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Greg Abbott Blames Joe Biden For His Own HUMILIATING Failureshe said he would look forward to workin

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Greg Abbott Blames Joe Biden For His Own HUMILIATING Failures

he said he would look forward to working,with us he was cordial about it but,obviously non-non-committal about,anything well he,said exactly but,but here's the point Harrison and that,is these points that I laid out about uh,ending catching and release uh about,detaining uh people who are coming,across the border illegally about uh,turning back across the border people,who are coming across the border,illegally all of those are things uh,that the president and the United States,already have the legal authority to do,that was Texas governor Greg Abbott,retreating to his Fox News safe space,after Joe Biden arrived in Texas for his,first visit to the southern border,Abbott seemed surprised Biden spoke to,him at all but he also took a moment to,hand the president a letter demanding,the federal government pay for Texas's,out of control spending to Abbott's,credit that letter wasn't even written,in crayon when you ask for more money to,be sent to Texas to be to handle this,unprecedented um Texas desperately needs,more money I know the Republicans in the,U.S House have committed to providing,Texas the money that we need we just,finished over the past two years,spending four billion dollars of Texas,taxpayer dollars for Texas to fill the,Gap caused by the bite Administration,we're starting a session this next week,uh on uh that we will add another four,billion dollars to secure the board so,let's get this straight Abbott who,believes that Texans who can't control,their spending shouldn't be allowed to,use any social programs and who believes,in cutting federal spending like Social,Security and Medicare wants the feds to,Pony up nearly 10 billion dollars,because Texas Republicans just can't,stop spending money on political stunts,right glad you're following me remember,Abbott's four billion dollar sinkhole to,secure the border which he called,operation Lone Star was supposed to save,the state money by doing something he,was never really clear that obviously,didn't happen an operation Lone Star,became one of the most expensive Texas,programs ever enacted picking taxpayers,Pockets well doing nothing to secure the,border now Abbott wants the feds to make,up the difference because Texas,taxpayers are Furious it's just one more,humiliation for Greg Abbott who now has,to beg a Democratic president to bail,out his State just a year after he,floated the idea of Texas seceding from,the union entirely here's an idea if,Texans need money why don't they try,taxing their wealthy residents Texas is,one of the few states that has no,individual income tax and it's also,spiraling into a complete debt crisis,maybe those things are related but who,am I to say I'm just one of those stupid,Democrats Greg Abbott is begging for a,buck and while we're at it did you know,Texas also doesn't have any corporate,income tax either so well businesses are,thriving regular Texans are struggling,even to access basic services and what,little money is coming in Finds Its way,right back out thanks to the huge price,tag on Greg Abbott's immigration,fear-monger instead of charging,corporations money Texas is actually,giving away tens of billions of dollars,as incentives to locate businesses in,the Lone Star State and judging by the,fact that Texas is now running out of,money while its businesses post-record,profits it really doesn't seem like that,strategy is working real well with Texas,spiraling it's worth asking hey where,did all this money actually go and as it,turns out it's easy to blow through your,taxpayers cash when you're spending,upwards of 20 million dollars kidnapping,undocumented migrants and shipping them,on buses and airplanes to the Northeast,that's right part of what Abbott wants,Joe Biden and the FEDS to pay for is,Abbott's own criminal scheme to mass,kidnap undocumented people that's not,going to happen because as plenty of,lawyers have pointed out Abbott's,kidnapping scheme is also a sweeping Act,of inhumanity and criminality because I,do think a crime has been committed here,let's start with the and I won't go,through all of them but kidnapping,kidnapping is not a uh an allegation of,force it can be done with an allegation,of fraud so clearly they were,fraudulently put onto the plane confined,dropped off in Martha's Vineyard I think,kidnapping has some strong investigatory,aspects that need to be taken on that,Rico so the racketeering and influence,corruption act that requires two,predicate acts involving,um certain crimes this sounds like we've,got some large-scale cooperation between,DeSantis and Governor Abbott whoever,bought the planes is involved there's a,RICO charge and Massachusetts has its,own civil rights statute that also has,significant ramifications for a case,like this so there's a lot to be looked,at and a lot to be investigated here but,let's get to a more fundamental Point,here we have Greg Abbott saying without,a hint of self-awareness that he's,managed Texas so poorly that the state,is in dire need of funding just

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‘Greg Abbott Is Literally Killing Those Among Us Right Now’: Beto O’Rourke

‘Greg Abbott Is Literally Killing Those Among Us Right Now’: Beto O’Rourke

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Beto,o'vork held a campaign event on Thursday,at the University of Texas at San,Antonio,overk has held several daily campaign,events encouraging Texans to get out the,vote especially as early voting starts,in the state of work made his appeal to,the students hoping to gain Advanced,support as he claimed early voting by,young voters was up 500 percent in the,previous midterm election a work,continued to hammer Republican Governor,Greg Abbott over gun control and,Reproductive Rights current polls show,Abbott leading over O'Rourke,thank you all so much for coming out you,can tell I've been using my voice a,little too much,you are gonna have to be my voice in,this campaign and reach the people in,your lives that are going to listen to,you your friends your family members,your classmates your colleagues the,folks who know and trust you they may,not know who I am or see our television,ads they may not be checked in on this,election but they know you if you reach,out to them in the words and language,that Joe just used about the very fact,that not only is this the election of,our lifetimes but our lives are,literally on the line right now and I,want to tell you this,despite the darkness that is descended,on this state you all are giving so many,across Texas so much hope right now so,much cause for optimism at a time that,we really need it we see young voters,registering and turning out at events,like these in record numbers when we ran,for Senate in 2018,you all made me the first Democrat since,LBJ in 1964 to win the four major Metro,counties and the surrounding areas,largest voter turnout since 1970 young,voter turnout was up 500 percent from,the previous midterm election we are,building on that base right now and the,fact that you are here and not,succumbing or submitting to the status,quo and accepting it as our future or,our fortune or our faith you're standing,up to be counted you want to do,something about this and make it a,better Texas for all of us gives me and,gives the rest of the state hope,let us not allow this to be a false hope,we've got to make sure that we come,through in the remaining 12 days that is,all that is left to us between where we,stand right now and when this election,will be decided on the 8th of November,and think about what we're up against as,the D.A mentioned a grid that killed 700,of our fellow Texans because our,governor refused to fix it highest,electricity bills that any Texans ever,paid and that grid is still not fixed,gun violence five of the worst mass,shootings in U.S history are taking,place in this state in just the last,five years it's the leading cause of,death for children and for teenagers we,lead the nation in the number of school,shootings,and for those here in San Antonio with,family or friends in Uvalde but just,because you're a human being and you,care it's been 22 weeks since those 19,children and their two teachers were,slaughtered in their classroom in 22,weeks this Governor has done not a thing,to make it any less likely that any,other child brothers and sisters are in,class right now meet the same fate as,those 19 kids did on the 24th of May of,this very year and then as the D.A,mentioned we now have the most extreme,abortion ban in America it begins at,conception there's no exception for rape,or incest or even functionally and,effectively the life of the mother the,woman and this happens in a state that,leads the country in the rate of,maternal mortality and it is three times,as deadly for black women in the state,of Texas Greg Abbott is literally,killing those Among Us right now and,we've got to stand up and do something,about this to overcome that challenge,that's where you come in this will not,be won by the candidate nor will it be,won by the political party it can only,be won by all of us in a state where it,is harder to vote and harder to register,to vote than any other state in America,you have to help me reach those who are,the targets of motor suppression and,voter intimidation you have to help me,bring them in and when we do I'm going,to do extraordinary things together,protect every woman's rights to make,their own decisions about her own body,her own future and her own health care,prioritize the lives of our kids over,the interests of the NRA or the gun,lobby make sure that our Educators know,got there back so those School teachers,and counselors and Librarians could find,themselves under attack in Texas right,now who aren't even allowed to teach the,full history and story under the guise,of being afraid of CRT who are so,underpaid that they're working two or,three jobs to make ends meet we're going,to pay them enough so they only work one,job we're going to allow them to focus,on those children in front of them by,canceling the star test in the state of,Texas,and the dignity that they deserve we're,gonna do common sense things that are,better for all of us whether that's,expanding Medicaid so you can see a,doc

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Greg Abbott hates our kids!!! (Twitter Inspection #38)

Greg Abbott hates our kids!!! (Twitter Inspection #38)

so as you all might have heard texas,governor greg abbott recently tested,positive for covet 19 which is a really,big deal and it's really funny because,he doesn't like masks that's really,funny welcome back,i figured it's a really relevant time to,make this episode because you know he,got covered and i actually saw him last,week which was a week before he got,diagnosed so he probably exposed,everybody in the room and also because,i'm extremely bored on a friday night,and i'm not in college in case i haven't,mentioned it 50 times already so let's,read some tweets also this is a blind,episode i didn't feel like going and,spending an hour finding tweets anyway,this first one is most recent one texas,unemployment rate dropped in july over,80 000 jobs added in the last month job,growth 14 of the last 15 months the,texas economy is roaring back and,booming in a big way hashtag texas works,wow that's those are some great stats i,wonder what people could possibly be,saying and this time i'm not being,sarcastic i actually don't know i bet,they're not all going to be about covet,blake wilcox says under your leadership,covet is roaring back and booming in a,big way too wow that's real original,unfortunately cobit is also back in a,big way sick texans hurt businesses so,let local leaders take steps necessary,to stop the spread of covid in their,communities that's also real original,how many of those 80 000 jobs paid,enough for someone to afford a single,bedroom apartment yeah probably none of,them i hate why i hate when politicians,are like oh my god we created so many,new jobs when the jobs are probably just,like flipping burgers at mcdonald's for,like eight dollars an hour like those,are not good jobs nobody wants to do,that funeral homes are booming as well,ah nobody tell andrew cuomo texas,still ranks 38th in the country near the,bottom in this and everything else it's,the afghanistan of america under you,what you did not just compare texas to,afghanistan you oh that's a take i,didn't think i'd see all right let's see,uh anything else this one right here is,one of his quarantine status updates he,says thanks to everyone around the state,for your well wishes and prayers while,quarantined i continue to work with,legislative leaders and agency heads on,issues that are important to texas,cecilia continues to test negative we,send our gratitude to all of you god,bless texas so why do you insist on,putting our unvaccinated children at,higher risk of disease and death yeah,because as we all know children are,really really at risk for covid not well,wishes mr abbott keep up the good work,new york and california have absolutely,failed their citizens that's why they're,moving to texas there we go finally a,rare nice comment from uh we're all,gonna die in el salvador what what a,username beto is going to completely,redecorate the mansion oh yeah like he,redecorated the white house our prayers,were that you wouldn't recover,what the that is so morbid yeah i,don't like you i don't agree with you,politically so i hope you get really,sick and die oh this is this one's good,i see ted cruz in this picture so he,said proud to have my friend ted cruz,behind me we've fought for conservative,principles for two decades and will,continue working side by side to keep,texas the best state in the country oh,man i bet they're lighting him up in the,replies because republican bad heard you,got a booster vaccine shot and taking,regeneron for testing positive of kovid,are you going to tell your constituents,to give facts now or just keep telling,them not to wear a mask see i never,understood this rhetoric this is just,not true at all people who say this have,literally never seen governor abbott,speak i've watched some of his speeches,online i've seen him tweet and i also,saw him in person and he always,encourages a people to get vaccinated,and b,people wear their mask if they want to,he literally has never said don't wear a,mask joe biden goes after republican,governors tougher than he does the,taliban he wants to take dubious legal,action against republican governors but,he won't enforce the immigration laws,passed by congress yeah i know they're,definitely lighting him up in the,replies of this one you were killing,kids you treasonous waddle i,literally joked about this in a review,reviews episode back in may this person,should be a politician that's what they,just thought you're you're killing kids,you know like that's that's how you get,people vote for you you just talk about,the children people just use kids as,political pawns story time hi my mom,lives in dallas if she gets coveted,because you're banning masks will she,also be able to tweet nonsense while,resting comfortably in a hospital bed,and getting expensive treatment for free,yeah again what greg abbott did not ban,masks you can wear a mask if you want i,mean if they work so well then what's,the problem i'm in a little bit of a,douche right now i'm just in a bad mood,as you may ha

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Greg Abbott “it could have been worse”

Greg Abbott “it could have been worse”

anyway here's greg abbott the governor,of texas who has the audacity,this man is a demon he says,it could have been worse yeah let's,listen is as horrible as,what happened,it could have been worse oh yeah,the reason it was not worse,is because,law enforcement officials,did what they do yeah uh you've gone to,hell he did i mean he's right they did,they just sat there and and,tased like parents and that were,trying to storm the uh uh the,school and do what these cops were too,cowardly to do this guy's going to hell,okay uh yeah i mean yeah um,it could have been worse can you imagine,saying that is that supposed to come,first of all what a horrible thing to,say like to comfort the parents it could,have been worse how he was in there,for an hour he killed 22 people,slaughtered 19 children how the, could that have been worse you,could have killed 100 children ethan,have you thought about that no get get, everything could technically,always be worse okay what kind of, consolation is that you pathetic,freak you demon in a,human's flesh oh he was by the way while,the shooting was happening he was 300,miles away fundraising yeah for so you,know actually so so yeah i think the,timeline was the shooting broke and then,three hours later he was at a fundraiser,yeah and i think i forget who tweeted,this but it was very good he they said,uh,he was counting money when they were,counting bodies yeah,yeah fun fun fact there fun little fact,look,if you're in texas if you're even like,slightly conservative and you're like oh,look at these two lip tart cucks talking,about guns they want to take my guns,away i'm telling you dude i'm telling,you stop getting cucked by greg,abbott ted cruz we don't want to take,your guns away these people are awful,okay they're horrible they don't give a, about you you are so cucked to vote,for a republican just don't vote if you,are living in texas and you're,republican just don't vote dude,just have some honor some dignity you,know talk about how everything's,bigger in texas and then you go and you,vote for these clowns dude they,are they're like worse than the,democrats how are you gonna be worse,than better o'rourke dude better workers,are such a,such a nerd he's such a goober and yet,for some reason ted cruz still is the,worst person in texas,how are you gonna be like i'm a,big i'm a big you know texan man,and then turn around and vote for, a mil melted candle wax of a,human being barely a human i can't,believe,the fact that texas has voted ted cruz,time and time again,is really shakes your faith in humanity,because that that man is,he's a homunculus i mean he's he's he's,he's not human yeah he's,hobgoblin he's literally here to destroy,humanity now just imagine that your,governor was at a expensive nice,fundraising dinner as they were counting,the bodies clicking champagne they're,just they're dude they're talking,they're they don't care they are,donors,they love the boot they love,they they're like look the other side is,much worse you got you know demon uh,democrats you got demon rats you know,they're gonna take our guns away and,they're gonna you know,trans my,sons and daughters you know they're,gonna do they're gonna do gender stuff,to them and and teach them marxism or,whatever the the republican party,is telling them yeah unfortunately uh,the republicans are convinced that,talking about gay people is more,dangerous than uh people literally,killing children yeah and anna pointed,this out too like she was like what you,know you've been,by the way you've been you've been, calling teachers like pedophile,groomers but then you want to give them,guns like what's up that that's a little,interesting,yeah well so what's up are they is it,better that these uh supposedly,pedophile groomers are you know,armed to the teeth is that,it just doesn't make sense none of it,makes sense it is so cruel,it is so stupid i can't believe we have,to even have this conversation over and,over again i'm so tired of it man it it,just it's right there like you can see,it with your eyes if you look at the,stats you will see it we are the only,country we have comparable mental,illness the prevalence of mental illness,is comparable to other oecd nations,other developed nations have compro,levels of mental illness they have video,games there as well okay they have all,this other that they try to point,to and deflect away from in order to,avoid the real truth the only difference,in america is the prevalence and ease of,access to weapons okay,that can kill multiple people and yes i,do know handguns are more violent,handguns are or hangouts are more,dangerous technically you can conceal,them uh and and they are responsible for,more uh deaths but it doesn't matter,this is one part of the problem that you,could actually address but the only,reason why we're not addressing is,because you just don't want to be,inconvenienced why don't we just,why can't we just ban ar-15s it's,literally the gun of mass shooters it's,like the gu

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Gov. Abbott: TikTok 'poses a danger' in America

Gov. Abbott: TikTok 'poses a danger' in America

all right we're going to stay down in,Texas talk to another Texas governor the,present Texas governor that being Mr,Greg Abbott of the great state of Texas,governor thank you very much uh before,we begin I want to talk about Tick Tock,but uh may I send my condolences to the,family of the board agent who lost his,life my condolences to him to his family,rather and to you and the state of Texas,it's a terrible thing it's a terrible,thing,well well listen it's a tragedy but it's,also shocking the way that the body,Administration has responded to this,because it was uh close in time when Joe,Biden himself was near the border and uh,when he was asking about going to the,Border itself he said he had more,important things to do and here we have,a life lost of one of the the men who is,guarding not just the Border but is,trying to maintain National Security and,we have a president who has abandoned,his responsibility to safeguard our,national security with his open border,policies so it's a travesty that we have,to have men and women guarding our,borders because the body Administration,is not stepping up and securing it so,also obviously a travesty that we lost a,life of one of the the brave men who,serves our country on the border and we,wish his family all the best and we will,keep his family in our prayers yes sir,absolutely Amen to that now on another,matter you are a kicking Tick Tock out,of state of Texas at least out of the,the government employee users we're now,up to several States let's see we've got,South Dakota,Texas Indiana,Maryland I'm probably oh in South,Carolina now this Tick Tock story I,don't know why it hadn't been kicked out,of the whole country,um this information personal information,personal whereabouts this stuff goes,right into their communist Chinese,owners and managers in Beijing I mean,that's the way I read it,well well Larry you're exactly right but,let's emphasize this point and that is,this is a bipartisan issue the body,Administration as well as both,Republicans and Democrats in Congress uh,as well as Leaders across States across,the United States we all realize the,dangers that exist because of tick tock,and because of the the ccp's ability uh,to to Monitor and have access to,anything and everything on Tick Tock and,what I'm telling you is not information,that I'm making up it comes from the FBI,director himself where he said that the,CCP can use what is on Tick Tock for,Espionage based purposes for or survey,lesson even for trying to influence uh,young boys and girls in the United,States of America this is an,extraordinary existential threat to our,country and all of us Democrats and,Republicans and Washington and across,the states we are all right and,righteous to lay down the law and and,prohibit the use of tick tock definitely,on any state-based,state-based type of phone or other,device but also we need to come to a,reckoning across our country now this,poses a danger in our country well as,Governor I mean Trump tried to by the,way ban the app altogether no he wanted,to ban Tick Tock altogether but you know,reading up on this I mean this is a,nasty story uh unlike you know your,typical social media operation Tick Tock,can access user locations without the,knowledge by the way of of the,individual that's part of the,surveillance you mentioned a few moments,ago they've got browser trackers they've,actually got some kind of finger,printing Technologies I was not aware of,that and there is no data security,because it goes right back into it,through bite dance but bite dance itself,is an instrumentality of the Chinese,Communist Party one last point you know,uh Mark Warner Center Mark Warner,Virginia agrees with you uh and me and,others I think you're going to get some,bipartisan action in the senate or at,least I hope so but I don't know why the,bidens haven't gotten rid of tic tac,already I mean the states are leading,the charge as is often the case,now listen the president needs to step,up because China is a threat to us and,as you uh very clearly point out the,capability that the CCP has because of,tick tock they could know everything,about what you're doing where you're,going uh what you're saying and monitor,every aspect of your daily lives and,that's just extraordinarily threatening,and dangerous and the kind of thing that,we need to shut down now just to be,clear you uh your,um,executive order in Texas for government,employees to to erase the app is that,the idea not permanent and will there be,penalties if people do not do that,oh yeah I mean it's it's an executive,order that all employees must comply,with and these are all employees of the,State of Texas and All State agencies,and then also I'm calling for,legislation we have a legislative,session beginning next month and I'm,calling for legislation for a more,comprehensive approach by the entire,state of Texas uh in addressing the,threats posed by Tick Tock yeah I mean I,think at some point everybody has to,deal with there

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Greg Abbott: Republicans have a plan to secure the border

Greg Abbott: Republicans have a plan to secure the border

Mr President how did you decide that now,is finally the right time to visit the,southern border Republicans have been,calling on you to do this since the,beginning because the Republicans have,been serious about this at all come on,they haven't been serious about this at,all I wanted to make sure,that,I knew what the outcome at least the,near outcome was on title 42 before I,went down President Biden defending uh,the timing of his first ever visit in,the southern border that happened on,Sunday then it goes to Mexico City on,Monday the White House rolling out new,measures to try they say and discourage,illegal immigration is this going to,work Texas governor Greg Abbott's my,guest now and sir good morning to you,he's blaming Republicans in a lot of,ways yesterday will this work simply the,new program this app for those from,Haiti Cuba Nicaragua,I'm missing one other country sir good,morning,so uh well good morning also listen uh,for for one uh it's about time that Joe,Biden went down to the border to see the,chaos that he himself created it's,stunning that it took him two years to,do this and now he's going to do,probably nothing more than a photo op,there uh but when it comes to the plan,that he was talking about yesterday you,saw no details whatsoever about what the,Bible Administration is going to do to,stop people from coming across the,border illegally candidly I think what,his proposal is going to do is to entice,even more people to come here illegally,Biden talked about the Republicans,having no plan Republicans do have a,plan to secure the Border Biden has no,plan to secure the Border Americans are,angry and frustrated it's time for Biden,to lay out details about how he will,stop illegal immigration coming across,our board okay so Democrats are arguing,that he's taken the Trump policies a,step further I want you to answer that,first listen go back to the president,from yesterday at the White House,do not do not just show up at the border,stay where you are and apply legally,from there starting today if you don't,apply through the legal process you will,not be eligible for this new parole,program they've got an app you're,supposed to apply if you're walking,across the border and it's not through,the app you go home,um,we've been watching this for years,right well and we have the years part of,it is important because remember this,he's not taking it further than the,Trump Administration under the Trump,Administration we had the lowest border,crossings in decades it took only a year,under the body Administration to have,the most illegal border crossings ever,and what Biden is laying out right now,is not going to reduce that what Trump,did was four very simple things title 42,the remain in Mexico policy in The Catch,and Release which Biden has not done uh,and and then building the border wall,which Biden is not doing very,importantly I got to emphasize what Joe,Biden is doing he's violating existing,federal law through his catch and,release program he's not enforcing laws,that require them to detain people,who've come across the water illegally,and he's just letting them loose and,that is promoting and enticing more,people to come to our country illegally,yeah here's secretary mayorkas he,repeats this I I don't know many people,who believe it but listen,at the outset let me be clear,title 42 or not the border is not open,we will continue to fully enforce our,immigration laws in a safe orderly and,Humane manner I listen I know you,disagree with that you've been fighting,this for some time now Wall Street,Journal Biden discovers the U.S Mexico,border one signed the President Biden,plans to run for re-election is that,he's finally noticing there's a problem,with the U.S Mexico border not that he,intends to do much about it I sense that,you don't have much disagreement there,but I mean what happens after Sunday,then you're going to Monday in Mexico,City do you expect much from those 48,hours,nothing whatsoever I I hope uh that Joe,Biden goes down to the location where I,have the National Guard that has courted,off this area where people were entering,into El Paso illegally so he can see,firsthand exactly what the state of,Texas is having to do because Joe Biden,was not doing it but I got to go back,and clarify what mayorkas was saying,because he knows he's lying to Americans,and Americans know that he's lying,because under Joe Biden just in the past,year alone we've had a record number of,people across the border illegally that,border is open because of the bad,Administration we've had about as many,people across the border illegally in,the past year alone as we have residents,of Houston Texas this is outrageous that,Joe Biden is not doing more they're not,fooling anybody and there's a reason why,he's trying to step up now that's,because most of Americans disagree with,Joe Biden's open border policies and,they lay the fault directly at Joe,Biden's feet wow okay okay so,um on Tuesday we're in the same spot I,

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Greg Abbott Gets Chewed Out For His Idiotic Policy

Greg Abbott Gets Chewed Out For His Idiotic Policy

that's what we need right now,we all need to understand what the true,cost of this decision is this decision,that greg abbott made a year ago to sign,the most restrictive abortion law in the,country with no exception for rape,no exception for incest a governor who,promised when asked by one of you what,he was going to do about the fact that,rape victims were now going to be forced,to carry their rapist child and he said,don't worry about it we will eliminate,rape in the state of texas more women,have been raped in this state than any,other state in the union on his watch,the ability to bring perpetrators to,justice has declined by half on his,watch there are more than 3 000 untested,rape kits at dps headquarters in austin,on his watch right now the only way,through this is to defeat him but also,to understand who is bearing the brunt,of this attack on the women here i'm,ravana and welcome back to rebel hq that,was texas gubernatorial candidate beto,o'rourke referencing a video of governor,abbott responding to a question by the,media about why texas's restrictive,abortion law does not make a carve out,for cases of rape or incest he claimed,he was going to stop all rapes why force,a rape or incest victim to carry a,pregnancy to trump,it doesn't require that at all because,obviously it provides at least six weeks,for a person uh to be able to,get an abortion so for one it doesn't,provide that that said however let's,make something very clear,rape,is a crime and texas will work,tirelessly to make sure that we,eliminate all rapists from the streets,of texas by aggressively going out and,arresting them and prosecuting them and,getting them off the streets so goal,number one in the state of texas is to,eliminate rape and beta overwork wasn't,the only politician to point out this,extraordinarily,ridiculous plan of governor abbott i'm,sorry we have to break it down on you,know break down biology 101 on national,television but in case no one has,informed him before six weeks pregnant,means two weeks late for your period and,two weeks late on your period for any,person any person with a menstrual cycle,can happen if you're stressed if your,diet changes or for really no reason at,all so you don't have six weeks the,second area of this when he talks about,going after,rapists and this language of him get of,that he uses about getting rapists off,the streets the majority of people who,are raped and are who are sexually,assaulted are assaulted by someone that,they know these aren't just predators,that are walking around the streets at,night they are people's uncles they are,teachers they are family friends i want,to address his absurd comment about the,fact that we are going to,rid the street of rapists number one how,in the world are you going to do that,and if you have a magic formula for it,why haven't you done it already rapists,are not just these strangers on the,street,so many people are raped by people that,they know they live in our homes there,are people that we date sometimes,they're even people that we're married,to so the entire comment uh is just,absolutely absurd and in the years since,he made those comments texas hasn't,taken steps to eliminate rape there are,still thousands of untested rape kits in,the state of texas and now that this,near total abortion ban has gone into,effect women are going to be forced to,carry to term pregnancies that resulted,from rape abortion care is healthcare,and if you support women's bodily,autonomy and you live in the state of,texas make sure to vote for beto in,november because he's the candidate,that's going to protect it

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Greg Abbott Demands Likely Republican Congress Force Biden To Secure Border In Victory Speech

Greg Abbott Demands Likely Republican Congress Force Biden To Secure Border In Victory Speech

governor of Texas,our governor Greg Abbott,our first lady Cecilia and his daughter,Audrey Abbott welcome giving a big round,yeah,thank you,thank you,foreign,that's what I call a warm south Texas,welcome right there,and to the mayor I want to say it's an,honor to be in your town to celebrate,this incredible night right here in,McAllen Texas,listen I want to start out by by,thanking the most important person to me,and that is the fabulous first lady of,the great state of Texas my wife Cecilia,Abbott,and we're so proud to have a young lady,that we admire more than any other young,lady in the world and that's our,wonderful daughter Audrey Abbott,and I want to thank all of the the,volunteers all of our supporters and my,fellow Texans for making this Victory,night possible thank you all,so let's go back,we started this campaign in South Texas,we celebrated my primary victory in,South Texas tonight we return to South,Texas to celebrate my re-election for,you being your governor for four more,years,and to to be clear about this we planted,our flag in South Texas and we showed,America that South Texas is now electing,Republicans to office in our great state,foreign,right before coming out here the numbers,stayed the same and I think they will,stay the same I'll be able to tell you,something that's never been said before,the ground on which you are standing,right now is now going to be represented,For the First Time by Hannah Hispanic,Republican woman Monica De La Cruz,she'll go to Congress and the first,thing she will do is to fire Nancy,Pelosi a Speaker of the House,but it's bigger than that because,Republicans that we endorsed were,elected from Nueces County to Cameron,County Hidalgo County and all the way,over to Terrell County on the border and,counties in between so I want to say,tonight congratulations to the next,generation of Republicans,Republicans who were elected tonight,they will be tremendous Representatives,at whichever level they serve,so I ran this campaign for Texans to,have safer streets for homeowners who,are burdened with skyrocketing property,taxes for for our for our oil-filled,workers who beg for me to protect their,jobs,for parents who just want to choose the,school that's best for their child,and for small business owners who thank,me in every location I went to for,keeping their jobs open and businesses,open during the time of Kobe,all right,I ran I ran for the for the farmers and,ranchers down here on the border who,pleaded for a more secure Border in the,state of Texas,and I ran for the thousands of Texans,who came up to me and they said Governor,just keep Texas Texas,and all of you inspired me and all of,you propelled me to what has now become,a resounding victory for my re-election,foreign,so now it's time to go to work for all,of those people as well as for all,Texans and it starts by keeping Texas as,the number one state for the best,economy in America and the number one,state for jobs,we must tap into our 27 billion dollar,budget surplus and use that to,give our property owners the largest,property tax cut in the history of Texas,I don't know,we must fight against Joe Biden's war,against oil and gas,and keep Texas number one for oil and,gas production in the United States of,America,we must also strive for excellence in,education,now we already ranked number one for the,number of Blue Ribbon Schools as well as,we have one of the highest high school,graduation rates in America also since I,was elected governor to begin with Texas,has become the number one state in,America for the most tier one research,universities,but more must be done to improve,our math and reading scores more must be,done to improve college graduation rates,as well as to provide skill job training,that leads to good jobs,but,we must never forget,our schools are for Education not for,indoctrination,schools must stop pushing political,agendas and get back to teaching the,fundamentals of math and science and,reading,but more important than all of that,our students need to be taught why and,how the United States of America began,with literally nothing and went on to,become the best country in the history,of the entire world that is what they,need to be taught,and we have no doubt some people here,tonight who did their share to keep,America strong with the mightiest,military in our history if you have ever,worn the uniform of the United States,military would you wave your hand so we,can see you and thank you for your,service,and we have others others who serve,among those numbers uh and that is those,who serve in the Texas National Guard,waving your hand if you're part of our,Troopers,we also must speaking of law enforcement,we've got to fully fund our law,enforcement officers and give them the,respect they deserve,we need we need to end these easy bail,policies that allow dangerous criminals,out onto the streets,and we must escalate our battle against,the deadly fentanyl that is pouring,across our border we must treat

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