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KLAY THOMPSON on Memphis Grizzlies player tweeting “Strength in Numbers”: “Twitter fingers” smhin pr


Updated on Feb 24,2023

KLAY THOMPSON on Memphis Grizzlies player tweeting “Strength in Numbers”: “Twitter fingers” smh

in progress,we're going to start with shane on the,right,clay,shane young ford sports,i know you're a man of reflection these,days,as you reflect on where you were just,last year the year before,even in,2019 what emotions come to mind after,this moment,uh,a lot of mixed ones to be honest i mean,2019 it was easier except because i've,never been hurt before in that five year,run took a lot out of us but the second,time it happened it was like,what the heck is going on man and,just to,just to,stay with it,do the most,just a,calf raise after calf raise after,underwater treadmill so many days not,even touching a ball,then they go through this season with,the ups and downs and even these,playoffs i mean,i'm just,at a loss for words at times because i,just knew this was possible but to be,here in real time,man i don't,i don't want to leave i just want to,enjoy every second of this i know how,fleeting it can be,we'll go to tanya here on the left um i,was just gonna ask you,about not wanting to leave the stage,um but what was that you were up there,with steph dancing you know and just,enjoying that moment do a lot of dance,in the summer yeah dance machine,what what what was that like up there,what were you feeling when you were,oh man i was feeling,absolutely incredible,i was feeling just so high on life that,i did not want to leave the stage and,i just know how hard this is and to be,here for a fourth time like,so grateful for my teammates like,i saw at the beginning of season people,call me crazy i said championship and,bus because i saw what,how we came out the gate 18 and two,and,playing just that warriors brand of,basketball that made us so successful,and then knowing that i was going to be,inserted in that i knew we had a chance,to do something special and here we are,like this is so so incredible wow,we'll go next to daniel in the middle,daniel bell bso um steph said that this,one hits different than the other three,given everything you guys have been,through and everything that was said,about you guys do you feel that same,thing,a lot of chatter,a lot of chatter a lot of doubters,you know what you just put that in your,fuel tank and you just keep going,and it does definitely hit different,like,the guys we integrated,here we could not be here without them,whether it was wigs who's around the,corner i don't know he's chilling,somewhere,there he is,that man made my life so easy i used to,have to do his job and i'm looking at,him like that is exhausting bro you got,to get buckets and guard the best player,that's crazy,jordan poole his development uh the guys,he picked up a free agent agency like,otto and belly,how about kavon looney the man had a 22,rebound game,just all around,all down the board like and this was,beyond the guys who got big minutes in,playoffs guys like juan tiscano and,damien lee,who are ready when they're called upon,and won us big games in the regular,season so this was a collective effort,and strength in numbers is alive and,well,i can't wait there's this one player on,the grizzlies who tweeted strength in,numbers after they beat us in the,regular season and it pissed me off so,much,i can't wait to retweet that thing,freaking bump that i had to watch that,almost like this freaking cloud,okay,okay,okay sorry that memory just popped up,you're gonna mock us like you ain't,never been there before bro we've been,there we know what it takes so to be,here again hold that,we'll do the last couple for clay mark,spears,background twitter fingers can you,believe it,mark in the background,uh clay um i got a memory like an,elephant i don't forget and there was a,lot of people kicking us when we were,down huh where do we eat breakfast when,i interview you for the first time,what's up oh,man i forgot but it was right by,broadway i forgot the name but i,remember it was downtown oakland,and i don't think you could guess i'll,be here for a fourth time mark you'd,probably be like heck no,what so be here again this is incredible,okay,uh the bahamian flag yep,talk about your bohemian pride and,bringing the flag,uh well it's been a part of my story,since i was a child my father was the,first foreign-born number one pick even,before wigs can you believe that,for air canada there was air bahamas,so,i know my family is in nassau watching,and we had a tough year losing our uncle,colin who is such a big part of our fam,he was the oldest brother of my,my dad's side and he was a legend on the,island and,i just,uh loved the bahamas with all my heart,like,i loved visiting my grandparents my,cousins when i was a kid and i can't,wait to go back and celebrate with all,my family this summer um,i just think about them all the time and,we've not only myself but our families,face adversity last few years losing my,uncle paul and my uncle,colin and my aunt patty it was and,with life things go on so,i just keep them in my heart when i go,out there hoop,last one sam in the middle,clay uh like you said memory like an,elephant and t

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Nets-Grizzlies NBA Finals? Stephen A. Smith makes bold prediction | Draymond Green Show

Nets-Grizzlies NBA Finals? Stephen A. Smith makes bold prediction | Draymond Green Show

and taking it to the end of the year who,do you got in the finals,the start of the season I had y'all the,Golden State Warriors versus the,Brooklyn Nets okay,um my prediction I don't think is,looking that bad right now see I'm not,worried about y'all the way everybody,else is and so my attitude is if you can,win at home you'll figure out how to win,on the road,that damn Klay Thompson and I say that,damn Klay Thompson because you know I,love me some Klay Thompson I think Klay,Thompson's one of the top five Shooters,in the history of basketball and this,brother you know all of these not over,the last three games average number 25,he looks like the clay I know and love I,don't know what the hell is going on,within the previous 17-18 games I'm like,what the hell is that you know uh Jordan,Poole I believe in him I I I expected,more from Wiseman I expected more from,kamenga and Moody,um the fact that those are question,marks I think the Memphis Grizzlies,deserve the nod over y'all right now and,I'm not sleeping on the Pelicans but I,say that with this caveat,if Klay Thompson is Steph Curry,get going,I don't give a damn who goes up against,y'all y'all taking them out,y'all taking them out and and and Boston,is the most complete team that a better,team I think Brooklyn would beat,Milwaukee,I don't know if they beat Boston they,gotta get a big body to deal with the,likes other Robin Williams of the world,they got to get a big body but KD Kyrie,shoot even Watanabe uh Seth Curry uh uh,I mean Patty Mills these brothers are,marksmen and I'll go as far as to say,this,I think y'all at y'all best as Marksman,I think the only team that would have a,shot to beat y'all at your best,is a Brooklyn Nets team at their best,because they can shoot two,it will take that in order to knock,y'all off I would tell you Boston and,Memphis deserve the nod today but I'm,holding on to the dear life to my,preseason prediction you all versus the,Brooklyn Nets I think that's I think,that's a strong preseason you think,Memphis is ready you think Memphis is,ready to take that jump to them are you,ready for this I think Memphis is ready,and I think it's your fault,why is it my fault because you know you,whooping it up with the crowd in Memphis,you get them going you understand what,I'm saying you got that going you know,Joshua boy but you like talking to him,y'all like talking back and forth cause,they like talking they like absolutely,throughout my life are covering Sports,the one thing I've always paid attention,to are those truly knocking at the door,Memphis is knocking that door now I know,there's a part of y'all that believe Jah,getting hurt it was shoot it was more,difficult of an adjustment for y'all,because y'all didn't know what they were,gonna throw at you once y'all got hurt,which is why they blew y'all out in game,five before y'all came and won game six,and ended the series,but John is something to behold and by,the way I want to throw him in an MVP,conversation as well because he deserves,to be in there because I'm here to tell,you something right now this brother,John Moran,if he's healthy and he's going against,y'all,and they got home court advantage,and you got a game seven in Memphis,great,that's a tall cat that's a tall task,for them yeah yeah I agree I agree but,I'm just saying I'm not sleeping on them,bro I'm not sleeping on them they are,Memphis and they can shoot they've got,athletes they ain't scared they,aggressive they go forward they go for,it see New Orleans to me is the new,Memphis Memphis is knocking at the door,they tipping at your heels,so I'll tell you how I see that because,I think Memphis is knocking at the door,as well,um and I and and I think uh,I think they are to be reckoned with,like I don't look at them and be like,that's nothing like no we got to deal,with them,I know that we will deal with them but,we have to deal with them but,the thing that that Memphis the problem,that they're going to have and I'm gonna,say this because it's my little brother,and I say it to him every time I see him,right Jaren got to stop following they,can't they cannot compete in the playoff,series especially with us if Jaren does,not stop following Jared can't end up in,foul trouble five of the six games,it has to be on the floor because there,was going to be times Steven Adams who,who's incredible who plays his role,better than anybody in the NBA without,question there's going to be times just,in this NBA where you have to take,Steven Adams off the floor like it's,just going to happen the matchups Steph,Curry get going on the screen and,rolling you like ah we got to get big,Stevo out right the person who may be,able to defend that and share but if,he's always in foul trouble number one,you can't play aggressive right and,number two you can't play at all you're,on the bench because you're always in,foul trouble so I think the key to them,really being able to compete at that,level,is is it's actually not job like we know,who Jai is

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NBA Twitter Reacts to Warriors Beating Grizzlies on Christmas

NBA Twitter Reacts to Warriors Beating Grizzlies on Christmas

from the players to the media to Twitter,people had a lot to say regarding the,Christmas Day game between the Golden,State Warriors and the Memphis Grizzlies,John Morant said there was no team zero,team in the west that Memphis fears,Shannon how embarrassed should John be,about those comments now they should be,very embarrassed because they do all,that talking and don't do a whole lot of,winning like I said if they if if Steph,Curry has said this I ain't got no,problem with it I mean the four-time,champion the league MVP of finals MVP,and one of the greatest players I've,ever played if he wants to play Hey bro,I'm good we great we Peach out here in,the web,I'm good with that yeah what what has,the Grizzlies won don't give me this,what's he supposed to say he's supposed,to be respectful of everybody in the,Western Conference considering he hadn't,won anything they keep talking about,they keep talking about a dynasty I,don't understand what battles have you,heard what have I seen up there,well I mean I don't see any the Warriors,can say we are a dynasty we won four,championships in six years that's a,dynasty well if you want to say the,Celtics or the Lakers and when they were,magic in the 80s that was a dynasty you,ain't no damn Dynasty because you made,the playoffs and they was talking about,Dynasty and all that you can't talk,Dynasty when you haven't won before I,don't think people realize how hard that,is the commitment and sacrifice to take,I mean you gotta sacrifice your body and,I thought that was premature talk you,know to talk to even mention that word,but they bring the best out of us and I,think we do the same,and uh even though you don't like them,you gotta respect them because uh,they're a threat here are some tweets as,well as some videos from the players and,the media sharing their thoughts on the,Christmas Day game with the Golden State,Warriors defeating the Memphis Grizzlies,foreign,tomorrow,foreign,I used to love jaw he is losing me this,year I was bullish on the Grizz last,year if you recall I was riding that,band I was driving the bandwagon they,are losing me because Swagger to your,point is one thing but just empty,boasting and chest beating is quite,another I like their Swagger but you,gotta tie it to some basketball,character you have to can't go over the,delusional Edge into thinking you're,something that you haven't earned yet,because you haven't earned a thing yet,no and John doesn't seem to realize that,because he seems to be a little bit of a,victim of social media and he they've,launched a sneaker last night,thank you,thank you,but it was a little befuddling to watch,them I don't want to say I don't want to,be too harsh perk but to watch them get,punked last night by the Warriors,yeah,I mean yeah look the Warriors gave them,a spanking and I'm talking about with,the Louis Vuitton belt if you don't like,Louis Vuitton maybe it was Gucci or Miz,I don't give a damn which one but they,caught a spanking last night and I,understand that but I'm not concerned,you know why because I don't believe,that the Warriors are going to be there,the Warriors are the Memphis Grizzlies,Kryptonite that's the only team that,they have to be concerned about,thank you,foreign,thank you,let me know if you guys would like more,content like this Twitter reactions,Instagram I hope you like this video,please like And subscribe thank you

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Ja Morant and Steph Curry got into an online battle over Andre Iguodala | The Jump

Ja Morant and Steph Curry got into an online battle over Andre Iguodala | The Jump

we had one of these spiciest MBA Twitter,nights in a while and I want to recap it,for you here,Andre Iguodala has not suited up for,Memphis since being traded this summer,the assumption all season was that Iggy,would be traded to a contender or if,that couldn't happen he would be bought,out and gets you join a contender well,coming off another win last night,grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks apparently,a little fed up about being asked about,Iggy Iggy Iggy he said quote I can't,wait till we find a way to trade him so,we can play him and show him really what,Memphis is a bell JAMA rant then,retweeted that quote and things really,took off because Steph Curry came to his,former teammates defense posting this,photo of Andre holding the Larry O'Brien,trophy with a H emoji so I tweeted that,image took it from Instagram to the,Twitter drama rant answered me on,Twitter with this photo of Kevin Durant,holding the MVP Finals trophy we assume,attempting to minimize Stephanie geeze,contributions but for the Warriors last,two titles Jack clarified this by saying,quote still a fan but I ain't scared of,him talking about the staff look I think,this is all bubbling over Scottie MBA,it's all bubbling over because there's,been posturing as there is on trade,deadline week right Memphis has not,wanted to just give Andre Iguodala away,they didn't want to just buy him out so,he could go sign with the Lakers or,Clippers they want something for him,they got a first-round pick by the way,from the Warriors just for doing the,trade but they want a little bit more so,they've been holding him hostage so to,speak so another team maybe another,contender can drive up the price,somebody they could get another pick for,him something like that while Andre,Iguodala is agent makes it known,yesterday that hey if they don't trade,him he's not gonna play the rest of the,season he's fine he'll sit around and,play golf right and and that is I think,what set some of the younger,Grizzly's out of just sort of being like,oh he doesn't even want to come play,with us and you're trying to now get him,dealt or bought out or any of this and,this of course you get this quote from,Dillon Brooks are you okay with these,with younger kids saying hey get some,pride right either want to be here fine,oh I'm okay with it and I almost split,the fence they're okay because I'm okay,with what the young kids are saying what,I'm not okay with is that Andrade never,came or showed up or pay ders respect to,these younger players these players look,up to him he's played in five NBA Finals,they were looking forward to joining,hands with Andre Iguodala he brings,experience he brings sick leadership he,brings all the value that this young,team could use right now so you're,hearing frustration on their part that,they didn't have a chance to pick his,mind and be a part of you know having a,chance to win by giving that little edge,but on the other hand other side of the,fence understand Andre situation is that,he's a veteran player he don't want to,go and start playing heavy minutes he's,deal with injuries and his body is,probably not ready for the long haul of,82 game season this is a blessing in the,sky for injury he's been injured in the,last two MBA finals so this is an,opportunity for his body to heal and hey,somebody's gonna get some value on them,and look I don't know exactly which,direction the agreement came in but they,did eventually agree Andre Iguodala and,the organization agreed that he would,sit out so he's not sort of doing this,in spite of the organization that's what,I was gonna say right that's what I was,gonna say I mean this this is how these,things work and everybody knew that when,Andre you google right now I I'm with,you I get the young players tired of,asking these questions,nobody knew Memphis was going to be this,good they're a wonderful feel-good story,Brooks John Moran my boy jaren Jackson,jr. they're all they've all been,terrific what was interesting was that,Marant would come back with the KD thing,that to me was like ooh you really are,trying to spice this up a bit because I,wouldn't be disrespecting Steph Curry,but that's I'm not sure it was,disrespecting Steph Curry as much as,sort of the backing for a little trash,talk just knowing knowing those guys,John man John rant is not afraid of,anyone watch him play the trash talk he,does on the court the way he goes at the,basket it's one of the most fun things,for me that was his rookie stat team is,a blast he has courage everywhere and,one of the things I like about Steph,Curry is that he doesn't take any of,this that's seriously chemistry I don't,think Steph Curry is sitting there on,his phone today being like at home,laughing going let me see when we play,Memphis that's what he's doing three,rings for think so,so I think you were talking about guys,on all sides here who like to mix it up,who thinks it's kind of fun so why we,love the amount almost I don't think,that that anyone involved is sort of,like I c

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Takas Dedikoduları, Durant'in Sakatlığı, Memphis I Kaan Kural-İnan Özdemir & Amerikan Mutfak B31

Takas Dedikoduları, Durant'in Sakatlığı, Memphis I Kaan Kural-İnan Özdemir & Amerikan Mutfak B31

sokrates'ten Herkese merhabalar Amerikan,mutfağın yeni bölümüne Hoş geldiniz,Amerikan mutfağı yeni bölümünde Ben inan,Özdemir Kaan kuralla birlikte nba'deki,gelişmeleri konuşmaya devam ediyoruz,efendim bugün takas penceresindeki,dedikoduları tahminleri konuşacağız,sonrasında haftanın önlerine geçeceğiz,durantin sakatlığı ve haftanın soruları,da konularımız arasında Hoş geldin Kaan,abi 9 Şubat'a az kaldı yani NBA'de takas,penceresinin sona ereceği az kaldı 1 ay,kaldı ve NBA sporu sporun kendisinden,çok transfer dedikodusunu severler Çünkü,olasılıklar her zaman çok çekicidir,Özellikle bu sezonun yalnız yani son,birkaç yılda da bunu yaşamıştık belki,ama o kadar fazla takım şampiyonluk,rüyası o kadar fazla takımı Ben baya Ama,rüyası görüyorlar ki deadline'a doğru,takas penceresinin sonuna doğru giderken,ilginç hamleler görebiliriz artı Tabii,ligin yarısını da geride bıraktık Şimdi,tam yarı noktasındayız ve 3 aşağı 5,yukarı Herkes ne durumda olduğunu,gerçekten iddialı olup olamayacağını,nelerin eksik olduğunu nelerin Hani bazı,takımlarda bu sene Tamam mesela yutağın,durumunu düşün hani bundan bir ay önce,durum neydi şimdi ne ya artık herkes 3,ay ya da ındiana'nın durumunu düşün yani,Sezon başında ne düşünüyorlardı şu anda,ne düşünüyorlar gibi,ve bu takımlar artık Neye ihtiyaçları,olduğunu bunun için nelerden fedakarlık,edebileceklerini ve daha uzun vadeli,düşünenler de hani bu Kısa vadeli,planları olanlardan neler koparabilecek,demişler burada şeyi çok önemli ilk,hamleyi yapacak takımın Hem bir,dezavantajı hem de avantajı yok Kovboy,filmi bu Tabi Tabi tabi ilk silahı,yapacak kişi muhtemelen beklenenden daha,yüksek bir bedel ödemek zorunda kalacak,ya da Ailesi fakat fırsatı da kaçıracak,Yani en ön planda Yani şu anda mesela en,çok bahsedilen oyuncular kimler zaten,Indiana cephesinden,de konuşuldu Ama son dönemde çıkan,haberler yine maalesef Turner ile bu,yeni yıl ile birlikte bir kontrol,görüşmesine girdi yönünde ve kabul,etmediğim ayeste,önünü şöyle,hiçbir anlamı yok,maest Turner ayrılırsa Abi yerine kimi,alacaksın yani maestorner ölçeğinde bir,oyuncuyu kaça nereden nasıl bulacaksın,ayrıldıktan sonra bu senaryoda çok daha,verimli olabileceği daha önce,düşündüklerinden daha etkili bir oyuncu,olabileceğini gördüler Tamam myster ve,kontrat yılı olduğu için belki biraz,daha ekstra eforlu oynuyor olabilir ama,bir beş kişinin dışarıda olduğu beşlerde,potaya saldırarak oynayan maestro'ların,çok daha efekt boyalı alanları Çünkü,Mysterio'nun Biz Ne biliyoruz Muazzam,blokçu dışarıdan şut atıyor ama boyalar,korkunç yılan çok kötü bir mahkumcu işte,boyalı olan etkinliği çok düşük,boyalarla bitiremiyor vesaire diye,biliyorduk oyuncu prototipi olarak fakat,gördük ki evet Rıdvan konusunda hiçbir,zaman iyi olmayacak Onun için bir ekstra,Kolektif çabala lazım ama kötü değil,yani çok kötü edemezsin Bir 5 numaradan,beklediğinden Nazlı alsada Fakat bu,babamdan yüzü dönük potaya saplandığı,zaman bitirici olabileceğini gördüler ya,belki o yakınlarda ufak atışlar yarı,Çengel atışlar sırt dönükler sabit,olduğu pozisyonlarda gerçekten kötü,bitiriyor yani standart bir uzundandır,ama hareketliyken öyle değilmiş,seneye O kontrattan bir şey çıkarır o,yüzden bu kontratı gözetim altında,tutmayı da istiyorlar takımlar Indiana,princesiyle böyle gelişme var peki,tenking tarafına bakarsak yani satıcı,olabilecek alıcı değil satıcı olabilecek,takımlardan kim ilgini çekiyor en,önemlisi en dikkat çeken oyuncu ya şimdi,önce şunu bir belirleyelim,takımların ya,iddialı güçlenmek ister fakat ciddi,anlamda takviyeye ihtiyacı olan bazı,takımlar var farkındalar ve özellikle,Batı konferansında öyle bir denge var ki,batıdaki Herkes bir küçük hamleyle,kendini çok ileri atabileceğini,düşünüyor ya Ben hayatımda bu kadar,komik bir şey görmedim tarihinin komik,stat istiyor olabilir bu Ha şöyle Ocak,tarihinde Yani yaklaşık 6 gün 6 gün önce,Golden State,batıda 9 sıradaydı,o günden bugüne yani 9 Aralık 9 ocak'a,geldiğim 10 Ocak Bugün 10 ocak'a,geldiğimizde bir hafta geçti aradan iki,Maç yaptık Golden içinde kaybetti,ve Abi pardon dün itibariyle Yani bugün,itibariyle 2 maç oynadı ikisini de,kaybetti bir üç basamaklı yükseldi abi,bütün maçlarını kaybettim 3 basamak,yükselebildiğim bir bahane olur mu ya,maça kadar önemli,fırsatlarını kaybediyorsun ve üç,basamaklı tırmanıyorsun Çünkü herkes,şimdi herkes bir şeyler yapmaya,çalışıyor ama bunların arasında kritik,bazı takımlar var birincisi portland,portland Eğer bu sene hala yüksek,hedefler barındırıyorsa ki barındırıyor,Mutlaka Ben çevirilerini almak zorunda,Ligin en kötü ben Çin'e sahipler ve bu,sakatlıklarla alakalı değil tamam,justinizde o sakat ve tekrar Saklandı,Ama onların gelişi mutlaka bir parça,almak zorundalar ki bu zaten sezon,başından beri biliniyordu benzer şeyler,daha kısmi olarak gunbar için geçerli,Clio'nun Tabii ki 3 numaraya birini,alıyor Ama onlar,dönmesine çok kısa bir süre kaldı onlar,kendi İçlerinden bir transfer,bekliyorlar Ben burada transferde en,aktif olur yani sen Ee direkt satıcıları,söyledin a

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This NBA Rivalry Got Messy (Warriors-Grizzlies Beef History)

This NBA Rivalry Got Messy (Warriors-Grizzlies Beef History)

you know what happened after every dog,exactly,in more recent news the memphis,grizzlies golden state warriors rivalry,is heating up with the christmas game,that slated to come up in december,between these two clubs it all started,in mid-june when this fan here wanted to,see a grizz's wars christmas game john,moran being like okay but it has to be,in memphis and draymond clapping back,saying well look you gotta play at the,champs home court and you know what jon,ren's like okay fine i'm gonna come to,your crib and beat you guys up,now the christmas game that's slated to,be played this has to be the most,exciting one of the night we got what we,wanted dre,that's in regards to the christmas day,matchup to which draymond responded,that's the power of your voice young,let's go bring the fam to the crib for,dinner after but to revisit this entire,beef this rivalry that's brewing we have,to go back couple of years yes,into the very beginning of the warriors,dynasty okay back then the memphis,grizzlies halted the war 16 game winning,streak yes the warriors were the number,one team in the nba but many people,thought the grizzlies had a chance,against them and you have zebo you have,guys like jeff green this is during the,grit and grind era the prime years marc,gasol two years removed of being,defensive played here yeah this was a,team that you did not want to mess with,in the playoffs for sure it's a fact,that if you were to face this team in,the playoffs you would have a hard time,you would probably lose a couple games,and let me tell you something you might,come out of this game hurt i'm saying,these guys they're a bunch of dogs and,the warriors man,they were up for the challenge,draymond one talking about the,possibility of facing zach randolph a,fellow michigan state alum he said we,come from the same place it's a,brotherhood back there it built and it,lasts for a lifetime he was also quoted,saying we talk a lot when we play,against each other a lot he's quiet,about it you won't really notice it it,may not be like that with everybody but,he's always talking to me but sure,enough the player we didn't mention that,would be matched up against curry mike,conley i mean he had an injury of his,own to deal with and it would make the,series very complicated watch cj's left,arm elbow and forearm right there,unintentionally whether you see the slow,motion the live replay or fast forward,replay you would know this was an,egregious injury and well sure enough,it's a pretty bad one an orbital,fracture in his eye and he would have to,have surgery on it no timetable for,return oh boy this is not looking good,for the grizzlies this is the series,where mike conley's offensive firepower,is needed more than anything especially,going up against curry good execution,again by the warriors,in this series game one was essentially,a wash towards the end you could see,curry even going as far as to do the jet,celebration of course mimi king the,great jason eugene terry i mean this is,insane,i see you tight teaching in that mark,jackson he got his own airplane flying i,know most of my returning viewers are,wondering why am i sounding so different,it's because i have to paste the video,okay this this is taking too much time,yes mike conley is about to return,this is what grizzlies fans wanted to,see mike conley's name back in the,starting lineup i am orgasmic over the,storyline right here i mean this is just,straight up out of the movie mike conley,being blinded from one eye symbolizes,the pain he had to go through in order,to become stronger elevating to where he,returns with a new face,but three what a shot,my conley,that's why you need him back and aren't,you just as bricked up as i was when i,seen this mike conley and the grizzlies,won that game they ended up winning at,oracle arena,with the mask with the one eye being,hurt i mean this was symbolic pure,symbology i mean this was the perfect,series for a guy like tony allen first,team all defense,first team all defense,first team all defense,of course this references the fact that,he did make all defensive first team in,his 2015 season and,what do you know you got guys imitating,the hero conley crossing over guys,shooting freeze i mean this game was,looking very nice tony allen making,defensive plays with just ferocity and,he was just an overall force,memphis goes up by seven they go on to,win it by ten they hold golden state to,89 points holy snap that was a nostalgia,trip i was not ready for you guys could,have ended this the warriors dynasty,before the warriors dynasty even,started that's funny at this point in,the series the grizzlies had a 2-1 lead,over the eventual championship warriors,in 2015. yeah this was a big deal,burkari didn't care biggest lead,he notched a game-high 33 point in this,game four to lift up the warriors to a,tight series oh he's feeling it right,now,12-point lead looking for more curry,nice just watching this replay just,reminds me of why he was even the mvp,

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The Warriors Just HUMILIATED The Trash Talking Grizzlies

The Warriors Just HUMILIATED The Trash Talking Grizzlies

the Grizzlies and the suns are arguably,the two biggest trash talking teams in,the NBA at the moment they're both,getting embarrassed too and you know,what I love it,I mean Phoenix got what they deserved,when Aaron Gordon dunked and posterized,them and an overtime win on Christmas,Day and trust me when I say I could go,on and on about how the Suns have been,getting humiliated this season but,that's neither here nor there because,today we got the Memphis Grizzlies in,the house,so to begin telling this story let's,actually rewind the clocks of time back,a bit to 2022 where this so-called Bad,Blood rivalry started to pick up heat,late in March a depleted Warriors team,without any of their big three faced off,against the Grizzlies and were soundly,beaten a loss is a loss and credit to,the Grizzlies for doing what they were,supposed to do but after the game was,where it all started you see a certain,number of the Memphis Squad decided to,log into Twitter and write strength in,numbers which was an insult to the,Warriors famous slogan then in an,interview Dylan Brooks threw some shade,at Andre Iguodala and then without even,tasting a finals or Conference Finals,for that matter proceeded to call them a,dynasty,keep building this dynasty and keep,building this dynasty,I think I'm going to start calling this,dude Dylan Dynasty Brooks,anyways so the stage was set in motion,and uh when the postseason came around,the basketball Gods decided to play,matchmaker and as basketball fans we all,got what we wanted the warriors were to,face off against the Grizzlies in the,second round of the 2022 playoffs and oh,my goodness what I realized immediately,was that Dylan Dynasty Brooks is in the,wrong sport I mean the man should be in,the UFC instead he hurt gp2 with a,dangerous play and then almost,potentially hurt Curry 2 with an equally,dangerous play man there's a way to play,physically but that ain't it,anyways that's just the tip of the,iceberg Draymond Green then got elbowed,in the face and required stitches John,Morant then got into Steph's face and,said we're gonna have some fun he even,led a chant and said Grizzlies in seven,I'm still probably missing a lot more of,the trash talk that came from Memphis in,that series but hilariously enough just,two days after that incantation ceremony,the Grizzlies were eliminated so much,for Grizzlies and seven,John Morant was trying to play it cool,but deep down inside we all know he was,feeling like this,everything should have ended there the,Warriors won and The Grizzlies lost but,apparently for some strange reason for,the young Memphis Squad in their heads,it was just beginning because Dylan,Brooks said this and More in their exit,interview you know we're young and,they're getting old so,um they know we're coming every single,year,he was still Fanning the flame after,getting soundly beat in six games she,geez guys this man needs to see a,psychiatrist or something and here's the,kicker it doesn't end there Draymond did,an interview over the summer where he,said Memphis is going to have a Target,on their backs and so I think now,they're going to get their reality check,well the Grizzlies apparently took that,to heart and put that phrase in their,locker room and if you thought this all,ended there it doesn't this is still,literally just the beginning of it all,because about a month or two before the,season tipped off Morant was getting,into a little Twitter war with Draymond,and at the very end of it he said that,he wanted the Warriors for Christmas he,literally used the word wanted what a,statement then uh to add an exclamation,mark on everything Morant said I gotta,show you the sound bite you know yeah,this time you're not saying I would have,cooked uh I would have cooked them too,you would have cooked Michael Jordan,sheesh guys they say that youth knows no,fear but this is crossing the line if,you ask me anyways the fateful day,finally came and little did Morant know,that he and his team would be getting,absolutely humiliated Again by The,Warriors but this time on Christmas day,so here's what went down first off the,warriors were short-handed I mean they,were without Steph Curry and without,Andrew Wiggins they were missing their,two best players and The Grizzlies on,the other hand well they were at full,strength and according to Jared Jackson,Jr this is the definition of strength in,numbers at this point the stage was set,the tension was there and by all,accounts this was supposed to be a,blowout dominant win by Memphis but,instead this happened here's pool being,guarded by Dylan Dynasty Brooks he does,a jab and fakes going right then steps,back to his left and launches from 25,feet for a tray,here's another look at pool being,guarded Again by Dylan Dynasty Brooks,jp3 quickly dashes to the right and,completely loses Mr Dynasty who's like a,full six feet away when pool was already,in the air releasing his shot the,Warriors completely lit up the Grizzlies,going 18 for 44 from Beyond Th

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Kendrick Perkins RESPONDS to Warriors-Grizzlies comparisons 🤯 | KJM

Kendrick Perkins RESPONDS to Warriors-Grizzlies comparisons 🤯 | KJM

do you agree with him that this is not,quite at rivalry status yet perk,yeah yeah I agree with them although,look we understand they they talk they,both talk a lot of noise we understand,that they hate each other I get all that,but draymond's right is not a robbery,the Grizzlies have to win like they have,to win and they have to win at an,extremely high level and to be honest,with you go to state have so much,separation from the Memphis Grizzlies is,ridiculous when it comes down to one,accolades two I just don't last night,proved to me that his levels to this,love I get it I don't have Golden State,pick to win the championship but it's a,certain mentality that you gotta have,when dealing with uh when you're talking,about robberies and competing at a,championship level and although John,Moran has that I feel like that the,Memphis Grizzlies don't have that as a,whole as a team yet,yeah apart for me looking at this game,last night I thought it was the perfect,opportunity for the Memphis Grizzlies to,make a statement especially without,Steph Curry without Andrew Wiggins but,for me Jaron Jackson Jr and Dylan Brooks,and Jerry Jackson had this issue within,the playoffs last year being in foul,trouble and not being out there on the,floor to help his team what are some of,the things that you're seeing from him,especially when he plays against the,Golden State Warriors that's keeping him,off of the floor and in foul trouble,well I think it's a mentality and I,think,it's it's no coincidence coincidence,that every single time he go against,Draymond Green psychologically he's not,there like he's not there I mean it's,stupid fouls and he's actually fouling,like you know that it's almost like,Draymond is snatching his stove before,this game need to start and he's not the,best version of himself he was in that,last night and I Dre uh uh Jared Jackson,Jr he's been playing great basketball up,to last night and that's what I that's,what I meant when I said this levels to,this and it's not just if you could,score the basketball because Draymond,Green I believe probably had two points,if that made these four last night or,something around that nature but it's,his impact on the game it's his spirit,it's his tenacity and that's the thing,that we've been looking for when it,comes down to Janet Jackson Jr do we,have that it Factor like do we have that,oh that he's going to be an anchor to,the defense when they go small and can't,play Steven Adams and that's when he,gets in trouble at when it comes down to,Dylan Brooks I mean Dylan Brooks really,have been non-existent for the last two,years like he's been horrible all I've,been seeing him do is bump his gums a,lot but he has not written to the,occasion he was horrible last year in,the postseason and last night Lord that,was a disaster,Perkins joins Courtney Cronin and Harry,Douglas here on Keyshawn J Will and Max,let's talk about somebody who was not,horrible in the postseason last year and,that's Jason Tatum he dropped 41,yesterday leading Boston past the,Milwaukee Bucks and this is a Boston,team perk that had been I don't want to,use the word slumping but they'd been,slipping the last couple weeks uh losing,their before this game losing five of,their last six what's been the key for,them or what did you see from last night,for them to get back on track and turn,this Christmas Day blowout Christmas Day,game into a blowout because this is,exactly what the type of matchup many of,us are expecting to see in the Eastern,Conference Finals this year,well I will say this when it comes down,to the Celtics they have the deepest,roster in basketball you know I said it,once and I say it again,and they're they're they are they're,worse in it when they play selfish,basketball,offensively when they play uh,agenda basketball not a gender-free,basketball but when they play agenda,basketball and try to get his then they,struggle but when they play together as,a team when they get deflections when,they push the pace when those wings,Jalen Brian and Jason Tatum are getting,out of transition Marcus Smart pushing,the tempo they are a dangerous team,matter of fact they're the most,dangerous team so the Celtics you know I,think it's more so with them is about,staying of course not getting bored with,the process not getting bored with the,whole entire 82 Game season now you're,gonna lose games but I think sometimes,they tend to lack vocals and the only,concern that I have with them is that I,still have to see more out of Joe Mizzou,I mean I need to see him when it matters,the most be able to make in-game,adjustments be able to make adjustments,in the seven game series other than that,when you talk about Jason,but the complimentary players that they,have around them,um are the best in the NBA,perk last one we got for you when you,look at the NBA right now who is your,one team that you would say is flying,under the radar and can make some noise,come play off time,it's the team that's sitting number one,in t

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