of the,united states of america whether you,love him or hate him that is what,happened in 2016 to ban him for any,number of sins you know fine but then,these other world leaders who banned,their own populations from looking at,the internet they're allowed to spread,actual propaganda you know anti-semitic,propaganda communist propaganda that i,think robs a lot of people the wrong way,and elon seems to have a more,enlightened view of this saying you know,that doesn't matter he lives by a code,like prince there's principles that you,should live by and he would live by them,put the ministry of foreign affairs from,russia in the same category i mean right,now they're stealing propaganda every,day during this war uh back to the,comments from musk he also said that he,should acquire twitter in two to three,months which means by the end of the,summer you know,he owns it,but he was bemoaning the fact that trump,is now on truth social,right and was suggesting that we lost a,huge part of our audience because of the,decisions that were made before him,uh he's not wrong about that however,my question is this trump has said,publicly he's not going to come back to,twitter right he's got truth now that's,his baby that's his realm if you want,trump tweets basically go to truth,social,does he have,the discipline to stay off of twitter,can he resist the siren song of those,millions of followers and those jokes,driving the media crazy well and also,driving people to truth social via,twitter right occasionally popping his,head up and saying remember like an i'm,back,slam dunk tweet from donald trump would,be one of the most viral tweets in the,history of twitter right about that he,could then direct people over to his own,thing and sort of play both sides of it,which he often does yeah so,i would be surprised if he sticks by,this plan of saying oh no more twitter,for me i think he likes it too much and,i think it benefits him in a number of,ways politically,i would just add to that that would be,one heck of an nft would it not it would,sure be that's one and number two watch,the tail number on elon musk's jet,because when he lands at mar-a-lago,maybe there's something doing this,thank you guy my pleasure good to see,you guys

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Guy benson fox twitter shadowban

Guy benson fox twitter shadowban

it's happening one we shift it to a,ranks timeline two years ago we started,ranking based on what our algorithms,believe that you will find more,interesting that you will find matter,it's based on who you follow it's based,on who you engage with it's not based on,decisions that we make political editor,Fox News contributor the host of Benson,and Hart radio show guy what what did,you think of that response well we had a,really fascinating 13 minute interview,and it's up at Benson and are calm if,people want to listen to the whole thing,he went on to say that there are a,couple different factors going on and,this is actually very complicated if,you're not a Twitter user and especially,if you're not super tech savvy there are,different elements of what people are,saying is a so-called shadow ban which,the company insists they do not do but,there are other elements that they can,exercise and other tools at their,disposal that can reduce someone's,visibility to the average Twitter user,some of that is based on algorithms,where the computer is speaking broadly,make these decisions and one of them is,when you search someone's name prominent,people who are close to that search will,often Auto populate as like a phage,write down menu so if you were typing in,Melyssa trying to find your name if you,got to Melissa and I think it's a and,then if fr and then your name isn't,showing up for some reason hey you're on,Fox News and Fox Business Network why,are you showing up that was happening to,the RNC chairwoman to a number of,members of Congress and Jack Dorsey told,me that was a mistake it was wrong and,it was corrected on Twitter's part I,think they are very much aware of,concerns that out in Silicon Valley big,tech is putting its thumb on the scale,against conservatives and I think part,of the reason that they agreed to do the,interview and sit down with me is to at,least try to be more transparent and,address these concerns head-on rather,than just sending out a tweet and hoping,that's good enough and,what was also disturbing about this for,people that are out there is that it,could be someone that used to populate,your screen before because it says you,know when he said in his answer it,depends on who you are and who you,follow and that's what you were seeing,that struck me as false because it was,for you know it's somebody you would,have seen a lot before all of a sudden,disappeared from I mean I had this,experience from my particular profile as,I went through there looking for someone,and it makes it seem like you know his,explanation was it accurate I don't go,ahead his explanation was partially true,but yes there have been instances that,aren't fully explained by what he said,now he did note in the interview that,the function where they changed their,algorithm where they tried to sort of,boost relevant twins that their system,believes would be more relevant to you,you can turn that off as a user you can,go back to the old timeline that was,based only on you know the time at which,tweets were sent but you have to go in,there and manually do that yourself by,the way Melissa another thing that I,asked him about because I thought this,was very important ultimately they can,talk about algorithm algorithms they can,talk about the machines and the way that,they operate there are human beings who,do make important decisions as for,content and I said Jack Silicon Valley,is notoriously left-wing I was at a,conference Twitter had all of their,global employees in one room there's,almost 4,000 people I spoke on a panel,and I wondered I actually asked him,off-camera I wonder what percentage of,those people out there what have voted,for Donald Trump or voted even for the,Republican Party and my guess is that,would be a very very small number and he,acknowledged you said yes we do have an,in celerity problem and we have heard,here in big tech that there are people,and at Twitter there are people within,the company who hold views maybe on the,right end of the spectrum who feel like,they cannot speak up and give those,views share those use,loud in the Twitter culture he said that,was not acceptable and they have to do,better,yeah and it's everywhere Facebook is,welding of two leaders arbitrations who,have fired the left I deleted my own,Facebook profile yesterday it just this,has become this really dicey thing guy,Benson thank you I wish we had more time,you can have more data because les,Moonves

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Guy Benson calls out LeBron James for latest hypocrisy | Guy Benson Show

Guy Benson calls out LeBron James for latest hypocrisy | Guy Benson Show

and joining us now is Will Kane co-host,of Fox and Friends Weekend on Fox News,Channel also host of the Wilkin podcast,at, well great to have,you back here,what's up Guy Benson,I'm excited to get some of your takes on,the following sound bite LeBron James,NBA star is very annoyed with the media,because I guess they haven't been asking,him about a story he thinks they should,obviously be asking him about which is a,controversy in a different sports League,the NFL here's what he said chiding and,scolding reporters in Cut 25. I have one,question,I was thinking when I was on my way over,here,I was wondering why I haven't gotten a,question from you guys about the Jerry,Jones Photo,when the Kyrie thing was going on you,guys were quick to ask us questions,about that,when I watched Kyrie talk and he says I,know who I am,I want to keep the same energy,we're talking about my people and the,things that we've been through,and,that Jerry Jones Photo,is one of those moments,that are people black people have been,through in America,all right will so he's kind of angry,here peeved with the news media that,they didn't come rushing to him with,cameras and microphones to ask him about,Jerry Jones who is the owner of the,Dallas Cowboys and this decades-old,photo of him that has emerged can you,just explained the context of what he's,talking about first for people who don't,know and then we can talk about uh,LeBron's little tantrum here,disappointed guy the king is,disappointed with his cork I don't know,that I'd go so far as to say angry but,he is very in the way a father is upset,with his children he is very,disappointed the context here is twofold,I'm sure your audience is familiar at,some extent with the Kyrie Irving,controversy where and I don't even know,that I have all the details nailed down,but Kyrie retweeted a video a movie of,some type that people have said is,anti-Semitic and then he didn't really,apologize and wouldn't,I guess give the media the response they,thought it required and then Kyrie,had really most of the media,establishment and I can't remember how,big the Fallout went fall down upon him,and I guess as part of that controversy,around Kyrie questions were asked of,LeBron,secondarily The Washington Post reports,last week,there's this and by the way just briefly,just just to clarify Kyrie Irving and,that whole controversy was at least,related to and involving an NBA player,which is what LeBron also is this is a,player in LeBron's league in his sport,and then you're about to talk about the,Washington Post report in the NFL a,different sport,correct,um and I'll tie them together but I'll,just add the detail this one more,important detail that that you didn't,say there which is Kyrie and LeBron were,teammates not just in the same sport but,they were teammates and at one point in,life friends now into the NFL the,background is that this report The,Washington Post shows a picture of Jerry,Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys in,Little Rock Arkansas in I believe the,1950s it's 66 years ago where it is the,integration of the school and the young,black kids who are going into school,that day for the first time are meeting,a mob of it appears angry white kids,blocking their path into school it's not,an image we've seen but we've seen the,type of image in the past from actually,other high another school in Little Rock,in that photo sort of in the background,not amongst the I'd say half a dozen you,know boys up front with angry Scouts on,their faces yelling at these black kids,it's Jerry Jones sort of,um water necking craning craning his,neck to see what's going on watching his,face showing no emotion and from that,people have extrapolated a massive,narrative that this explains why Jerry,Jones has never hired black coaches or,black head coach in the NFL and it it,belies Jerry Jones racism it's also of,note I think that Jerry Jones was 14,years old in this photo,so here's LeBron now saying why do you,guys ask me about Kyrie but you don't,ask me about Jerry Jones,which is just insane and narcissistic,guy I mean the details which you just,said one is in your sport the NBA one is,a performer teammate in Kyrie Irving the,other is in another sport the NFL in an,incident that occurred 66 years ago and,I I addressed this on Twitter this,morning guy if you want to be a general,social commentator which he does that's,clear and you want to chastise the,public for not asking you your opinion,on General social commentary because now,you want to go a field right you want to,go in the NFL,then you should have to answer questions,for the social unrest the human rights,abuses in China where you make millions,like if this is the game you want to,play and you want to chunk rocks and be,a social commentator be aware you live,in a glass house and you are profiting,off of from within the regime that is,one of the most oppressive in modern day,America or modern day in the globe in,modern day,and I just want to come back to

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McCarthy 'chaos' could be useful these next 2 years: Guy Benson

McCarthy 'chaos' could be useful these next 2 years: Guy Benson

yay after a Wild Weekend backdoor deals,and a record 15 rounds of voting just,after midnight Kevin McCarthy won the,speakership listen,The Honorable Kevin McCarthy of the,State of California having received a,majority of the votes cast is duly,elected Speaker of the House of,Representatives,all right and here's how the vote,finally broke down McCarthy with 216,Hakeem Jeffries got 212 and six voted,present which helped McCarthy clinch the,gavel by reducing the number of votes he,needed for the majority,foreign,from the great state of California and,the next speaker of the 118th Congress,Kevin McCarthy,ultimately the past several days were,about negotiations McCarthy agreed to a,range of things from only one lawmaker,needed to propose a new speaker be put,in place to voting on term limits in his,speech on the house floor he shared his,vision for uniting the legislative body,my father always told me,it's not how you start it's how you,finish,the hard work begins I may not know all,of you some of you are new,but I hope one thing is clear after this,week,I never give up,no he doesn't ever give up and I want to,take it out to the table and wish,everyone a Happy New Year it's great to,be with you on this first big Saturday,show of the new year okay so some,exciting news over the past week for any,political junkie what I want to put up,on the screen first are the list of,things that Kevin McCarthy agreed to if,we can put that list up first first of,all again one lawmaker can make the,motion to elect a new speaker of votes,on term limits votes on budget,resolution that balances the budget in,10 years not to increase the debt limit,without spending cuts not to bring bills,to the floor unless 72 hours have passed,and seats on Rules Committee for House,Freedom caucus members okay guy I'm,gonna go to you first uh because I know,you were up late watching this you had,your popcorn my big my big Friday night,yeah your big Friday night until 1am,watching maybe a glass of wine I don't,know I'm just saying um okay so these,things these items that the house,Freedom caucus wanted in the end they,got are these Fringe right-wing ideas or,are these good ideas for the American,people I think some of them are good,ideas I think some of them could cause,some Havoc down the road I think the,McCarthy team had their first job right,in front of them which is we can't do,anything literally anything until the,gavel is in someone's hands they wanted,to be McCarthy he got it after this,modern record 15 rounds of voting now,really the harder part begins because we,just watched this fractious Republican,conference take four days to get a,speaker in place when there are big,ticket pieces of legislation we now know,it takes five lawmakers from any,Coalition in the House of,Representatives particularly on the,Republican side to say no we don't want,this to happen so you know we'll see I,think some of that chaos could actually,be useful over the next two years some,of it may not and I think what the,Republicans are going to have to do over,these next 24 months or so is take a,page out of the Democrats Playbook of,the last two years saying ultimately if,we stick together we can get things done,if we don't then we'll see some repeats,of the last four days which occasionally,might be appropriate but I don't think,voters want to see it too often yeah and,it is uh amazing how 20 people can hold,up this whole process right whether,you're forward or against it five people,five people yeah five people what's uh,very interesting to watch and you know I,read where Nancy Pelosi was saying a,couple of days ago that g maybe Kevin,McCarthy is going to need a psychiatrist,or a doctor to deal with this and she,couldn't understand how this was,happening I didn't think that those were,very productive comments they were sort,of petty and nasty but anyway Charlie I,want to go to you but I want to hear,let's hear from Kevin McCarthy from the,floor he's talking about moving forward,and what the agenda it will be let's,listen to that,but when we come back our very first,bill,will appeal the funding for 87 000.,you see,We Believe government should be to help,you not go after you but we also pledge,to bring Congress to the people,because answers have not,and will not always be found in,Washington,that's why one of our very first,hearings,will be held on the southern border,okay so there you go speaker Kevin,McCarthy talking about his agenda moving,forward listing some of the things that,he would like to do he talked about,addressing the Border crisis first he,also has talked about investigating the,origins of kovid investigating Hunter,Biden and whether his business dealings,involved his father and what exactly,were the business dealings with China,those kinds of things so Charlie is that,are those the things that the American,public voted on that's what they want,from these lawmakers and do they really,care about what happened over the last,week is that important to see

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Citizen Watchdog Training - Keynote Speaker - Guy Benson

Citizen Watchdog Training - Keynote Speaker - Guy Benson

I'm very sad to announce our next,speaker keynote speaker for lunch menu,you know we've got Benson the political,editor of town volcom he's also host of,the guy doesn't show that airs above,chicago NGC you probably seen him out of,her box news and charges of the depths,of MSNBC single-handedly taking on,through a little at a time on the Rachel,show just last week they use one of our,market probably contributors and,commentators on the right we're very,proud to happen with us today please,give a big round of applause,thank you so much Eric have you guys,seen just before I get into the,substance of what i want to say because,see this obama wedding registry thing i,mean if you're uninitiated the obama,campaign is desperate for cash at the,moment and they're suggesting on their,website that if you're getting married,between now on the election that you,forgo wedding gifts and ask your guests,to donate to barack obama instead i'm,not making that up and i wrote about,that last night one of our commenters a,town hall had a great line said Barack,Obama's the gift that keeps on taking it,always is the perfect so what are the,rules of public key can you hear me okay,it isn't is this one better one of the,rules of public speaking is when you,start a speech you want to ingratiate,yourself with the audience you want to,get the audience to sort of like you a,little bit come across as like a wolf,and I've always been a rebel by nature,so I'm going to break that home right,now and tell you that I stand before all,of you today as a lifelong fan of the,twenty seven time world champion New,York one and here's the thing though,what might separate us on sports whether,it's bucky dent or Aaron Boone Horry and,Curt Schilling what we share in common,here is a United love of country Liberty,and the Constitution at the end of the,day those things matter a lot more than,baseball though baseball matters a lot,especially after this,the ones my plan is just to speak for a,few minutes and I'd be happy if we have,x it is to take a couple questions,citizen journalism is kind of a modern,media revolution people talk about the,old days or as three networks and a few,like a title and tiny handful of,newspapers that could dominate the media,narrative that is ancient history I,would have been say that the days where,talk radio in fox news had overwhelming,influence those days are waiting they,are receding although their impact is,still fast we're kind of pushing into a,new frontier buoyed by technology and I,think a growing and richly earned,distrust of the ruling class and a,simmering anger at the existing media,for not doing its job being out of,laziness or cluelessness or lease ism or,rent partisanship or some combination,thereof so the iconic American turn of,phrase We the People which of course is,in the form of the Constitution it has,been refreshed I think recently in the,last decade or so with a new meaning and,you guys are a part of this revolution,which i think is very exciting but it,also comes with some degree of,responsibility as well so what is a,citizen journalist part of my own,background as I actually went to Carlos,I attended madill at Northwestern,University I was one of like for,conservatives in the school's history,and now I am in a very blessed position,to be a paid salary writer and analyst,for which I hope you,checked out regularly I have the,opportunity radio and as Eric mentioned,television that sort of thing but I view,my role is that are telling the truth,and offering the sharpest opinion and,analysis that I can muster while also,openly acknowledging not hiding my other,biases I think that's one of the biggest,sources of corruption in the mainstream,media is they are biased everyone seems,to know their bias but they've just,dogged Lee refused to admit it which i,think is there they're talking about,transparency but they're not even,transparent about themselves and their,own beliefs that's a key difference in,the mainstream media but you know some,of us are in a position where we are,full-time working journalists but that,applies to very few of you if any in,this room today that's because you have,another role at the at least in this,stage of your life that we plan not,everyone can be Ruslan well not everyone,can run for office you're here to equip,yourselves with the tools to make a,difference here in Massachusetts and,around New England in your local,communities and in your state and I,can't overemphasize this local and state,reporting and digging and cleaning up,the mess is so important because people,tend to get really excited about the big,national stories and they are important,they're very important but other stuff,goes by the wayside and people closest,to those stories have to be the ones to,do that hard work and that's why you all,are here today think of it this way what,might be tomorrow's big national story,probably is going to start,at the state and local level someone,doesn't just become the

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Guy Benson: This would be a huge mistake

Guy Benson: This would be a huge mistake

now on set Guy Benson hosted the guy,Benson radio show and Fox News,contributor and Roman daravi former,White House Deputy comms director of,Welcome kids let me put the permitting,aside for a minute okay unless you have,a brain desire,um Guy Benson the commitment to America,came out today I want to get your take,on it and the big question is will it be,politically effective will it push the,Republican Cavalry over the line I think,overall it's good I think they were very,careful about how to roll this out what,to put in it what to leave out we've,seen a few little let's say spasms of,drama on the Senate side with a plan,that the nrsc chief had put out and then,clashed a little bit with McConnell I,think they have sought to avoid that,here on the house side they tried to,make a splash they had their event today,I think for them to have a proactive,agenda that they can point to and if,people decide to look it up I think a,lot of it is pretty unobjectionable you,know Democrats will say we disagree but,I I think that they've been pretty,strategic about this I'm not sure,ultimately the Republicans bullet point,plan is going to make that big of a,difference in this political environment,but it is good to have at least,something you can point to that says,we're not just against the mess that's,happening right now under one party rule,yeah it's a pretty good message but we,have something else here that we're,offering us we like positive agendas and,look the headliners here is on the,economy and inflation I'm just looking,at it and crime which I think are the,two big issues and so as guy said it's,good to have a positive agenda but,here's it Biden's saying and yet Janet,Yellen saying the same thing here's,Biden today says,we need to kill the filibuster in order,to pass this Federal abortion act okay,which would go right up to The Bitter,End right partial birth even after the,baby is alive and they're all saying,Biden has said this yelling has said,this others have said this they can't,wait the agenda to finish uh tax hikes,on corporations on small businesses and,not well-to-do individuals so the stakes,are pretty high Roma driving look I,think the Democrats do one thing very,well and that's reading from the same,transcript they know how to talk about,the same thing over and over again such,as abortion in order to get their base,fired up what we're seeing here is the,House Republicans have gotten in line,they have their priorities it's the,economy it's the Border it's crime it's,schools it's safety it's Freedom really,is what it is so I'm very excited to see,that we have this positive very clear,concise message that's being shared to,the American people but it's not going,to be the only thing that gets us over,the Finish Line right you're going to,see two very important things over the,next couple months happen number one,Donald J Trump will be on the,Congressional Campaign Trail and number,two the Congressional members will be,reading from this Playbook so those,things I think will make very clear to,the American people what their choices,are you can continue with what's been,happening over the last year and a half,two years now which is terrible or you,can read from this new playbook safety,security economic Prosperity your,children can go to school and learn not,that there are thousands of different,genders but that there are parents will,have your parents will have your the,parents will have a say in the classroom,right so I think these are fairly,important things they're not new things,we've been talking about them for quite,a while but if they're all if they're,all singing from the same Hymnal that's,got to be a good thing uh Unity uh Unity,of purpose right coherence these are,good things in politics just I think,that the education piece is really,important to to pause on for a moment,you say it's a good thing it's it's,helped in the past it was the issue in,2021 that got Glenn young and elected he,did a great job on other issues but what,put him over the top was anger over the,schools and a point that I've been,making now for weeks I'd yank it on the,radio show this week or saying hey I was,concerned Republicans were not focusing,on that issue nearly enough because we,have not had a national referendum,election on what these teachers unions,and Democrats did to our kids in this,country for a year and a half this is,the first national election where,parents and others can render a verdict,on that and for Republicans I get it,inflation crime border they should,absolutely hammer on those but to leave,the education piece out of it I think,would be a huge mistake and for them to,focus on it the way they are in this,plan I think that's encouraging I hope,that it's one of the closing arguments,that Republicans I like that a lot guy,you know we had,um Claudia Tenney and bethan dine two,very strong congresswoman on the GOP,side and I raised that very issue I said,I don't want it to get lost in the fine,print it's not t

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Joe Biden seems ‘bewildered’: Guy Benson

Joe Biden seems ‘bewildered’: Guy Benson

bring in fox news contributor and fox,news radio host guy benson to discuss,i'm just going to play two of the,examples about deterrence that his own,administration used watch here,the purpose of the sanctions has always,been and continues to be deterrence and,yes deterrence is part of our objective,if he goes further we will go further,and you could go on and on that montage,could go for a long time what do you,think it was like as a white house,communications team watched the,president yesterday say,something that totally contradicted,everything that they had been saying on,sanctions up to now,well maybe they were wondering is there,a way for us to go back and destroy a,lot of videotape so no one has it,anymore because the vice president said,what she said the white house press,secretary said what she said the,secretary of state said what he said,basically every person speaking on,behalf of this administration talked,about sanctions through the prism of,deterring putin and they were saying,that it would deter putin the suite of,sanctions of course that didn't work out,well didn't actually happen and here's,the president yesterday asserting that,he never said any such thing and that,the sanctions were never meant to deter,and it's just incoherent,we were hopeful that these things and,these policies would achieve x y and z,yeah they didn't but we still believe,that they're going to achieve,a b and c and we're moving forward as a,united front with nato and so on and so,forth you can pivot away from this but,what biden chose to do the president,chose to do was simply deny the reality,that has been recorded over and over,again about what his own team's talking,point was not years ago weeks ago well a,decent follow-up question to him saying,that they weren't supposed to deter is,to say well then what were you doing to,deter,what else was there,right but his comment was not only were,these sanctions not meant to deter,sanctions never deter,so okay then what to your point was the,policy to that end and i'm not sure he,would have a great answer to that,because it felt like he was flying by,the seat of his pants on this answer,just like he was on the chemical weapons,answer where he said the united states,would respond in kind or nato would,respond in kind if russia used chemical,weapons in ukraine what on earth does,that mean i think we need definite,clarity on that as well,guy last night,kevin mccarthy was on jesse's show jesse,waters prime,and he was talking about president,biden's tendency to want to blame things,on other people listen to this and then,you tell me if it's fair,he wants to blame everybo everything,else for his failed policies be at the,border be it the gas prices by denying,us a pipeline but allowing putin and now,he's saying the sanctions weren't there,but because of those actions,he entered another country,guy,yeah look the president has an approval,rating in the low 40s on average for a,reason and the american people are,hearing the excuses they're not buying,the excuses and the president will be,held accountable in the midterm,elections and his party will likely lose,quite a few seats to your previous,discussion meanwhile he's got people,nipping at his heels from the left,saying oh it's actually your fault so,he's getting a lot of blame a lot of,that is fair but he's caught in the,middle and he seems at times a bit,bewildered,well evan's going to have to turn it,tune in to you at 3 p.m for a radio,which is an amazing show it's a really,good show check him out guy benson thank,you have a good weekend

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