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What now for Patriots, Belichick, Kraft, & Mac? | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcastthis is the Greg the g

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

What now for Patriots, Belichick, Kraft, & Mac? | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins he's Greg i'm,Nick and thanks to athletic greens your,One-Stop shopping for 75 high quality,vitamins to help you start your day,right uh Greg let's jump right into the,headlines there's a lot to talk about,before we get to this Bills game and our,thoughts on the finishing wraps of the,2022 season the post-season meeting with,Belichick and craft you and I have,talked about this over the last several,weeks it is now time because obviously,the Patriots are not in the playoffs,what have you heard about this meeting,that the timing and what's gonna,actually happen in said meeting okay so,this is now it's um midday on Tuesday,um,because of you know film,responsibilities and stuff like that I,have not had an opportunity to follow up,but as of about 24 hours ago,what I was told uh was that it was,expected that Robert Kraft and Bill,Belichick would meet,um either Monday night or Tuesday,morning it's now Tuesday midday,I don't know if that meeting has,occurred yet,uh both guys are very busy uh it,wouldn't surprise me if it got pushed,off or or delayed at some point but they,are due to meet,at some point and what's interesting,about it this time talking to people,around the team,is that,in years past when Robert and Jonathan,Robert and Jonathan should probably,usually involved but most of the time,it's just Robert,when they meet with when they meet with,Bill,um you know and it's sort of like a sort,of update to ownership type of situation,it's like you know this is our general,feelings about the season,these are some of the things that we,think we need to do to get better and,blah blah blah and that's about it and,really I was a little bit surprised to,learn that,normally bill doesn't offer to Robert,much more than he does to the media and,his sort of season-ending availability,which he had Monday which I'm sure,um we will get to and I was basically,told that,that level of update would not be,sufficient this year,that uh ownership is going into this,meeting they are not happy about where,the team is not at all I think it was,um,it it was it was symbolic it was,certainly an indication that you know,they sent out a,a very unusual email to season ticket,holders uh almost immediately the,morning after the final game normally,those don't come until right before,payments are due sort of uh end of,February beginning of March and they're,really sort of General overview stuff,about like Hey we're gonna do really,neat stuff at Gillette this year we,can't wait to have you back this time it,was all about you know football,operations and you know we're we're,going to be making critical decisions,about our football operations going,forward over the next week weeks blah,blah blah and so look the crafts are not,happy,um they're not just sitting idly by like,just waiting for oh bill you know what,are you gonna do and they want they want,to hear a plan they want to hear,acknowledgment about why things didn't,go well which we didn't get as a media,we got bills sort of lip service about,like you know wasn't good enough uh it,starts with me blah blah blah bullcrap,you know know why okay Bill yeah it,didn't go well why you know why because,of the decisions you made a variety of,them that's what he should have said,he's going to need to do that with,ownership he's going to need to present,some sort of plan about this is how,we're going to get better and he's going,to be held accountable to that plan but,I will say that as far as where both,sides are going into this meeting,um,you know it's believed and Belichick,said this in the press conference that,he wanted to be back for another season,um,that ownership uh would like him to be,back for another season but you know,he's gonna have to do he's gonna have to,give a little bit more than he has in,the past or else you know if he goes in,there and he's very defiant and we've,talked about it before if he's uh very,defensive about,what he's done what he's going to do,um I I don't think ownership reacts well,to that and so you know everyone thinks,this is going to work and go forward but,nobody knows at this point until uh the,meeting concludes,interesting I mean I think it makes,sense I know somebody on Twitter reached,out to me and said you know all craft,needs to drop the hammer I don't think,either of us thought that Kraft was,going to quote unquote drop the hammer,no and just you know released Belichick,and get rid of him and everybody's,starting Anew you know when you look at,this from 30 000 feet they're 18 and 16,over the last two years uh 2020 was not,good with Cam Newton but you also have,to put into all the mitigating,circumstances that year with you know,the fact that you had covid the fact,that you had all of those weird changes,to the games and times in the Kansas,City game and and having to play on,different days I think I think Kraft,looks at 2020 and says okay we'll give,you a mulligan there bill because it was,just weir

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How much blame does coaching staff deserve for Mac Jones's down year? - with Greg Bedard

How much blame does coaching staff deserve for Mac Jones's down year? - with Greg Bedard

Greg Bedard Boston Sports Journal Mack,has the ability to play quarterback in,this league what did that answer tell,you it was just more a bill sort of,passing the buck as to you know he,didn't take much of the blame or any of,the blame there was a lot of lip service,about accountability and starts with me,and this and that and it was a bunch of,bullcrap it was basically Bill Belichick,had a press conference where he told,everybody even though all of this was,his own doing because he has ultimate,say in everything none of it was his,fault but why not more support for Mac,Jones or why not simply say yeah he's,our guy,I mean because this is just the way he,does things and especially you know,right now I mean I I just it was it the,real answer should have been I mean he,didn't say that before the year before,and I'm going to say like before the,season he was glowing about Mac Jones,and about how much improvement he had,made and all this stuff and now he's,tepid I wonder what's changed in the,interim I mean it's obvious Bill,Belichick should have gone on there and,said look we didn't put a bunch of guys,in a good position on offense that's my,fault we're going to get it corrected,and I don't think that Max should be,judged on on a lot of things that went,on this season along with a lot of guys,on the offense because everybody,underperformed it wasn't just Mac,everybody across the board on offense,underperformed from talking to players,around the team over the past week uh,you know there's a lot of players that,first of all they're not very happy with,how Mac Jones was treated this year and,this is further Bill not being,accountable to the rest of the team the,rest of the team knows what the pro,problem was and if Bill's not going to,come out and say what it was and put it,on Mac Jones who all the players know he,was put in a crappy position by the head,coach and the more it hopefully Bill is,doing it in private if he's not he's,going to lose more players he lost,players on offense they were,disillusioned this year on offense,that's a fact and people were mad about,how things went down how Mack was,treated this year the whole Bailey zappy,stuff and you know players want,accountability and Bill again didn't do,it hopefully he's doing it in private or,else he's going to have further issues,going down the line well Matt Jones was,also asked to assess his season here's,his response it's presented by your,local Hyundai dealers it's your journey,on every Mile in a brand new Hyundai,like I said the guys in the room we,fought through a lot this year a lot up,and downs and,um learned a lot about each other,learned a lot about football,um,and just not good enough today starts,with me as a quarterback and,definitely left everything out there for,the Patriot on our Jersey and the names,on our back so that's all you can really,do you talked a lot about the players in,the locker room talk again name on the,front name on the back nowhere in there,was it the coaches he never mentioned,the coach is that telling to you oh of,course I mean he looked miserable he,looked like a hostage at the end of a,standoff like he couldn't wait to go,home and be done with this and all of,his comments were about how much we,learned I never thought that I'd learned,more than I did this season and he was a,rookie the year before and learned a lot,he learned even more in year two why,because it was a complete disaster uh,what what went on on offense and you,know what he had to go through and what,Bill Belichick put him through and so,absolutely I thought I thought Mac,Jones's press conference was one of his,best and sort of Max speak where he got,out a message then said some nice things,then got his message out the message was,the players were put in a terrible,position we know it we all know it and,things better change all right and so,guys we know things have to change from,the from the coordinator position right,you know you have to move on I didn't,know what was gonna what it was going to,be with Matt Patricia and Joe judge,we've seen it uh the results are in it's,not good enough you got to move on so,that that's fair but when it comes to,accountability do you guys think that uh,they got to change the way they do,business they got to come into like the,2020s and that I understand and you guys,understand why Bill Belichick you know,didn't name Patricia's office of,coordinator and and why he says it's,collaborative because it's a money it's,a money-saving thing but in the locker,room it doesn't play well if I want to,complain about two kickoff returns I,know who the special teams coach is if I,want to complain about the wide,receivers I know Troy Brown has wide,receivers you know who the quarterback,is the Boss by the head coach I'm sorry,and from the top down I think Robert,crash should be on board with this Bill,Belichick and the new coordinator should,say damn it name me a coordinate I'm I,will I will be accountable I'm the,offensive coordinato

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Should Mac Jones be in the Patriots Future Plans?

Should Mac Jones be in the Patriots Future Plans?

because the other part of the press,conference that jumped out to me and I,think jumped out to a lot of people,aside from the deflection of the,coaching staff decisions was again,Belichick was given the opportunity bill,was given the opportunity to fully,commit to Mac Jones as qb1 of this,organization moving forward,and he did not commit to Mac Jones,moving forward,what the hell is going on,yeah,um,I don't have a I don't have a good,answer for that,um I was disappointed in that I mean did,I did I think that he was going to be,Matt Jones's biggest cheerleader like he,was right before training camp started,this year,um no considering how this year went,um I I think that that,probably wouldn't be a good thing either,but uh again that's another opportunity,to say you know look,um Mac and the rest of the offense tried,really hard this year we tried to make,it work it obviously didn't that's my,fault I don't think that a lot of them,should be judged uh you we shouldn't,make sweeping judgments about their,careers and where they are about what,just happened this year we weren't a,good offense that's,that's obvious but there are a lot of,things that went into that and it starts,with me that that I put them in that,position of course he didn't say that,because Bill you know wouldn't take any,responsibility even though he says I'm,accountable it was just lip service if,you want to believe that bill was really,saying that go ahead but,um uh you know it's,I just think it's I just think it's Bill,being bill,um that you know he's,Mac and the rest of the offense didn't,earn it on the field he wasn't going to,spawn the sword and say it was his fault,and so he just sort of left at anybody,everybody in limbo but I will say this,from talking to I've talked to multiple,players over the last week or so sort of,you know talking about end of season,stuff and you know where the team is and,things like that and and I got to tell,you,um the support that Mac Jones has in,that locker room,um is pretty unanimous and across the,board and I don't think that bill is,doing himself any favors by,basically throwing Mac Jones under the,bus again and I can tell you that a lot,of players,did not like the way Mac Jones was,handled this year in regards to the,Bailey zappy thing I think even Jacoby,Meyer said yesterday about you know the,the position again because he talked,about it after the fact uh but again,reiterated the tough position that Mac,Jones was put in I'd say that's across,the board as far as the offense and,certainly some of the defensive guys,thought that Mack was done wrong by the,Patriots and,um people didn't like that and they're,they're going to continue not to like,how Bill is handling Mac Jones because,they believe in him and uh you know,Bill's got to rectify that or else it,you know it could cause lingering issues,let me ask you this question about Mac,you're going back to the the craft,meeting that he's going to have with,with Belichick maybe it's already,happened we don't know,does Kraft get into that much minutia,that much detail when or is he more,going to look at,coaching staff big picture and not say,you know hey Bill,what's up with Mac Jones does he get,that granular or does or do you think,Kraft looks at it as no that's that's,definitely in the coach's you know,wheelhouse that that's his decision,my beef with the coach in my questions,for the coach have to do with,the totality of the offense that we saw,and it's not really good for me to drill,down on Belichick on how he handled Mac,this season and how he handled Mac with,the press conference yesterday,I think that uh Robert will ask some,specific questions if Belichick just,doesn't offer them up um I think Robert,would ask him something along the lines,of,um you know why why are we in such a,different place with Mac Jones uh a year,later you know we all were,we all were encouraged by what we saw as,him as a rookie and thought that was,something to build on obviously that,didn't happen this year why do you think,that is and you know what are we going,to do about it and Bill might just offer,that up from the offset and just say you,know hopefully he realizes and I know he,has said these things to to people is he,going to offer it up to Robert and just,be like you know look I I F this thing,up okay and I put the guys in a bad,position I put Mac in a bad position but,we're going to get it fixed and this is,how we're going to do it he hopefully he,reads the room because that's what,everybody wants to know that's what,ownership wants to know and he just,offers that up but if he doesn't I think,Robert will ask specific questions about,that and I do think this is one of the,ways that this could go sideways and I,was asked on TV last night by felger and,it's sort of where you know you and I,have been and you know for a few weeks,now I mean going back to the column that,I wrote about the Cardinals game that if,they didn't win that game,um there was a real sense that that that,

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Felger vs. Bedard | The guys get into a heated argument about elite playoff QBs | NBC Sports Boston

Felger vs. Bedard | The guys get into a heated argument about elite playoff QBs | NBC Sports Boston

going forward you're focusing on defense,over offense if you had to prioritize,yeah i think that uh,as is,i think the offense has more room to,grow and to do better than the defense i,mean i would really love to add if if,bill was only allowed one,uh offensive part to add it would be a,slot receiver for me something i've been,talking about all year,a speedy quick slot guy give mac jones,that i think uh the other pieces you can,make work including agalor um you know,maybe not johnny smith but uh everybody,else but yes outside of that um gotta go,all defense because you know it's gonna,have to go hand in hand everybody's,gonna have to do their part mac jones is,not gonna be patrick mahomes uh or one,of these great quarterbacks you're gonna,have to do your part on defense let me,ask you that piece to it,is mac jones good enough to be that guy,going forward and i'll just you know put,it in the context of,you look at the eight teams left six of,the guys are elite or near elite you,know and it's like this every single,year greg you get to the final eight,which i always think is like sort of the,line of demarcation to me if you're in,the divisional round weekend i take you,seriously you're a good team,and,you know like i i to me that's always,where i draw the line the final eight,and then certainly when you get to the,final four but it's like this every year,there's some combination of brady,mahomes rogers now it's alan now you add,joe burrow you're talking about elite,guys are here and are standing at this,time of year it's like this every single,year and then there's always a couple of,outliers like tannehill or garoppolo,but right now the patriots at,quarterback and maybe even going forward,are more on that garoppolo tannehill,side of the equation than the,rogers mahomes brady side of the,equation can the patriots win at a high,level,what,yeah i was just gonna say you mean the,jimmy garoppolo who nearly won a super,bowl yeah but i mean i mean you're,talking about him like he's trash like,that you know there's no he's trapped,he's not an elite guy i mean come on,he's not an elite guy,so the patriots are closer to the,non-elite grouping the two or three,teams that leak in every year,with non-elite guys than they are with a,quarterback with an elite guy why are,you getting all pissy about this,just just go on with your question can,they survive being on that end of the,spectrum,yes,yeah they can they they can win super,bowls they can go to super bowls with a,quarterback who is,uh good enough who is in the upper,i don't know upper third of the league i,think mack jones can get there it's just,going to have to be a team concept the,patriots have always won,with the team concept so i don't think,the formula changes as long as they,stick with the same formula whoa then,yes i think mack jones they won with the,they didn't win with the greatest,quarterback in the history of the league,i didn't no no i didn't say that i said,they have won with a team concept did,they not win with a really good defense,the first three titles did they not play,pretty good defense what about you know,in the rams super bowl how many how many,points did the rams score it's a t it's,always been a team thing yes brady's,great and brady has had great,phenomenal moments and he's the best,ever that's great but that's not why,they won super bowl titles not because,of break we're gonna go through this,crap again can you let me answer i'm,giving you my answer,okay,the patriots have always won because of,a team concept the defense has been good,enough oftentimes it's been better than,the offense sometimes the the special,teams have been pretty good adam,benatari was pretty good at his job too,it's got to be a marriage of the three,phases and do i think mac jones is,capable of winning a super bowl title i,think so i don't know so right now he's,only a rookie but yes i think so without,you getting all,bent out of shape about this would you,not say that having one of those elite,guys gives you more margin for error on,those other pieces in other words well i,don't need to say in other words you,have more margin for error with one of,those guys which is why those teams are,almost always here at this level even,despite their flaws,sure,i don't know why this angers you it's a,very it's a stupid question it is it's,definitely not a stupid question why was,lashawn mccoy just talking about you,know the effect that brady had on the,whole team here we go now we're going,back to last year can we move on please,no no i i am i'm talking about this,weekend and the guy's still standing and,i'm telling you going forward we'll get,to this weekend and next weekend every,single year greg and there will be some,combination of,brady mahomes rogers allen um joe burrow,russell wilson every year those guys are,going to be there just like it has where,was russ this year okay it's not every,year and it's not every guy every year i,told you some combination of the elite,of the e

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Demar Hamlin collapses; Patriots vs Dolphins Review | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

Demar Hamlin collapses; Patriots vs Dolphins Review | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins thanks to,athletic greens your One Stop shopping,for 75 high quality vitamins to help you,start your day right sponsoring this,podcast Greg let's start on a somber,note everybody's talking about it uh,Demar Hamlin the bills defensive back,last night goes down I'm sure many of,you were watching it while it happened,uh those that weren't watching at the,time I'm sure you have seen the video,and you've been following this story,like all of us have over the past 12 13,14 hours and uh it was it was a tough,scene Hamlin gets hit he gets up he,wobbles a little bit and then he falls,straight back uh was not moving on the,field uh I've just kind of come,accustomed to the idea of when,somebody's out like that you immediately,think concussion Greg what did you think,when you saw the hit and kind of,everything that happened uh shortly,thereafter,yeah I mean look you know when it,immediately happened,um you were thinking um sort of some,sort of concussion,um possibly you know neck related,something along those lines uh but very,quickly,um I think everyone and you know once,you saw sort of the reaction of the,players on the field you knew that this,was an extremely serious situation this,was something different and you know,just by the reaction of the football,players this is this was something,different than,um a tough injury or something like that,this was,um someone's life was in the balance on,a football field unfortunately it's not,the first time this has happened it's,been a while,um you know in 1971 there was a Lions,player who passed away on the field,during a game there was another Lions,player who needed CPR,um I think in the in in the 80s if I'm,not mistaken,um,you know unfortunately these things,happen,um you know once you sort of heard about,what happened about how he got up and,then fell down uh you know I don't know,about you Nick but,um I had immediately immediate thoughts,of Hank Gathers the uh Loyola Marymount,player,um who who collapsed and died on uh,college basketball court one of the,biggest stars in college basketball at,the time Reggie Lewis of course,um with the Celtics uh you know collapse,during a Celtics practice and you know,unfortunately these things happen,um in sports and uh the game,becomes very much secondary,um,and uh you know I I think this is it's,basically Uncharted Territory for a lot,of people giving you know it's it's been,a long time since it happened in an NFL,game I think that the NFL was trying to,do its best last night uh year I know,they're going to get criticized,everybody loves to criticize everything,and everyone is the greatest,um armchair quarterback in in in history,um you know given hindsight and and,other things but I thought the NFL I,thought that you know basically what,happens really is they defer to the,on-field officials who interact with the,head coaches and you know from what I,understand from some of the people,um,you know involved in the game that uh,you know basically the Bengals looked at,what the bills were going through and,and looked at Sean McDermott and just,like you know we we can't continue you,know I mean whatever you guys want to do,like let's go back to the locker room,assess what's the the entire situation,and I think it was it was pretty quickly,apparent to everyone that this game was,not going to continue they just look,there's no playbook for this and so um,No One's Gonna Be Perfect No One's Gonna,handle a situation like this perfect and,I thought at the end of the day the,bottom line is you know kudos to the,emergency Personnel on staff in the,NFL's uh protocols for that their trauma,you know they they have extensive,testing uh with you know on-field trauma,Trauma Centers you know how they deal,with these things I think you know those,things probably saved Demar Hamlin's,life last night on the football field,um and you know I I think that at the,end of the day I thought it was handled,about as well as you could and you know,the other thing that I know about this,situation is the NFL will continue and,you know now we just need to see how,that happens,yeah we'll get into uh how the NFL moves,forward here and what some teams have,done today and we're taping this we,should say we're taping this at about 10,o'clock my time one o'clock Eastern so,we don't know what's going to happen the,remainder of the day uh we're talking,about Demar Hamlin himself and his,condition he's in critical condition,right now as we speak and of course if,the NFL comes out with anything,regarding any games or whatever we we,will not be privy to that information so,I just want to kind of put that,disclaimer in this a couple things I I,would say number one yes on the First,Responders and the ability to get to uh,Hamlin as quickly as they did might end,up saving this young man's life he's 24,years old and if if this had happened,anywhere else I I don't think he he,survives you know within the next 20,minutes uh h

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Patriots prepare for unique situation vs Bills | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

Patriots prepare for unique situation vs Bills | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins he's Greg i'm,Nick we're brought to you by athletic,greens your One-Stop shopping for 75,high quality vitamins to help you start,your day right before we get into Demar,Hamlin and of course the bills Patriots,game coming up this weekend Greg I see,that lovely hoodie that you're wearing,today can we can we actually finally,give high and Bloom in the Red Sox at,least some credit that we don't have to,watch Rafael Devers uh be traded away or,walk away like we've seen John Lester,mookie bets and Xander Bogarts I mean,one out of four isn't bad right can you,play in the majors batting one for four,um yeah as I was telling you before we,came on I said I think this is the,extent of my Red Sox optimism,um and it's January so I figured I'd get,the hoodie in now,um plus I'm a little cold,um since I lost the weight I'm freaking,cold all the time like now I really hate,New England,um but yeah I mean look uh,the the pessimist the cynic in me,wonders you know how much John Henry,getting booed at the Winter Classic,which I was at I covered uh for bsj had,something to do with it timing is,definitely interesting,um I'm all for it if that caused John,Henry to go back and be like oh that's,it we need to we need to sign Devers,just get it done like after what,happened at the Winter Classic I'm all,for that,um but you know at least it's nice,there's some good news uh for the Red,Sox,for once this offseason I really Nick,I'm sure you felt the same way I was,just if they didn't get this done before,Spring training,I was not looking forward to a whole,nother season of,are they going to trade them what are,they going to trade him is he going to,leave them free agency like like Xander,did like all that stuff like at least,now they can get on with all right let's,figure out shortstop let's you know,figure out some things and and augment,this team more than 56 year old Corey,kluber and uh let's see if they can,actually feel the competitive baseball,team this year,I will say this was as close as I've,ever been to just literally writing off,the Red Sox as somebody who has grown up,and spent you know 40 years watching,this team and following this team and,rooting for this team and of course you,know the media part of me criticizing,the team when need be in the fan part of,me criticizing when need be I was close,honestly if if they did not get this,dever's deal done and he ended up,leaving via trade or walking like Xander,I don't know if I could have survived,that one and I'm just I'm glad they,actually you know got this deal done,Debra's is outstanding and hopefully,this is the beginning the the beginning,of kind of resetting what the Red Sox,are which is a major Market team that,makes tons of money that should be,spending money instead of trying to put,Band-Aids on wounds on on big deep you,know non-flesh wounds uh so hopefully,that is the beginning of the process so,yes I I can be happy for a couple of,days to say that Denver's is going to be,a Red Sox for the next decade that feels,good uh to say all right let's jump to,uh let's jump to Demar Hamlin because,this feels good too Greg,um we've got some positive news this,morning so,he is reportedly neurologically intact,and I was watching a video from ESPN and,uh the reporter's name escapes me so I,apologize but he was talking about how,you know what neurologically intact,means it means that you are you know,you're showing movement with purpose so,to speak and you are able to respond to,certain commands and so you know Demar,Hamlin's Eyes Are Open he is squeezing,the hands of his loved ones and he is,you know responding to the commands from,doctors and it sounds like uh this is,pretty much as good as you could hope,for given the circumstances just kind of,your quick thoughts about the the good,news we heard this morning about Demar,Hamlin yeah I just think it's I just,think it's amazing I mean too and you,know a testament to uh you know the,trainers that were on site the emergency,Personnel,um the action plan that the NFL had and,and I was reading something about,because of what happened to the,professional soccer player went into,cardiac arrest I think it was last year,yeah they changed some of their,protocols and how they do things and and,you know Albert Breer and a couple other,reporters,um have pointed out bills as assistant,athletic trainer Denny Kellington uh as,the man who administers CPR so quickly,uh to Demar Hamlin and you know to go,from you know look he was clinically,dead at least for some period of time on,the field on Monday night and you know,by Thursday to be making the kind of,progress that we're hearing is just,um amazing and you know I'm just um,thankful for the people that have been,involved and and you know and it's sort,of the best case scenario for the NFL,and the bills that it seems like fingers,crossed that you know he's he's,increasingly out of the woods and,um you know and I think that will lead,to a

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Bedard Previews Patriots vs Tua-less Dolphins | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

Bedard Previews Patriots vs Tua-less Dolphins | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins he's Greg omnic,of course this is the Greg Bedard,Patriots podcast as the big voice guy,Jim Murray told you at the beginning of,this program uh thanks to athletic,greens One Stop shopping for 75 high,quality vitamins to help you start your,day right it's Greg it is Miami Dolphins,week of course on Sunday at Foxboro 1,p.m kickoff uh let's first start with,where we left off on the last episode of,this lovely podcast,uh was there any Fallout from your end,did you hear any pushback anything said,to you about how you uh kind of lost,your mind on the last episode,uh well I would say it's interesting I,mean I think it's a lot like um politics,these days Mac Jones the Patriots,offense Bill Belichick everybody's sort,of splitting in their camps so you know,probably 50 50 some people saying like,you know thank God if somebody finally,said it some people saying you're an,idiot but art of course that's every,week or a daily basis,um,you know it's certainly got a lot of run,on Boston Sports Talk Radio,um so that's good for us glad to provide,quality programming during,um,uh the lean uh winter holiday weeks when,not a lot of regulars are are in studio,uh so that was good to hear I mean one,thing I just wanted to make sure that,people understand you know when I talked,about like if you watch this game and,you came out talking about Mac Jones,you're a freaking idiot,um which I 100 believe it was just about,this game and,you know I think it was what was it two,weeks prior that I said Bill Belichick,was in his rights to bench Mac Jones at,halftime you know I would just tell,people and listeners to our podcast and,I'm sure,um those that are still listening those,that didn't unsubscribe during my rant,um,you know are the type of people who they,come here Nick because you and I tell it,like it is this isn't Fantasyland we're,not here to sugarcoat it for you we're,to give you the truth about your,football team,um and sometimes that means really good,things sometimes that means,yeah call me to to yell at me,um you know and we give you the truth so,I mean just because it's okay to say,that Mac Jones was good in this game,especially once they open it up in the,second half and the tight ends went out,and they finally played Kendrick Bourne,it's okay to say Mac Jones played well,in the second half and you want to see,more of that that doesn't mean that you,have to change your if you believe that,Mac Jones isn't the guy for the,long-term future of this franchise and,that very well may be you know I think,both of us are sort of in the category,that we you know we think he has a,pretty good chance of being a franchise,quarterback but we don't know last,year's a rookie this year is put in,tough circumstances who knows what's,going to happen next year but you know,just because,um,you know I was a little bit harsh on,this game it doesn't it doesn't change,anything you can have a different,opinion about Mac Jones week to week you,don't have to be locked into your take,on Mac Jones or I believe this and you,don't have to be,um you know take cornered as they as,they might say,um so you know that's just sort of what,I wanted to clarify that my my comments,were about this game,there are certainly other games,um,like was that the was that the Raiders,game where he lost it at the goal line I,think it was,um yeah yeah and you know I thought he,could he should have been I would have,benched him if I were Bill Belichick in,that game and he didn't so,um you know we just try to keep it real,around here and I hope people appreciate,that,keeping it real that's what we do and,and by the way I think that there is one,take I'll be take cornered all day long,on this one I just don't think you can,evaluate Mac Jones this year and it's,not to say that he's blameless it's not,to say that you know oh he's the end-all,be-all and he's going to be the,franchise quarterback for the next 15,years it's just if you look at Mina,kimes you know tweet yesterday and we've,talked about it these guys running into,each other the spacing the you know,Lombardi absolutely roasted the play,calling this week you know talking about,how it's you know it's just plays right,it's it's not necessarily like an,offense it's just calling plays and so I,just think it's impossible to evaluate,Mac Jones this year based off of what he,was given or what he wasn't given and so,I'm not telling you he's the end-all,be-all I'm not telling you he stinks I'm,just I'm just saying that he was not,supported and I don't know what,quarterback I tweeted this yesterday at,Nixie radio,um I tweeted yesterday like I just quote,tweeted me at times I I don't know what,NFL quarterback if there is one that,would play well or really well,consistently week in a week out given,this team's incompetence around the,quarterback position and I'm a coaching,staff so I think you know the jury is,still out on Mac Jones all right let's,look at the injury report Cra

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Patriots Reach New Low in Raiders Loss | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

Patriots Reach New Low in Raiders Loss | Greg Bedard Patriots Podcast

this is the Greg the guard Patriots,podcast with Nick cabins he's Greg omnic,thanks to athletic green your One-Stop,shopping for 75 high quality vitamins to,help you start your day right well this,is the job and uh it's a rough one to,recap today after what happened on,Sunday I'm sure many people are still,shocked some might still not even think,it actually happened and it was reality,on Sunday in Vegas but here we are yes,it actually happened uh that game ended,the way it did before we get to the,final play Greg first let's talk about,the offense in that final drive and kind,of the approach and what you saw leading,up to the what I've called the lateral,of death yeah I mean you know look it,should have not it should have never,gotten to that point Nick I mean when,you get the ball with 32 seconds on your,own 25 and two-time Outlet,a somewhat functioning offense,you know at least threatens at least,gets the ball to Midfield without any,issue but of course as we know now as we,know well this is not a normal,functioning offense it's the complete,opposite of that and like and then like,the first play of that drive,perfectly,encapsulated where this offense is at,this point in time because they got the,defense that they wanted it was probably,a bad call by the Raiders the Raiders,won in the Tampa 2 coverage which means,they had two deep safeties and then,we're gonna have a a middle linebacker,in the middle of the field running down,in sort of the deep middle and then the,safeties were going to sort of widen out,in Tampa too,and so there there were gaps there to,hit on first down and Matt Patricia,actually calls a good play but guess,what,somebody doesn't run their route right,taekwon Thornton,runs basically into the same area as,Hunter Henry really what you want on,that play is Hunter Henry sort of going,to the Deep half of the field taekwon,Thornton's coming underneath and,basically the quarterback's reading the,middle linebacker if the if the middle,linebacker goes to the shorter route,which he normally does because the play,is in front of them,then all of a sudden Hunter Henry,catches the ball it's like a 30-yard,gain here they are to Midway timeout but,you know 10 15 yards firm game-winning,touchdown uh field goal,but of course taekwon Thornton runs way,too up the field and almost into Hunter,Henry so it's a big discombobulated mess,and Mac Jones has to take the little,dinky short pass to Jacoby Myers that,only gets eight yards and they have to,burn a timeout,and it was just stuff like that over and,over again and like I was just like uh,Nick I'm done I'm done watching this,offense on film and I think the players,are in the same boat that I am we know,Mac Jones is I think Hunter Henry is I,think David Andrews is you know watching,them on film this was an offense that,was done if it's not given to them by,the other team if it's not easy if it's,hard,they if they can't function and it's,it's all it's of their own doing there's,no attention to detail and like that,last Drive I mean it shouldn't even,gotten to that point and then you had,the whole mental error with the laterals,and,it should have never gotten that point,that's like the story of the 2022,Patriots it should have never gotten to,that point if you were somewhat,functioning but this the lack of,attention to detail on offense on that,kind of play on special teams the punt,block like it's it's all just a,discombobulated mess this entire team,and they're not well coached,they obviously don't practice enough or,rep the right things enough they're not,getting the coaching points at every,position receivers are running bad,routes running backs are running bad,routes uh you have questionable uh,defensive play calls the Darren Waller,touchdown there's no middle of the field,safety and Devin mccourty's not there of,his own volition somebody told them to,be to shade Devonte Adams yet there's no,one in the middle of the field like it's,just this team is just a mess in all,areas and it all came to you know sort,of like the final thing from the Keelan,Cole touchdown to uh you know the,offense on the final drive to the final,play like that just that whole like,minute last minute of the game that's,your 2022 Patriots,it was uh the crescendo to what we've,seen throughout this season and it,really began in the off season and and,we don't need to relive everything we've,talked about this enough the crappy,decision by belichtech to stick with,Matt Patricia and Joe judge it's a it's,been a disaster from the beginning and,as Greg just mentioned you've got guys,you know running into the same spots as,each other with these routes you've got,you've got lack of spacing you had,another play with Jacoby Myers who would,have been wide open but Stevenson runs,the wrong route it's it's just a,disaster it's it's a dysfunctional,disaster that resulted in the debacle,that we watched on Sunday it's as simple,as that I mean it all starts with the,coaching and when you don't believe in

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